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    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lucas Powers, i have always loved bionicle since the first series long ago, I recently retired honorably from the US Army Infantry and am revisiting the series again. I have a beautiful wife who is a rare person indeed, bright,caring,girl next door who to my surprise does not dislike Bionicles story or characters, I have even seen her reading the books when she thinks i have not come home for lunch lol so anyway I myself enjoy working out, shooting,drawing,painting, sculpting, building, reading, my old Infantry MOS and long walks on the beach... Others tell me I am quite easy to get along with and I help people as often as I can, I am always trying to be respectful and believe everyone should try this as well, it can't hurt right? Well thank you for taking the time to read this, have a glorious day!

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  1. Good work! The only critique I have about this MOC is the head zamor spheres don't seem like a solid connection and despite creativity it looks like a separate thing from the MOC and not a part of the whole. But this is just one opinion, the body is great though and so is the head even without the spheres!
  2. Agreed, it will take longer than building him sadly, but I will try to get it done in a reasonable time frame. No thank you for liking my work! Also I uploaded every image of this Icarax into my gallery, images I did not upload here (for space concerns) so there are two files in my gallery anyone can view any time from here on out. Also you can check out my brickshelf gallery for extra photos http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=powers666
  3. Not a problem! I'm glad anyone likes this version enough to want one themselves.im still trying to figure the easiest way to do the instructions, photos,video,words or perhaps there would be a way to do it like the Lego instruction booklet format but in a file.
  4. Unfortunately it may take a little while, maybe a week or two.
  5. Thank you for saying such kind words. I will get to work on instructions and parts list right away!I will need some time to get it done,However I will do it none the less as I want everyone to enjoy Icarax!
  6. Also the claw can act as wrist blades if you only turn and bring one tri blade claw down instead of both, as you can now see in the last photos I uploaded.There was also a built in attachment so the shield can stored on the back. None of this is "new" but I did fail to show it before.
  7. Thank you! Truly, It was a very fun project for me because well, Icarax is my favorite character, so I really wanted this to turn out well!
  8. Thank you very much! I really tried to keep him in the spirit of 2008.
  9. I finally finished my Icarax moc!!!!! It is up in Bionicle based creations, under "Icarax the definitive edition" check it out!

  10. To start, this is my version of Makuta Icarax, This character has been completely redesigned to encompass what I wanted to see in him, he has a shield,sword,claw and interchangeable wings, a collapsed pair and a full pair in both red and black, I have the collapsed pair on the red one right now, there is also an all-new black armored version in this showcase, based on the description in the book Bionicle Legends 9 on page 96 "Instead, the powerful, black-armored warrior was sitting on the ebony throne normally reserved for Teridax, Makuta of Metru Nui-and he was wearing Teridax's Mask of Shadows!" He is the exact height as the original and made up of 518 parts without weapons and 579 parts with them. He comes with joints that are unhindered and can achieve every pose allowed with ball joints, the original had a rotating blade, now his shield, it has a hinge and rotation. The claw which used to be his left hand and now an attachment is able to unfold, open and close and collapse back on itself and you can bring just one half of the claw down to use as a wristblade. The wings have full range articulation. I wanted to keep him close to the original . Please let me know what you think! More photos in my gallery!
  11. Looks outstanding! Great work! just curious though, much of the build looks as though parts would get in the way from moving joints. I am not sure but is this piece able to move it's shoulders and knees?
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