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Black Six Vs U S P S - Round 2

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Black Six


Just got back from another trip to the Post Office (for details on my previous trip, see here). I really made some people annoyed with me, considering I had 16 packages going out across the US and to Canada and even Denmark. But if you won our recent Anniversary Giveaway, your prizes are finally on their way to your house. If you were a finalist in BBCC #54, there's a 50% chance your prizes are on your way. Finally, if you won our first Blog Contest, there's a 0% chance your prizes are on their way, but then again, I'm not even sure if you know that you won yet, so that should be no big deal. I'd send a PM out to all those people, but man does that sound like work, and taking everything to the post office really tuckered me out. ;)


Once I have the addresses of the remaining people, the last batch (for now) will be sent out. Although by then I may need to ship stuff out for BBCC #55, so who knows what delays could accumulate.


In short, some good advice is: If you like to complain, don't win anything from BZPower. If you're patient and understanding, don't worry, you'll get your prize eventually.

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I feel your pain sir, dealing with the posties and customers when you have a load is uncomfortable.


Take heed people, B6 endures for the people

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As far as the Blog Contest prizes go, I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing with that whole thing. I haven't been contacted at all with information on the prizes, and no one has asked me for my mailing address, etc. I suppose it'll all be taken care of in due time though, which is fine by me.



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