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  1. Hi, I've got some masks from the Karzahni set, I only recently found out they're quite rare as I've had them for some time. As I've never thought they looked amazing, especially the Ruru, I've never used them so theres no visible wear on them. I was hoping to sell the three of them for about £55, I'm based in the UK so shipping would depend where you were. Give me a shout if you're interested, best way to reach me is by email at contact.kaskdaxxe@gmail.com
  2. I'm gonna be honest, It seemed a little juvanile, maybe just because I don't like chipmonk voices and over-repeated phrases On the other hand I know that this is kindof a kids forum and those things are what most people have said they like So I suppose my conclusion is that I'm gonna leave this forum now.
  3. Yeah, all six of the bootleg Rahaga actually came with that head. Here's a link to a review of the Bomonga one. ~B~ Oh my glob I did not know those were actually real
  4. Thaaaaat's a bootleg. And it already exists. Pretty sure Kask meant that (s)he is gonna be very disappointed if no one takes Vader's head from the Constraction Star Wars set and puts it on Kualus (or probably any other Rahaga given they all came with that helmet for some reason) as homage to this bootleg. xD bingo
  5. Perhaps I am pushing my newness <I hope that's a word) to the limits. If I can get myself up and running on it I may request help from others. But till then. I look forward to your enthusiasm but I agree with Munty. Trymodding something small first. Who knows maybe one day your VNOG will be a huge mod! Well, I figured blender out slightly, Perhaps I can begin working on one weapon I wish to be in it. The Zamor Sphere launcher, will be Crossbow so Dawnguard will be a must. I have used blender to model for skyrim before. I've deleted my old version by accident though, so I can't really help you there at the moment. I am pretty experienced with making armour and weapons with blender for skyrim though, so if you need help there, I can help there.
  6. If someone doesn't make this happen, I'm going to be really disappointed in you all
  7. #confirmed kopockney "Swear on me mum it wasn't me officer, I do, I never froze that villiger no I didn't"
  8. Oh, when they said it was a throwback in the reviews I thought they just meant it looked like the old fashioned bionicle aethsetic XD I only noticed in the stone agori one
  9. I've not seen anyone point this out but: They really care :')
  10. Kask Daxxe


    Lewa is my spirit animal
  11. How they scorned my tin-foil hat-theories BUT WHOS LAUGHING NOW everyone is; in a joyus chorus maybe we can finally find out what happened to Lewa Nuva
  12. Oh hang on, I actually really like the mistika pakari what am I talking about I also dislike the kaukau nuva regular variant but It's still really nostalgi-cool
  13. I don't think the kaukau mistika flavour is quite as bad as the phantoka akaku. Or kakama. Or Actuallty all the adaptive masks look pretty bad to me.
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