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    Good Bye

    Well, I lost the first version of this post, so that's embarrassing. Sorry for the kind of patchiness (and cheesiness) of this. I guess I'll skip the boring stuff... No I won't. Well, nobody really reads this blog, so I guess there is no point in posting this, but I still want to. As you know, BZP was down for a while, and probably lost many members. I regret to announce that I am one of them. Life came and was all like "Hey, I'm here. Whatevs." I wished there was another way, but there isn't. I had been turned off of Bionicles for a long time now, I only stayed for AWIII. Minutes ago, I opened GIMP, intending to create a comic, but I just didn't feel it. I had moved on. I realized that I could do more, but I had to let go of BZP. I had stopped creating hastily made comics with cheap punchlines, and started creating (my version of) art. Over the downtime, I had been gone for a month, studied for a test out exam, did not pass the exam, and worked on a huge project. School started, and I got a role in a play. This whole time I was telling myself that I would start the comics up again, though somewhere I knew I wouldn't. Over the downtime, there were laughs had, many many many many tears cried, and many things thrown in anger. NONE of them, had to do with BZP. As I said, I had moved on. While I haven't achieved any of my goals, such as becoming a well known, prominent member that everyone knows and likes, starting dailies, and Becoming the comic maker everyone knows. I'm okay with that. So, before I go, I would like to thank some people, well, every person. Thank you BZP. Thank you the people I knew, and the people I didn't. Thank you the few that looked up to me, and the many I looked up to. Thank you to the comic makers who had put up with my petering and noobieness, and thank you to the couple of brand new comic makers that asked me for help. Thank you to JMSOG for being a friend in real life, and BZP. Thank you to Nuparurocks, for being the one that had to put up with the most of my pesky noobishness. Thank you to King Joe for being the first admirer of my comics. You may see me in the Artwork forums from time to time. If you do, PM me, and I'll tell you a story. Not of the "Good Ol' Days", but a story of a boy, who found a distraction from the real world, discovered a talent, and then moved on to bigger and better things. My biggest fear in life has been to never be remembered. So I say, with all of the ego I possess: Please, remember me. Not as the comic maker that left, not as the annoying noob, but as ThatOneGuy. ThatOneGuy who let go. ThatOneGuy who accepted life. So, as much as I hate to say this: Good bye BZP. This has been ThatOneGuy, Just Thought You Should Know.
  2. Cylon is Linux. Take from that what you will. You are my new hero. I'd say Borg, because they can adapt. Now if you WERE to bring cylons into the mix, that would be different. The CYLON and borg would defeat the cybermen, and then the cylons and Borg would battle it out until the Borg won, but with a small fraction of their original troops remaining. Either way, it would be a close fight. The Daleks are Unix
  3. May she rest in peace.
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    Wow... What a beautiful day. Wonder what's on tv
  5. I like reverb, though it is a little repetitive.
  6. You and I already had this conversation at lunch... THE ANSWER IS DOCTOR WHO!
  7. Hey man! Its me! welcome to bzp!

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    Since it's BZP's anniversary, I get a blog for the week! Well, that's really all there is. Happy 9th anniversary BZP!!!!
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    Starship Name

    USS Aristrole, USS Celsius, USS Hawking
  10. It wasn't video games that made me bleed
  11. What about extras. It's not star trek without an extra per episode
  12. YES! NOW MY LIFE IS PERFECT! seriously though, this is the best thing to ever happen!
  13. Run. Breathe. Run. Breathe. Thoughts raced through his mind. They were simple thoughts, but thoughts that might save his life. Breathe. Run. Nowhere to hide. Only run. He heard the sounds of running hooves behind him. Never had he been so scared in his life. He threw off his black cloak, realizing it was slowing him down. Arrows flew over his head, the closest only missing by several centimeters. A small cave came into the man’s vision. The canyon was very unpredictable, so he didn’t know whether it would be safe, but he decided to take the chance. With luck, the riders wouldn’t see it in time. At best some of them would fall. At worst, they would have to chase him by foot. Either way, the man’s chances were good. The horses drew closer. Now voices and shouts could be heard. He ducked into the cave and continued running. “He went in there! Follow him by foot!” The man didn’t have much time. He burst out of the cave, feeling the cool summer breeze hit his face. This feeling of joy was followed by a feeling of pain. He fell to the ground and looked up. Archers sat at the top of the canyon. An armor clad man stomped up to him. His face was not visible, due to the cloth over his face. All that could be seen was his pitch black eyes. Fear rushed over the dying man. “Any words? They could save your life,” the dark figure said. The man took a deep breath and said what he knew his last words would be, “Calton de ser sut tonty.” A bright blue flash rushed towards him, and he was gone.
  14. I still have it with me!
  15. Dude, put up a new Loyd Comic

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