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    (Aside from Bionicle):<br />Homestar Runner.<br />Both KOTOR's.<br />Futurama(New series is apparantly being made).<br />The Simpsons(though I must admit it has been going slightly downhill lately).<br />Basketball(I'm not the best but still fairly good).
  1. Streets of Nowhere-Lost Prophets :Yami:
  2. :Yami:

    Dragonball Z Kai

    It's definitely worth checking out, especially the introduction of the Ginyu Force. That background music...amazing. :Yami:
  3. :Yami:

    Dragonball Z Kai

    Okay this show has been out in Japan since 2009 and dubbed since 2010...how have I missed this amazing remake of one of the biggest pieces of my childhood for so long?. Voices are a bit different from what I remember though but still...amazing. :Yami:
  4. I would be applying to uni next year...if I hadn't decided to retake Year 12 again and improve my AS marks overall though I had a good idea what I wanted to do, (BA Creative Writing) I even had the pesonal statement done ove the summer in advance and had my uni choices too. Retaking the year is gonna be a bit of a pain but it'll benefit me in the long run and it gives me a bit more time to consider my options.:Yami:
  5. The One and Only - Chesney Hawkes :Yami:
  6. Time Trap was good,it really showed how good Greg can be as a writer after he's able to write without too many restrictions on him like he had with most of the other Bionicle books. :Yami:
  7. "Wow I'm bored, might as well see if BZP ever put those forums up again"*Click*"Oh...well...would you look at that". :Yami:
  8. Song for Ten - Murray Gold :Yami:
  9. Really? I haven't noticed anything odd since the foums have been back up... *sheepishly glances at avatar* To be honest I kinda expected MLP to be prevalant on BZP when it came back up. Really, in my opinion BZP would probably be more meme oriented if it werent for the fact that most internet memes arent exactly in the "Safe for Kids/Work" region, and depending on where you go the "Brony" fandom kinda toes the line there as it is. :Yami:
  10. Well its been over a year since I've even looked at this blog and several months since the foums wee last up so...might as well talk about some stuff that happened to me that I found interesting. Well I'm retaking Year 12 for one thing,I did pass technically but my grades weren't anything to write home about and were quite off what I was predicted; I could have resitted just the exams but decide that retaking the whole year would benifit me much more...but it is SOOO dull repeating most of what I did last year and it is a bit depressing that most of my freinds and people I know will be leaving for uni after this year whilst I'll be left behind,though a few people I know are resitting Year 12 too, so I won't be a total loner( well...moreso than i already am).Oh well it'll be better for me in the long run. Currently I'm studying:ICT,English Language and History...not sure what I want to do fo uni if I go but this has given me another year to think it over properly. Oh, I stated taking driving lessons...and almost crashed into a tree on my first lesson...it snuck up on me I swear; well atleast I know I've got emergency braking down. Well thats it really...I guess I'll see you in a year when I next update this blog. :Yami:
  11. Grr...confound these ponies. Well I'll just up and say that I've been a "brony" since May-ish (though i'm not fond of the tem "brony" at all really).Now if you excuse me I have to go find a bear to to wrestle in order to assert that my masculinity still exists.
  12. Whoah..hey there BZP been a while...you look different,did you do something with your hair? To be fair my interest in Bionicle has slipped into almost nonexistance,but BZP being back up may rekindle it. :Yami:
  13. Hey Yami, long time no talk! (5-6 years maybe)

    What's going on?

  14. lemme guess

    you like yugioh

  15. *Blows dust off of blog* I am currently taking my GCSE's and am on Study Leave. For those in most places in the world people in the UK we get to stay off school during the GCSE exam period, in fact I had my last day of compulsery education on Wednesday which was more or less a cake and drinks party for 5 lessons . Although this is probably not a wise move as I have spent most of it so far sleeping, I should take it more seriously as these Exams will shape the rest of my life. So after I get my results in August I am free to do whatever I please. I can get a job. I can go to college in a year Or I can take 2 more years at my school and earn my A-Levels. I am aiming for the third and aslong as I get atleast 6 GCSE's I should be fine. (I have already had my Biology and Art exams) Though I have technically already earned 4 GCSE's due to an earlier Science exam and my ICT and Double Imedia classes which are coursework based. :Yami: PS: I really should post on this blog more.
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