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  1. IC: Tekmo (The Coliseum, Parade Grounds) Tekmo was a little conflicted. On one hand, dividing meant they could cover more ground, and achieve more individual glory... but if the Barraki were here, he'd much rather have... well, he'd hesitate to call them friends, but 'associates' was good. Besides, he worried about leaving Ardoku on his own. And what if they ran into that green Skakdi-thing again? "I suppose it would be wiser for us to stay together in this particular situation. But I believe we should focus on more populated areas, rather than the Sculpture Fields, which are just, you know, fields full of sculptures." IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Prison Level) "I'm not sure. But he might not be for long. I'd like to think the Vahki heeded my warnings, but personally I've seen Nektann drones with better programming." IC: Ostrox (Ko-Metru, Underground Warehouse) Well, since Mantax had ordered him to keep an eye on Mazor, and Mazor was going to be staying close to Lord Pridak, then it looked like Ostrox was sticking around in Ko-Metru. He watched the undead one from a fair distance, intending to shadow him through the invasion. After all, it wouldn't do well for the artifact to fall into the wrong hands, would it?
  2. IC: Tekmo (The Coliseum, Parade Grounds) Tekmo joined Ardoku down at the Coliseum. "Ah, the parade grounds. If only we could be here under better circumstances..." His expression abruptly changed from a weary grin to a more concerned look. "How are you feeling?" IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Prison Level) Seeing that Vyarik clearly wasn't in the mood to talk, and knowing personally the baggage that comes with a strange new form, Waveahk shifted focus to the red and gold one. "To answer your question - I'm here because I surrendered." OOC: The following was acted out in private messages between me and Unreliable Narrator. IC: Ostrox and Mantax (Barraki Fortress) A short while before Leonn activated the teleportation device, Ostrox found Mantax's private retreat in the fortress to be a calm oasis of home. A soft candle burned in a hanging lantern near the middle of the ceiling. Unlike the others, Mantax cared little for personal possessions. A tea pot made from the clay of his hometown rested on a low table of dark teak. "Ostrox, you've come at last. Forgive me for delaying your report. My presence was requested by Pridak earlier. How did Carapar's expedition go? Anything unusual outside of the Captain's report?" Mantax spoke with a deep resonance to his voice, which filled the whole of the chamber even as a whisper. He spoke in their native tongue, a fact often found annoying by the other Barraki save Kalmah. Mantax chose to refrain from speaking in the common Matoran whenever possible, saying it proved painful on his tongue and throat. Ostrox bowed, and began to speak in their true language as well. "My Lord, it seems that the Captain neglected one detail. On our voyage to the island, our ship was accosted by two others, boarding us with Visorak. Their attack was, of course, a failure and the two ships made a retreat, but not before they... well, I think you'll agree I've looked better." Ostrox gestured to the scarring across his body that was left by the Vohtarak Rhotuka. Mantax looked over the scars Ostrox presented. After a while he replied; "did you win these scars honorably?" "Well... I wouldn't say that. Vile little creatures got me with an Agony Rhotuka. Not my finest moment, I'll admit." "Then you'll need to earn more to cover your shame," Mantax disciplined. The honour of their culture demanded scars in combat come from honorable kills, not dumb accidents or mistaken moments on the field. Mantax's own body was covered in the history of his honorable adventures. "You said the Visorak ships attacked your ship. Were there others aboard those ships, or just the web spinners?" "I would presume so. They don't seem intelligent enough to operate a ship on their own. But if there was anything else aboard those vessels, they operated purely from the inside, as no-one saw anything." Mantax nodded. "Why do you think this was not reported?" "If I had to guess, Captain Tugarak found it insignificant compared to the recovery of the artifact." "I can understand that. The artifact recovered is something we've been trying to find since the beginning of our campaign." Mantax paused, poured another small cup of tea from the clay pot on the table, and considered Ostrox's report. It explained the reported damage to the hull of The Ripple. "Anything else to report?" "Yes, my Lord. You see, Mazor has been behaving... erratically, since the artifact's retrieval. He tampered with it, causing the second change in the sky, tried to go to sleep with it still in his hands, putting it in his bag, rather than somewhere secure in the cargo hold, and stalled bringing it to the throne room for as long as possible. In my opinion, he seems unhealthily obsessed with it." "That's concerning, keep your eyes on him for me," Mantax replied. He stroked his chin and nodded, satisfied with his order. "Yes, my Lord. Is there anything else?" "Nothing else, no, except to fight honorably and win your new scars with valour." With a wave of his hand, the Barraki dismissed Ostrox from his chambers. Now, Ostrox had nothing but loyalty and respect for his king, but he even he had to admit there was something to be said about his lord and master essentially telling him to get wounded in battle. Still though, scars tended to make for rather entertaining stories - for himself, at least. When the time came to invade the so-called 'City of Legends' through this remarkable new device the League had constructed, Ostrox's attention was squared solely on Mazor, as per Mantax's orders. He would shadow the living carcass through the invasion, and if either he or his new 'friend' Irna had any objections... it wouldn't be the Toa or the Vahki or Mazor's fellow undead they'd have to worry about. Watching as Irna stepped into the portal, Ostrox waited for Mazor to do the same.
  3. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Aftermath) By this point, Tekmo was done with the packing. He found Ardoku talking with two other Toa who tried to fight that green monster from before, and apparently still discussing it. "So... I don't suppose I can persuade you to stay close to me until your... condition improves?" He asked the Plasma Toa, genuinely concerned for his comrade's well-being, even if their first meeting hadn't gone too well. IC: Waveahk (The Coliseum, Prison Level) "...Vyarik?" Waveahk recognized his former associate - though, it was clear that something was... different about him now. Ignoring the red and gold one's question, he seemed completely transfixed by what had become of him.
  4. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru) Waveahk did not struggle or attempt to fight back as the Vahki came upon him, willingly letting the machines take him to the Coliseum.
  5. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Aftermath) "...Right then." Tekmo began furiously packing as quickly as possible. If the bizarre curse afflicted Metru Nui as well... where didn't it afflict? IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru) Waveahk submitted himself to the Vahki. He wasn't sure if he was now the cause of a city-wide lock-down, but it was highly unlikely that this was a coincidence.
  6. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Aftermath) "Is the city in danger?" Tekmo asked, adding his question alongside Ardoku's. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru) Waveahk calmly and slowly placed his weapons - the laser trident and the Zamor Sphere Launcher - on the ground, and waited for the Vahki to process what they were just told. IC: Ostrox (Barraki Fortress) "Oh, we don't always get what we want." Ostrox said, following Mazor.
  7. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) "Of course. Through here I believe." Tekmo led Ardoku into the temple... and very nearly threw up at what was inside.
  8. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo tries to help Ardoku to his feet. "I'm afraid that it doesn't seem like you're in any condition to continue fighting, comrade." IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru) Out in the street, Waveahk noticed a couple of Vahki out on patrol. This was it. The point of no return. "Excuse me." He said to get their attention as he walked towards them. "I am an ex-Dark Hunter. I am surrendering to you, as I have learned that my former employers plan to betray and assassinate Turaga Dume." This was not the actual reason behind his betrayal, nor his surrender, but no-one but himself needed to know that.
  9. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) "Well. He most certainly showed fury," Tekmo muttered to himself. Before following Rosa into the temple proper, he went to check on Ardoku. "How is he?" He asked Pardehi and the other medic. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Dark Hunter Safehouse) An audacious move, to be sure, to be in the sanctuary of an organisation he forsook not thirty minutes ago, but after the debacle at the Sculpture Fields, Waveahk needed a place to rest. It was dark enough for it, and he had run a very, very long way. But he couldn't rest here for long. He was a fugitive, from both Metru Nui, and the Dark Hunters. It was only a matter of time before the latter realized his 'resignation', and that meant these safehouses might not be so safe. Without them, he had little havens left, aside from the waterways... and the prospect of staying underwater indefinitely disturbed him. He didn't want anyone to notice, certainly not his 'colleagues', but his mutation had only grown worse over time. He could feel it getting harder to breathe air, breathing water getting easier. He could feel himself changing, his 'condition' worsening, the longer he spent submerged... could... could his mind also be affected? Was that the explanation for his recent 'behaviour'? The thought troubled him deeply. He couldn't be an enemy of Turaga Dume and the Shadowed One. It had to be one or the other. And life in prison was better than no life at all. He would surrender himself to the Vahki, he would tell them everything he knew of the Dark Hunters and their operations. Getting arrested and thrown in prison wasn't the best plan he'd ever come up with, but it could definitely work. IC: Ostrox (Barraki Fortress) "Oh, so it's OK when YOU 'harass' him?" Ostrox makes a noise that sounds like he's supressing a chuckle.
  10. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo charged Kal while his back was turned with his shield and a lance made from a sturdy wooden branch he generated from his powers. IC: Ostrox (Barraki Fortress) "I would think that the commands of our Lords override anything we desire. Lord Carapar desires the artifact, hence, you must give it to him. Preferably soon." Admittedly, Ostrox didn't care much for Carapar, but as long as Mantax was part of the League, then so was Ostrox, and the artifact would be delivered, even if he had to deliver it personally. Without Mazor.
  11. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo didn't really want to leave Ardoku there, but he was in Pardehi's hands, so that had to count for something. "Stay with us, comrade. You'll be fine." With that, Tekmo left the medic to his work. His eyes scanned the battlefield for Kal. Upon making contact with the green devil, Tekmo joined with Rose and Skyra in preparing to attack him. "I don't suppose either of you two have a plan?" IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Sculpture Fields) In the confusion, Waveahk had taken the opportunity to hide behind a large nearby statue. He had absolutely no clue as to what was going on, and had very little stake in it to boot. He had always known that his job was a hazardous one, but at this point, he had simply had enough. Vyarik had very nearly gotten him killed, only spared through the arrogance and the delusions of their enemies. The only reason he had even come along was because... because... He didn't enjoy killing. He didn't particularly dislike it either, it was just a job. The only job he could get with his... condition. He was a professional, not a mindless brute or a sadist. But the bounties on Vhisola, Stannis and Knichou had long since been rescinded. He went after them because... because... Because. Because it kept him occupied. Because he was bored. Because he could. Ever since his mutation, he had taken to heart that investing in other people nets you various sharp implements lodged in your back... but that didn't excuse mindless savagery, harming others for harm's sake... how was killing for money he didn't want any different? He was with the Dark Hunters for their sanctuary and acceptance, not their profits... but he was an island entire of himself, he didn't need the Dark Hunters. After all, they would probably betray him too, when the time came. He took out his iStone. 'Kill Dume', it said. Even if Waveahk believed that he could get close enough, the death of the Turaga would reward him with nothing, nothing but money he had no use for. He crushed the tablet into fragments in his hand, dropped them to the sand below, and disappeared into the night. It wasn't as if he could formally resign. IC: Ostrox (Barraki Stronghold) "Ahem." Ostrox appeared behind Mazor. "Do you not think it best to hand the artifact to Lord Carapar?"
  12. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Sculpture Fields, Vahki Transport) Having seen this coming, Waveahk blasted the side wall of the transport with his Zamor, the charged kinetic energy within blasting a hole through which he leaped though, making it across the gaping chasm. "The nerve of some people." IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) Ostrox was unimpressed by Mazor's choice of location. "A bag, Mazor? A BAG?! It's an artifact of unimaginable power and you keep it in the same place you'd keep your shopping!?"
  13. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Sculpture Fields, Vahki Transport) Waveahk also received the exact same update... curiously, 'Ghost' did not. "So... where's your tablet?" He whispered to him. "Because I refuse to call it an 'iStone', that name is ridiculous."
  14. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) "Understandable. But I believe it would be better for everyone if from now on we kept it somewhere... more secure. For the remainder of the voyage."
  15. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo rushed over to Ardoku and - oh dear, that was quite a lot of blood. "Stay with me now," he said as he tried to carry his comrade to the friendly side of the battlefield. "HELLO?! MEDIC? ANYONE!?" IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Sculpture Fields, Vahki Transport) Well, of course they weren't 'buying it'. That would require basic cognitive functions. Blind loyalty to anyone, or anything was hardly an effective survival strategy. Waveahk glanced at Leonn and gave him an 'I told you so' look.
  16. IC: Tekmo (Black Spike Mountains) Tekmo turned to his compatriots to deliver instructions. "Keep your weapons handy, but don't attack unless they do. Friendly smiles, everyone." He led them down as he made a slow descent towards this enigmatic demolitions team. "Excuse me, if I could have your attention?" IC: Waveahk (Aqua Magna Shoreline) "Well then - I claim this salvage in the name of the Waveahk Fishing Company, which I just made up. I'll try and get into that welded compartment later - for now, let's get this hunk of metal aboard The Aquarium. I'll land the ship closer, you just... keep watch." Waveahk left Vrokdann to do just that, mulling over if it was worth it to use her as a test subject - to see if the Bell was safe for living beings to use.
  17. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Remembering what happened last time he tried to block Kal's sword with his shield, Tekmo instead tries to dodge out of the way. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Sculpture Fields, Vahki Transport) "Oh please. Matoran worship Toa. Silly things like logic and reason do not apply to them... but, yes, best to be cautious."
  18. IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) "Well, there's been another abrupt change in the sky, and it stands to reason that the artifact you hold is the cause. Tell me... you weren't playing with it, were you?"
  19. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo joined Ardoku in charging Kal, intending to stab him with the sharp end of his shield. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Sculpture Fields, Vahki Transport) Waveahk gulped down a bottle of water to prepare for what was next.
  20. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) "It isn't?! I hadn't noticed!" Tekmo was rather indignant over the implication that he fell over just because he felt like it. He managed to get back to his feet and scanned the battlefield to see his adversary looming over the convict. He internally debated with himself for a moment over whether or not he was worth saving, but he was ultimately on Tekmo's side, albeit not by choice. He fired a few more poisonous thorns into Kal's back, hoping to get his attention. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "Well, we haven't found them yet, so-" Waveahk was cut off at the sight of a particularly bright light in the distance. Yes, Po-Metru possessed numerous facilities that required high illumination - none of these lights, however, were in the direction of the Sculpture Fields, which according to all reliable sources, was a barren expanse of land that contained nothing but statues. And it only just became this staggeringly dark. "Perhaps I was wrong. Look over-wait." The light blotted out for a few seconds, obscured by another statue as the transport passed by. "No, there it is again. What is that?" IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) Ostrox found Mazor lying on one of the beds, clutching the mysterious artifact in his hand. "Excuse me, if I could have your attention, please."
  21. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) A little confused by what just happened, it took some time for Tekmo to get back on his feet. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) Waveahk was still staring out through the window as the sky changed for the second time today, "Well. This is unsettling." IC: Ostrox (Silver Sea, The Ripple) The source of the sky changing again was not a mystery to Ostrox. "Where. Is. Mazor?"
  22. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo gasped for air from Kal's blow, and now his arm was wrapped up with that whip. However, through the gaps of flesh the whip couldn't cover, sharp brambles jutted out, aiming to pierce and scratch the attacker's skin. Of course, he didn't see or expect one of his comrades to shoot a fireball at him. Why would he?
  23. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Tekmo's arm vine pulled his shield back into his hand, as he himself was pulled towards Kal. He raised his shield to block Kal's oncoming swing - as sharp thorns erupted from Tekmo's knuckles, as he aimed to sock Kal in the jaw - the only part of his head he could reach. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "It will be their undoing." Waveahk stared out of the transport's window, lost in thought for a moment.
  24. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) The whip latched a hold of Tekmo's torso, below his arms. However, the vine from his hand managed to grab a hold of his discarded shield, and swiftly began dragging it towards him. Meanwhile, thick, sharp brambles of wood burrowed out of Tekmo's skin, stretching the whip's hold on Tekmo as they pushed it outwards. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "Well, the Turaga hiring us, their sworn enemy, may indicate their fears are somewhat justified." Waveahk began taking numerous bottles of water for himself for the upcoming fight. "Then again, a Toa is just a Matoran with power, and Matoran are... well, let's face it, innately cowardly by nature."
  25. IC: Tekmo (Silver Sea, Temple Assault) Kal only succeeded in pulling Tekmo back upright, as the vines separated from Tekmo's arm once he had regained balance, leaving them hanging around Kal's wrist. Acting as though he had planned that, Tekmo fired poisonous thorns from his right hand's wrist at Kal, as his left hand sprouted a vine that slithered along the ground, hoping to regain a hold of his shield. IC: Waveahk (Po-Metru, Vahki Transport) "Well then, we'll need every advantage we can get. Since the Vahki were so generous as to hand us these water rations... I can think of a more inventive use for them. I heal faster and regain stamina on contact with water, you see. So, as long as this doesn't take too long and we don't guzzle our way through them..." Waveahk didn't finish, thinking - or at least hoping - that his 'allies' understood what he was getting at.
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