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  1. blows off dust. Man, we've really got to fix this place up. Ghidora's suits are basically giant dustbunnies now and my spaceship is completely borked.
  2. 19 already? sniff. They grow up so fast... Happy birthday, dude.
  3. IcarusBen

    Ganto '03

    Good job on the drawing, Logan! I actually like the messy pencil style. I think it fits well with the character.
  4. BZP still exists? Huh.

  5. The first couplet is inappropriately split and "years" definitely does not rhyme with "beard." Worst birthday topic ever. 0/10. Would not birthday again. Ben puts on a monocle and snootily walks out. All kidding aside, good poem. Also, happy twenty-third birthday, Shadow! I could've sworn you were twenty-five just a month ago, but this poem proved me wrong.
  6. @Ghidora; I like the RPG. My two main gripes are a). lack of mask powers, but that's a problem with G2, not you, and b). the presence of only one craft. I would start the game with two or three, each with a different use, like one is an orbiter with enough manuverability to get into and out of orbit but not enough range to go much further, one is a lunar lander with limited manuverability but excellent range and one is an emergency rescue craft with alright range and excellent manuverabilty. Also, who gets to decide when missions start or who gets to go?
  7. Rahkiir IC: Rahkiir sighed. He walked up to the counter and took seventy-two widgets from his pack. He placed them on the counter. "Rahvok teaches us to share what we have with the less fortunate."
  8. Cheers. we don't take kindly to prettier men than me in this here town no more -Tyler okay bye then Look at what you've done, Tyler. Are you proud of yourself?
  9. Rahkiir IC: Rahkiir went to the rack and pulled off a slightly smaller hat made of tarakava skin. He tried it on. It suited his needs. He was still immensely miffed about what had just happened, but decided just to wait before doing anything drastic.
  10. Rahkiir IC: "I'm looking for a wide-brimmed hat. Do you have any of those?"
  11. Rahkiir IC: Rahkiir tried to pull Sorox back. "Excuse me," he said. "I was in the line before you, or did you just not notice?"
  12. Rahkiir IC: "I would love to," the old man said, "but I honestly have no clue where anything is in this town."
  13. Actually, why couldn't the villages have been built with high roofs? I don't know if the Turaga were once Toa, who in turn were once Matoran, but it's entirely possible they thought "hey, Matoran can turn into Toa, what if that happens? We should build our houses with high roofs just in case."
  14. All Vortixx wear a Kanohi mask of crouching.
  15. Rahkiir IC: Wow. These were some truly ignorant savages, weren't they? Perhaps, Rahkiir thought, they could at least read. He opened his bag and revealed to be filled with both various medicines but also a plethora of small, leather-bound books. He took one and handed it to Sorox. The book is hand-written in some square variant of Matoran. On the front is written "RAHVOK." "Please, I beg you. Read this book and take note of what it has to say." Rahkiir was about to leave when he stopped walking. "Did you say you were going on a train? Where to, might I ask?"
  16. Rahkiir IC Rahkiir was truly dumbfounded. He knew his divinely-ordained mission would be difficult, but could it be that challenging to teach these backwards villagers about the one true god? "You truly have never heard of the God of Dragons himself?"
  17. Rahkiir IC: He pulls the sword from his foot, wincing in pain. "Very much so..." He pulls a medicinal herb from his satchel and consumes it to alleviate the pain. He then wrap his foot in a bandage. "Gee-zus... What is this Gee-zus you speak of?"
  18. Rahkiir IC: "A religious nut?! A RELIGIOUS NUT?!" Rahkiir slams his sword into the ground... "I am not a-" ...or, to be more exact, his foot. "Ye-OWWW!"
  19. What's the deal with that place? Any descriptions I should know before going inside?
  20. Rahkiir IC: "Have you not heard of Rahvok?! He is the god of all creation! He who created Mahtahnu! He who blessed the Toa with the gifts needed to destroy the vile Mahkotah! How could you not have heard of him?!"
  21. Any ones where people are currently inside and be willing to sign on to a pirate crew?
  22. Rahkiir IC: Rahkiir drops his staff, then unsheathes his daikatana, channeling fire through the blade. "I will not tolerate such disrespect! You will treat a priest of Rahvok with the respect he deserves!"
  23. First things first. I'm returning to the BZPRPG! I've reintroduced Rahkiir to Po-Koro and introducted the pirate captain Vanik to Ga-Koro. Second thing; what kind of shady taverns might a pirate captain like to visit in the city of Ga-Koro (preferably ones with people in them.)
  24. Rahkiir IC: Rahkiir was taken aback. Did these people just cut the line? How dare they? This was unacceptable! ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! He pulled back his staff and tried to whack Sorox with it as tough as he could. "Respect your elders, boy!"
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