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  1. Pretty good comic. I'm surprised you got back into Cookie Clicker though.. it's never talked about anymore.
  2. Never thought I'd see you back in this line of work, ol' Tert. Not sure how long it'll last but it's sure to be a good ride. I'd offer to help out once more but I am Simply Too Busy. Still, looking forward to whatever ideas pop up behind that purple mask.
  3. I'm sure you'll enjoy them. This wasn't the way I wanted them to return. The loss of Majhost really hurts. Brickshelf acting up doesn't help either. I hope the format works for everyone. It was fun to work on Gavla's Comics. It was fun learning how to edit stuff. It's helped me in the long run.
  4. Woah. Hey. What's this? Huh? I guess I'm back again. So sorry! I ended up dealing with a lot of personal issues the week of Christmas.. issues that resolved in February. But here I am.. with good news. The first post has been updated at last! Yes indeed. Though maybe not in the way you expected. Here's the deal: I produced 476+ comics during 2014. I always believed the true Gavla's Comics story began with and after AVID (A Void In Death). I have uploaded all the comics (a few are missing, these comics are not story driven though) to Imgur. They are organized into folders/categories and the first post has been re-done like a list. A section and the corresponding album trailing down the post. This is a much more organized and easier method of posting the comics. However, if enough people REALLY want me to re-link each comic.. I'll do it. It will just take a really long time. So this is technically it. Gavla's Comics return with new links. The work is all done. I had.. so many ideas and plans in my head. Plans I just can't work on now. I'll list a few of them. Tanbl. A successor story to Gavla's Comics, a new universe with a new main character. Tanbl the Inventor is an alternate Universe Gavla. He's smart, he's respected. In this universe the Matoran have abandoned the idea of Great Beings and anything related to them. The people wear clothes, they evolved to no longer need masks. The series was to argue the need of Great Beings and having Tanbl deal with the world's past. Makron was to return, Chilly was to be re-named. The series was to cover six stories. Each leading into the other. The Wall. Experimental comics about a Matoran trapped in an unmarked Sphere within Mata-Nui. This sphere was to mimic the conditions and settings of the island of Mata-Nui. A seclusion series with a Matoran struggling to learn the truth. The series was to end with his realization and break down that his world was a lie. A cage for a single being. The Chief. A sequel to the ICC Gavla comics. It was to be set 20+ years after Mr. G.'s plans to destroy everything failed. The series was to deal with the Chief of Police and his ongoing assumptions of Mr. G. surviving. A detective/police themed series about the world the ICC took place in. The series was to end with the Chief becoming the next Mr. G. So there we go. A few of my plans that will never be fully made. Sad... but that's Life. Anyway, I don't like long posts. I'll end this with one last comic. Freshly made by me. Goodbye, Gavla! See ya'll around.
  5. Hey there I don't mean to double post without content but I thought I'd give a status update. (Also chances are if I updated the previous post with this it would probably not be seen or answered until months later so yeah.) The comic compilations are about.. if I had to guess.. 94% done? I got pretty busy right after the holidays since we're busy dealing with my great grandmom's uh. Decaying health. Sadly there is a road block that I need assistance with. Brick-shelf hasn't done the email verification thing at all so my new brick-shelf is not usable apparently. I was curious if there were any other good image hosting sites I could use. I don't want to use my dA like Soran does since I use it for my new work. I'm not aware of any other sites aside from a few like imagur (I think that's how you spell it.) And the issue with me is I'd need a reliable site that won't downsize the quality of the picture. Keep in mind my comics tend to be very long. Especially the final six-seven. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I wanted the comics back up by today but sometimes you hit these roadblocks.
  6. Woah hold up a moment. That's a nice hat. The spirit of Gavla's sophisticated appearance lives on.
  7. Ah Soran. I could listen to your rambles all day. You're also very logical and you make a lot of good points. It's why we connect so well. The graphical advancement age of comics was such an odd time. You saw it everywhere. Photos for panels. Photo assets for props. Very few hand made the props and such for their work. It's funny because my comics never really used photo-realistic stuff. Very rarely did I stick something that actually existed into it. I really liked to manipulate sprites to suit my needs. Now look at my current work. Everything is photo realistic. It has to be. In this place you need to advance to survive. In many ways it is a business. But everything you said is correct. Who do you work for? Yourself or to entertain others? Everything I have ever done I did with the craving to make people happy. Now I do. My work here is done. My work elsewhere going to last for as long as it must. As for your question: I will try very hard to get everything re-linked by the New Year. I can not make a promise on it though. Holidays are a busy time. Thank you for your award. I look forward to putting it up.
  8. Soran always has the best words to say. I always look forward to what you post. You're one of the more discussion based comic makers I've known. I could return to comics at any point. I really could. I have all my old sprites and backgrounds. For a time I did plan on it. I even discussed with Soran some ideas. It's kinda funny how my best ideas came to life when I stopped with this series. The main reason I'm not returning is because there's no reason to. Think about it. Gavla's story has ended. Life has died and Death still lives. In a way. Gavla accepted his fate and the Life Gavla was reduced to what he always was. Just another Gavla. The ICC Gavla had his conclusion and reveal as the Mastermind, the Mouse behind the work. If I do return to comics I would make an entirely new series. I'd throw a Gavla cameo in but it would be something different. I always have ideas cooking in my noggin. While my main reason behind not continuing is the Gavla story, there is a secondary reason. Comic Makers are not the best people. I know it sounds odd but think on it. Really think on it. It's always had a competitive vibe to it. Sprite kits against sprite kits. Comic makers against comic makers. A certain comic maker trying to ruin other series. This business is very competitive in my opinion. Which.. isn't that bad since it can motivate you to improve. But when the people you regard as your close friends go behind your back to insult your work? Or insult you as a comic maker? The people who think you'll never see their words? Comic makers rarely care for other comic makers. But that's a fact of life. Can't avoid it. Well the joke is always on them. I got my work done. I ended it properly. I advanced into new work which they will never be able to beat. Oh and there's also the reason this sub forum is really quite dead. I say that a lot but it is. So I mean. Why put in the effort to make a comic if only like two to four people are active? You get what I mean? I'm super busy on my new work's Christmas update. So I'll continue the comic compiling after Christmas.
  9. I'm no where near getting to them but I just checked. Every comic for Electric Blues is saved. It's a personal favorite of mine as well. A Toa not really acting like one? A Matoran bossing a Toa around? A deranged murderer tormenting them? It's good stuff. I typically don't like my older work but EB had some good concepts in my opinion. Everyone loves a good mystery in the snow. I may be retired but I like to visit here. BZP isn't a website I enjoy being around that much but it was one of the first websites I ever devoted time into. I was there when BZP was first made out of two separate Bionicle sites and I was here when the comics forum was first put in place. I got to read all the original comic authors back in the past. How odd to be among them in the future. To be a part of that history. BZP was not always the best experience for me. But it was an experience I can't forget. It lead me into better things. As I said. I now do work that makes a lot of people happy every day. I could have never done it without this place.
  10. I'm not dead. I did move on. The reason this topic hasn't updated with the comics is because I've been very busy the past year. I was planning some new comic stuff but I decided it probably wouldn't be worth it. I'm not a comic maker anymore. Why would I want to be? I'm glad people still enjoy my work even though I myself don't. A lot has gone on the past year. A lot of good and bad. Thankfully I was able to utilize my experience here to make something truly great. Something worth my time. Something 600+ people check out every day. Read every day. Complement me for every day. I make people happy. That is true success for me. It gives me a reason to keep working. I have everything I ever wanted. I inspire people every day to do the same work as me, more coming to me. Flocking to me. Treating me with respect. My Children of Holding will spread my legacy for a long time. Though not under the name Gavla. I am compiling the old comics as I type this. Made myself a new brickshelf and will begin uploading them once it's ready to go. Going through all those links is gonna be a pain though, ahah. I'll manage. Everything should probably be ready by New Year. I've got some major work to do with my New Job for Christmas. Been planning on getting rid of the Gavla name too. It's not who I am anymore anyway. Gavla's dead. I'll update this post or make a new post again when the first post is completed. Though I will probably reduce the comics I upload to only the story ones. For space reasons and time. -Edit- I've got a lot of the comics compiled but sadly it looks like some are lost forever. I've only encountered about two so far but that's the risk of this business when you crank them out ever day for so long.
  11. Utilizing decaying Matoran bodies for house furniture is a good thing. I recommend it. I did it too after all. #MoreDeadSoransForChairs2016. It's weird popping back in here and seeing all you're doing. It's weird but nice because someone needs to take control over the comics forum and there's no one better for that but you, Sor. Just a shame this place is Basically Dead. Just like Soran.
  12. Are you implying Judge Judy doesn't exist in all dimensions? In all forms of Reality? It's clear these comics do not hold a stable ground in either Matoran Universe or Real Life. They are a mix. A blend. A hairless lovechild of Bionicle and Real Life. Disgusting, I know. But an interesting take on it. Judge Judy has clearly transcended the boundary of all realms. She is the true Great Being of these comics.
  13. I knew this day would come. This is the type of comic content I live to see. Nothing can top this.
  14. I always wanted a Matoran Mafia to show up in the story. A bunch of Matoran with modded Disk Launchers. Oo, a disk tommy gun. Baseball bat weapons. Selling the gears and masks of their victims on the market. Good stuff. One of the things with widgets that always bugged me was the MNOLG. The first one's puzzle involving the.. air pump? Water pump? It needed a widget to work so you could save the Ga-Matoran. If that is also their money.. well. Makes you wonder where that ocean widget came from. "Murder, She Wrote." Bionicle style. Sore at some point you and I should team up to make a drama series.
  15. Also considering many beings in the Bionicle universe had gears inside them, using widgets must have been rather... disturbing for them... "Hey mate! Wanna buy a map?" "Sure! I'll give you a colon and a heart! " The Matoran Black Market is a scary place.
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