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  1. Awa’ Whigs, Awa’ by James Malcom. Poem by Robert Burns.
  2. Nah man I’m saying don’t be a bad sport. Nobody rigged anything. They got rid of an obvious troll, and the people made their decision. As far as design choices, I think it’s perfectly appropriate for her to be hunched because in the story she’s several hundred thousand years old. Don’t beat yourself up man. I’m a stranger on the Internet. No ill will toward you.
  3. Bro, you gotta get over that. Hoseryx was never going to win, and they were perfectly justified to exclude an obvious joke from a contest to determine a character’s canonical appearance. The winner is absolutely fantastic. The hunched-over look of the model, the Mata hands, the Roborider-inspired mask, it’s everything Helryx is described as. Plus it’s drawn in a comic style. And you shouldn’t let popularity detract from your own art, or your not an artist.
  4. MoL might have unintentionally got it right then because Lewa didn’t really follow the grammar structure of treespeak (neither did Matau)
  5. That’s why I like the Irish brogue, especially for treespeak. The randomness of the dialect, the stuntedness of the grammar, it needs something that the normal, articulate diction of a Canadian-American voice can’t capture. The wispy, breathy, rolling semi-Irish accent they used for Lewa in MoL seems like a perfect fit. It adds a kind of charm to it. It’s kind of goofy, but also really endearing, like a cool forest breeze. It was probably either called something offensive like “greenspeak” or really dumb like “the way they talk in Le-Metru.”
  6. We covered Plantlife too. Backwoods. West African. we didn’t get Sonics.
  7. I think your quarrel is with the personality not with the accent. The Irish can be as brash and acid-tongued as anyone. I know it’s kind of gimmicky, but I love it.
  8. Are you talking about Ce-Matoran? I think we covered Ce-Matoran. I like your interpretation of Av-Matoran, but I think I’d add an air of humility and perhaps a genuine goodness, because they’re about as good as good guys come. They’d probably have something resembling an Anglo-American accent, like they all went to Juilliard. Kra-Matoran would be slick, but deep-throated, resonant baritones. Some might also have high-pitched, maniacal voices. I like the Germanic accents.
  9. Magnetism Matoran would naturally have a magnetic personality. They’d be very charismatic and well-spoken, but also sympathetic and maybe even a little charming. Since they like to hang out around magnetic poles, they’d probably have New Zealander or even Nordic accents. Iron Matoran are facetious and gritty. They have a sharp wit and can be seen as the “bad boys” or societal rebels. They often make dirty jokes and can even be disrespectful or aggressive. Since they hang around in mountains and other areas rich in iron, they’d have an Appalachian or Rocky Mountain accent, with a lower-class working man’s accent. They’d all sound like the old prospector, or the blacksmith. (If you’re trying to guess what I’m thinking, look up the tribes on BS01. Think about where they live and what they do, and what are some adjectives you can apply to (element) and people )
  10. Naw. I’m kind of a die-hard on the Canadian voice actors. But I’d imagine Bo-Matoran having more of a “backwoods” vibe. Or even something from sub-Saharan Africa. Cameroon/Ethiopia/Nigeria. Bo-Matoran don’t speak. They listen. Like Le-Matoran, only quieter.
  11. Gravity Matoran are totally down-to-earth. Plain-spoken, humble, worldly. They like to keep things simple.
  12. I like the SoCal surfer accent for Po-Matoran, but I think they’d just be loud. I don’t know about slurred speech. To me it seems like Onu-Matoran would be really quiet. I like the idea of Lightning Matoran being high-energy. But I think they’d also be volatile, and have a propensity to “crack” or “snap.” Psionics Matoran would either be calm and good counselors or really strong-willed.
  13. I like the idea of introverted Ga-Matoran. The movies really played up the feminine grace and warmth, but I think that’s a good thing. Leave the spunk and attitude to Lightning or Psionics.
  14. Right? I think the Ga-Matoran would have an academic air to them. Like a Brahmin, an upper class, educated accent. They use a lot of complex words and say things in very prim-and-proper ways. The Po-Matoran would be loud and boisterous like Pohatu in MoL. Onu-Matoran would be the quiet antisocial ones.
  15. That works. I feel like they’d probably be kind of harsh. Like a little bit prone to offend people.
  16. I always pictured Ta-Matoran having much more of an acerbic wit. Le-Matoran would probably be witty, but I think they'd have a more...poetic(?) diction.
  17. I don't have anything to add as far as story, but IRL: 1: Fix. Vakama's. Mask. in Legends of Metru Nui. 2: Make a short film of Time Trap. I just read it recently and I think it deserved some kind of animation. Also would love to have seen the animators fill out The Shadowed One's model and Lariska's as well. 3. Dump all the moneys into a three-season series based on the Ignition trilogy (I even have a voice actor list I made myself!) 2005-2008 was the perfect time to make a TV show to sell toys. The Pokemon show was in its best years, there was YuGiOh, Digimon, Transformers had a bunch of series, the WB kids and Miguzi/Toonami lineups on Cartoon Network. CN would have been the the place to be too. They held a bunch of those toy tie-in products, and they weren't afraid to handle more mature material, which is still true today. And I would have made it better than Miramax's butchery. 4. Make an Artakha titan instead of Icarax or another superfluous figure.
  18. Hahli: Yes Jaller: Yuck. Pretty sure that’s Andrew Francis’s voice range. I wouldn’t want him at a lower pitch. Plus I refuse to listen to “TAKUAAAAA” for two hours. That’s why I picked Hebert. He’s a perfect transition in sound and he’s not grating to listen to. Hewkii: even bigger yuck. his voice was already cheesy in MoL. Nobody wants that. Also that’s Michael Dobson’s range. His voice would sound really dumb coming out of Hewkii’s model. Also Hewkii is voiced by Kirby Morrow.
  19. I’m not sure I follow your logic. The Toa Nuva would get about 3 minutes of screen time because it’s *not* their movie. I don’t even remember Takanuva playing a major part of the Voya Nui Saga. Honestly the story of Voya Nui is so dense it would have to be a cinema length (2h+) feature instead of the 70-min shambles we got from Miramax. I don’t think I’d want CC anywhere near the animation either.
  20. A while back there was a thread of dream Bionicle voice actors. I’ve said here before that I’ve always wanted a true Bionicle 4, so I spent several weeks coming up with who I would want to voice each of the major characters in the Island of Doom movie. I might do it for the other two thirds of Ignition but I’m gonna stick with “Island of Doom.” Anyway here goes: The Toa Nuva and Turaga are all played by their actors from MoL. Jaller- Andrew Francis (Matoran)/ Kyle Hebert- in 2006, my answer would’ve been Garry Chalk, but no. Jaller needs a voice that conveys youth, but also leadership. Who better than the voice of Adult Gohan from DBZ? Also it would be a smooth transition from Matoran to Toa. Hahli- Chiara Zanni- CZ reprises her role from Mask of Light. Good fit. Kongu- Jeff Plunk- I always pictured Kongu having a kind of grunt to his voice because of the design of his mask. But I still wanted a youthful sound so I went with the voice of Basil from DBSuper. Nuparu- Ward Perry- Originally Kongu, but Perry’s voice is a tone too low for me. But his voice fit with Nuparu’s larger mask, and he’s not Scott McNeill with a mouthful of Marbles or Paul Dobson. Hewkii- Kirby Morrow- Hewkii is voiced by Kirby Morrow. There is no other answer. Matoro-Will Friedle/Michael Daingerfield- I lean towards Friedle on this one, because he captures the plain, humble voice of the Toa of Ice. Zaktan-David Kaye- Either one of Kaye’s Megatron voices would translate well to Zaktan. He’s got that smooth but brooding baritone, but he can growl when he needs to. Hakann- Clancy Brown- Hakann is not just an outright brute like Reidak. He needs some subtlety to really bring out his sadistic nature. Who better than the sadistic Captain Hadley from Shawshank? Vezok- Mark Acheson- I was originally looking at him for Hakann, but his voice of Cupid in the movie Donner was perfect for Vezon, so I figured he could play Vezok too. Reidak- Clancy Brown- Aggressive, Gravelly voice perfect for the black Piraka. Avak- Michael Dobson- I don’t why, but I really liked Dobson’s Starscream voice for Avak. (If you haven’t noticed there’s a lot of 2003-06 Transformers crossover) Thok-Scott McNeill- McNeill’s icy, smooth growl makes perfect sense for the the Piraka of Ice. Balta- Sam Vincent- I went high-pitched for the Matoran, with one notable exception. Dalu- Leslie Ewen- Idk, I think Nokama would make a good Dalu. Garan- Will Friedle- eh. Piruk-Clancy Brown- I imagined Piruk having a lively, if gravelly, voice from the Voya Nui Online Game. Since I have Clancy Brown already, might as well use him. Velika-Charles Martinet- Velika’s status as a diminished great being and his mannerisms and riddles make him seem like an old man. I think Martinet would be a fun cast, not quite French Tickner’s Norik, but still good. Kazi-Trevor Devall- Nuju’s plain-spoken mannerisms seem to me to mesh well with Kazi’s personality. That and they share a mask. Karzahni- Brian Drummond- Drummond’s Shockblast from Transformers Energon would be perfect for the psychotic ruler of Bionicle’s purgatory, and it’s not the tired old bellowing baritone we get too much of in toy tie-in media. Vezon- Mark Acheson- As I wrote above, Acheson’s voice of Cupid in Donner has this kind of slippery smooth debonair tone that works really well for Vezon. Axonn- Patrick Seitz/Michael Donovan- speaking of bellowing baritones, this is where one would actually work. Couldn’t decide between Jiren and Primus tho. Brutaka - Vic Mignogna- Despite the aggressive look of his mask, Brutaka has a cold, quiet(?) personality. I think Mignogna’s Broly would be a good fit. Umbra-Jason Michas- The flatness of Takanuva’s first couple of lines in MoL would sound really good on the guardian of the Ignika. Irnakk- Charles Martinet- did you know that the voice of Mario also voiced a dragon? Martinet’s voice of Paarthurnax from Skyrim would be absolutely perfect for the nightmare of the Skakdi. So there you have it. Please feel free to include your own opinions and comments in the replies.
  21. Little late for that my friend. Fortunately the mask contest has lent itself to some excellent artwork. That one drawn in the comic style is just *chefs kiss* perfection.
  22. I don’t know if this has ever been explained, but I’ve been wondering recently what the actual barrier between the Matoran and Agori languages would have been. The obvious answer is that Matoran is a programming language, but since the Great Beings were Glatorian, wouldn’t they just embed the Matoran with a variant of the Agori language? Anyway, I rolled the thought around in my head and I arrived at the conclusion might not be a two different languages, but two different dialects. The two languages would be mostly the same in terms of pronouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, etc. The difference would be in nouns. The characters in the 2009-2010 run had more Latinate names, so I imagine that Agori would bear Latinate roots, while Matoran would be rooted in Polynesian tribal language. That would be the real “barrier.”
  23. I've been thinking about this for a while, actually. If I did it, I'd want it to be in two long sagas, like the Dragon Ball arcs: The Element Lords and the Great Beings. I'm not gonna catch everything cause I'm not totally up on every piece of lore, but I'll do my best to tie up the major loose ends. ELEMENT LORDS SAGA: The Toa Mahri return with the Toa Hagah Gelu, Zaria, Orde, and Chiara escape Kabrua's Vorox into a cave somewhere. They find either a trail to follow or one of the Great Beings who knows where the others are, then return home with the news. Axonn, Vezon, Brutaka, etc., escape the Fortress. The cursed Great Being flees elsewhere. While looking for help, they run into the Jungle Tribe holding Lewa. They are scared of the Order members, and Vezon uses a portal to snatch one of the jungle tribe who can speak Matoran (Tarduk/Gresh?) to mediate. Vezon throws them back into the "home" with Lewa and the Order members leave. Kopaka, Pohatu, Mavrah, etc. find out where they are. Takanuva leaves to find the other Great Beings Shadowed One builds his army Element Lords arrive at “home” They fight with the Toa The Toa almost beat them, but the EL sap them of their elemental powers and they almost die The leftover Toa are forced to mount a defense of the Matoran & Agori while the Glatorian look for Artakha The Baterra chase the Glatorian as well as some bad guys The Glatorian find Artakha who gives them a bunch of masks with elemental powers (callback to G1) and sends them on their way. They arrive just in time for the EL to show up. The new masks allow the Toa to defeat the Element Lords. Saga ends with Takanuva finding Angonce GREAT BEINGS SAGA: Some Baterra are still out there Angonce tells Takanuva of Marendar. Somehow a spy sends word to the Order. Vezon Axonn and company finally meet the Order. The Order demands Lewa’s silence, to which he agrees, then they send him away. Takanuva rushes Angonce to “home” before Marendar gets there. Angonce hopes to shut it down. Velika recruits various bad guys- Barraki, Vorox, Earth Tribe, Makuta- as well as remaining Zyglak, Vorox, Baterra, Skakdi, Rahkshi, to build an army of mindless zombies to take Spherus Magna. He runs into the Dark Hunters and feuds with The Shadowed One. Eventually Velika kills him (someone has to have an underwhelming resolution lol) and recruits the Dark Hunters into his army. Lariska and some refuse and strike out on their own. Kopaka and Pohatu reach out to their fellow Toa somehow. The others learn that the Red Star is the repair center of the Matoran Universe. They try to fix the teleportation system, but can’t, so they are forced to crash it into the planet. They escape with their lives by the Toa of Magnetism and Gravity using their powers to protect them. Marendar senses this and chases the Red Star inhabitants, buying the Toa/Glatorian some time. Angonce tries to track down Marendar. He fails and asks for help. Turaga Vakama is forced to contact the Order of Mata Nui for help. The Order tracks down Hydraxon and employs him and several members to track the Marendar robot. Lariska kills some of Velika’s army who are hunting her Hydraxon’s group finds the Marendar, as well as the Red Star people. They fight. The Toa get beaten badly but Botar disables it. The Order members recognize Botar. The group separates, with the Red Star inhabitants heading for “home” and Botar returning with the Order. Takanuva and Angonce form a team to find the other GB. Marendar arrives. The Glatorian are no match, and the Toa are decimated. At the last moment, it gets cut in half by a giant axe. It’s Axonn and the Order! The Order is forced to go public by the threat of global conquest and death. They hold a council with the Turaga, Agori, Toa, Glatorian and a few Matoran leaders to determine a defense strategy. Takanuva and Angonce find most of the GB except the cursed GB and a few who join Velika. They return home CGB lurks in the shadows outside of “home” The Order sends out scouting parties to find allies and enemies alike. Lariska is captured and brought to the Order. Brutaka and Vezon plead her case and they allow her to live. The scouts bring back some allies and word that Velika’s army is a few days away. The Council meets again. The Order tells the Toa that they will have to kill in order to survive. Preparations are made. Velika arrives. He asks for surrender, but our heroes refuse. Velika then absorbs the power of the other GB and achieves his final form They battle All seems lost but Gasp! It’s Mata Nui in the Mask of Life! Mata Nui materializes a body Maska Nui restores the Turaga to their Toa Metru bodies, then materializes the old forms of the current Toa (Hordika, Inika, Mata, etc.) and also materializes bodies for Matoro, Ignika, Jovan’s toa, etc. The reinforcements are enough to beat the army. CGB redeems himself by taking a strike from Velika, which makes his parts come to life and obliterate himself. Maska Nui uses the Ignika to destroy him for good. FINALE The Turaga return to normal. The Toa Nuva and Takanuva finally surrender their powers. Tanma, Photok, and Solek become the new Toa of Light. The Voya Nui Matoran and some others become the new Toa. Maska Nui uses its power to restore Matoro and Jovan’s Toa to life, then goes dormant once again. The Toa Mahri debate surrendering their powers but decide to briefly forego that to help train the new Toa. The Order of Mata Nui helps to build Matoran and Agori fortresses, one of which is manned by Krakua. Hydraxon, Lariska, and some others become bounty hunters and strike out on their own. The various tribes build new civilizations, and all of them build the new Atero on the site of the battlefield. The remaining Great Beings leave Spherus Magna to build a new civilization with the lessons they learned. With the major existential threats gone, the citizens begin new, peaceful lives.
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