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  1. It's not much but i remember it in detail. Most of them walk casually until you interact with them. Most of them can be clicked and picked up/dragged and will react as if scared and trying to escape There is a copy on Bionicle Media Project Games > Downloads > 2002 > Desktop Toys
  2. The old 2002 Bionicle site on Wayback Machine it's just a mess of broken links and stuff... So this evening I decided to (try to) rebuild the home page (at least get it as close to the original as possible)! I cleaned everything up as well as I could - Dropbox link All the links are broken and I need to fix the News Crawler(in the blank space just above the grey bar) but other-wise everything looks nice! I don't know if I am going to continue working on this, though I am curious to see if anyone other than me still finds interest in a 14 year old site...
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