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Rpg Fit! 01-21-10 Task!

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The 01-13-10 task deadline has been extended a week because very few people had enough time to complete the activity.


Gather friends and listen to the fourth session of RPG Fit! Today's date is January 21st, 2010. The weather is stormy in AZ and sunny in WA; with a high of excellent RPers on our forecast.


Also, we now have a sister program known as Story Fit! Lazok has set it up, so head over their for your story writing fix.




For a while, this program will be split between those who know how to play and those who have no idea how to play an RPG. Not so for right now. If you have not signed up, please post here. That post also contains a list of every task covered so far if you want to look back on things. Now, moving on.


For Those Completely New to RPGs

Refer back to previous Newbie Tasks to understand the basics of RPGs and for hints to make you a better RPer.


For Veteran RPers

You may go back and re-do previous tasks by maybe making them a little harder. This is optional, and is not the real task.


For Everyone


01-21-10: This will be the last combined task (vets and newbies working together) for a few weeks. It will also be ongoing throughout the entire program. I like to call it the Grammar Police.


The way it works is that everyone currently enrolled in RPG Fit will receive 100 points, and so will anyone who joins from here on out. For every grammatical error that is reported in one of your posts, you will lose a point. You can gain points by reporting the errors in the posts of others. Points are awarded based on the amount of errors reported, not the amount of posts. You may only report posts that are in RPGs.


Hopefully, with everyone watching each other like hawks our overall grammar can improve significantly.


Pants on the ground! Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!

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Or it could foster frustration and bad feelings towards other members, but we can let it play out and see, eh?

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Yeah, my attempt at last week's objective was utter fail, since TakanuvaC01 decided to start a bigger mission at the same time. As a result, I am one player short.


Anyway, I'm not sure about this next one. I don't want to go hunting down other players' grammar mistakes just to boost my own score.

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It's not like you will go hunting them down. But if you see it as you play a game, you can choose to "turn them in".


If you have any suggestions as to a different task, please tell me.

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Wow, what a completely excellent and ingenious idea Exo! I wish I could have thought something this unique and nerve-shattering :P

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Not much activity as of yet, it seems :P

Believe me, I've tried to find grammar mistakes. It's just that everyone seems to be proficient in that area already.

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