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  1. Saw it! At first I didn't notice anything strange ( I know, I should feel bad ), but then my eyes fell on the boxes saying "LEGO" and gave it a better look. It was wonderful!
  2. Excellent work! The use of parts in these is fantastic. The Assault Rifle is really well done, just like the Hunters' gun. I wonder what you'd be able to do if you were to recreate something else from Halo... Anyway, great MOCs! They may be tiny, but their beauty is magnificent!
  3. "Gone Shootin'" - AC/DC ...fifth time in a row. Instant new favorite.
  4. Cloud Atlas, on TV. It was a pretty good movie, not too much complicated. It has a bunch of good actors, quite well chosen in my opinion. Above all, Hugo Weaving. See him dressed as a nurse and you'll never look at Elrond the same as before.
  5. As I've got some experiences with bows, I must say that 70 pounds is quite a lot. If I recall correctly, it's about the pull of a crossbow. Just saying...
  6. Happy birthday, B6! Have a nice one and thank you for everything you do for BZP!
  7. Wow, nostalgia at max levels... I've had so much fun with the Beta. Ah, the memories. Now by now, I've got up to Episode 4, but I'll surely watch some more. Anyway, nice job doing this, man! You're a hero for recording and sharing this!
  8. Oh dear, my first noobish posts will be finally destroyed. More seriously, even though it's quite saddening it doesn't strike me so much. My old posts are part of my history here, okay, but they're kind of worthless. I understand, however, the worries of people who've been on BZP for a longer time than me and have important things stored there. Unfortunate, but if nothing else can be done, I suppose this has to be done.
  9. Well, this could turn out being a vital choice for the survival of BZP. It definitely looks more welcoming. I personally didn't care much about the ten post requirement at the time I joined this site, but I suppose some people could find it restricting. It may not look a good thing to someone, generally speaking, however I feel like it will be just an overall improvement. Nice job!
  10. Happy birthday to this fantastic site! May it rise from the fallen again!
  11. The posts I've seen... How can people even imagine to ask things like those? Not only the questions are mostly trivial or repeatedly already answered, but someone also puts nearly no thought in those. Some don't even know who he is... I found his first replies at page 5.
  12. It's been a long time already, still we have no photos, nor more info. Are you still busy with something else?
  13. asfdghhghcdjdhfg You... What have you done? Okay, seriously though, that video site is not allowed here. :/ Sorry, but you should really cancel that before a staffie does. You don't want to FEEL THEIR WRATH, right? "Guitar's Tribute" - Pure Sound Destiny Because of that intro. And Achievement Hunter.
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