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  1. Forged from a few years of refinements and rebuilds, this is my definition of The Marendar. Full Album + History: http://imgur.com/a/pS5Gg In the G1 lore, Marendar was a unique creation of the Great Beings. It was created as a safeguard against the Toa, should any of them go rogue against the Agori, or even the Matoran and Mata Nui. Sealed within a metallic Protodermis cage, he was finally released following Makuta Teridax’s defeat. However beyond this, we know nothing as the Bionicle G1 story ended shortly after. The model stands at about 40 CM tall, depending on how much grip his legs can get, weighs about one and a half kilos, and consists of an estimated 1200+ pieces, including the Fission Harpoon he wields.
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