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  1. Dude I loved that little game. Don't think I ever managed to find them all, though. But it was on a shared computer so I didn't have enough time to search for them all when my time was up on it.
  2. I already have Marvel Super Heroes and Ninjago Movie, so if Humble still works on product codes (I haven't bought anything from them in a while), come Friday I'll have to figure out something to do with them.
  3. I can feel the grey hairs.
  4. Third on middle row honestly just looks like one of those many fake leaks from back in the day.
  5. These memes you guys are suddenly posting have a weird format.
  6. Here's a classic one I made years ago (that I believe is my highest rated post ever): And a random one I've seen about:
  7. And in comes Taria to snipe the buy with a paperclip and some pocket lint shaped a bit like Italy! But seriously, I've never seen this before. What exactly is on it?
  8. And then they'll start pestering you about not having all the solid gold kanohi and platinum avohkii. There's no pleasing those kinds of people. :v
  9. Clearly the real connection is with Yu-Gi-Oh and not G1.
  10. Slight problem with that theory... And given that Matoro was completely transformed into energy and subsequently used on Mata Nui (in a sense merging them), there's nothing left to aid in reviving him.
  11. Already tried that, no .exe with that name is present, only LegoUniverseLauncer.exe. Guess the Steam version is a bust after all. :v
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