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  1. Errr...This Gavla is definitely interesting.What's with that bear hat turning green, though?
  2. He enjoys dead people?This Gavla's really twisted.
  3. Well, whoever created MG was sure angsty.
  4. Smarter Gavla is right... He knew that Cahli was there and just trolled Makron or something by throwing the knife at him the precise time he got there.
  5. It looked like it was born in some sort of inorganic womb, synthetic womb or something of sorts.
  6. The infant cannot rationally think as it is simply an infant. That means he can't comprehend if the Starter Robot was the savior, if MG was the abomination that set the universe to die, or if Gavla was the real evil in the picture.
  7. Yeah, that is the brain. If I'm correct, their brains are exposed but they're really hard.
  8. GURK IS STILL ALIVE!Gavla, use him use your CHARIOT!
  9. Huh, him killing adult life but leaving children alone. To be rather honest, that sounds like Mass Effect where the Reapers wiped out advanced civilizations, keeping the younger ones alive.
  10. Protect them from anything that can harm them, even himself... Is he gonna do what I think he is?
  11. Hmmmm... Not alone? I assume they want to keep the infant, hence why they're being careful.
  12. I like to see that you never find out who the creator is at all, unlike what Mass Effect did. Just keep that creator in shrouds, and never reveal who he exactly is.And I like where this is going, just Chilly oblivious entirely of everything.Something tells me when MG was with Gavla, he had the sense that Gavla really never had a childhood that he could live with his mother. Which makes me think because of that, since MG is killing off all of the living adults, he doesn't want that to become the same fate as Gavla. Thus, he holds the infant in his arms so that he actually does have the (short) time of having a "mother".
  13. The way you perceive Death is very interesting.I also noticed that everybody but Death actually have a colored heart light. It's like as if Death IS really lifeless and whatnot.
  14. The knife flew off his head when it exploded.That's gotta constitute to Gavla's death somehow, if the knife isn't in his head anymore.EDIT: Nevermind, that was Cahli's knife. I looked at the panel closer and it was still stuck in his head.
  15. Just scream, that'll shatter 'er.
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