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  1. I've got Pohatu and the Protector of Stone. I'm a little disappointed in the simplified story but the sets are amazing! They are so posable and just allround awesome! I'm definitely going to buy some more!
  2. Pretty good dealing with you. And they're at a good price. Cheaper than any place local for me, anyway. +1 to Argentum.
  3. Oh? I didn't think you were going to fix this, SM. But I am glad you did, as it's great. Good luck on the polls!
  4. I always thought the air bit makes it faster and allowed Kongu to control it after he fired it.
  5. That would be cool. Except Spherus Magna would be screwed over.
  6. I have a 'question' of some sort.I've always wondered where the boundary between Toa of Water and Toa of Ice is. If a Toa of Ice can control the cold, couldn't they just freeze water and gain control over it? And technically speaking, ice and water are the same thing. So where is the line drawn? Logically speaking, Toa of Ice could dominate with control over coldness.Also, slushies. They are both water and ice! D:
  7. Oh my! That's kinda cool. I like the ring it has. Vo-Matoran.
  8. Nice story, but you're not sorry for the late reply. >:|Kidding. But this is rather good too. Sah many good entries. D:
  9. I already read this! :DI've said it before, but I'll say it again: It's very well done. Best of luck in the contest.
  10. I well aware my username has "Truaga" in it. Thank you for noticing. Indeed there is a rule against that. But any who, welcome to the RP. Thank you.
  11. I am TDG. Now I do believe we are off topic. Hopefully there's a rule against that.
  12. Now now, don't scare the guy away. Heh. I find it strange he/she assumes I am a a newbie.
  13. Didn't see the link. Whoopies.Uh, okay. What ever you say.
  14. Where do we submit our characters? Or is on that CIRCLE wiki?Sorry, I'm new to the RP board.
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