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  4. I agree with those who said that this would be more appropriate for a blog. Still, it's mildly amusing. :PIt's important to remember that the staff are just people too, though I wouldn't doubt that you experience some mild repercussions for posting these messages.
  5. ExoFat's Bookshelf Welcome one and all to the new resting place for my stories, both dead and living. I haven't been around for a while, but I thought that since I'll be making a slow return, the first step should be to collect all my stories and get to work on starting new ones. Most of these were written quite a while ago. Just a couple of warnings before you read (if you do), all of them are on the old forums for them moment. You'll be logged out if you visit them. Secondly, many of these stories were written before I had much of a grasp of linguistics. The newer stories are far superior to the older ones. That being said, all of them are riddled with errors that were never corrected. If I end up posting them here again they will be thoroughly edited.On with the show! The Settling Shadow Universe All of these stories take place within the universe of my very first epic, The Settling Shadow.The Settling Shadow: Battle grips the universe as the Second Toa-Dark Hunter War draws to its conclusion. The Matoran have been driven and slaughtered. Now, the fortress island of Tall-Nui is all that stands between the Shadowed One and total control. The Settling Shadow tells the story of the Toa Durna, the last Toa, as they search for the mysterious Durna Stones that will forge the Mask of Healing. They are joined by Kiro, a Nynrah Ghost and craftsman turned merciless vigilante; Langu, a Le-Matoran who uncovers a terrible secret; and Furew, a long dead denizen of an ancient civilization. Together, they must save the world.Status: Completed- 32 ChaptersWe Are The Matoran: The first place entry of Epics Contest #8 rewrites Chapter 29 of The Settling Shadow from the perspective of Onepu. As the very last battle of the war rages on about him and his friends fall one by one, Onepu learns to accept his death and attain peace through suffering.Conquest: Beginning of a War: The beginning of the Second Toa-Dark Hunter War is explained in this supplemental short story. In the peace following the aftermath of Mata Nui's awakening, the universe falls apart again when a Toa kills a Dark Hunter while trying to protect Karda-Nui.Imprisonment: Escape and Capture: After Mata Nui's awakening, the Brotherhood of Makuta is imprisoned on the island of Barmu. The Brotherhood is resigned to life in prison until the Shadowed One contacts them with a very appealing offer.Prochainement: Death Comes Soon: It is a time of war and destruction. The Dark Hunters have chased the Matoran across the universe. Now, only Metru-Nui and Talla-Nui stand in their way. The Dark Hunters descend upon the city as the evacuation is in progress. Will Metru-Nui fall? Will the Matoran escape?Informant: The First Betrayal: Take a look back into Toa Tuyet's past and see her first act of treachery. Informant chronicles her encounter with the Shadowed One after her unsuccessful hunt for the Suen Orb and her acquisition of the powerful and dangerous Nui Stone. Epics My Hands Are Clean: This is the story of Juiro, a wealthy Steltian merchant who is incriminated in the murder of the Visorak and the theft of the Dedh-See Scroll. In order to clear his name, he requests that he be able to investigate. What he discovers is his beyond his imagination. This story received 4th Place in Epics Contest #7.Status: Completed- 8 ChaptersThe BIONICLE Story Team: The secrets behind BIONICLE is revealed in a sweeping tale of adventure and drama. Todd Farshtey is sent to live with his uncle, Greg after the mysterious death of his parents. Little does he know that Greg is hiding a terrible secret, one that could end the world as we know it.Status: Incomplete- 2 ChaptersRenegade: Enemy of an Empire: This Star Wars epic tells the tale of three Jedi who escaped the reach of Order 66 and lived on to fight against the Empire. Although they do not survive until the events of Episode IV, their story is preserved on a remote planet and is lost until Vader discovers it while hunting for the Rebel Base.Status: Incomplete- 2 Chapters Short Stories I Came to Say I Love You: My first romance story and my SSC5 finalist entry. It is told from the perspective of Corli, a Ga-Matoran who falls in love with a deaf Le-Matoran named Tlako. She comes to love him in spite of his disability and the hate she experiences from the other Matoran.The Life of A Stalactite: A simple story about a stalactite's journey from the ceiling of a cave to the hand of Makuta and the take over of Metru-Nui. Drip... drip...drip...Let This Be a Beacon: My BS01#3 entry stars Ackar in his role as commanding officer of the armies of the Fire Tribe. The final battle of the Element War takes place on the side of a frozen mountain that houses a spring of Energized Protodermis. Ackar's experiences there force him to reconcile the competing forces of duty and honor.In All Shapes and Sizes: A Victorian era murder mystery that stars Inspector John Rogers of Scotland Yard in his quest to solve the murder of Mr. Edward Powell Esq. With the Yard's credibility under attack by the media, it's up to John to crack the case and save their face.Set Me Free: My entry to 2008's COT SS Contest takes place in a dystopian future where humanity lives in vast underwater complexes after the surface world has been poisoned and polluted beyond repair. Major Mike Rogers is having visions of his dead wife every time he looks into a mirror. His encounter with horrifying monstrosities leads him to uncover the secrets behind these visions. Comedies Bionicles Run For President: Tahu, Chirox, and Vezon are running for President of the United States. They are joined by John McMain, Al Bore, Gadunka, Icarax, Darth Vader, and Peter Pan. Hilarity ensues, and no one ever gets elected.Status: Dead- 7 ChaptersUniversal Bionicle Basketball Association: It's March Madness in the Matoran Universe and the first game of the playoffs features the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Order of Mata Nui. Can the Order rise to the top even though their single victory in the regular season was against the Turaga-only Institute for Old People?Status: Dead- 1 ChapterHow To Create A Universe: The five Great Beings, GB1, GB2, GB3, GB4, and R2-D2, live a charmed life of pizza, videogames, rock music, and messiness. That all changes with the arrival of the Universal Universe Kit from Ebay. Suddenly their world is flipped on its head.Status: Dead- 1 ChapterTa 'n Ko: The Toa and Turaga rock the Kini Nui in this parody of Katy Perry's Hot 'n Cold.Well, there you have it. Those are all the stories that I've written on BZP that are worth mentioning. I'm planning many more stories to come. You never know what the future might bring.
  6. Hello BZP,You may not remember me. I've been wondering what has happened to BZP in the past year or so. It's all so new to me. It's a lot to take in. Even so, the nostalgia is powerful. All these memories keep rushing back to me. It's amazing.And yet, there seems to be a piece missing. It's not the same community that I poured hours of my life into. So many people I knew have left and so many new faces have appeared.I'd like to take the time to thank BZP. You were my support group when I needed one. You were something exciting and fresh, yet safe and friendly. You were and are some of the best people I"ve ever met. I'd like to thank you for that.I don't know if I'll be staying here, but I thought I'd stop by and say hello. :)Three cheers for BZPower!Questions:-What is your favorite memory of the BZPower of the past?-What keeps you here?-How long do you plan to stay here?
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  11. Welcome to BZPower. I hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

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  14. Congrats on being one of winners of RPGC #19, Mister Exo-Fat.

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