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  1. Did anyone else notice that in the hexagonal pillars scene, Lewa doesn't have his mask? You have to pause the video at the right moment and look very closely, but he doesn't have it on him. Gali and Onua are carrying him as well. What does this mean? I'll tell you hat it means, it means that some things really do never change.
  2. I agree. It would've been great to know how they came up with the boomerangs idea.
  3. This episode was great and all, but I just don't think any of the Toa get it. All they did was take down a rahi. A rahi. Seriously, when is makuta going to swoop in with the mask of ultimate power and give them a real fight?
  4. idk maybe because these are colors that you'd normally put on a fire character Now that's a way to restrict yourself creatively. Not to mention the fact that water doesn't always look blue anyway. You've got a great point there, dude. Water is usually green from the sea, or it can be white when foaming or fast. In truth, they could have given Gali a green and white colour scheme with clear bone pieces and she still would have represented water perfectly fine. I myself absolutely love everything about Gali's new design. Sure, there are only a few azure shells on her, but I feel that that is counteracted by the volume of trans blue perfectly.
  5. Or they could have one voice actor who can manage six characters! Not actually that hard given most voice actors are expected to be able to do a few significantly different voices. That strikes me as the best idea. And I recognize that it's not the characters' voices, but the narrator speaking. I also recognize that as incredibly stupid. Audiobooks and adults reading stories to their children are cancelled forever now. Unless you have someone else to do the voices of the opposite sex, it will never be good enough. This is neither of those things. There is no excuse for this. They can do better than this. And I see them as obligated to do so. I agree. We give them our hard-earned money. and for what? So they can short us? Unlike, say, the old movies and books, which actually provided their own revenue, the online animations are totally free to watch for everybody—no purchase necessary. So your "value for money" argument falls flatter than Toa Mahri Kongu's torso. A value for money argument isn't needed. To provide proper voicing would be an easy task, and most likely wouldn't even require any extra expenditure of money. The theater club at a random highschool could do better, effortlessly. I view them as obligated to do so not because we pay them to, but because it's well within their power to accomplish without any sort of problem. You know what, I think that you're taking this way to seriously. This IS just a web-cartoon, after all. If the narrator bothers you that much, you can wait for the books to be released. That way your imagination could give Gali a more feminine voice.
  6. What's so stupid about it? I like Gali's colour scheme a lot. The gunmetal grey is a great addition to her design. This was pretty good, but I think it could have been longer.
  7. Hey, everypony! Sorry, brony reference. Anyway, after digging through this site I've found out how to start a new topic, so I wanted to discuss my theory. I think that Lewa has been made a Toa of plantlife in the 2015 reboot, or "The green" as the Matoran used to call it. Speaking of Lewa, do you think that the new Toa will get Nuva forms in 2016, or will it just be new enemies from here on out?
  8. Because he's not from Metru Nui. While that does make sense, chutespeak doesn't need to originate from a place that doesn't exist in the new continuity. I'm thinking that this is still the prophecy being read by that villager from episode 1 to his son. Speaking of which, the protectors are a line ,because their masks have been passed down through generations. There was also a child seen, so I'm thinking that these little people are more like Agori than Matoran.
  9. Lewa, why you no talk in chutespeak? I think that they could've extended the whole story, gotten some real voice actors, and made it a full on TV show. The character interactions are hilarious, and they've given the characters more diversity by accentuating them. Not sure about Bat-Pohatu though.
  10. May I just ask how these "Games" are played? Is it like a sort of RPG? I haven't been on BZPower for very long and I don't exactly know how things work, especially this.
  11. I'm really excited about how I've entered this! I used to just use BZPower as a news site but this thing just swung me into making an account.
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