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  1. Finally! I'm sure this will bring a lot of people back, and some new ones too. Now it's just a matter of time before the bzpower comunity grows again and becomes once more the enormous and creative group of people it was!!
  2. So, what is your opinion? Do you think that during the Downtime a lot of members turned to the "worship" of memes? In my opinion, yes. I see A LOT more ponys on signatures EDIT: Hot Topic! Great! :onfire: :onfire:
  3. I personally like the changes and I can't even think of a way of criticizing the new forum. The only thing that bugs me is Nostalgia, due to the old look
  4. This have awlays been great comics, and although the first ones after so long without making one may not be the best, I'm sure we will still read great comics from Gavla in the (near) future.
  5. Strangely, I kept coming for 6 months to Bzpower every day, with a false hope that the forums would be online again. And here we are now
  6. what are you talking about? There are no ads on bzpower
  7. Oi aí, zsdiogo. É amável encontrá-lo.

  8. when are they soposed to come?
  9. Were is the portuguese web page? i WANT THE BIONICLE WEB PAGE IN PORTUGUESE! I WANT!!!!!!
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