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  1. How is your brother not on your friends list here? That's just not right.

  2. Since i'm new here, how's your brother?

    1. MechaAshura20


      also Happy Birthday tomorrow

  3. I kinda miss Light being here. However, she didn't really DO anything other than tell Dark how great his comics were. XP

  4. Why not make your own comics? It will sure be great, you sure must have studied the work of the almostmaster?

  5. Your brother's comics ROCK!

  6. Wow, your like your brothers biggest fan. XP

  7. you could make your own comics

  8. have you


    disliked being in your brothers shadow?

  9. Answering TDs question, I think she is only a member to support her brother's comics.

  10. You and your brother are awesome! :D

  11. Why are you never here?

    PS: Hi d.w. and vican!

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