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  1. I think that Lego won't celebrate it, although they should. I think the same about Bionicle's 20th anniversary.
  2. Faber's doing something, and we need to stop him before it's too late.
  3. http://bionicle-comics.wikia.com/wiki/Bionicle_Comics_Wiki (when wikia enables uploading .swf files) http://bioniclecomics.weebly.com/ First one uploaded. http://bioniclecomics.weebly.com/glatorian.html
  4. In the beginning, Jaller says: Wait a miniute.. how many passages through the rock layer exist? Glitches: wrong i, two points instead of three. After that: Takua! what about those monsters you saw? Glitch: small w instead of a big one And after that: but they might be trapped down there... And then, Takua said: yeah, so the real question is: Also, at first, when "world famous Hafu" is selling statues, there is Huki, but in Midak's memories, there is Hewkii.
  5. When will the game get the next chapters?
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