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    Who am I? Well, some people think I'm the pie maker. That is an unfortunately common misconception. I do not make pies, I mock peas. Even worse is when people think I am the pie makah. If there's one thing to know about me, it's DO NOT call me the pie makah!

    "PeabodySam" has its derivatives. "Peabody" is, in fact, an old family joke that takes too long to explain. "Sam" is the main character of Quantum Leap, an old TV show that I used to watch back in 1994. I loved that show, but haven't seen it in years... one of these days, I should find time to watch some old episodes again.

    So, now that you know who I am, what about my interests? Well, obviously I am a LEGO fan, otherwise I would never have found this website. I'd say my top three favorite LEGO themes are Rock Raiders, Adventurers, and Alpha Team. BIONICLE, Pirates, and Space also rank rather highly.

    I also enjoy videogames. I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer in any way; I just play for fun. Two of my favorite game series are Mario and Half-Life (including Portal). Naturally, I also enjoy LEGO games, though I dislike that most games since 2005 are repackaged versions of LEGO Star Wars.

    I am very into art and music. I find that both help me express my feelings very well. I am interested in most forms of art, and in music, I love mostly anything orchestral. I play both the piano and clarinet. One more thing... music is a lot like candy. It's much better when you throw away the rappers.

    Literature is another favorite subject of mine. I love to read, and when I'm not reading, I'm usually writing, be it for a story (such as The Story of Frosam Trilogy) or for a text-based RPG (such as Dino Attack RPG). I've written many stories here on BZPower, and my Dino Attack RPG has been praised for its well-written plot.

    I am also interested in science. Personally, I find geology, astronomy, and biology to be the most intriguing subjects of science, yet I am also good at chemistry because somehow I'm excellent at math.

    I do not watch a whole lot of television. Most TV shows nowadays are rather bad; back in the days of Monty Python, it was great, but nowadays it is sadly not so. Too many lousy reality TV shows on the air. However, two recent TV shows that I absolutely love are Pushing Daisies and Fringe.

    Unfortunately, in recent times I've found myself increasingly busy. TakunuvaC01 has diagnosed this as "PeabodySam's Disease". Due to this disease, it's becoming harder and harder for me to find time for my interests. Usually, the symptoms recede during the summer, only to return in the fall.

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  1. Chapter 16: Mech Assault ---- The Robo-Agents had served their purpose in distracting Dino Attack Team. Now, it was too late to stop Cane from finding the Anti-Dino Machine. The giant vessel continued flying, and landed on the waters. Its propellers were activated, and it soon reached shore. The doors opened, and a giant yellow quadruped spider-like mech stepped out into the sand. Cane adjusted the visor over his eyes. Immediately, info began being fed into his helmet. Cane smiled. He pressed a button, and the targeting system activated. The quadruped machine lifted one foot and stepped back into the sand, this time farther away than before. A Mutant Pteranodon flew above the mech. Cane aimed at it and pressed the trigger on his controls. Immediately, the side guns on the cockpit activated, and began firing at the Mutant Dinosaur. Cane smiled as the Mutant Pteranodon's lifeless body hit the sand. "All of those Mutant Dinosaurs will soon be exterminated... along with Dino Attack Team!" said Cane. ---- Databoard flew around, looking for a place to land. The Mutant Pteranodons had managed to cause some damage, and he wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible. However, most of the buildings were too damaged for a safe landing, and if he were to try, he was almost certain that the roof would collapse. Databoard was still looking for a place to land, when a Mutant T-Rex started attacking him from below. It began firing its eyebeams, and Databoard was forced to avoid them. He fired back and sent debris flying from a nearby building, distracting the T-Rex for a moment. Databoard fired again, but failed to defeat the T-Rex. Databoard fired behind the Mutant T-Rex, sending debris flying at it. Databoard hoped the T-Rex would be knocked out by a piece of rubble, but it destroyed any debris that went near it with its eyebeams. It then fired its eyebeams at Databoard, who avoided them, and the eyebeams slammed into a nearby building, destroying a small portion of it. Databoard flew down, and began firing repeatedly. Several lasers hit the T-Rex, startling it, but enraging it just a much. It fired at him again, forcing Databoard to make a sudden turn. As he was still firing at the time, he hit the wall with lasers as he avoided the eyebeams. This sent debris down on the T-Rex, leaving it half-buried and unconscious. ---- Shadow and Kotua continued driving through the streets of LEGO City. This time, a ShadowTech Fire Hammer drove towards them. Shadow fired at them, but the Fire Hammer's armor was stronger, and the blast only left a minor dent on the hood of the vehicle. Shadow drove in reverse as the ShadowTech Fire Hammer fired back, nearly toasting the Urban Avenger and both Dino Attack agents. Shadow and Kotua drove away from the ShadowTech Fire Hammer, which was bent on destroying them. ---- The Cloaked Hunter landed his craft at the volcano fortress. Immediately, he was captured, though no one tried to remove his weapons. C-Eye and a squad of reprogrammed Meda Drones brought him into a lava torture chamber. "Mwuhahahahaha!" laughed C-Eye. "We shall build up a majority of rogue Dino Attack agents, then unleash the Robo-Mutant Dinos! Dino Attack will be blamed, and we will destroy them! Then, we will use our cloned armies to take over the world. Mwuhaha..." C-Eye's laughter died in his throat. The Cloaked Hunter, eyes blazing with anger, held out his hand. A huge blast of plasma shot out of it, impacting C-Eye, killing him. He then flung plasma at his restraints, opening them. It was easy to blast any clone or robot enemies throughout the fortress. He smashed open a door to reveal agent Dragon. "Who... Who are you?" shouted Dragon. The Cloaked Hunter smiled in a sinister way. "I am the Cloaked Hunter. I was once called... Magma." With that, the Cloaked Hunter grabbed his energized laser sword. Dragon grabbed one, and they began to duel. However, this time, the Cloaked Hunter's rage and fury beating at him overpowered Dragon's sword-fighting skills. He had him at the neck with a laser sword. "Fool... already unleashed... can't stop Robo-Dinos... I win..." whispered Dragon. The Cloaked Hunter struck downwards, and then worked at the control panels. The Robo-Dinos were unleashed. So, the rogue agents' plan had worked. Dino Attack would be destroyed if they couldn't destroy the Robo-Dinos. The Cloaked Hunter felt rage building inside him. He pointed his arm at the self-destruct button and fired, setting it off. Then, he grabbed some armor and weaponry, adding it to himself. The Cloaked Hunter leaped into his Dragon Hunter, and thought to himself. The Robo-Dinosaurs cannot be recognized, but their powers are twice as strong, with extra abilities. There was no way to tell if a Dino was robot or organic. So, they needed to be destroyed. No, they would be destroyed. He returned to Dino Attack Headquarters, got into his old Urban Avenger, and made a lot of modifications, increasing every weapon to fatality level. Then, he began his hunt. ---- "Smile, you are all on camera!" announced Fogel. "This recording will soon go viral. The world will see Alpha Team consorting with the enemy, these Mutant T-Rexes, and they will see us crush you with ease. Alpha Team shall be demoralized, and FUTURE shall be hailed as the true saviors. Now, die!" As the FUTURE villains disappeared from the screen, a panel on one of the walls slid away. "I think we're about to have a fight," Rex realized. Rex's prediction was correct. Fogel and the other FUTURE villains sprang forth, each one attacking the heroes. "I have a bad feeling about this," muttered PBB as he fired his flamethrower hands at Frickster. "No kidding!" Frozeen returned, dodging one of Fogel's blows. Finister charged up his hooks and slashed at Chompy, who ducked in the nick of time. His left hook struck the chamber wall and became embedded in the metallic panel. "Blast this hook!" he snarled. Chompy snorted in triumph as the villain desperately tried to pry his hook loose... The Frickster launched himself at PBB. PBB deftly dodged the attack with the superhuman reflexes of a robot. But the villain anticipated this maneuver and swung his leg low, tripping over the FMB-Bot... Finister pulled and pulled, but his hook would not come loose. Seeing the opportunity, Chompy charged at the helpless villain, his maw opening wide... Fladek raised his laser flail in the air and spun it around. It fired lasers at Rex and Amanda, but the bolts could barely hurt the thick hide of the two Mutant T-Rexes. "You fool," Rex muttered. They took a step forward, and Fladek quickly took one back... Frickster did not wait for PBB to get back up. His robotic hands opened, and flames poured out. PBB rolled away just in time. "You think you can defeat me with my own weapon?" he muttered, getting back onto his feet... Finister pried his hook loose just in time to get out of the way. Chompy crashed head-first into the wall and was stunned. As the villain gloated over the dazed T-Rex, he raised his hooks, preparing for the final blow... ---- Blade and Hotwire were joined up by Dino Attack agent Manga, who had piloted the Dragon Light Attack VTOL following Blade back from Astor City. "Now let's get out of here before ShadowTech finds us," said Blade. A Mutant T-Rex dropped down from behind them and roared. "Or something else finds us," said Hotwire. "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" shouted Manga. Blade piloted the Steel Behemoth, Manga flew the Dragon Light Attack VTOL, and Hotwire drove the Fire Hammer as they fled from the Mutant T-Rex. "There are millions of Mutant Lizards in this city," muttered Blade, "and we end up crossing paths with a T-Rex!" "And this is one heck of a chase scene, too," added Manga. "Is there any way out of this mess?" asked Hotwire. Another T-Rex came down the street from the opposite direction. "Evasive maneuvers!" shouted Blade. Blade, Manga, and Hotwire went down another street while the two T-Rexes fought each other over their prey. "Guess that answered my question," said Hotwire. "Glad that's over with," said Manga. An Urban Avenger raced by them. "Was that Kotua?" Hotwire asked as a ShadowTech Fire Hammer also raced by in hot pursuit. "And he's being chased!" said Blade. "You guys stay here. I'm going in!" He followed the ShadowTech Fire Hammer. Despite Blade's order, Manga and Hotwire drove after him. Blade activated the Steel Behemoth's missiles and fired. The turret of the ShadowTech Fire Hammer turned and fired a missile that destroyed the one from the Steel Behemoth. Suddenly, a beam flew overhead, hitting a Mutant Pteranodon, frying it... ---- Zero solemnly picked at his breakfast with his fork. He hadn't been in a good mood these past few days, with more and more people being reported missing and fewer people around the place that he knew personally. With Rex gone, Kotua busy off somewhere, and Databoard doing who-knows-what, it was feeling quite lonely for him as a Dino Attack agent. "Hello?" Zero turned to see an agent he hadn't met before with a cup of coffee. "Mind if I sit next to you?" said the agent. "Oh, no, sure, go ahead." "Thanks. I'm Ata, I just started out here, and was hoping to get to know some people. You want this coffee?" He held the drink out to him. "Isn't it yours?" Zero asked. "Nah, I was hoping to give it to whoever as a sign of friendship." "Heh, well, thanks," said Zero, taking it and having a sip. It tasted bitter, but still pretty good by Dino Attack food standards. "So I've read that you've had quite a few adventures in particular with this team, Zero," said Ata. Zero smirked. "I guess I have, yeah. You want to hear them?" "Sure, I'd be glad to hear your perspective on those grand adventures." "Alright." Zero took a breath in and started to think over his history. "Well, I joined this team pretty early on, about a month or so into the war. So you could call me a veteran of a sort" "You see any cool places? Something almost out of this world, even?" "Uh... yeah, yeah, can't forget this! I went to Mata Nui once and ventured into the remains of Metru Nui. I had a wild time there, finding magic disks and discovering the secret to time travel." "Certainly sounds crazy," Ata said eagerly. "And Rex? Did you two ever meet?" "Yes, actually, under really funny circumstances. I ran into him just as some guy named Phantom came around in an Alpha Team vehicle freezing Mutant Dinos and trying to kill him. Luckily, I was there to help. Eventually, this Phantom guy started demanding a 'Frozeen', but it just so happened that some guy in General Grievous-esque armor came up and seemed to satisfy his demands. Then Phantom came wandering back a bit later with amnesia, not remembering us or what he was doing. Bad news for him, good news for us. "So we three found this wrecked airship, got chased off by crazy Kotua, and then found this big silver thing called a Scorpion Orb Launcher. It was one of Ogel's old things. Anyways, I finally took to examining those disks I found, and was surprised when the black one just vanished into thin air when I was gripping it. Boy, did I get a surprise when I woke up from a nap later on, though: I had turned into a big black robot, like the one on the disk that had vanished!" "Seriously?" Ata asked, amazed. "Seriously," Zero responded. "I tried to keep it secret, but being turned into something like that didn't last long. Particularly when the Silver Scorpion Orb Launcher we were riding in got destroyed and I couldn't hide in shadows. I wasn't lonely like that, though. Rex stuck around, and Phantom touched the red one and got turned into one of those robots as well." "Cool. So... how are you not one of those big robots now?" Zero took another sip of coffee before going on. "Well, eventually we came back to Dino Attack Headquarters. Or the site of it, Kotua had done a number on it sometime before. Only once we got there, we found this big black building occupying its space: the Tower of Eight Trials. Don't ask me how it got there, I only ever had groundless theories. ShadowTech, Blacktron, maybe another one of Kotua's things, Ogel and friends... Anyways, eventually I on a whim tried to pull the mask I was wearing as a robot off, and wouldn't you know it, it worked! I was a minifig again! Phantom too, when I told him about the trick." "Impressive," Ata remarked. "So what's it been like since then?" Zero sighed. "Eh, not much. This building was adapted into a new HQ, more odd missions around the place, old friends continue to vanish into thin air. Rather uneventful, really." "I see," Ata nodded as Zero took another long sip from his gifted coffee. "So what's going on with you now?" "Got a mission to LEGO Studios coming up in a few hours. Care to join?" offered Zero. "Nah, I'm in training to handle communications and monitoring systems. Nothing fancy, but I'm hoping one day I'll be doing more famous. Maybe something to match the craziness of your adventures." Zero smirked. "I'm sure you'll get there someday. Well, I think I've had enough breakfast, best I get ready for my mission. Hopefully, we'll talk again." "I'm sure we will," Ata said with a chuckle. "It was nice getting to know you." Zero nodded as he got up and dispensed his dishes near the trash cans. He nodded to a few agents who politely said hi as they passed each other coming in, and headed to his room to prepare for his mission today. He hoped his allies would be ready as soon as he was. ---- Databoard flew away from the unconscious T-Rex. He noticed several Mutant Pteranodons flying by. They noticed him as well, and began firing lighting at him. He avoided them and fired back. They evaded, but one was hit. Another flew towards him and fired a lightning bolt. He avoided it, and fired back at the Pteranodon. Databoard defeated the Mutant Pteranodons, and found a building stable enough to land on. He took out some spare parts of metal, and welded them onto the T-1 Typhoon. He then painted over the replaced metal in Dino Attack colors, and went back inside the T-1 Typhoon. He then took off and resumed flying over the city. Suddenly, he noticed several objects approaching. He could see several Shadows jets flying nearby. One swooped down, and fired a beam of energy at an Urban Avenger that was chasing a Mutant Lizard. The Dino Attack agent leapt out as the beam hit, but his Urban Avenger vanished. Darkforce is using my phasing device to try and destroy Dino Attack, Databoard thought. Suddenly, two of the Shadows jets flew towards him, and Databoard was forced to evade one of the phasing beams. Databoard fired back at the Shadows jets, but the jets evaded them. One fired at the T-1 Typhoon, and Databoard barely evaded it. He fired again, managing to damage a jet and forced it to fly off. The other was harder to defeat, as it kept evading his lasers. Fortunately, that meant it had to spend more time avoiding lasers instead of firing at Databoard. Databoard fired at the plane, and managed to damage it, forcing it to spin out of control. The pilot ejected, and the plane crashed onto the roof of a nearby building. Databoard landed on the roof, and rushed over to the crashed jet. He began looking over it, trying to figure out how the phasing beam worked, and if he could find a way to stop it. ---- Cane piloted the Anti-Dino Machine into the city, where he began firing at a Dino Attack outpost. Soon, it was reduced to rubble. One of those Dino Attack agents ran for his Iron Predator, but was stopped by the side machineguns. And I haven't even activated most of the weaponry... thought Cane. Cane piloted the Anti-Dino Machine into the city, where LEGOLAND military tanks drove up to try to stop the mech. Cane simply laughed and opened fire, destroying the tanks faster than they could arrive. The Anti-Dino Machine stepped its four gigantic legs over the ShadowTech Fire Hammer, the Steel Behemoth, and Kotua's Urban Avenger. Two guns in the yellow mech turned and aimed at the Steel Behemoth. Blade screamed at the top of his lungs. Then, he shut his eyes and waited for the end as the Anti-Dino Machine fired at him. Kaboom! "... Wait a minute. I'm not dead," realized Blade. He opened his eyes and spotted a Dino Attack Hummingbird Drone. "Where'd that come from?" Blade heard Nordic's voice over the radio: "Someone call for backup?" Then, Blade looked up to see the Astor City Dino Attack agents arriving in their experimental vehicles. "Now this is what I call a cavalry," said Hotwire. However, the Astor City vehicles were no match for the Anti-Dino Machine and were quickly destroyed by the yellow juggernaut. The surviving Dino Attack agents were forced to flee. Blade was the only one who had managed to keep his Steel Behemoth by avoiding blasts, but then Cane activated a missile... "ROAR!!!" "What the-?" exclaimed Cane. Two Mutant T-Rexes crashed through the building to the side of the Anti-Dino Machine. "Hey, it must be those same T-Rexes from before," said Hotwire. Apparently, they set aside their differences and teamed up to hunt the prey together. "I have had up to here with this!" declared Cane. "You animals are going down!" "I think it's a good time to leave," decided Blade, making an escape with Hotwire, Shadow, and Kotua. "But where are we going to go?" asked Hotwire. "I have a good idea," said a voice on the radio. They looked up to see a variant of the Steel Behemoth, called the Steel Leviathan. It was badly damaged by the Anti-Dino Machine, but still just barely functional. "Nordic!" exclaimed Blade. "You didn't think I'd give up that easily," said Nordic. "What was your idea anyway?" inquired Hotwire. "It's time to go back to Dino Attack Headquarters," said Nordic. "But we will need someone to cover us…" ---- The most difficult FUTURE opponent was Fogel, of course. He engaged Frozeen in combat, one G.E. Body fighter versus another. And Frozeen, who had not faced a more powerful opponent in over five years, finally found one... Fladek was fighting a losing battle against the two Mutant T-Rexes. Fortunately, he didn't know it and was too proud to admit defeat. "Thy hath slain fiercer dragons than thou!" he claimed. "Cometh and faceth thy true might!" "Hey, Amanda," Rex whispered into his companion's ear, "I've got a plan..." PBB prepared to finish the battle as quickly as he could, pooling his energies into a Power-Fire Blast. But, in the time it took for PBB to charge the attack, Frickster had swung his robotic fist into PBB's head. The sound of metal striking metal rang throughout the chamber... Chompy swung his tail low, tripping Finister and giving him enough time to recover. Chompy raised his foot and stomped down upon the villain, pinning his opponent against the floor... Throughout the battle against FUTURE, the only one without an opponent was Little Bot. And the small robot was going to use that to his advantage... Frozeen blocked Fogel's top left-hand. Then the bottom-right. Then the mid-left. Then the top-right. Unfortunately, Frozeen had run out of hands, and Fogel's advanced G.E. Body still had two more. Fogel smiled, as he prepared to give Frozeen a hard blow with his mid-right and bottom-left hands... Rex and Amanda circled around Fladek. The villain continued to swing and fire his laser flail with one hand, while with the other hand he charged up his wicked-looking Lightning Sword and readied for a strike. Amanda focused hard on the sword, and then her eyes glowed red. Fladek wasn't ready when she used her laser vision to shoot the weapons out of his hands. Then, Rex sprang forward and closed his jaws around the armored villain; he did not intend to kill Fladek, just to hold onto him for a few crucial seconds… Frickster raised his arms in a familiar way. PBB's eyes widened in realization as a portal opened and enemy Brickster-Bots came out. PBB was outnumbered… Chompy opened his maw. All was going perfect - in just a moment, this treacherous villain would be dead! But Finister wasn't finished yet. He stabbed his hooks into Chompy's foot and dug in, and all the T-Rex could feel was stinging pain… ---- A lone Mutant Pteranodon flew slowly around the area. It sniffed, watching for food. Then, scents and sounds flooded by, as an Urban Avenger was passing. The rider was cloaked and armed. The Mutant creature spread its wings and flew in for a kill. The Cloaked Hunter, without so much as an upward glance, gave an eerie howl, and fired his modified Sonic Screamer at minimum setting, killing it instantly. Immediately, Pteranodons and Raptors swarmed in, some of which were Dragon's robots. The Cloaked Hunter screamed a cry, "Death to Dinos!" and fired his weapons at the mutants, killing them steadily as more came. Eventually, a pile of Dinos was in front of the Cloaked Hunter, and they had stopped coming. The Cloaked Hunter drove on, searching for more Dinos to kill... ---- Kat struggled to escape her captor. He let her stand but stayed behind her. Once, she tried to make a break for it, but he tackled her again. "Just relax," he said malevolently. "I'm not letting you leave anytime very soon." ---- Fogel punched Frozeen in the face repeatedly. Even though he wore a G.E. helmet, Frozeen still felt the impacts. With no free hands, Frozeen raised his leg and kicked Fogel. It barely hurt the FUTURE boss… Fladek screamed and squirmed, but he couldn't get out of Rex's maw. Rex swung his head and opened his mouth, sending the FUTURE knight flying into a wall. The villain's helmet hit the metallic surface with a loud CLANG, and then he crumpled to the floor, unconscious. For now, Fladek was no longer a threat. "One down," Rex said, nodding to Amanda, "just three more to go..." PBB blasted at the Brickster-Bots, but every time one fell, another was in its place. PBB backed up against the wall, knowing his time was about to run out… Chompy yelped in pain. He instinctively lifted his foot, freeing Finister. Finister jumped to his feet and moved to attack, but then the villain tripped over something. It was Little Bot! The short robot nodded to Chompy, and they went to finish off the devious villain… PBB saw that Rex and Amanda were done fighting Fladek. "Hey, Rexes!" he called. "A little help here?" Frickster gasped. "No, this ain't happening! Not now!" he cried. The two Mutant T-Rexes charged forward, attacking the army of Brickster-Bots… Chompy and Little Bot advanced on Finister. "This is what the great Alpha Team has to fight me?" jeered the villain. "A stubborn T-Rex... and a garbage can with legs!" Little Bot almost seemed to hiss at that insult, though it was probably just a beep. Chompy roared and charged at the hook-handed man. And this time, Chompy was determined to finish him off for good… ---- "Well done, agent Semick," Digger was saying to the newly-standardized Dino Attack agent, "Glad to sign you off to your new rank." "More than happy to accept it, sir," Semick replied. "Though frankly, this whole 'Rookie' business seemed a bit restrictive." "No offense taken, it wasn't even my choice, really. Once Alpha Team helped us manage our team organization beyond us Founding Members, they told us they needed a method to filter out the young and reckless rookies at the minimum age of recruitment who wouldn't be able to handle being on the team." Semick leaned back on his chair. "I can imagine that. For every three young men who realized their video game experience isn't enough and get the life of a dinosaur fighter fast, there's at least one or two who break down and want to go home. In the last job I had, our recruits were at least restricted to one occupation; you're bringing in all walks of life." "Indeed. And perhaps it's best that in case of those people, they're not managing much more than a glorified ATV." Digger smirked. "Don't tell the mechanics I said that, though." Semick nodded. "Well then, I best be busy again. Any missions you might advise me to take?" "Yes, actually," Digger responded, getting out of his seat and looking over a piece of paper on his bulletin board. "Specs has had enough from the Hollywood people concerned about their dinosaur actors and is organizing a mission to LEGO Studios to investigate their whereabouts. He wants about a dozen agents for it, give or take, and there's still room for a few more." "Only a dozen?" Semick asked, an eyebrow raised. "LEGO Studios isn't a massive complex," Digger replied, "and though they're stocked with dinosaur-favored food for whenever they need to cast another Dino Cop film in a hurry, I doubt there's that many Mutant Dinos left by now. Besides, we're so spread out to ensure some progress on containment and actually getting to the bottom of the mystery of where these mutations came from, we can hardly organize full-scale operations." "I see. Who's in the team we've got?" "Most of them are volunteers I can't tell you much about. We have asked Elite Agent Redshirt to command it, though. Ignore the name, he's a rising star of a commander. Not unlike yourself, considering your record." Semick shifted in his chair, trying to show humility. "I thank you for your compliment, sir. And don't worry about me getting illusions of grandeur, I know when to help when someone else is in charge." "Good, though I certainly wouldn't leave any write-ups on your record if you did. You got yourself up to Standard rank after one mission in England, after all." Semick simply nodded. "Moving on," Digger continued, "you'll also have a Futuron technician by the codename of Bluetooth on board. Not that skilled at fighting, but he tells me he has enough experience from Blacktron and Spyrius lunar assaults to take on anything. There'll be a rookie by the codename of Wyldstyle as well (at least I think it is, she kept changing it during the crash course training), who's proving to be good with bricks and mechanics. I'm even told Zero might be on board." Semick raised an eyebrow. "Who?" Digger shook his head. "Sorry, thought you might've heard of him. He's rather well-known to some of the other agents due to some escapees involving some former/MIA agents. Anyways, Zero's experienced enough that I don't doubt he'll be a fine asset. You'll be in good companionship out there." "Good to hear. When will they be departing?" Digger glanced again at the paper again, and his eyes widened in a bit of surprise. "Woah, it's within the next two hours. Forgot that, eh... you wouldn't mind immediate departure?" "I've seen worse, I'll gladly head down there now." The agent got up out of his seat and headed for the door. "Good luck out there, agent Semick," Digger said to the agent. "Thank you, Digger," the former Power Miner remarked with a smirk. ---- As the Dino Attack agents ran off, LEGOLAND Military Jets flew towards the Anti-Dino Machine. "Ready?" asked the pilot leading the mission. "Ready!" responded the other pilots. "Let's take this thing down!" said the Commanding Pilot. "Le-" BOOM! "We've lost unit two, sir!" said a pilot as the jet to the side of him flew down in flames. The Commanding Pilot prepared to answer back, when a blast from the machine destroyed him. Soon the other pilots were hunted, and destroyed. Cane laughed as he headed for Dino Attack HQ. Kotua ran towards the Anti-Dino Machine, determined to slow it down from destroying Dino Attack HQ. Kotua drew his blaster, and began firing at one of the legs. Shadow drove in his Urban Avenger, firing at the mech's anti-ground cannons, which had already a hard time locking onto Kotua as he ran around and fired at the machine. Cane would normally not care, but Shadow was firing continuously at the anti-ground cannons, and he had no doubt Dino Attack Team backup would soon arrive... ***** Blade and Nordic arrived at Dino Attack Headquarters, with both of their mechs looking worse for wear. "How are we going to beat that thing?" wondered Blade. "There's only one way to defeat Cane," said Nordic. "And that would be?" asked Blade. Nordic climbed out of the Steel Leviathan and started to disassemble it for parts. "We must combine the Steel Behemoth and Steel Leviathan," he said. "One fully-powered mech is better than two mechs on their last legs. And I want you to do the honors." ---- Databoard sat inside the T-1 Typhoon, examining the phasing beam generator. The original phasing device had limited time, as the user would be ripped apart at a molecular scale after ten minutes of use. Here, it appeared the beam skipped right to the ending. Databoard also knew that the phasing device's after effects were only short term, and the person would return to normal after several months. This meant the same for the phasing beam, but by the time it returned a Dino Attack agent who had been hit a beam to normal, Darkforce could have already won. ---- Blade flew back into battle against the Anti-Dino Machine. "Hey, Cane!" he announced. "I would like to introduce you to the new and improved Steel Behemoth!" Kotua stopped running, and Shadow stopped near him. Kotua climbed onto the Urban Avenger. He was already tired from running around, and even Shadow could notice. Shadow drove off as the Steel Behemoth stepped towards the Anti-Dino Machine. "Hey Cane!" shouted Blade, annoyed that Cane did not react to his arrival. Cane turned the cockpit slightly. He noticed the Steel Behemoth. He then turned back, and walked off towards Dino Attack HQ. "He's running away! Coward!" said Blade. The back of the Anti-Dino machine opened, revealing two cannons. They aimed at the Steel Behemoth, which was prepared to fly around the blasts... until the cannons fired, and rapid blasts flew out, hitting the Steel Behemoth's arms, destroying them. "Great... now how do we take on this thing?" asked Blade. Manga flew in close with the Dragon Light Attack VTOL. "We re-" BLAM! "Manga!" shouted Blade, running towards the falling VTOL just before it exploded... ---- With a single swung of his tail, Rex sent dozens of Brickster-Bots flying, effortlessly demolishing them. Amanda and PBB took the honor of cornering Frickster. "Why me?" the FUTURE villain cried as Rex picked him up in his maw and threw him into the wall, landing unconscious on top of Fladek. "Two down," Rex said, smiling. "And two more to go," PBB replied. "We should split up. I'll go help Chompy and Little Bot; you two can help Frozeen." Rex and Amanda agreed. Then, they split up to defeat the remaining FUTURE villains - Fogel and Finister… ***** Meanwhile, the present-day villains were watching the battle. "This isn't good," muttered General Evil. "They're down by half, and now Brickster and Vladek aren't taking it well!" Sam Sinister glanced at the two villains, and indeed they looked very demoralized. "I can hardly blame them," he said. "You would be if you found out that a more futuristic, more powerful version of you came back in time to help you, only to get beaten up." Vladek looked up. "Fladek was the first to fall!" he added. "A very embarrassing stain on thy legacy!" "At least you two are still alive in the future," grumbled General Evil, glaring at Fogel down below. Brickster wondered, "But what's gonna happen if Fogel and Finister fail, too?" "Then it's up to us," Ogel answered. "We mustn't let Dino Attack win!" ---- Suddenly, two LEGOLAND military tanks drove in and began firing at the Anti-Dino Machine. Databoard stopped running briefly to look at the military tanks, which were smaller than the Anti-Dino Machine. He then resumed running as one of the tanks exploded. Hotwire, Blade, Shadow, and Kotua drove after the Anti-Dino Machine. "Let's see if we can find its weakness," said Hotwire. Databoard ran towards the building the Saber had been in. The building was badly damaged, little more than some walls and a bashed in roof. Inside, the building appeared empty, but it really wasn't. The Saber was using a holographic cloaking device to remain hidden. Databoard went inside the ship and into the control room. He engaged the auto-defense system, which meant the ship would fire at anything that attacked them, and the beam shields. Databoard flew the still-cloaked Saber towards the Anti-Dino Machine. Cane had no idea he was here, but the auto-defense wouldn't work unless something fired at it. So, Databoard turned off the cloak, and the Saber was now visible. Cane seemed to have been surprised for a moment, but he soon fired at the airship. However, the beam shield protected it, and the auto-defense system turned on, firing at the Anti-Dino Machine. ---- "Three against one isn't fair!" screamed Finister as he backed up into the wall of the chamber, surrounded by PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot. "Even if one of them is a can with legs…" At the other end of the chamber, it was the opposite scenario: Fogel had Frozeen backed up against the wall. "Prepare to die," declared Fogel, "and see what will become of Alpha Team!" He placed one hand on Frozeen's helmet, ready to stick his fingers into the helmet's exposed eyeholes to deliver a double serving of excruciating pain… but then, suddenly, Fogel was knocked aside and was sent flying. Frozeen looked up to see Rex and Amanda standing there. "Need a little help?" Rex asked, smiling. Frozeen smiled back. "Give up, Fogel," declared Frozeen. "Half of FUTURE has already fallen." "You fools," Fogel scoffed. "It is far from over. The defeats of Fladek and Frickster mean nothing; they are merely pawns to be sacrificed for their king. You shall not find me as easy to beat as my idiotic accomplices!" "Oh, really?" Rex said. He lunged forward, attempting to capture the villain in his jaws just as he had done with Fladek and Frickster. Instead, Fogel moved aside with great agility. When Rex's jaws closed around empty air, Fogel swiftly retaliated with an attack… ***** Meanwhile, in the observation deck, Brickster and Vladek were glaring angrily at Ogel. "What doth thou meaneth, 'idiotic accomplices'?" snapped Vladek, pointing his sword at his great-great-great-great-great grandson. "Thy descendent ought to have more respecteth for thour ancestors!" "If I wasn't your biggest fan," muttered Brickster, "then I'd show you a nice electric chair to sit in! I ain't no pawn of yours!" "Shut up, both of you!" growled Ogel. "We don't have time for this!" ---- Nick Lightning was riding his pet raptor named Razor. He had been for some time, trying to find the dinos, and he was starting to get tired. There were still some Mutant Dinos in the destroyed remains of his town on Adventurers Dino Island. He had an Urban Avenger, but had chosen not to use it for this mission. Then he found a building covered in Mutant Lizards. Nick shot at some of the Mutant Lizards with his pistol. A small group of them jumped up at him, but he cut them with his sword. More and more were coming after him, and they surrounded him. "Razor, spin around and hit them with your tail!" he told Razor. Razor did and cleared most of the lizards. After all of the Mutant Lizards were dead, Nick said, "Let's go see what's left of our home." Nick Lightning saw the burning remains of his home. There was nothing left of it. "Let's go to World City," suggested Nick. "I hear that's where my friend Mocaw was before the dinos attacked." They took a boat to the city, and saw the damage done there. "Let's look for Mocaw, come on!" declared Nick. Nick Lightning left Razor behind and used his Urban Avenger to search World City. ---- "So you worked in space?" asked the rookie Dino Attack agent. "Yep," Bluetooth replied, "experienced Futuron technician aboard the lunar bases who got himself stuck here when we made a supply run just as the Dino Attack hit the planet." "Ouch, that sucks. I hear the moon's nice this time of year." The rookie briefly paused to adjust strands of pink and blue among her predominantly black hair. "Or so my one friend says." "Oh, it's grand. We haven't changed too much since the 80s, but we're still the best at intergalactic colonization and scientific study. Not too shabby at robots, either, Mindstorms' RCX & NXT systems haven't failed us yet." "Even after what happened in '02?" "Especially after '02," Bluetooth responded firmly. "Futuron operates on loyalty, trust, and all that is good for Minifigkind in our quest to bring us across the universe. And in no way would we let an ally of our cause crumble from corporate bickering, heartless assassins, and pushy upstarters like UITech thinking they can just waltz right in out of nowhere and fill trusted-" "Woah," the rookie muttered, backing away a bit, "sorry, touched a nerve there." Bluetooth shook his head and breathed in a few times. "It's fine. Criminal topics like assassinations and corporate power struggle gets my blood boiling, and 2002 was a bad year for that all around. I'll just remind you that Mindstorms is 'The Trusted Brand of Robotics by Futuron Corportation'." Bluetooth had been killing time with casual talk as part of the group between the pair of T-1 Typhoons assigned for the LEGO Studios mission. It was less than an hour before mission start and the two were among those who had come early enough in a sign of preparation. By now, there were only three more agents short of the needed twelve. "By the way," said Bluetooth, I don't think I caught your name. Or codename, at least." "It's Wyldstyle," she replied with a grin. "A fitting term for my mojo, if you catch my drift" "I'll say," Bluetooth remarked, looking over her outfit. "I know we're lax about dress code, but I've yet to see an agent wear a hoodie as part of their uniform." "I prefer to question the norm," Wyldstyle said with a smirk while adjusting her zipper. "You never know when rain will strike. Plus it's cooler than a helmet." "Helmets save lives, you know," said a new voice. Bluetooth turned to see an agent, who looked to be in his thirties and had a strong yet thin beard, approach the group around the T-1 Typhoon. He seemed to have interjected into their conversation in passing, as he was walking up to an agent in the center of the assembled group who was pacing around. "Elite Agent Redshirt, I presume?" The veteran agent nodded. "I see my reputation precedes me. And who might you be?" "Semick, newly appointed Standard Agent." "Glad to have you out of the Rookie restrictions; you seem like the capable sorts. We're just waiting on at least two more seats to get filled so we can get going. Meet anyone on the way?" asked Redshirt. Semick shook his head. "Aw well, hopefully, we'll-" The sound of several tires and fuel barrels clattering to the ground caught everyone's attention. Bluetooth stared in befuddlement as an agent with a red t-shirt under his vest and messy black hair stumbled through the discarded bins and jogged over to the assembled team. "Eh, Rookie Agent Raider reporting for duty, sir!" he announced, saluting Redshirt. After a moment of staring, he lowered his arm, looking quite embarrassed. "Sorry, force of habit from the army. Not the mess thing, the saluting." "I see..." Redshirt muttered with a cautious look. "You were in a hurry, I see." "I was just told by Viper about this; I thought this would be a good first mission. Lots of space, not many dinos, and movie studios are bound to have some pyrotechnics I can use. I was a demolition expert with both R.E.D. and the army, you see." He grinned as he said the last part. "I don't know if we'll need many explosions, but if you're army material, I'm glad to have you around." "Thank you sir, I won't let you down!" Raider saluted the Elite Agent again before becoming sheepish at realizing what he was doing. He then quietly walked towards an empty seat between two agents with a baseball cap and trilby. "Okay, just one more..." "Look no further!" said a voice as an agent in a standard Dino Attack helmet and simple face approached the group, a backpack slung over his shoulders. "Elite Agent Zero calling in and standing by!" There was some murmuring as Zero took a seat on a bare metal crate. Bluetooth was mildly surprised to see someone so often rumored about in the cafeteria joining him on a mission, and tried his best not to stare too much as to not inconvenience him with excessively marveling him. It was by glancing away at him that he barely noticed him turning to interact with someone. "Okay, everyone's here," Redshirt said quietly before speaking up for the benefit of the assembled team. "Alright agents, listen up! I'm Elite Agent Redshirt, and by request of Founder Specs himself, I will be commanding this mission. Our objective is simple: travel to LEGO Studios, and investigate for leads regarding the whereabouts of its MIA dinosaur actors. They were unaccounted for in the complex's evacuation following the initial Mutant Dino attacks, and our correspondents in Antarctica are telling us that concern for them is growing with each passing day." "That's one way to put it," Bluetooth overheard Semick mutter. He had little time to ask what he meant before Redshirt was continuing. "For the sake of ensuring their safety as equals to any other actor seen in a Steven Spielbrick production, it has been asked of us to enter the grounds of the primary LEGO Studio lot in Hollywood and find out what has become of them. Dinosaurs they may be, but with all their time mingling with Minifig celebrities, it's unlikely they have the same strong survival instincts that their brethren on Adventurers' Island and Dino Island have. As such, it now our job to seek them out, or at least find some sort of answer as to what fate has befallen them. Any questions?" There was a few moments of silence, then an agent with a large trench coat spoke up. "How exactly are we supposed to find evidence of these dino actors?" "It won't be easy, Barrowman, I admit that, but we can adapt our techniques of tracking Mutant Dino footprints and signs of feeding for the specific cases of the dino actors. I know at least one of them has a strong taste for rhubarb pie, so keep an eye out for signs of eaten baked goods, for starters." "Certainly would be a good time for that, days like this," muttered a female agent with long brown hair. "And I have more information on their favorite foods we can go over during the flight. In addition, we've got our hands on records taken by Johnny Thunder's expeditions to Dino Island in regards to the habits and instincts of these dinos. They came from these islands long before they became actors, so it's plausible those instincts will still stand." "Assuming they didn't drop everything for city life," remarked a Bricklynn-accented young rookie agent in a baseball cap and headset. "Those tabloid stories about how that brontosaurus guy's obsessed with partying at disco bars have to come from somewhere, y'know?" "We'll find out for sure soon, Scout," said Redshirt, annoyed at the interruption. "Anyways, I know this may seem daunting, and perhaps hopeless knowing how many of the actors were tamed herbivores as opposed to these carnivorous mutants, but it's our duty in fighting off this invasion to preserve our ways of life, and that includes locating significant groups of missing persons, be they minifig or beast. Thankfully, you have all volunteered for this mission as opposed to being assigned, so I assume you are all ready and willing to aid in such a mission. It will be a much more difficult time when we're all being forced en mass on missions we have no real interest in." Redshirt turned towards the ladder into one of the T-1 Typhoons. "Alright, enough talk, I can guess that several of you are twitching to hop into action. Let's not hold that back any longer. Everyone aboard the T-1s!" With that, the team scrambled into the two T-1 Typhoons. There was a bit of a rush of agents hoping to get into the T-1 Typhoon with Redshirt, so Bluetooth made it easier on himself and went for the second one. He found himself followed by that Semick fellow, along with the long-haired female, a blond minifig with a mustache and military-style cap, Barrowman, and a guy with a nice-looking fedora hat. It was a little disappointing to him that Zero wouldn't be part of his crew, though. He must be friends with Redshirt or something. Climbing in, Zero manage to grab a seat near the PLARXX Radar Ray console, finding it a comfortable spot that reminded him of the computers at the Futuron lunar bases. Semick decided to take a seat next to him. "I've always admired these T-1s," Semick remarked as he looked around at the cabin's interior. "Their size reminds me of the drilling rigs I've been in. Kinda like the Thunder Driller in particular." "Ah yeah," said Bluetooth, recognizing a chance for conversation, "the Power Miners took a lot of inspiration tech-wise from space age technology. Futuron actually cooperated with the Galactic Miners in ferrying all the tech in record time to start handling those massive earthquakes. "So I've heard when I was down there." Bluetooth's eyes widened. "You're a Power Miner!? Oh wow, you're one of-" Semick raised his hand up and gestured for him to shush. "I'm not really one to blabber about my past, agent. I've gotten into too many arguments over Rock Raiders that way." "Sorry," Bluetooth muttered as he sagged back into his seat. At this point, the T-1 Typhoon's pilot got everything in gear, and the massive helicopter rumbled to life and began moving out of the hangar and into the open air. Studying the PLARXX display board, Bluetooth was able to watch as they and their second T-1 Typhoon rose together from Dino Attack Headquarters, finally heading west towards Hollywood and LEGO Studios. ---- Deep beneath the earth, there was Coreport L, a fortress compound built in the magma. Attached to it was a medium-sized craft loaded with soldiers. The commander felt his master's call, and they shot into the magma section, heading for above, where his master needed him. The Cloaked Hunter drove his craft around, then spotted an earthquake. A medium-sized ship flew out, and hovered above his Urban Avenger. The Cloaked Hunter gasped at the ship floating above him. It was the Cold Flame, an Alpha Team ship he had used many times. Two doors opened up, and a mechanical claw reached down, seizing the Cloaked Hunter and his ship. When the Urban Avenger "landed" in the hangar, all the robots and humans assembled to greet their commander. All the crew leaped to their stations, and the Cloaked Hunter went up to talk with Hubor, the captain of the ship. "Commander Magma, what are your..." The Cloaked Hunter interrupted him. "You will call me the Cloaked Hunter. Magma is dead." Nodding, Hubor continued. "Anyway, much modification has been done to the ship, continuing your orders. We are at your command, Hunter." The Cloaked Hunter spoke to his commanders, and Hubor stood at front with him. "I want several Dino Attack vehicles modified with certain specifications," he said, tossing the specifications to the engineer. "Anyway, also modify heavy planes to become a combination with a T-1 Typhoon. Send the Dino Attack craft out to search out the mutants, and then crush them with our combined vehicles." One officer replied, "Yes sir, Commander Magma!" The Cloaked Hunter charged forward, grabbing the unfortunate officer. He hissed, "My name is the Cloaked Hunter!" With that, he returned to his station much calmer. "Anyway, I want this ship modified with Dino weaponry, but while this is carried out, return us to Coreport L." The Cold Flame dived back into its tunnel. After a short time, warnings began to light up. Still, the ship flew down and down until it was deep beneath the surface. The crew spotted Coreport L, a large structure surrounded by Shield Satellites, which protected anything within a certain radius. Beams came out of the satellites, hitting the ship, and a metallic voice rang out. "Identification code required." The Cloaked Hunter gave the code. "H-1AM 95831-SSM" The beams pulled the ship into the shield radius and docked it with Coreport L. The Cloaked Hunter walked into the Coreport, and saw several other craft like his ship under construction. The Cloaked Hunter gave his orders, and then returned his new fleet to the surface. He boarded his heavily upgraded Urban Avenger, the Dino Attack pilots boarded their own modified vehicles, and the heavy air taskforce was residing in a small fortress some engineers and technicians had constructed above the rupture in the earth. Then, the group of large ships headed into the farthest reaches of the atmosphere. Whenever a Dino Attack ship spotted a group of Dinos, either one of the air taskforce or one of the larger airships would come to destroy the Dinos. ---- At the Antarctica Alpha Team HQ, agents were preparing Blizzard Blasters to help the Dino Attack Team. Underwater, large Alpha Team submarines loaded with agents armed with Dino Attack weapons headed to the surface. Alpha Team was going to assist Dino Attack. Two Alpha Team submarines loaded with agents and tools to assist Dino Attack moved from the Antarctic HQ. "Sir, the sonars are picking up something not too far from us!" said one of the sonar operators. "Sir, our frequencies are jammed! We can't get contact with the other submarine," said a panicked communicator. "Alright, fire at the object. No doubt it is some remains of Ogel's stuff," said the commander. Suddenly they heard a sound similar to nails scratching a board... only worse. "ARGHHHH!" shouted the crew, some falling to their knees. "Fire!" said the commander. "Yes, Sir!" responded one of the Alpha Team agents, crawling to get torpedoes. Suddenly the sound stopped. "I think I saw something like this happen in a movie once. After the sound, the thing attacks, and destroys the submarine," said one of the Alpha Team agents. "Shut up about the movies! You're always wrong!" shouted another Alpha Team agent. Suddenly the submarine was rocked as something hit it. The sound resumed. The Alpha Team agent loaded the torpedo, and another targeted the enemy object. They never got to fire at it... ---- The Anti-Dino Machine shot everywhere it could in a frenzy. "We need to stop this thing!" said Blade. "You don't think we already know that!?" shouted Hotwire. "Blade is right," said Kotua. Kotua and Shadow drove towards Dino Attack HQ. When they arrived both agents got off, and headed towards the garage. Shadow got his T-1 Typhoon, while Kotua got into another Urban Avenger. Both agents drove out, and headed back to fight the Anti-Dino Machine. On the Saber, Databoard prepared to take down the Anti-Dino Machine by destroying its legs. Databoard pressed a few buttons, telling the auto-defense system to target the Anti-Dino Machine's legs. Cane responded by moving randomly to try and confuse the Saber's computer, but it continued to track its movement. The Anti-Dino Machine continued to bombard the Saber's beam shields, hoping to knock them out. Databoard pressed a few buttons, and several missiles were launched from the airship and flew at the Anti-Dino Machine. The blasts bounced off the legs. "What are they made of?!" shouted Databoard. He pressed a few buttons, and the Saber began scanning the Anti-Dino Machine. "RESULT: SSOL METAL ALTERNATE." "What is that?" said Databoard. Databoard flew behind a row of buildings to try and figure out how to stop it. He didn't know what Ssol Metal Alternate was, but he knew Ssol Metal would be almost impossible to destroy. He turned on the computer and looked for anything that could get through the armor. Nothing. Suddenly, the Anti-Dino Machine's lasers ripped through the building, stopped only by the Saber's armor. The defense system engaged, and fired again, deflected by the armor. Agent Cane was now sweating, but not because of nervousness. The Anti-Dino Machine produced much heat because of its computer systems. Cane activated the AC, and sighed as fresh air reached him. He then returned at the task at hand. He aimed at the Saber, and fired again. The blast was reflected by the armor of the airship, and then headed back to the Anti-Dino Machine. The blast bounced off the Anti-Dino Machine, and headed back towards the Saber. Databoard pressed a button, increasing the power of the beam shield. The blast was deflected off the beam shield, flying back at the Anti-Dino Machine. It bounced off again, hitting a nearby building. As the turrets fired at the Anti-Dino Machine, Databoard quickly began looking over the scans of the mech. If there was some kind of weakness, he needed to find a way to use it and destroy the machine. Another blast bounced off the beam shield, as lasers were deflected off the Anti-Dino Machine. Cane aimed at the Saber, and fired. The blast flew out, but the Saber flew out of the way. "I hope no one gets hit by that blast..." said Databoard. Kotua and Shadow arrived at the battle. "Oops... that mech has that weird device that will destroy our vehicles' electrical systems..." said Shadow. "I forgot about that... Looks like Databoard will have to deal with the Anti-Dino Machine for the moment," said Kotua. "For the moment?" asked Shadow. "I'm going to get to the Voltage, and come back to help the Saber," said Kotua. Databoard began maneuvering, avoiding the blasts fired from the Anti-Dino Machine. Cane responded by firing more rapidly, and more blasts came at the Saber. Databoard continued to avoid them, and those that remained were deflected by the Saber's beam shield. The turrets continued to fire at the Anti-Dino Machine, but the lasers were still deflected by the armor. Databoard blew behind a building, which Cane began trying to destroy. Databoard then came around the building and attacked the Anti-Dino Machine from another angle. However, these lasers were simply deflected, and the Anti-Dino Machine turned around to face Databoard. Another blast hit the beam shield, deflecting it and sending it into a building. Aboard the Saber, Databoard continued thinking of how to beat the Anti-Dino Machine. He knew both the Saber and the Anti-Dino Machine were equal in power, so he ruled out using the cannons at full power to try to destroy the mech. Cane laughed hysterically. The airship matched the Anti-Dino Machine in power. But not for long... ***** Kotua drove his Urban Avenger towards the place he had left the Voltage. A small hover pad flew from the airship, and landed to pick up Kotua in his Urban Avenger. Kotua put the Voltage in battle mode, and headed towards the Anti-Dino Machine... ***** Databoard continued to fire at the Anti-Dino Machine, but it was no good. Both of them were equally matched in terms of defense. No matter how hard Databoard tried, he hadn't gotten through the Anti-Dino Machine's armor, and the machine's blasts were deflected by the beam shields. Databoard looked over the scans again looking for any weakness the machine might have. Cane continued firing at the Saber, which used its Beam Shields to deflect the blasts. As the Voltage headed arrived at the battle, Kotua noticed the destruction the Anti-Dino Machine was absent-mindedly doing. Buildings destroyed, streets ruptured, cars and lightposts on fire, and some fire hydrants wiped out. By now, both Databoard and Cane realized they were at a stalemate. Neither could outmatch the other. That was until the Voltage showed up. With the arrival of the Voltage, the two airships fired upon the Anti-Dino Machine with their combined might. The Neutron Tank also joined the battle. Finally, the Anti-Dino Machine was destroyed, but the giant mech subsequently unleashed a magnetic wave, forcing the Voltage, the Saber, and the Neutron Tank to flee. Kotua also struggled to keep the Voltage from collapsing onto the magnetic wave. Blade had managed to jump out and land safety... but the same could not be said of the Neutron Tank, which was now a ball of metal... When it all ended, Blade observed, "Hey, the magnetic waves stopped. Luckily, the crew managed to get the vehicles to safety." He held up a mortar cannon; that was all that's left to the Neutron Tank. ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  2. Chapter 15: Clone Wars ---- While tracking Blade, Kotua, and Databoard, Hotwire was captured by ShadowTech. As Databoard and Blade began their search for Hotwire, Kotua was also captured by ShadowTech and held prisoner in an underwater base. "Great... before, we were just looking for Howire. Now, we're looking for Kotua too," muttered Databoard as he worked on the sensor. "True. And what about the box that those people took?" asked Blade. "Yeah, I have a bad feeling the Shadows might have gotten it open by now," Databoard said as he continued to fix the sensor. "It was laserproof and capable of withstanding some explosives, but it's not indestructible. Darkforce could have managed to get it open by now." Blade looked around. "I can't believe we're fighting humans during this Mutant Dino crisis..." he said. "Well... Not everyone sees things the same way," said Databoard. "So, what are we going to do: contain the Mutant Dinosaurs, find Hotwire and Kotua, or go after Darkforce?" asked Blade. "Well, that is a tough decision. Both the Mutant Dinosaurs, ShadowTech, and Darkforce present an immediate threat," Databoard said. "But there are other Dino Attack who are fighting the Mutant Dinosaurs, so I think we should either try to find Kotua and Hotwire, or go after Darkforce." "Very well then..." said Blade. "Either of those options will be difficult," Databoard said. "I don't know where any ShadowTech bases are, and Darkforce has a plane that can act as a mobile base that he might have taken the box to. However, the plane is fairly big, so if we're in the area, it should be easy to spot." "Well... Kotua and Hotwire could be in more danger..." said Blade. "True... let's see which place we find first..." said Databoard. "Given the amount of time since Kotua was captured, I don't think ShadowTech could have gotten far away from LEGO City. I suggest we start looking for him in the area in and around the city. Hotwire might be in the same place as Kotua, but I doubt it." He repaired the sensor and they took off to start searching. ***** Kotua awoke. He had been strapped onto a table. "Comfortable? You should be..." said agent Cane. "I'm not comfortable until ShadowTech goes down!" said Kotua. "Like MSO did. Well... guess what... we're not MSO. We're going to win... and I doubt any of your Dino Attack friends will be able to find you... unless they have a submarine..." said Cane. Kotua watched as Agent Cane walked off, and water started pouring onto the room he was in. So he's going to drown me... thought Kotua. Kotua watched as the water moved up. "What do you want from me?" shouted Kotua. "For you to cease to exist," said a voice over the intercom. ***** Databoard and Blade flew over LEGO city, looking for Kotua or Hotwire. Suddenly, Databoard spotted someone running from Mutant Lizards. He activated the T-1 Typhoon's bottom camera, and zoomed in. "Circuit?" he said. Databoard flew down towards the Mutant Lizards and began firing. Several of the Mutant Lizards were hit, while others were able to avoid the lasers. Several Mutant Lizards attempted to leap at the low-flying T-1 Typhoon, but were unable reach it and were subsequently defeated by Databoard and Blade. Ex-Alpha Team agent Danield "Circuit" Hopkins watched as a T-1 Typhoon flew around, taking out the Mutant Lizards. Soon the T-1 Typhoon landed, and Circuit climbed in to find Databoard. "Hey, Data! I didn't know you were part of the Dino Attack team," said Circuit. "Hi, Circuit. What are you doing here?" asked Databoard. "I was sent by the LEGOLAND government to see if I could check out about project AD," said Circuit. "Project AD?" asked Databoard. "Didn't you Dino Attack agents get the information along with the vaccines?" asked Circuit. "No... we haven't received anything from the government," said Databoard. "That can't be! The government sent two helicopters with all the stuff, along with escort battle helicopters!" said Circuit. "Then someone in this city has all that stuff," said Databoard. Blade finally opened the door. "Hello there!" he said cheerfully, not aware of the conversation Circuit just had with Databoard. "Who's that?" Blade asked when he saw Circuit. "He's an ex-Alpha Team agent named Circuit," Databoard explained. "Expert in technology and forensic science." After saying hello to Circuit, Blade went back into the gunner's cockpit. Databoard then turned his attention back to Circuit. "So, what was this project you were talking about?" he asked. "Well, through testing, we found that some Mutant Dinosaurs weren't originally Mutant Dinosaurs... but humans," explained Circuit. Databoard nodded. "Yes, that sounds like that Mutant Dino DNA Serum that Snake discovered," he murmured. "The Anti-Dino project was a series of Anti-Mutant Dinosaur machines designated to eliminate the mutated DNA. The machine was planned to be sent here, despite being still a prototype. As such it could be reprogrammed for anything, as we've actually been able to vaporize any metal as we put its 'code'," said Circuit. "Great. We have a machine out there with dangerous capabilities... Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse," muttered Databoard. "Yes, well, we don't know how well it works, since you guys were supposed to get the machine and report," said Circuit. "Only we didn't," said Databoard. "So, I guess we'll have to find where it went. I suppose that's what we should do." Circuit replied, "I have a bad feeling ShadowTech took it. I don't know who else has the ability to take it." Databoard said, "I'm afraid to think about the danger to Dino Attack if it's in their possession." Kat came out of hiding and yelled up to the T-1 Typhoon. "HEY! Help!!" Blade looked down from the conversation with Circuit. He pulled out a pair of binoculars and saw that the person on the ground was Kat. Blade lowered the winch on the boom crane to hoist her up. Once Kat was in the T-1 Typhoon, introductions went all around. Databoard was still thinking about whether ShadowTech was responsible for the disappearance of the Anti-Mutant Dino machines. If they were, it created more need to locate their base, along with finding Hotwire and Kotua. He wasn't certain ShadowTech took the machine, but he didn't know who else might have taken it. ***** Agent Cane walked into the room. "You know, if you wanted to kill me, you already would have. You want something, so spit it out...what is it?" said Kotua. "The Anti-Dino Machine. Where is it?" asked Cane. "Good question... No idea what you're talking about," said Kotua. "Wrong answer!" said Cane, hitting Kotua. Kotua looked at Cane. "What is this machine you are talking about?" asked Kotua. "You know, you foolish and stupid Dino Attack agent!" said Cane. "If we Dino Attack agents are dumb as you say, why is it that you only have me?" said Kotua. "And agent Hotwire!" said Cane. "Riiight. Well, where is agent Hotwire?" asked Kotua. "You think I'm dumb enough to tell you where he is?" said Cane. Kotua looked thoughtful for a bit. "Yeah," he said. ***** Databoard decided to start searching the area, just in case it wasn't ShadowTech that took the machine. He began taking scans of the city, looking for anything that seemed out of place, for if the Anti-Dino machine was in LEGO City, it would be bound to stick out when he took scans of the area. Databoard piloted his T-1 Typhoon over city, scanning it. To his surprise, it wasn't anywhere... or so he thought. Two Raptors gangsters noticed the T-1 Typhoon. "Finish them off," said the leading Raptors gangster. "Yes, Sir!" said the Raptors gangsters, jumping into cars, and driving off after the T-1 Typhoon... Databoard continued to run scans of the city, but still couldn't locate the machine. Maybe the T-1's scanners aren't designed to locate the machine... he thought. Databoard looked at the scanner, and noticed there were two cars moving towards them. He turned on the weapons. It was most likely nothing, but he decided that it was better than to walk into an ambush. The Raptors gangsters took out a missile launcher, and fired. Blade fired back, destroying the missile. "Looks like those people below don't like us," joked Blade. "Obviously," said Databoard, turning the T-1 Typhoon and opening fire down below at the gangsters. Another missile flew at them, but it was destroyed in midair before it could hit the T-1 Typhoon. Just once, I'd like to go a day without someone trying to kill me, Databoard thought as they fired at the people attacking them. Another missile flew by, but this one missed the T-1 Typhoon and hit the side of a building. ***** Shark and Eye had been on the ship all the time. While the rest were talking, Shark was scanning the area for where ShadowTech went. A course appeared, showing a trail to the ocean, where it was cut off. Shark ignored this, and continued his scanning. Shark activated his signal transmission beacon. Magma and Sting saw the signal, and they set course to the area. "Dino Attack airship cruiser Iron Hammer to T-1 Typhoon, respond," Magma said. ***** "This is T-1 Typhoon," Databoard replied. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm a little busy avoiding missiles to talk." Databoard fired at another missile, causing it to explode. His plan was to avoid the missiles until these people ran out, and then he would see why they were attacking them. Databoard fired at an incoming missile, causing it to spin out of control. It fell towards the ground and exploded near the two cars, causing the person with the missile launcher to temporarily duck for cover. Databoard fired near him, trying to knock the launcher from his hand, but he was able to avoid the lasers by jumping behind one of the cars. The Raptors gangsters decided that this target was not worth wasting on ammo yet, and they drove off, leaving the gangster with the missile launcher. Blade got out of the T-1 Typhoon rear gunner's seat and got some rope. "That person down there will surely talk in a few minutes..." said Blade. As Blade got out to deal with the gangster with the missile launcher, Databoard continued to scan the city for anything out of the ordinary. He wasn't just looking for the machine, but anything that might be a ShadowTech base. He began looking over every inch of the scans, searching for anything that could give him a clue to the location of either. Blade landed, and threw the rope in a way that wrapped around the missile launcher. Blade then pulled, taking the weapon away from the surprised gangster. Databoard had looked over the scans of the area, but didn't see anything. He would need to get back into the air again before he could take any more scans. Databoard decided to run the scans through the T-1 Typhoon's computer, in case there was anything in there that he had missed. ***** Agent Cane left the room, leaving Kotua there. The water had now been drained, which puzzled Kotua. Two ShadowTech guards came in and untied Kotua. He rewarded them by doing a spin kick. Both soldiers dropped down, stunned. Kotua jumped off, and grabbed their weapons. He ran out and fired at two guards there, who were hit by the blasts and hit the ground in an eternal sleep. Kotua hid in a room. He realized he had his PDA. He took it out, and typed a message to Databoard. I'M IN SHADOWTECH BASE UNDERWATER. THEY ASK ABOUT SOME "ANTI-DINO MACHINE". PLEASE FIND OUT WHAT IT IS, AND MAKE SURE SHADOWTECH DOESN'T GET THEIR HANDS ON IT! AGENT KOTUA ***** Databoard read Kotua's message and quickly responded. I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THIS MACHINE. IT'S SOMETHING THAT CAN BE USED AGAINST THE MUTANT DINOSAURS. HOWEVER, IT WENT MISSING. I'D THOUGHT SHADOWTECH HAD IT, BUT NOW I THINK SOMEONE ELSE HAS IT. AGENT DATABOARD Databoard put away his PDA. He was afraid to ask who else might have the machine. Kotua had also mentioned he was in an underwater ShadowTech base, which would make any attempt at rescue very hard. He decided to wait and see if Blade had been able to find out anything. Magma sent the T-1 Typhoon a docking confirmation message, and pulled the craft into the hangar of the Iron Hammer. He came onboard, and talked with Databoard. Magma immediately offered a way to help. He would go into space, and set up two hundred surveillance satellites, which would monitor for the machine. ***** Kotua read Databoard's message. However, before he could respond with his thoughts, two ShadowTech agents opened the door. Kotua fired at them, sending them down. He quickly typed his thought to Databoard. SOME AGENT CANE THAT WORKS FOR SHADOWTECH SAID SOMETHING ABOUT A GANG CALLED "RAPTORS", WHICH WANTED THE MUTANT RAPTORS TO REMAIN, AND THAT THEY HAD TAKEN DOWN BOTH SHADOWTECH AND DINO ATTACK AGENTS... AGENT KOTUA. He quickly looked around, and grabbed the ShadowTech soldier's tools, and ran off... ***** The T-1 Typhoon had undocked, and Magma headed into orbit. Once there, he launched 200 or so satellites that could triangulate on where Kotua or the Anti-Dino machine was located. Since this task was done, the Iron Hammer returned to Earth, where it monitored the satellites to see if any transmissions came through. Magma picked up a signal from one satellite: it had the location of a Raptors gangster base. The "nest" was located near the factory Magma had imploded. He signaled Databoard and the T-1 Typhoon, and got onto his Urban Avenger for reconnaissance mission to the factory ruins. Overhead, Sting and the Iron Hammer were ready to bombard the "nest" once Magma had captured the leader. Magma arrived to see three gangsters in raptor costumes with claws on their hands, but they were carrying lasers and missile launchers. Magma dealt them three bursts of sonic energy, and they collapsed. He drove on, into the base. About thirty gang members were in this particular "nest", and one was the leader; he had a gold Raptor costume. Magma got out of his vehicle, and climbed an old service pipe. He took out a hook gun, and shot the leader. The hook latched onto the Raptors leader, and Magma pulled him up to the service pipe. Before the gang could respond, flaming balls fell from the sky. The Iron Hammer had arrived. What Magma didn't know was that the guy in the golden Mutant Raptor costume wasn't the leader... but a mere "general". Through unauthorized methods, Magma had got the "general" guy to talk. He knew the locations of five other "nests", where the Raptors operated from. There were two main big ones, and he input the data into the computers on the Iron Hammer. Sting headed towards the large one first, but this was actually not the location of the Anti-Dino Machine. Magma spotted several Raptors gangsters with missile launchers, and one in a war turret. Grimly, he went down to the hangar. The agent pressed a button, and then did a flip, landing inside a yellow war mech called the Fire Defender. Magma launched himself out of the hangar, into the midst of the Raptors base. He didn't even bother noticing the weapons coming at him, he concentrated on destroying Raptors Turrets and missile launchers. Then, one machine was pulled up. It looked like a mobile furnace with a rocket launcher. It was fired, hitting the Fire Defender, destroying it. Magma leapt out, furious. The Berserk rage was upon him, as he used his lasers to kill all of the Raptor gangsters, having no mercy, ***** Soon Kotua ran across the ShadowTech base, looking for a way to escape. He noticed a door labeled VEHICLES, but it had a slot for IDs, and fingerprints, so there was no way Kotua could get there without attracting attention. Kotua continued running. He noticed a ShadowTech guard. He fired at the guard and searched for his ID. He found it, and took out a piece of tape. He put it on the guard's thumb. He then walked to the door, inserted the ID, and put the piece of thumb on the thumbprint place. The door clicked, and Kotua opened the door. He was on some sort of small dock-like hangar. Outside were submarines. The doors were open, and water was out on the "hangar". Kotua noticed the door close, and the water drained. He then opened the door and looked around. He noticed a small submarine like those of Alpha Team. He climbed onto it, as it had the most familiar controls. He closed the cockpit windshield as the doors were opened again. Kotua piloted the sub into the ocean. He activated the GPS. He gasped. According to the GPS... he was beneath LEGO City! Kotua continued piloting the submarine, when he noticed two ShadowTech submarines heading towards him. Kotua moved back and fired torpedoes at the submarines, but it was of no use, as their metal was heavily resistant... ***** Databoard landed the T-1 Typhoon again, near where he was originally landed. Blade should be done dealing with the Raptors gangster with the missile launcher, and with any luck, they might be able to find out some information, possibly involving the Anti-Dino Machine. He got up from the pilot's seat and waited for Blade to return to the vehicle. Two ShadowTech soldiers slowly sneaked under the T-1 Typhoon. The ShadowTech soldiers put some mines on the underside and landing gear of the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard was looking around when he noticed two ShadowTech soldiers sneaking away. He got out, to see what they had done. He found several mines attached to the vehicle. He carefully detached them, and put them a safe distance away from the vehicle. He then went back into the vehicle as the mines exploded, blowing away part of a nearby road. ***** Once he returned to Dino Attack HQ, and after going on several more mundane missions, Magma was briefed about the ShadowTech organization. He was given a mission to attack a ShadowTech base that was located underwater. Magma piloted a submarine there, but was attacked by a fleet of submarines. While he fought off these attacks, his attempt to penetrate the base failed and he was taken captive by ShadowTech. A torturer working for ShadowTech attempted to interrogate him, but failed to gather any useful information. When Agent Cane arrived to check on the status of the interrogation, Magma was able to escape. He set off explosives and stole a submarine from the hangar to escape. The base was badly damaged, but not destroyed. Magma spotted something going on by the shore, and flipped open the hatch. He used the Turbo Tubes built in to bounce himself to the shores, where twenty ShadowTech soldiers and one Aquatic Drill were assembled. The Aquatic Drill was a ShadowTech submarine equipped with a large drill. Magma drew his laser, and fired several times, defeating the ShadowTech soldiers. Magma got onboard the Aquatic Drill, and moved to a pickup point where his Urban Avenger and the Iron Hammer was waiting. Once there, the airship loaded the Aquatic Drill and a computer chip onboard, and Magma got in his Urban Avenger. ***** Using assets found aboard the Anti-Voltage, ShadowTech created an evil Robo-Hotwire, which the real Hotwire nicknamed "Coldwire". During the creation of Coldwire, Cane had realized that Kat was no longer in the maze, and thus ShadowTech was compromised. Coldwire attacked Hotwire as the latter was trying to escape from the ShadowTech prison, but Hotwire was rescued by Databoard and Kat, who were flying Databoard's T-1 Typhoon. Meanwhile, Blade went off in pursuit an individual known as Scoper, who was planning Operation "Fusion". Kotua watched as Databoard piloted the T-1 Typhoon around the Mutant Pteranodons. Kat and Circuit held on to the T-1 Typhoon, and held Hotwire. Hotwire woke in the T-1 Typhoon, which was violently dodging pteranodons. He grabbed on to keep from falling out. Suddenly he spotted a rider on one of the mutant pteranodons. Hotwire recognized the rider as Coldwire. "Oh no..." "Who is that?" Kotua asked. "That's Coldwire," said Hotwire. "Apparently, he's the evil robot version of me. Redundant, isn't it?" "There's a robotic version of me..." said Kotua. "Then you understand," said Hotwire. ***** One of the old Alpha Team Robo-Agents, the original Robo-Kotua, had gone rogue. He was searching for Kotua, seeking to fight him and Dino Attack Team. Robo-Kotua got up. Before he could go anywhere, an Aqua Drill submarine burst from the ground. From the top, the hatch opened, and a person in a black suit got off it. "Hello, Robo-Kotua. I'm Agent Cane with ShadowTech forces," said Cane. "I don't work with humans," said Robo-Kotua, whose hand reconfigured into a laser cannon. "We can 'help' you. I don't think you can take on Dino Attack Team without your own team..." said Cane. "I see where you're going. I'm not going to let you near my inner machinery," said Robo-Kotua. "You don't have to," said Cane. Robo-Kotua watched in surprise as a large airship flew out of the clouds. "Since our aquatic base was recently compromised," said Cane, "we've moved operations to the Anti-Voltage; no sense in taking the risk of getting captured on a malfunctioning base. The aircraft will take us to a military assembly line we captured from the government. There, we will build you some 'buddies'. So, are you in?" "Definitively," said Robo-Kotua. The Anti-Voltage flew over the city and headed to a hidden island. The aircraft landed on the ocean, and a small bridge flew from the building there, attaching to the Anti-Voltage doors. Robo-Kotua, Agent Cane, and his soldiers which were hidden in their breathing apparatus, walked out to the bridge. "So, this is the place?" asked Robo-Kotua. "Yes. When you agreed, I told the lab to begin production of your fellows. They build the Dino Attack agents to their best, but they needed the DNA of the agents. Which the ship here has plenty of, thanks to Anti-Kotua and his Shadow-Blades," said Cane. Robo-Kotua watched as Robo-Databoard, Robo-Rex, and Robo-Blade were being built, along with robotic versions of other Dino Attack agents who did not know their DNA had been collected. "So, do I get something to get back to finding Kotua?" said Robo-Kotua. "Vehicles... plenty of that," said Cane. Suddenly, another Robo-Kotua stepped from the shadows. This one was modeled after Kotua as a Dino Attack agent, rather than as an Alpha Team agent. "You lied!" said the original Robo-Kotua. "We had to get you to come," said Cane, smiling. "I'm leaving!" said the original Robo-Kotua, flying off. The new Robo-Kotua leapt, and its hand morphed into a drill. He punched the drill into the original Robo-Kotua, taking him down. The old Robo-Kotua punched the new Robo-Kotua away, and flew off. The new Robo-Kotua morphed its hand into a missile launcher and fired. It hit the original Robo-Kotua as it flew over the ocean, destroying it. Cane was satisfied, seeing that the new Robo-Agents were surperior to the originals. "Now then... Get those Dino Attack agents, and their Anti-Dino Machine... Do whatever is necessary to do so... No civilian is invaluable... but an obstacle," said Cane. "Yes, Sir," replied the Robo-Agents, flying off... ---- Magma drove around in his Urban Avenger until he spotted a Mutant Raptor, and engaged. The blast impacted the Mutant Raptor, doing nothing. Magma realized the truth: the Raptor was a machine. Robo-Raptor leaped, and C-Eye jumped down onto the Robo-Raptor. Magma groaned. Great, a cloned maniac with a bloodthirsty robot... Magma fired his Urban Avenger several times, hitting C-Eye, knocking him backwards. The Robo-Raptor growled, and used laser vision to destroy the Sonic Screamer. C-Eye advanced, holding a laser, and fired, damaging Magma's wheels and defenses. The Robo-Raptor launched forward, preparing to eat Magma. Running out of options, he took a flamethrower, and fired, torching the Robo-Raptor. The Robo-Raptor leaped back, and it retreated with C-Eye. Magma pressed a button, and the Iron Hammer shot down, and Magma got onboard. He walked into the command areas, and scanned the area. C-Eye was retreating towards the north, but where he was going, they couldn't say. Sting put in a course for the north, and Magma went down to the hangar bay to check out his new vehicle. Magma saw the craft, and it reminded him of his old faithful hovership, the Aqua Hover. He decided to name it Subdriller, and made a plaque commending the old craft inside it. Magma leaped onboard, and took off, in pursuit of C-Eye and his Robo-Raptor. ---- The T-1 Typhoon continued dodging the Mutant Pteranodons and Coldwire. Databoard fired at the Mutant Pteranodon, but they continued to evade them. The one Coldwire was riding came down, firing lightning bolts repeatedly. Databoard responded by firing back at him, forcing him to pull off and stop his assault momentarily. Databoard fired at an incoming Mutant Pteranodon, which was too occupied with its attack to dodge in time, and was hit before it could get away. Databoard had defeated several of the Mutant Pteranodons, but more had arrived and were now trying to take down the T-1 Typhoon. A lightning bolt missed the helicopter as a Pteranodon swooped down towards them, and Databoard responded by blasting it out of the sky. "I'm really getting tired of these Mutant Pteranodons," Databoard muttered as the attacking Pteranodon avoided his lasers. One flew down from behind, trying to catch them off guard. It had the opposite effect, as Databoard swung the T-1 Typhoon around suddenly, and the Pteranodon was unable to get away in time. Several more Mutant Pteranodons arrived and began attacking the T-1 Typhoon. "There's too many of them!" Databoard shouted. "I'm going to have to land the vehicle!" He landed the T-1 Typhoon in between two tall buildings, which would make it next to impossible for the Mutant Pteranodons to attack without putting themselves at a major disadvantage. "Now what?" asked Hotwire. "We wait for them to leave," Databoard replied. Suddenly, Coldwire's Pteranodon swooped towards the T-1 Typhoon. With speed and agility no one had imagined it was capable of, the Mutant Dino extended its claws and snatched Hotwire, and sailed off. "Data! Go after him!" shouted Kat. "Can't! The Pteranodons are still out there!" Databoard replied. "Forget about the Pteranodons! We can fight them off," said Kotua. Reluctantly, Databoard started up the T-1 Typhoon and flew off in pursuit of Coldwire. The Pteranodons swooped down to attack, but Databoard was ready. As soon as they appeared, he began firing at them, and many were hit while trying to get out of the way. He evaded the remaining Pteranodons, and began flying after Coldwire and Hotwire. The remaining Pteranodons gave chase, firing lightning bolts. "Will someone deal with them?" Databoard shouted as he attempted to evade the lightning bolts. Kotua scrambled to modify the side guns. He changed their weaponry and various other things. Finally, he took aim and fired, stunning one Mutant Pteranodon, sending it down into a field of abandoned mattresses. Databoard continued to pursue Coldwire's Pteranodon. He fired to try and slow them down, but that didn't work. The Pteranodon flew through an alleyway that was too narrow for the T-1 Typhoon to follow. Databoard flew over the building and resumed his pursuit. Behind him, Kotua continued to fire at the Mutant Pteranodons pursuing them. Kotua shot down another Pteranodon, which wasn't as lucky as the previous Pteranodon. Coldwire flew between buildings, trying to lose the T-1 Typhoon. But Databoard continued to pursue him, following him no matter how hard Coldwire tried to lose him. Coldwire flew down lower in the hope that Databoard couldn't follow, but he followed continued to follow Coldwire's Mutant Pteranodon. ---- Rex and Amanda wandered through LEGO City together. Trouble had gone off on his own to check on Sapphire and their hatchlings; Rex was sure that they would see him again soon enough. In the meantime, it was safer to travel together. Eventually, they came across a small encampment where they found PBB, Little Bot, and Chompy. PBB was about to fire at them, but he hesitated when he saw Rex. "That's interesting," he mused, "I don't think I've seen this kind of Mutant T-Rex before." Rather than trying to flee, Rex decided to speak to his old friend: "At ease, PBB. You are safe with us." PBB, Little Bot, and Chompy traded glances. Chompy eyed Rex warily and sniffed the air between them. "I'm not sure which is more surprising..." said PBB, "that you can talk, or that you know my name." "We're… friends of Rex," said Rex, not ready to admit the truth about his identity. He considered a new name for himself; while he could have gone with "Peasam" again, he thought about Maw's sacrifice and chose to honor him. "My name is Maw, and this is my friend, Claw. We were tamed and raised by Rex, and I was even trained to speak. Rex is gone now, but we can still help you." PBB lowered his weapon and smiled. "Then I am pleased to meet you. We need all the help we can get." Rex, Amanda, PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot camped together, now that PBB and his teammates trusted the two Mutant T-Rexes. Rex and Amanda were just glad to have somewhere to camp safely without needing to worry about being discovered by other Dino Attack agents. But they were wrong about how "safe" they really were… ---- Nui stepped up to the Urban Avenger. All around him, in LEGO Island, was darkness, flame, and rubble. He could see, through the thick smoke, the old pizza parlor of the Brickolinis. Suddenly, behind him, he heard the roar of a Mutant Raptor. ---- The Robo-Agents flew over the ocean full speed. A ShadowTech plane disguised as a civilian jet flew after them. Meanwhile, Cane walked around the assembly factory. ShadowTech soldiers in breathing apparatus and masks walked behind him. "Sir, this Kotua is really slowing us down. Normally, you'd have him dead... but this one is resistant," said one soldier, codenamed agent J. "Now, now, J, you know that we're conducting an experiment, and 'accidents' are part of the scientific process," said Cane. "That's not what Ms. Schattenberg used to say," said agent J. Cane scowled at the mention of his old boss. "She didn't know the difference of anything..." said Cane, walking into the kitchen of the building. He walked towards the section where chefs were preparing the soldiers' dinner. The chefs stood back as Cane took out a small vial. "And sometimes, we have to eliminate the foolish," said Cane, pouring the contents of the vial onto agent J's food. Cane happily walked out the kitchen... and bumped into agent J. "Uh... hi, J," Cane said worriedly. "I know what you were trying to do..." said J. His loyal soldiers stepped up, and aimed their weapons. Cane threw orange orbs at them. A hologram of Cane was broadcasted from these orbs, saying: "Bye-Bye!" The soldiers realized what it meant, and ran, but were too late as the bombs activated, sending a green blast over them, vaporizing them except for their bones. Cane ran out of the plant as his twenty spare bombs detonated, destroying the place. Cane leapt onto a hovercraft, which activated its bubble shield and protected him from the explosion... ---- Blade was still on Scoper's tail, chasing him through a long tunnel. "Almost there," Scoper said to himself. As Blade emerged from the tunnel, he wondered, "Okay, where am I?" He thought he recognized various landmarks in the high-tech city. "But that would mean... I need to check this place out?" Upon finding the main headquarters of Astor-Com Inc., he realized, "Well, this proves it. I'm in Astor City! You know, If I wasn't so freaked out, this would be cool." Scoper fired at Blade, making him duck. To make matters worse, Scoper shouted: "Look, here comes a Robo-Blade!" Blade looked over his shoulder, expecting to see one of Kotua's mech-like vehicles. Instead, he saw a robotic copy of himself. "Right," he muttered. "Robo-Blade, now I get it." Robo-Blade landed, and morphed its hand into a laser saw. After dodging many attacks, Blade exclaimed, "This is ridiculous!" He spotted a manhole cover. "That's convenient." Blade picked up the manhole cover and threw it like a disk at Robo-Blade, who deflected it. Blade appeared right behind the disk, wielding a sword in his left hand. "You win the sword prize!" he announced before cutting Robo-Blade in half. Scoper observed the fight on his HoverBike. "Not bad, Cyber-Kid," he said. "But my mission was to strand you here. You'll never stop Operation 'Fusion'!" With that, he flew away. "Well, this sucks," muttered Blade. ---- Kotua continued firing at the Mutant Pteranodons that flew towards them. That's odd; normally they would have backed off. Something in this vehicle is attracting them, and I want to know what, thought Kotua. Circuit went into the rear gunner's station of the T-1 Typhoon, and took out a small device. The Anti-Dino Machine was below them. ***** Two government soldiers dressed as civilians loaded a crate of fruits on a truck, or so thought people around. The soldiers got on the truck, and drove off. ***** "Agent Circuit, status report!" said General Jim over the radio. "They're working to get the machine!" said Circuit. "When you told me to postpone the attack, you said your 'friends' would have the Anti-Dino Machine ready soon. For your information, the deadline has passed... long ago. Either get the Dino Attack agents to find the machine soon, or consider yourself a moving target..." said the general. Databoard continued to follow Coldwire, but several Mutant Pteranodons flew in front of him, forcing him to make a sudden turn to avoid them. They fired lightning bolts at the T-1 Typhoon, but Kotua fired back at them, forcing them to stop and evade the lasers. Another flew at the T-1 Typhoon, but Databoard quickly defeated it. Kotua continued firing. By now, most Mutant Pteranodons had learned of the power of the modified gun, and flew off to find something less powerful to fight. Still, many Mutant Pteranodons remained. Kotua fired at them, but as there were fewer, they were harder to hit, and even harder to lock on to fire a missile. Kotua took aim, when he noticed something in the horizon. "Uh-oh!" said Kotua as they came closer towards them. "What?" asked Kat. "Robo-Agents," said Kotua, pointing towards them. Robo-Kotua, Robo-Databoard, and Robo-Rex were headed towards them, blasters deployed. "Great," Databoard muttered as the Robo-Agents came closer. "Just great." He aimed at the Robo-Agents, and prepared to fire at them. The Robo-Agents aimed their lasers at the T-1 Typhoon, and prepared to fire as well. Databoard waited as the Robo-Agents came closer, because they weren't within his range yet. The Robo-Agents continued flying towards the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard fired when they entered the range, but the Robo-Agents flew out of the blast's way. Robo-Rex landed on the gunner's station and grabbed Circuit. "Give up, or your friend's life ends here," said Robo-Rex. How ironic, thought Circuit. Before Kotua could reply, Robo-Kotua landed, and kicked Kotua off the T-1 Typhoon. Kat tried fighting Robo-Kotua away as Kotua grasped onto the side of the vehicle, and tried climbing back up. Robo-Databoard landed on him and sprayed him with a sleep-inducing gas... ---- Magma and his ship landed at the icy forests to the south where several creatures could be seen. Without a glance, Magma saw that they were Robo-Raptors. The one that he had fought was with them as well. Roaring his challenge, Magma turned the engines on, and flew over. The weaponry of the Subdriller easily defeated the Robo-Raptors. Magma leaped off his craft for close range reconnaissance. For situations like this, he had included a mix between a Chill Speeder and a Steel Sprinter. The "Steel Speeder", as it was called, responded to Magma's command. He leaped onto the vehicle, and set off. The Steel Speeder stopped right in front of an icy tree, which turned out to be a secret tunnel entrance. Magma blasted some rock aside, and crawled down. When he got to the other end, a forest clearing was in site. A great army of Robo-Lizards and Robo-Pteranodons were there, as well as Robo-Raptor guards and reprogrammed Meda-Drones. At the edges of the clearing, a figure with a black helmet, claws on hands, and a laser sword was waiting. Magma tore off his armed gauntlet, revealing his mutated arm. He raised it, generating plasma, and flung it, hitting the laser sword. The black figure caught the blast, and hurled it back at Magma, whose arm glowed purple. He raised it, covering it in plasma, until a small sword of plasma energy came out of his hand. Magma charged forward, shooting plasma into the cloaked figure. The cloaked one touched his helmet, and lasers and sonic beams shot out, impacting Magma. The agent armed his plasma sword and hurled it into the helmet, destroying it. It revealed the figure was a Minifig Hunters clone of Shark, much like C-Eye. However, this clone was grotesquely mutated, similar to Magma's arm; his skin had turned shades of purple and black, his disfigured arm was fused with a cannon, and some portions of his flesh had rotten away to reveal exposed bone. Laughing, C-Shark fired his arm-cannon and hurled dark beams at Magma. They hit Magma's mutated arm, which glowed a bright violet color as it charged with destructive energy. Magma laughed in return, and fired two beams of plasma at C-Shark, killing him. Magma watched as the glow faded from his mutated arm, now concerned about what would happen if the mutation progressed as it did with C-Shark. Magma slipped a gauntlet over his mutated arm to contain it, and then he proceeded into the base of the Robo-Dinosaurs. ---- Robo-Blade repaired himself, and morphed his hand into a saw. He then leapt onto Blade, surprising him. After dodging many of Robo-Blade's attacks, Blade said, "You know, for a robot version of me, you're not a bad fighter." "You're not bad yourself," replied Robo-Blade, returning the compliment. "But this fight is coming to an end," declared Blade. "Huh?" said Robo-Blade. Blade jumped up and stabbed his sword in Robo-Blade's head. He jumped back, pulled out his energy rifle, and started charging. "Do you really think this will stop me?" asked Robo-Blade. "No," said Blade. "But this will! HYPERDOKEN!" He fired the overcharged rifle, obliterating Robo-Blade in an energy blast. He staggered back from the recoil. "And... the winner is... Blade..." he whispered before passing out due to exhaustion. ***** "Sir, Robo-Blade has been destroyed," said an operator. "Good... Roll out the prize, then..." said Cane. ---- Databoard went out and kicked Robo-Kotua off of Kat, as Robo-Rex flew in and grabbed Kat. "Looks like it's now TWO of your friends' lives at stake!" said Robo-Rex. Kotua tried holding on to the T-1 Typhoon as Robo-Databoard lamely tried pulling him off. "I'm about to change that number," Databoard replied. He suddenly charged, knocking Robo-Rex over and causing him to let go of Kat. Unfortunately, he hadn't thought the plan through entirely, and was soon kicked backwards by Robo-Rex. Before Robo-Rex could try to attack him while he was down, Databoard pulled out his laser and charged at the robot. Kat attempted to fight off Robo-Kotua, but he pushed her out of the T-1 as if brushing away a fly. Kat managed to grab the barrel of the side cannon. If anyone decides to fire this thing, I'm toast, she thought. Suddenly, she noticed that Coldwire's Pteranadon, still carrying Hotwire, was about to fly directly under the T-1 Typhoon. She let go, and dropped... and grabbed onto the Pteranadon's tail. The creature tried wildly to shake Kat off, dropping Hotwire and throwing off Coldwire in the process. It managed to throw Kat, who went flying into a skyscraper through a large broken window. Hotwire plunged down towards the hard, cruel concrete streets below. He saw a flash of motion above him, and realized Coldwire was falling too. Suddenly, Coldwire managed to activate his rocketpack and fly off. Whatever, Hotwire thought, and continued to plummet towards the unyielding ground... A Fire Hammer caught Hotwire before he hit the pavement. The driver asked him, "Are you okay?" "Blade?" asked Hotwire, dazed. The driver shook his head. "Sorry, I'm Laser. But I am a crewmate of Blade on the Neutron Tank." "Neutron Tank?" repeated Hotwire. In response, a modified Iron Predator rumbled down the street, crewed by agents Fury, Flame, Bolt, Snapper, Cyclone, Teckno, and Floyd. "Woah," remarked Hotwire. Hotwire gasped in amazement at the vehicle that roared toward himself and Laser. "Wow," he said. "Blade sure is one heck of an engineer." As the Neutron Tank joined up with Laser's Fire Hammer, Hotwire heard the radio crackle to life: "Bolt here, ready for action!" "Cyclone here, all set!" "Be ready for deployment," Laser instructed his teammates. ***** Databoard fired as Robo-Rex used Circuit as a shield. The blasts hit Circuit, who was as shocked of the turn of events as Databoard. Robo-Rex saw this, and spin kicked Databoard's laser away. Seeing how Circuit's life was slipping, he dropped him on the T-1 Typhoon floor and charged at Databoard, who charged as well, determined to avenge his fellow agent. Robo-Databoard pulled Kotua off, but the Dino Attack agent managed to activate his jetpack, overheating the robot. Databoard charged at Robo-Rex, who kicked at him. But he jumped out of the way, and the slammed into Robo-Rex, knocking him into the side of the T-1 Typhoon. As Robo-Rex got up, Databoard grabbed his laser from the floor and began firing at the Robo-Agent. Robo-Rex saw the lasers and immediately ducked out of the way, avoiding the lasers. Robo-Databoard let go, too overheated to think. Robo-Databoard flew down into the city, slamming into a building. Robo-Rex activated his anti-laser shield, blocking Databoard's lasers. Databoard jumped and kicked Robo-Rex, sending him flying off. Databoard then noticed Kotua flying out of control around the T-1 Typhoon, and Robo-Rex noticed Robo-Databoard flying out of a building, also out of control. Databoard finally managed to pull Kotua into the T-1 Typhoon. By now all traces of either Coldwire or the others were gone... ---- When Blade awoke, he found himself in a building that he did not recognize. "Who? What? When? Where? Why?" he stammered. "Relax," said the Dino Attack agent standing beside him. "Who are you? And where am I?" inquired Blade. "My name is agent Nordic," the agent introduced himself. "And you're in the Dino Resistance Force Headquarters, Dino Attack's newest outpost in Astor City." Nordic showed Blade around the outpost. "I arrived a few weeks ago to assist a squad of agents in the city," explained Nordic. "Ever since then, we have been fighting a losing battle to reclaim Astor City." "And where do I fit into this?" asked Blade. "I saw you defeat your robot counterpart," replied Nordic. "With your skills, we might be able to turn the tides of the war." Nordic then noticed two Robo-Blades heading towards them. "Looks like your fight isn't over yet..." said Nordic. "Oh boy," said Blade, heading to fight his two counterparts. Robo-Blade 1 landed and began kicking and punching at Blade, who ducked and dodged every attack. Robo-Blade 2 landed and fired a small missile, which landed below Blade. Gas was dispersed. Blade landed and looked around. Suddenly, Robo-Blade 1 slammed into his stomach while Robo-Blade 2 slammed into his back. The two robots flew off as Blade hit the ground, in obvious pain. Blade got up, but the gas obviously made it harder for him to react, making him an easy target. Blade quickly scrolled through the Cyber Matrix programs and selected.... Showing Off Fancy Cooking Skills with a Spatula. "What the Znap!?" said Blade. "How is that supposed to help me?" The two Robo-Blades landed, and began landing punches at Blade. He ran into the outpost kitchen, grabbed a spatula, and desperately used it to hit both robots. Blade dodged many attacks from the two Robo-Blades. He threw aside the useless spatula and declared, "I've had enough of this!" Nordic tossed Blade a loaded stud launcher. "This might help!" he called. Blade fired the experimental weapon at both Robo-Blades. They were teleported away in an instant, sending them to the Southgate district. "That ought to buy me some time," Blade hoped. ---- Fogel, Ogel, General Evil, Frickster, and Sam Sinister were observing PBB's encampment. "Ah, yes," murmured Ogel, "I recognize some of them as Alpha Team assets." "PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot," muttered General Evil, recognizing them from his many encounters with Frozeen. "It will be satisfying to finally take these thorns out of our side." "What are they doing with a pair of Mutant T-Rexes, though?" wondered Sam Sinister. He glanced at their FUTURE companions, hoping that they might have an explanation. However, the Frickster seemed equally confused. "There ain't nothing in the historical records about them working with any Mutant Dinos," he noted. "I'm thinkin' our actions may have already significantly altered the timeline." "You mean to tell me," realized Ogel, "that we are now operating in the dark? Your knowledge of the future is now meaningless? Your plan has set us up for failure!" "No, we will not fail!" Fogel declared furiously, silencing his present-day self. Then, taking a moment to regain his composure, he calmly stated, "We can still play the hand that have been dealt. In fact, we will even use this to our advantage. The world will have no choice but to believe our narrative once we show them that Alpha Team is consorting with the enemy. In fact, they will thank us for what we are about to do!" The Frickster grinned. "Beam them aboard," he radioed back to Villains Headquarters. ***** While the present and FUTURE villains observed PBB's encampment, they were being spied upon in turn. The phantom watched silently, noting that he had both General Evil and Fogel in his sights. He glanced down upon the device he had tucked into his cloak. This may be my one chance to end it all, he thought. But then, he saw PBB, Little Bot, Chompy, and the two Mutant T-Rexes as they started to be enveloped in a blue glow. His eyes widened. He realized that he only had a few seconds to act… but would he choose his friends, or his enemies? ---- Kotua soon reawakened. Databoard had landed the T-1 Typhoon as a swarm of Mutant Pteranodons flew above. "What happened?" he asked Databoard. "Those Robo-Agents really hit us. Kat and Blade are somewhere in LEGO City, and so is Hotwire... Circuit didn't make it..." said Databoard. "Those Robo-Agents will pay... but first we must find who made them. The only person capable of it is now dead, so there shouldn't be any Robo-Agents..." said Kotua. "Then Dr. Voltage worked for MSO? It's just not possible," said Databoard. "Perhaps that was the point," said Kotua. "Maybe someone found designs for the Robo-Agents..." Databoard said. "I don't know how else it could have worked, as I highly doubt Dr. Voltage would have told anyone how to make Robo-Agents." "But that doesn't tell us who made them," Kotua replied. "It's important that we figure that out." Kotua thought for a moment. "Do you still know the location of the MSO base?" "Yes. You think that there still might be info there?" said Databoard. "Indeed. Maybe it'll answer most of our questions, and help bring down ShadowTech..." said Kotua. "I don't know how much information is still in that base. After all, MSO was ended about five years ago," Databoard replied. "But there might be some information that could help us." "So, do we get going now?" Kotua said. "Well, there's a swarm of Mutant Pteranodons above that were surely destroy us, but if you want to go, feel free," Databoard replied. "We get moving as soon as they leave." ---- Both Robo-Blades frowned. The real Blade was some real trouble. "He might have gotten some time... but it's just the time to say goodbye... because when we find him... we'll make sure it's the last battle!" said Robo-Blade 1. As both Robo-Blades walked through Southgate, some police ran towards them, thinking they were criminals. One of the Robo-Blades turned as the police raised their guns. Robo-Blade 2 smiled, and morphed his hands into arm cannons. It immediately aimed and fired, blasting holes in the police officers. The two Robo-Blades entered the Astoria district. Robo-Blade 1 approached a Dino Attack agent. "Tell me where Blade has gone," he said. "I don't who you're talking about," replied the Dino Attack agent. Robo-Blade 1 grabbed the agent with his right hand, while his left hand reconfigured into a drill. "Don't make me use this on you." "Really," stammered the Dino Attack agent, "I-I don't know who you are talking about!" "Let him go," said Robo-Blade 2. "He obviously knows nothing." "But-" said Robo-Blade 1. "Just do it!" said Robo-Blade 2. Robo-Blade 1 threw the Dino Attack agent into a pile of bricks. ---- One moment, Rex and his comrades were in LEGO City. Then, there was a bright blue light. The next moment, they were in a large circular chamber covered with smooth metallic surfaces. "Hey, wait," Rex muttered. "How did we get here?" Amanda and Chompy glanced around, alert. PBB and Little Bot investigated the room they were in, searching for a clue to where they were and how they got there. They could not find any doors or windows, only a large television screen hanging high on the wall. Then, with a start, the group realized that they had been joined by one more: the phantom. Little Bot started beeping frantically, which PBB translated as: "You weren't with us before. What's going on?" The phantom sighed wearily. "I'm sorry… I tried to warn you, but I just wasn't fast enough. I got beamed here with the rest of you. It's FUTURE, they-" Amanda glared suspiciously at the phantom, baring her teeth. Rex realized what was on her mind. "I think it's time that you start talking, phantom," he declared. "You showed up around the same time as FUTURE, dressed in a long black cloak just like the rest of them, and you are really keen on hiding your identity from us. Who are you really?" "I'm swear, I'm not from the future… not this time, at least… but you're focusing on the wrong issues at the moment!" the phantom insisted. "Because here, right now, in the present… we've been captured! This is a prison cell! And I'm trapped here, same as all of you, unless we find a way out!" The television screen turned on. It showed Fogel, Ogel, General Evil, Finister, Sam Sinister, Frickster, Brickster, Fladek, and Vladek. "Welcome to Villains Headquarters!" Fogel announced, laughing dramatically. "We hope you enjoy your stay… it will be a permanent one." At the sight of FUTURE, Rex and Amanda both grew very angry. "Let us go," Rex snarled, "you miserable little filths!" If the villains were surprised by a talking T-Rex, they did not show it. "Us, miserable?" said Ogel. "Oh, you must be mistaken, because we are having a wonderful time. You're the miserable ones!" ---- "That was close," said Blade. "They'll be back," said Nordic. "But how can I defeat him?" wondered Blade. "My energy rifle can only do Hyperdoken once every other day if I don't want it to explode in my face." "Then it's time to show you the true purpose of the base," decided Nordic. Nordic led Blade into another part of the Dino Resistance Force Headquarters. "Welcome, Blade," announced Nordic, "to the hangar!" Blade looked around the hangar. It was filled with dozens of Dino Attack agents running around, assembling experimental Dino Attack vehicles. There was the Single Occupant Rapid Assault Submersible, the Dragon Light Attack VTOL, the Steel Leviathan, and the Hummingbird Drone, among others. Nordic also introduced Blade to one of his fellow mechanics, agent Manga, who had clearly applied his inspiration from Japanese pop culture in designing the vehicles. "Wow," whispered Blade. "So, what do you think?" asked Nordic. "This is the most incredible thing I ever saw," Blade said with awe in his voice. "Would you like one?" offered Nordic. Blade grinned ecstatically. "Would I!" "Follow me," said Nordic. They approached the Steel Behemoth, a medium-sized mech armed with a large claw and multiple projectile launchers. "This is yours." "Cool," said Blade, getting in the Steel Behemoth. "Now go," said Nordic. "Your friends need you." "How did you-" Blade started to ask. "Just go!" said Nordic. The Steel Behemoth took off. Blade flew through the tunnel that he had followed Scoper through. "Don't worry, guys," he whispered. "I'm coming." Little did Blade know a Dragon Light Attack VTOL was following him. ---- Magma took the gauntlet off again, shocking Robo-Raptors that tried to stop him. Robo-Lizards were being massed in the fighting pen where Meda-Drones supervised, training and building. Magma leaped over, firing and shocking the Robo-Lizard pens, and shooting the Meda-Drones. A Meda-Drone raised its deadly energized spear, and shot a bolt of planetary energy, causing a tremor as it was shot. Magma caught it in his arm, and obliterated the fighting pens. Magma fired at another pen, which contained Robo-Pteranodons. Suddenly, C-Eye appeared, riding a Robo-T-Rex. Magma fired his arm at the robotic creature, shocking its circuits. C-Eye cried, "No! Rexbot!" Magma merely laughed and shocked C-Eye, sending him flying. The agent returned to his craft, and flew back to his airship. ---- Kat awoke slowly, her head spinning. She jumped up as she saw Databoard's T-1 about to move away. She ran to the window, yelling and waving to get their attention. Kotua turned to look. "It's Kat!" he said. "Pull her in!" Using the boom crane, the two agents pulled Kat on board. "I need to warn you!" she cried. "I've figured out what the Robo-Agents are for!" Kotua and Databoard were very confused. Worriedly, Kat explained: "ShadowTech is activating its master plan: to dissolve Dino Attack. They've already infiltrated the Dino Attack tower, and now they're sending out the Robo-Agents to get rid of the real agents." "How do you know all this stuff?" asked Databoard. Kat looked around very fearfully. She suddenly appeared smaller, and in a nervous voice, admitted the truth. "I worked for ShadowTech." Before either Databoard or Kotua could reply, an explosion occurred nearby. Databoard turned around, to see a Fire Hammer firing at them. The Mutant Pteranodons had moved off, so Databoard took off. The Fire Hammer continued to follow them, blasting everything in its path to follow them. Databoard looked behind him. The Fire Hammer was still following them. "Who is this guy?" Kotua asked. Databoard wondered that, too. It couldn't be ShadowTech, because the Fire Hammer was painted in normal Dino Attack colors. And no other evil organizations would ride around in Dino Attack vehicles. Which meant this was either a rouge agent, or someone who had stolen a Fire Hammer. Either way, it wasn't a good thing that its driver was attacking them. ***** Cane slammed his fist on the desk. "I want all of those Dino Attack agents here, alive or dead!" he said. He looked up to see a primary synthfig step out from the assembly line, a perfect facsimile of Kat. Although she was not a true Robo-Agent like the ones created from the Anti-Voltage, Cane called her Robo-Kat. "Silence her..." said Cane. Robo-Kat nodded, and flew out of the building, heading towards LEGO City... ***** Databoard turned around and began firing at the attacking Fire Hammer. He hit the wheels, and the vehicle crashed to a halt. Databoard began flying down low towards the vehicle. "What are you doing?" Kat asked. "I want to find out who's attacking us," Databoard replied. He landed the T-1 Typhoon and got out. Laser in his hand, he moved towards the ruined Fire Hammer. Someone moved in the debris, and began to try to climb out. As Databoard went to find who was the driver of the Fire Hammer, Robo-Rex and Robo-Databoard landed, followed by Robo-Kotua. "Time to give up!" said the Robo-Agents. "No way!" said Kotua, firing at Robo-Rex's feet, sending the robot flying off again. "This time, we're finishing you off..." said Robo-Kotua, walking slowly towards Kotua and Kat. Kat threw a fire grenade, which exploded, sending Robo-Kotua into a building. Robo-Databoard flew towards them, lasers ready... Suddenly, a piece of ruined debris shifted away, and Databoard found himself facing someone who looked exactly like him. It took Databoard a second to realize who this was: Dataclone. Seconds later, a laser flew past Databoard's head. "Are you crazy?" Databoard shouted. "What was that for?" "Quiet, you liar!" Dataclone shouted. "I know I'm the real Databoard!" "Are you feeling alright?" Databoard asked. "I did a test that proved you only think you're me." "It took me a while, but I realized you were lying," Dataclone shouted. "Okay, you are crazy," Databoard replied, only to have to duck again as Dataclone fired another laser. Suddenly, Kotua flew between Dataclone and Databoard. Both Databoards turned to see Robo-Databoard land, one hand morphed into a cable, which was tied tightly around Kat. "Now then... Databoard... give up!" Robo-Databoard said to Dataclone, thinking he was the real Databoard. Databoard snuck off, as Robo-Databoard continued to shout at Dataclone. Has every fake Databoard decided to suddenly show up? he thought to himself. He then snuck up behind Robo-Databoard, who was still confronting Dataclone. He was a bit concerned about what Dataclone would do in this situation. The real Databoard would not try to attack unless he knew he could defeat his opponent, but Dataclone was obviously not in a sane state of mind. Databoard, now in a hiding place behind Dataclone, aimed his laser. Kotua groaned in obvious pain. He had hit a trashcan, and luckily not hurt himself lethally. Dataclone and Robo-Databoard were distracted. "Another evil goon!" said Dataclone. Goon? This isn't the real Databoard! thought Robo-Databoard. That was when Databoard's blaster fired, hitting Robo-Databoard's head. Dataclone turned, only to find himself face-to-face with Databoard. Robo-Databoard reverted to his default setting, which meant the cable-hand turned into a normal hand, freeing Kat. Databoard aimed his laser, Dataclone and Robo-Databoard did, too. "There's only room for one Databoard," Dataclone said, and fired his laser at Databoard. He ducked, and fired back. Dataclone also got out of the way, while Robo-Databoard started firing at both of them, but failed to hit either. Databoard, Dataclone, and Robo-Databoard continued to fire at each other. Dataclone, who clearly wasn't in a proper state of mind, was almost firing randomly, as most of his lasers didn't come close to Databoard. Unfortunately, Robo-Databoard was coming close to actually hitting his target. Databoard fired back, and then ducked behind a nearby wall as they both started firing at him. Databoard looked around. If he could get back to the T-1 Typhoon, he could defeat them quickly. But, with all the lasers flying by, he might not be able to get to it. ---- "Ogel!" the phantom shouted. "You have gone too far this time!" General Evil's eyes widened in shock. "It's you…!" he whispered. "I'd know that voice anywhere!" "I thought you might," the phantom said. Although nobody could see his face, he smiled as none of the other villains seemed to react. "What, nothing from Ogel or Brickster? You don't recognize my voice?" "No, I don't," Ogel admitted. "Seriously?" said General Evil, giving his brother an incredulous look. "We have only been fighting him for the better part of the past six years!" Ogel shrugged. "If you mean to suggest that he is with Alpha Team… well, so many Alpha Team agents come and go so quickly, I can never keep track of all of them." "I ain't got nothing, either," said Brickster. "You don't remember the man you once called your brother?" asked General Evil, exasperated. "Hmm," Rex muttered, "If only General Evil remembers, then I guess villains have very short memories... that would explain why they are so quick to fall for the same mistakes over and over." "It seems that only I consider you worth remembering," General Evil muttered. "How flattering," the phantom replied as Rex, Amanda, PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot looked at him. "Would you like to tell the whole class… who am I?" The phantom reached up and pulled off the hood of his dark cloak. For the first time, he revealed that he was wearing a helmet nearly identical to the one worn by General Evil, although his visible eyes were different in color. Just like Evil and Fogel, he was forced to sustain his life on a G.E. Body cybernetic exosuit. PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot reacted with shock and surprise as they clearly recognized him. The Brickster gasped. "It's… future General Evil!" he guessed. "Uh, I think?" "Impossible!" declared Fogel. "I killed you for daring to question my orders! And now, you betray us, you worthless excuse for a brother-" General Evil proceeded to smack both Fogel and Brickster at once. "You idiots!" he snapped. "That isn't me! I am not the only one with a G.E. Body, you know." Silently, he added, Now I know why I didn't go back in time with the rest of FUTURE. He glared at Fogel now that his worst suspicions had been confirmed, and if looks could kill, then the FUTURE Ogel would have been dead on the spot. Turning his attention back to the phantom, General Evil declared: "I nearly killed you once before, but you survived by taking one of my spare G.E. Bodies. Since then, we have been archenemies during the battles of Alpha Team and Evil OGEL Empire. Even when you disappeared last year, I knew I had not seen the last of you until I could finally end your life myself. Of course I know who you are... you're agent Frozeen!" Rex's eyes widened. That name, Frozeen, which had come up so frequently over the past several months. From working with Frozeen's close friends, to piloting Frozeen's old vehicle, to being targeted in Phantom's murderous search for Frozeen… and now, it all led him back to the mysterious phantom who had been following him around. "You're right, Evil!" said Frozeen. The other villains were not particularly impressed to learn Frozeen's identity. Occasionally pausing to laugh evilly, Fogel said, "This chamber has no windows and no doors. Which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out! Of course, there's always my way..." ---- Kotua got up, only to be slammed by Robo-Kotua. Kat had run back to the T-1 Typhoon, only to be stopped by Robo-Kat. Kotua activated a smoke grenade, which released a cloud of smoke. Kotua crawled away as Robo-Kotua tried dealing with the smoke. As the smoke cleared, Robo-Kotua turned to see Kotua aiming at him with his gun. Robo-Kotua raised his own gun. Suddenly, they heard Blade shout, "I don't think so!" as he fired and knocked the gun out of Robo-Kotua's hands. "What the?!" exclaimed Robo-Kotua, seeing Blade arrive in the Steel Behemoth. "Round One, bothead," declared Blade. Kotua fired two shots, which Robo-Kotua easily dodged. Robo-Kat flew off into the air, carrying an unconscious Kat. Great... No good can come from the Robo-Agents flying off with Kat... thought Kotua. Robo-Kotua noticed Kotua's distraction, and kicked the gun from Kotua. Blade flew the Steel Behemoth in front of Robo-Kat. "If you want to leave with her," he said, "you'll have to go through me first." Kotua, Databoard, and Blade defeated the Robo-Agents and fled from Dataclone. Later, Shadow encountered Kotua on the streets while driving a new Urban Avenger. Not knowing that Kotua was no longer a traitor, he tried to run Kotua over and shoot him with the Sonic Screamer mounted on the Urban Avenger's roll bars. However, the two of them worked together to take down a pack of Mutant Raptors. Now believing Kotua's switch of loyalties, they rode together in the Urban Avenger to spread the warning that Robo-Agents were flying around. They encountered a ShadowTech Urban Avenger, which was quickly defeated. ---- Magma returned to Dino Attack HQ, where Evil OGEL Empire mercenaries disguised as Dino Attack agents "arrested" him. They flew him to the North Pole to meet rogue Dino Attack agent Dragon at Ogel's Arctic Command Base. Dragon believed he was a far better leader than Specs, and Ogel had funded a plan by Dragon to take over the Dino Attack Team. Using Ogel's factories, an army of Robotic Mutant Dinos would be produced. Then, when Dragon was ready, these would be unleashed onto the Dino Attack Team, devastating them. Dragon would pretend to have developed a way to neutralize them (a built-in virus into the Robotic Mutant Dinos), but would only employ it if Specs agreed to step down. Dragon knew Specs wouldn't agree with this, but was counting on popular support from other Dino Attack Agents (who liked Dragon and would want him to stop the attackers) and Specs' inability to deal with the Robotic Dinos. Dragon knew Specs would eventually step down if that was the only way to stop the Robotic Dinos, and he believed they were well-built enough that eventually, his option would be the only way. The Evil OGEL Empire mercenaries were responsible for flagging Dino Attack agents who might be willing to support Dragon. They would kidnap these agents and bring them to the Arctic Command Base, where Dragon would try to persuade them to join him. If they refused, they would be executed. Agent Magma was selected as one of these agents because of his realist perspective and because he and Dragon agreed on several key issues. However, they failed to consider Magma's absolute incorruptibility and his strong sense of personal right, plus Magma's distrust of Ogel (since Magma was an Alpha Team agent). Dragon first offered Magma a chance to join him. Magma was horrified by the discovery that Dragon had turned against the Dino Attack Team and was working with his sworn enemy Ogel, so he refused. Dragon ordered him executed, but a squad of bumbling Ice Drones was given this job. Magma was able to escape, due to the incompetence of the Ice Drones assigned to kill him. Magma then changed his identity to the Cloaked Hunter. He wore a blue/black cloak over laser armor. His cloak only had eye, nose, mouth, and ear holes, and he carried weapons underneath his cloak. His mutated arm was covered in a gauntlet with a hole near the hand, where he can shoot plasma. ---- The lead scientist walked up to the door to Rex's laboratory. He knew it was secured by four locks, the first of which required pressing buttons on a keypad in a specific order. Fortunately, his most trusted spy had already determined the combination, so he entered the correct code. The other three locks should have kept out anyone other than Rex himself. But, the scientist proceeded to use the hand and retinal scanners, and then he spoke into the microphone, "Agent Rex," in a flawless impression of Rex's voice. The door opened. The scientist smiled with satisfaction and stepped inside the lab. Soon enough, he found what he was looking for: Rex's notes about the newly-synthesized metal, Silge. As the scientist read over the notebook, he was impressed by what he learned. A sketch caught his eye, depicting a Mutant T-Rex wearing armor that Rex had planned to fashion from Silge; a note scribbled on the page read, "SHOW THIS TO ZERO, HE'LL THINK IT'S COOL". "Fascinating," the scientist murmured. "It seems you were still worth something, after all." The scientist took photos of the relevant pages, and then carefully put the notebook back in its place. He left the laboratory seemingly untouched, just the way it was when he arrived. But, as the scientist stepped out the door, he was immediately confronted by a Robo-Rex. The robotic copy of the Dino Attack agent raised a blaster and pointed it at the scientist. "Surrender, human!" it said. The scientist smirked as he looked at the robot, recognizing that it was based on Rex's minifigure disguise rather than the mutant contained within. "Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery," he remarked. "But that's all you are, just a cheap knockoff of the real Rex." "I am superior to you organics in every way," insisted Robo-Rex. "I am faster, stronger, and smarter." "Nothing beats the original," the scientist declared. With that, he pulled out his own blaster and immediately fired at Robo-Rex. The Robo-Agent now had a gaping hole in its chest, and it collapsed to the floor. As the scientist stepped over the disabled robot and walked away, he chuckled and added, "Especially when you don't shoot first." ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  3. Chapter 14: Eye of the Hurricane ---- Anti-Kotua grew bored of the Dino Attack agents and flew off, followed by the Shadow-Blades. "Yeah, you'd better run!" said Blade. "Run in which direction?" said Hotwire. "Back to the tower or following Anti-Kotua?" Kat chuckled and Blade rolled his eyes. Hotwire turned around and headed towards the Dino Attack outpost tower. At the Dino Attack outpost, Blade decided to get a dark red Fire Hammer for his main vehicle. "I think we have a winner," he said to himself. "Now that equipment repairs are complete, time to get to work." After several hours of work, Blade proudly announced: "The Armada Cycle is now operational." ---- Magma, Flash, and Eye got onto a large vehicle lift copter. It transported them across the oceans to India, where they got back in their vehicles, and went on patrol. Flash moved his Steel Sprinter around the jungles of India, scouting. Then, he spotted a person with a curved sword being chased by Dinos. He radioed back to Magma and Eye, and they appeared. Magma recognized the figure. "Maharaja Lallu..." he whispered. Trying to decide whether to rescue such an evil person, he accidentally pressed the trigger on his Cosmotronic Ray. A beam shot forward, hitting the T-Rex. Maharaja Lallu ran, screaming back towards his Scorpion Palace. His guards greeted him and opened the door. Magma got off his Urban Avenger and silently crept forward, following the Maharaja. The Maharaja walked toward a pit, where a Mutant Lizard was chained up. Some guards held ropes, and Magma guessed the Lizard could be used as a weapon against enemies. Magma took out a laser grenade and tossed it right at a crucial pillar that supported the Scorpion Palace. Magma ran out, and it exploded. Maharaja Lallu yelled orders to his guards as he went to quickly make sure no treasure was lost. Then, a figure ran up, and he grabbed the jewels and treasures hidden in the Scorpion Palace. Magma narrowed his eyes. It was a pirate commonly known as Coral, but Magma knew him by another name... Magma slowly entered his berserker rage state. He confronted Coral, who responded by entering a berserker state as well. Shocked, he realized that Coral must have done training as well. The two hurled themselves at each other, using their own bodies as weapons. Coral rolled away, and Magma took out a laser and pointed it at him. However, Coral ran away with the treasures. ---- Kotua sat down and checked what the ShadowTech scientists had made so far. Hopefully, I can make something to keep Dino Attack ahead of them and those "Raptors"... thought Kotua. Kotua noticed agent Cane leave. "So... have you finished anything?" Kotua asked the ShadowTech scientists. "Yeah... this!" said one of the scientists, lifting a laser and firing at Kotua. Kotua ducked in time as the blast hit the wall, leaving a small crater where the blast hit. Kotua grabbed some of the papers on the table and threw them around, making it somewhat harder for the scientists to spot Kotua. The borrowed time allowed him to get under the table and grab the scientist with the blaster. Kotua pulled the ShadowTech scientist and, as he came down, Kotua punched him in the face repeatedly. "Take that!" said Kotua, punching him again. The scientist dropped the weapon, and Kotua grabbed it. He rolled to the side of the table and looked up to see two soldiers in familiar powered armor... Kotua kicked the soldiers and ran, as ShadowTech soldiers in their hardsuits landed and began firing at Kotua. He ran down the corridor as more ShadowTech soldiers ran into the corridor, took aim, and fired at Kotua. Various blasts hit Kotua, sending him crashing into the ground. The ShadowTech soldiers surrounded him and powered their weapons. Kotua turned and quickly fired at the ShadowTech soldiers, taking out five. Kotua ran off again as more and more ShadowTech soldiers ran towards him. Finally, Kotua jumped onto one of the hardsuits and activated the hardsuit gun, sending rapid laser blasts towards the ShadowTech soldiers. Kotua activated the hardsuit thrusters and flew off. ShadowTech soldiers rushed up and fired, but it was too late. Kotua fired at one of the windows, breaking it. He then preceded it to fly through it. When he was outside, Kotua took out his PDA, and typed a message. I NEED HELP. SHADOWTECH IS SEARCHING FOR ALL DINO ATTACK AGENTS. ALSO, THERE'S SOME KIND OF RAPTOR-LOVING GANG IN LEGO CITY. AGENT KOTUA. Kotua hoped that they wouldn't dismiss the message. He had to find Rex, and ask to be forgiven, especially now that ShadowTech was searching for Dino Attack agents. Kotua turned to see a fireball heading towards him! He outmaneuvered it, but more fire blasts headed towards him. Finally, one hit him, sending him down... ---- Cobra shot at a Beta Force guard. The guard fell and got in the way of another guard. Cobra killed the other guard with one shot. A laser whizzed by his ear. Cobra dove behind a desk barely missing a death by lasers. "C'mon! Is that the best you got?" he shouted. Cobra fired another shot, but his gun was out of ammo. Suddenly, Machine758 raced around a corner in the lab and said to them, "Get ready! There's nine Mutant Lizards coming our way!" Machine758 tossed Cobra a spare gun. Cobra grabbed the weapon and pivoted around to face the dinos. Databoard ducked as two Beta Force guards charged at him, tearing the table he was hiding behind to pieces with their lasers. The other agents were busy fighting the other soldiers. Looking for a way to get away from them, he noticed a hallway nearby. Databoard rushed down the hallway, followed by the two guards. He continued to run, firing lasers after them. Suddenly, two lasers hit the guards, stopping their pursuit rather abruptly. Databoard turned around to see who had fired the lasers. When he did, two members of the Shadows leapt out from nearby. They knocked Databoard's laser from his hands and aimed their own lasers at him. "What are you doing here?" Databoard asked. "Are you working with Beta Force?" The two Shadows looked offended. "The Shadows need no allies," one said. Pointing their lasers at Databoard, they took him towards an elevator. They then lead him outside, until they got to his T-1 Typhoon. "Get in," they said. Databoard had a guess why they were leaving in his own vehicle: if there were any other Dino Attack agents in the area, they didn't want them to get suspicious. One continued to aim his laser at Databoard, while the other got into the cockpit and the helicopter began to fly away. ---- Furious, Magma walked off and rejoined the other Dino Attack agents, when a mutant creature unlike any seen before flew down. It was a Mutant Pteranodon-Rex, a combined mutant of both creatures. Magma fired his Cosmotronic Ray, blasting the Mutant Pteranodon-Rex. It roared in rage, and used laser vision to destroy the Urban Avenger and Steel Sprinter. Magma and Flash rushed aboard the Fire Hammer. Eye fired his Xenon Launcher. The creature destroyed one blast with lightning, and another with laser vision, but one hit the Mutant Pteranodon-Rex, sending it into stasis. Magma attached some treads to both the Fire Hammer and the Mutant Pteranodon-Rex, and pulled the creature back to the drop point. When there, a Dino Attack airship pulled both onboard and flew to the Command Shelter. When the craft landed at Alpha Team Headquarters, Magma got out and did a scan on the sedated super dino. He walked off to the lab, and began building a new vehicle. When he nearly was completed, he saw a vehicle being chased by Mutant T-Rexes. Magma rushed to the defensive turrets and opened fire on the T-Rexes. Other agents drove Iron Screamers to the walls and fired as well. ---- Robo-X was walking away from the alley when he heard something. He spun around. Nothing. "Must have been my imagination," he said. Then something tackled him from behind. "Leave this city alone or PERISH!" a voice whispered in his ear. "Huh, what are you?" asked Robo-X. "Who are you? Why are you after me?!" So many thoughts he thought, so many. Just then, he blacked out and was being carried away by his attacker... Robo-X woke up in some kind of jail cell. His captor stood outside and said, "You would not listen to me, so you-" Robo-X raised his half-robotic arm and fired. Zap! A laser bolt hit his captor, who stumbled backward. "Whoa!" exclaimed Robo-X. Robo-X couldn't believe his eyes. His captor had Mutant Dinos following him and listening to his orders, as though they were his henchmen! Suddenly, Robo-X suspected that he knew the truth about the Dino Attack… ---- Cobra shot down a Beta Force guard and said, "These guys won't stop coming." Voltage said, "Yeah, it's like there's an infinite amount of guards. Right, Data? Data?" Out of the corner of his eye, Voltage could see Databoard being escorted out of the building. "Data!" Voltage shouted, but Databoard did not seem to hear. Voltage tried to pursue but was blocked by two Beta Force guards. He easily disposed of one with a kick-drop and a punch, but the other drew heavy arms and began firing. Voltage dodged the bolts and flipped over a table, firing back with his sub-machine guns. The guard fell, and he ran to the door, just as it closed and locked, layers of steel preventing him from rescuing Databoard. He pounded on the door with fury. "Dang it!" He convinced himself that he would be able to rescue Databoard, and turned to see Cobra being cornered by three guards. Voltage quickly flipped, landing on the first guard and shooting the other one. The other fell to Cobra's weapons. "We better get out of here, and fast," said Cobra. He noted the decreasing number of guards. Clang... clang clang.... The doors suddenly gained several dents in the dense metal. "Oh no," Voltage whispered. The doors burst open, sending large, thick shards of metal flying about the room. A screech filled the room as a six-foot tall humanoid mutant stalked in... then two... then five... The room filled with mutants. One jumped at Kai, fangs bared. "Die!" Kai said, and the blast echoed in the room as limbs of the creature fell about the floor. The shocked Beta Force guards tried to run, but were caught by the mutants quickly. Some put up a good effort to fight back the monsters, but eventually did not hold up the bombardment. Three monsters ran at Voltage at the same time, and he added on his rocket attachment and fired, annihilating the savage beings. Venom, Axel, Hyrode, Joey, and Machine758 were all fighting off the monsters. Voltage ducked out of the way as a bolt ricocheted off a table. The Beta Force guard who had fired it was immediately tackled by a mutant. "Grenade!" Voltage announced, and a sphere of flaming blue plasma landed at the feet of several mutants. He had to cover up the entrance to the door somehow, or else the mutants (and/or soldiers) would keep coming. Then he spotted a large crate that was capable of blocking up the doorway. He tried to move it with much effort and called over Cobra to help him. The two successfully jammed the crate between the two sides of the destroyed door's frame, so that the entrance was blocked to chest height. Voltage himself was wondering what Beta was planning. He had no time to finish telling the story now. He recalled it in his head... ***** Beta, Vax, and Voltage had gone to Ogel's base to free Shox, the agent's friend. The plan had gone awry when Beta was "entranced" by the means, technique, and procedure of the mutations Ogel was doing to take control of the drones' minds. Voltage had tried to stop him, but he hacked into the computers and downloaded all the data. Alarms went off everywhere, and the mind-controlled drones swarmed in. Vax was able to wrench Beta away from the computers long enough for them to get out of the quadrant. Shox was nowhere to be found; they had failed their mission to save him. As they sped in attempt to reach the hangar, pursued by drones, he couldn't help thinking something was wrong with Beta. He didn't seem... the same. The information that Beta could have accessed plagued him into imagining if he would use it for the wrong purpose. Vax stopped to fend off the drones, while Beta and Voltage ran through the hallways. They stopped to catch their breath and Vax came running in, throwing a grenade over his shoulder. "Why did you have to do that?" Vax had yelled, closing the blast doors behind him. "We were in perfect stealth until you just had to hack into their systems! That's not why we're here, you know!" "I can do whatever I want," Beta retorted. "You aren't the boss of me!" "I outrank you! We're in the same raid! Think about it!" This enraged Beta, as he had always thought himself superior (apart from the fact he was only a corporal) and intended to live up to it. "I don't care!" Beta screamed. "Do you think I care at all about being a corporal? Do you think I care about you? Voltage? Anyone in the Alpha Team? I hate you all!" "Traitor!" Vax yelled, running at Beta. Beta attacked back, but harder and fiercer. "Guys, don't!" Voltage yelled, but they persisted against each other. Beta had knocked a metal pipe off the wall, fogging the room with steam as Vax dodged his blows. As Voltage ran to stop Beta, an attachment to the pipe broke off, slamming into Vax's chest. He slumped against the wall and stopped moving. "You killed him!" Voltage yelled, running over to Vax to check his pulse. Beta just glared at him. Voltage had gotten up and walked across the room, ready to close the blast doors. Beta leapt through them, ready to attack Voltage. Voltage went into a sprint, closely followed by Beta. He reached the hangar, where he hopped into the nearest speeder he could find. He started it up when Beta tried to grab Voltage's arm. Voltage kicked him away and sped up, trying to get through the mile-long hangar. Again, Beta was in pursuit, amazingly reaching his speeds. Beta fired a grappling hook at Voltage, but it hooked onto an exhaust vent on the vehicle, dragging him along the metal floors. He pulled himself up the rope to the end of the speeder and tore into the metal, ripping the wires. The speeder skidded to a halt and, after recovering from a serious whiplash, Voltage furiously tried to jack into the systems to start it again. Beta jumped in front of the vehicle just as it powered up and shot off, severing his legs at the knees. That was the last he ever saw of Beta, sprawled on the floor in agony. ---- Databoard sat in the T-1 Typhoon, trying to plan his escape. Without his laser, he wouldn't stand a chance in a fight with the two Shadows. Trying to get out of his vehicle wouldn't do much good, as the ground was a good distance away. He decided it would be best to see where they were taking him, and then try to escape. The T-1 Typhoon soon arrived at the Shadows' Antarctic base. The two soldiers took him out of the vehicle and lead him down a corridor, until they reached the room the other agents and he had faced off with Darkforce in. Darkforce was there, and he walked over to Databoard. "Nice to see you again, Databoard," Darkforce said. "Get to the point, Darkforce," Databoard replied, glaring angrily at the former Alpha Team agent. "I don't have time for this." "I need you to get me something," Darkforce said. "A phasing device." "What makes you think I know where one is?" Databoard shouted. "And what makes you think I'd ever give one to you?!" "When we first captured you, we copied your memories into a machine to study," Darkforce said. "We know you hid one somewhere. We also know it has a biometric lock to prevent anyone but you from opening it." "So, why don't you just get that Dataclone guy and make him open it?" Databoard replied. "Even if we knew where he was, that wouldn't work," Darkforce replied. "He's an imperfect copy, and for that reason wouldn't be able to help us." "Well, that's too bad, because I'm sure not going to help you!" Databoard shouted. "Oh, but you are, Databoard," Darkforce replied, as all the Shadows guards in the room aimed their weapons at Databoard. "Because if you don't help us, you will die." "I would never help you!" Databoard declared. "Very well then..." Darkforce said, and the Shadows guards started firing. Databoard ducked, avoiding the lasers. He then disarmed a guard, and took the laser. He rushed out of the room followed closely by the guards. He rushed into his hangar, jumped into his T-1 Typhoon, and took off. Two jets followed him, but he defeated them and escaped. Darkforce watched as the Typhoon flew away. He then turned to the two Shadows that had brought Databoard there. "Did you plant the tracking device on that helicopter?" he asked. "Yes," one of the Shadows replied. "He won't know it's there." "Excellent," Darkforce said. Nearby, two Shadows jets took off, and silently followed the signal from the tracking device... ---- Kotua got out of the hardsuit and ran off into the depths of the jungle. After a while, Kotua found a small airport. "Can you help me?" he asked the woman that was at the ticket booth. "Help you with what?" asked the woman. "Airplane!" said Kotua. "I'm sorry. There is no way you're getting on the plane without paying!" said the woman. "Fine. Sorry for bothering you," said Kotua, leaving. It was dark, but Kotua had managed to get some device to help him see in the dark. He crawled into the airport warehouse, and hid behind some crates of bananas. "Now, to get into the plane without giving myself away or calling attention," he said to himself. Kotua noticed two workers loading packages into the plane that had just come in. "This will be a piece of cake," said Kotua. He grabbed a stone off the ground and flung it at one of the workers. "Hey! Why did you hit me?!" said the worker. "I did not. You're just angry I got a raise!" said the other worker. The two continued arguing, and eventually fighting, giving the chance for Kotua to jump in. He waited there, until they loaded everything, and the plane took off. After a while of flying in the air, Kotua looked around. He noticed that the cargo section was once a passenger section, as windows lined the walls, and the floor had signs of where bolts held chairs once. Kotua sat on the ground, and heard his stomach growl. He looked around, and opened one of the banana crates. Instead of bananas, he found... tracking devices! "Something tells me I'm not going to a good place," said Kotua, grabbing a handful of the tracking devices and putting them in a backpack near him. He sat down, and looked through the window. A T-1 Typhoon was flying in the different direction below. Kotua took a blaster from another crate and blasted the cargo door. ***** "The cargo bay has opened!" said the pilot. "Right" said a Shadows agent, walking towards the back. He opened the door to find the cargo door blasted through... ***** Kotua took out a piece of rope, and flung it at the T-1 Typhoon. He successfully got the front metal piece to attach to the side of the helicopter. He climbed on, and got on the back of the copter. Databoard noticed Kotua on the back, sitting down. I sense trouble... he thought. Databoard turned around to face Kotua, laser in hand. "Care to explain what you're doing here?" he said, confused by the fact that Kotua (who Databoard didn't know was no longer evil) was now in his vehicle. "And could you also explain why you're not trying to kill me?" "Data, I'm no longer evil!" said Kotua, backing up. "Sure. And I was born yesterday," said Databoard. "You have to believe me. The people in black, they're ShadowTech and the-" said Kotua. "ShadowTech? Something tells me they work with Darkforce," interrupted Databoard. "Perhaps. I escaped from them, and got on a plane. That's where I found these!" said Kotua, reaching into his backpack and taking out tracking devices. They were obviously off. "Look, I don't know what trick you're trying to pull, but it won't work," said Databoard. "You have to trust me. How can I make you understand I'm good again?" asked Kotua. Databoard stopped to think for a moment. The fact that Kotua hadn't tried to kill him might mean he had possibly turned good. Still wary of Kotua, he lowered his laser, but kept it ready. "I guess, since you haven't made any attempt to kill me, you might be good," Databoard said. "But if you're trying to trick me, I wouldn't recommend it." "Thanks," said Kotua, sitting down. "I think that these tracking devices could be useful if re-engineered," said Databoard. "Right," said Kotua, taking one of the devices apart. The T-1 Typhoon soon arrived over LEGO City, and Databoard landed at a small house. He had lived in this house shortly after leaving Alpha Team, and until the Mutant Dinos attacked. He rushed inside, and soon retrieved a small box, the one that contained the phasing device. Suddenly, lasers started blasting through the roof, destroying various things. Databoard looked out the window to see two Shadows jets flying towards them, firing lasers. "They must have followed me here!" Databoard said as he dodged lasers fired by the jets. Kotua drew his blaster and began firing at the jets. He took out the tracking device he was working on, and flung it. It hit the windshield of one jet, smashing the glass. The surprised pilot lost control and smashed the jet into another house. A laser blasted nearby Databoard, knocking the box from his hand. Another jet arrived, and landed near the house. The Shadow blasted a hole through the wall, grabbed the box, and ran out. Databoard took out his laser, and fired at him. But he was too late, as the Shadow jumped into his jet and took off. The two jets flew away and soon disappeared into the distance. From the roof of another house, Blade watched the situation. "Those two look like there need some help," he said to himself. He took out a sniper rifle and shot one of the jets in the exhaust pipe. The plane exploded. "What just happened?" asked Databoard. Blade jumped down from the roof and approached Databoard. "I just happened." ***** Hotwire and Kat sat in the Dino Attack tower removing the black paint from Hotwire's Fire Hammer. After half an hour of silence, Kat spoke up. "Where's Blade? He said he'd be back by now. He was just scouting the area around the outpost." "Oh, he's probably just out there, blasting dinos and getting into all sorts of trouble," said Hotwire. Suddenly, not-too-distant explosions rocked the ground. "Okay," said Kat. "Now I'm starting to get nervous." Hotwire jumped up into the Fire Hammer and started it up. "Come on," he said. "We should go see what's happening." ---- "Wake up." "Zzz..." "Waaaaake uuuuup!" "Zzz..." "Wake up, Snorehead!" Rex opened his eyes, waking up. He saw Trouble staring at him. "I do NOT snore, you little troublemaker!" he growled. Trouble raised an eyebrow. "Oh, please," he hissed playfully. "You T-Rexes snore so loud, the whole world can hear you!" Rex groaned groggily. It was not worth arguing with a Mutant Lizard when he was so tired. "So, why'd you wake me up?" asked Rex. "Someone wants to see you," answered Trouble. "Who?" wondered Rex. "Take one guess," said Trouble. Rex quickly realized whom Trouble was referring to. "Her?" "Yep." ---- Databoard looked at the ruined jet that Blade had shot down. It unfortunately appeared that it did not have the box with it, and the one that had the box had now escaped. There was no way they could stop it before it got to the Shadows base, where they would no doubt start examining it. Kotua put his blaster on the gun holster. "How did they find us?" asked Databoard. "They probably placed one of these," said Kotua, picking up a tracking device, "and hid it in the T-1 Typhoon." "Obviously," said Blade. "Well, let's find it then. And then try to find the pilot who took the box," said Databoard. "Done," said Kotua, taking out his PDA, and pressing a button. Databoard was amazed as the map showed the jet's current location. Databoard got inside the T-1 Typhoon, and soon began looking for the tracking device. He started at the back, and began searching towards the front. He soon found the tracking device, which had been hidden in the cockpit. He deactivated it with his laser, and removed the destroyed tracking device from the vehicle. "We better get going," said Kotua. Suddenly dark red cars drove up to them. Raptors gangsters got out of the car, with guns in their hands. Databoard took out his laser, and aimed it. He didn't know who these people were, but he guessed they meant business. "I'm warning you guys," he shouted. "You come any closer, you're going to regret it!" They didn't seem to care, and aimed their guns at the agents. "I'll take care of these guys," said Blade. He turned to face the gangsters, and then he shouted, "OMG IT'S A MUTANT RAPTOR!" The Raptors gangsters looked around randomly, crying, "Where!?" Blade sniped them in the back. "Don't worry," he said to his teammates. "Those bullets held a sleeping medicine. These weren't designed to kill anything." However, Blade hadn't gotten all of the Raptors, and the still-conscious gangsters started firing at the agents. They got into the T-1 Typhoon, and Databoard took off. The Raptors gangsters got back into their vans, and started to fire at them as Kotua and Blade fired back at them. Databoard continued to fly away, hoping to lose the vans. ***** Hotwire and Kat arrived at the scene of the explosions just in time to see Blade climb into a T-1 Typhoon. "Can we follow him from here?" asked Kat. "'Fraid not," said Hotwire. "but I bet we could track the T-1 on radar." Kat switched on the radar screen, but all they got was static. "There's probably a storm brewing," said Kat. "Here, lemmee at that thing," Hotwire said, and crouched down, opened a panel on the radar device, and began cutting, twisting, and reattaching wires to several extra computer chips, which he hooked up to the chips already there. ***** "I got an idea," said Blade. He took out a rocket launcher and fired at the road. "Hate to break it to ya," said Kotua, "but your aim is off!" "Oh, is it?" asked Blade. As the road exploded, the vans were forced to come to an abrupt stop. "You sometimes have to think a couple of moves ahead of your opponent." Databoard continued to fly away, but the Raptors vans found another way to follow them. Kotua and Blade continued to fire, but they continued to follow them. Blade fired at the road again, but the vans simply drove around the craters, and continued to fire at them. Databoard had the helicopter going at full speed, but the vans continued to follow them. "I've had enough of this!" declared Blade. He pulled out a sniper rifle and sniped the vans' tires. The vans came to a crashing stop. "That should buy us some time." Kotua looked below with a telescope-like device. The Raptors gangsters didn't look surprised or frustrated. They just looked... serious. "I don't think it's over yet. Data, do you have anything on the radar?" said Kotua. "Nope. Clear skies," said Databoard. "Keep the weapons ready. If there's more out there, we should be ready for it." He continued to fly away from them, with the Typhoon's weapons ready, in case something else came to attack them. There didn't seem to be anything out there, but there could be some others hiding nearby. Kotua looked at the city below. He noticed a ShadowTech van. "Looks like they'll be the ones chasing us now..." said Kotua, pointing out the van. "Why do you say that?" asked Blade. "They want to get Dino Attack out of the way for their own plans," replied Kotua. Kotua looked down to see that the ShadowTech van had disappeared from view. "Guess not," said Kotua. The T-1 Typhoon continued flying over LEGO City, as dark rain clouds loomed over the horizon... ---- "No one says 'no' to Gaston!" "Just give it a rest already," muttered Danny, rubbing his forehead in exasperation since he was not used to people not listening to him. From the passenger seat, he checked the radar on the Fire Hammer's dashboard to see how far away they were from the S.O.S. signal. They still had at least another few blocks to go. Sitting in the driver's seat next to him was Francis, a tough-looking guy with more tattoos than hair. Danny had heard that Francis was a small-time crook before the Dino Attack, and Francis never bothered to deny these rumors. "You asked me why I hate small talk," he said gruffly, "and this is why. Now we gotta put up with him talking big and not shuttin' up." Francis turned the steering wheel and swerved the Fire Hammer around a wrecked garbage truck where hungry Mutant Lizards were scavenging for snacks. When a few of the reptiles decided that the Dino Attack agents would provide a better meal, they were quickly dispatched with a few shots of the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher. "If you weren't such a good gunner," shouted Francis, "I'd have kicked you off this jeep as soon as you opened your trap, Gaston!" From the mounted Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher, Gaston laughed heartily. "Really, guys, I'm serious!" he declared. "Next time I see her, I'm going to propose to her. She's beautiful, I'm handsome… we're the perfect match for repopulating the LEGO Planet as soon as this apocalypse is over! She'll just have to accept!" He proceeded to flex his muscles, showing off to no one in particular. "You know what they say about girls who'd still say 'no' even if you were the last man left on Earth?" retorted Francis. "I think this apocalypse is gonna prove that one right." "Yeah," agreed Danny, "this war hardly seems like the best time or place for poorly thought-through romances. Remember what happened to Johnny? I'll just sit back and watch from afar as it tears itself apart in the end." "Au contraire," insisted Gaston, his native French slipping through. "A big game hunter like me would be the perfect love interest in this story, taking place in a world ravaged by these monsters!" In demonstration, he aimed and fired the launcher at a Mutant Raptor that was pursuing them. "You do realize how Beauty and the Beast ended, right?" asked Danny, unable to resist the urge to draw the obvious comparison. "I don't bother with fairy tales," scoffed Gaston. "That's rich," Danny muttered under his breath, "coming from the guy who believes that repeatedly harassing an uninterested girl will make her fall in love with him…" "Those fairy tales were right about one thing, though," commented Francis. "Dragons are real, and we're fighting them right now!" He pointed ahead to a Mutant T-Rex prowling the streets. It locked its glowing red eyes on the Fire Hammer and roared, and Francis quickly swerved out of the way to take an improvised detour. "Dinosaurs aren't dragons," Danny pointed out. "Everyone keeps saying that," said Francis, "but I've seen all the Dino Cop movies and these don't look like any dinosaurs I've ever seen. They fly, they breathe fire… they're totally dragons, I swear!" Although he knew that "flying" and "breathing fire" were mutually-exclusive traits among Mutant Dinos, it was at that moment that Danny decided it was not worth arguing. Sighing, he looked back at the radar. They were close now to the source of the emergency beacon. In the old days as a famous radio talk show host, Danny would not have been ordinarily hanging out with men like Gaston or Francis. He had always prided himself on interviewing people of a much higher profile than this lot. However, the Dino Attack meant that everyone needed to come together and work towards the common goal of saving the world. Today, that meant being the first responders to a fellow agent's distress signal. At last, they reached their destination, which Danny recognized as a Dino Attack outpost on LEGO City's waterfront. It was a small outpost, more of a safe house for resting and resupplying between missions rather than a true base of operations. The squad that was currently stationed there had been getting ready for a mission to Castle Cove. The three Dino Attack agents climbed out of the parked Fire Hammer and grabbed weapons. As the best soldier among them, Gaston led the way, shooting at a swarm of Mutant Lizards that had shown curiosity towards the new arrivals. When they reached the front door, Gaston nodded to Francis, who kicked the door open in a way that suggested he had a lot of experience doing so. Gaston charged in, ready to shoot anything that moved, but he did not fire a single shot. Francis followed and looked around, confused why Gaston was uncharacteristically not shooting anything. He groaned, "Ah, man, the dragons already won!" Danny entered last and was horrified to see the room littered with dead bodies wearing Dino Attack uniforms. It was a massacre. "We're too late!" he realized. Furious, Gaston kicked over a chair. "Znap this," he growled, "I didn't sign up for a losing battle! I'm done here!" He stormed out of the outpost, slamming the door behind him. Danny could hear him opening fire on absolutely nothing just to vent his anger. The ghastly sight of the corpses around them made Danny sick to the stomach, but he could not look away either. He knelt down beside the body of elite agent Nails, whose eyes were wide open and staring blankly into infinity as her face was frozen in agony. Respectfully, he gently closed her eyelids with two of his fingers, in an effort to make her look like she was sleeping instead. However, something about all of this felt… off. Many of the bodies showed signs of gunshot wounds, snapped necks, and slit throats, with hardly a tooth or claw mark anywhere to be seen. "Francis," Danny said to his teammate, "these dinosaurs… or dragons, whatever you want to call them… they typically eat their victims, right? They don't leave much of a corpse behind." Francis thought about it for a moment, then slowly nodded. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense." Danny gestured to the bodies around them. "These Dino Attack agents weren't killed by mutants. They were murdered." Francis grimaced once he understood what Danny meant. "MegaBloks!" he cursed. "C'mon, let's get out of here before we're left for dead, too!" Grimly, Danny raised his standard issue handheld radio to report their unfortunate discovery. "Danny to HQ… we have a problem." ---- After dealing with the Mutant T-Rexes, Magma returned to the lab and finished his new vehicle. It resembled a flying creature that was completely mechanical. It almost looked like one of those dragons from Vikings Isle. Running into it, Magma flew off to attack some Mutant Dinos. The craft spotted a Mutant Pteranodon electrocuting the Nile River. Magma swooped low and fired his heat cannon, sending the Pteranodon crashing into the ground. Then, he headed down, using the 'tail' to whip a Mutant Lizard into the river. Magma flew over the dead mutant creatures, back to the Command Shelter to report his success. When Magma arrived back at the Command Shelter, he reported to the other agents that the new vehicle had dealt with the Dinos effectively. So, they told him to patrol the ocean, to take out Mutant Pteranodons. When he was midway over the ocean, he spotted five electrocuting the water. Magma flew down, firing a heat missile and using his energy claws at the same time. Magma flew off, when he saw a craft of some kind coming towards the base, being pursued. In the cockpit was... Icicle! A T-Rex was behind him. Magma swooped in, firing a heat missile and using his laser wings to knock out the T-Rex. The two launched into combat, fighting each other for their lives. Magma used his laser wings to bat the T-Rex away. He spotted a T-1 Typhoon, manned by Flash, coming to assist him. Magma landed, and got out, meeting with Icicle. After a brief conversation, Icicle went into the hangar to get a Fire Hammer. Icicle drove around in his Fire Hammer, when he spotted a wounded Mutant T-Rex. Icicle threw an energy net around it, and pulled the T-Rex back to the Command Shelter. Magma watched it, and scanned the creature. He went back to his workshop to add more parts to his vehicle... ---- Kotua checked the Voltage controls. "The Voltage's radars seem to have spotted another aircraft inside the clouds," said Kotua. "No doubt Darkforce's..." muttered Databoard. "Who?" Blade said, not knowing about Darkforce and the Shadows. "Darkforce was a former Alpha Team agent. I had thought he died five years ago, but it turns out he survived," Databoard explained. "And now he's bent on using the recent Mutant Dino attacks to his advantage. Which means he needs the Dino Attack team out of the way first." "Sorry I asked." Blade muttered. Kotua looked at the readout the Voltage was sending him, although the wind had picked up speed, and Blade went into the rear gunner's station, not wanting to fall off. Kotua climbed into what seemed to be the front gunner's station. Kotua put on the seatbelt, and looked at the readout again. His eyes widened, and he activated his headset. Kotua said, "It's not Darkforce, or ShadowTech... It's Anti-Kotua." "Who?" asked Databoard. "I bet it's another megalomaniac with an organization," said Blade. "It's an alternate universe version of me," said Kotua. "I accidentally jumped into Dimension 8231 a while ago, and he followed me back. He says he wants revenge for something our universe did to theirs. Apparently, he still acts like I did when I was evil." "Just great," Databoard muttered after hearing what Kotua said. "Alright, get all the weapons ready, I have a bad feeling that we're going to need them." Blade and Kotua nodded, and prepared the Typhoon for battle. Databoard looked through the stormclouds, waiting for Anti-Kotua's vehicle to descend. ***** Ten minutes, a few small electric shocks, and several kicks to the machine later, Hotwire finally got the radar working. They honed in on the T-1 Typhoon, and saw it flying towards a larger aircraft. "What is that?" Kat wondered. Hotwire focused the radar on the larger craft. "Oh dear..." Hotwire muttered after skimming the readouts on the ship. "That's Anti-Kotua's airship. Where they're going, we can't help them." Hotwire and Kat turned around and drove back toward the Dino Attack tower, unaware of the squadron of Shadow-Blades that had launched from the Anti-Voltage and were closing in on the Fire Hammer all too quickly... ***** Soon, storm clouds were all around the T-1 Typhoon. "We're going to have to land!" said Blade. "If we do, Anti-Kotua will blow us to pieces!" replied Kotua. "If we stay on the air, the wind might send us down even worse," said Databoard. "Perhaps so, Data, but here we can fight back," said Kotua. Soon the Anti-Voltage showed up. Kotua was reminded of antique Japanese buildings, as Anti-Kotua's craft had many curved spikes. It truly looked evil. The wind picked up even more speed, and two tornadoes formed in the distance. "How does he do that?" asked Blade. "His technology is more advanced," replied Kotua. The front of the Anti-Voltage opened, revealing a hangar. Suddenly Databoard's headset malfunctioned. Kotua and Blade tried calling him, but only static could be heard. Finally, Databoard answered. "He wants us to go inside his craft," he said. "I have a very bad feeling," said Blade. "We have no choice. Maybe we can outsmart him and get him to shut off the bad weather," said Kotua. "I don't know about the rest of you, but going inside is the worst idea ever," Blade said. "I don't know if we have a choice." Kotua said. Databoard took out his laser rifle, and slowly flew towards the Anti-Voltage's hangar. He didn't know what was Anti-Kotua was planning, but it was better than trying to survive this storm. ---- "What do you want?" snarled Rex when he saw the female Mutant T-Rex approach. "I thought I made it clear that I do not want you hanging around me!" The T-Rex did not reply, but simply gestured towards herself. Then she walked away. When Rex didn't follow, the T-Rex returned and beckoned once more. "You want me to follow you?" realized Rex. The female T-Rex nodded. Curious about what she had to show him, Rex followed the Mutant T-Rex. Rex and the female Mutant T-Rex arrived at the police station. Rex felt a metaphorical knife twist in his heart when he recognized the site of Amanda Claw's death. "Why did you bring me here?" asked Rex. "This is a ghastly place!" The female T-Rex gestured towards the police station. Rex looked closer and saw that they were not alone: Zero was searching through a garbage can outside the station. His eyes widened in fear. "Oh no," he whispered. "Zero can't be here alone; it's too dangerous!" Turning to face the female T-Rex, he growled, "Don't you dare harm him or any other Dino Attack agent! If you do, I swear, I will-" The female T-Rex shook her head, affirming that she had no intention of hurting Zero. Then, she gestured again towards the Dino Attack agent, urging Rex to pay close attention. ---- Databoard landed the T-1 Typhoon in the hangar of the Anti-Voltage as the storm worsened significantly. "Now what?" asked Blade. "We wait here," replied Databoard. "You do that. I'll deal with Anti-Kotua," said Kotua, getting up. "You're not that foolish, Kotua. You'll need help. And we might find useful stuff here," said Databoard. "So then, we're going?" asked Blade. "Alright," said Kotua. "Here's what we'll do. I'll distract Anti-Kotua while you deactivate the Anti-Voltage. Then you get back on the T-1 Typhoon, and leave to look for that box." "To be honest, I don't think that's the best plan," Databoard said. "But it doesn't seem we have much choice then to try it." Laser rifle at the ready, he got up from the cockpit. Kotua and Blade got up as well, taking out their own weapons. Ready for anything that might be waiting for them, they headed out of the Typhoon... ... only to find Anti-Kotua waiting for them, with astrobots pointing their multiple guns at them. "Drop your weapons, all your gear, and your spare guns," said Anti-Kotua. Databoard noticed cameras with laser machine guns. "Looks like it's over," said Databoard. The three Dino Attack agents were forced to change their clothes to plain orange, and their old clothes were searched for gear. Then they were put in jail cells. "I knew it would never work," muttered Blade. Databoard searched the area for any way to escape. "Give it a rest," Kotua said. "There's no way out of here." "That's not true," Databoard replied. "There could easily be some kind of mistake or flaw that could allow us to escape." "Then why aren't we out of here yet?" Blade muttered. "I just haven't found how to get out yet," Databoard said, as he continued to study the cell. The top opened, and a small can of noodles dropped. "He has the same sick sense of humor as you did when you were evil," Databoard said to Kotua. "I sure am hungry!" said Blade, reaching for the can of noodles. "Don't!" said Kotua. Databoard and Blade looked at Kotua. "It's simple, really," said Kotua, reaching into the can of noodles, and taking out a grenade from it. "Nice magic trick," said Databoard sarcastically. "Anti-Kotua is playing games with us," said Blade. "He obviously knows we're going to escape using this, or through some other means," said Kotua. "Well? Let's get out of here!" said Blade. "It's our only weapon at the moment," said Kotua. "Well, let's see if we can find the flaw it has," said Databoard. "Think outside the box," muttered Kotua. Databoard noticed the guard robot. "That guy won't go down with a hit to the head," he said. "Improvise," said Blade. "If we can get the guard robot to come close enough to the cell door, we might be able to use the grenade to destroy both," Databoard said. "But Anti-Kotua most likely expects something like that, and has something else prepared. But maybe if we used the grenade to take out one of the walls or the floor, we might be able to escape." "If we use the grenade now, we're not going to be able to fight whatever Anti-Kotua has. Even his security cameras have laser machine guns," said Kotua. "Maybe if we get it to come close, Kotua and I get it while you deactivate it?" said Blade. "I guess so, but we don't know its strength, or where its CPU is," said Databoard. "Also, since Anti-Kotua took my tools, I can't even get to its CPU to begin with. And even if I do get to it deactivating it is even harder. Without wirecutters or anything like that, I can't deactivate it without risking getting an electrical shock." "I hate to say it, but we're really trapped," said Kotua. "Don't be negative. I'm sure we'll find a way out. We always do," said Databoard. "Not this time, though," said Blade. "We might be able to escape," Databoard said. "The security cameras have laser right? Maybe we could try to use that to our advantage. We could lure the guard towards one of them, and while it's trying to hit us, we get it to hit the guard by mistake." "Then what do we do about the camera?" Kotua asked. "I guess that's the part where we disable it," Databoard said. "So, if we get the robot guard near us, and in range of the laser camera, maybe we can bust out of here!" said Kotua. "But then what do we do about the camera?" asked Databoard. "We scatter and, while Blade and I distract it, you run towards it and disable it. From that, we can turn it into a gun, and use it as a weapon," said Kotua. "Sounds like a good plan, and it just might work," Databoard said. "Let's see if it does," Blade said. Kotua nodded, and picked up the grenade. He then put it near the cell door, and prepared to set it off. Once he had, the agents headed towards the back of the cell, not wanting to be near the grenade when it went off. The grenade exploded, leaving the cell open. The camera started firing at the agents. Kotua threw the can of noodles at the guard bot, angering it. It hovered towards them and drew its blaster... only to get shot down by the camera. "Now!" said Kotua, scrambling out of cell, followed by Blade and Databoard. Kotua and Blade ran around like crazy, giving the camera a hard time. Databoard picked up the guard bot and used it as a shield as he charged the camera. He reached the camera, and tossed the destroyed remains of the guard robot aside. He began working to try and find a way to deactivate it. "Could you hurry up?" Kotua shouted. "I'm working on it!" Databoard shouted. He opened up the camera, and began looking for how to disable it. He took a sharp piece of metal from the ruined guard robot, and used it to cut a wire in the camera, shutting it off. Kotua and Blade ran towards Databoard. "So... to turn this into a useful gun..." said Kotua, picking it up. A short while later… "Done!" said Kotua, picking up something that looked like a gun. "Good," said Databoard. Kotua walked to the door, and kicked it open. As Kotua and Blade went into the next room, Databoard walked over to the guard robot and looked at it. It had suffered some damage from the security camera laser, but its weapon was still functional. He picked up the guard robot's laser and followed after Kotua and Blade. The three Dino Attack agents ran across the hallway. They found three changing rooms that had their Dino Attack uniforms. "Anti-Kotua has a really sick sense of humor," said Databoard. All agents grabbed their clothes, entered the three separate rooms, and changed back into their uniforms. "All our gear is here," said Kotua, taking out his blaster. "Good," said Blade. Databoard grabbed his laser rifle, tossing aside the stolen blaster. He then grabbed the rest of his gear. "So, what's the plan now?" he asked Kotua and Blade, who had gotten their own weapons and gear as well. "Do we go with Kotua's original plan, or do we just try and get off the Anti-Voltage as fast as we can?" "Let's get the Znap out of here!" said Blade, running off. "You follow Blade, make sure he doesn't get hurt or do something completely dumb," said Kotua. "No way! You might end up doing something dumb, or hurting yourself!" said Databoard. "Yeah, but you have to get the box, and Blade can't deal with Anti-Kotua, not right now in his 'I got to survive' mode," said Kotua. "Alright, I guess it would be better to go after Blade," Databoard said. "Just don't get killed or anything like that." He then rushed off to find Blade fighting off two astrobots. Databoard charged at the astrobots, firing his laser. He quickly defeated them, and they continued down the hallway. ***** Kotua ran the opposite side of the corridor. He knew that the Anti-Voltage was the same as the Voltage location-wise. He ran, when suddenly two Astro-Bots jumped out. Kotua fired at them, destroying them. A camera took aim but was taken down by blasts from Kotua's gun. "Great. I'm not even halfway," said Kotua, running off as more Astro-Bots flew after him... Kotua fired at an Astro-Bot that came down a ladder, destroying it and blocking the way for other Astro-Bots. Kotua then ran down the corridor, and turned to see the doors to the Command Deck. "It's showtime!" said Kotua, busting through the doors. ***** Databoard and Blade continued down a hallway. Blade turned around a corner, only to nearly be hit by a laser from one of the security cameras. Databoard fired his own laser at the camera, destroying it. They then rushed down the corridor before anything else showed up. Databoard and Blade opened the door to find it led to a thin walkway over the hangar. "We're here!" whispered Blade excitedly. Databoard looked closer. The T-1 Typhoon had been painted black. "Somethi-" said Databoard, before being interrupted by somebody grabbing him from behind. Databoard tried kicking the person, but it thrust him into the walkway. Databoard turned to see a ShadowTech agent with orange sunglasses and a black suit. "Nice knowing ya," said Cane, taking out a gun and aiming. Databoard got up, to see Blade take out two ShadowTech soldiers with a single spin kick. Blade ran off to find the weather control room and complete the mission. "Know me?" asked Databoard. "Long story," said Cane. Cane was about to fire at Databoard, but he took out a laser bomb and threw it. The ShadowTech agent let go of Databoard as he ducked to avoid the lasers. Databoard got out of the way as well, and took out his laser. "Obviously, you don't know me well enough," Databoard said. Cane fired his gun, but Databoard dodged it. Cane continued shooting at Databoard, but he had obviously underestimated him. Databoard continued to dodge, and then began firing lasers at the ShadowTech agent. They continued to fight of the walkway, with each trying to defeat the other, but neither was succeeding. Databoard fired another laser at Cane, but he dodged it. "Give up," Cane said, firing at Databoard. "There's no way you can win." "I don't think so!" Databoard said, firing back. They continued to attack each other, still failing to hit the other. Cane fired, nearly hitting Databoard, but he missed by several inches. Databoard fired back, but Cane ducked to avoid the laser. ***** "Okay," Blade said to himself. "All I need to do is find to weather control room and disable the generator. Only problem is, I have no idea where I am." He found a room titled Internet Experiment Lab. "Might as well check this place out," he decided. He entered the lab and called out, "Hello?" There was no reply. "Woah," Blade said as he walked up to a pedestal. There was a small device placed on it, resembling a wristwatch with a small screen instead of a clock. He picked it up and put it on his wrist, and then pushed the power button to turn it on. Blade read the text that appeared on the screen as the device activated: "Cyber Matrix: 35 Programs Loaded." "Huh?" murmured Blade. He scrolled through the 35 programs and saw that they consisted of various techniques and skills, with detailed instructions on how to learn and use them. "Oh, cool, it's like a Constructopedia I can carry around on my wrist!" Another message appeared on the screen: "For optimal performance, please authorize direct interface with user nervous system." He was given options to accept or decline. "Sure, why not?" said Blade, who admittedly did not fully understand what the message meant; it just sounded cool. He pressed the button to allow the direct interface. Then, he winced involuntarily as he felt something like a jolt of static electricity on his wrist. "Connection established. Testing motor functions." Blade found himself giving a thumbs-up. He was not even thinking about doing so, as if it was a subconscious action. Then, he realized that it was not his own consciousness that had compelled him to perform the gesture. "Test successful." ***** The doors opened, and Kotua stopped to look around, blaster ready. No one was there. Odd... this is where I thought I would find him, thought Kotua. "You escaped... and got your gear back... but it's not over yet!" said someone behind him. Kotua turned, and was kicked back. Kotua crashed into the floor. He immediately got up and drew his blaster. "It ends here, Anti-Kotua!" said Kotua. "You really think you can beat me?" said Anti-Kotua. Kotua charged, and fired at Anti-Kotua, who merely raised his hand, revealing a glove. The glove glowed, and sent a blast at Kotua... ***** Hotwire drove towards the Dino Attack tower. Kat, feeling bored, idly switched the radar back on. She jumped when she saw a dozen or so tiny blips careening to the center blip that was the Fire Hammer. "Whoa, look at this," she said. Hotwire glanced over and with a muttered "Drat!" switched to a higher gear and drove faster. "Couldn't we just blow them up?" Kat asked. "No, these Shadow-Blades would have beam shields, so only a nuke, or probably a variable speed beam could defeat them," explained Hotwire. Hotwire drove faster and faster as the Shadow-Blades closed in on them. Hotwire and Kat were nearly back to the tower when the Shadow-Blades attacked. Suddenly two blasts smashed into a Shadow-Blade, one disabling the Beam Blade of the Shadow-Blade, and the other destroying it. Hotwire and Kat turned to see Robo-Blades flying to the rescue. They surrounded the Fire Hammer, and put the power to the Beam Shields. Other Robo-Blades landed and started firing at the Shadow-Blades or activating their Beam Swords. Having destroyed or driven off the Shadow-Blades, the Robo-Blades escorted Hotwire and Kat safely back to the Dino Attack tower outpost. "So... what do we do now? Is there any way to help Blade?" asked Kat. "I'm sure Blade can take care of himself. He's strong, has guts, and is usually armed to the teeth," said Hotwire. "I'm more worried about Kotua. He disappeared before I collided with you in that ShadowTech maze, and might have to confront Anti-Kotua at some point. I know if I had to fight an evil version of myself, I'd lose. But right now, I have something to do that should take our minds off the subject... and a surprise for Blade the next time we see him." Hotwire rummaged around in the Fire Hammer's storage bin and pulled out several shards of whitish metal. Kat realized his plan and grinned. ***** Kotua hit the floor. He got up, and noticed that he was on the opposite side of the Command Deck, apparently teleported by Anti-Kotua's gauntlet. His blaster had fallen to the floor beside Anti-Kotua. Before he could get to the blaster, he was zapped again. Kotua hit the floor again, now disoriented as he was teleported to another part of the deck. As soon as he was back on his feet, he was zapped again. Kotua hit the floor a third time and did not get up, dazed from the rapid teleportation, as Anti-Kotua took out a gun. "I don't think so, Anty!" called a familiar voice. "Huh?" asked Anti-Kotua, turning around. Blade rushed into the room, wielding a laser saber with his left hand. He slashed Anti-Kotua's gun, which fell to the floor in broken pieces. "What the heck?!" said Anti-Kotua. Blade closed his right hand into a fist and sucker-punched Anti-Kotua. "OOF!" grunted Anti-Kotua as he crashed into a pile of boxes. "How'd I do that?" taunted Blade, showing off the device strapped to his wrist. "Looks like this little gadget here knows just what to do!" "THAT'S IT! YOU NEWBIE! ... YOU'RE GOING TO PAY!" screamed Anti-Kotua, firing his gauntlet at Blade and teleporting him away. Blade smashed into a metal railing, stunning him long enough for Anti-Kotua to charge up his gauntlet and then teleport Blade out of the Command Deck. "Now that newb-boy is out of the way..." said Anti-Kotua, taking out two spare guns. "Great..." muttered Kotua, getting up. "Indeed... great!" said Anti-Kotua, kicking Kotua with enough force to send him flying into the Command Center window. Outside the storm was getting more intense. Kotua hit the floor, and got up again. "How about fighting... fair?!" said Kotua. He ran, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and began firing blasts of fire retardant at Anti-Kotua. ***** Blade struggled to get his bearing as he was teleported... and then he realized that he had dropped into the black-painted T-1 Typhoon. "About time!" Blade said, taking aim. He was in the rear gunner's seat. He noticed Databoard and Cane fighting. Blade took aim, and pressed the trigger. To his surprise, only a clicking sound could be heard. "Great...the ammo has been taken out," said Blade. ---- Zero groaned as he searched through the garbage. "Uhhh... What happened? I saw that depressed-looking T-Rex, and now I'm digging through trash on a whim... This had better be worth it!" Zero continued to sift through the trash until he finally found two items of interest. One was an injection needle, still containing trace amounts of a green liquid in the syringe. The other was a bottle with a biohazard label. "Mutant Dino DNA Serum," he said, reading the label aloud. "Huh, that's not something you'd expect to find out here." Zero put the bottle into his bag, deciding to bring it back to base as evidence. Perhaps these were the clues that would solve the mystery. However, deciding it was unwise to carry around an exposed uncapped needle, he gently put it back in the trashcan and intended to come back for it later. Then, Zero remembered the message he received. He wanted to go to Vikings Isle to stop the dinos there, but his Urban Avenger was destroyed again... He needed to find a new vehicle. So, he had to head back to Dino Attack Headquarters. He did not notice the two Mutant T-Rexes watching him as he left. Now that Zero was gone, the female Mutant T-Rex glanced at Rex. She was staring at him very intently. Rex processed what he had just witnessed. He put the facts together in his head. Zero was investigating the site where Amanda was last seen alive, with nothing left but her shredded uniform. He had found something that Dino Attack investigators had not found at the scene before: an empty bottle containing the mutagenic serum discovered by Voltage and his teammates. A serum that somehow had the ability to override minifigure DNA and turn them into Mutant Dinos… Rex's eyes widened in shock. The realization hit him like a bucket of cold water. Now, as he turned to face the female T-Rex, he could only say one name: "A-Amanda?" ---- Kotua kicked Anti-Kotua, sending him into the corridor. "Why, I ought to…!" Anti-Kotua said, raising his gun and firing twice at Kotua. Kotua dodged the blasts, and fired again at Anti-Kotua... Kotua continued pressing the fire extinguisher to release fire retardant, slowing down Anti-Kotua. Eventually the fire extinguisher was empty, and Kotua used it as a club to smack Anti-Kotua. Anti-Kotua grabbed the fire extinguisher and ripped it out of Kotua's hands. "You really have guts... which is why this is the last place you'll ever see!" said Anti-Kotua, kicking Kotua repeatedly. Anti-Kotua kicked Kotua again. Kotua tried to fight back, but Anti-Kotua dodged any kicks or punches Kotua threw. Anti-Kotua kicked Kotua again, and walked off. Kotua slowly got up. He had to take Anti-Kotua down. Kotua ran towards Anti-Kotua and kicked him. Anti-Kotua turned and punched Kotua. Kotua kicked Anti-Kotua, sending him into a door... ***** Deciding neither was about to win anytime soon, Databoard turned and ran down the walkway. He took out a grappling hook and jumped over the side of the walkway. He swung down and began running for the T-1 Typhoon. Cane grabbed the grappling hook and swung down after him. Databoard stopped when he saw ShadowTech soldiers taking out Blade and pointing their guns at him. They wore iron helmets on their heads, and they had breathing apparatuses connected to their backpacks. Their eyes were covered with the same breathing apparatus, and two dark pieces of glass allowed the soldiers to look, but looked dark to others. All their gear was black. They almost looked like robots. Databoard turned to run, but Cane landed and aimed his gun at Databoard. "What are you going to do now, Dan?" asked Cane. Dan? Databoard thought. How does this guy know my name? "Well, what are you going to do?" Cane asked. "Just... this!" Databoard shouted, and quickly knocked the gun from his hand. He then rushed away as Cane picked up his gun. As he did, Databoard fired his laser at him, but Cane was able to dodge it. "You really want to test my patience, don't you?" said Cane. Databoard fired again, but the ShadowTech agent dodged the blast. "Give up, Dan, or your friend here will cease to live," said Cane. "I'll give up if you let him go!" said Databoard. "Be reasonable, Dan. There is nowhere to go for help. All we're waiting is for you to give up," said Cane. "Who are you?" asked Databoard. "Who am I!? Who am I!? You don't recognize me!?" shouted Cane. Oops... wrong question, thought Databoard. Databoard looked around. He would have to find some way to rescue Blade and stop this person at the same time. He fired at Cane, who once again dodged it. "Just give up, Dan!" he shouted. Databoard continued to think of a plan. If he was going to do something, he would have to do it fast. "Face it, Dan; ever since MSO, your skills have lowered. It's not the same... Give up now!" said Cane. How does this guy know all this? Databoard thought, confused by this person's knowledge of him. "Alright, Dan, time is running out," Cane said. "Give up now, or your friend over there dies." Databoard looked at the two soldiers aiming at Blade. He might be able to take out one with a laser, but the other could just as easily fire at Blade while he was doing that. So, he would have to think of something else. Okay, thought Blade. Time to put this new Cyber Matrix to the test. While the two ShadowTech men were distracted by Databoard talking to Cane, Blade jumped next to the T-1 Typhoon. The men fired at him. Blade quickly ducked behind the cover of the T-1 Typhoon. Alright, time to see if this can provide anything useful in getting rid of these guys, thought Blade. He scrolled through the programs until he found one that seemed perfect for the situation. Following its instructions, he pulled a plug out from the T-1 Typhoon, modified it slightly, and pointed it at the ShadowTech soldiers. It produced a bolt of electricity. They both got electrocuted and passed out. "Cool," said Blade. Six mechanical ninjas jumped in front of Blade. "Now, what the heck are you guys supposed to be?" asked Blade. "We're ShadowTech Robo-Ninjas, here to defeat you," said one of the ninjas. "Okay…" Blade said slowly. "Well, this is random!" "Ninja Star Assault!" said Robo-Ninja 1. It started throwing several shuriken at Blade. Ducking behind cover, Blade scrolled through the Cyber Matrix programs again until he found one that seemed appropriate: 42 Extraordinary Things That Can Be Done With An Ordinary Hammer. Grabbing a hammer from a toolbox, he said, "Now you're asking for it!" and then swung the hammer at Robo-Ninja 1, smashing it. "Explosion Star!" said Robo-Ninja 2, throwing another shuriken at Blade. Blade deflected the shuriken with the hammer and sent it flying back towards the robot. The shuriken nailed Robo-Ninja 2 in the head, and the resulting explosion sent its parts flying everywhere. Blade went on the offense. He whacked Robo-Ninja 3's head off, which collided with Robo-Ninja 4 and deactivated both of them. Then, he whacked Robo-Ninja 5 down through the floor. Robo-Ninja 6 eyed Blade as he salvaged pieces from Robo-Ninja 3 and used the Cyber Matrix to assemble a makeshift flamethrower. "Let's see if you can't take the heat," said Blade, just before engulfing Robo-Ninja 6 in flames and disintegrating the bot. ---- "There is, however, one small piece of good fortune," reported Bogart. "While they were otherwise very thorough in covering their tracks and leaving no surviving witnesses, they neglected to disable to the outpost's security cameras. We caught our murderers on film, at least." With that, the private detective handed over the disk, containing a backup of the security footage, to Dino Attack leader Specs. "Thank you, Bogart," said Specs. "That will be all." As the hired detective left the office, Specs took the disk and put it into the computer on his desk. The other three founding agents – Digger, Shadow, and Viper – gathered around to watch the screen as well. "Time to see who the villains of the week are this time," murmured Specs. "ShadowTech? ESG? Shadows? Beta Force? Minifig Hunters? … Raptors Gang?" Viper sighed. "Who'd have thought that, with so many scaly monsters to kill, us Minifigs would spend so much time fighting ourselves instead?" "Dinosaurs are 'wow' enough," commented Digger. "I don't know why we need so many other enemies to fill a void that isn't there." "The world is an unstable power vacuum right now," muttered Shadow. "Everyone sees the Dino Attack as an opportunity to fill it." Specs fast-forwarded through the recorded footage until he received the approximate time that the S.O.S. had been sent out. He watched the video as Dino Attack agents stationed at the outpost were bracing for a fight, running around the room and grabbing weapons, and elite agent Nails was valiantly organizing the defense. Even so, they were not ready in time when the lights went out. When the backup lights came on a few seconds later, casting the room with red illumination, there was now a tall figure standing in the room, armored in a pitch-black exosuit with what appeared to be a long black cape (although, in the grainy video footage, it almost looked like bat wings). As Nails gave her order, the Dino Attack soldiers fired their weapons at the newcomer, but he simply shrugged off the barrage as his cybernetic armor shielded him. Although the Dino Attack agents were brave, they were simply outclassed by their foe. The villain laughed dramatically before raising his right hand and snapping his fingers, signaling to his three followers to enter the room. They all wore black cloaks, making the four of them standing together look like a sinister cult. The first appeared to be a medieval knight clad in dark armor; the second had a pair of bright red glowing hooks emerging from the cuffs of his sleeves; and the third had arms and legs that were entirely robotic. In one hand, the dark knight swung a flail that fired laser beams in every direction, striking numerous Dino Attack agents and knocking them down. As they struggled to recover, the knight rushed in and slashed with a wicked-looking sword. The hook-handed man fired special pistols designed to be equipped by his hooks, while the man with robot limbs sprayed fire from his hands like a pair of miniature flamethrowers. They moved quickly and efficiently, dispatching Dino Attack agents left and right with ease. The Dino Attack agents fought valiantly, but they were overwhelmed by the coordinated attack. In the end, the room was littered with the bodies of fallen soldiers, just as the rescue team had reported. There was just one survivor: elite agent Nails. She was wounded and lying on the floor, but still alive. She might have escaped if only the villains' boss, the one in the exosuit, had not looked right at her. As he walked slowly and menacingly towards her, one step at a time for full dramatic effect to intimidate her, she raised a gun and fired at him in one last act of defiance, but her efforts were just as fruitless as before. He reached down, grabbed her by the neck, and lifted her struggling body into the air. That was when the man with the robot limbs pointed directly at the security camera, turning the boss's attention towards it. The boss paused for a second, and then he approached the camera while still holding onto Nails. He got in close, wanting to make sure her face was visible in the video feed. This elite agent was known for being tough and unyielding, but now even her eyes betrayed the terror of someone who knew she was about to die and was powerless to stop it. The villain's own face could not be seen through the exosuit's helmet, but he surely must have been smiling sadistically as he gently caressed his hostage's check… and then snapped her neck. He dropped her lifeless body on the floor like a broken toy that he had grown bored of. Laughing, the four villains exited the outpost. Sickened by what he just witnessed, Specs shook his head. He had never met these four individuals, but they matched the descriptions in the report written by elite agents Rex and Zero. "As I feared," he murmured. "It's the Foundation of Unstoppable Terror and Ultimate Ruthless Evil… FUTURE." ---- Kotua ran into the room where he had kicked his alternate universe counterpart... to find a map room. Anti-Kotua was on the floor next to some sort of giant compass, with a neon rock inside of it, pointing a light towards the southwest. "Seems you're stronger than I anticipated," said Anti-Kotua. Kotua tried kicking Anti-Kotua again, but Anti-Kotua grabbed Kotua's foot and forced him onto the floor. "Ow," muttered Kotua. Kotua punched Anti-Kotua, sending him back. Kotua kicked Anti-Kotua, sending him out the map room. Kotua then ran out the room after him, and kicked him again. They continued fighting until they reached a walkway over a hangar in the Anti-Voltage. Kotua then kicked him again. Anti-Kotua grabbed him, and threw him off the walkway. Kotua managed to hold onto the walkway. Anti-Kotua raised his foot, and prepared to squash Kotua's fingers until he let go... ***** More ShadowTech soldiers rushed in, and fired tranquilizers at Blade, making him fall asleep. Cane turned to face Databoard, and received a kick at the face. Databoard ran over him and pushed a soldier that had run towards him to confront him. Another soldier rushed up to Databoard, but he grabbed the soldier by the neck and punched him until the lenses on his breathing apparatus broke. Databoard then ran towards the barely-conscious Blade and lifted him up. He turned to see more soldiers had rushed in, and were surrounding him. "You shouldn't have kicked me, Dan. But then again, you did do things to disappoint me," said Cane. Databoard looked around. He had been cornered into a wall. All the soldiers had breathing apparatus, making Databoard wonder why ALL of them had them. The soldiers came closer, taking slow steps, loading their guns, and taking aim... all slowly... ---- Magma called his new vehicle the Sea Wolf. It was a large, fighting machine, with four sets of wings, a large torpedo tail, a cargo bay, and covered in weaponry. Its 'head' featured a cockpit, with several chambers in the mainframe. Magma hopped onboard, and flew off to find the Iron Hammer. Magma, Shark, Sting, Flash, Icicle, and Eye all gathered onboard the briefing room in the Iron Hammer. A communication array was transmitting recent commands from Viper: "A massive Dino invasion has just occurred. More Mutant Dinos then we have seen before have invaded the castle coves and kingdoms. What's worse, two armies are engaged in war at the same time." All the agents understood what Viper wanted. Sting walked onto the command deck, and sat down in the cockpit. The Iron Hammer shot away towards Castle Cove. When the craft landed, Magma and the other agents got into their normal vehicles. A heavily armed group of Lion Knights charged at a group of Dragon Knights. The Lions were winning, until the Dragon Knights brought up a cage, and a Mutant Raptor came out. Magma fired his Sonic Screamer, sending the Raptor flying at the Dragon Knights. The Lion Knights army chased them. Flash used the time to net the raptor. The Dino Attack agents defeated the Mutant Raptor, but more Dinos were in the area. Lion Knights were fighting Dragon Knights and Dinos, Dragon Knights were fighting Lion Knights and Dinos, the Dinos were fighting knights and Dino Attack, and Dino Attack was only fighting the Dinos. In other words, it was mass chaos. Magma's thin patience had expired. With some assistance from a nearby catapult, he jumped onto a tall rock in the middle of everything. He took some heavy-powered sonic grenades, and activated them. Immediately, the battle stopped. "If you fools would stop fighting for a minute and help defeat these Dinos, it would be a lot better off!" he shouted. So began the alliance of the Lion and Dragon Kingdoms against the Dinosaurs. When the Dinos were finished off, the battle between the Lion Knights and the Dragon Knights resumed again. Shark said, "Let's get out of here!" All obliged, driving for the Iron Hammer. Sting jumped into the pilot room, and they took off. Then, many Pteranodons flew down, electrocuting the craft. Turrets rose from the Iron Hammer, firing on Pteranodons. Orb Bombers took off, aiding in the fight. ---- At that moment, a loud BOOM could be heard. Anti-Kotua turned, surprised. Kotua swung himself and went up, sending his feet into Anti-Kotua and pushing him off, while Kotua landed on the walkway. "I won't give you any mercy because of your evil actions... and I know no jail cell could contain you forever..." said Kotua, kicking Anti-Kotua until he let go... ***** Databoard (carrying the half-conscious Blade) ran as the ShadowTech soldiers ran after him. He had dropped a smoke bomb with sound, making it seem like a bomb, and giving him time to run! Blade woke up. "What happened?" he wondered. "You got hit with tranquilizers," replied Databoard, who was still running and still carrying Blade. "I see," said Blade. "There are ShadowTech soldiers chasing us!" said Databoard. "Think of something!" Blade scrolled through the programs on the Cyber Matrix until he found a program called the Dino Attack RPG Player's Guide. "Hmm. According to this, Shadow-Blades have Beam Shield capabilities, which cancel out everything except nukes, VSLG, and Lightsabers. And they have 215 HP." What? Does he think this is a game? thought Databoard. "I said ShadowTech, not Shadow-Blade!" he snapped. "And if that is all your little gadget does, then WE'RE GONNA DIE!" "Hang on," said Blade. "Stop running. I have a plan." Databoard came to a stop. Blade flew out of his hands and landed a few feet in front of him. "Care to share this plan?" asked Databoard. "Do you know what happens to a ShadowTech soldier that gets blasted with a Laser Cannon?" inquired Blade. "Err, no, what?" "The same thing that happens to everything else!" proclaimed Blade. "Dude, that line sucks," groaned Databoard. Blade shrugged. "Whatever. Just distract them while I whip up some Cyber goodies." Several ShadowTech soldiers fired at Databoard, but he turned and fired back. They took cover and continued to fire. Cane leapt out at him as well, firing his gun. "Give up, Dan!" he shouted. "You can't run forever!" "Just watch me!" Databoard shouted back. He pulled out a small canister and tore it open, sending up a cloud of smoke into the man's face. While he was distracted by this, Databoard turned and ran towards the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard arrived at the hangar, along with Blade. They got into the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard got into the cockpit, while Blade got in the rear gunner's station. Blade then remembered the ammo, and switched the rear gun's ammo to laser. Databoard prepared to take off, when several of the ShadowTech soldiers arrived and started firing at them. Blade began firing the rear gun at them, and several of the soldiers were hit by lasers. But the others were able to dodge the lasers, and continued shooting at the T-1 Typhoon. ***** Kotua ran down the corridor, avoiding the armed security cameras and Astro-Bots. Suddenly, ShadowTech soldiers surrounded him. "What do we have here?" said Cane. "Don't you ever have enough of me?" asked Kotua. "No... but right now, I'm more interested in your pal Dan," said Cane. "Really..." said Kotua, reaching for something in his pocket. "I wouldn't suggest it," said Cane. "I would," said Kotua, taking out a smoke bomb and activating it. "Fire!" said Cane. Kotua ducked as the soldiers opened fire, trying to kill him. Kotua took out his PDA, and wrote a message to Blade and Databoard: ANTI-KOTUA IS GONE...WEATHER STILL BAD...DON'T GO OUTSIDE! AGENT KOTUA He continued running as ShadowTech soldiers ran after him, followed by Astro-Bots. Kotua continued running until he ended up in the map room. He immediately closed the door, and looked around. He reached for the neon rock in the compass thing. To his surprise, it was hot. Kotua grabbed the stone, and turned. There was no way for him to go... except up. ***** Databoard read Kotua's message. It doesn't seem like we're going anywhere anyway, thought Databoard as more ShadowTech soldiers entered the hangar. Blade continued to fire at the soldiers, but they continued to evade the lasers. Several soldiers fired lasers at the cockpit, missing it by inches. "Great," said Blade. "We're outnumbered and out of options." Then, the ship started shaking. "What now?" A computer voice said: "Approaching Destination. All personal please report to Hangar Bay 6." More soldiers ran inside, and began firing. Databoard pulled out several laser bombs and threw them out of the T-1 Typhoon at the soldiers. They exploded, sending laser bolts flying in every direction. Several of the soldiers were hit by the lasers, while other ran for cover, still firing lasers at the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard looked around. There were still many ShadowTech soldiers firing at them. Suddenly he heard a THUD. He looked outside, to find Kotua had dropped down from the air ducts, and broken his fall by throwing some soft stuff before jumping. "Good to see you alive again," said Databoard jokingly. The ShadowTech soldiers continued to fire at them. Databoard tossed another laser bomb at the soldiers, who quickly rushed away to avoid the lasers. However, several were hit by lasers, decreasing the numbers of attacking soldiers. Blade fired at some of the soldiers, defeating several of them. Kotua showed Databoard the neon crystal. "I wonder why Anti-Kotua would have this stone..." said Kotua. "The thing I wonder is why the man with the orange glasses knows me," said Databoard. Databoard look out his laser rifle, and began firing at the ShadowTech soldiers. They ducked to avoid the lasers, but several were hit. Meanwhile, Blade fired the rear gun, and several soldiers were hit by lasers. However, there were still many soldiers, and they were slowly surrounding the T-1 Typhoon. "I think that stone is the reason for the weather," said Blade. "What?!" said Kotua. "Well, it's simple, Kotua. The Anti-Voltage is surrounded by the bad weather, but it's completely unaffected. The stone is generating the storm and is the only way to safely pass through," explained Blade. Kotua was skeptical. "Right. Sorry, Blade, if I don't believe this one." "Alright... I say we give it a chance!" insisted Blade. "I don't want to trust a stone to stop the weather, but if we don't get out soon, we're going to be prisoners of ShadowTech," said Databoard. "Well, the hangar doors are closed," said Kotua. "We're going to have to blast our way through... simple, really," said Databoard, pressing a few buttons. The frontal cannon slowly came out of the bottom front of the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard took aim, and began firing at the hangar door. Databoard blasted at the hangar doors repeatedly, trying to blow a hole in them big enough for the T-1 Typhoon to get through. Meanwhile, the ShadowTech soldiers continued to fire at them, and Kotua and Blade fired back at them. Databoard continued to fire at the hangar doors. Kotua took out a small device and flung it at the ShadowTech soldiers. It hit the ground behind them and exploded, electrocuting many of the soldiers. Databoard continued firing, and activated the side pods of the T-1 Typhoon to help blast the doors. The hangar doors were starting to take on damage from the constant barrage. The ShadowTech soldiers continued to fire, but their numbers had been greatly decreased by Kotua's device. Databoard fired some more, and was starting to make a hole in the hangar doors. Kotua took out the same device, and flung it. This time ShadowTech soldiers spread out, making only two soldiers fall victim to the device. Kotua took out a third one, made some modifications, and then he flung it. It exploded, claiming more soldiers and destroying any remaining Shadow-Blades that had been used as cover. "I'm through! Let's go!" said Databoard, piloting the T-1 Typhoon away and into the storm. The T-1 Typhoon flew off, leaving the ShadowTech soldiers to rest, somewhat. One of them took out a radio. "Sir, they got away," said the soldier. "What!? Well... tell the Elite Team to report to the Command Deck, and tell the others to get into battle positions!" said Cane. "Yes, Sir!" said the soldier, shutting off the radio, and getting up to inform the soldiers of the orders... ---- Zonic jumped in his Steel Sprinter, muttering under his breath, "Time to blast some Dino scum." After finishing off a gaggle of Mutant Lizards, Zonic walked into a now-ruined building. "This place is a dump..." he muttered as he walked near an elevator door. He heard a loud whirring noise as the elevator started to descend to his level. Fearing it was a Mutant Lizard, or worse, a Raptor, he ran out of the building and loaded a rocket into his launcher. Zonic drove his Steel Sprinter to an abandoned warehouse where Mutant Lizards have been seen. He parked his Sprinter, loaded his rocket launcher, and went inside. He whispered, "MegaBloks!" as he saw not a Lizard, but a full-grown Mutant Raptor. Without thinking, Zonic fired five rockets at the raptor. "Let's see you try to eat this!" Zonic shouted. The Raptor was too agile and dodged all of them. Desperately trying to reload his launcher in time, he didn't see the Raptor running right towards him. The Raptor knocked Zonic into a wall. As he felt a drop of blood trickle down his forehead, he slipped into unconsciousness. The last thing he heard was a Raptor's roar and a sonic emitter opening fire... ---- Databoard flew through the storm. The high winds made it hard to pilot, but it was nothing he couldn't fly though. The rain reduced the visibility, however, and made it harder to see where he was going. He nearly flew into the side of a nearby building, but was able to steer away from it at the last second. The storm worsened even more, pulling the T-1 Typhoon into the eye of the storm. Databoard maneuvered out of it, but it eventually pulled the T-1 Typhoon in. Suddenly a blast hit near the T-1 Typhoon, and the blast was quickly absorbed into the eye. "We have to move out of the eye, or one blast might hit us!" said Kotua. "I know!" said Databoard. Databoard began to maneuver the T-1 Typhoon away, but it was hard in such high winds. He was pushing the craft to its limits, trying to get out of the storm. The helicopter was slowly being pulled back in, but Databoard continued trying to fly out. The T-1 Typhoon slowly began moving away from the storm's eye... Suddenly, the small crystal Kotua held began to glow, and a small section opened in the eye of the hurricane. The crystal emitted a light, which pointed into the small section. "I think were supposed to go in," said Kotua. "I'm sure of that..." muttered Databoard, piloting the T-1 Typhoon towards the small section. Suddenly, blasts flew over and under the helicopter. "Looks like the Anti-Voltage is still flying." "I don't doubt it," said Kotua. Databoard continued trying to fly towards the small opening in the storm, but trying to maneuver towards it was hard. Avoiding the blasts being fired was just as hard. He continued to fly the T-1 Typhoon through the storm, trying to get to the small opening. Unfortunately, the storm made it hard to do that. Kotua watched as the Anti-Voltage fired multiple blasts again, nearly hitting the T-1 Typhoon. Since the craft was still too far, they were out of range of Blade's counterfire. Blade was oddly calm as he said, "Don't worry. I have a felling the ship will be stopping..." Explosions could be heard from the Anti-Voltage. "… Now." "What did you do?" asked Kotua. "I set up a bomb in the gas chamber," explained Blade. "You sly fox!" said Databoard. "Thank goodness for that," said Kotua. "You're welcome," said Blade. The helicopter continued as the Anti-Voltage flew off. The helicopter continued until they reached the eye of the storm, which was big enough to contain a city. They landed on a small patch of grass. Inside the eye, it was calm. The sun shined through. However, the dark clouds of the hurricane surrounded the land. "I think I have an idea where we are," said Blade. "Okay. Shoot," said Databoard. "We're on Voya Nui." "What makes you say that?" asked Kotua. Blade pointed. "I see a Piraka fighting a Raptor," he claimed, but Databoard and Kotua did not see anything. Kotua waved his hand over Blade's eyes. "And there's a donut stand too!" said Blade, running off into the ruins. "What's with him?" asked Kotua. "He was hit with tranquilizers earlier... I think it's some sort of side-effect," said Databoard, walking after Blade. "Oh boy. I remember the last time someone lost it," said Kotua, following Databoard. "I wonder whether Frozeen remembers..." said Databoard. "Alright we should go after Blade, before he hurts himself. And then we work on getting out of here." Kotua nodded, and they headed off to get Blade. As they followed him, Databoard was wondering who that sunglasses-wearing man on the Anti-Voltage was, and why he knew so much about him. Kotua looked around. Although the place was now in ruins, there could still be a lot to tell of what the place was like. It seemed lowtech, as there were no telephones in sight, or anything, other than buildings, buildings, and more buildings. "Hey guys! There's donuts!" said Blade, obviously still under the side-effects of the tranquilizers. Kotua walked into a building as Databoard held off Blade from jumping into a "pool" which was really a hole. Kotua took out his flashlight, and looked around. There was a lightbulb. He looked around for a switch, and turned the lights on. It was a hotel. There were elevators. So the people who lived here, if any, weren't low tech, thought Kotua. ***** Cane watched the storm, tinted through his orange sunglasses. "There is no way to make it with this damaged craft," said a ShadowTech soldier. "If we make it through, get those Dino Attack agents, and head back to base, I'll quadruple your salaries," said Cane. When the soldiers heard that, they began working hard, trying to fix the damages, and moving closer to the eye of the hurricane. The path that had opened for Databoard, Kotua, and Blade had now closed, meaning that the soldiers would have to brave it... ---- "I-I'm so sorry," Rex stammered, "I didn't know. I… I thought you were…" Amanda smiled gently, accepting the apology. She rubbed up against his neck and nuzzled him with her snout, indicating that she was just happy to be reunited with him. Rex was so relieved that she was alive, he could not help smiling. He returned the gesture, which was probably as close as two T-Rexes could get to hugging one another. "I'm just so happy that you're alright," he said. But then, Amanda's smile faded away. She glanced back at the police station where her uniform was found, and she sighed heavily. While Rex had embraced his true form, Amanda did not belong as a T-Rex. No, she was not alright in this state. "Was it FUTURE that did this?" asked Rex, suspecting that he already knew the answer. Amanda responded with a nod, and there was visible pain in her eyes. She had been overpowered by FUTURE, and she did not like the vulnerability and helplessness of being their victim. "Why would they do this to you?" wondered Rex. Amanda silently opened and closed her mouth, and then she shook her head. "Of course," realized Rex. "Finister said that they couldn't interrogate you, so they had to come up with something cruel: turning you into the enemy of Dino Attack. They counted on you going feral and killing your own teammates… or else your teammates killing you because you couldn't tell them who you really are." Rex remembered reading the reports. Axel and Snake of Spades were both turned into vicious monsters when exposed to the serum, having completely lost their own identities as they gave into the urges to destroy. And yet, Amanda remained herself, even in this transformed state. It's as if she already knows how to control her inner demons, he thought to himself. ---- By now, Blade's side effects had worn off, meaning that he was confused how he got from the Anti-Voltage to the eye of a storm. Databoard explained it as Kotua checked the buildings. "I haven't found anything that would help Anti-Kotua... I wonder why he wanted to get here," said Kotua. "Maybe because there isn't anything here. Not anymore, at least. Maybe this is where the crystal came from, and then Anti-Kotua took it to create that storm... I mean, only those with the crystal could get through, so that means that nobody could destroy him inside the hurricane. And now, we're returning the crystal to its original location, but that's all just speculation on my part," said Databoard Kotua continued walking. The crystal had stopped shining as brightly, and now had only a faint light. "Interesting," said Kotua. "What's interesting?" asked Databoard. "The light of the crystal stopped shining," said Kotua. "I say we get the Znap out of here before something comes out," said Databoard. "I say we look for food," said Kotua. "Yeah. I am sort of hungry, now that you mention it," said Databoard. "I'm sleepy," said Blade. Kotua, Databoard, and Blade continued walking, until they found a restaurant. Kotua looked in the kitchen, and found a refrigerator, still running. He opened it, and found some drinks, mostly sodas, but there was also water and various others. "There's some stuff here to drink," said Kotua, closing the fridge to look for some glasses. He found some on a cabinet. "On second thought, I'll remain awake," said Blade, taking one of the glasses, taking out a soda from the fridge, and serving himself some. "Don't you check to see if they're past their expiration date?" asked Databoard. "I did. They're fine. I took some chemistry. I know they're okay," said Kotua "Well..." Databoard said as Kotua looked for some food. "What if the people here find us eating their stuff?" "We'll explain and try to make it up to them. Not breaking stuff would help, too," said Kotua, taking out some bread from a machine. "This civilization seems to have found a way to make sure food doesn't go spoiled." After getting out the food, and eating, Blade fell asleep... on the table. "I guess all that fighting got to him," said Databoard. "Well, at least nothing bad is happening," said Kotua. ---- Zonic woke up in a familiar place: a Dino Attack outpost. The fact that the dinos hadn't found the location didn't surprise him; only about four inches of this facility was above ground, while most of it was underground. Rip, the facility's medic and weapons tester, said: "You're lucky the Raptor didn't kill ya. And we were lucky to pull you out in time. Especially with our... startling discovery." Zonic replied, "Um... what startling discovery are you talking about?" Rip told Zonic, "We have discovered a new breed of mutant dino; we call it a X-Rex. It's twice as big as a T-Rex and twice as mean. Oh, and it's invincible to normal weapons. But we have been working on a new type of weapon. We call it a SuperRocket Launcher. Sorry for the clichéd name, but it is far more powerful than a normal rocket launcher and we predict it could take down a X-Rex." "Interesting, very interesting..." Zonic muttered. An hour later, Rip went to check on Zonic only to find him missing. He ran throughout the outpost but could not find him. "Zonic? ZONIC? Where could he be...?" Rip shouted. There was only one room Rip hadn't checked: the prototype weapons room. He opened the door, and he saw two of the four SuperRocket Launchers were gone... ---- Suddenly, the ground slightly shook as the sound of an explosion could be heard. "Did you feel that?" asked Kotua. "Barely," said Databoard. "I think we've got company. Blade!" said Kotua, shaking Blade. "Wha-" said Blade. "Let's go! We need to get to the T-1 in case it's ShadowTech," said Kotua. "Oh..." said Blade, getting fully alert. The three agents ran towards the T-1 Typhoon, only to find that the spot where they had landed the helicopter had crumbled away, taking the vehicle with it! Suddenly, the ground shook slightly and another small explosion could be heard. Kotua ran towards the edge of the land. There was more land below, where the Anti-Voltage was. They were busy busting some doors open with explosives, and by chance not realized that Kotua, Blade, and Databoard were watching them. The soldiers were all wearing the breathing apparatus. "What's with that?" asked Databoard, pointing to the devices. "I don't know. The breathing apparatus is only used when there is gas around, which there isn't," said Kotua. He took out his PDA to warn the others, but to his surprise, there was no signal. "I guess we're on our own." ---- Zonic saw it. The X-Rex. It towered above the skyscrapers. He hadn't seen anything like it before. Grabbing the two SuperRocket Launchers he had "borrowed" from Rip, he ran towards the building nearest the X-Rex. When he got to the roof, he saw the great beast's head. "Hey, you! Slime brain!" Zonic shouted. The X-Rex turned its head towards Zonic and roared. The force of its roar almost knocked Zonic backwards. Aiming the two SuperRocket Launchers at the beast's head, Zonic uttered a phrase from one of his favorite movies, a movie like one he'd watch before the War. Clutching the trigger, Zonic shouted, "Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?" That's when Zonic noticed the storm above. Odd... thought Zonic. Suddenly a T-1 Typhoon fell right in front of him, severing the SuperRocket launchers! "D'oh!" said Zonic. Zonic would not let this X-Rex get away. He ran down to the street and fired at the X-Rex's torso. The rockets found their target, and the X-Rex fell to the ground, creating a crater. Zonic looked up at the sky. "That's a mighty big storm if ever I saw one." he commented. As Zonic parked his Steel Sprinter in the garage of the underground outpost, Rip ran up to him. "Where have you been?" Rip shouted. Zonic replied, "I killed it. It's dead." "The X-Rex?" asked Rip. "Yessiree bob," said Zonic. Rip worriedly looked at Zonic. "Well, there's a problem. There's two more X-Rexes. And more bad news. You know your two kids, Megan and Tre? Well, we have a video recording of them getting ripped to shreds by a pack of lizards. I think Megan must have left something behind and forgot to bring it when the city was evacuated, so she must've gone back for it." Zonic punched the wall in anger. "Builder dang it, Rip, too many people are dying in this war! We have to end it now!" he shouted. "Well, what should we do?" Rip said. Zonic replied, "We have to take the fight... to the nest. Get a Fire Hammer ready." ***** Hotwire and Kat had finished welding the metal shards when they felt tremors in the ground. They hopped into the Fire Hammer and drove toward the source of the tremors. Once at the site, they saw what appeared to be a giant T-Rex lying on the ground near a crashed T-1 Typhoon. And beside the T-1 Typhoon, Hotwire and Kat saw two figures leaving. ***** Out of an opening in the mostly underground outpost, a Fire Hammer screamed out. "That storm's getting a little too close for comfort!" Rip shouted over the hum of the helicopter. In an almost panicky voice, Zonic said, "Don't worry." Zonic sat down in one of the Fire Hammer's chairs. "Are you alright?" Rip shouted. Zonic replied, "It's my kids. I can't stop thinking about them. Them just... gone." Rip sighed and said, "A lot of men lost their families in this war. I lost mine..." After a moment of silence, Zonic said, "Pull up, the storm's right ahead." Rip shouted, "I can't, we're being sucked in!" As Rip lost control of the Fire Hammer, it smashed into a wall. Zonic, Rip and the two pilots crawled out of the Fire Hammer and surveyed the damage. "It doesn't look too bad," said Rip. "I might be able to get this up and running by tomorrow. Let's get to work." As they walked near the engine, Rip stopped in his tracks. "What is it?" Zonic inquired. "The modulator..." replied Rip, "we can't get this thing running without it. It must have fallen off when we were sucked in by the storm." Grabbing a Rocket Launcher and an AK-47 machine gun, Zonic calmly said, "I'll find it. Wait here." ---- "This is the third reported incident this month," muttered Specs, "and yet we're no closer to catching these sons of MegaBloks. I fear that they might be our greatest threat at the moment." Digger skeptically raised an eyebrow. "These guys? They're dangerous, sure, but our 'greatest threat'? Given everything else out there, I find that a little hard to believe." "Especially with the Mutant Dinos," grumbled Shadow. "Need I remind you that's why we're here in the first place? FUTURE is nothing more than a brief distraction. A nuisance." "That 'nuisance' just killed a whole outpost of Dino Attack agents," Viper pointed out. "It was like a scene out of a horror movie!" "This is war," Shadow said gruffly. "Every single one of our enemies is killing our agents. FUTURE isn't as significant as ShadowTech or the Shadows, hardly amounting to more than a thorn in our side. Their attacks are random, with no clear goal or motivation. What makes them so special?" "True," said Specs, "FUTURE doesn't have the resources of ShadowTech or the forces of the Shadows, nor are they our primary target like the Mutant Dinos. But, they have the most powerful weapon of all." He tapped the side of his head. "Knowledge." Viper stifled a giggle. "Really? That sounded like some cheesy slogan for a DUPLO school library." "Don't smirk, Viper," Specs said sternly, "I'm being dead serious. FUTURE has invaluable knowledge about the Dino Attack that no one else has. If Rex and Zero's report is accurate, then FUTURE has come back in time from a future where we have already won, and their goal is to steal our victory from us. They know how history plays out. They know what it takes for us to win. And now, they are using that knowledge to sabotage our victory and change history before it happens. They are using our own futures against us, and we don't even know it." Silence fell over the founding members as they considered what Specs said. "Can they even do that?" Digger wondered aloud. "Change history, I mean. If time is set in stone, then their efforts may be futile." "You mean like those sci-fi stories," suggested Viper, "where you go back in time to change the past, but it turns out you already went back in time, so you already changed the past?" "A stable time loop," murmured Specs. Shadow solemnly shook his head. "No, it's not a stable time loop. It's possible to change the past… it's already happened before." "What?" gasped Digger, who almost sounded excited by the possibility. "When? How?" "I once read a highly-classified Alpha Team report," explained Shadow. "The entire team was killed by Ogel during Mission Deep Freeze… but a lone surviving agent, Frozeen, went back in time and prevented that from happening. If one Alpha Team agent can change history for the better, then four villains are certainly capable of changing it for the worse. It's one of the reasons why Hypno Disks were declared illegal." "Then it is exactly as I feared," sighed Specs. "To us, FUTURE's attacks may seem random and inconsequential, but I've been kept awake at night wondering if they might spell our doom somewhere down the line. They're probably targeting agents who played a significant role in the original timeline, and we don't even always know what it is that they did in the original timeline! At least… not until it's too late." Specs placed a file on his desk. "Agent Connors," he reported. "She was assigned to assist agents Rev Raptor and Sereve in tracking down the mad scientist Jecht 'Landro' Raptor. But, she was terminated by FUTURE before she got there… now, both Rev and Sereve are dead." He placed another file on top of Connors' file. "Agent MacFly. He was delivering a vital report containing pertinent intel about Chaos, which could have potentially ended the Kotua crisis much sooner. FUTURE made sure the report was erased… along with MacFly himself." Another file. "Agent Remous. I was planning on sending him and Claw on a special mission investigating Mutant Dino activity in the Goo Caverns. Instead, he's missing and presumed dead after attempting to pursue one of FUTURE's members, and I've lost my opportunity to send another squad in their place since Ogel just recently doubled the Goo Caverns' defenses." Specs rubbed his brow as he sighed in frustration, looking wistfully out the window to the ruined city skyline beyond. "Now," he whispered, "that video is going to haunt me forever. FUTURE was surely taunting us in the end; they want us to know that they are five steps ahead of us. And we will never know why elite agent Wanda 'Nails' Nielsen was so important that she had to die." ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  4. Chapter 13: Cane's Labyrinth ---- Kotua and Hotwire drove through the city, when two Mutant T-Rexes stepped in front of the Fire Hammer. Hotwire reached to activate his repulsorlifts, but Kotua stopped him, and pressed the brake with his foot. "What was that for?" asked Hotwire. "If we jumped, they would have managed to bite us," said Kotua. Hotwire drove in reverse as the Mutant T-Rexes came running towards them, obviously hungry for human minifigs. Kotua climbed back out, activated the targeting system of the Fire Hammer, and began firing from the back weapons. Hotwire turned the steering wheel and the Fire Hammer spun. It stopped facing the opposite side, and Hotwire set the vehicle from its reverse to drive. The Mutant T-Rexes were close behind. Kotua turned the missile launcher, and fired the stun missiles, dazzling one of the Mutant T-Rexes. The Fire Hammer continued on as the other Mutant T-Rex continued chasing him. Kotua fired more missiles, but the Mutant T-Rex dodged them and sent a nuclear blast after them. "Turn!" screamed Kotua. "I know!" responded Hotwire. Hotwire spun the steering wheel, and the Fire Hammer turned and went into another street, leaving it safe from the nuclear blast. The Mutant T-Rex chased after the Fire Hammer and launched another nuclear blast. "We need to bring it down... but our missiles are too slow," muttered Kotua. Hotwire continued driving, when he noticed that the dashboard indicated that the gasoline was getting dangerously low. "We're going to have to hide somewhere, and fast!" said Hotwire. "But where could we hide a vehicle of this size?" asked Kotua. Hotwire looked around. He noticed a parking lot. Unfortunately, it wasn't very safe as plenty of Mutant Lizards were walking around. Kotua was too busy distracting the Mutant T-Rex to look for a hiding spot. Hotwire then noticed a tunnel big enough for the Fire Hammer, but not for the T-Rex. "Hold on, Kotua!" said Hotwire, turning to drive into the tunnel. The Mutant T-Rex followed, but was so busy avoiding missiles that it smashed onto the tunnel entrance. The T-Rex backed away a little and began roaring, but Hotwire and Kotua were deeper into the tunnel... ---- A lone Mutant T-Rex walked through LEGO City. Most T-Rexes behaved as the ferocious kings of the prehistoric world as they hunted their prey, roared with pride, and smashed anything in their path. However, this one behaved differently. She walked slowly and cautiously, carefully avoiding being seen by Dino Attack patrols; she had learned the hard way that sufficiently armed Dino Attack agents responded to presence by firing upon her. Nor did she make any attempt to seek out other Mutant Dinos, whether as her prey or as her kin. If one took the time to watch her, they might have observed that this Mutant T-Rex appeared to be depressed. Of course, no one would know what would sadden such a T-Rex, since no minifig would know how to communicate with her. However, it would seem that she was lost, alone, and afraid for her life, without anyone who could help her. But then, the Mutant T-Rex suddenly stopped walking. She listened closely and sniffed the air. She sensed something… familiar. At once, her demeanor changed as her eyes brightened. Now, with full energy, she took off into a run. ---- Magma determined that the genetic material in these T-Rexes had been altered to be more like the originals. Magma then compared their DNA with other samples, and found this set of DNA to be more like regular Dino DNA. Still frustrated with their progress, he scanned the area. To Magma's amazement, he found a small laboratory nearby, where several Mutant T-Rexes were standing around. "That must be where these enhanced Mutant T-Rexes are coming from!" Shark exclaimed. Magma jumped into an Orb Bomber, and gave orders to attack and freeze the lab. However, three Mutant Pteranodons spotted the Iron Hammer and started using their lightning bolts. Sting sent a burst from the built-in Radar Ray, making one Pteranodon crash into another. The last was captured by the Iron Hammer. Magma launched three Orbs, freezing the T-Rexes. Then, a modified Dino Attack version of an Ogel Boggle Rocket began attacking the lab. Magma entered the laboratory, and he found a person working and three guards with odd-looking staffs. He tried firing at one, but the guard raised his staff, and it absorbed the blast. Then, the staff's top flipped forward, shooting an electrical current at him, knocking him into the wall. The other agents had the same thing happen to them. Another guard came forward and threw a net around Magma, and he pulled him deeper into the lab with another agent, Fireball. Fireball was taken under a machine, while Magma was thrown into a jail cell. A scientist pressed a large button, and green beams hit Fireball, erasing his memories, but keeping his skills. Fireball was brought to another chamber, while Magma was being tortured for information. The leader of the laboratory told Fireball that he had suffered amnesia, and that he was a hired warrior that defended the laboratory against the Dino Attack team. He gave him a lot of parts to build into a vehicle. Fireball's memories came back to him when he checked the lab cell and saw Magma. He grabbed two lasers from the guards, and started shooting the security guards. Then, he pressed a button that opened the torture cell, freeing Magma. Magma grabbed the staff out of a guard's hand, and used it to deflect the lasers of other guards. He also planted a bomb on the wall, and sent a message to the Boggle Rocket to pick him and Fireball up. It landed right outside the complex, and the two agents hopped in and headed back to the Iron Hammer. The laboratory exploded, and the Boggle Rocket docked with the Iron Hammer. Magma went to the ship's laboratory, and inserted a tube into a scanning machine. He then downloaded the results to his handheld computer. He saw that the lab workers were trying to make T-Rexes with powers of other creatures. For example, one prototype could create a forcefield. They also made a Raptor that could use laser vision. Apparently, there were many laboratories scattered over areas that the Dinos had destroyed. ---- Rex and Trouble were walking together, when suddenly Trouble screeched a warning: "Look out!" Rex turned around as quickly as he could… and nearly got trampled by another Mutant T-Rex! "Ouch!" yelped Rex, recoiling from the other Mutant T-Rex. "Hey, watch where you're going!" The Mutant T-Rex backed away, giving Rex a little space. She appeared to look sheepish for running into him, but she did not answer with any roars or growls. That was unusual; T-Rexes would normally respond more aggressively. Rex glanced at Trouble. "Is this a friend of yours?" he asked. Trouble shook his head. The female Mutant T-Rex still did not leave. She stared intently at Rex; she clearly wanted something, but Rex could not tell what it was, and it was making him feel rather uncomfortable. "Uh..." Rex fumbled, "just move along. Go! Go chase some prey or something, but keep away from Trouble; he's mine." The Mutant T-Rex glanced down at Trouble, and then she just shook her head, sighing. "Alright, good news, you're not on the menu tonight," Rex muttered to Trouble. The Mutant Lizard responded with some noises that sounded suspiciously like laughter. "Well," decided Rex, "if you're not going, then I'll be going." That was Rex's big mistake. He wanted to get away quickly, so he ran. But, the mysterious Mutant T-Rex chased him until he ran into a dead-end street with nowhere else to turn. The female Mutant T-Rex walked closer to Rex, maintaining eye contact. Rex tried to back away, but he backed up against a building. Once she was close enough, the female T-Rex gently nuzzled him, rubbing her head up against his neck as she let out a long sigh. Now, Trouble really seemed to be laughing. "It's not me she's interested in," he commented. "She wants you! Looks like you found yourself a mate!" Rex could feel his dinosaur instincts going wild with excitement at the prospect of a female attracted to him. "Oh, boy…" he worriedly whispered as he tried to suppress those feelings. Rex proceeded to act cold and aloof towards the female Mutant T-Rex, telling her that he did not want to return her affections. He chose to push her away because he remembered how much it hurt when he heard that Amanda was killed, and he did not want to relive that pain. The female Mutant T-Rex still would not leave. "Don't you take 'no' for an answer?" growled Rex. "I told you that I don't want you anywhere near me! Now, scram! Go! And I never want to see you again!" When she still refused to move, Rex let out a ferocious roar. The T-Rex backed away in fright, then took off. When she was alone, she began whimpering, once again feeling lost and alone. ---- While Snake of Spades was in recovery, Databoard, Voltage, and the others tracked the mutants' origin to Beta Force's laboratory and investigated. Voltage shot a computer, which caused the building to go under lockdown to prevent a containment breach. Databoard was thinking about what Beta Force was planning to do with these mutants. Maybe this 'Beta' person had seen what the Mutant Dinos had done and decided to make some mutants of his own. Databoard had a feeling they would eventually find out what these mutants were for. As the Dino Attack agents left the room, Databoard tried to remember if he had ever met an agent named Beta when he was an agent in Alpha Team. He didn't recall ever meeting an agent by that name, so he hoped that Voltage would explain what had happened to Beta. The elevator continued up, and when the door opened, they quietly slipped into the room. It was the apparel distribution level, where the guards got uniforms. Unfortunately, it required an access key to get into the machine. "Wouldn't have been able to get disguises anyway," Voltage said, commenting on an earlier idea. "We could try to jack into it," Kai suggested. "It's probably covered in alarms. If triggered, we could have the entire army on us, or even worse, all the mutants," Databoard said. "Up to the next level, I guess," Voltage said. "Speaking of the entire army, this building seems relatively small to house such a large army. There must be more than just this." On the next level, they exited the elevator to see no guards within the level. It was packed with doctors and nurses frantically running around examining clipboards with X-rays and medical pictures on them. It was easy for them to go across the hall to reach the other elevator. Many of the rooms along the trip were filled with guards with very severe wounds, and Voltage assumed they were from the mutants. The agents walked over to the other elevator. "So, to the next level, right?" Cobra asked when they reached the elevator door. That would be the labs. I wonder what's up there? Databoard thought. Maybe it has something to with the mutants. The elevator doors opened, and they all went inside. When the agents walked through the elevator doors into the lab, they gaped in awe at the room. It was enormous and packed with long tables and equipment. Many of the test tubes, beakers, and syringes held a lime green fluid. "That must be what Beta's using to mutate these creatures," Voltage said, picking up one of the test tubes. He corked it and put it in one of his pockets for further examination. The room was empty of scientists. They're probably all gone because of the lockdown, Voltage thought. Databoard, whose PDA had a built-in scanner function, was using it to take quick scans of several test tubes. He was trying to figure out if any of these had to do with the mutants they encountered earlier. He looked at one, but he wasn't sure if it was what they had used for the mutants. "This serum," Hyrode said suddenly, "isn't it the same stuff that mutated Axel and me so long ago?" Databoard looked at it thoughtfully. "You're right, it is. Why would this Beta guy want it?" ---- Hotwire pressed on the brakes after driving deep into the tunnel. Kotua got off the Fire Hammer, and unloaded his motorcycle. "I'll distract the Mutant T-Rex while you drive off to safety," said Kotua. "But you're the one that has no weapons! My Fire Hammer is made for combat, so the plan should be the other way. I'll distract him," said Hotwire. "Fine," said Kotua, climbing into the motorcycle and starting it. Kotua watched as Hotwire drove his Fire Hammer towards the Mutant T-Rex, firing his weapons at it along the way. Kotua drove close behind, making sure the Mutant T-Rex hadn't noticed him. Hotwire drove straight into the Mutant Dino, pushing it out of the way as Kotua drove out to the street. However, the Mutant T-Rex did notice Kotua and ran towards him, ignoring Hotwire. Hotwire went after the T-Rex, firing all the weapons on the Fire Hammer he could think of, but the Mutant T-Rex continued going after Kotua. Kotua continued driving through the streets of LEGO City as the Mutant T-Rex ran behind him. Hotwire took a turn and disappeared for a few minutes, and then reappeared as he rammed the Mutant T-Rex. Hotwire slammed the brakes, and the Mutant T-Rex was sent into the wall of a building. Hotwire quickly turned and drove off after Kotua. ---- Magma went to the hangar room, and jumped into his Urban Avenger. He then drove around the area, until he spotted a Mark II Mutant Raptor. Magma sent a sonic scream at it, but the Raptor used its laser vision on the Sonic Screamer. Magma then pressed a button, and two Stasis Rays popped out of side compartments, and froze the Mutant Raptor. Magma then called for the Iron Hammer to pick up the Raptor. ***** Sting was readying a fleet of Orb Bombers to neutralize a Lizard spawning nest. They flew over, dropping bombs. However, it was a trap. Pteranodons flew out, and shot lightning bolts at the Orb Bombers. Sting sent out a distress call to Iron Hammer. "Shark, this is Sting... ambush... many vehicles destroyed... send help..." Sting broke off as his fighter went into a nose dive, crashing into a building. ***** A rescue expedition had been sent down to find Sting, but with no luck. Magma, furious, hopped into his Urban Avenger. His goal: find Sting, and eliminate all Mutant Dinos in his way. Magma spotted three Mutant Lizards hiding above him that could shoot fire. They were about to fire when Magma pressed the "Eliminate" button. This fired every weapon he had installed at the target. Magma drove on, and found a small bridge. Magma drove across the bridge, straight into a Mutant T-Rex. Stupid animal... Magma thought. He pressed the button, and sonic rays distracted the T-Rex, as Stun Rays pushed it over the cliff. Magma drove on, not noticing a horde of rampaging T-Rexes behind him. Magma turned into an alley, and he saw the Mutant T-Rexes. He turned around his Sonic Screamer, knowing it wouldn't do much against hundreds of Mutant T-Rexes. Laser vision destroyed Magma's Sonic Screamer. He drew a Cosmotronic Ray, and set the Urban Avenger to autopilot. Then, he jumped out the window, climbed up to the top, and strapped himself in using power cables. Then, he started blasting all of the T-Rexes. ***** The Iron Hammer was looking for more of the labs. They spotted one, and waited, unsure of what to do. Shark said, "Magma ordered that we destroy all of the labs we find." The weapons locked on, and destroyed the laboratory, making a swarm of Pteranodons with acid blasts counterattack. The Iron Hammer was being heavily attacked by Pteranodons. Shark ordered Orb Bombers deployed, as well as T-1 Typhoons. They cut through Pteranodons, blasting them aside, as bombardment of the lab commenced. The Pteranodons had been eliminated. The Iron Hammer armed its Voltaic Rockets, and opened fire on what was left of the laboratory, destroying it. Shark went to the scanner room, and started scanning for other labs, or the master lab. ***** Sting was alive, but he had crawled away from the crash site. He didn't know where he was, until he saw he was in a cave with an Evil OGEL Empire insignia. He groaned. He was in the Goo Caverns. Sting spotted two Miner Drones working away at a section of the cave wall. It would collapse if they continued working where they were, but these Drones didn't see that. Sting ran and grabbed two brown Rock Saws. Sting ran through a tunnel, until he came to an entrance into an Ogel Rock Tower. It went up into the surface, making it look like a small hill, while it really was a communications and listening post. If he could get in, he could use the comm systems to send a distress signal to the Iron Hammer. Sting snuck in, and a Lurcher Drone saw him. He threw one of the Rock Saws, and snuck around into the communications room. A Drone was manning it. He saw Sting, but Sting hurled the other Rock Saw. Sting tried to get the system to work, but it would take some time... Sting finished sending his message. Suddenly, three Drones burst in, and charged toward Sting with Rock Saws. Sting shot one with a laser, grabbed another's Rock Saw, swung it at the other Drone, and shot the last Drone. ---- Anti-Kotua walked towards the command deck of the Anti-Voltage. He looked at the Astro-Bots. "Is it ready?" he asked. "Yes, Sir," replied one of the robots. "Good," said Anti-Kotua. ---- Kotua and Hotwire stopped at a gas station. Kotua got off his motorcycle, and went into the small store. As soon as he stepped inside, he found himself looking at the end side of a gun... The man with the gun made Kotua kneel, and take out all his weapons. The man had a ski mask over his face, so Kotua couldn't tell who it was. Normally, Kotua would have taken out his weapon and fired, no matter what, but this time there were civilians. Kotua didn't want to risk harming them. He would have to wait for the window of opportunity. ***** Hotwire stayed inside the Fire Hammer, waiting for Kotua to come back from the store. After a while, he sensed something was not right. Hotwire got off the Fire Hammer. He put a hand on his gun holster, ready for anything. Hotwire reached the store, stood on the side of the door, and grabbed the doorknob. ***** "See? It ain't over!" said the man to another. "So you got a cop, so what?" said the other man, obviously not impressed. "I have the money. Let's split before more cops arrive," said a third man. He got up from the counter, grabbed his machine gun, the money, and prepared to walk out the door. The man opened the door, and Hotwire fired at him when he noticed the gun. The masked man fell to the floor as the two masked men were tying Kotua and two other persons there. "Don't take another step, Copster, or your friend here gets it!" said one of the masked men. Hotwire lifted his gun and aimed at the other masked man. "If you do anything to my friend, then your friend 'gets it'. Got it?" said Hotwire. "He ain't my 'friend'. So you just wasted your time!" said the masked man. Hotwire fired, taking the other masked man down. The remaining masked man grabbed Kotua and ran. Hotwire began running after him, but the second masked man grabbed his ankle. "IT AIN'T OVER!" said the man, raising his gun. Hotwire fired at the man's hand, blowing the gun off. The man screamed in pain. "You shouldn't have played with guns," said Hotwire, putting his gun on the holster... ---- Shark picked up the distress call. They flew to the Goo Caverns. However, an armada of Evil OGEL Empire vehicles intercepted them, and opened fire. Shark stopped the Iron Hammer, and ordered everything deployed. Many T-1 Typhoons, Boggle Rockets, Orb Bombers, Snow Crawlers, and Sky Spiders launched, attacking the Ogel vehicles. Iron Predators, Fire Hammers, Urban Avengers, Steel Sprinters, Command Strikers, and Scorpion Orb Launchers landed and opened fire on the ground vehicles. The Dino Attack forces had defeated the OGEL Empire armada. However, all of the entrances into the Goo Caverns had been sealed off. They were trying to bring one down, with no success. ***** Magma kept blasting, but the T-Rexes were gaining. All of a sudden, energized rockets impacted in the middle of the horde. More volleys blasted T-Rexes aside. Agents Icicle and Eye were in a Bomb Squad vehicle. However, a Pteranodon came down, and prepared to attack Icicle. Eye saw this, and blasted the Pteranodon with a laser. However, the Pteranodon electrocuted the part of the vehicle Icicle was in. Magma met up with Eye. "What happened to Icicle?" Magma asked. "He died. No one could have lived through that," replied Eye. Magma got back into his Urban Avenger, and Eye got back into his vehicle. They headed on, searching for Sting. Magma and Eye arrived at the Goo Caverns. They saw an Iron Predator ram a gate, and it still didn't open. Magma contacted Sting on the communicator. "Can you open the main south gate?" ---- The masked man put Kotua in the back of a police car and drove off. Kotua struggled with the rope, but it was too tight. He wasn't going to be escaping anytime soon. The masked man continued driving, until he stopped at a building. The door opened, and two ShadowTech soldiers took Kotua out. "How much money am I getting?" asked the masked man. "None," replied Cane. "Excuse me?" said the masked man. The soldiers turned and opened fire at the masked man. "Oops..." Cane said sarcastically. The ShadowTech soldiers took Kotua inside. The soldiers opened a door in a room, and put Kotua there. He noticed that it was a maze. "What the-?" said Kotua. "You'll never get out alive!" said a voice. Suddenly, the ceiling above Kotua collapsed, and a robot fell through. Before reaching the ground, it activated its booster jets and landed safely on the ground. Kotua had run out of the way when he heard the ceiling collapse, and now he got up and ran as the robot loaded its guns... ---- Sting received the message, and used the controls to open the gate. He then ran out, heading for the door. However, two Lurcher Drones saw him, and chased him. Since the Goo Caverns' defenders were spread thinly due to Mutant Lizard infestations, there were only a handful of Rock Drones able to guard it. Its defenses were penetrated and Sting was rescued. Soon after, agent Eye was on another dino-hunting mission when he was captured by a sinister organization called the Minifig Hunters. Magma began investigating this, as one of his main missions was to stop new villains from arising during the Dino Attack. Magma, however, was unsuccessful until he received a threat from C-Eye, a clone of Eye (evidently created by the Hunters). The clone, speaking for this organization, gave Magma one day to convince the Dino Attack Team to surrender before their organization attacked. Their attack would use a new breed of Mutant Dino, the Mutant T-Pterosaur: a cross between a T-Rex and a Pterosaur. However, sending this threat proved to be a foolish thing to do, as Magma was able to trace the communication to a secret base. The Iron Hammer proceeded there, where it opened fire, shelling the tower. Magma and a team of other Dino Attack agents attacked the tower in an attempt to find and rescue Eye. They succeeded, fighting and defeating a Hunters agent called Midgard. Shark had run into the Hunters shortly before joining Dino Attack, when the Hunters had first been created. Shark felt responsible for failing to stop them, and once they resurfaced during the Dino Attack, decided to go after them. ---- Kotua ran as the robot flew after him, firing non-stop. He took a turn and another, and hid behind another corner. The robot turned but was confused and flew another way. Then, the ground shook and a turret popped out from the floor! Kotua jumped on it, sending it back down. Then it popped up again, and then the turret deployed its machine guns. The robot was drawn towards the noise of the machine guns, making it worse for Kotua. The robot fired two rockets, which Kotua dodged. They smashed against a wall, revealing a hoverbike. Kotua leapt onto it, activated it, and flew off as the robot was destroyed by the turret's bullets. ***** "What?! How can that be?! Who was the dummy that left the hoverbike there?!" said Cane. ***** Kotua noticed two ShadowTech soldiers in military-grade hoverbikes. Kotua fired first, taking down one of the soldiers. The other began firing back, destroying the hoverbike. Kotua jumped off the flaming hoverbike which smashed into a wall. The ShadowTech soldier in the hoverbike flew off, probably to get backup, leaving Kotua with the soldier who had crashed. Kotua kicked the soldier off the bike, fixed it as best as he could, and flew off as ten soldiers in hoverbikes headed towards him. Kotua escaped the ShadowTech maze and joined up with Hotwire again. ---- "Looks like I finally got rid of her," Rex said once he was certain that the female Mutant T-Rex was gone. Trouble nodded, although he did not seem to fully understand why Rex would turn down a potential mate. "Don't you think you went a bit hard on her?" he asked, glancing in the direction she had gone. "Well, I had to make sure I got through to her," Rex answered. "I'm sure that she would be much happier without me." Trouble decided to change the subject. "You still speak like a human," he observed. "What do you think would happen if a human heard you talk?" Rex thought about his answer. "I guess I would have to come up with a great excuse," he replied. "Like, say… uh, since we dinosaurs are related to birds, I learned to, err, parrot Rex's speech patterns!" Trouble snorted in a snarky manner. "That's the best you can come up with? Who will believe that?" "Well, what choice do I have?" Rex pointed out. "If I told them the truth, that I was a dino all along and my voice chords and brain were altered by the scientists responsible for this whole mess, they would never trust me." ---- On the Fire Blade, Midgard used the vehicle's fire tail to latch through the beam shield. Then, only the armor defended the defenses against the Fire Blades. Shark fired a Radar Ray, and several of the Fire Blades smashed into each other. Midgard used his lasers and missiles to damage the turrets firing at him. Suddenly, something shot him. The ship crashed on the ground. Midgard got into an escape pod, and flew away, back to base. Shadow fired another burst, damaging Midgard's engines. The T-1 Typhoon and the Iron Hammer landed. Shark came out, and began repairing the Fire Blade for Dino Attack to use. ---- Hotwire thought about what Kotua had just told him. Then something clicked in his mind. He turned the Fire Hammer off the road and into an alley. "What are you doing?" asked Kotua. "Just wait," said Hotwire. "I need to show you something I discovered." As Hotwire drove to the location, Kotua thought out loud: "I wonder whether they're after the mutant dinosaurs, too. I mean, they seem more interested in capturing a human than a Mutant Dino." "Their thinking probably consists of 'there's plenty of mutant dinos, but not many humans'," said Hotwire... ---- As the walls of the tower collapsed, Magma latched a grappling hook into the wall. He climbed up as the tower and C-Eye fell to the ground, killing the clone. Magma climbed into a hidden cave. He found a laboratory where several creatures that looked like winged Mutant T-Rexes in a nest. Several scientists were working. Suddenly, Midgard's plan hit him. These people were Hunter agents that were working for Midgard to get revenge on Shark. Suddenly, the cavern exploded. A craft that looked like a fusion of a Blue Eagle, a Fire Blade, an Airship, an MSO Jet, and a T-1 Typhoon was hovering outside. It fired another missile, destroying the ground in front of Magma. A claw extended and grabbed Magma, bringing him into some sort of cargo bay. Magma was forced into the cockpit. He was standing next to agent Fafnir, head of the Hunters. Fafnir said, "Ah, agent Magma. You are standing inside of the Shadow Predator. I am about to destroy Dino Attack, and then unleash mutated Mutant Dinos to conquer the world. But first, I am going to..." Magma activated his laser implant, blasting the chair into the controls. The Shadow Predator dived, as it prepared to crash. Magma then used his computer implant to link with the security systems. The ship's weapon turrets started shooting all over the place. Magma blasted the door, and grabbed his equipment. He used his jetpack to land near the ruins of the tower. A helicopter saw him, and Magma stepped in it. The helicopter flew back to the Iron Hammer. ---- Zero used what was left from his old Urban Avenger to drive around the city. "Let's see if I can find something interesting around," he decided. Zero was looking around, when he saw a Mutant T-Rex. She looked sad... The female Mutant T-Rex looked up to see Zero walking slowly towards her. She eyed him warily as he approached. "Whoa..." said Zero. "Calm down, I'm not here to harm you... I can see that you're sad." The female T-Rex seemed to ponder this for a moment, and then she nodded, seeming to believe him. After deciding that he was not a threat, she started to walk away. "Wow..." Zero murmured to himself. "That's the first time I ever talked to a Mutant T-Rex. Hmm?" He noticed that the T-Rex had stopped walking. She glanced back at him and beckoned with her head for him to follow. Zero was surprised that the female Mutant T-Rex was trying to communicate with him, even if she could not actually speak. "I had better follow her and see what she wants," he decided. "Maybe she's one of Rex's tamed mutants… maybe she knows where he is, and she's trying to lead me to him!" ---- The villains, both the present and the future, were at work making repairs and upgrades to the Villains Headquarters airship. It was still not ready for flight again, but it would be soon. So far, Frickster, Vladek, Finister, and Ogel had drawn the blueprints. Brickster, Fladek, Sam Sinister, Fogel, and General Evil were searching for parts to use in building the HQ. All the while, they blasted every Mutant Dino in sight. "We mustn't let Dino Attack beat them first," as Fogel had said. "Agent Rex has completely disappeared since he was dishonorably discharged," reported Finister. "And so," Frickster recalled, "Dino Attack Team has just lost yet another key player in their victory. Soon, they will have no chance of winning the war themselves, allowing us to step in and take the win." "Everything is going perfectly according to plan," declared Fogel. "At this point, it's easier done than said!" The FUTURE villains started laughing. Their present-day counterparts joined in the laughter, glad that time was on their side. Only General Evil remained silent as he contemplated FUTURE's plans. If we are ensuring that Dino Attack Team cannot win, he realized, then I hope we aren't digging our own graves as well. ---- Magma arrived at the Iron Hammer. He found Sting in command. "Where's Shark?" he asked. "He went to destroy those people, called the Hunters," Sting answered. Suddenly, Magma ordered course set for Antarctica. He had a plan. Magma landed. He entered the remains of Ogel's Mountain Fortress, and he searched the base until he found a spherical control panel. He pressed switches and buttons, until the panel glowed blue. Satisfied, Magma headed off back to the Iron Hammer. ***** A dark cavern located near Australia: Millions of Ogel Assault Robots awoke. These droids had once been reprogrammed by Magma during Mission Deep Freeze to turn on Ogel and serve Alpha Team. Now, they realized they were awoken to find the Mutant Dino invasion. They flew off to capture all of the Dinos they could find. ***** Magma saw another laboratory. This time, many Ogel Assault Robots were attacking it! They destroyed it, and the Iron Hammer moved on. ---- Databoard looked at some of the chemicals in the lab. Several of these seemed to be for the mutated creatures they saw a few levels down, but without a good knowledge of their components, he couldn't be too sure. Suddenly, the elevator door opened, and several Beta Force guards came inside. "They must have followed us in here," Cobra said as the guards started firing at them. The Dino Attack agents took cover behind some tables and fired back at them. Databoard ducked behind a table with chemicals on it, and fired at the guards. They shot back, but he could tell they were having trouble trying not to hit the chemicals on the table. He fired back at them, hitting several guards with lasers. They fired at him some more, but he ducked behind the table again. Databoard fired at the guards. They had also taken cover behind several desks and tables and were firing back at the Dino Attack agents. Databoard noticed that several guards were so busy concentrating on taking down a specific agent, they were leaving themselves vulnerable to attack from other agents. Databoard took advantage of this, hitting several guards, but others were able to duck out of the way and avoid the lasers. Databoard fired at the soldiers, but they ducked and hid behind the tables. They fired back at him, and he barely avoided their lasers. He fired at them from behind the table, and was able to defeat several with his laser. They fired at him, but he ducked again and the lasers missed him. ---- Shark, in the customized Fire Blade, had located another Minifig Hunter HQ. He headed toward it. Suddenly, several jet-like flying vehicles called Steel Smashers emerged to attack him. Shark fired his weapons, destroying several of the enemy crafts. He landed, and put on his holographing cloaking device. He snuck through the base, and used his PDA to open doors and to download information. Shark blasted an agent guarding a heavy door with no locks or terminals. On a hunch, he walked through. It was a phasing door. Fafnir was talking to Midgard, and they were in the middle of a lot of computers, and were surrounded by guards. Shark tossed a laser bomb at the guards. Many of them were blasted. With them aside, he continued up the stairs to the center chamber. Fafnir and Midgard were huddled close. Then, unknown to Midgard, Fafnir took a laser dagger. He prepared to kill Midgard, when Shark blasted it out of his hands. Midgard saw what had happened, and he furiously took out his own weapon. He and Shark both started attacking Fafnir. When Midgard had a chance, he said to Shark, "You think I torpedoed that ship. You are wrong. It was Fafnir, and he planted evidence that said I did it." Shark half-believed him, but he had to concentrate on defeating Fafnir. Shark took a grenade, and hurled it at Fafnir. Fafnir stepped back as the ground exploded beneath Fafnir's feet. Midgard used his bi-laser to blast beams around Fafnir, trapping him. Shark took a grenade net, and hurled it, putting a net around Fafnir. Midgard used his laser to shoot the laser out of Fafnir's hand. Shark then said to Midgard, "Come with me. We will take Fafnir to the Dino Attack Command Shelter, where we can see if you're right about all this." The three used phasing devices to sneak out to the Fire Blade. ---- Cane crouched as he saw the Dino Attack Fire Hammer drive through the street. "Get the teams in position to capture specimen 2-9-5," he said. "Yes, Sir!" said a ShadowTech soldier standing next to him. ***** Hotwire drove to the back of the alley and stopped the Fire Hammer. "Come on, get out," he said to Kotua. "What are we doing here?" Kotua asked as he hopped down from the vehicle. "You'll see," said Hotwire. He pulled a flashlight out from a storage crate inside the Fire Hammer and used it to light the way into the tunnel. About a hundred yards into the tunnel, they came to a nest of... "Mutant Lizards?!?" Kotua exclaimed, feeling very confused. "No. Not mutant," said Hotwire quietly. He stepped closer to one of the lizards, and it seemed to recognize him. "I had to steal a helicopter from Alpha Team to get here. I ran out of fuel above this area, and crashed. I expected to die, but these lizards took me in. I couldn't understand why mutant dinosaurs would help me. When you told me about the scientific organization, I realized they were capturing dinos and mutating them. These probably escaped from a lab somewhere. The dinos probably have similar DNA to the shapeshifting ones on Dinosaur Island." "I see…" said Kotua. The two Dino Attack agents walked back out of the tunnel. What they saw when they emerged caused their jaws to drop. The Fire Hammer was gone. Suddenly, black Fire Hammers and Urban Avengers drove into the alley as ShadowTech snipers aimed from the buildings above. "Why is it that everywhere I go, they're there to capture me?" said Kotua. "Specimen 2-9-5, we're not here for you, but for your 'friend'. I'm sure he will make a great test subject for our new... tool," said Cane. "Got any ideas?" asked Hotwire. "Just one... RUN!" said Kotua. Before they could run, however, tranquilizer shots hit both Dino Attack agents. "I love my job," Cane said as both agents lost consciousness. Cane watched as the ShadowTech soldiers loaded Hotwire and Kotua into black vans. "I want the rest of the Dino Attack Team captured and brought into the lab. Got it?" he said. "Got it, sir. We'll start with government buildings, and work our way down to less obvious places," said the squad leader. The ShadowTech squad leader said something into his radio, and immediately a sniper aimed and fired at one Dino Attack agent. "Another down," said the squad leader as a black van pulled up and loaded the unconscious Dino Attack agent inside. ***** Magma spotted some people wearing black coming toward a Dino Attack agent in a government building. He ordered the ship to stun them and take them prisoner. Sting began trying to find out where they came from. Magma walked in front of the holding cells on the Iron Hammer. "Who are you, where did you come from, and what are you trying to do?" asked Magma. The ShadowTech soldiers just glared at him. Magma returned to the bridge, and met with Sting. Sting put a tracer beacon on the ship's navigational computer. It slowly moved toward a location: the computers said this was most likely where the ShadowTech agents came from. ---- Voltage loaded his machine guns and darted behind a lab table, occasionally popping out to annihilate a few Beta Force soldiers. "Containment breach in sectors 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9." "Oh, great. That must have been what happened when I blasted that computer earlier!" Voltage exclaimed, warning them not to blast any more computers. A bullet ricocheted off the table, causing him to duck back down for cover. "Expect lots of mutants soon,'" Venom said. Voltage raised his machine gun and blasted the door panels, causing it to slam shut violently. He hoped it would be enough to keep the mutants and any more soldiers out. Databoard leapt out from behind the table, firing his laser. He hit a good number of the guards with lasers, but they turned and started shooting at him. He then ducked behind a nearby desk as lasers missed him by inches. He then fired at them again, but they ducked out of the way before they could be hit by lasers. Databoard continued to fire at the Beta Force guards. They had managed to stop a number of them, but those that remained were making sure they were harder to hit. They were avoiding the agents' lasers, and constantly ducking behind anything that could provide cover. Databoard ducked as a laser missed him, and then fired back. ---- Shark was at the Command Shelter with Midgard. He was interrogating Fafnir, while Midgard worked with a computer agent to find proof that Fafnir sunk the ship, not Midgard. Shark walked back to the windows, and pondered whether or not he should trust his old friend from the Minifig Hunters. Shark had found the evidence he needed. Midgard did not attack that boat, Fafnir did. Shark walked over to Midgard and said, "You should join the Dino Attack Team. You would make a great agent." So, Midgard went down to the hangar and got a Steel Sprinter. Shark and Midgard flew up in a T-1 Typhoon to return to the Iron Hammer. They spotted some scientists in Minifig Hunter vehicles transporting Dinos in some sort of cage/car. Midgard loaded the XL-4 Voltaic Rocket, and fired it, destroying one of the car/cages. Shark loaded a small plasma cannon he had built on, and fired it. Some Minifig Hunters fell over. Encouraged, Midgard jumped into the rear cockpit and used his Sonic Screamers to annoy the Dinos. Midgard decided he had to change his name, so he picked Flash. ---- Kotua awoke to the sound of a motor. He got up and looked around. He was in a jail cell, and from the window, it seemed he was in the sky... Kotua noticed that Cane walked in. "Now then... we begin," he said. Kotua was puzzled. "Start what?" he asked. "You'll see... I hope," said Cane. Cane and Kotua were in a ShadowTech T-1 Typhoon, flying over some Mayan ruins. "Seem familiar?" asked Cane, putting on his sunglasses. "I don't know," lied Kotua. "That's where you summoned the original Chaos," said Cane. "Impressive work, considering that we had to make do with creating our own synthetic Chaos just to study him." "I already summoned Chaos, and Anti-Kotua defeated him, so you're wasting your time," said Kotua. "Who said I came here for Chaos?" said Cane. ---- The Iron Hammer arrived at small tower. Magma checked the sensors. This was where the trail led to. Sting fired some missiles at the tower, and it exploded. Suddenly, a bunch of black T-1 Typhoons came out of nowhere and fired at the Iron Hammer. Magma responded with several Blue Eagles launched out of the hangars. As the flying crafts fought each other, it was obviously a standoff. Magma, in a foul temper, pressed the Fire At Will button. Immediately, several Xenon Multi-Mode Launchers installed throughout the ship elevated, and began firing at the ShadowTech T-1 Typhoons, who had no chance. The remains of the ShadowTech T-1 Typhoons were being examined by Dino Attack engineers. Magma, growing impatient, ordered his crew to find something else to attack. ---- The villains had a bit of downtime as FUTURE prepared to eliminate their next target. During this time, the Brickster decided to chat with his FUTURE counterpart. "Anyways, how'd you get your robotic limbs?" asked Brickster. "You never did tell me." The Frickster grimaced. "Bleh, it's an embarrassing story," he said. "But if you don't tell me, it's still going to happen to me," Brickster pointed out. "So why don't you tell me so I can avoid it in the future?" "Oh, fine!" Frickster decided. He cleared his throat as he began to tell his story: "I had just escaped jail, and I joined a traveling circus to cover up my escape 'til I could come up with a new idea on how to deconstruct LEGO Island. However, the circus traveled to Castle Cove, and it just so happened that King Leo and Queen Leonora of Castle Island were visiting Castle Cove. They recognized me despite my clever disguise, and that darn Pepper Roni arrived in no time to capture me because of course he does; even as an adult, he still can't read, so it ain't like he's good for nothin' besides delivering pizzas and catching crooks!" "Sounds about right so far," said Brickster, nodding. "Anyways, while fleeing the knights and Pepper, I ended up in the Black Falcons' Kingdom and came to a bridge guarded by the Black Knight. I wanted to cross the bridge, but he wouldn't let me. First, he chopped off my left arm! Then my right arm! He thought I was done, but then I began kicking him. So then, he cut off my left leg. And then he chopped off my last leg. At that point, I said, 'Let's call it a draw: since you got to cut off my limbs, let me pass!' And wouldn't you know, he still wouldn't let me cross that bridge, even after all that! What a jerk!" The Brickster winced. "Okay, note to self: stay away from bridges." "So, I wasted no time in summoning a portal to OGEL Island, and two Brickster-Bots to help me get through the portal. There, I ordered the dismembering of one of the Brickster-Bots, and a medical Brickster-Bot arrived to attach these robotic limbs to me. That's right; these limbs are modified from the same tech used to build our Brickster-Bots." "Boy, that's embarrassing," Brickster muttered. "But one more question: How will Sam Sinister loose his right hand?" "That is not my story to tell," Frickster answered. "That is Finister's story, and he does not like to tell it." ---- Agent X unexpectedly woke up. He had been rescued by Dino Attack Team just in the nick of time, though he had suffered grievous injuries. As a result, he was taken to a Dino Attack medical center and fitted with cybernetic implants to keep him alive. X looked down upon his half-robotic arm. He mused, "Huh. If I am half-robotic now, am I really still alive, or just a ghost in the machine?" Shrugging off such philosophical thoughts, he decided: "Now, time to defeat some dinos." He exited the hospital wing and went back to the garage to get a new vehicle. Agent X went right to work building all-new vehicles: the Fire Predator and the Urban Sprinter. He used pieces of his wrecked vehicle along with a scrapped Iron Predator to make the Fire Predator, and he used a scrapped Street Sprinter and Urban Avenger to build the Urban Sprinter. His half-robotic arm made it easier for him to assemble the vehicles. He sent out a message to the rest of the base: I HAVE BUILT TWO DIFFERENT VEHICLES. COME AND GET THEM! Agent X hopped into the Fire Predator and drove off, on to his next mission. Agent X decided to change his codename to Robo-X, at least for the time being, to reflect his new existence as a cyborg. He drove along deserted alleyways when he heard shouting: "Somebody help me!" Robo-X saw ShadowTech soldiers kidnapping Dino Attack agent Anubis. He fired at the soldiers, forcing them to flee. As he rescued Anubis, he asked: "Where did these ShadowTech guys come from?" ---- Zero heard a sound in his pocket. It was from his PDA. Unfortunately, a nearby swarm of Mutant Lizards heard it too. The Mutant Lizards surrounded Zero, hungry for some fresh meat that foolishly wandered into their territory. Zero was about to panic when the female Mutant T-Rex came to his defense. She stood over him and bared her teeth menacingly at the Mutant Lizards. This frightened them away, since they knew better than to attack an adult T-Rex. Zero calmed down now that he was no longer in danger. "I have no idea who you are," he said to the T-Rex, "but it's clear that you must be one of Rex's friends!" Before Zero continued any further, he checked the PDA and saw a new message: Mutant Dinos found the Vikings Isle. Send this to the other agents, and go there. "I wonder who sent this..." wondered Zero. The female Mutant T-Rex was walking away, so Zero made sure to follow. She led Zero to a police station. Zero realized that this was the police station where Amanda Claw was reportedly killed. The T-Rex glanced at Zero to make sure he was watching, and then she sniffed a trashcan. Zero knew that Rex was hit hard by Claw's death. No doubt that contributed to him being discharged by Specs. Maybe this T-Rex was here and saw what happened, thought Zero. If she can help me solve the mystery behind Claw's murder, then I can find Rex and let him know what really happened! Give him some closure so he can feel better and move on! Zero walked up to the trashcan and started searching through it, suspecting that there was a clue hidden in there. While he sifted through the garbage, the Mutant T-Rex walked away. ---- Blade checked his supplies. "Okay," he said to himself, "I think that does it. Time to hit the road." He jumped into his custom yellow Urban Avenger and drove off. "Okay, according to radar there's nothing in sight. Man," groaned Blade, "this is so boring." As soon as he said that, his radar suddenly went berserk. It seemed that an entire army of Mutant Lizards were swarming in front of him. "Oh boy. I am so dead..." "Wait a minute," said Blade, "I have an idea." He pulled out his rocket launcher and shouted, "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!" as he fired a rocket, killing the Mutant Lizards. With a sigh of relief, Blade said, "Well, that was easy enough." Two Mutant Raptors dropped behind him. Without turning around, he whispered: "There's a couple of Raptors behind me, aren't there?" ---- Magma was studying a peculiar sample retrieved from a wrecked ShadowTech T-1 Typhoon. He had never seen something like this before. It was a vial of liquid that glowed with a bright purple aura but somehow did not cast any light. One of the ShadowTech prisoners would not say what it was, only insisting that ShadowTech intended to study it and, if possible, destroy it. Naturally, that only piqued Magma's interest. As Magma analyzed the sample, he noted that it almost seemed to be… alive. It did not behave like a normal liquid, instead reacting to his presence as though it were a caged lion. Finally, it grew so volatile that it burst out of the vial and latched itself onto Magma's arm. Magma suddenly realized that his arm was mutating. It appeared to be a purple scale-coated arm with a claw partway fused into his laser implant. He quickly injected a tranquilizer to stop the spread of the virus. But the arm stayed the way it was. He pointed it at a wall, and instead of the usual laser bolt, highly-destructive plasma sparks flew forward. Is this the same substance that mutated the dinosaurs and gave them their abilities? wondered Magma. He decided that he would go to Vikings Isle to test his new weapon. Magma arrived at Vikings Isle. From the air, he had spotted many fire-breathing Mutant Lizards on the shores locked in combat with some wolves. He decided that he would rather the wolves win, so he shot several Mutant Lizards. Magma ran in a cave, and found several Viking guards. They showed him inside, after checking that Magma was unarmed. He gasped at what he saw. The Vikings had found an underground lake and built a Viking Fortress there, with several boats cruising up and down the lake. All over the place, Vikings scavenged for supplies. Magma looked around, until a gold-helmeted Viking came forward. "I am the leader here. Why do you disturb us?" Magma answered, "I come to ask your help to defeat the Mutant Dinos on this shore." A battle cry went up from the Vikings, and they, with Magma, charged out onto the shore. It was a grim scene. A huge dragon swept down, smashing and killing Mutant Dinos. Magma raised his mutated arm and fired a plasma pulse at the dragon. The dragon screeched and flew away, crashing into the water, where a Sea Serpent ate its carcass. Magma then fired several pulses at the Mutant Lizards, but they absorbed the heat. So, a group of Viking swordsman and Viking axeman dealt with them, as Magma fired pulse after pulse at some flying Mutant Pteranodons. Suddenly, what was left of the Mutant Dinos and Viking Monsters combined forces and charged at the defenders. It seemed that the tables had turned, when several Vikings tore away some rock and rubble, revealing a Viking catapult. They manned it and fired several shots. Magma continued to fire at the enemy creatures, as dragons and Pteranodons swooped in, and wolves and Mutant Lizards charged in. The Viking catapult was keeping the horde at bay, and several Vikings carrying shield-pikes charged in, and set them up at the cave entrance, blocking it. The enemy tried to charge the pikes, but they poked at creatures, spearing them. A Viking chieftain took an axe, and hurled it at the lead Pteranodon. It screeched, and the other creatures began to retreat as they could not destroy the catapult or break the shields. Eventually the attack stopped. The majority of monsters had been repelled into the oceans where Sea Serpents had them for lunch. A Viking chieftain was planning to build a Fortress on the shores, but Sea Serpents would attack it. Magma helped the Vikings built a longboat with a metal bottom so it didn't get destroyed. Then, Magma and some Vikings got on, and sailed back to the Command Shelter. ---- Hotwire came to slowly, finding himself in a maze. He found a Cosmotronic Ray in one of the corridors, and something inside told him he would need it. Hotwire hefted the ray onto his shoulder and continued down another hallway... Hotwire spotted movement down a cross-corridor. Raising his Cosmotronic Ray, he moved cautiously down the corridor. He rounded a corner and came face-to-face with a girl slightly older than himself. Both Hotwire and the girl jumped back in surprise. "Oh, great. Thanks, you found the ray," the girl said. "It was getting too heavy to carry, so I put it down. Then later I realized I could've used it to blow my way out. By the way, I'm Kat. What's your name?" "Um, I'm Hotwire," said Hotwire. "But, the Cosmotronic Ray is for stunning mutant dinosaurs, not blasting through walls." "What...?" said Kat. "Oh, I see. I didn't mean blow my way out that way. Come on." Hotwire followed Kat to a wall, which was made of brick rather than metal like the other walls of the maze. Kat flipped open the ammunition compartment on the Cosmotronic Ray, cracked open the stun charges, closed the compartment. After setting the ray to 'Overload', she grabbed Hotwire and pulled him further back into the maze. BOOM Hotwire and Kat stepped out of the maze and into an alley. "Where did you learn to do that??" Hotwire asked. Kat grinned. "I'm a bit of a pyromaniac," she admitted. "I've done a lot of research on explosives." Hotwire and Kat scouted out the exterior of the building, and came upon a hidden garage, filled with black Dino Attack vehicles and littered with tools. Kat walked over to a certain Fire Hammer. "Let's take this one," she stated. "Why that one?" asked Hotwire. "It's been outfitted with so many extra devices. See, there's those repulsorlifts on the underside-" At the mention of repulsorlifts, Hotwire jumped in shock. He dashed over, grabbed a wrench off the ground, and scraped it down the side of the Fire Hammer. Black paint peeled away to reveal red and tan metal. "This is my vehicle!" Hotwire growled, enraged. "Come on Kat!" He leapt up into the Fire Hammer. Kat climbed in just as Hotwire finished tying and clamping several wires in the dashboard. A few seconds later, the Fire Hammer was roaring out into the street. ---- On the Longboats, Magma and the Vikings were ready for an attack. Then, they spotted the Iron Hammer at the Command Shelter, fighting off thousands of Mutant Dinos. Vikings drew their weapons, and the catapult fired several shots into the Dino hordes. Shark, Midgard, and Sting were using their vehicles to damage the Dinos, when Magma and a bunch of Viking Berserkers charged onto land. Shark fired his cannons again, blasting aside a Mutant Dino. He remarked to Midgard, "What are those ships doing?" Midgard was about to answer, when they both saw some flaming balls hit the Dinos. Then, Magma and a bunch of Viking Berserkers charged out from the ships, attacking the Mutant Dinos. Magma led the charge, using his plasma burst to hold off the Dino ranks. So, as the Dinos charged at the charging Vikings, they fell. Viking axes, spears, and swords slashed at the Dinos. Since these Vikings were Berserkers, they could survive a lot of wounds. A Mutant T-Rex stabbed one Viking with its claws, and the Viking put a spear through the creature. Sting, in command of the Iron Hammer, had activated all weaponry, and turrets, laser stings, and cannons began firing. A Raptor had destroyed a viewport, and Sting was firing a Cosmotronic Ray out of it. Midgard used his Fire Blade to literally tackle the Dinos, as Shark fired weapons on his T-1 Typhoon while the Dinos were distracted by Midgard. Magma plasma-bursted a Mutant Pteranodon, as the rest of the Mutants flew off. Magma and the surviving Vikings breathed heavily, as they entered the Command Shelter. Some Dino Attack medics came up and began healing the wounds. "Magma, we can help you defend your Command Shelter by building a Viking fortress at the seaport," the captain said. Magma agreed, and watched as some Vikings went back to their metallic Longboats and boats, with some Dino Attack agents to help. The others started construction of the defenses around the Command Shelter. Midgard watched in amazement as he saw an array of spear-shields positioned around all the entrances to the Command Shelter. Nearby, on several hills, Vikings aligned catapults. And then, at the seaport, a Viking Fortress was built, with some smaller boats to scout. Midgard went back to the hangar and got a Steel Sprinter. He met with agents Eye and Magma, getting into their Fire Hammer and Urban Avenger, respectively. "Ready?" asked Eye. Two nods were received. The three agents zoomed out of the Command Shelter. ***** In a wreckage far away, a groan could be heard. Icicle shoved rubble away, and rubbed his eyes. The car part of a Bomb Squad was nearby. Determined to get back to an Alpha Team HQ, he hopped in and drove off. ---- "Whoa, what's happening here...?" Hotwire indicated a rapidly flashing radar screen. Down another street, they saw a pair of raptors cornering a yellow Urban Avenger. "Looks like he could use some help." Blade did not notice their arrival yet. "Okay, let's see here," Blade said to himself, assessing the situation. "Two raptors, I used my last rocket on those lizards, and I'm all out of ideas." One of the Mutant Raptors slashed the Urban Avenger and flipped it over. Blade jumped out of the Urban Avenger at the last minute. "Hey!" he cried. "That took me two months to modify! You're going to get it now!" Blade took out a Stun Grenade and threw it at the Raptor. The Mutant Raptor ate the grenade and roared. The grenade exploded inside it stomach, and the Raptor passed out. "Yes!" exclaimed Blade. He then jumped out of the way as the second Mutant Raptor swung its tail. "Oh yeah," he realized, "I forgot about the other one." He took out his signature weapon, the White Tiger Blade. Hotwire and Kat watched as Blade and the Mutant Raptor circled each other warily. Blade slashed out at the raptor with his sword, but the raptor snatched it and snapped the blade of the sword in half with its claws. "Looks like he could use a hand," said Kat. Shocked, Blade looked at the shattered White Tiger Blade. "That sword..." he said, breathing heavily, "was given to me... by my father... NOW YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT!" The Mutant Raptor swung its tail. Instead of ducking, Blade jumped onto the tail. As the Mutant Raptor looked around, Blade shouted: "Over here, Big, Black, and Ugly!" The Mutant Raptor turned its head to look at Blade, who took out a smoke bomb. "Prepare to die. Or something like that," said Blade, and then he threw the smoke bomb at the Raptor's eyes. The Mutant Raptor roared in pain before passing out. "That's that," Blade said solemnly as he gathered the pieces of his White Tiger Blade. The other raptor began stirring. "Look out!" yelled Kat. Blade spun around, scooped the Sonic Screamer out of the ruins of his Urban Avenger, and shot the raptor full in the face at point blank range. The raptor rocked back and forth, startled, and then prepared to lunge at Blade. Wasting no time, Hotwire scrambled out the back of his Fire Hammer and fired the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher repeatedly at the raptor. The mutant dinosaur keeled over. "Looks like we won't being seeing from him anytime soon," said Hotwire. "Hop in, let's get back to the outpost. You need a new vehicle, and I need to get this ugly black paint off of mine." Hotwire, Kat, and Blade drove back toward the Dino Attack outpost. "If I were you," Kat said to Blade, "I wouldn't paint my next vehicle yellow. The dinos are no doubt attracted to bright colors." "I'll keep that in mind," said Blade. Then Hotwire spoke up: "Three of us in a Dino Attack vehicle... I bet Kotua's going to pop up any second." Kat and Blade looked at him, confused. "It's sort of a long story," said Hotwire as they neared the outpost. ---- Magma, Midgard, and Eye arrived at Fort Legoredo. Mutant Raptors were rampaging the surrounding lands, and charging into the walls. Magma fired his Sonic Screamer several times, until a Raptor bit it off. Magma remarked to Midgard, "I'll show you how it's done!" Magma swung up to the roof, and strapped himself in. Eye covered him with projectiles from his Fire Hammer, and he opened fire. Cosmotronic Ray blasts flashed everywhere, sending Raptors and Lizards into the walls of the Fort, where Midgard shot them. After helping the fort, the three agents headed toward Castle Cove. When they arrived, Eye spotted some Lion Knights defending the Castle against many Mutant creatures. Even some Dragon Knights, who were there to attack the castle, were helping. Magma, whose vehicle was on autopilot, came screaming in, shooting several hundred Dinos before Eye and Midgard caught up. Midgard used his Cosmotronic Ray for close range defense, and Eye used his Xenon launcher to devastate the Dinos. Once the Dinos were dealt with, the Dragon Knights attacked. A lot of Lion Knights rushed to defend, and a furious melee ensured. Magma fired his Cosmotronic Ray at a retreating Dino, and the three agents left again, this time they headed back towards the Command Shelter. ---- Hotwire's statement was correct... somewhat. The Anti-Voltage flew overhead above the Fire Hammer. Anti-Kotua flew out, followed by Astro-Bots and Shadow-Blades. "Looks like three-in-one shot!" Anti-Kotua said quite loudly, causing the two Dino Attack agents and Kat to look up. Anti-Kotua frowned as he realized, "You must be newbies to Dino Attack Team." "We'll see about that," said Hotwire. "Who are you, and why do you look like Kotua?" "I am Kotua. But here, in Dimension 525, you may know me as Anti-Kotua!" the alternate universe version of Kotua introduced himself. "You puny newbies are merely appetizers until I get to the real deal!" Blade pulled out a grenade launcher. "NEWBIE THIS!" he shouted, firing the launcher and destroying one of the Astro-Bots. "Not bad," commented Anti-Kotua. "I'm just getting warmed up," said Blade, taking out a machine gun. "Take this!" He fired and destroyed another Astro-Bot. But when he fired upon the Shadow-Blades, their beam shields harmlessly absorbed the bullets. Hotwire watched as Blade blasted several more of Anti-Kotua's Astro-Bots into oblivion. "This is sort of ironic," he said to himself, "considering that Blade actually is a newbie." Meanwhile Blade was running out of ammo in his machine gun, so he put it down and picked up the grenade launcher again, which he quickly found to be empty. He was about to give up when Kat grabbed a handful of Styrofoam packing peanuts, tied them into a ball inside a rag, doused the bundle in oil, and shoved it down the barrel of the grenade launcher. Blade appeared confused. "Just shoot it," said Kat. "And aim for the Astro-Bots' rockets." Blade obeyed and pulled the trigger. The strange bundle sailed lazily through the air and passed under the rockets on one of the Astro-Bots. The bundle exploded so violently it caused the Astro-Bot to explode as well. The explosion spread to the other Astro-Bots. When most of Anti-Kotua's robotic minions had gone up in flames, Anti-Kotua regarded the threesome in the Fire Hammer with slightly more caution than before. "Impressive," said Anti-Kotua. "I'll look in on you again sometime." "Yeah!" said Blade. "Why don't you just go fly back to your airship now? We took down the Astro-Bots, and we'll take you down too!" Anti-Kotua merely laughed. "So you destroyed my Astro-Bots. So what? Any person with a blaster could take on them. Now fear... me!" said Anti-Kotua, activating his gauntlets. The two Shadow-Blades flew towards the Fire Hammer. Blade drove in reverse but the Shadow-Blades picked up the vehicle. Anti-Kotua made a signal, and the Shadow-Blades ripped the wheels off the Fire Hammer. "You just got defeated. What a pair of newbs..." Then, Anti-Kotua turned to look at Kat. "Say... You don't look like a Dino Attack agent." Blade felt his anger building. "Nobody calls me a noob and gets away with it!" he shouted. He charged at Anti-Kotua and punched him, sending him flying and crashing into a flagpole. "Shadow-Blades, get him!" ordered Anti-Kotua. The two Shadow-Blades rushed towards Blade. Wasting no time, Blade rushed towards Anti-Kotua again before the Shadow-Blades could reach him. He delivered an uppercut, sending Anti-Kotua flying again. "See you next time!" said Blade. "I will have my revenge!" declared Anti-Kotua. "Dimension 525 will pay for its crimes, and you cannot stop me!" ---- The ShadowTech T-1 Typhoon landed on a grassy field, and Cane pushed Kotua out. Two ShadowTech soldiers unboarded; Kotua recognized that they were former operatives of Missions & Special Operations (MSO), a defunct corrupt organization that battled Alpha Team during Mission Deep Freeze. Cane grabbed Kotua by the cuffs in his hands, and forced him to walk. "Interesting the protection this place offers," said Cane. They walked until they reached a small mountain and a cave. They went in, and they stopped at a metal door. "Special agent Cane orders you to open!" said Cane. The metallic door opened to reveal... "Operation Egg Beater," whispered agent Cane. Cane pushed Kotua inside. The door closed behind, leaving the guards outside. Kotua noticed white Hardsuits. "Quick and Agile. Easily made. Only thing going against it is that your feet dangle," said Cane. "Minifigkind will fight against any evil you have!" said Kotua. "My intentions are only for the good of all. If they're under control, there won't be any wars, or riots, only... equality," said Cane. Cane and Kotua observed as two soldiers climbed into the hardsuits, and demonstrated its power by making the hardsuits pick up a titanium safe and crush it in seconds. "I've seen more powerful," said Kotua, unimpressed. "These are energy stable. Their energy could remain constant even if one unit is left on for years! Don't you find it marvelous?" asked Cane. "What exactly is your organization's agenda?" asked Kotua. "That's why I brought you here. I want your expertise," said Cane. "Really? I refuse," said Kotua. "Oh, and you don't have much choice. Either you cooperate, or we'll use your favorite machine on you. Your choice. One time only. Non-refundable... et cetera, et cetera...." said Cane. "Fine... you win. What do you want my expertise on?" asked Kotua. "Beam Technology. I believe our scientists have made a breakthrough with your beam technology blueprints," said Cane. "But I only wrote those on my scientific journal after leaving Alpha Team," said Kotua. "Ever wonder why your apartment was squeaky clean when you arrived?" said Cane. "It also explains why there was new groceries there. Great, how many corrupt organizations are there?!" said Kotua. "Corrupt? Dino Attack Team is corrupt. Our organization, ShadowTech, strives to protect minifigkind from Mutant threats," said Cane. "But only in the long run, in the same manner as the immune system building resistance to a disease that it successfully fights off. Dino Attack Team is trying to let the weak survive with the strong, and I cannot allow that." "You think that survival of the fittest is the only option?" said Kotua. "You sound like Ogel trying to justify his motives!" "Ogel's orbs were not originally zombie-making monstrosities. They were supposed to be vaccines for neurodegenerative diseases," said Cane. "I wasn't born yesterday, you know," said Kotua. "That's a load of MegaBloks, and you know it." "It's the truth. ShadowTech's only priority is to make sure minifigkind is safe from threats like those Mutant Dinos," said Cane. "You're starting to sound like a broken record," muttered Kotua. Kotua was taken to a room with other ShadowTech scientists. "First of all, Kotua," said Cane, "Dino Attack isn't the only thing that's thwarted our attempts to take the Mutant Dinosaur invasion into our own hands. Some gang in LEGO City that calls itself 'The Raptors' seems to be bent on making sure Mutant Raptors don't get harmed. The Raptors aren't garden variety gangsters. They seem to have knowledge of military weapons, and seem to intercept signals from Dino Attack and ShadowTech. Unfortunately, we can't trace them back." "The Raptors? I think I may have run into them earlier," said Kotua. "Well anyways... we had put your fellow agent Hotwire in a maze," said agent Cane. "He escaped." "Not surprising. Your maze is lame," said Kotua. ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  5. Act 2: Opposing Forces Chapter 12: Dark Horizons ---- Voltage and Databoard ducked out of the way as an enemy fighter jet fired down upon them. Databoard dodged several more lasers, then pulled out a grappling hook gun. As the jet swooped in low to attack, Databoard fired the hook. It flew towards the air and embedded itself in the jet's fuselage. Databoard, holding onto the rope the grappling hook was attached to, was pulled up into the air as the jet shot past, and was now barely avoiding being slammed into buildings. He slowly pulled himself up towards the jet's cockpit... ***** Voltage wished he could have got an answer out of Databoard before he zipped up to the ship. Who were these people, and why were they after the Dino Attack agents? ***** Databoard managed to get up to the jet, and climbed along the jet until he reached the cockpit. After smashing open the window, he struggled to gain control of the vehicle from the pilot. Suddenly, they noticed that the plane was about to crash into a building. The pilot ejected, hoping to destroy Databoard. The pilot parachuted down right in front of Voltage, who made sure he didn't run away. Databoard the grabbed the now-vacant controls, and piloted it to a somewhat shaky landing near were Voltage was. He got out and rushed towards the pilot. It was time to get some answers. Databoard rushed over to where the pilot was. "Who are you working for?" he asked. "Why should I tell you?" the pilot said. "Because... we said so?" Voltage said. "I'm still not about to tell you anytime soon," the pilot said. Databoard rolled his eyes. He had a bad feeling this wasn't going anywhere. Databoard continued trying to get information from the pilot, but so far he would not talk. He then walked over to the jet and began searching it for anything that would give him information. He began taking apart the cockpit, searching for an onboard computer or anything like that. Voltage thought he knew how to get some answers to his oh-so-many questions. He showed off his gauntlet. "What's that?" the pilot asked casually. "A weapon," replied Voltage. "What'cha gonna do with it?" "Maybe, oh, say, surge thousands of volts of cryothermic electrical energy through your body, incapacitating and/or killing you if you don't give me some answers." "Oh." The pilot thought for a moment. "Let me reconsider." ---- In LEGO City, Specs and a squad of Dino Attack agents were investigating Mutant Dino activity near a police station when they made a disturbing discovery. Specs pulled out his radio as he decided, "Elite agent Rex should know about this." Suddenly, two LEGOLAND military helicopters flew over the police station, and landed. The cargo door of the helicopter opened, and a soldier poked his head out. "Any of you are Dino Attack agents?" asked the soldier. Specs raised a bemused eyebrow, glancing at himself and his fellow agents wearing Dino Attack uniforms. "Is this about the 'Mutant Raptor Disease' and the Anti-Dino Project?" asked Specs. The soldier nodded grimly. "I'm here to report that we have some… bad news about the vaccine delivery…" ***** Anti-Kotua and two of his robots walked towards a flaming wreckage. "The vaccines should be here," said Anti-Kotua. ---- The Voltage flew peacefully over the ocean. Kotua was sleeping in his quarters while robots attended to their duties. Peter and Bob tracked the weather, looking for anything of importance. Kotua awoke as he heard the emergency alarm sound. He ran up to the command deck, where he asked, "What's going on?" "The weather has dropped," said Peter, pointing outside. Kotua looked out, amazed. The ocean was frozen as far as one could see. "Why the alarm?" asked Kotua. "This," replied a robot, bringing the damage screen into view: the engines had frozen. Kotua pressed a few buttons on his chair, but nothing happened. "The craft must be freezing..." said Peter. "Impossible! This craft was designed for snow combat!" said Kotua. "Brace for impact!" said a bot... ---- Upon returning to LEGO City, Rex received a message from Specs, telling him to come to a police station. There, Rex learned that Amanda was apparently murdered, with nothing left behind except her torn uniform and some unidentified broken glass. Rex was left devastated and miserable as he returned to headquarters. Rex was unable to sleep. Throughout the night, he lay awake in bed thinking about Amanda Claw. He had witnessed the deaths of many fellow Dino Attack agents, but her terrible fate had affected him greatly. Why was she so different? If an agent died under his command, then he had done all he could... but he knew that he was not there for Claw when she needed him most. He cursed, furious with himself as he thought about the tattered remains of her Dino Attack uniform. "It was my job to look after her," he whispered, "a promise I made to Remous and Specs... and I failed to keep her safe. And all for what? Just so I could look at some stupid fancy metal!" Rex thought about what had crossed his mind earlier: if his feelings towards Amanda might have been the seeds of romance. He grimaced, wincing at his naivety. "I guess I was right all along," he solemnly decided. "It's too risky to form any close relationships during this war. Especially with me. After all, she's human, and I'm... just a dinosaur, wearing man's skin." He spat out the word "dinosaur" as if his own identity disgusted him. Rex let out a long, sullen sigh. Once again, he felt alone in the world as he wallowed in his self-loathing. Rex knew he was not going to get any sleep, so he got out of bed and traveled to the abandoned prison where he kept his captured Mutant Dinos. It would give him something to do, and take his mind off of Amanda Claw. Maw, the Mutant T-Rex hatchling he had adopted several weeks ago, had already grown so large that Rex did not feel right keeping him cooped up in a cell all day long. Therefore, he let Maw out. "Come on," he said, "let's go for a walk." Even now, he sounded half-hearted as he spoke. Rex and Maw walked past Trouble, who eyed them eagerly. "Alright, you can come too," decided Rex. With Trouble and Maw both tamed, he trusted that they would stay well-behaved under his supervision. ---- Databoard soon found the central computer and began downloading the information onto his PDA to study later. He then brought the captured pilot to a Dino Attack outpost, where he also decided to get a new vehicle, seeing as he had no idea where his Fire Hammer was and he doubted it was still in one piece. So this time, he got a T-1 Typhoon. Before he took off, he analyzed the information. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be much information, but he did find out the name of Darkforce's organization: the Shadows. Databoard flew his T-1 Typhoon to where Voltage was. It turned out he'd managed to get some information from the pilot before Databoard took him to the outpost. The "Shadows" seemed to have been around for the past four years, but had been in hiding up until the Dino Attack began. Their main base of operations was in Antarctica, which made sense, because that was where Darkforce had supposedly met his end. He had also discovered that the Shadows, while not responsible for the creation of the Mutant Dinos, was planning on using this threat to the world to gain domination. "Wow, this guy's almost as good as Ogel," Databoard muttered after hearing what Voltage had found out. "It explains why he wants us out of the way. We stand a chance of stopping the Mutant Dinos." "Let's get out of this dump," Voltage said. He was literally referring to the metal peeled off the buildings and the shattered bricks on the ground. With all that and more littering the ground, it looked like a dump. All the agents climbed aboard and they took off, rising into the smoke-filled skies of LEGO City. Voltage's Fire Hammer was running low on fuel, so he told it to go back to Antarctica, where it would be treated for damage and refueled. "So, guys, where to?" Databoard said from the pilot's seat. He turned around to the other agents and, with a hint of dread, realized that Dataclone was not with them. He must have woken up and walked off, and he might still be acting odd and attacking other Dino Attack agents in the area. "I don't know," Voltage replied truthfully. They had been to almost all the locations of dino sightings. "I vote we head to Antarctica," Databoard said. "What?" Cobra asked, sounding rather confused. "There are no Mutant Dinos there, they hate the cold!" "Yes, but there are the Shadows there, and I for one want to figure out what they're planning," Databoard replied. "I think Antarctica would be fine," said Voltage, "but the dinos are the main problem currently. What do you think guys?" "I think we should go," Venom, Kai, Snake, and Joey said. "It's settled then," Voltage said. "Let's try to stay together this time," he continued, thinking about Databoard's disappearance. "We have to be stealthy, so we need a map of the area. Databoard, where is that datapad you had earlier?" Databoard looked over the information he had downloaded from the jet's computer, and was able to find a map to the Shadow's base. "Okay, we're off!" he said. ---- "Ah, yes," Ogel reported to the other villains. "agent Claw just loved the Dino Attack so much, she simply could no longer imagine a life after it!" "Allow me to tell the story," insisted Fogel. "You see, she was walking all alone, not suspecting a thing. She did not hear or see me coming. I knew she was supposedly mute, but I guess this makes her deaf, dumb, and blind!" Everyone laughed. "And then I-" "Fogel!" cried the Frickster, suddenly running into view. "Do not interrupt me!" growled Fogel. "But I suppose you must have something important to say. Well, what is it?" The Frickster tried to explain: "Agent Rex is... well, uh... how do I say this... he was, err, walking dogs, but the dogs ain't dogs, they were Mutant Dinos, so he wasn't walking dogs, and-" "Just get on with it!" shouted Fogel, causing the other villains to tremble in fear. "S-sorry, boss!" the Frickster stuttered. "Well, Rex is walking with two Mutant Dinos - a Mutant Lizard and a Mutant T-Rex - and he's not far away! Should we attack?" "Not directly, that's for sure," Fogel said. "We need to find a way to take care of those mutants before we engage Rex. But how...?" He began to think up a plan. ---- After about an hour and a half, they arrived in Antarctica. Unfortunately, they flew right into a really bad snowstorm. "I'm going to have to land!" Databoard said. Mutant Dinos didn't like the cold, but humans couldn't take it much longer either. He landed the helicopter and they waited out the storm. The T-1 Typhoon took off again and the agents were spared of having to walk fifteen miles to the base. It was a speedy trip, and they landed out of sight behind a large snowbank. They began to trudge through the snow, careful not to be seen by cameras. They reached the wall, and Databoard took out the datapad. "Security is extremely tight, so I suggest we go through here," he pointed to a tunnel leading to the base, "because it lacks cameras and guards." The agents slipped through the corridors of the base. So far, none of the people in there had noticed them. When I left Alpha Team, I'd expected not be doing this anymore, Databoard thought. They snuck down another corridor, and noticed a security camera. Databoard took out a device and scrambled the camera's controls, allowing them to pass by without being noticed. They found a room with a computer, and Databoard began downloading information into his PDA. "This should take a few moments before I can get all the information downloaded," said Databoard. Voltage glanced out the door. "Um, Data? You better hurry up, we've got company!" he said. There were several members of the Shadows coming in their direction. Databoard managed to get all the information onto his PDA, but then the Shadows rushed into the room. The agents fought well against them, but in the end, they were disarmed and captured. The Shadows brought them down the corridors until they reached a large room. Inside were Darkforce and several other members of the Shadows. "Ah, Databoard, nice to see you again." Darkforce said. "And I see you've brought some friends with you." ---- So far, PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot had trapped over a hundred Mutant Dinos in downtown LEGO City. "Do you think Rex is still alive?" asked PBB. "Bo beep," Little Bot shrugged. "I sure hope he is," PBB said. "After Frozeen's disappearance and Rebel Drone's death, I'd hate to lose another friend." ---- Voltage took out two Shadows members with one blow to the neck each, spinning around and kicking another aside so he smashed into the now-useless computer. He then drew two machine guns, threatening to blast Darkforce's head off. "Don't try it," Databoard said. When Voltage did, Darkforce disappeared. "Where'd he go?" Voltage said in disbelief. Then Darkforce appeared and, with one near-fatal stroke, sent Voltage slamming through the wall to his left. He tripped several cameras and reinforcements on the way. Databoard swung around, kicking the Shadows member who was holding his laser. He took his weapon, and began firing at the Shadows members. Suddenly, lasers were fired from almost nowhere. Databoard fired back, guessing it was the invisible Darkforce firing at him. More lasers came at him, and he was able to dodge. "Very impressive," Darkforce said, his voice coming from nowhere. "But can you defeat someone you can't see?" Databoard fired randomly, trying to hit where he thought Darkforce was. However, he kept moving, avoiding Databoard's lasers and making it hard to figure out just where he was. Several Shadows members charged at him, but he evaded their lasers and fired back. Databoard fired his laser at where he thought Darkforce was, but he got out of the way again. Databoard dodged to avoid attacks by several Shadows members, and then got an idea. He fired his laser at an overhead pipe, sending a spray of water into the air. It didn't harm anyone, but now it was easy to figure out where Darkforce was now that his shape was outlined by water droplets. Suddenly, large laser cannons came down from the ceiling and started firing at the agents. "Run!" Databoard said. "We're getting out of here!" ---- The Voltage smashed into the frozen ocean. Kotua could feel the underside of the craft being damaged by the surrounding ice. The whole craft shook, and the robots tried stabilizing it. Finally, the shaking stopped. "Damage report!" said Kotua. The robot didn't respond. In fact, nothing worked. "Oh no..." said Kotua. He got out of his chair and ran to the engine room. Peter and Bob ran after him. They reached the room to find an Ogel Drone. "Stand back, I'll deal with it," said Kotua The Ogel Drone raised a staff as Kotua drew and fired his blaster. The laser blast froze in midair. "If you want to go old-school on me, fine," said Kotua, throwing his blaster aside, and charging towards the drone. Kotua punched the Ogel Drone twice, sending him stumbling back. The drone finally regained his balance and did a spin kick, which Kotua easily blocked with his arms. The Ogel Drone raised his staff and stabbed Kotua with it. Kotua took a step back and tried ignoring the pain. The drone tried yanking the staff out, but it was stuck! Peter grabbed the frozen beam and repeatedly hit the Ogel Drone with it. The drone finally hit the floor, and Peter and Bob helped Kotua to the infirmary. When they got there, the medic bots took out the staff and injected some medicine to help Kotua's arm heal. ---- The agents rushed from the Shadows base and got into the T-1 Typhoon. They took off and were about to fly away when a laser nearly missed the helicopter. They looked around to see several Shadows jets flying after them. Voltage, in the rear of the T-1 gunning, identified Darkforce's fighter. He aimed and fired, shooting rapid bursts of plasmic energy into the ship's hull. It went down, and Voltage watched it sink out of view. "That's for knocking me through a wall," he said. Databoard fired the T-1 Typhoon's weaponry at the fighters. Suddenly, he heard Cobra shouting: "Look, over there!" Databoard turned around to see Darkforce clinging to the tail of the T-1 Typhoon. "He must have ejected when Voltage blasted his fighter out of the sky," Databoard said. Voltage saw Darkforce climbing up the tail and considered blasting him off, but he was sure that it would damage the tail. Databoard tried to shake Darkforce off the tail, but he clung on. "Could someone get that guy off the helicopter?" he shouted. A fighter flew by and began firing at the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard blasted a hole through its wing and it was forced to pull away from them. But there were still several other fighters pursuing them. Darkforce continued to climb up the tail, and fiddled with his invisibility device. A large scythe-like blade protruded from the glove, better helping him up the tail. Voltage saw this, and shouted for Kai to take over gunning. He peered around the T-1 Typhoon and fired several shots at him. Two missed, but the third hit his gauntlet and knocked it off. "Yes!" he said, watching Darkforce struggle to hang on. Darkforce continued to hang onto the tail of the T-1 Typhoon, despite the agents' best efforts to knock him off. Databoard had bigger things to worry about, as there were fighter jets firing at them, and he had to do his best to stop them. So far, he'd been able to damage several and force them to break off their attack, but there were at least ten more to take care of. Voltage continued to try to blast off Darkforce, but he clung to the tail and climbed up to the main hold. When he reached level ground, he attacked Voltage, who slammed into the wall of the T-1 Typhoon. Voltage counter-attacked with his electro-gauntlet, and Darkforce let out a wail of pain. Databoard had managed to defeat all the attacking jets, and then rushed to help Voltage with Darkforce. He had gotten his cloaking device working again, and now Voltage was struggling to figure out where he was. Databoard fired his laser in Darkforce's general direction, but failed to hit him. Voltage was knocked off his feet by Darkforce, who was now invisible, and nearly fell out of the T-1 Typhoon. He staggered and got to his feet, hoping to get a glimpse of where Darkforce might be. Darkforce leapt on him, but this time he was ready. He spun around and landed a kick on Darkforce's head, and kicked him again in midair. Darkforce was taken by surprise and flew off the T-1 Typhoon, but he managed to cling onto a section of railing on the side. Voltage stood over Darkforce. Darkforce smiled. He whipped over Voltage and landed a sharp kick in his back, and the Dino Attack agent fell onto the cold wet floor of the T-1 Typhoon. It was wet with blood. Now, Darkforce was standing over Voltage, ready to make the final blow. Databoard charged at Darkforce, taking him by surprise. He fired his laser, but a kick from Darkforce knocked it from his hand. He punched at Darkforce, who ducked out of the way. Each of them kept avoiding each other's attacks, until Darkforce ducked out of the way and pushed Databoard off the side of the Typhoon. Databoard grabbed onto the side and slowly climbed back up into the helicopter. Databoard climbed back into the Typhoon and was, taking Darkforce by surprise, knocked him from the vehicle. He landed on a nearby mountain side, where he was knocked out cold. Databoard knew it wouldn't be the last they'd see of him, and piloted towards LEGO City. He also found a med kit and began helping Voltage. In no time, Voltage recovered, and they flew off back to LEGO city. ---- After a few minutes, Kotua realized that the Voltage was working again. Kotua walked back to the command deck, and soon the craft was flying full speed towards LEGO City... Kotua took out his PDA. He wondered how he would convince Rex, Databoard, and the other Dino Attack agents that he was good now. He decided to talk to Rex. Kotua wrote a message to Rex: MEET ME BY THE FACTORIES... AGENT KOTUA. The Voltage flew by the factories, and Kotua flew out in his jetpack. He doubted Rex would come to talk, so Kotua also brought a stun gun, just in case... ---- Rex received the message from Kotua. He rolled his eyes, unamused. "Whatever, I'll log that away," Rex muttered. "If Kotua had learned a darn thing, it would be: to lure Rex into a trap, signing your name is a VERY 'smart' idea!" He deleted the message and continued to walk Maw and Trouble, hoping that he would never see Kotua again. A Shadow-Blade followed Rex silently. Trouble felt the presence of it, but thought it was a mere rodent. The Shadow Blade studied Rex with various equipment. It raised its hand, and two small probes flew from its wrist and started taking blood from Rex. Rex swatted at them, thinking they were merely mosquitos. One fell down, destroyed, while the other returned to the Shadow-Blade. Rex continued walking, but the Shadow-Blade didn't follow again, having got all that was needed. Although the Shadow Blade did not follow Rex, someone else continued to track him: Finister and Lord Sam Sinister. It had been Finister, not Fogel, who came up with the plan for disposing of Rex. "Do it," whispered Sinister. "Now's your chance!" "No," Finister replied, "you do it." He handed Sinister a silenced pistol, specially modified so that its bullets could penetrate the thick hides of Mutant Dinos. Sam Sinister's eyes widened as he looked at the weapon. "Err, I'm not so sure this is a good idea," he said. "As you know, we've had plenty of experience hunting dinosaurs, but this is a Mutant T-Rex… things could go very badly if I-" Finister pressed one of his hooks against Sinister's neck. "If you want to be a great villain in the future instead of the spineless coward you are in the present," he hissed, "then I suggest that you start now! Get into position, ready your shot, and wait for my signal!" "Fine!" Sam Sinister grumbled. ---- Agent X was fighting off a swarm of Mutant Lizards. Just as he was about take those Lizards down, one of every Mutant Dino showed up. "Agent X to base," he said into the radio, "send help to Astor City immediately! I need to get out of here!" The radio responded with static. "Base, I need help!" X said frantically, shouting into his radio. "Immediately! Please! I'm running out of defense!" The radio only responded with crackling static: "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ CRACKLE ZZZZZ CRACKLE BEEEEEEEP." "Help, someone!" screamed X. He heard an explosion. "Huh?" Agent X looked back to see his former vehicle ripped to shreds and a velociraptor standing over the remains... "AGENT X TO BASE, SEND HELP!" Agent X looked around. Devastation was everywhere. He was so affected by the sight that he did not even notice a Mutant T-Rex sneak up on him. The T-Rex chomped down with its jaws, and X thought that would be the end of him. ---- After arriving in LEGO City, Databoard began pouring over every bit of information that he had downloaded. He now had information on the basic design of the Shadows vehicles, and where their weakness was. Other than that, there wasn't much other then what they'd already learned. After studying every last bit of information, Databoard set out to repair the T-1 Typhoon, as some of the fighter jets had caused minor damage to the vehicle. The amount of damage was fairly minimal, so it did not take him very long for him to make the repairs. Databoard finished his repairs and walked outside. Suddenly, several Mutant Lizards leapt from behind a ruined building. Databoard pulled a small device from his pocket. He fired a small sonic vibration from it, which stunned one of the Lizards. He defeated several more with it, but several more jumped out from behind a ruined wall, nearly him by surprise. He barely got away from them as they attacked. Voltage dispersed of some Mutant Lizards with his gauntlet, but it was hard to move with so much pain. After about fifteen minutes, Databoard was able to stun all the Mutant Lizards. But then he realized he would have to figure out what to do with them. He didn't have long to think about that as some of the Lizards were waking up. Databoard threw a grenade in a random direction, which startled the Mutant Lizards, and they fled into the distance. Databoard then walked back to his T-1 Typhoon. ---- "We meet again, agent Rex!" With a start, Rex glanced up at the balcony of a nearby hotel. Standing there was none other than Finister, looking down upon the Dino Attack agent and his two Mutant Dinos. "You!" shouted Rex, balling his hands into fists. "What have you done with Remous?" "Exactly what I promised I would do," replied Finister. "I captured him, brought him back to Villains Headquarters, and... had a nice little chat with him." "You mean you tortured and interrogated him?" Rex said, calling out his euphemism. Finister chuckled. "I'll give the man credit where it's due... the Truth Receiver could not receive any truth from him. He may have been an overconfident fool to try taking me on by himself, but he had nerves of steel and did not give up. Alas, it's almost a pity what happened to him. See, because he was being uncooperative, I got a little frustrated... and in my frustration, I let the Truth Receiver run a little longer than I should have..." Rex felt the blood drain from his face as he imagined Roger Remous, unable to breathe while the Truth Receiver vacuumed out all the air in his lungs. "He suffocated," realized Rex. It was a ghastly way to die. "And his poor sister will never know what happened to him," mused Finister. "What a shame." Rex became alert at the mention of Amanda Claw. "What about her?" he demanded. "What did you do with her?" Finister shrugged. "Yes, I killed Remous, but as for agent Claw, I did not have a... hand in her fate. After all, she was of no use to me; I can't interrogate someone who can't even speak! But, I assure you... what FUTURE did to her was cruel." Now, Rex was furious. "Bold words," he growled, "for someone within a short distance of a couple Mutant Dinos. If I give the word, they will tear you apart." As though they understood exactly what he said, both Trouble and Maw started to snarl and bare their teeth. "Go ahead," dared Finister. "Sic your beasts on me, and prove to the world that they really are the savage monsters that everyone thinks they are." Rex gritted his teeth, but he motioned to Trouble and Maw, telling them to stand down. Finister smirked. "Hah! I thought not." "Is that why you've come here?" asked Rex. "To mock me as you boast about your victims and monologue about your great plan to do the same with the rest of Dino Attack Team?" "Me?" said Finister, laughing as he raised his hooks into the air. "Oh, I'm not going to do a thing. I won't be the one who brings down the rest of Dino Attack Team... you will." From his hiding place, Sam Sinister saw Finister raise his hooks into the air. That's the signal, he thought to himself. He took in a deep breath to steel himself, and then he raised the silenced pistol and fired at the Mutant T-Rex. ---- Databoard sat inside his Typhoon, confused over the fact that Darkforce was in charge of the Shadows. He had supposedly died, so how could he have survived? And why did he wait until now to return, which was nearly five years after that incident? Databoard had a feeling he wasn't going to find the answers anytime soon. They took off again, this time to survey the city. Voltage wished he could have helped Databoard with the Mutant Lizards. He was getting better, and his position was to fight, not hang around in T-1 Typhoons all day. Databoard walked back to the T-1 Typhoon, and Voltage asked, "What'd you find out?" "Nothing we didn't already know," replied Databoard. "But get this, Darkforce 'supposedly' died five years ago!" "Strange...." muttered Voltage. "Yeah, it's strange!" agreed Databoard. Voltage got up and moved to the tracking section of the T-1 Typhoon. The radar showed just them, alone in the sky. Everyone was either sleeping or trying to keep themselves awake. It had been about five days without sleep, and Voltage was tired. He fell asleep. ---- Suddenly, Maw raised his head towards the sky and roared. The sound shook Rex and Trouble, and even Finister flinched involuntarily. Then, Maw charged, running down the street at full speed, demolishing everything in his path. "MAW!" called Rex, but it was too late, and the T-Rex was already out of earshot. Rex and Trouble exchanged glances. If Maw kept running in his current direction... then he was heading straight for Dino Attack Headquarters! Rex jumped onto Trouble's back and rode the Mutant Lizard in pursuit of Maw. "NO! MAW! STOP!!!" cried Rex, but it was no use. Finister watched them go, and he chuckled softly in satisfaction. "Exactly as planned," he said to himself. "Now, by the end of the night, elite agent Rex shall be no more!" And he would be right. ***** Zero was back at HQ, looking for some things on the internet. He absent-mindedly glanced out the window, when he saw a Mutant T-Rex running towards the base! And Rex was right behind him! "Oh no!" exclaimed Zero. ---- The bleeping of an alarm woke Voltage with a start. "We're being tracked!" Cobra said, rushing up to him. "By who?" asked Voltage. "I don't know," said Cobra, "but whoever they are, they're very good at it." Databoard, being the pilot of the Typhoon, was one of the few people who were awake. He was almost about to fall asleep at the controls when an alarm started beeping. He heard Cobra shout about being tracked. "This is just excellent," Databoard said. He started running checks to see if he could figure out who was tracking them. "They're not on the radar or anything!" Voltage exclaimed, punching buttons on the console. "They must have cloaking devices," Cobra suggested. Databoard looked over every piece of equipment on the T-1 Typhoon, but still couldn't get any information on whoever was tracking them. He looked around the area, but couldn't see anyone else. They were just about the only vehicle in the air, and Databoard had a good idea they could see them if they were on the ground. A blast rocked the T-1 Typhoon. "What was that?" Voltage asked. The siren that still rang was getting annoying. "Data, can you shut that off?" "Sorry," Databoard said, flipping a switch. "Scanners are still reading normal," he reported, "But I think we lost some power in the engines." Voltage peered outside the T-1 Typhoon to make sure the scanners were not mistaken. "How can they be tracking us, anyway?" he said. "There's nothing on the hull." "The only other way would be to wire it into the systems, and you can't do that in midair," Cobra commented. "Data?" called Voltage. "I checked before we left," said Databoard. "No one in sight." Another blast from the invisible enemy. "Well, we can't figure out what's going on if these guys blast us to pieces," Databoard said. "I'm taking the Typhoon down lower where we'll have more cover." He brought the helicopter down low over the ruined streets, and a blast barely missed them, impacting on the side of a building. Wind rushed by Voltage's face as they descended. It did give them much more cover, but they ran the risk of smashing into a building. There was an electrical sound, and Databoard said, "We have them in range!" Sure enough, the scanner showed over fifty tiny moving dots closing in on them. Who are these guys? Voltage wondered. ---- The Shadow-Blade reached the Anti-Voltage, and delivered its info to Anti-Kotua. Anti-Kotua walked to the lab section of the craft and called upon its Astro-Bots to come. "Now then..." said Anti-Kotua, putting Rex's blood sample on a thermocycler machine. The thermocycler stopped after copying Rex's DNA, and Anti-Kotua walked to the machine to take out Rex's blood sample. Anti-Kotua put the blood sample in another machine and pressed a button. "Now, my 'friend', to see your weakness," said Anti-Kotua. After a few minutes, a screen turned on and displayed the results of the sample. "Hmm, that's… unexpected," observed Anti-Kotua, unaware that the blood was collected from a minifigure disguise and not a real person. "Rex appears to be a 20-something-year-old man, but this DNA is as fresh as a newborn baby. It seems Rex is hiding a secret or two." Anti-Kotua walked towards an Astro-Bot. "So... what are you doing just hovering there!?" shouted Anti-Kotua. The Astro-Bot flew off to find something to do. Anti-Kotua took Rex's blood sample and put it in a refrigerated area with the other blood samples. Then, Anti-Kotua walked to the hangar. "Find the other Dino Attack agents, and bring them here..." said Anti-Kotua. The Shadow-Blades nodded, and flew off. The Shadow-Blades looked through their sniper scopes at the Dino Attack agents below. The two agents were new to the team, and were busy fighting off two Mutant Lizards. One of the Shadow-Blades fired, and one of the agents fell to the floor. The other looked around, trying to find the source of the killer... ---- Databoard readied all the weapons on the T-1 Typhoon and began firing at their invisible enemy. They couldn't tell if they were hitting anything, as the attackers kept moving to avoid their blasts. Another blast hit near the T-1 Typhoon, causing an abandoned building to give way and collapse. Then, the invisible fighters began taking hits. They fell from the sky as blazing balls of fire. Some of them were hit in their cloaking devices, revealing portions of the enemy crafts. More blasts leveled a few buildings behind the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard was able to hit one of the enemy fighters, causing it to spin out of control and slam through the side of a building, exploding as it did. They continued to fire, but most of their lasers missed their targets and hit nearby buildings. Databoard continued to fire at the invisible fighters. He managed to blast one of the jets wings, but it continued to fly. Lasers barely missed the T-1 Typhoon, smashing through the windows of a nearby building. Voltage fired his laser, hitting one of the jets with several lasers. They continued to shoot at their invisible enemies, succeeding in the destruction of several fighters. Databoard flew even lower to the ground, with the ruined buildings making it harder for the fighters to get a clear shot at the T-1 Typhoon. It also meant that the jets would have less maneuvering room. Laser hit the buildings nearby, sending debris flying. Whoever was attacking them was getting very annoyed that they were evading their attacks. More blasts flew into a nearby building, destroying a small portion of it. Databoard fired into the air, and blasted one of the fighters out of the sky. Voltage spotted a cylindrical object floating in the air, so he fired at it. There was an ear-shattering explosion, and the fighters became visible in a flash of light. "That was the cloaking generator," Voltage said. Now their enemy would be an easier target. Databoard started firing at the now-visible fighters, blasting a few out of the sky. They swerved to avoid the weapons firing, some nearly crashing into each other while maneuvering. Voltage was also firing at them, and took down several fighters with laser blasts. Voltage noticed that on the side of the fighters there were markings that distinctly read Beta Force. What was Beta Force? ---- Kotua walked around the factory, looking for Rex. Suddenly a fist of water slammed into Kotua, sending him flying. Kotua battled Alpha Chaos in the factory. Anti-Kotua arrived and defeated Chaos, neutralizing the water monster with a freezer beam. Kotua escaped capture by Anti-Kotua and fled. ---- Suddenly, Maw made a sharp turn, narrowly avoiding collision with Dino Attack Headquarters. He continued to run down the street and was picking up speed. Not even Trouble's light feet could keep up with the speed of the Mutant T-Rex. Soon, Rex and Trouble completely lost track of Maw. Rex and Trouble arrived at a scene of devastation. The street was littered with the wreckage of multiple Dino Attack vehicles. Rex spotted Specs, Shadow, Viper, and Digger pulling wounded survivors out of the remains of an Iron Predator. "Hey, guys!" Rex called. "Have you seen a Mutant T-Rex that was on a rampage?" "What do you think?" snapped Shadow, glaring at Rex before gesturing towards the ruined vehicles. The blood drained from Rex's face as he realized that Maw was responsible for destroying the vehicles. While the four founding agents seemed to escape with only minor injuries, the same could not be said for the other Dino Attack agents caught in the T-Rex's path. "Oh no," he whispered. "What have I done?" Zero went to where Rex and the others were talking. "Hey guys! What's up?" he cheerfully greeted them, before noticing the wreckage of the vehicles. "... Oh yeah, that's up. Who did this?" "A Mutant T-Rex..." replied Digger. "His name was Maw…" Rex said quietly. "Rex, was that one of your 'tamed' Mutant Dinos?" asked Viper. Trouble snorted, annoyed by his tone. "Well, n-no - I mean, uh, yes, err..." Rex said, his voice shaking. "Rex," Shadow growled, "I've tolerated your 'taming' of these... monsters…" Trouble growled at that remark. "But this is intolerable! You are responsible for the casualties of good men! This has to stop, now!" "Specs, please," Rex appealed, "you must understand that I didn't mean for this to happen." Specs let out a long sigh. "As a scientist and idealist," he declared, "I had previously sided with you and endorsed your taming project… but as the team leader, I simply cannot allow something that puts the lives of my fellow Dino Attack agents at risk. You are to cease this activity, effective immediately." Zero looked from Specs, to the ruins of the Dino Attack vehicles, to Trouble's worried expression, and then to Rex, whose expression made Trouble look calm by comparison. "I-I can't just stop taming them," insisted Rex, trembling. "After all, they are living creatures and deserve to live just as much as we do. But-" "But what?!?" screamed Shadow. "But that I don't know what went wrong!" said Rex. "Maw was perfectly tamed, I swear! Very calm, very easy-going, not one to suddenly go on rampage like this. It… it must have been FUTURE; they must have done something to-" "Obviously, the beast was not as 'tamed' as you thought," Shadow declared. His eyes narrowed with suspicion. "Unless… you have been training them to attack us! Maybe Kotua was right all along about you!" He raised his weapon and pointed it at Trouble, who hissed and poised to attack. Rex jumped between Shadow and Trouble with his arms stretched out wide, preventing either from attacking the other. "No!" he cried. "I am on your side, and I always have been! Specs, you have to believe me!" Specs shook his head. "Rex," he said sternly, "you have to let your dinos go. It's over now. That's an order; if you disobey, there will be consequences." "NO!" screamed Rex, but then he realized he said the wrong response. Specs locked narrowed eyes with Rex. "Then I am hereby relieving you of your duties," he declared. "Effective now, you are discharged from Dino Attack Team. You will board the next transport to Antarctica and remain at the refugee facilities." With that, Specs turned away from Rex and Trouble, ignoring them entirely as he continued to focus on helping the wounded Dino Attack agents. Viper, Digger, and Shadow followed his lead, with the last of the founding members shooting Rex one last glare before turning away. Rex felt his heart sink. His one purpose, his one driving force, was to be a Dino Attack agent and save the world… and now, it had just been stripped away from him. With nowhere else to go, Rex and Trouble solemnly walked away as though they were in a funeral procession. "Rex, wait!" cried Zero, the only Dino Attack agent who still acknowledged him. "You can't just go! Will I ever see you again?" Rex looked back at his friend, tears forming in his sorrowful eyes. Then, wordlessly, he turned away and departed with Trouble. Zero's eyes narrowed as he surveyed the scene. Something's not right, he realized. There must have been some sort of evil plan going on... someone did this to get Rex discharged... they knew this would happen... but how can I prove who did it? ---- Beta Force? Voltage had known someone named Beta, but that was a long time ago, and... Could it be him? Voltage doubted it. If he knew Beta, he wouldn't advertise like that all over his fighters. Well, they were cloaked, Voltage thought. Databoard continued to shoot at the fighters, which evaded his attacks. A few were hut and spun out control, but they soon regained control and continued they're attack. He was able to defeat a few, but they continued to attack. One flew near the T-1 Typhoon and tried to attack it, but a laser bolt stopped that plan. The fighters swarmed around the T-1 Typhoon again, and Voltage blasted half of them out of the sky. The useless piles of burnt metal descended through the clouds and out of sight. A fighter came towards them at full speed, bolts of energy firing rapidly from its laser cannons. Voltage and Databoard fired at it, but it was no use, as it kept evading their attacks. Finally, one of the lasers hit the cockpit, spinning out of control, where it crashed into the side of a nearby building. "Wow," said Cobra. "Did you see what it said on the side?" "Beta Force," said Voltage. A T-Rex passed by, and roared. Then tons of roars filled the air, and they all belonged to T-Rexes. "That's not good," said Databoard. Several lasers from the Beta Force jets barely missed the T-1 Typhoon. It moved in to attack again, but suddenly, the eyebeams of a Mutant T-Rex bored a hole through the side of the jet. More of the T-Rex started attacking, forcing them to fly higher up to avoid their eyebeams. This gave them less cover from the Beta Force vehicles, unfortunately. "You guys try and keep back those jets!" Databoard shouted. "I'll see what I can do against those T-Rexes." He turned out the XL-4 Voltaic Launcher and aimed it. It hit a T-Rex dead on, slamming it backwards through a nearby building. After maneuvering to avoid lasers fired by the Beta Force vehicles, he continued to fire at the attacking Mutant Dinos. The Beta Force fighters still attacked, but there was a new combatant on the field: the Pteranodons and the T-Rexes. Pteranodons shocked the fighters from the air while the T-Rexes ripped them to shreds from below. A fighter exploded, and the driver hit Voltage's windshield with a discouraging splat! "Ewwww!!!" Voltage said as he triggered the emergency windshield wipers. Several Mutant Pteranodons swooped down and fired bolts of electricity at the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard launched the Voltaic Launcher at them, but they evaded the blast. Voltage fired at them repeatedly, but they avoided and sent more electric bolts at the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard, Voltage, and their squad encountered creatures mutated by Beta Force. Snake of Spades was badly wounded in the battle and needed to be brought to the Dino Attack Medical Wing by Viper, so he could not accompany Databoard and Voltage on their mission. By the time they reached the Medical Wing, his wound had become infected, so his whole arm had to be amputated. It was then replaced with a mechanical prosthetic arm. ----- Magma was reassigned by Alpha Team to the Dino Attack Team, along with a large number of fellow Alpha Team Agents, including Shark and Sting, because Alpha Team had agreed to help fill a portion of the team's ranks. He was assigned initially to simple missions where he fought Mutant Dinos in LEGO City. However, he was also sent on missions to take care of villains who were getting in the way of the Dino Attack Team, since as an Alpha Team Special Agent he was capable of dealing with them. Initially, Magma was ordered to defend a remote Dino Attack Team base against a major Mutant Dino attack. He helped successfully defend it until help arrived in the form of Shark and Sting, who, while not assigned to Dino Attack, decided to help their friend out. They arrived in the Aqua Hover, a prototype airship that had been built by Magma during Mission Deep Freeze. After this battle, Magma realized that using Ogel's Ice Orb technology might be a good way to fight Mutant Dinos. After all, Mutant Dinos were cold-blooded and could not function in the cold. Along with Shark and Sting, Magma traveled back to Antarctica in the Aqua Hover to see if there was anything salvageable there. In Antarctica, Magma travelled to an old abandoned Evil OGEL Empire outpost, constructed as a point for launching raids on Alpha Team's Antarctic HQ. where he found an abandoned wing of wrecked Snow Crawlers, complete with Ice Orbs. The small outpost had a hangar bay of about twenty Snow Crawlers, all old and in need of repairs. There was also a supply of Ice Orbs. So, Magma, Shark, and Sting repaired the Snow Crawlers, and upgraded them and repainted them as Dino Attack vehicles. Magma christened the new vehicles "Orb Bombers" and sent a message to Alpha Team to send a squad to bring them back to base, where they could be assigned to Dino Attack agents. However, before that team arrived, the Orb Bombers were immediately put to the test, as Ogel Drones on Ogel's Island had received a report about this. They dispatched the prototype vessel Iron Hammer, an airship designed by Ogel himself as a vehicle powerful enough to be capable of neutralizing and wiping out Mutant Dinos. The Iron Hammer had detected Alpha Team agents operating near Ogel's Mountain Fortress, and arrived to destroy them. In the following battle, the Aqua Hover was destroyed, but the Orb Bombers were able to hold off the Iron Hammer long enough for Magma, Shark, and Sting to board the Ogel airship and seize control of it. They were able to set onboard security systems to fire on Ogel Drones, which left them in control of the ship. When the Alpha Team agents arrived, Magma ordered them to crew the ship with Dino Attack agents and fly it back to Dino Attack HQ. He intended for it to be used by the Dino Attack Team as a support vessel to Kotua's Voltage. To test the Iron Hammer, Magma had it launch a raid on a Mutant T-Rex nest near LEGO City. Magma landed his Urban Avenger and, with a handful of other agents (plus the firepower of the ship), defeated the T-Rexes. Since the ship was equipped with laboratories, Magma ordered a T-Rex and an egg brought onboard for analysis. He discovered, to his surprise, that the T-Rex had been mutated beyond what was normal in a Mutant T-Rex. ---- One of the first things Hotwire did upon being promoted to standard agent rank was add repulsorlift turbines, provided to Dino Attack by Alpha Team but largely unused, to the underside of his newly-issued Fire Hammer, and -- in light of his recent experience with Mutant Raptors -- a concealed Cosmotronic Ray next to one of the headlights. Soon after leaving HQ on patrol, he was attacked by a group of dinos, and received aid from Kotua. While making their escape, they were also pursued by a ShadowTech Fire Hammer. Kotua told Hotwire to "convince Dino Attack" -- meaning, of course, convince the rest of Dino Attack Team that he was on their side again. Hotwire, who had not yet heard of Kotua's maligned reputation, did not know what Kotua meant and mistakenly thought he was somehow referring to the ShadowTech vehicles. ---- Deciding that his life had little meaning anymore, Rex continued to wander LEGO City with Trouble and Maw as he contemplated suicide. He managed to find Maw, who had calmed down and was now limping. Rex took a close look at Maw's injured foot and saw the bullet wound from Sam Sinister's silenced pistol. "Looks like we were both framed," Rex said with a heavy sigh. Suddenly, the phantom appeared, jumping down to the street from one of the rooftops. "Rex, you have to come with me!" he said urgently. "It's Josh Thunder; he's in danger!" "Josh Thunder?" repeated Rex. "You mean the son of the famous Johnny Thunder?" Thunder was certainly a very high-profile name among Dino Attack Team, who owed much of their understanding of modern-day dinosaurs to the Adventurers who discovered them. The phantom nodded. "He came here to the city to do some dino-hunting training with some rookie Dino Attack agents, but they were attacked by a Mutant T-Rex," he explained. "They're trapped in a small shop, and I can't get to them with the T-Rex in the way. We haven't got much time; hurry!" Rex shook his head sadly. "I'm sorry, but I'm not a Dino Attack agent anymore, I was just discharged-" "Frankly," the phantom interrupted him, "I don't care, and neither should you! Not when there are lives on the line! You don't need to be a Dino Attack agent to be a hero. Now, come on!" Rex knew that the phantom was right. When he learned that he was a sleeper agent, he promised himself he would be the hero regardless of what he actually was. Mutant Dino, Dino Attack agent, or just an ordinary civilian... it did not matter. Perhaps, Rex thought, saving Thunder and the rookies might convince Specs to let me rejoin the team, and if not... well, I could always continue to be an independent ally, like PBB or the phantom. Rex, Trouble, and Maw followed the phantom down the street as he led them to Thunder's location. Sure enough, the scene was exactly as the phantom described. There was a Mutant T-Rex bull, a full-grown male, and it was reaching through the smashed windows of a small shop. Rex could hear the minifigs trapped inside, screaming and shouting for help. "If you can distract the T-Rex," the phantom suggested, "and hold its attention for a few minutes, then I can slip in there and lead them to safety. But be careful; if it notices us... well, not even I can survive a Mutant T-Rex attack. I'm not really a phantom, you know." "Got it," said Rex. As the phantom slipped way into the shadows, Rex glanced at Trouble and Maw to check that they were ready. They nodded to him, and so he stepped forward and shouted: "Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size?" The Mutant T-Rex turned his head towards Rex. If he was at all surprised to see a minifig flanked by a pair of Mutant Dinos, he did not show it. He bared his teeth and snarled, which Rex was able to understand as, "Do not come between Sharptooth and his prey!" Rex recalled hearing that name before, back when he was exploring LEGO City with Zero. "Ah, so this must be the great Sharptooth," he said. "You know, I thought you were the leader of a T-Rex pack, proudly respected by your kin. Instead, you're just scavenging for a few measly scraps of meat like a coward!" Dinosaurs are naturally proud creatures, and none are more prideful than the T-Rex. To audaciously insult one is a death wish. Sharptooth glared at Rex, and then his eyes started to glow red. Rex jumped back just in time before a pair of laser beams fired at where he once stood, striking the pavement. Angered by this threat towards his adoptive father, Maw stepped forward and roared at Sharptooth. Rex realized that the young T-Rex was challenging the older bull, who responded by firing more eye beams at Maw. Maw was singed, but this only made him madder, and now Rex was furious, too. As the two Mutant T-Rexes bellowed at each other, Rex glared intensely at Sharptooth and gave a sharp whistle, cuing his tamed dinos to attack. Maw charged at Sharptooth, with Trouble scampering after him. Rex pulled out his laser pistol and took aim. Maw and Sharptooth snapped at each other, their fearsome teeth digging through flesh in a violent display. Trouble climbed up Sharptooth's leg, got up on the T-Rex's back, and started biting and clawing viciously. Rex circled around Sharptooth, firing his gun whenever he could be sure that he would not hit Maw or Trouble. Out of the corner of his eye, Rex watched carefully as the phantom silently slipped past the fighting dinosaurs and entered the shop. Now, all they needed to do was to hold Sharptooth's attention a little while longer while the phantom, Josh Thunder, and the rookie agents escaped. But then, the tables turned. Sharptooth reached over his shoulder and grabbed Trouble in his jaws, then threw the Mutant Lizard down upon the street. Then, freed from any distractions, Sharptooth clawed at Maw's face, causing the younger T-Rex to instinctively flinch. Seizing his advantage, Sharptooth slammed into his opponent and forced Maw down onto the ground. Maw landed on top of Trouble, his enormous and heavy body becoming the Lizard's prison. The juvenile T-Rex tried to get back up, but the bigger and stronger adult would not let him have the chance. Maw let out one last roar, a cry for help. Rex's mouth felt dry as he watched the battle with wide eyes. "No, no, no!" he whispered. He fired his gun again and again at Sharptooth, but the T-Rex just ignored the lasers as he loomed victorious over his fallen opponent. Sharptooth opened his deadly jaws and closed them around Maw's throat. The young tamed Mutant T-Rex fell still and never moved again. Rex looked directly at the phantom, Josh Thunder, and the Dino Attack rookies standing in the doorway. They were out of time. "RUN!" Rex screamed at them, his voice cracking as he struggled to hold back tears. But, as the minifigs trapped in the shop prepared to move, Sharptooth suddenly turned his attention towards them again, not willing to let his prey sneak away so easily. Desperate, Rex ran towards Sharptooth and shot at one of the T-Rex's eyes. Sharptooth winced and snarled, shaking his head violently. Once he regained his focus, he locked his red eyes upon Rex and then fired his laser vision again. The eyebeams struck Rex in the chest, knocking him down. The burning sensation stung intensely even through the minifig disguise, but Rex summoned his strength and stood back up. As soon as he did so, he tried to shoot his gun again, only to realize too late that it was out of ammo. He was left wide open as Sharptooth swung his tail low, slamming into the former Dino Attack agent and sending him flying. Rex crashed through the walls of an apartment building and crumpled to the floor. Rex hurt all over. He hardly had the strength to move. It took all of his stamina to not lose consciousness. This was it, then. Maw was dead... Trouble was trapped... the phantom, Josh Thunder, and the rookies were goners... and Rex had no chance of stopping Sharptooth. With no weapons, no vehicles, and no team, there was nothing that just one minifig could do. He slumped down and closed his eyes, letting out a long sigh as he resigned to his defeat. But then, the phantom's words echoed back to him: "You can do a lot as a Minifig, but there are things that no man can do… but perhaps, a mutant can." Rex's eyes shot open. He looked down at his right hand and pulled the glove off, exposing the cut in the minifigure disguise that he had kept hidden for the past several weeks. This was the ace up his sleeve, the only thing left that could defeat Sharptooth. If a minifig could not defeat the Mutant T-Rex, then perhaps another adult Mutant Dino could do so. But, he knew there was no going back. If he took off the minifigure disguise, he would never be able to put it back on again. There would be no more Dino Attack elite agent Rex. Rex gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He had no ties anymore to his life as a minifig. All of his friends in Dino Attack Team were either dead or had turned their backs on him when he was discharged. He had nothing left to lose. The life of elite agent Rex was already over. With that thought in his mind, Rex grabbed the cut flap of skin on his palm, and he pulled. He winced involuntarily as he literally tore his flesh off, but he did not stop until he had fully exposed what lay hidden underneath all this time. Now, where he once had the normal hand of a human minifigure, he now saw a black-scaled reptilian claw attached to his wrist, dripping with an unidentified liquid like the amniotic fluid caking a newborn baby. His right hand was freed. With it, he grabbed onto his left wrist, and his razor-sharp talons punctured the fake minifig skin. As if he was pulling off a glove, he pulled off his left hand, exposing a second claw. He looked at his claws, his real hands, and prepared himself for what he was about to do next. Rex ripped open his gray jacket, and then he tore open the black shirt underneath; there would be no need for his Dino Attack uniform any longer. He looked down upon his torso, and in his mind he pretended that it was just one more shirt to take off. He imagined Clark Kent famously ripping open his buttoned shirt to reveal the Superman costume underneath. "There's no going back now," Rex whispered to himself. And then, he dug his sharp claws into his chest, tore it open, and pulled it apart over his head... now, for the first time, emerging as the Mutant Dino that was hidden inside all along. His whole body was dripping with the fluid, but it very quickly evaporated. As his skin - his real skin, covered with a thick hide of black and green scales - became exposed to air, some sort of chemical reaction took place. The advanced biological chemistry that was applied to reduce his size to that of a minifig was reversed. He grew larger and larger in a matter of seconds, until he was nearly as tall as some of the buildings around him. Rex was no mere Mutant Dino. He was a Mutant T-Rex, the fearsome behemoth that he had admired above all. Since he was only the "prototype" Mutant T-Rex, he was smaller than Sharptooth, lacked certain distinctive features such as the head crests, and did not have any mutant abilities such as laser vision... but despite all that, he was still a Mutant T-Rex, the great tyrant lizard king. And it felt good to be king! For a few seconds, Rex simply breathed slowly, inhaling and exhaling the cool refreshing air, taking in the moment. No longer was he stuffed inside a cramped disguise, wearing a skin that did not belong to him. Now, he was free to be who he truly was all along. He would have basked in his own power even longer if he had not heard the screams and cries for help from the minifigs in danger. Snapped back to reality and reminded of his purpose, Rex turned his attention to Sharptooth. The sight of Maw's lifeless body instilled a great anger in Rex, having raised the young T-Rex since he was a hatchling. And yet, despite having a much larger meal available to him, Sharptooth was still hunting the minifigs, too proud and too ruthless to allow any survivors to escape. Rex meant to shout, "Hey, Sharptooth, it's time for round two!" But instead, what came out of his mouth was a mighty roar, calling upon his most primal instincts. It still plainly got the message across, and it diverted Sharptooth's attention away from his prey, allowing the phantom to lead Josh Thunder and the others to safety. Rex charged at Sharptooth. The ground shook with every footfall; that same weight and awesome power of every T-Rex he had ever encountered now lived through him. He no longer felt cramps from physical exertion now that his body was freed of its shackles. The strength and power were practically intoxicating. Rex and Sharptooth bit and clawed at each other viciously as they met in melee combat. Even now, Rex knew his chances of emerging victorious from this one-on-one fight would be slim. Sharptooth had the size advantage as well as mutant abilities, and would surely kill Rex just like he had killed Maw. But, Rex still possessed the tactical mind of a Dino Attack elite agent and knew that he did not have to fight alone. He whipped his tail into Sharptooth's face, stunning his opponent for a second. While Sharptooth was recovering, Rex quickly grabbed Maw's lifeless body and dragged it off of Trouble, freeing the Mutant Lizard underneath. Now, it was a two-on-one fight. As soon as he was free, Trouble immediately leapt onto Sharptooth and latched on with his teeth. As Sharptooth tried to shake the Lizard off, Rex lunged forward and closed his jaws on the enemy T-Rex's neck, then wrestled his foe to smash him into an abandoned bank. Metal, glass, and concrete showered Sharptooth and rained down upon the street. Rex continued to smash Sharptooth through buildings, using the debris to injure his opponent and keep him disoriented. Trouble nimbly jumped back and forth between the two T-Rexes, relying on Rex for cover and attacking Sharptooth whenever he saw an opening. With Rex and Trouble tag-teaming Sharptooth, they would not give their enemy the opportunity to recover or fight back. At last, Rex and Trouble had cornered Sharptooth at a monument, built as a testament to the LEGOLAND Space expedition of 1978, at the edge of a large reflecting pool. Here, Sharptooth made his last stand. Bleeding and wounded, he roared ferociously at them and then lunged for Rex's throat with his deadly jaws. At that moment, Trouble used his darkness powers to cast a field of shadow around Sharptooth's head. With his opponent blinded, Rex wasted no time and thrust his entire weight into pushing Sharptooth back one last time. Rex slammed into Sharptooth and smashed him through the monument. Sharptooth continued to fall backwards into the reflecting pool, as the monument came crumbling down on top of him. Trouble stood at the water's edge, fiercely staring into the pool as he concentrated intensely on maintaining the field of shadow. The blind Sharptooth was completely disoriented in the water and, although the reflecting pool was fairly shallow, he could not find his way back to the surface. Trouble did not dispel his shadows until the air bubbles had stopped rising from the water, and then all was quiet and still. Rex blinked, not sure whether to be impressed or disturbed by what Trouble had done. Never underestimate Trouble, Rex decided, because a clever Mutant Lizard can take down even a Mutant T-Rex. Now that metaphorical dust had settled, Trouble turned to look at Rex. He regarded his new T-Rex companion with wide, curious eyes, and he cautiously sniffed the air between them. Then, he softly asked: "Rex? Is that really you, my friend?" Trouble spoke! Or rather, he did not communicate any differently from before, still vocalizing through growls, hisses, and screeches. But whereas Rex could previously only catch a few words here or there, he now understood Trouble perfectly. Evidently, removing the disguise had also removed whatever was suppressing his fluency in the Mutant Dino language. Rex nodded slowly. "Yes, Trouble," he replied, "it's me." Somehow, Rex knew that he was still speaking English out of habit. The alterations made to his vocal cords made it possible, even after shedding the disguise. And yet, the sound of his own voice was... different. It sounded deeper, guttural, and bestial, most likely as a result of his larger size. Then, Rex glanced over his shoulder, back in the direction where the fight against Sharptooth had started, where Maw made his final resting place, where a group of minifigs were led to safety by a mysterious phantom. "And yet," he continued, "I'm no longer the same Rex you once knew. That chapter of my life is over now, and there's no going back." "Then what now?" wondered Trouble. "Where do we go from here?" Rex smiled as he looked down upon Trouble, the first friend he made and now the last friend he could trust. "Now," he decided, "it's time to begin a new life, as a pair of Mutant Dinos setting out to do whatever good we can. Come on, Trouble... let's start a new pack together." ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  6. Chapter 11: Entropy ---- Rex, Zero, and Amanda Claw spent the next several days at Dino Attack Headquarters, protecting the base from Mutant Dino attacks during the construction process. During that time, Rex and Claw found themselves growing closer together. Rex looked over blueprints for a new Dino Attack vehicle. He had commissioned the vehicle designers to come up with something that was anti-Kotua, anti-Chaos, anti-Voltage, and anti-anything-that-has-to-do-with-Kotua. He was tired of always having the underdog fight against Kotua, and wanted to turn the tables. The proposed blueprints resembled a cross between a Fire Hammer and an Iron Predator. Its all-terrain treads would drove over anything with ease. It would have giant cannons on the top, with a high-powered taser device, a deep-freeze cannon, and both low-voltage and high-voltage electro-launchers. Twin electro-prods near the front will also ensure that Kotua or Chaos could not destroy the vehicle. Most of the weapons were electric, due to the fact that Chaos was a water-creature and water would be especially vulnerable against electricity. Even Kotua's robots would fry, too. The vehicle designers called it the High-Voltage Half-Track. "Now, Kotua," muttered Rex, "it's our turn..." Afterward, Rex began testing out a sample of G.E. Metal and Ssol Metal that he had retrieved from the Silver Scorpion before its destruction. These were the nearly-indestructible metals that armored G.E. Bodies and the Silver Scorpion, respectively. Rex discovered that, if the G.E. Metal had certain properties, the two metals would fuse into a new metal, which he dubbed "Silge". "Now that we've got a proper base again," Zero said as he walked up to Rex, "we can get new vehicles!" "That's great!" Rex said. "It would be good to replace my Iron Predator after Kotua destroyed it." "Definitely," said Zero. "Oh, by the way, Zero," Rex said, "I've got to get back to my lab so I can, err... test things out. But you are welcome to swing by if you're interested." "Hopefully, I will," Zero said. "I'd like to check out your lab sometime." "Okay," Rex said. ---- One of the Robo-Blades readied its laser and fired at the fighter with the VSBB. However, the pilot expected this and flew over the blast. The other Robo-Blade took its Beam Sword, and wedged the beam in the cockpit. The Robo-Blades activated their head vulcan guns, and finished off the remaining fighters as the Voltage's cannons wiped out the shuttles... ---- There were fewer ESG soldiers still in the fight, but the battle was still fierce. Kai spun around and kicked one in the face, and the robot fell to the ground. Kai then took the guidance system that hugged the droid lower arm. "Everyone get a guidance system!" Voltage shouted. "They'll come in handy!" Everyone was keen to get one, seeing as the guidance systems enhanced maneuverability and accuracy. Not long after Voltage had yelled out, everyone had a guidance system. Databoard, combining a stolen guidance system with his training from when he was an Alpha Team agent, was doing well against the ESG soldiers. He dodged the lasers as they were leaving the ESG's weapons, and then attacked with accuracy, defeating several at once. He then dodged a laser blast that came from behind, while at the same time spinning around and firing a laser at his attacker. Like Databoard, Voltage had also received and underwent Alpha Team training, and was able to dodge the ESG soldiers with precise accuracy. He flipped over one, striking him in the back and kicked another behind him, and the two flew into a building. "Heh, this thing fits like a glove, pun intended," said Kai. "Not only that, I can do this--" He dodged a flying laser beam Matrix-style. "-- and that," He jumped Matrix-style over a laser beam and kicked an ESG soldier in the face. Kai then whipped out a blaster and started shooting. "Ha!" Voltage leapt to the side, avoiding a laser bolt and kicking an ESG soldier into a building nearby. The Dino Attack agents were outnumbered but steadily closing the gap, and they were going fast, seeing as most of the agents had Alpha Team training. Kai and Venom paired up to get six ESG soldiers, and the others did the same. If each agent took down two soldiers, then none would remain. But the ESG soldiers just kept coming. By the time they were down to just three, even more came through the windows at the tops of each building in the ESG complex. The numbers were ridiculous; ESG must have had more soldiers than scientists at this rate! Databoard ran toward one of the buildings that the ESG soldiers were coming from. He climbed up a fire escape and began fighting the soldiers. They had less room to fight on the fire escape, but Databoard could still defeat them with ease. Fewer soldiers were coming out of that building, but there were still more to deal with. Venom set up a sniping position and Voltage covered him. One by one, the ESG soldiers fell off of the buildings and to the ground. Cobra may not have Alpha Team training, but he did know how to fight. He did take a training session or hundred. Cobra flipped a soldier over that fell on top of another droid. He took out a gun and started to work his way to the boss. He powered through, and finally got out of the crowd. He looked at his GPS and went on the path to Emmerich. ---- "The Voltage really wasn't meant for space," said a bot. "We'll worry about it later!" said Kotua. He walked to the engine room, furious. "Why are the engines frozen?!" shouted Kotua. "They're not made for space," replied the mechanic bot. "Make them space-equipped," said Kotua. Kotua walked into the command deck, to find the moon was only a few minutes away from the target range. "Finally! And unlike that bumbling fool, Ogel, my plan will succeed!" said Kotua. The moon slowly continued moving. The robots in the command deck kept reviewing the plan, and setting up for the big blast. Kotua was confident. LEGO City would soon be crushed by the moon... "Sir, the main cannon has frozen!" said one of the bots. The alarm activated at the same time. "Great. Divert power to engines and side cannons," said Kotua. Suddenly the main controls exploded, sending the robot in charge of diverting energy into a wall. "You! Divert the power!" said Kotua, pointing to another bot. The second robot slowly moved towards the controls when they spewed out more bolts, causing the bot's head to explode. Kotua ran to the door of the command deck, and grabbed the fire extinguisher. "The Voltage is going to explode!" said another bot, its self-preservation AI kicking in. The robot busted the door open, and moved to the emergency pods, soon followed by others. Kotua just stood there, surprised. The Voltage trembled as some sections received too much or too little energy. The craft started shaking violently as more explosions occurred. Suddenly, the Chaos Emeralds reacted. ***** Andrew Yellowstone was walking down a street in LEGO City, when he noticed a bright star in the sky. That's odd, it isn't even night yet! he thought. Then the star disappeared... ---- Amanda was also ready to go, so they walked out of the base together. "So, where are you going?" Rex asked her. Amanda shrugged. She loaded a gun and gestured to a Mutant Lizard corpse. "Off to fight some Mutant Dinos?" said Rex. "Will you be alright on your own for a little while? I have some research I need to do… but you're welcome to come by the lab, of course. My door is always open for you; you know that, right?" Amanda gently took hold of Rex's hand. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. Now, Rex was unable to help smiling as well. "Okay, have a good time!" he wished her. He watched her as she jumped onto a Steel Sprinter and drove off, and he kept watching until he could see her no more. Rex gave a low whistle. As if on cue, Trouble appeared beside him. As Rex glanced at his Mutant Lizard companion, he rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Why do I even bother trying to lock you up?" he muttered. Rex was going to borrow a new vehicle while waiting for his Iron Predator to be repaired, but decided that he felt safer traveling with Trouble, so he hopped on the Mutant Lizard's back. "You know where my lab is, right?" asked Rex. Trouble nodded. "Good, my friend, since I have some experimenting to do." As Rex rode Trouble away, he found his mind wandering back to Amanda Claw. The way that she held his hand, the way that she trusted him… no one had ever been like that to him before. He sighed longingly, wondering when he would see her again. Rex intended for their relationship to be strictly platonic. And yet, he found himself wondering: Is this what love feels like? ---- Databoard defeated more ESG soldiers that were coming towards him. He fired lasers at the fire escape he was on, and it started to collapse. He then leapt off the fire escape, landing on an ESG guard and knocking it prone. He then rushed off and began fighting the other ESG agents. Databoard fired his laser, defeating another ESG soldier. He then leapt over one, kicking him into a wall and knocking it offline. He then defeated a few more. Suddenly, the wall of a building exploded, and more ESG soldiers rushed from the rubble, lasers firing. The Dino Attack agents dodged and fired back at the ESG guards. Databoard fired at several ESG soldiers, destroying their weapons. They all charged towards Databoard at once. He could not dodge them all, and one of them slammed him through a window into the abandoned building. Databoard defeated the ESG agent, but suddenly found himself surrounded by more ESG guards. Databoard ducked as several laser bolts were fired. The ESG soldiers dodged to avoid being hit by the lasers, but several were not able to get out of the way in time. Databoard took advantage of this and leapt over them. He tried to rush towards the exit, but found his path blocked by several ESG guards. Databoard was surrounded by ESG soldiers. He might be able to dodge the lasers, but he didn't know for how long. They started firing at once, and Databoard ducked and dodged like crazy. He shot back, taking down a few ESG agents, but those that were still there shot even more, forcing him to dodge again. Databoard fired his laser, defeating yet another ESG droid. He then ran up a nearby staircase. He soon found himself on the roof of the building. And he was surrounded by ESG soldiers again. And now, there was nowhere else to run. They were blocking the stairs, and there was no way he could defeat them in such close quarters. Databoard continued to dodge the ESG soldiers, but it was difficult, as there was not enough room on the rooftop. He was able to defeat one, but there were still more. He leapt over a group of ESG agents, but soon found himself trapped at the edge of the building. There was no room to dodge. As the ESG soldiers fired, he leapt over the edge. He tried to grab onto a fire escape on the way down, but failed. Fortunately, this slowed down his fall enough to keep himself from getting killed, but he had still been hurt. He saw someone in a grey suit walking towards him, but his vision started to blur and he could not tell who it was. Then, he lost consciousness. All the other Dino Attack agents were busy fighting the ESG soldiers, so no one noticed Databoard lying unconscious in a nearby alley. The man in the grey suit walked over to him. After making sure that he was unconscious, the person dragged Databoard away. He got inside a nearby van and put Databoard in the back of the vehicle. He then drove off down the street. None of the other Dino Attack agents even knew this had happened. ---- In a remote location in the US: A Fire Hammer drove through the off-road. In front of it was a Raptor, running for its life. A soldier got up, and aimed his rifle at it. He fired, but the Fire Hammer jumped, making the shot go above its target. "Send in team two," the driver said into his radio. The Fire Hammer turned, and headed back as a group of ATVs drove out of their hiding spots. One of the soldiers on the back of the ATV took aim and fired... Several hours later, the Fire Hammer arrived at a large building. Immediately, a special forklift drove up and picked up the cage. The forklift drove in reverse, and turned to drive back to the building. The forklift stopped once inside the building, and placed the cage on a small monorail. The monorail took off, and moved from one part of the building to the other. There, another forklift grabbed the cage, and opened it, releasing the dino into a permanent cage. The cage was gassed, and the barely-awake Mutant Raptor went to sleep again, barely noticing the two scientists entering with syringes... The scientists took blood samples of the Mutant Raptor, and put them in test tubes. The scientists then took the test tubes to the laboratory. They put the blood samples in a machine that had its lid open, and closed the lid. One of the scientists pressed a button, and the machine started humming as it did its job. Another scientist pressed another button, and the machine stopped humming. They opened the lid, and took the Mutant Raptor samples. The scientists put the Mutant Raptor on another machine. After a while, a printer turned on and started printing the results. The scientist there was sleeping, with a book on his lap, when he heard the humming of the printer. He got up, and quickly grabbed the falling book. He then walked to the printer, and grabbed the paper with the results. "This... this can't be right!" said the scientist. He put the book on a table and ran to tell the others of the results. Soon, there was a line of soldiers towards the lab, as they were being given the shot for "Mutant Raptor Disease". ---- The Voltage slammed into the ocean, sending water into a nearby coastal town. Kotua got up slowly. He walked to his chair and pressed a few buttons. He groaned when he saw the damage report. The bottom deck, containing the garage, was now underwater. Next time, I'll close the doors before trying to destroy Earth, thought Kotua. Kotua heard helicopters and boats coming towards the Voltage. "This is the Coast Guard! Identify yourself!" said a voice over a loudspeaker. My craft has no power, you fool! How do you expect me to respond? thought Kotua. "We'll give you until the count of three!" said the Coast Guard speaker. Kotua ran for the weapons room, knowing the Coast Guard would not understand. "One!" Kotua ran down the corridor. He took out a flashlight from his pocket to see where he was going. "Two!" Kotua reached the weapons room, and closed the door behind him manually. "Three! This is your last chance!" Kotua grabbed his jetpack and as much weaponry and ammo as he could. Suddenly the Voltage was rocked. Immediately, the engines defrosted, and the craft went back online. Ten soldiers boarded the Voltage. They looked around. "Hello?" shouted the commander of the group. He was answered with a laser blast to the neck. The other soldiers backed up, and raised their rifles. None of them could take on the Voltage bots, which were armed with superior technology and armor. Kotua arrived to see the soldiers' bodies. The top of the Voltage was now covered with the flaming wreckage of the Coast Guard helicopters that didn't dodge the craft's cannon blasts. Most of the boats had also been destroyed by the cannons. "Now, to see how the city itself is doing," said Kotua. He dropped the weapons he had gotten back in the weapons room. He switched to a more compact jetpack and covered it so it looked like a backpack... ---- Amanda could not take her mind off Rex, either. It was good to have a companion that she could trust. But for now, she could not afford to dwell on it too much; she had to focus on her mission. Eliminate any Mutant Dinos in her path… and continue to investigate the disappearance of her brother, Roger. She spotted a Mutant Raptor ahead. It ran off, hearing the engine of her Steel Sprinter as she approached. Parking her vehicle at a wrecked police station, she silently pursued the raptor on foot. The Mutant Raptor was out of sight, but she knew she was far from safe… ***** Fogel looked down at the street below him, and then beckoned to Ogel. "Come and have a look," he said. "Do you see that Dino Attack agent, foolishly wandering the city alone? She is our next target, agent Claw." Ogel nodded as he observed the agent. "So, what's our plan?" he asked. "If she is as important as you say, then I presume you intend to just kill her here and now." "There are fates so much worse than death," Fogel explained with a sadistic chuckle. "Did you know that she's apparently mute? It makes me wonder… as we subject her to her worst nightmares, will she even scream?" ***** Amanda walked slowly, treading lightly as she searched for the Mutant Raptor near the police station. She held her gun at the ready, alert for any sound or movement. She heard something hit the pavement behind her. She spun around, expecting to see the Mutant Raptor ambushing her. Instead, to her surprise, she saw a humanoid figure covered with pitch-black cybernetic armor. Instinctively, she immediately raised her gun and fired, but the shot deflected harmlessly off the impervious armor. Fogel responded with a sinister laugh as he approached. Amanda realized that she was at a severe disadvantage and quickly backed away, but the FUTURE villain was upon her in seconds. Amanda reached for the knife on her belt, even though she already knew it would be ineffective against his armor. As she swung the blade in an attempt to ward him off, Fogel effortlessly caught her arm with one hand. Then, with another hand, he grabbed her other arm, preventing her from grabbing another weapon; he was not about to repeat Phantom's mistake of underestimating her. Amanda tried valiantly to fight back against her foe, refusing to surrender. Unfortunately, the advanced G.E. Body had four more arms than she did, leaving her physically outmatched. Two more hands grabbed Claw by the waist and pulled her in close, leaving her face mere inches away from his helmet. She struggled to break free and kicked his armor desperately, but his iron grip did not let go. Now, she could see what he held in his last two hands. Her eyes widened in shock and she gasped. "I'll send agent Remous your regards!" Fogel whispered in her ear. ---- Voltage had an idea and took out his electro-gauntlet. It was easy to shoot ESG soldiers, but it was easier to shock them, especially since it was super effective against robots. One lunged at Voltage, but he quickly flipped it over. The second attacker was destroyed instantly when 1,000 volts fried its circuits. Cobra ran down swiftly and turned until he found the ESG boss. He threw a rock at his head, and the boss fell unconscious. In a hurry, Cobra handcuffed the boss, but then he realized it was only a soldier in disguise. He ran to find the real Emmerich. "Cobra, wait!" Voltage yelled. "Axel can get the boss!" They needed every agent they could get. Cobra did not come back, but soon a T-1 Typhoon appeared, with John and Cobra flying it. They fired and took down most of the ESG soldiers without hurting any Dino Attack agents. They landed and started fighting the remaining ESG guards. "What happened?" asked Voltage. "I decided to come back," said Cobra. He did a spin kick and took out another ESG soldier. ---- Rex had set up his personal studies in the same abandoned laboratory where he initially woke up. With the help of Frank Einstein, he had cleaned up the area and rebuilt the lab, and agent Engineer had recently helped him set up a new security system to ward off Kotua and ShadowTech. Rex walked up to the laboratory entrance. The door was guarded by four locks. First, he pushed a series of buttons on a keypad in a specific order. Second, he placed his hand on a scanner. Third, he looked into an eye scanner. Fourth, he spoke into a small microphone: "Agent Rex." The four locks were cleared, and the door opened. Anyone who failed to match his credentials would be shot by a hidden laser turret. Once inside the lab, he pulled out the "Silge Metal" and placed it inside his experiment hood. "Alright," he murmured, "let's see what you can do…" "Test one," Rex muttered. The metal was thrown into a nuclear furnace, intended to approximate the destructive energy of Chaos. When the furnace was turned on, the Silge remained whole! After several more tests, Rex concluded that Silge Metal was nigh indestructible, possessing neither of the weaknesses of G.E. Metal or Ssol Metal. ---- Kotua looked around the city. It was cold, so he didn't look out of place with the coat or backpack. It was also raining, which Kotua thought was odd considering that rain had not been in the forecast today. He walked around the city, fascinated that it was as if the Dino Attack never happened. Kotua wondered what had happened to the Voltage and Chaos. Kotua looked through the window of a store at a TV that was turned on. "Welcome to the morning news. Today is February 5, 2005," said the news reporter. 2005? I must have gone five years back in time! thought Kotua. Kotua started walking back to the Voltage, when two police cars passed by, heading somewhere. Kotua ran after them. Kotua soon caught up to the cop cars to find a burning building. He noticed firefighters trying to put out the fire, but to no success. He overheard the police officers talking about a "Mr. Schattenberg", who was reportedly holding hostages in the building. Kotua heard the screams of people still trapped inside. He took out a device, and then he ran to the only entrance that was neither on fire nor surrounded by firefighters. Kotua kicked the door open and looked around. "Anybody there?" asked Kotua. A man in a black suit stepped from the fire, pointing a gun at a small baby. Mr. Schattenberg, I presume, thought Kotua. He thought the man looked familiar, but he could not figure out why. "I said no cops!" said Mr. Schattenberg, walking farther into the flaming building. "The building's on fire!" said Kotua. "I know that. But until I get what I want, I'm not releasing him," said Schattenberg, gesturing to the baby. "We can slowly talk this out," said Kotua. "Wait a minute, you're not a cop!" said Schattenberg, running off. Kotua regretted to do so, but still took out his blaster. He fired a shot at Schattenberg's leg, taking him down. The man dropped his gun as he tried not to crush the baby. Kotua put the blaster back in its holster, and ran towards Schattenberg. Kotua grabbed the baby from the man. "Get up!" said Kotua, once again drawing his blaster. Kotua managed to get Mr. Schattenberg to a place near the police officers. He then knocked out the man, and left the baby near. He looked around. Nobody had noticed him. Kotua grabbed a small stone off the ground and threw it at a police officer, and then ran off. The police turned and ran in the direction of where the stone had been thrown, to find a suited man and a baby... ---- Voltage did a spin kick and slammed an ESG soldier into a nearby building. "Where's Databoard?" he asked. "He went into that building," Cobra replied, fighting off two ESG agents with one hand. The final ESG soldiers were disabled by Venom and Hyrode, and then there were none. "Axel," Voltage said into his commlink, which, he had discovered, was integrated into his guidance system; he was starting to like this handy gadget. "Do you have Emmerich?" "He's right here sir," a voice replied from the commlink. "This man won't be making any easy getaway, if he ever does that is." "Good," said Voltage, "we're in a complex of buildings near the ESG research lab..." "Gotcha on my scanner sir, trackin' ya' down." "Get here as fast as you can," said Voltage. "Sir, what frequency are you using?" "It's a... Never mind, long story." "Alright, sir." Minutes later came Axel, riding up in Voltage's Fire Hammer. "What the... How'd you...?" Voltage stammered. "Just get in the truck, sir," said Axel. ---- Databoard slowly regained consciousness. At first, his vision was too blurred to tell where he was, but slowly everything came into focus. He was in a dimly lit room, with no windows anywhere. He was tied to a chair in the middle of the room. He didn't even have a clue where he was, or how he got here. Databoard had been in that room for nearly an hour. Suddenly, a door opened, and the person in a grey suit entered. "Darkforce?" Databoard said, now clearly recognizing the man as a fellow Alpha Team agent. "I thought you reportedly died in Antarctica in 2005! How are you still alive?" Darkforce let out a slight laugh. "Even if I was allowed to tell you, do you really think I would?" he said. "What do you want?" Databoard asked. "Well, for starters, information on the Dino Attack agents, and while you're at it, everything you know about Mutant Dinos," Darkforce said. "And what if I don't tell you?" Databoard asked. "We'll make you tell us," Darkforce said. "Or worse." "And just why should I tell you any of that?" Databoard said. "Because your fellow agents know you're missing," Darkforce said. "Wouldn't it be a shame if they were all... obliterated into the dust?" "They will fight back," Databoard said. "They'll try," Darkforce said. "But they might not succeed. Are you willing to risk their lives?" ---- "Wait," Voltage said as the agents got in the Fire Hammer. He put his gauntlet away and turned on the communicator in his guidance system, getting in his assault vehicle after doing so. "Where are we going?" Hyrode questioned Voltage. "Axel said that there was an outpost near here where we could leave Emmerich. Then we wait for a call from the general, unless something comes up." He was unsure that the general would call. He had been acting strangely lately. Voltage climbed behind the wheel, insisting that since it was his truck he got to drive it. A disappointed Axel got out and into the back. "Order from the general," Kai said lazily. "What?" Snake replied. "Shoot anything that has scales and moves." The vehicle gave a jump as it revved up, and soon they were off. "There's something with scales and moves," Venom said, pointing to a T-Rex wreaking havoc on a burning building. "Sounds like there are still people inside," John said. "No," Cobra interjected. "That's a mating call." "Great, another nest to deal with," Joey remarked. The T-Rex turned, noticing at last the oncoming vehicle. Spewing fire from an open mouth, the giant Mutant Dino lunged at the Fire Hammer. "Data, I need you to..." Voltage stopped when he realized that Databoard was not there. ---- Zero was making modifications to one of the Urban Avengers. After a very long while, he was finished! But now, he needed to perform a test-drive. Zero was ready to drive his new Urban Avenger when an alert popped up on the HUD of his goggles. Apparently, the T.O.A.'s energy was running low and needed to be recharged. "Hmmm..." said Zero. "I guess I should give the T.O.A. a rest for now. Can't be wearing it all the time, I suppose. I know - it can be my secret weapon!" With that, he took off the Tactical Operations Armor. Zero wondered where Phantom was, since his T.O.A. probably also needed a recharge. Not wanting to wait around and find out, he just jumped into the Urban Avenger and drove away at an incredible speed... ---- Kotua was walking back to the Voltage, thinking about the fact he just entered the burning building to rescue anybody trapped inside and then rescued the baby from the man in the black suit. He wondered what had made him do that. Then something else came into Kotua's mind. He finally realized why he recognized Mr. Schattenberg: That was Cane! Of course, he was five years younger, but it was certainly him. What was the leader of ShadowTech doing, holding babies hostage in burning buildings in 2005? Kotua ran urgently to the Voltage, sensing that something was not adding up. Suddenly four police cars drove in and stopped in front of Kotua, followed by SWAT vans. "Agent Kotua of Dimension 525, put your hands in the air where we can see them!" shouted a familiar voice. "Andrew!" exclaimed Kotua. "Excuse me?" said Andrew Yellowstone. Something's wrong, thought Kotua. Andrew never worked for the police on the field, just inside on a desk. I think I didn't just go back in time, but landed in an alternate universe! Kotua escaped the SWAT team, made it back to the Voltage, and quickly returned to the prime reality using the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Unbeknownst to Kotua, he accidentally let his Dimension 8231 alternate self, Anti-Kotua, cross over in his own airship, the Anti-Voltage. ---- Darkforce had planted a clone of Databoard (known as Dataclone) in LEGO City to fool Voltage and his teammates. Databoard escaped from Darkforce's base and fled into the surrounding jungle. Databoard rushed through the jungle, Mutant Lizards close behind him. He ducked and dodged through the dense vegetation, trying to lose the lizards. But they just tore through the trees and vines, closing on him fast. He continued to run, but soon found himself at the base of a cliff, and he had nowhere else to run. Databoard turned to face the Mutant Lizards, but suddenly, a laser blast hit a nearby tree. Databoard looked up to see one of Darkforce's fighter jets swooping down, firing its lasers. This startled the Mutant Lizards, which fled in fear. Databoard ducked out of the fighter's range. Nearby, he saw the fighter land and its pilot get out, searching for him. Databoard snuck into the fighter, closed the cockpit, and took off. The pilot fired a few lasers, but didn't cause serious damage. Databoard was flying over the ocean when he noticed that the jet was running out of fuel. He tried to speed up and get towards any landmass. But the engine started to sputter and die, and the plane zoomed towards the ocean. Databoard tried to eject, but the pilot's lasers must have damaged the jet's eject function. The jet crashed into the water, and slowly began sinking towards the bottom. Databoard tried to open the cockpit, but the controls were completely fried. He tried to bash open the glass, but he was having no luck. To make it worse, there was water slowly leaking inside the cockpit. Databoard managed to smash open the cockpit, and began swimming towards the surface. He glanced down to see the jet sinking down into the dark waters below. He then looked back up and began swimming towards the surface. He soon swam up and was at the surface. He just had no idea where he was. ---- Kotua returned to the Mayan Temple where Chaos was once imprisoned. They found the temple occupied by ShadowTech. The ShadowTech soldiers ran out of the way and fired back. Kotua flew over them, and went into the temple. The ShadowTech men ran after Kotua, but he was already gone. Kotua flew down the temple, until he reached the small tunnel. He got off his craft, and walked down the tunnel. Once he reached the other side, he noticed the bridge had been rebuilt. Kotua walked across it to the emerald. He touched the emerald, and it glowed. Kotua looked at himself. He now wore the same golden Mayan armor he had worn back in 2004, the last time he trapped Chaos in the emerald. Kotua thought for a second, and then looked at the crystal as a realization dawned upon him. Wait a second… thought Kotua, touching the emerald again. Chaos is still trapped in here! Kotua was puzzled. If Chaos remained trapped in the emerald, then who was the other Chaos in reality? Was it nothing more than a synthetic duplicate created by ShadowTech in LAB? The emerald glowed, and a portal dropped the real Chaos. Upon seeing Kotua, Chaos lifted his fist threateningly. "I'm sorry about last time, but you got out of control. Now, it won't matter much," said Kotua. Chaos threw a punch, sending Kotua flying into a wall. "If that's how you're going to be..." said Kotua. He jumped back to the ground and got in a defensive stance. Chaos charged, and Kotua kicked him. Chaos jumped again, but this time punched Kotua hard enough to knock him out. Chaos lifted Kotua's head as its water droplets seeped into the unconscious agent's orifices. Payback time... thought Chaos. ---- Databoard swam to a nearby shore, unsure of where he was. He was very sure he was nowhere near LEGO City, unfortunately. He walked along the shore, before coming upon an abandoned castle flying the flag of King Leo's Lion Knights. I must have wound up on Castle Island, Databoard thought. Databoard continued walking, when all of a sudden, five Mutant Lizards leapt out from behind bushes. Databoard fired his laser, and it didn't work. "The water must have shorted it out," Databoard said. He leapt over one of the Mutant Lizards and ran. The Lizards soon rushed after him. Databoard hid behind a ruined wall. He took out a small device and pressed a button. Far off in LEGO City, the Saber took off, flying towards Databoard's signal at full speed. Within about half an hour, it would arrive. Suddenly, a Mutant Lizard leapt onto the ruined wall, and prepared to leap down at Databoard. He got out of the way and ran into a ruined castle. Databoard snuck through the dark corridors of King Leo's abandoned castle. He could hear the Mutant Lizards coming. He located a crossbow lying on the ground, but he would only have one shot. He aimed it and fired. The arrow shot through the air, missing one of the Mutant Lizards and embedding itself in the wall. The Mutant Lizards turned and charged at Databoard. Databoard rushed down a hallway, followed by the Mutant Lizards. He knocked over a few small statues to slow the Lizards down, but they simply leapt over them. He turned down a corner, and found himself at a dead end. He turned around to see the Mutant Lizards coming towards him. As the Lizards closed in, Databoard charged at them. Just as they were about to attack, Databoard leapt into the air, landing behind the Lizards. He rushed off down another corridor, and ran outside the castle before the Mutant Lizards could come after him and attack. ---- "Kotua" walked out of the temple. "Time to meet a few friends..." said "Kotua", speaking to the LAB Chaos. They both boarded the Voltage, and fixed it enough to fly off. Arriving in a feudal region of Japan, "Kotua" walked up to the home of Shogun Gi-Dan. Two guards noticed him, and drew their katanas. "I come in peace," said "Kotua". The guards continued holding their katanas, but let "Kotua" through. The guards closed the door and turned around, only to be kicked by the LAB Chaos. The kick had enough force to render them unconscious. Chaos grabbed their katanas and armor, and tore through the door. ***** Two guards let "Kotua" to Shogun Gi-Dan, who was having lunch with his wife and children. As soon as he saw them, Kotua's body dropped to the floor, and Chaos popped out, knocking the guards. The Shogun tried calling out for help, but Chaos lifted the shogun's wife, holding a katana. ***** Meanwhile, the LAB Chaos ran down the corridor, slicing through the guards. Soon, both versions of Chaos met up. "I feel the presence of that other agent," said the original Chaos "His puny army won't be a match for our army!" said the LAB Chaos. They turned and walked back to the place the Shogun and his family was... ---- Databoard walked away from King Leo's abandoned castle. He then heard a roaring noise overhead, and looked up to see the Saber landing nearby. He rushed into the cockpit and began to set a course for LEGO City. Suddenly, a laser bounced off the Saber's armor. Databoard saw several of Darkforce's jets flying towards him. Databoard engaged the beam shield, protecting him from the attack. He then brought the Saber's auto-defense system online. The ship's turrets started firing by themselves, destroying several jets. Databoard blasted several of the jets into oblivion. Suddenly, lasers hit the side of the ship, but were deflected by the beam shield. The turrets turned towards their new target: Darkforce's plane. Databoard held the advantage of being able to deflect the attacks, but a swarm of fighter jets swarmed out of the plane. They were not very effective at defeating the Saber, but they made it harder for the auto-defense system to target the plane. The Saber's turrets blasted several jets, then shot forward towards Darkforce's plane. The turrets fired, inflicting damage on the ship. It flew forward, followed closely by the Saber. The jets tried to draw fire away from the plane by attacking it, but were unsuccessful. Databoard flew after Darkforce's plane. Unexpectedly, the jets flew back into the plane, seemingly giving up their attack. Suddenly, the engines on Darkforce's plane ignited to full power, and the plane shot off into the distance. Databoard tried to pursue the plane, but it was going too fast for the Saber to pursue. Databoard brought the Saber to full power, and it rocketed away from Castle Island. It would take him about half an hour to arrive at LEGO City, even at this high speed. He kept the ship's holographic display on, to warn him in case any of Darkforce's jets came to attack him. ---- Kotua awoke to find himself tied up, in a room with some Japanese people. He had no memory of where he was or how he got here. "Uhh... hi," said Kotua. Shogun Gi-Dan just frowned. Kotua searched in his pockets for anything that might help him escape. He took out a small knife, and started cutting the ropes binding him. However, before he could finish, Chaos entered, followed by the LAB Chaos. "Foolish Kotua. You thought you had gotten rid of me in the emerald, when all along I controlled you," said Chaos. Kotua's jaw dropped. As though a veil had been lifted from his eyes, it all suddenly became clear. That anger, that madness, that urge to fill the world with chaos… gone. The effects of ShadowTech's machine were cleared from his mind. He no longer had any desire to attack his fellow Dino Attack agents, not even Rex… But as far as they all know, realized Kotua, I am the enemy. Chaos has framed me as the villain! "If you did control me, why did it take so long to get you back out?" said Kotua. "Because I needed the other Chaos," said Chaos, pointing to the LAB Chaos. "That makes no sense at all!" said Kotua. "It will in a few minutes," said Chaos. Then Kotua realized it. His eyes widened. "For a smart one, you were late to figure this out," said Chaos, jumping into the air. LAB Chaos also jumped into the air and into the original Chaos. They fused together, their amorphous liquid bodies becoming one. Alpha Chaos was now in the place of them. "How are you going to defeat me this time?" said Alpha Chaos. ---- Meanwhile in LEGO City, Dataclone was with the other Dino Attack agents, fighting the Mutant Lizards. Suddenly, Dataclone's PDA beeped. He ducked behind a rock and turned it on. One it was a message with only one word on it: SHADOWS Suddenly, something seemed to snap in Dataclone. He got up and aimed his laser at the other agents. He fired, nearly hitting Cobra. "Data, what was that for?!" Cobra shouted. Dataclone didn't answer; he just kept firing at the agents. The other agents were confused by the fact that who they thought was Databoard had unexpected started attacking them. Cobra and Voltage fired at Dataclone, who jumped out of the way and shot back. The agents ducked behind several rocks to avoid both attacks by Dataclone and the Mutant Lizards. ---- Now it was Alpha Chaos's turn to be surprised. Kotua cut the rope binding him, and activated his golden armor. To his further surprise, the Mayan armor shifted into samurai-like armor, complete with a katana. Seems the armor is influenced by its surroundings, thought Kotua. "So you have fancy armor, you still won't be able to defeat me again!" said Alpha Chaos. Kotua charged, drawing the golden katana. Alpha Chaos merely stood there. Kotua smashed into Alpha Chaos, and was sent flying through the wall and into the Shogun's garden. Alpha Chaos walked towards Kotua. "And when I finish you off, I'll hunt down your 'fellow agents'. Let's see how they like being hunted for a change," said Alpha Chaos, throwing a punch at Kotua, sending him flying into bamboo plants. Kotua swung his katana, cutting the bamboo. Then he swiftly grabbed them, and threw them at Alpha Chaos, who simply raised his arms to block the bamboo. Kotua then charged again, and swung his sword, cutting part of Alpha Chaos before he landed more punches. Kotua hit the ground again. Alpha Chaos's punches were becoming more lethal. If he didn't do something soon, Alpha Chaos would definitively be near invincible. Kotua jumped out of the way as Alpha Chaos punched the ground. Kotua ran back. He would have to retreat until he had the advantage... ---- Rex went to Ogel's Island to collect more G.E. Metal, with the intent of forging more Silge Metal as armor for Dino Attack Team. Rex cut through the burnt overgrowth of the jungle. He had avoided the Skeleton Drone guards with ease. What are they doing outside with the Mutant Dinos attacking? he wondered, considering that it would be safer to stay in the base. Ogel's Island was much bigger than it seemed, especially the jungle. "The cave containing G.E. ore is somewhere near the volcano in the center of the island," he reminded himself, "so that means I have to go towards the center. I just hope no Mutant T-Rex has brought down the place." The jungle gave way to a very rough area of rock. Rex ran over the rocky terrain. Already, the volcano was in view. "Come on," Rex whispered to himself, "you're a Mutant Dino! You should have enough strength to cross this rocky area!" But already, he was wearing out. By the time he reached the ore mine, Rex was completely exhausted. But there was no time for coffee; Ice Drones were guarding the cave! "You shall not pass!" they said. "Great, but just to warn you... do you take breaks?" asked Rex. "Yes, lunch breaks!" the Ice Drones answered. "Uh-oh... because I'm pretty sure I saw a swarm of Mutant Lizards sneak into this cave while you were at lunch-" The Ice Drones gasped as their eye sockets widened. "REALLY?!?" Then, they ran away, screaming. It was not a trick that would have worked on any Ogel Drone, but fortunately Ice Drones were known to be rather undisciplined. "Gets 'em every time!" said Rex, chuckling. "I bet I would've made a good Alpha Team agent!" After collecting G.E. ore from Ogel's Island, Rex traveled to Antarctica and collected Ssol ore from another one of Ogel's mines. He planned to fashion Silge armor for his tamed Mutant Dinos. ---- Databoard slowed down the Saber as it neared LEGO City. The heavily-modified airship began hovering over the ruined city. Databoard looked down to see something that surprised him greatly. The other Agents fighting several Mutant Lizards and… himself? Surprised, Databoard piloted the Saber until it landed on one of the less damaged buildings. Grabbing a spare laser, Databoard rushed from the ship to figure out what was going on. Databoard rushed through the streets of LEGO City towards where the other agents were. He turned around the corner to find Dataclone attacking the agents while completely ignoring the Mutant Lizards. Databoard fired his laser at Dataclone, who ducked out of the way. The two of them started firing lasers at each other, while the other agents fought off the attacking Mutant Lizards. Databoard climbed up a fire escape to avoid the lasers Dataclone was relentlessly firing. He also fired down at Dataclone, who was forced to dodge while still climbing after him. Databoard reached the top off the building, and waited for Dataclone to show up. Suddenly, he heard a laser fired behind him, and he leapt out of the way. The laser bolt missed by about a foot. Databoard whirled around to discover that Dataclone had in fact climbed up the other side of the building and was now shooting at him. Databoard dodged the lasers and shot back. Dataclone dodged, but tripped and banged his head on the roof. Databoard rushed over, laser in hand. "Who are you?" Dataclone said, looking startled and reaching for his laser. "And why do you look exactly like me?" "I'm Agent Databoard, I'd like to know who you are," Databoard replied. "I'm Agent Databoard, you liar!" Dataclone shouted. Databoard rolled his eyes. This was going to be harder than he thought. With the help of Voltage and his team, Dataclone was detained. Databoard was able to use a test to prove that he was the real Databoard. Databoard and Voltage were each promoted to Elite Agent rank. ---- Kotua ran back to the Voltage, with Alpha Chaos right behind him. Kotua cut down a tree, which Alpha Chaos merely ran through, breaking it like a twig. Kotua activated the Voltage, and continued running from Alpha Chaos. Kotua felt himself getting tired. He hoped that the Voltage would arrive soon, because if it didn't... The Voltage flew over Kotua. Kotua took out a small device, and threw it in the floor. Smoke surrounded Kotua. Alpha Chaos jumped into the smoke, but it was too late; Kotua was now in the Voltage. Kotua entered the command deck. "Let's get out of here!" said Kotua. The robots set coordinates, and the craft flew away from Alpha Chaos. ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  7. Chapter 10: Love and War ---- A few minutes later, they arrived at their destination and parked their Fire Hammer. As Rex stepped out of the jeep and beheld the site where Dino Attack Headquarters once stood, he frowned and scratched the back of his head. "Wait a minute," he muttered. "This isn't... what I expected to see. Uh, Norik, do you...?" Zero shrugged. "I swear, this wasn't like this the last time I was here." "I thought you two said this was ground zero," said Phantom, who somehow sounded even more confused than either Rex or Zero. "This doesn't look like a ground zero to me. Dino Attack Headquarters looks perfectly intact to me." Rex shook his head. "This is ground zero, Phantom, and that's not Dino Attack Headquarters... but, that just raises the question: what is it?" He was hardly able to believe his eyes. Only a few weeks ago, this particular city plaza was home to a large military base, which had been quickly converted into Dino Attack's main headquarters when the team was founded to combat the mutant dinosaur threat. Then, the entire building was flattened by the Voltage, leaving behind a crater full of rubble and debris. But now, where Dino Attack Headquarters once stood, another never-before-seen building was in its place. It was a tower, reaching up towards the heavens like a skyscraper in the midst of the ruined city. Looking at it, Rex estimated that it had to be at least twelve or thirteen stories tall. It had a dark color scheme, consisting largely of black and grey, and had a strangely bare-bones aesthetic that gave the impression that it was unfinished. Even so, a building that size could not have realistically constructed in so little time. Combining these factors together, the mysterious tower provoked a rather sinister overall first impression from Rex. He had seen enough weird and dangerous situations thus far that he could not shake the feeling that, if he was not careful, the interior of this building could potentially be the last thing he would see in his mortal life. ---- At last, when its energy was low, Perfect Chaos retreated through the sewers, preparing to strike again. After the battle against the Saber, Kotua arrived at the ruins of the ShadowTech LAB. "Alright Chaos, I'm going to need your help..." said Kotua. Kotua grabbed a piece of paper laying on the floor, and a pencil, and wrote down what he needed. Chaos looked around, bringing what he needed. "Soon Rex, Databoard, and Dino Attack Team will wish they had given up when they had the chance!" said Kotua. Kotua looked around. Chaos had brought all the power armor he could find. Kotua inspected the armor, took them apart, and began rebuilding something new... ---- The Saber was damaged in battle against Kotua and Chaos. Databoard's teammates took refuge in a building while he repaired the airship, but the building was soon under attack by Mutant Dinos. Axel's heatseeker proved very effective against the pteranodons, but he soon ran out of ammunition. The agents concentrated fire on the pteranodons, because the raptors could not reach them. They were soon corrected when a massive spurt of flame came from a raptor, enflaming the building. Voltage, who was sniping on the guardrail, yelled out and flung himself away as the fire came at him. "Whoa!!!" he yelled. "Normal raptors don't do that." "You mean normal Mutant Raptors?" Snake said, slyly. "Yeah, whatever..." Voltage replied. "Cobra, could these be the mega dino things you were talking about, the enhanced mutants created by ESG?" he continued, pointing down at the oddly-colored fire-breathing raptors. "Could be," Cobra replied. "Hey, Cobra," Hyrode said. "You're the science expert. How long do you think we have before the building collapses?" "Ten to fifteen minutes." Voltage hoped Databoard could finish the Saber in time, or either they would be pteranodon food, mega raptor dino food, or toasted to a golden brown like a cookie. The thought of cookies made Voltage hungry. "WAIT!" said Cobra. "These are the babies! They laid the eggs! We have a big problem! The adults are much bigger, and they're heading toward us! Now, we only have one minute." The gigantic dinos were the size of the building they were standing on. "Let's get out of here!" said Voltage. "Saber's fixed, everybody get in!" Databoard shouted. The agents rushed inside, and Databoard engaged the beam shield, preventing any of the Mutant Dinos from entering the ship. The Raptors shot fire, but it did no good, and weakened the building even more. Databoard engaged the engines and the Saber flew away as the building crumbled away behind them. Voltage could see the flaming building crumble to the ground as the agents readied their lasers. Soon, they found the dino offspring were harder to kill than they thought. Particle shields, not unlike the one on the Saber, appeared and deflected the oncoming fire. The agents decided to touch down where the dinos could not get to them. It was in a parking garage, and Databoard had carefully maneuvered it into the small opening. They would be safe there, considering the dinos were too tall to get in. ---- "Look, here comes a Fire Hammer!" Zero pointed out the approach of another Dino Attack jeep that parked next to them. "Good," said Rex, nodding. "Let's hope they have some answers." A pair of Dino Attack agents stepped out of the jeep. One was a man, the other a woman, and as such they obviously had distinctive characteristics that made it very easy to tell them apart; for example, the former had a mustache, the latter had longer hair. However, Rex noticed that they shared certain physical features; for example, they both had the same eyes and the same brown hair. He also guessed they were roughly the same age, probably in their late-twenties to mid-thirties and maybe five or six years apart at most. Therefore, he wondered if these two agents happened to be siblings. The man surveyed the structure that stood in place of Dino Attack Headquarters. He briefly took off a pair of glasses and wiped them to make sure they were clean. Frowning, he glanced at his companion, who stood close to his side. With a puzzled expression, she shook her head and shrugged, wordlessly conveying a response to his unspoken question. Then, he turned towards Rex and asked, "Err, I don't suppose you know what that building is doing in the place of Dino Attack Headquarters?" Rex shook his head. "Unfortunately, I was just about to ask you the same question, agent...?" He extended a hand towards the two newcomers. "Agent Remous," he introduced himself, shaking Rex's hand. "Roger Remous. Paleontologist and geologist." Then, he gestured towards his companion. "And this is agent Amand - uh, Claw." With a polite smile, Rex held out his hand to her. "Nice to meet you, Amanda Claw." Amanda Claw took his hand and shook it. She grinned, but Rex found the expression rather peculiar. It was not the expected polite expression one would make when meeting someone new. Instead, there was a glint in her eyes that hinted at amusement, as though she thought there was something funny about Rex. In return, Rex thought there was something oddly fascinating about her, the way she made this expression, but he could not place his finger on what it was. The source of her amusement became clear when Remous sheepishly cleared his throat. "Actually," he explained, "it's just Claw. Her codename, I mean. Amanda's her real name. I'm still not used to this whole codename business... you know, old habits die hard, especially when it comes to addressing your younger sister by her real name." As Zero giggled, it was Rex's turn to feel embarrassed for misinterpreting Remous's flub. Chuckling nervously, he stammered, "Oh... well, this is, uh, awkward. Heh. My apologies, Claw." Claw's amused grin grew a little wider. Then, she turned her head towards her brother and raised her eyebrows. Her shoulders also rose slightly in a downplayed shrug. "No need to apologize," Remous assured Rex. "She doesn't mind; in fact, she actually thinks it's rather amusing. Hmm, 'Amanda Claw'. Not a bad nickname. Has an interesting ring to it. Maybe she'll even consider making a special case for you, letting you call her that instead of simply 'Claw'." Rex raised an eyebrow. Now, he was sure that there was definitely something odd about the two siblings. Although she had been quite expressive, Claw had not spoken a single word since they met, while Remous seemed to do all the talking for her. "Well," he inquired, "isn't she going to speak for herself?" Claw's smile vanished as she withdrew, averting her gaze and refusing to make eye contact again. Rex immediately regretted asking the question, realizing that it was a touchy subject even before Remous explained: "She took a vow of silence years ago, and hasn't verbally spoken a single word since then. Since she's my sister, I can usually tell what's on her mind, but... well, not everyone knows her as well as I do." "Ah," said Rex, nodding in understanding. Now it all made sense to him. The reason that Claw's expressions had stood out to him was because they were largely her only means of communication. She was like a character in a silent film, who had to emote solely through her body language. A glint in her eyes, a grin that widened a little, a slightly raised eyebrow... these small nuances all had to speak volumes for her in the absence of words or tone. In particular, it reminded Rex of a subject that was very familiar to him: the way that the dinosaurs, whether mutant (like Trouble) or not (like Chompy), communicated with one another. He knew that, while verbal cues such as roars and growls certainly supplemented their meaning, body language was arguably an even more crucial component of their language. This basic principle was something he started to grasp when he began to tame Trouble. Perhaps, he wondered, if he paid close enough attention, he could apply the same concept to Claw's way of speaking... "I'm sorry, I don't think I caught your names," said Remous, breaking Rex's train of thought. "Elite agent Re..." Rex trailed off, glancing at Phantom as he remembered that he was still in the presence of the amnesiac. Speaking of hard-to-remember codenames, he thought to himself, clearing his throat. "... uh, Peasam." "And I'm Norik!" Zero chimed in. When Phantom did not introduce himself, instead momentarily staring off into space, Zero gently elbowed him in the ribcage and added: "And this easily-distracted fellow here is Phantom!" "Pleasure to meet you three," Remous said with a warm smile. "It's good to find some allies amid all this chaos." "Chaos," repeated Rex, wondering if there could possibly be a more apt word to describe the current situation. It was then that he noticed that Remous's Fire Hammer was dripping with water, as though it had just driven through a heavy rainstorm. Glancing upward, he saw the clear sky, without a dark cloud in sight. "Let me guess..." "We just escaped some big water monster," explained Remous, confirming Rex's suspicions. "I don't know if we would have made it if it weren't for an airship that arrived and started firing upon the beast." "Same here," said Rex, nodding. "First, an eldritch abomination made of water. Then, a mysterious tower in place of Dino Attack Headquarters. Could this day possibly get any stranger?" ---- Ogel walked with his brother General Evil as they listened to the leader of FUTURE, who called himself "Boss". Ogel and General Evil were two of the most accomplished villains on LEGO Planet, and yet there was something about Boss that made them feel a rare emotion… fear. Unlike the other FUTURE representatives, Boss did not bother wearing a black hooded cloak to hide his identity. He proudly showed off the fact that he was in a pitch-black G.E. Body, a more advanced model than General Evil's own cybernetic life-preserving armor, featuring an extra pair of arms among other upgrades. Ogel knew that there was only one such black G.E. Body ever made, and he had personally crafted it for his own personal use; that fact alone was enough to put him on edge when he saw Boss for the first time. General Evil had kept silent the whole time, wary of the more powerful villain; whether he was frightened or jealous could not be said. When he spoke, Boss's chilling deep voice almost sounded more machine than man; such was the extent of his wounds that required him to use the G.E. Body for his own survival. He had lived through a lot and seen a lot, and now he was determined to use his experience to mold Ogel and the other villains in his image. "... and, so you ask, 'What am I doing here?'" Boss said. "Well, the truth is that FUTURE is not simply a clever acronym. My fellow villains and I are all actually from the future… the year 2035, to be exact." Ogel gasped. "I-I knew your voice sounded familiar! Too familiar..." "So," murmured General Evil, "the reason why Hooks chose Sam Sinister... and Robo-Limb chose the Brickster... and Dark Sword chose Vladek..." "Yes," Boss said. "'Hooks' is Future Sam Sinister, 'Robo-Limb' is Future Brickster, 'Dark Sword' is Future Vladek... and I am Future Ogel!" ---- Two Mutant Raptors were eating the remains of four soldiers when something metallic stepped onto the bodies. <Prepare to be destroyed.> said Guardian IV The Mutant Raptors charged their Force Fields. Guardian IV merely laughed, and fired. One of the Mutant Raptors hit the ground, dead. The other charged at Guardian IV, but the robot merely grabbed the Mutant Raptor and swung him around, and then let go, sending the Mutant Raptor flying. Chaos spotted Guardian IV. Guardian IV recognized Kotua. <Master.> said Guardian IV, kneeling. "You survived, it seems," said Kotua, busy building robots out of Power Armor. The Voltage soon arrived over LAB. Kotua, Perfect Chaos, Guardian IV, and the robots boarded the craft... ---- "Hey, guys!" called Zero. "Look, it's Chompy!" Everyone turned to look in the direction Zero was pointing. A lone T-Rex stood at the edge of the plaza. This one was clearly not a mutant, since it was considerably smaller, lacked the characteristic head crests, and had natural green scales instead of black coloration. While it was no doubt jumping to a conclusion to say that this particular T-Rex was Chompy, there was only one natural T-Rex walking the streets of the city as far as Rex knew, and so its identity was a logical deduction. "Who's Chompy?" inquired Remous, clearly confused. This reminded Rex that not everyone else on the team was familiar with Alpha Team's resident dinosaur. Beside him, Claw warily eyed the T-Rex, occasionally glancing around the plaza. Rex looked at her and, imagining that he was looking at the familiar body language of Trouble, tried to decipher what she was thinking. Something subtle about her pose told Rex that she was sizing up the dinosaur; if he could be fought, then how to use the lay of the land to her advantage, and if he was too great a threat, then what would be the best escape route. Her gaze held on the tower for a second, and Rex wondered if she was right: if danger struck while they were in the plaza, would the mysterious building be the safest place to be? "Don't worry," Rex assured them. "Chompy's our friend. As long as you stay on his good side, he won't hurt you. But... what's he doing here?" Zero shrugged. "Maybe now that Perfect Chaos is on the loose, he's come to help us out again. Or perhaps PBB sent him to give us a message. Who knows? Maybe he even found that Frozeen guy! Well, we won't find out just sitting here and talking about it. C'mon, let's go say hello!" "Frozeen..." Phantom whispered, barely audible. "Fair enough," decided Rex. "Let's go see what Chompy has to say." With that, the four Dino Attack agents and one ex-Alpha Team agent walked across the plaza to greet Chompy. As they got closer, Rex glanced at Claw and noticed that her body language - the tight shoulders, the clenched fists, the narrowed eyes - indicated that she was even tenser than before. He wondered why; did she see something that he and the others had missed? Then, looking back at the dinosaur they were approaching, Rex felt a growing sensation that something was terribly wrong. There was something indescribably... off... about the T-Rex. A sort of uncanny valley, like an obviously CGI model in those cheesy nineties live-action movies played in the Dino Attack Headquarters' rec room. It just did not look like it was part of the surrounding world. When they were only a few meters away, the T-Rex noticed their approach and stared at them with dull lifeless eyes. Rex stopped dead in his tracks, repulsed by what he saw. "That's not Chompy," he whispered. "I don't know what that thing is, but it's definitely not Chompy." They began to back away, but it was too late. The T-Rex, if it could even be called that, closed the distance between them in only a couple strides. It stood over them, with its size and bulk giving it a formidable presence. It looked down upon them and roared, letting them know what would happen if they tried anything foolish. Rex heard the sound of laughter. "Fools!" proclaimed a baritone voice with a light Germanic accent. "You have fallen into my devious trap! Of course you did... you should know better than to trust your eyes in the presence of a dishonest man such as myself." Then, as they turned around, Rex and his companions beheld the hook-handed man who had spoken. "It's Hooks!" exclaimed Rex. "That villain who tried to interrogate me aboard that airship with the other villains!" Remous blinked, and then narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized the villain's appearance. "Sam... Sinister?" he slowly whispered. "But, how...?" Rex shook his head. "That's not Lord Sam Sinister. I know, it's confusing, with so many hook-handed villains running amok in this city..." "But look at his face," insisted Remous. From his serious expression, Rex could see that he strongly believed in his words. "Listen to that voice, that Barron accent, that proud and shameless admitting of dishonesty. I don't understand how he could possibly have aged so much in so little time, or where he got an extra hook, but it's got to be him. I've had my fair share of run-ins with Lord Sinister over the years, trying to steal some rare crystal or valuable fossil from our work sites. I'll never forget his face or voice." Surprised, Claw glanced at her brother and raised her eyebrows. In response, Remous chuckled. "Didn't think my life of looking at boring old rocks was quite so thrilling, did you, sis? I wasn't kidding when I wrote you that letter!" Rex looked again at the hook-handed man. He was still not convinced that this was Lord Sinister, but as he trusted Remous and took his words into consideration... yes, those facial features did seem remarkably familiar... and that voice certainly sounded like it could have been coming from Sinister's mouth... "But, he can't possibly be Sinister," explained Zero. "They're working together. I saw them both standing in the same room at the same time... and chasing me down the same hallway at the same time... it's impossible! Unless..." He trailed off as an epiphany seemed to dawn upon him. "Well," asked Phantom, "if this isn't Sinister, then who is this guy?" "Unless time travel is involved..." whispered Zero. "Oh my Builder." While they debated, Hooks had stood there with a smug expression, patiently waiting for them to deduce his identity before speaking up. "Yes, you are quite astute in your observation. I do remember you, Herr Remous, for I am, indeed, Sam Sinister. However, presently, there is more than one Sam Sinister here in LEGO City tonight... and no, I am not referring to my former cohort, Slyboots. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, you may call me..." He paused for dramatic effect, letting his cape billow in the wind as he raised his hooks to the sky before proclaiming his name: "Finister!" Rex raised an eyebrow, trading glances with his companions. "... Finister?" he repeated. Finister grinned proudly. "Yes, Finister. Get it? It's 'Sinister', but instead of the letter 's', it starts with the letter 'f', like the word 'future', which is where I come from. Clever, isn't it?" "No, not really," commented Zero, chuckling. "Looks like someone's not very good at coming up with creative names. It's actually quite stupid-sounding. I mean, what would you call future Ogel? Fogel? Hah, now that's a name nobody could ever possibly take seriously!" Finister seemed less than amused. "I wasn't asking for your opinion," he grumbled. "So you came back in time to help your past selves," realized Rex. "But why?" "Isn't it obvious?" replied Finister. "To take over the world!" "Of course," muttered Rex, rolling his eyes. "I should have guessed it. You villains are always so predictable." "Villains?" scoffed Finister. "No, not villains. We are the heroes! Or, at least, we will be. See, when we are the ones who save the world from the threat of the Mutant Dinos, then we will be hailed as saviors! They will shower us with praise and embrace us with open arms. Then, there will be no one to oppose us, no one to stand in the way of our goals, for who would dare to oppose the heroes who saved them from extinction? We will be unstoppable! Of course, in order for us to do that, we need to eliminate our competitors in this race. Can't let Dino Attack Team take all the credit for saving the day, you know, or else our contributions will be overshadowed. And therefore, we..." As the FUTURE villain rambled in his monologue, Rex watched Claw and Remous in the corner of his eye. He noticed that Claw had one hand gripping the handle of a knife sheathed on her belt. Indeed, her overall posture looked very much like she was poised to attack; she wanted to act now and take advantage of their distracted foe. However, her facial expression looked considerably more doubtful, or perhaps conflicted; for one reason or another (most likely, Rex assumed, because of the uncanny T-Rex that stood over them, probably waiting to attack them if anything happened to Finister), she did not think it was a good idea. Remous noticed this as well, and he gently laid his hand on her shoulder, almost as though he was holding her back. She locked eyes with her brother, nodded, and her tensions appeared just slightly eased as she let go of the knife handle. "... where this beautiful creation of mine comes in!" Finister gestured towards the T-Rex. Carefully enunciating each word for full effect, he proclaimed: "The Holographic... Robotic... Dinosaur... Bomb! Or, for short, the H.R.D.B.!" "Which spells... 'Hurduhbuh'?" remarked Zero, smirking. "Looks like someone's not very good at coming up with creative acronyms, either." "Oh, shut up!" snapped Finister. Clearing his throat, he continued: "It is an invention of mine from the future. Even in these apocalyptic ruins of days past, I found the necessary means to construct one here. Wonderful, isn't it? That you can build nearly everything out of anything in this universe?" "Holographic?" repeated Rex, glancing back at the T-Rex. "No wonder it looks fake; it's not real." "But it looked real enough to lure you into my trap!" retorted Finister. "The outward appearance of a dinosaur may only be a hologram, but it masks a very-real robotic skeleton underneath. A robot that is programmed to self-destruct in a fiery explosion when it reaches its destination... and I've set this one's destination to Dino Attack Headquarters!" Then, he gestured towards the tower that stood in the plaza. "Uh, yeah, about that," said Zero, scratching his chin with one hand. "That's not Dino Attack Headquarters." Finister frowned skeptically. "Not Dino Attack Headquarters?" he repeated. "What, do you expect me to believe that Dino Attack Headquarters vanished and some mysterious new building magically appeared in its place all of a sudden? As a proudly dishonest man, I'll honestly tell you that you're a terrible liar." "Truth is stranger than fiction," murmured Remous. "We already have an ancient water monster on the loose, and a villain from the future using a robot disguised as a dinosaur, among other things." Among other things, indeed, Rex silently agreed. His own role in the Dino Attack was proof enough that the truth could be very strange. In the back of his mind, he wondered what "other things" Remous was referring to specifically. "Is a mysterious tower in place of Dino Attack Headquarters really that much harder to believe?" continued Remous. "Perhaps not," Finister conceded, "but that doesn't change my mind. I'm still sending my H.R.D.B. to demolish this ostensibly-not-Dino Attack Headquarters, and you five will be coming with me as my prisoners. We have so much to talk about... and I imagine you'll be quite thrilled to reunite with your old friend, the Truth Receiver." With that, he raised his two hooks into the air and clapped them together. In response, the H.R.D.B circled around the group and began its march towards the tower. Rex was aware that his teammates were all looking to him. As an elite agent, it was his duty to lead his fellow Dino Attack agents in times of danger. He quickly put together a plan. The first step was getting Finister out of the way, and to do that, they needed to act on the element of surprise. But, if he gave a verbal order, he would lose that surprise... He looked at Claw and Remous. Claw still appeared poised to attack, but unsure if she should. Moving only her eyes, she quickly glanced at Finister, then back at Rex. It was the first time that she had made eye contact since he asked about her silence. Even though she had not spoken a word, Rex knew that she was asking for his approval to act. Remous opened his mouth, about to translate for her, but Rex cut him off with a simple nod, giving Claw the order. With the threat of the H.R.D.B. no longer literally looming over them, she did not have to hold back. Claw performed a double-take, briefly staring at him with wide eyes. Rex guessed that she was surprised that he was able to understand her; evidently, other than her brother, nobody else had done that before. Remous let go of her shoulder, and Claw bolted forward, surprising Finister with a clean uppercut to the jaw. The villain reeled as his glasses flew off his face. Gasping, he bent down to the ground and started fumbling about, desperately trying to find his spectacles without accidentally breaking them (a task made even more difficult due to his lack of hands), serving as the distraction they needed. "Great work, Amanda Claw!" said Rex, clapping his hands together. He immediately realized that he once again referred to her by his flubbed nickname but, knowing that she did not mind, did not try to correct himself. Claw smiled to him. It was a more relieved smile, compared to her earlier amused grin. She seemed to let go of her tension, letting out a satisfied sigh as she watched Finister struggling to find his spectacles. Rex wondered if her relatively pacifistic means of incapacitating the villain, why she merely used her fist instead of her knife, indicated that she tried to avoid unnecessary violence. That would be something we have in common, he thought. "Able to give orders without even saying a word," chuckled Remous, giving Rex a pat on the back. "I can see why you are an elite agent!" Rex motioned for his teammates to gather around him as he briefed them. "Now, here's the plan. We need to stop that H.R.D.B. from destroying the tower, because when that robot explodes, the tower might be the safest place to be. Phantom and, err, Norik, I need you two to go on ahead to the tower while the rest of us disable the robot." "But we can fight, Peasam!" insisted Zero. "Phantom and I have T.O.A.!" Confused, Rex raised an eyebrow. "Wait, what's a Toa?" With one hand, Zero made a broad gesture to the high-tech armor he was wearing over his Dino Attack uniform. "Tactical Operations Armor," he elaborated, "or T.O.A. for short. I decided to give these prototype armor suits a cool-sounding name, especially since I'm better at it than some people here." "I heard that, you 4+ Figure!" snapped Finister, who was still searching for his glasses. Rex nodded. "You're right about that armor; it could certainly give you an advantage against the H.R.D.B. But, we don't know what trials are waiting for us in that tower. If you're up to it, then I need you and Phantom to clear the way for us so that, when this thing blows, we'll have someplace to fall back to." "If I'm up to it?" repeated Zero, raising his eyebrows. "Up to stepping foot inside a mysterious building without any idea what's inside, other than the high probability of certain death?" Then, with a grin, he declared, "Well, what are we waiting for? C'mon, Phantom!" With that, Zero and Phantom raced to get to the tower before the H.R.D.B. Fortunately, the robot moved at a fairly slow lumbering pace due to its size, and the T.O.A. suits enhanced their users' physical strength and endurance, allowing them to outrun the bot. "And what about Finister?" inquired Remous. "I think he's not going anywhere soon," said Rex, smirking as he watched Finister continue to fumble around on the pavement. "Let's turn this thing into scrap metal!" ---- While they were safe in the parking garage, Databoard found some buckets of red and beige paint: the Dino Attack colors. He then set to work repainting the bluish colors of the Saber into that of Dino Attack. Once he was done, there was an explosion nearby, and he looked up to the Mutant Pteranodons swarming outside a ruined portion of the garage. Databoard looked to see that more of the parking garage was coming down. He rushed inside the Saber and took off. Chunks of the parking garage went flying as the ship shot out. He sped up over the buildings, and the parking garage was collapsing. More Pteranodons fired lightning, but the Saber was not damaged. Databoard looked at the Mutant Pteranodons that were attacking the ship. The agents were firing the turrets at the attacking Pteranodons, but they were very hard to target. A few were hit by the laser turrets, but more Mutant Pteranodons were coming. Databoard pressed a few buttons, and heat seeking missiles were fired. This sent many Mutant Pteranodons fleeing, while others simply destroyed the missiles with their lightning. Within a few minutes, most of the Pteranodons had fled to avoid the missiles. That took care of one of their problems. The fire-breathing dinos were still chasing them. ---- "Track Databoard's aircraft," said Kotua. The command deck robot nodded, and relayed the orders to the other robots on the deck. "I also need some mechanic bots to report to the Engine room," said Kotua. The robot also relayed those orders. Kotua turned and exited the Command Deck. Perfect Chaos was in his smaller form, which was close to human size. Kotua studied Chaos. "You seem indestructible..." he muttered. Kotua then took out a pencil and a piece of paper, and began planning his newest robot... ---- Knowing that they did not have time to run back to the Fire Hammers and equip stronger weapons such as Cosmotronic Rays or Z-1 Kinetic Launchers, Rex took out a smaller standard-issue Dino Attack laser pistol, and Remous did likewise. At first, without even looking, Amanda Claw immediately reached for her knife again. However, as she started to draw the blade, she hesitated. Her eyes drifted down to the weapon, and she frowned in a peculiar way; Rex could not be sure, but he thought he recognized a hint of regret in that facial expression. Slowly, she put the knife back in its sheath before taking out her own laser pistol. Rex thought this was odd, but decided that there was a very practical explanation: a knife was not a suitable weapon for combat against the H.R.D.B. Running after the H.R.D.B., Rex, Remous, and Claw fired upon it to catch its attention. To Rex's relief, it worked. He was not sure if a machine programmed for self-termination would have any sense of self-preservation, but he supposed that it was logical that the robot would know to defend itself long enough to reach its destination before exploding. The H.R.D.B. turned around and faced the three Dino Attack agents, simulated a T-Rex roar, and then began lumbering in their direction. Of course, that meant that they were now fighting a robot that was large enough to crush them underfoot, yet volatile enough that it could possibly self-destruct and take them with it. "Aim for the T-Rex's head!" suggested Rex. "Maybe that's where its cranial processing unit is located!" However, to his surprise, their shots passed cleanly through the dinosaur's form. "The head isn't real," he realized. "Just part of the hologram." "I guess Finister was just clever enough to avert that trope," murmured Remous. "At least this means that those teeth aren't real, either! But, it would be helpful to know what is real underneath that hologram so that we know what we're actually up against." They ducked as the H.R.D.B. swung its tail at them. The rush of wind over his head was enough to tell Rex that it was real. "Any ideas, Claw?" he asked, remembering that she was one of the first to notice that something was off about the H.R.D.B. Like Zero, she seemed to have a strong attention to detail. For a few seconds, Claw scrutinized the T-Rex hologram. She pointed to a spot above the dinosaur's ribcage, which appeared to have a slight glow. When she was sure that Rex and Remous saw it too, she aimed and fired with her laser pistol. The shot connected, and then the T-Rex hologram glitched and vanished, exposing its true form for just a fraction of a second before the image returned. Now, the spot had dulled, but a number of other similar spots on its form glowed even brighter. "Those spots must be where the hologram is projected," suggested Remous. "Disable one, and the others have to work harder to maintain the illusion." "Then we disable all of them!" declared Rex. "Circle around the bot and shoot anything that glows!" The three Dino Attack agents did just that. They split up, going in different directions as they circled around the H.R.D.B. Rex watched as Claw and Remous took advantage of their surroundings and took cover behind rubble and debris. He concealed himself behind the wreckage of a Fire Hammer and watched. The H.R.D.B. scanned the area, searching for the Dino Attack agents that were no longer in plain sight. The robot raised one foot and stomped the ground. The impact shot cracks through the asphalt and shook the plaza. Rex stumbled, but managed to remain steady. A nearby pile of debris collapsed, but fortunately nobody was hiding behind it. Then, he stepped out from behind his cover and fired upon the H.R.D.B., drawing its attention towards him. As he did so, he watched Remous and Claw aim their weapons. The H.R.D.B. lumbered towards him, but when Remous emerged from his own hiding spot and shot at the bot, Rex took advantage of its distraction and ran toward a pile of rubble. Then, from his new position, he took aim at one of the H.R.D.B.'s glowing spots, located on its hip. He pulled the trigger, and the laser beam hit its mark, causing the holographic T-Rex to briefly glitch once again, as well as distracting the robot long enough for Claw to find a new hiding spot. Like a most dangerous game of hide-and-go seek, the three Dino Attack agents took turns shooting at the H.R.D.B., holding its attention, and running to a different cover whenever the H.R.D.B. was looking the other way. For each glowing spot they shot, the length of time where the hologram would glitch out was slightly extended. The hologram grew duller and duller even as its remaining projectors grew brighter and brighter. The H.R.D.B. fought back - charging whenever it saw one of them, swinging its tail to smash through obstacles, and stomping the ground hard enough to leave impacts in the asphalt - but the Dino Attack agents surrounding it and attacking from all sides, all the while taking cover, made it difficult for the bot to defend itself from foes it could scarcely see. Their work was nearly finished. As Remous diverted the H.R.D.B.'s attention, Claw ran towards Rex's position behind a concrete roadblock, since it was the nearest cover. She was halfway there when the robot unexpectedly turned away from Remous, as if it had finally caught wise to the Dino Attack agents' strategy. It charged at the wrecked Fire Hammer and then, with a swing of its tail, sent the jeep careening towards Claw. Rex watched in horror. As athletic and agile as Claw had shown herself to be, Rex feared that she had neither the time nor the space to dodge such a large incoming vehicle. He knew immediately what he had to do. Adrenaline surged through Rex as, without giving himself enough time to think it through, he abandoned his cover and sprinted towards Claw. He reached her just barely in the nick of time, tackling his teammate to the ground less than a second before the Fire Hammer hit. He instinctively positioned himself so that he shielded her with his own body, taking the brunt of the impact. Rex cringed and gritted his teeth. He shuddered as he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. However, whether it was due to the adrenaline or his seemingly unnatural endurance and high tenacity as a Mutant Dino in a Minifig disguise, he knew that it hurt a lot less than it should have. Aches and bruises were far preferable to bones broken and crushed underneath jeep wreckage. That was why he did it, because he knew he could take the blow... and he could protect his fellow teammate. Once the Fire Hammer sailed overhead and the immediately danger had passed, Rex realized that his eyes were tightly shut from the brief episode of acute pain. Slowly, he opened them again to see Amanda Claw staring at him with wide eyes. She took short, tense breaths that slowly relaxed as the life-threatening situation had passed. Rex managed to crack a faint smile, nodding to wordlessly tell her that they were safe now. She nodded, too. In that moment, as their gaze met, the two Dino Attack agents held a mutual understanding of one another. She learned the lengths that Rex would be willing to go to keep his teammates safe, and he sensed that Claw now held newfound respect for him. Rex looked up to see a hand reaching down to him. It belonged to Remous. He gratefully took it, and Remous helped him and Claw to their feet. Now, they were once again gathered together in one spot, and the H.R.D.B. was glaring right at them. As the robot roared and charged, Rex muttered, "So much for dividing and conquering." "We only need one last shot!" declared Remous, grinning. Then, he took aim and fired one last time, and the hologram vanished for good. The H.R.D.B. froze, and the roar fizzled out. Now, the three Dino Attack agents saw its true form. The predominantly silver and black robot vaguely resembled a T-Rex in terms of anatomy, albeit with a blockier torso and thinner limbs, suitable for masking itself with the hologram. The tiny projectors along its form were now fully visible, spraying sparks from their damaged cores. As Rex had deducted, the H.R.D.B. lacked a true head. In place of its neck, the robot had a number of red cylinders and a small digital display that flared to life, reading "5:00", then "4:59", then "4:58". "It's counting down!" shouted Rex, alerting his teammates. Rex turned around to the sound of Finister cackling. The villain was back on his feet, once again wearing his glasses. "Did I forget to mention?" he announced. "If the H.R.D.B.'s hologram is prematurely disabled, it automatically initiates the self-destruct sequence. I'd tell you to run... but can you run from a bomb that's chasing after you?" Claw turned to look at Remous. She glanced at the H.R.D.B., then looked down upon the cracked asphalt where they stood, and then back at her brother as she inquisitively raised her eyebrows. "Yes, indeed," Remous murmured. The ends of his mustache curled upward as a grin crossed his features. "Time to put that paleontology to good use!" Turning towards Rex, he said, "Since this bot shares a real T-Rex's anatomy, I'd say it most likely shares the inherent weaknesses of that body build. It probably compounds upon them, too, being a crude robot instead of an actual living creature. Even from just looking at fossils, it's clear to me that the T-Rex relies on its tail for balance, properly distributing its body weight. If we can topple the robot and disconnect its tail before it gets back up..." Now, Rex smiled as well. "'The harder they fall', as they say." "Do what you will," said Finister. "But, your efforts will be futile in the end. The clock is ticking, after all... and even if you somehow survive, I'll be back very soon, with another nefarious scheme up my sleeve. In the meantime, have a blast!" With a menacing chuckle, the villain turned and started to make his exit. "We can't let him escape!" shouted Rex. Claw took a step forward, but Remous held up his hand. "I'll go after him," he declared. "As I said, I've dealt with his past self before, and I can do so again. Lord Sinister has always been a pathetic wimp who never put up much of a fight, after all. I'll be back soon enough, with that crook captured and ready to be thrown back behind bars, where he belongs. I'm sure that you two can handle the H.R.D.B." Claw appeared unsure, her features betraying concern for her brother. In response, Remous smiled gently and gave her a quick hug. "Don't worry," he assured her. "I'll be fine, I promise! I'd never let you down, sis. Never. And I know you'll do just fine without me." This seemed to do the trick, as Claw appeared comforted by his words. "Builderspeed, Remous," wished Rex, saluting his fellow Dino Attack agent. While they had only known each other for a brief while, he could see that Remous was certainly a brave and capable Dino Attack agent. He did not doubt that they would be seeing each other again very soon. Remous returned the gesture. "Same to you, Peasam." Rex chuckled. "Look, Phantom's not here; you don't have to keep calling me 'Peasam'." "Excuse me?" said Remous, raising an eyebrow. Rex blinked, only just remembering that he introduced himself to Remous and Claw with his false identity. "Oh... uh, long story, but basically, don't call me by my real name around Phantom, or he might try to kill me." Remous and Claw traded glances. "Then what should we call you?" inquired the former. "Rex." "Then good luck," said Remous, nodding, "elite agent Rex. Take good care of Amanda for me while I'm gone." The two siblings locked eyes and shared one last unspoken yet clearly tender goodbye. Then, Remous turned and departed in pursuit of Finister. Amanda Claw's gaze lingered on her brother until she forced herself to look away. She faced Rex, and he could see the firm resolve in her expression as she nodded, indicating that she was ready. ---- "I'm... you... in the future?" Ogel said. "Yes," replied Fogel. "Why, did you not expect that one day you would be using this G.E. Body?" "No," Ogel said. "In fact, I had hoped I would never need to use it. But, if you, Finister, Frickster, and Fladek are all from the future, then why have you traveled back in time?" General Evil was silent once more. The pressing thought on his mind was: If you are Ogel, then what happens to me in the future? He did not dare to ask. Fogel answered, "You see, in our time, the Dino Attack Team succeeded in wiping out the Mutant Dinos, and they were hailed as heroes and saviors. Soon enough, the world rebuilt itself, and you would never have known there was a dinosaur apocalypse. Too late, I realized that I had missed my golden opportunity; during the Dino Attack, I only concentrated on protecting my bases from invading Mutant Dinos, just as you are doing now, and one final battle with Alpha Team nearly cost me my life." "My future lies in defeat?" Ogel said in disbelief. "No, I will not let that happen! Tell me how to prevent this!" Fogel chuckled softly. "With the benefit of hindsight, I determined that the world would have been at its vulnerable state when it is in shambles… if we villains had properly united and used our combined forces to wipe out the Mutant Dinos ourselves rather than waiting for Dino Attack Team to do it for us, then we would have been the great saviors, and we would have been the ones to oversee its rebuilding… in our image. Now, we have the opportunity to correct this mistake. Using a Hypno Disk recovered from a secret facility in Astor City, we built our time machine, traveled back to this year, and with a plan to change the past in our favor." ---- Suddenly, Voltage turned his turret to see a flaming dino sprout wings and fly. "Uh-oh." Databoard looked at the dinosaur that was attacking them. It was evading all their attacks. It shot fire at the Saber, buts its beam shield protected the ship. More started firing, and then Databoard noticed something. The beam shield, which appeared to have been damaged in the fight with Chaos, was starting to fail. And when it did, it would leave the Saber vulnerable to attack. The Saber swooped low to the ground to avoid the fire coming from the beast. The beast landed and stretched out its massive arms that were much more useful than a T-Rex's, and slashed at the Saber. Deep scratches appeared in one of the engines, and they went down. Databoard struggled to regain control of the Saber as it plummeted towards the street. This can't be happening. The Saber can handle a lot more than a dinosaur scratch! Databoard thought. If it's that powerful, how are we gonna stop it? Databoard managed to stop the Saber's deadly fall, but now they were headed directly for an abandoned building. "HANG ON TO SOMETHING!" Databoard yelled as the ship flew straight through the side of the building. Fortunately, it came out the other side largely undamaged. The building, however, was not as fortunate. It was quickly reduced to rubble moments later. The Saber crashed into the ground. "Bad news is, we could a million of those by the end of the week," said Cobra. "Any way we can stop them? EMs, or something?" said Voltage. "Too strong," said Cobra. "Maybe high doses of the strong radiation force, but that can kill people. We can't just go around killing them. We can barely kill one T-Rex, and one of these is equal two a thousand T-Rexes!" They all got up and ran as they saw Raptors pass. Databoard got the Saber back into the air. "We can talk about how to defeat those dinos once we're away from them." He flew a short distance away and landed on a nearby rooftop. He then repaired the Saber's engines and set to work repairing the beam shield. It would take some time, but he could fix it. ---- Together, Rex and Claw fired upon the H.R.D.B., ensuring that they held its attention so it would not try to follow Remous. The robot lumbered towards them at a quicker pace than before, no longer having to devote so much energy towards maintaining the hologram. The digital timer was still counting down, and Rex realized that they had less time than he thought, but he tried not to waste any more time worrying about this. "Shoot its left leg," said Rex. "I'll go for the right leg." The two Dino Attack agents split up and started to circle around the robot again, each aiming and firing at one of its legs in an effort to force the H.R.D.B. to stumble. However, most of their laser blasts were simply deflected off the robot's armor. The H.R.D.B. performed a low sleep with its tail as it had done before, albeit faster this time, like the rest of its actions. Rex and Claw ducked just in time, but then the robot unexpectedly followed up by whipping its tail in the opposite direction. Claw, caught off-guard, was struck in the chest and sent sprawling across the pavement. "Amanda!" shouted Rex. With only a half-second to spare, he shook himself out of his stupor and dodged the H.R.D.B.'s attack before he too was sent flying. Now, he held the robot's attention, as it lumbered towards him and away from the seemingly-incapacitated Claw. As Rex backed away from the incoming H.R.D.B., firing upon it in an attempt to slow it down, he kept Claw within his field of vision. He was relieved to see that his teammate was not down for long, but instead quickly back on her feet. However, she looked down upon her empty hands, with her laser pistol nowhere to be seen. Then, she glanced around until her gaze fixated upon a chain lying on the ground amid other debris, which she picked up before chasing after Rex and the H.R.D.B. Rex knew what she intended to do. He continued to fire upon the H.R.D.B., making sure that it kept its focus on him. At the same time, he slowed down his pace, and the robot did likewise, giving Claw more time to catch up to them. Once she did, Claw wrapped the chain around the robot's legs, then beckoned for Rex to move quickly. The H.R.D.B. took another step and stumbled forward. Rex ducked out of the way as it crashed to the pavement. Already, the robot was trying to get back to its feet, so Rex and Claw wasted no time in trying to break its tail, as Remous had recommended. Claw took the chain again and, like a whip, repeated lashed it against the H.R.D.B.'s tail with the intention of breaking it. It could certainly have worked, but they did not have enough time. "Here, pull with me," said Rex, grabbing hold of the bot's tail by its base. Judging from her expression, Claw seemed skeptical, but she followed his lead and, together, they pulled. Rex put his full strength into the motion, and seconds later, the robot's tail snapped off, spraying sparks into the air as it clattered lifelessly to the pavement. Incredulous that it worked, Claw stared at Rex with wide eyes. With a shrug, he handwaved it with, "Machinery has a tendency of falling apart whenever I try to touch it." While he now knew that it was actually his Mutant Dino strength that allowed him to perform such feats, he was still determined to keep it a secret for now. The H.R.D.B. slowly rose to its feet, but without its tail to properly balance its weight, it promptly fell forward again. A second attempt yielded the same result. "It's not going anywhere now," remarked Rex, smirking as he watched the robot's failures. "We did it! That's some good teamwork, right, Amanda Claw?" Amanda grinned, but her cheer was short-lived as an alerted expression took its place. Rex looked back at the H.R.D.B. and read the counter on its display. They had ninety seconds remaining before the robot self-destructed. "I agree," Rex spoke quickly. "We need to get out of here!" Claw looked to the tower, reminding him that he sent Zero and Phantom to investigate and see if it would provide a safe haven from the inevitable explosion. He took out his radio. "Zer... uh, Norik! What's the update on the tower?" "All clear!" responded the familiar voice of Zero. "Come on in; I promise, you'll like what you see! Security's a little overboard at the moment... it was a pain in the neck getting in through the front door... but I'll make sure they know to let you in." "Did you catch that, Remous?" asked Rex. "We're heading to the tower. Meet us inside!" No response, which prompted a concerned frown from Claw, but they did not have the luxury of waiting for one. Rex and Claw nodded to one another, and then, together, they ran across the plaza towards the tower as quickly as they could. He felt those uncomfortable cramps that cropped up whenever he tried to physically exert himself, but the knowledge that there was a bomb about to go off behind him provided enough adrenaline to fight back and ignore the pain for now. They did not stop or look back until they reached the front doors of the mysterious building. Rex pulled on the doors. They would not budge. Trying again did not improve the result. "Oh, come on!" he grumbled. "What, do I have to solve some stupid riddle or something just to get inside?" Amanda Claw turned around and suddenly drew in a quick tense breath, like a small muted gasp. Wondering what she saw, Rex followed her gaze to the edge of the plaza. Atop one of the buildings was the unmistakable figure of Finister, watching the two Dino Attack agents during their flight from his creation, his long black robes billowing in the wind. Claw never seemed afraid of the hook-handed villain, so her reaction seemed puzzling to Rex at first. But then, a second glance told Rex why this sight affected her the way it did. Finister was alone. Despite leaving in pursuit of the villain, there was no sign of Remous. Knowing he had no time to dwell on that thought at the moment, Rex tried the doors once more, ready to apply his full strength again if necessary. This time, to his relief, they opened. "Come on!" he shouted as he took Amanda's hand and, pulling her along, dashed inside the mysterious building as quickly as he could. Behind them, the doors swung shut. Only a second later came a loud boom. Instinctively, Rex held Amanda Claw close to him so that, if the doors behind them blew out, he would shield her with his own body. However, while the explosion from across the plaza shook the whole city block, the building held firm and the doors did not give way. Only then did he relax and let go of her. Claw spun around and stared at Rex with wide eyes. Everything about her, from her worried facial expression to her tense posture, told him that she was frightened for the safety of her brother, and she wanted nothing more than to run back outside and find him. Rex decided it was best to assure her with comforting words, even if he did not entirely believe them himself. "I'm sure Remous is alright. He must have simply lost Finister and decided it was best to take cover before the H.R.D.B. exploded. But if we're going to go after Finister and look for Remous, we'll need a bigger squad to help us." Claw did not appear convinced. Rex thought he recognized the look of sheer determination, someone who thought that they could accomplish an impossible feat on their own. Perhaps she was capable of it, but he was not ready to take that chance. "It's too dangerous," he insisted. "Not only do we have villains from the future out there along with their present-day selves, but there's Kotua, Chaos, ShadowTech... and Mutant Dinos, of course. Let me talk to Specs. He'll know what to do." Amanda Claw bit her lip, but with a sigh and a small nod, she relented. Tension seeped away from her posture, though she seemed resigned rather than at ease. ---- Kotua stood, proudly watching his Robo-Chaos in action. Robo-Chaos walked to Kotua. "Now, to find them..." said Kotua. Kotua added other things to Robo-Chaos, like a new Anti-Databoard program in its AI, designed specifically to counter Databoard's favorite strategies. Kotua watched the Robo-Chaos practice again. ***** The Justice slowly came to a stop, dropping its anchor. Andrew Yellowstone looked into the sky. The Voltage was floating there. Andrew turned, and looked at the marine next to him. "Ready the weaponry..." he said, walking back into the cabin... The marines readied their weapons as they got on boats. However, none of them noticed the Fog surrounding LEGO City. The Fog settled in, cutting off communications with anybody outside LEGO City. A soldier flew his jet fighter over the sea, and flew towards the fog. He pressed a few switches, activating the recon equipment. The jet flew back after flying around the Fog. The Jet landed on the Justice. The pilot came out, and walked towards the cabin. "Sir, it just seems to be a tighter fog. Nothing else changed during the flight," said the pilot. "I highly doubt it, but I am slightly more satisfied that it doesn't seem to be harmful," said Andrew Yellowstone. ---- Rex wanted to say more, but then he noticed a familiar Dino Attack agent clad in a T.O.A. suit rushing up to greet them with a big friendly smile. "Rex! Claw! Glad you could join the party! Sorry about the front doors not opening at first... as I said, security's a little overly tight at the moment." "Zero!" Rex said with a grin, feeling a strange sense of slight relief that Phantom was not with them so he would not have to worry about remembering some silly nickname like Norik. "Thanks for clearing the way for us." With a shrug, Zero replied: "Truth be told, the mysterious tower of trials... really didn't have any trials for us to clear. But, I've got exciting news for you: welcome to Dino Attack Headquarters!" Rex blinked. "Wait, what?" he stammered. For the first time, he looked around and took in his surroundings now that he was inside the tower. They were in a large room. That was about all that Rex could really tell about it, since the building appeared just as unfinished from the inside as it did from the outside. It was dark, with only a few rudimentary light fixtures to temporarily provide illumination until a better system could be installed. What could be seen were plain colorless walls and a dull grey tile floor. In this empty room, the only real feature of note was a pile of construction materials in the corner of the room. "Yeah!" continued Zero. "Believe it or not, this is the new Dino Attack Headquarters, which is why it's literally in the place of the old one. It's being constructed by Brick League United, whose greatest master builders have been working hard to get this base finished as soon as possible, but bigger and better than the old one! There's still a lot of work to do, I hear." Glancing around, Rex murmured, "Well, that certainly explains the aesthetics." "This big empty room's going to be the lobby when it's done," explained Zero. "They'll set up the secretary's desk right there, put some chairs along that wall, and so on. It's also not going to be just a tower forever. They're going to add on a huge garage, and a whole wing for the development of science and technology! Specs said that, when all's said and done, everything will be awesome!" Rex raised an eyebrow in amusement, unable to imagine Specs saying those exact words. Then, with a start as he realized the implications of what Zero said, he asked: "Is Specs here in the building right now? Can I speak with him?" Zero nodded eagerly. "Yeah, sure! I'll bring you right to him!" ---- After repairing the beam shield, Databoard turned it on. He did not want to leave the ship vulnerable in case the Mutant Dinos or Chaos attacked. Then, he walked up to the control room, where the other agents were as well. He then looked out the window for any Mutant Dinos, but did not see any. "Power's back," said Databoard. Snake of Spades found Cobra's container of Mutant Dino serum. Some of the Mutant Lizard venom still roamed his veins, compelling him to give in to the addiction. He looked around. Everyone was busy. He drank it. A jolt flew through him. His eyes glowed red. He started to grow wings. His mouth became a beak. He roared. "D-D-Data, l-l-look at-t-t S-S-S-snake," Cobra stammered. Snake roared. He shot lighting at Cobra. Cobra fell. Voltage fired his pistols. Snake blasted a hole through the roof of Saber. Snake flew out and saw a T-1 Typhoon fly over. KA-BLAM!!! Down flew the T-1 Typhoon, right towards The Saber. Databoard repaired the hole in the Saber's roof, Fortunately, the ship was protected better on the outside, so the ship was protected from the mutated Snake. The Saber had some medical equipment aboard, so the other agents helped Cobra. Databoard meanwhile was trying to think of a way they could turn Snake back to normal. Databoard then set to work building an energy net launcher for the Saber. Much like most of the ship weapons, it was hidden by a plate of armor. He did not know how effective against Chaos it would be, but he knew it would work for capturing Mutant Dinos. Databoard continued to work on adding several more energy net launchers. He had added four, each of which he could control from the pilot's station. He also worked on increasing the overall power of the beam shield, which would make the Saber even harder to damage. Databoard finished his repairs to the Saber. He then began wondering what had made Kotua go evil. He remembered when Kotua went evil almost six years ago, and wondered if this had anything to do with it. Or Kotua could just be paranoid; there were a lot of possible explanations. ---- Kotua walked back to the deck, wondering what scheme Databoard and Rex were cooking up in their Dino Loving Center. Kotua arrived at the deck, to find the robots looking at the Fog. "Activate BIOHAZARD mode," said Kotua, knowing what the Fog meant. Kotua came back into the Command Deck in BIOHAZARD gear. "Let's use this to our advantage," said Kotua. The Voltage flew over the city and picked up two humans wandering around, along with two Mutant Dinos. The Voltage flew through the fog, ventilating it into the two people and the two raptors. "Let's hope this works," said Kotua. Kotua and the robot crew watched. "Check them," said Kotua. ---- Rex and Claw followed Zero through the new Dino Attack Headquarters. Like the lobby, most of it was empty and unfinished. Along the way, they occasionally passed other Dino Attack agents, showing that the incomplete base was already starting to provide a safe haven for the team. At last, Rex recognized Specs himself. The team leader was speaking with another familiar face, the team's chief scientist Frank Einstein. Einstein greeted Rex with a warm smile, while Specs acknowledged their presence by nodding to them and addressing them by rank and name: "Elite agent Rex, agent Zero, agent Claw." "Commander Specs," said Rex. "I have an urgent matter. We need to find and rescue agent Remous, who was last seen leaving the plaza in pursuit of the villain responsible for the explosion just now." After letting Einstein know that he was dismissed, Specs looked at Rex and said in a serious tone: "I need to speak with you privately, Rex." Rex turned towards Amanda Claw and whispered, "Wait here; I'll be right back. Probably just some elite agent business." Then, he followed Specs into another room, which was also empty and featureless due to being under construction. Even after shutting the door behind them, Specs spoke in a low voice to prevent anyone from eavesdropping. "Here's what we'll do," he explained. "I'll try to contact agent Remous on his personal emergency channel. If he doesn't respond, then I'll deploy a search and rescue squad. If they fail to find him and we still hear no word from him, or should we learn that we were too late... then we shall inform agent Claw that Remous has been located and is currently deployed on a mission to investigate mutant activities in the Goo Caverns. He is, after all, a paleontologist and geologist; it would make most sense that, if he was sent on a special mission, that's where he would be." Rex blinked, left feeling incredulous over the unexpected turn the conversation had taken. "You mean, we're going to lie to her? Deliberately deceive her into thinking that her own brother is safe and sound, when he could be dead... or worse? This just isn't right!" Specs leaned in close, locking eyes with Rex. "Listen, Rex. Remous confided in me about Claw. He said that she's... troubled. They lost their whole family in the Dino Attack, and they only have each other for support. He privately feared that he was her last tether, the only thing keeping her grounded. Do you understand?" Rex reflected upon his own experiences. His memory was only just starting to slowly come back to him, especially after learning the truth about his past from the phantom. Before that, when he was only a rookie in the Dino Attack Team, the gaping abyss of his amnesia threatened to consume him whole at times. The only thing that kept him from falling in was the sense of purpose that he felt in joining Dino Attack and partaking in the fight to save the world. That gave him an identity in a time when he had none. If he had been stripped of that purpose, of that identity... While he wondered if it had any connection to her vow of silence, Rex knew that he could not possibly imagine what it was that left Amanda "troubled". In that regard, he knew that he could never truly understand. But, he knew what it was like to have a tether to reality, and how important it was that he not let go, no matter what. "Yes, sir," he said, nodding. "Then keep an eye on her." Whether Specs meant that as a request or an order did not matter; its meaning was well-understood. ---- Suddenly, a few Mutant Raptors began attacking the Saber. Databoard pressed a button, and the ship flew above them. He fired an energy net at a Raptor, which not only kept it inside, but prevented anything from the outside to pass through the net, keeping it safe until he was ready to study it later. The other Raptors fled, surprised that one of them had been subdued so quickly. Databoard fired a few more energy nets, and trapped some of the other Mutant Raptors. He then landed the Saber and brought the stunned Raptors inside. He did some quick scans, then brought the stunned creatures into the cargo bay so they could study them later. Databoard looked at the security camera for the Saber's cargo hold. The Raptors were now awake, and trying to break out of their confinement. Fortunately, the cargo hold was well armored, and there was little chance of them breaking free. He then looked at the computer display which was showing him information about the Mutant Raptors. Databoard continued to study the Mutant Lizards, but the information he got from the scan was limited at best. He would need a laboratory to examine them any further. Unfortunately, most of the labs in LEGO City were destroyed or ruined. He continued to look at the computer, looking over every bit of data. ---- Ogel, General Evil, and Fogel approached a Dino Attack medical lab. General Evil effortlessly broke down the door, and the three villains barged inside to see a group of frightened doctors staring at them. In his typical hammy fashion, Ogel laughed evilly and announced: "I am Ogel, and you will all surrender to-" Fogel stepped forward and grabbed one of the scientists. He slammed the poor man down on the floor, and there was a sickening crack. The other doctors screamed and started to flee, but Fogel quickly caught up with them and swiftly killed them all. Ogel and General Evil watched with wide eyes. "That's… that's not…" whispered General Evil. Fogel rejoined them, and he must have been smirking beneath his helmet. "This is the FUTURE way of villainy," he declared. "The time for playing well is over. You… and I… realized that when I needed this G.E. Body just to survive." "Well," said Ogel, "it's simply not pragmatic. I suppose the scientists could have been useful to us alive. We could have questioned them, or brainwashed them, or-" "We don't need them," Fogel said, searching the lab benches as he looked for something. "We don't even need most of this stuff! If you want to be 'pragmatic', then I am simply trimming the fat. All we needed from this place are this... and this." He pulled up two objects. One was a biohazard bottle labeled "Mutant Dino DNA Serum", the other was an injection needle. "Why do we need those?" asked Ogel. "How does that help us defeat Dino Attack Team?" "You'll see, you'll see," Fogel answered cryptically, and then he laughed even more evilly than his present-day counterpart. ---- Specs dismissed Rex, who left the room and soon found Amanda Claw standing beside a window, looking out over the plaza. They could see the blast marks, fire, rubble, and smoke left behind in the wake of the H.R.D.B.'s explosion, as well as the building where they last saw Finister. However, neither of them could see any sign of either Finister or Remous. She turned to look at Rex, her eyes full of questioning. He could tell that she wanted nothing more than to hear some good news, even though he had none to give. "I spoke to Specs," he reported. "He's sending out a search and rescue squad to find Remous." With a comforting smile, he added: "Don't worry; I'm sure they'll bring him back home safely. I know they will." She looked away, once again staring wistfully out the window. Rex knew that Specs would keep true to his word and do whatever he could to try to save Remous. If he succeeded, then there would be nothing to worry about. However, that was still a big "if". As an elite agent, Rex had overseen a variety of Dino Attack missions, most often with squads consisting of new recruits who had been drafted and never before seen action on the front lines of a battlefield. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, it was inevitable that not everyone always returned safely. It was then his duty to keep the morale of his survivors high, because that was what mattered most in the face of unavoidable loss. As much as he resented it, he accepted that it was perhaps in Amanda's best interest if she had to remain in the dark about her brother's fate. If Remous really was her tether in times of trouble, the only thing keeping her grounded, then the comforting lie might be necessary, at least until she could find another tether just as strong. Believing that her brother was out there, alive and well, would keep her morale high. It would be for her sake. "I've only known the two of you for a few minutes," continued Rex. "But, in that time, the impression I got from him is that he's a brave and resourceful individual who does not give up, no matter what. I'm certain that he's alright. That mean old Finister is not going to get him down. If he doesn't return to base on his own, then the rescue team will find him. You'll see him again soon, I promise." Amanda Claw turned her head towards him. For the first time, Rex noticed the dark circles under her eyes, the tell-tale sign of sleepless nights. The ends of her lips slowly lifted into a smile, the first time she did so since the H.R.D.B.'s defeat. He was not sure whether or not she believed his words, but at the very least, they did bring some much-needed comfort and warmth. Did I go too far? wondered Rex, who already felt guilty. It had not even come to the point of lying yet, but he had just made a risky promise that might be impossible to keep. In addition, it was he who insisted that someone go after Finister, leaving him responsible for whatever happened as a result. I can't dwell on that, he decided, quickly burying those thoughts. What's important now is that we keep moving forward, no matter what happens. That's my responsibility now. Responsibility. He remembered Remous's last words to him: to take care of Amanda. He thought about his private conversation with Specs and his assignment of keeping an eye on her. Nodding to himself, he knew what he had to do. "No matter what happens," he said quietly, "we'll look out for each other. Right?" Amanda Claw subtly shifted her stance, and now she was leaning her side against Rex, to his surprise. Their eyes met for a second, then she looked down, closed her eyelids, and slowly drew in a long breath. Rex realized that this gesture meant that she felt comfortable in his presence, perhaps even if only because he was one of the few who could figure out what was on her mind. One who could understand her. "Right," he whispered. ---- Suddenly, a bolt of electricity hit the Saber. Databoard looked out the window to see Mutant Pteranodons attacking the ship. He rushed to controls, and the other agents were firing their laser turrets. Databoard fired the energy net launchers, but the Pteranodons were able to avoid their attacks. Cobra got up. He looked out the window and saw Pteranodons. He walked up to a computer, and typed something in. All of the Mutant Pteranodons flew away. Cobra then typed something else, and one Pteranodons flew in the way of the net. "What did you do?" asked Databoard. "Magnetism annoys them. I used it to guide them," explained Cobra. Databoard and Cobra then started to study it. To their surprise, they found out that the dinos were changing, and that this can be sped up if bitten by a newborn super dino. By sheer luck, this particular Mutant Pterosaur conveniently turned out to be Snake of Spades, so Cobra wasted no time in administering the antidote to return him to normal. Then on the radar, they found something: the super dino nest. They set out to destroy it. The Saber rocketed towards the super-dino nest, landing on a building close to the coordinates. They took the elevator down and stealthily crossed the street, sure that dinos would jump out at them. None did. They reached the building and stepped inside. The walls were burnt and there were eggs everywhere. "Alright," Voltage said. "Cobra, how do we destroy them?" "We need explosions, fire, and radiation. Plant these in the four corners of the nest, and run for your life," said Cobra. He handed them explosives. He saw two adults running towards the nest. "Hurry!" shouted Databoard. They rushed to plant the explosives. The two adult dinos had closed in on them. Everyone but Databoard looked scared. Databoard pulled out a remote and pressed a button. A large portion of the super dino nest exploded, and the Saber flew through the smoke. Databoard pressed another button, and the lasers targeted the Mutant Dinos. "Quick, while they're distracted!" Databoard shouted, and they hurried to plant the explosives. The final explosive was laid. "Run for your lives!!" shouted Cobra. The explosives blew, destroying the nest. They all got in the Saber. Cobra pulled out a switch. Thousands of super dinos ran toward the nest, to their doom. "That's the end of them," said Cobra. Out of the fire, rose one of the Super Dinos, and it was an adult. Voltage gazed out the window at the ruined building where the nest was. He had a strange feeling that more were coming, and that was not the last of them. "We have to get to that ESG base you were talking about, Cobra," he said. "To end the dino attack." "It's somewhere around here..." he replied, scanning the area. "There!" Cobra guided them to the secret ESG lab, and they landed the Saber in front of the lab. They all went in and split up. Cobra went into a room with a dino cage. He saw a full arsenal of weapons. The lights went out. A figure dressed in black appeared. "You know too much, agent Cobra. Prepare to die," said the ESG security guard. He took out a pistol. ***** Databoard snuck down a corridor, laser in hand. He snuck into a room with a computer. He tried to look at the information, but it appeared to be encrypted with codes he had never seen before. He took out a disk, and began downloading the information onto it, so he could look at it later. He did not see the black-dressed ESG security guard sneaking into the room towards him... Suddenly, Databoard saw something in the reflection of the computer's monitor. That something had a gun. He ducked out of the way, ejecting the disk as he did. At that same moment, a laser bolt flew past his head, slamming into the computer monitor and destroying it. "Hand me the disk and your death will be less painful," the ESG security guard said. "I don't think I will," Databoard said, pulling out a laser and putting the disk into his pocket. The ESG agent fired his weapon again. Databoard jumped out of the way and fired back. The ESG soldier shot at Databoard, who ducked out of the way. He continued to shoot at the other person, but he would avoid his shots. Suddenly, two more ESG agents entered the room and began shooting at him. He ducked out of the way and the laser bolts missed him. ***** They searched the ESG labs and found valuable information, but no workers or Cobra's boss. "What did you find?" Voltage asked Kai. "I found some plans for dinos and stuff like that." "I found dino DNA," Voltage replied. "If we really are going to stop the Dino Attack, then we need to find the boss," Kai said. They entered a corridor with two rooms. They split up and Voltage went into the room at the right. There, he was cornered by two ESG security guards. ***** Kai went through the door on the left. Soon he was face-to-face with an ESG security guard. "Trespassers will be eliminated," he said, and loaded his gun. Kai took out two blasters, one in each hand. "Feeling brave?" asked Kai confidently, pointing both guns at the ESG agent. Soon, he heard more loading sounds, and five more men with loaded guns came out from the darkness of the room. Kai gulped. It seemed that these ESG guards were trained soldiers, not mere mall cops. ***** "I don't think so!" Cobra said as he kicked the ESG guard in the face, took his weapon, and shot him. He reached down and took off the security guard's helmet, revealing a robotic face underneath. Vaguely, Cobra recalled that ESG used robot security guards in lieu of humans in order to maintain secrecy. They must have known I would be coming back, thought Cobra, and evacuated the scientists while leaving the guards behind to ambush us. Cobra found Databoard and he took down the ESG soldier. Cobra walked up to a computer, typed something in, put a disk in, and waited. The entire database of the lab uploaded onto the disk. He took the disk out, turned, and found a gun at his head. He shot the guard, then took down another guard attacking Databoard. He heard gunshots. Cobra and Databoard left to save everyone else. Databoard and Cobra rushed down the hallway, looking for the other agents. Databoard looked into a room and saw Kai fighting off six ESG security guards. They took out their lasers and charged into the fight, surprising both the robots in black and Kai as they attacked. Databoard, Cobra, and Kai quickly took down about three of the ESG agents. Suddenly, more ESG soldiers attacked, but they were able to defeat two quickly. They then fired at the remaining guards; two more guards were taken down, but the rest dodged the attacks. ---- Kotua walked back to the Command Deck. "Alright, let's see if we can get Rex to come to us," said Kotua. The Voltage flew off, and slowed down over the still-populated part of the city. Some people looked up, and others kept going. Suddenly, it opened fire on them, sending vehicles into the air with explosions as burnt buildings collapsed. Kotua pressed a button, and canisters flew from the Voltage. The canisters crashed into the ground, releasing its contents. The Voltage flew as the people fell to the ground, overcome by the bacteria. Kotua looked around. "Mission accomplished. Now to find Rex and Databoard," said Kotua. Some robots stepped out of the Voltage and flew around, making special repairs... ---- "Hey, Peasam!" The mood was broken and Claw's eyes opened suddenly as the two Dino Attack agents spun around to see Phantom approach. "Norik was just telling me that he thought he saw a strange-looking Mutant Pterosaur hiding in the hangar on the top floor. He thinks it's gotten loose and escaped into the city, but it may have left a nest behind, so he's searching the hangar for it. While he's doing that, he was hoping that you and I could search the neighboring streets and see if we can spot the thing flying around." Rex's interest was immediately piqued by the news of a unique Mutant Pterosaur. While he knew now that he was never actually the scientist he once claimed to be, he had since taken up the hobby of capturing and studying Mutant Dinos. If there really was a different Mutant Pterosaur, what could that mean? New strains of mutations leading to previously-unseen adaptations? Enhancements caused by lengthened exposure to unknown elements before hatching? A secretive villainous faction modifying Mutant Dinos to their own ends? Or yet another loose thread doomed to forever be left hanging? Whatever it was, now he wanted to find out. "Yeah, sure!" Rex replied, nodding eagerly. "I'll come along." He took a few steps toward Phantom, and Amanda Claw started to follow, only to be stopped when Phantom held up his hand. "Hold it there, little lady!" said Phantom. "Peasam and I can handle this one on our own. You just stay here and keep looking out the window." Claw frowned indignantly, and her hands clenched into fists. It was clear to Rex that she did not like being told what she could not do, especially when being called "little lady" in a less-than-endearing tone. As a multinational organization comprised of anyone who was willing to fight the prehistoric menace, Dino Attack Team was not discriminatory towards religion, race, or gender (after all, such petty differences scarcely mattered in the face of the apocalypse), so the suggestion that she could not participate in their mission due to being a woman was one that offended Rex as well. "Phantom," Rex spoke sternly, "I'd say agent Claw has more than proven her capabilities in the fight against the H.R.D.B." "And I don't disagree," insisted Phantom, shaking his head. "I was merely suggesting that there's strategic value to having one of us stay behind and keeping watch from Dino Attack Headquarters. It is a nice view you've got up here. But, Peasam, we need to get going immediately if we're going to catch this thing, so let's not waste any more time. We've got very important business to attend to." Sighing, Rex relented as he saw Phantom's point. He turned to face Amanda Claw. He knew that he had promised Specs that he would keep an eye on her, and he did not wish to neglect his duty to Specs, Amanda, and Remous. But, realistically, such a task would be impossible to do 24 hours a day. Besides, they had only just met, and he feared that she might grow suspicious for all the wrong reasons if he stuck to her like studs on a brick. "We'll be back very soon," he assured her. "In the meantime, if you see anything, you can send a text message to my PDA. Okay?" Claw no longer looked offended, but she still frowned, scrutinizing Phantom with narrowed eyes. Then, she locked eyes with Rex and nodded, with more than a hint of concern in her expression. He took this as a warning to be careful while they hunted the Mutant Pterosaur. "Don't worry about me," he promised. "I've dealt with Mutant Pterosaurs before... they're a real pain in the neck, but I can handle them. I'll be fine." With that, Rex gave Amanda a quick smile before joining Phantom. He could sense that she was watching them as they departed Dino Attack Headquarters. ---- From a distance, the phantom observed the crashed Villains Headquarters airship. The villains survived the crash landing and were already starting to make repairs. "My work is never done..." the phantom muttered before departing. Fogel, Ogel, and General Evil found the other villains, both the present and the future, as they returned to Villains Headquarters. "There you are!" Finister said. "Did you tell Ogel who you really are?" "Yes," Fogel answered. "Actually, he figured it out himself. Have you told the others?" "Indeed," replied Finister. "Unfortunately, only Vladek guessed himself. The present Brickster and Sinister had to be told." "I figured it out," muttered Sam Sinister. "I just didn't think it could be true…" "And you destroyed Dino Attack Headquarters and captured agents Rex, Remous, Claw, and Zero, according to plan?" inquired Fogel. Finister faltered. "Well… not quite. When they disabled the H.R.D.B. hologram and initiated its countdown, I was forced to make a tactical retreat. But Remous… yes, I got him." At first, Fogel was furious. It seemed that he was about to strike Finister for failing to capture Rex, Claw, and Zero. But then, he relaxed and chuckled contentedly. "Remous may be the key to everything," he said softly. "Like a snowball that leads to an avalanche, his doom shall be the catalyst setting into motion everything we need for Dino Attack Team to fall." ---- Kotua sat on his chair and pressed a button. Immediately controls popped up, and Kotua got them. Buttons also appeared around him. Kotua put on a microphone headset. "Initiate Assault sequence," said Kotua. The Voltage powered its thrusters and flew off. Two jet fighters flew after the craft and fired, but Kotua pressed a few buttons, and acid melted off the fighters. The Voltage flew around the city, looking for the ShadowTech base... ---- Together, Rex and Phantom walked the streets of the city. After a long day of weird and unusual sights, from water monsters to exploding robots, there was an oddly conspicuous lack of any more strange encounters during their search. It just seemed like another typical day of the Dino Attack, full of city ruins, abandoned cars, crumbling asphalt, and the occasional encounter with a hungry Mutant Lizard. It felt like they were searching for at least an hour, but there was still no sign of the strange Mutant Pterosaur. Rex did not even know what was so strange about it, having not seen it himself, but Phantom promised, "You'll know it when you see it." Rex kept thinking back to Amanda Claw. They had only received a single PDA message from her, which Rex tactfully read aloud as, "She has, uh, only seen normal Mutant Pterosaurs so far. Nothing unusual." This prompted a snide remark from Phantom: "Well, that's really useful of her. Glad she's being such a big help by telling us that she has nothing to tell." In actuality, the text message contained a much more worrisome warning that kept gnawing at Rex from the inside. Upon reading it, he wondered if he had misinterpreted the source of her concern before they left Dino Attack Headquarters. The message was only two words that carried a lot of weight. Stay alert. It was incredibly vague, but the more that he thought about it, the more that Rex was unable to shake the feeling that it was intentionally vague. She clearly did not trust Phantom the way she trusted Rex, and there was a warning she wanted to give Rex but could not risk letting Phantom read it as well, which was why Rex chose to flat-out lie about the message's content. But why? Or, maybe he was looking too deep into it. Maybe it was simply a general warning of danger heading their way. Chaos, perhaps? The fact that Rex had gone at least a few hours without Kotua and Chaos trying to kill him was surely not a good sign. Then again, everything about the way Amanda Claw normally communicated required "looking too deep into it" to understand, so he could not shake the feeling that something was not right. Nor could he shake the feeling that someone was silently following them. Still, Rex and Phantom continued to search the streets for any sign of the enhanced Mutant Pterosaur. Dino Attack Headquarters grew farther and farther away, eventually disappearing behind other tall buildings as their journey led them deeper and deeper into the city. The shadows grew longer and darker as the sun sank ever closer to the horizon. At last, Rex sighed. "I don't think we're going to find anything at this point. We'd better return to base before nightfall... we don't want to be on our own, this far from the rest of the team, when the nocturnal city life wakes up." "Very well," agreed Phantom. He started to turn around, but then his eyes widened. He pointed to a nearby apartment building that was several stories high. "There!" he whispered urgently. "I just saw it! On the roof!" Rex's gaze followed Phantom's finger. He could not see the Mutant Pterosaur from his position, but did not have time to get a better vantage point before Phantom ran to the alleyway separating the apartment building from a neighboring barbershop, then beckoned for Rex to follow. "We can use the fire escape to get to the roof before it flies away!" suggested Phantom. "Come on, hurry!" Rex caught up with him, but took a look down the alleyway. The sun was just at the right angle, low enough in the sky to visually transform the alley into a long, narrow, black hallway without a ray of light. From his training in Dino Attack Team, Rex was already thinking of all the potential hiding places of Mutant Lizards (or worse), waiting to ambush any prey foolish enough to walk the path between the apartments and the barbershop. It was clearly the set piece of disaster waiting to happen, and Phantom was suggesting that they walk through it. "Look," he said, "we really shouldn't be wandering down dark alleys without backup. I mean, they were bad enough before the Dino Attack. Then, Mutant Dinos just made them a lot worse. But now, with those mysterious ShadowTech agents lurking in the shadows and waiting to abduct us Dino Attack agents... not to mention Kotua and his uncanny ability to show up at the least convenient moment..." "Backup won't be necessary," insisted Phantom. "Two is a perfect number for what we're about to do, you and me. Three or more would just attract unwanted attention." Before Rex could argue further, the amnesic Alpha Team agent stepped into the alley. Rex groaned in resignation. Stay alert, he reminded himself as he followed Phantom into the alleyway. ---- Voltage flipped over and kicked one of the ESG soldiers down. Laser bolts flew as he dodged them with ease. A bolt flew, and he ducked so it flew over him and hit one of the guards in the face, right in the eye. He then slid forward and tripped one of them, who went flying into another, and they toppled over onto some computers. He flipped over one of the ESG agents, throwing his pistols in midair, and meleed him in the spinal cord, so he fell into a heap on the floor. Plasma ricocheted off the walls and destroyed several computers, which Voltage thought was a good hiding place until one fell on his head. Rubbing the bump the computer had made, he was cornered by the five other security guards, when many more ESG robot soldiers stormed in. "Freeze!" one of them shouted, drawing its M-16s. So now we're working with conventional weapons, Voltage thought. Okayyyyyy.... This would be harder to deal with, seeing as no one usually used actual bullets when they could get their hands on high-tech plasma pistols. He really needed help right now, and badly. ***** Snake of Spades and Joey had gone into a room with six ESG security guards. They were apparently guarding the place, seeing as ten others were guarding the entrance before they got in. Snake fired a well-placed shot at one, who toppled over a desk and hit a computer. Dang! There could have been valuable information in there... Snake thought, fighting off two of the guards. He ducked and rolled as the robot threw a fist at him, and he shot him from behind. Joey nailed one ESG agent in the face with a punch, knocking him out cold. He found a pistol lying on the ground and threw it, hitting another in the head, knocking him out. The two remaining ESG soldiers were disposed of and they decided to find the others. Voltage was relieved when Snake and Joey burst through the door. It would be easier to dispose of twenty ESG soldiers when you had three people on your team. Kai and Databoard burst through another door, summing the team up to five. Still outnumbered, the group held their ground, waiting for the twenty ESG agents to make their move. "Attack!!!" The ESG soldiers charged, firing bullets everywhere. Voltage swept to the side and tripped one. Three more cornered him. Voltage ducked and rolled, landing several punches in one's back. The ESG agent drew his weapons and fired at Voltage, who dodged and leapt off the wall. He landed a fatal kick to the head of the robot, and at the same time kicked the gun out of another's hand. "Reinforcements! We need rein..." the ESG agent said as Voltage shot him. Axel burst through the door and was immediately covered by ESG soldiers, but he kicked them away easily. Snake and Joey were trying to hack into the mainframe, covered by Kai and Databoard. "I think I found something!" Joey yelled. "He found something! Get him!" an ESG agent yelled and ran forward. "Not so fast," Kai said, kicking him out of the way. "Shut up, I'm trying to concentrate!" Joey yelled, ejecting a disk from the CPU. ---- Kotua flew over the new ShadowTech base. Scans showed that it was protected by beam shield. "Hack into it and get us in," said Kotua. One of the robots began hacking into the base. ShadowTech soldiers ran to their battle positions and fired at the Voltage. Kotua laughed as his aircraft fired back with acid blasts, melting off the soldiers. The Voltage slowly landed one top of the hangars, crushing their aerial units. The soldiers ran off as Kotua's probes, now with no aerial enemies, took them down. Some ShadowTech soldiers got on military vehicles, only to be blown up by the probes. Kotua pressed a button, and the giant cannon of the Voltage blew off the remaining ShadowTech soldiers. "Now, to find agent Cane," said Kotua. Kotua came out in a hovercraft, accompanied by Chaos. They hovered into the base, and started looking for Cane... ---- Rex carefully and deliberately took each step, making sure the coast was clear before he took the next step. His eyes darted from the brick wall on his left to the brick wall on his right and then back again, looking for any sign of movement in the shadows. He still could not shake the feeling that some unseen individual was watching him. At last, in the center of the alley, they found the apartment building's fire escape. Rex's shoulders sank with the discovery, however, since the ladders had collapsed, leaving them with no easy means of ascending to the roof. "We should turn back," declared Rex. "Maybe the enhanced Mutant Pterosaur has already flown away." "Or maybe there is no super Mutant Pterosaur," murmured Phantom. "Maybe Zero just hallucinated its existence. Maybe I just lied about it to bring you out here." Like before, when he saw how uncanny the H.R.D.B.'s hologram looked, Rex found himself filled with a dreadful feeling that something was horribly wrong. "What are you saying?" "It's a terrible thing, isn't it?" mused Phantom. "To have no memory of your life, no sense of identity, relying only on the small scraps of information others will give you, regardless of whether or not they're true. Wouldn't you agree, Rex?" Rex felt his heart skip a beat when Phantom referred to him by his real name, something he had not done since he lost his memory. Concerned, he tried to play dumb and asked, "Rex? Err, who's Rex? My name is, uh, Peasam. Are you feeling alright? Perhaps we should go back to base and take a rest. It's been a long day, and you'll feel better in the morning-" "Don't patronize me!" yelled Phantom, grabbing Rex by the cuff of his uniform and slamming him against the brick wall. "I know who you are, Rex! And I'm sick of all those MegaBloking lies you and Zero have been force-feeding me for the past few days! Now, where were we... ah, yes, I remember. You were going to tell me where Frozeen is." Much like Specs, Phantom wore a balaclava that covered most of his features. His eyes remained fully visible, and as they locked eyes with one another, Rex saw the unmistakable look of pure madness in the ex-Alpha Team agent's pupils. There was no denying it now: Phantom's memory had returned, and along with it, all of his chaotic anger. Rex's features hardened as he knew that there was no escape this time; he had to confront Phantom directly now. "If your memory really has come back, then you should remember me telling you that I have no idea where Frozeen is. My answer still hasn't changed." Phantom raised an eyebrow. "Are you so sure about that?" "Look," groaned Rex, "I don't know why you're so convinced that I know anything more about Frozeen than you do! I haven't even met the guy!" "Oh, please," muttered Phantom, rolling his eyes. "Everyone has certainly noticed how you're best buds with PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot, spending days with them flying around the globe on their private airship. They even lent you his old vehicle, the Silver Scorpion... or, should I say, the ultimate coward's cheap invincibility clause. At the very least, you'd practically qualify as a suspiciously similar substitute at this point." Now it was Rex's turn to roll his eyes. "Okay, so maybe I've walked around in his shoes for a bit. That doesn't mean anything. I'm, uh, just a scientist-turned-soldier, not a professional secret agent, and I'm sure that if you compared our personnel files, you'd find quite a few differences in skills, personality, background... you know, the things that give a person his or her character! And even if I was his identical twin, or maybe even his adoptive nephew twice-removed, do you think that means I have some sort of telepathic connection to him so I know where he is? Guess what? I don't!" "Perhaps not," agreed Phantom. "But, with all that time being chummy with Frozeen's posse and riding around in his personal vehicle, even a fool could see that you'd know more about Frozeen than the rest of us. Surely, you must have checked the Silver Scorpion's logbook. Or PBB told you something. Yes, I'm sure he did." Rex shook his head. "He only told me that Frozeen had disappeared since Alpha Team's last mission. And if you're so convinced that PBB would know something to tell me, then why don't you ask him? Or are you too afraid that a robot with flamethrowers for hands would not be such an easy target to ambush and interrogate, so here you are, picking on someone you see as much more vulnerable? And yet, you're calling me the coward!" "Shut up!" snapped Phantom. "I am not afraid of that purple blockhead! However, you are right that PBB would not be so easy to interrogate... after all, he is a machine. He will follow his programming to the bitter end, and if that means hiding intel from me, then he'll do just that. You, on the other hand... you're only human." "Are you so sure about..." Rex cut himself off before he could finish that retort, realizing that if he even hinted at the truth of his Mutant Dino origins, then Phantom could possibly use that information to blackmail him. Instead, he changed his question to, "... err, about wanting to find Frozeen? Why do you even want that so badly? What, does this guy owe you twelve bucks or something?" At first, Phantom grimaced and drew back his fist, and Rex anticipated that he would respond with a punch to the gut for daring to question his motives. But then, the rogue Alpha Team agent's hand fell to his side as the anger seemed to slip away from him, leaving behind only sadness. "You really want to know?" he asked softly. "I'll tell you what he did. He ruined my reputation... my career... and my life." Rex blinked, unable to believe what he just heard. "What?" Phantom turned away and stared wistfully into the distance. "Mark my words, Rex. I was always loyal to Alpha Team. I've done my part in protecting the world from evil. I was proud of who I was and what I did. But, remember this: gratitude is a fickle friend. Oh, how quickly they forget." Then, his voice turned bitter. "And what gratitude do I get for my years of service? I was framed! Frozeen accused me of being a traitor and got me convicted by planting false evidence! I was stripped of my rank as special agent, discharged from the team, and cast out as an outsider... and I did nothing wrong. It's all his fault. He took everything from me." Rex's jaw dropped. While he did not personally know Frozeen, it was true that they had mutual friends such as PBB, Chompy, and Databoard. None of them had even remotely hinted at Frozeen doing something like this, and it did not mesh with the mental image he had conjured up of the disappeared Alpha Team agent, leaving him feeling astonished. "No," he whispered, shaking his head. "It can't be true..." "I told myself the same thing," sighed Phantom. "I kept hoping I'd wake up and find that it was all just a bad dream. And yet, here we are, having this conversation in the year 2010, and I still haven't woken up from this nightmare." Then, when he turned to look at Rex again, the Dino Attack agent noticed a fire in his eyes. "However, today is another day. It's a very different world from the world I used to protect as an Alpha Team agent. A civilization in ruins... a society in shambles. It's a lawless wilderness, like the old west. You know how people settled disputes there. And, now that you know what he did to me, that's why you're going to tell me where Frozeen is. So, at last, I can hunt down that 4+ figure... and satisfy my craving for revenge! So, I'll ask again... where is Frozeen?" Although Rex pitied Phantom, he was also disturbed by the fiery lust for revenge. It was a reminder that, tragic backstory or not, Phantom was still a dangerous madman. Additionally, it did not change the fact that Rex still had no idea where Frozeen was. He did not even know if Frozeen was still alive. Therefore, he said, "Look, I'm sorry for your loss, I really am... but I can't help you. I still can't tell you where he is if I don't know that myself." Phantom's visible features suddenly contorted into a hideous scowl, and then he punched Rex in the gut. As the Dino Attack agent doubled over in pain, Phantom screamed: "Stop lying to me! I see right through it! You're trying to protect him, aren't you? Of course! You're with him! I know it! You're just like the others I've interrogated... all conspiring against me, out to finish what your best friend started!" Clutching his aching abdomen, Rex could only manage to whisper, "The... others...?" "You think you were my first target?" hissed Phantom. "No, I've previously tracked down some of Frozeen's other old friends from Alpha Team. When they didn't give me what I wanted, I executed them, just as I will do to you if you don't cooperate. Databoard is next, and if he won't talk either, then I'll just keep moving up the food chain... whoever it takes to find Frozeen!" With that, he pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Rex's forehead. "But first... you." I need to end this ruthless search, decided Rex. Databoard is the only one who stands a chance against Kotua... I can't let Phantom get to him! For all the good that it would do, Rex slowly raised his hands as he got to his feet. "Listen, Phantom-" "No!" declared Phantom. "I'm done listening! I won't hear any more of it until you have something useful to say! And if this is what it takes to get you to talk, then so be it!" There was movement behind Phantom. Suddenly, the rogue Alpha Team agent choked as a chain caught him by the neck and pressed against his throat. Then, Rex recognized the female Dino Attack agent holding the chain, with a fiercely protective look in her eyes. Amanda Claw! She followed us here! Without thinking, Rex sprang forward and tried to seize the gun out of Phantom's hand. However, even ambushed and outnumbered, the former Alpha Team special agent clad in T.O.A. was far from outmatched. The following seconds became a confusing blur. The next thing Rex knew, he was thrown down upon the pavement, with Amanda's chain cast uselessly by his side. Phantom still held his firearm, but now, with his other hand, he held Amanda close to him. "Well, well, well," he said, chuckling. "What do we have here? If it isn't your precious girlfriend! I think this will give you some incentive to talk, Rex. If you won't tell me what I want to hear, then I'll put a bullet in Claw's head." With that, he pressed his gun against Amanda's temple. In a less tense situation, Rex would have been confused by Phantom referring to Claw as his girlfriend. They had only known each other for less than a day; why would they be dating already? That matter of terminology was of little importance at the moment, however. Girlfriend or not, her life was on the line. Feeling anger build up inside of him, Rex's every instinct told him to attack, to knock that pistol out of Phantom's hand and save Amanda. But, he knew that if he attempted such a daring feat, then Phantom's trigger finger would all-too-definitely be faster. He locked eyes with Amanda, who understood the same principle and ever-so-slightly shook her head, warning him not to try anything foolish. She had an indignant expression over her predicament, as though it was a mere annoyance rather than a life-threatening situation. Although Phantom held her tightly and would not let her run, her hands were free, and one hand slowly drifted to the knife sheathed on her belt. Rex knew what he had to do. Drawing in a deep breath, he said, "Okay, okay. Fine. You want to know where Frozeen is? Then, listen very closely, because I'm only going to say this once." As Phantom took the bait, drawing just enough of his attention away from his hostage, Amanda seized the moment. In one impossibly-swift motion, she unsheathed her knife and buried the blade in Phantom's knee, where the T.O.A. sacrificed armor for the sake of necessary mobility. As Phantom dropped his gun, Amanda spun around and struck him with her elbow. Rex scrambled to pick up the fallen weapon, but he was too slow. Growling, Phantom grabbed Amanda with both hands and then threw her down upon Rex. Instinctively, Rex tried to hold her in a way that shielded her with his own body, only to realize that she was trying to do the same for him. The end result was that neither one of them did a particularly effective job at protecting the other. Grunting in pain, Phantom knelt down, retrieving his pistol with one hand while he used the other hand to pull the knife out of his knee and toss it aside. As he rose to his full height, he pointed his pistol at Rex and Amanda with shaking hands, his eyes ablaze with fury. "Do you know who I am?" he screamed. "I'm an Alpha Team special agent! The best of the best, greater than even the elite! I've been trained to push myself to the limits of any man can do! I'm faster, stronger, smarter! None of you stand a chance against me! I've been denied everything... but I will not be denied my revenge!" "I think not." Phantom blinked, just before a hand sprang out from the shadows behind him and grabbed his throat. The rogue Alpha Team agent was lifted clean off the pavement by his attacker, who stepped out of the darkness. This newcomer, like Finister earlier that day, wore a long black hooded cloak. However, the low lighting of the alley combined with the size of his robes completely concealed his features, leaving barely anything visible under that hood. Still, Rex recognized the figure's voice, as well as his penchant for dwelling in the shadows and hiding his identity. The phantom! The phantom's voice was as firm as his grip. "You dare to call yourself an Alpha Team agent? It's your duty to protect the world from threats like Ogel. And yet, here you are, ignoring the Dino Attack as you dare to hurt innocents in your selfish quest for revenge! You may have once been a loyal Alpha Team agent who was unfairly wronged... but now, you are not even that. You've let yourself be consumed by anger and madness... you've chosen the path of the very villain you once swore to destroy... and now, justice shall be served." "You...!" wheezed Phantom, his eyes widening. Then, the hooded figure threw Phantom across the alley. Rex instinctively winced as he saw the Alpha Team agent strike the concrete wall headfirst and then crumple to the floor. Phantom let out one last sigh, shut his eyes, and did not move again. For several moments that were as silent and still as the grave, Rex and Amanda continued to hold one another, wordlessly watching Phantom's form. Slowly, Rex rose to his feet and then helped Amanda up as well. Then, he walked towards their foe, knelt down before him, removed his balaclava, and placed two fingers on his throat. He could not feel a pulse. "If he is fortunate," murmured the phantom, "then he is dead." "You killed him..." whispered Rex, aghast over the dark conclusion of the night's events. Even after all that Phantom had done, his tragic backstory had garnered at least a little sympathy from Rex, and he could not help feeling shocked by the phantom's unhesitating act of ending another's life. Standing once more, he turned to face the cloaked figure and, in a demanding voice, asked: "How could you be his judge, jury, and executioner? He deserved a fair trial, just like anyone else, and you just... killed him!" "I saved your lives," the phantom retorted in a hard tone. "It was a necessary act. You may be a wide-eyed idealist, Rex, but I'm sure that even you will learn this lesson soon enough in this war. You can't save everyone." Then, he sighed, his voice softening. "Still, you must believe me when I say that it wasn't an easy act. As much as it pained me to do so, I granted him a swift and merciful escape from the life he had chosen for himself. I truly wish it didn't have to end this way. He was a victim of unjust circumstances, and I pity him, because what happened to him should not happen to anyone... especially not a loyal Alpha Team agent. But, when I saw how far off the slippery slope he had gone, what he was willing to do to you and anyone else who stood in his way... I knew that there was no going back." Rex felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. He glanced at its owner, Amanda, and wondered what she thought of the matter. She nodded solemnly, agreeing that the phantom's actions were justified. Then, he looked down upon Phantom for the last time, thinking about the wild look of madness in his eyes. Once a great Alpha Team agent, fallen from grace and turned into a psychopathic madman... much like his fellow ex-Alpha Team agent, Kotua. Rex's fist clenched just thinking about him. "Is Kotua heading down the same path?" he wondered aloud. "Right now, he is our greatest enemy... he, too, must be stopped, but at what cost?" "I must stress the importance of Phantom having chosen his own path," replied the phantom. "While it was not his fault that he was wrongly discharged from Alpha Team, he had no one to blame for his later actions but himself. Phantom had every right to be more than angry with Frozeen for what he did... but that does not justify or excuse his actions at all. On the other hand, Kotua... I believe something's not right with him. Shadowy organizations... ancient water deities... there are greater powers at play here, and Kotua, stuck in the middle of it all, isn't in control of his actions. It wouldn't be the first time Kotua fell victim to a villain's mind-control, and each time that happened, he bounced right back to being the hero once he was freed. At least, that is my hope, for his sake. If I'm wrong... then, yes, Kotua must be stopped... at any cost." Rex noticed that the phantom, too, was directly referring to Frozeen as the source of Phantom's downfall. "So, it's true, then?" he murmured. "This guy, Frozeen, who used to work with PBB, Chompy, Databoard, and others I've known... he really did falsely accuse Phantom of betraying the team?" Sighing, the phantom nodded. "Unfortunately, it's true. Frozeen made a lot of foolish mistakes, and that was undoubtedly one of his worst. His judgment was clouded, and he fell victim to suspicion and paranoia as he combed Alpha Team's ranks in search of Ogel's eyes and ears, never realizing the truth staring at him in the mirror until it was too late... and by then, he had already ruined several lives too many." Rex shuddered to imagine such a scenario. Being set up and framed for a crime he did not commit, then discharged from Dino Attack Team without the ability to prove his innocence. That would certainly sever his tether to reality and leave him lost, alone, without purpose. What would he do, then? Would he give in to the same madness and lust for revenge? "You two are safe, now," the phantom suddenly declared. "I trust you know the way back to Dino Attack Headquarters. I must be off." Then, the cloaked figure turned away. "Wait!" called Rex. "You always seem to know so much... about myself, about Phantom, about Kotua... and I have to ask. Do you know where Frozeen is?" The phantom stopped, but did not turn to face them again. "Yes," he spoke quietly, "I do. However, he does not wish to be found just yet. He still needs some time to clear his head, to conquer the last of his personal demons, to be sure that he will never again repeat those mistakes he made. Only then will he step into the light once more. Until we meet again, Rex." With that, the phantom silently departed into the shadows. ---- "Freeze!" said Cobra, walking into the room while carrying an unconscious person: Emmerich, the leader of ESG. "Or your boss gets it!" The ESG soldiers froze. The Dino Attack agents got out of the way, and Voltage threw a grenade under the ESG agents. It exploded, neutralizing the robots. "You destroyed computers with valuable information!" said Joey. "Everything on the main computer, which I took the data from. Let's leave!" said Cobra. Once they got out the door, they saw one super dino prowling around. It survived and was the last of its kind, and it had already mated. It ran away. The agents ran after it after they tied Cottonmouth up to a telephone pole. The agents followed the super-dino out to the streets. Little did they know the ESG boss was being untied.... Voltage slipped quietly through the narrow alleys between buildings, tracking the dino with his GPS. It was moving rapidly, and Voltage assumed it was returning to its nest. This was a good thing, because they could track it all the way there and since there weren't many dino offspring yet, one grenade would surely destroy the nest. But then he noticed something. Two tiny purple dots on the GPS were moving frantically about, but stayed in the same spot. Then, they started sprinting away from the spot, apparently in a big hurry. "The boss!!" Voltage yelled. "Data, Snake, Axel, come with me! We'll meet the rest of you at the nest!" he continued, racing off, closely followed by Snake, Databoard, and Axel. "Tell him I deserved that raise!" said Cobra. When they arrived at the nest, they realized how big it was. It covered a block. "We need aerials," Cobra said into his radio. A T-1 appeared and destroyed the nest. They saw the ESG boss run past with Voltage, Snake, Databoard, and Axel chasing him. They joined the chase. "You always were my worst employee!" said Emmerich. "Only because I was your only 18-year-old employee!" said Cobra. The person that had freed the ESG boss was another security robot disguised in a black ninja suit. Voltage assumed it was the attire of one of the ESG Special Forces; apparently, ESG's parent organization spared no expense in funding their security. The guard stopped and turned around, cutting them off from the boss, who stood there, as if unsure what to do. "Run, you fool," the ESG agent said, and Emmerich ran off behind a building and out of sight. The elite guard then pulled a long machete from the sheath at his side, waving it threateningly. Voltage charged and barely missed a slice from the sword that would have surely cleaved him in two. The other agents attacked too, pulling out various guns and swords. Apparently, it was hard for the ESG agent to keep up with all of the attacks, but he hadn't been scratched yet. He began to retreat and ran off in the direction Emmerich had gone. The Dino Attack agents pursued, and Voltage could finally see the old boss still running as fast as he could. The Dino Attack agents were gaining, and the ESG agent quickened his pace. More ESG soldiers arrived and attacked the Dino Attack agents. ---- Rex and Amanda Claw exited the alley as well, leaving the darkness and Phantom's body behind them. As they stepped out onto the street, Rex could see the last rays of sunlight peeked out over the horizon, just enough to light the way back home to base. It was a welcome escape from the ghastly sight that remained in the alley, one that he wished to take his mind off of as soon as possible, lest it haunt him forever. He needed a distraction, to focus on something else, anything else. So, Rex glanced at Amanda, knowing that it could have been his own corpse left forgotten in the alley if she had not intervened. Scratching the back of his head, he wondered how to best articulate his gratitude. "Look, Amanda Claw... I haven't gotten the chance to properly thank you for what you did back there. I'm sorry that I had to get you involved in this mess, and you didn't have to follow me, but... well, I'm very grateful that you did." Amanda smiled and nodded, letting him know that she accepted his thanks. It was not exactly a happy smile, and Rex could once again sense that unwillingness to resort to violence, which she had to set aside in her encounter with Phantom. However, it was clear that she did not regret what she did. "So, uh..." asked Rex, hoping that she would not mind the question, "why did you follow me when I told you to wait at headquarters? Just some random guy you met a few hours ago, who was too thick-headed to realize that he had just made the mistake of going out alone with someone who wanted to kill him?" Amanda looked at him. Then, she raised two fingers and pointed at her eyes, then at his eyes, and then back at her own again, punctuating by raising her eyebrows. Rex blinked, and then chuckled as he got her meaning. "That's right, I did say that we'll look out for each other!" He could see that she did not make light on promises or commitments. Amanda smiled for a few more seconds, but then the expression faded away. She glanced up at the buildings around them, and then she sighed longingly. "That's not the only reason, is it?" realized Rex. "You wanted the opportunity to go out into the city and look for Remous, too. And... you haven't seen him, either." Her gaze fell down upon the ground. She sighed again, admitting defeat. "You defied the orders of an elite agent, you know," said Rex. "I told you to wait back at the base, and that Phantom and I would be back soon. I promised you that Specs is doing everything he can to make sure your brother comes home safely. He will come home safely. But you, coming out here alone without anyone knowing... you could've gotten yourself killed." Claw looked up at him again. Her expression was almost a glare, with a lightly furrowed brow and pursed lips, as she looked indignant. It was clear to him that she could not believe that he was scolding her for what she had done. In a way, this was the response that he had intended to provoke; it was what he expected to see from her. However, Rex was not yet finished. "But I can see now that nothing, not even death, would have stopped you. You would've gone with or without orders, since I see that you value another's life above the mere words of your superior officer." With a long exhale, he locked eyes with Amanda. "And because of that... because I am still breathing, still standing, still alive to speak with you... for disobeying my orders, I thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. You are a disobedient yet loyal teammate, and I am honored to be able to serve with you. You'll surely make Roger proud, and you'll have quite the stories to share the next time you see him. I know you will definitely do good, fighting alongside Dino Attack Team on behalf of the whole world. I know it, Amanda Claw." Amanda stared at him and did not break eye contact. At first, Rex thought that there appeared to be something somber about her expression. But then, there it was again - that sweet smile, the one that he so rarely saw cross her features. It made her look younger, happier, freed from some burden that had spent years resting on her shoulders. Gently patting her shoulder, he said, "Come. Let's get back to base for a well-deserved rest." As they walked together, Rex considered the fact that he was alone in the Dino Attack. Almost everyone else had family and loved ones, someone worth fighting for. Sure, he had friends like Zero, and he was very fond of Trouble despite all that had happened between him and Kotua, and it was his duty as a Dino Attack elite agent to be willing to lay down his life to protect his teammates. But, whether it was because of his shady past or because of the day-to-day dangers of living in the apocalypse, Rex never let himself get particularly close to anyone. But what if I allow myself to open up to someone? wondered Rex. For Amanda, it was her brother Remous who gave her the will to keep fighting. Now that Remous was missing in action, Rex knew that he could not let her lose herself, just as Phantom had lost himself after being discharged from Alpha Team. She needed someone to help her carry through these troubled times. A shoulder to lean upon. A friend. Could Rex let himself become that friend? He could provide the tether that she needed, someone she could trust to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground. She could grant him what he had never truly experienced before, a close companion through times of levity and danger alike. Despite the ever-present threat of the Dino Attack, one that could easily tear them apart in a single tragic instant, perhaps this could be the best time and place to form such a mutually-beneficial relationship. After all, it might ultimately be the only time and place. Without thinking, Rex slowly let his hand drift towards Amanda, and then gently took hold of her own hand. He could feel her muscles involuntarily tense, and she glanced at him with a look of surprise, but then she slowly relaxed. She trusted him. Rex could not help thinking about that one classic film he saw playing in the rec room that one time, which ended on the note of two major characters walking out into the distance together. Unable to help himself, he quoted the film's last line of dialogue, one that prompted an amused smirk from Amanda Claw. "I see this as the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship." ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  8. Chapter 9: Unleashing Chaos ---- Answering a distress signal from Enchanted Island, the squad rescued Louis and fought the Mutant Dinos on the island. The team was split up again, with Turahk-Kal traveling ahead with Louis. "You guys need the most support you can get," Louis said to Turahk-Kal. "Here… have a rifle." Turahk-Kal turned down Louis's rifle. "Already got one, let's go." They began walking to the beach to find a transport to Astor City. "Do we really need a vehicle?" asked Louis. "We can just go down the way I came from... I know the way, and I left a boat at the beach." Louis and Turahk-Kal found their boat and began their journey to Astor City. ***** Cobra took out an electrical gun that he invented. He shot it at the Mutant T-Rex, which collapsed. "That's only one of the creatures we'll be facing," Voltage said, kicking the mutant on the ground. The agents walked away, and decided Voltage decided to be more cautious. The team of agents wandered down the corridors of the temple, unsure of exactly where they were going. "Don't they have an exit sign somewhere?" Kai questioned. They turned a corner and Voltage walked right into a sign. He stepped back, dazed. "Okay," Kai said, looking around the room. "Does anybody know how to read Indigo?" "No idea," Hyrode said. Taking a look at the letters, He saw some patterns, some lines, and some circles. "Okay," he said, "this symbol looks like a D, I think, and that one I have no idea, that might be an N, see, and then another weird one, then I have a hunch this might be an E, and that one looks like an R. That leaves us with, like, two options. The sign could say dinner, or it could say danger. I, for one, doubt it being the latter." "Okay, I'm starved," Voltage said. It was true, he hadn't eaten since yesterday. Voltage stepped into the room, and the ceiling gave a little shake. The cavern was bare, except for another corridor at the end. "Where's the food?" Voltage said. Venom stepped in the room and examined it. The ceiling gave another shudder. "I don't see any..." Venom said, who was also famished. Hyrode, Kai, and Cobra stepped in. Nobody noticed, but the ceiling now began to crack. Then Joey, Snake, and Databoard stepped in, and the ceiling gave a huge shudder, catching the agent's attention. "The ceiling's going to collapse!" Voltage yelled, and he spotted the other corridor. "Through there!" The agents dove in as the ceiling collapsed, trapping them there. ---- Kotua continued driving away from the base. Military helicopters flew overhead, and soldiers aimed at Kotua. He would have fired back, but he needed a gunner for that. Kotua noticed a bridge ahead. He pressed the pedal when he noticed the warning gate going down and the bridge raising. He knew they were trying to stop him. Bullets bounced off the hummer as the soldiers tried aiming from the helicopter. A missile struck the pavement as Kotua swerved it. Some hummers drove in front of him and stopped, making a roadblock. Kotua turned the steering wheel, and the hummer spun to face back. Kotua sped off, swerving as he passed the helicopter. Kotua noticed big military airplanes on the sky. They seemed to be dropping something. Kotua continued driving. He heard the THUD of someone landing. They were soldiers in Power Armor. The soldiers fired the Power Armor's weapons, blowing off the rear tires. Kotua heard the grinding of the wheel. Kotua was now driving into the Mutant Dino-infested district. The military stopped chasing him, not willing to lose men to the Mutant Dinos. Kotua continued driving, until a Mutant Raptor walked into the street. Kotua hit the brakes, but it was too late. The hummer slammed into the Raptor faster than it could activate its force shield. A missile struck the Raptor. Kotua looked up. Black T-1 Typhoons landed around. ShadowTech soldiers in black Power Armor surrounded him. They tore the driver's door open, and grabbed Kotua. Kotua struggled, but he was still stunned from the airbags hitting him... ---- "Great," Snake of Spades said, glumly. "We're trapped." "We're only trapped from that way," Voltage said, pointing at the massive pile of boulders that completely covered their entrance. "But we can still go that way." Voltage pointed again down the corridor. The agents walked down the corridor. There was no light, except for the glowing stone in Voltage's hand. It proved as a good light source. Along the way he found the remains of a torch that had been bracketed to the wall on the floor. He removed the brackets, got out some tape and taped the stone to the top, as sort of a fake torch. The agents could not see the end of the corridor, and Voltage assumed it was very far away. Their footsteps echoed as they all grew tired and hungry. Databoard was wondering why the Mutant T-Rex had been so enraged when it smelled the shards of that container. Maybe it had been in that container and the thought of the confinement enraged it. Or it could be enemies with what had been in there, which meant something dangerous was loose around here. Databoard hoped the reason was the former and not the latter... Meanwhile, some of the rocks blocking the path gave way, and two evil red eyes glared from the darkness. Out of the rubble came a yellow Mutant Lizard, but this one was unlike the acid-spitting ones Dino Attack Team had known. It wore light armor, fashioned in the traditional style of the Indigo Islander warriors, and it carried a spear in its claws. Electricity surged through its body. It silently rushed down the darkened corridors, following the Dino Attack agents. The agents walked down the dark hallway. All around them were strange and sometimes bizarre creatures contained in the tubes. Databoard paused to look at one particular specimen, when suddenly a bolt of electricity shot through the air. Databoard was sent flying into the stasis tube, but it didn't inflict enough damage to free the creature. The yellow armored Mutant Lizard stepped towards them, ready to fire electricity at them. Cobra turned his electric gun on the Mutant Lizard, to be met by a lightning bolt. He tried a Cosmotronic Ray, but it did not work. He used all his weapons except his mini battering launcher, which he aimed at the Lizard's head. He fired it, and the Mutant Lizard recoiled as its helmet shattered. However, the Mutant Lizard quickly recovered and turned towards Cobra. With a blast of electricity, it knocked the weapon from his hand. Databoard fired his laser, but the Lizard dodged his attacks. It charged at Databoard, forcing him to dodge the creature's spear. The agents kept shooting the Mutant Lizard, but it had no effect. Then Voltage remembered something. He had made it back when he was an Alpha Team agent. He got out a gauntlet from his pack. He had not used it for years, but it still worked. Time to give the Lizard a taste of its own medicine. Voltage slipped the gauntlet on, and pushed the button on the side. Thousands of volts of electricity surged through the Mutant Lizard, so much that it disintegrated the creature. The spear, now without an owner, crashed to the ground. The agents continued to walk away from the remains of the electricity Mutant Lizard, when three others leapt at them: one was green with blue spots, the second was pure white, and the last was blue with brown stripes. Like the yellow one, they all were armored and carried spears, and they had evil red eyes instead of the usual white eyes. Voltage fired his electricity gauntlet at the blue Mutant Lizard, but it teleported away and wound up behind him. He swung his staff at Voltage, who dodged, but the gauntlet was knocked from his hand. Databoard fired at the green one, but suddenly, vines sprouted up and grabbed the laser from his hand. The white one started firing bolts of lightning from its staff, forcing the agents to dodge. Fortunately, when Voltage recovered the gauntlet, it was still intact. He used it on the white Mutant Lizard, and its armor and spear exploded in a burst of electric energy. He knew the gauntlet would have no effect on the other two, the green one with the vines and the blue one with teleportation, so he put it away. He did not want it to get damaged. The blue one leapt at him, and he barely dodged, wishing he had its power. He rolled across the room, avoiding the Mutant Lizard's attacks. He could not fight it forever. It had to have a weakness... ---- Suddenly, while Rex and Zero were tracking PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot, the Silver Scorpion received an incoming message: "STAY AWAY FROM ENCHANTED ISLAND, OR FACE THE WRATH OF ATUKAM." "That can't be good..." said Zero. "I recognize that name from my missions to Enchanted Island…" Rex continued piloting the Silver Scorpion in the direction of PBB and his friends. "With any luck," Rex told Zero, "they will still be nearby. They can't have gone far. And if this Atukam guy causes any trouble, we'll need all the help we can get." "Speaking of being cloaked," Zero said, "we should cloak the Silver Scorpion from Kotua and Atukam while we're still alone." He reached for a button labeled "Cloaking Device". Rex chuckled. "While that Blacktron incident was a close call, I'm sure that not even Kotua can destroy this thing now!" Little did Rex know, somehow the cloaking device had been tampered with... "This is made from a fascinating material," Rex said. "I mean, the metal that the Silver Scorpion armor is made from. Practically indestructible - actually, now completely indestructible. If I could get more of this metal, then I'd be able to help all the Dino Attack agents." "Yeah," Zero said. ---- Databoard managed to free his laser from the vines and fired at the green Mutant Lizard, destroying its armor. He then turned to the blue Mutant Lizard and fired, but it did no good. The Lizard kept teleporting, and attacking from somewhere else. After watching it teleport, he got an idea. He yelled to the others, and they all began firing. It kept teleporting, but it was always finding it hit by a laser blast. It was getting exhausted from teleporting so much, and it was taking damage until finally its armor shattered. The Mutant Lizard screeched as a dark force was ejected from its body. It flew through the air and landed on Databoard's face, manifesting as a mask-like form. He screamed, trying to pull it off. Voltage shot it, and it slid off Databoard, leaving him covered in vile-looking slime. "Data, are you alright?" Voltage asked. Databoard pulled out his laser. "I'm fine," he said, looking rather maniacal. "But you aren't going to be..." "I'll keep an eye on him," Cobra whispered to Voltage. The ground started to shake. "Did you feel that?" A Mutant T-Rex ran past them, nearly crushing them. "I have a feeling something bad is in the direction we're heading," said Cobra. Databoard charged at the Cobra and Voltage. Suddenly, a wall gave way, and more T-Rexes came bursting through. Voltage leapt to safety, and Databoard and Cobra were stuck on the other side. Dodging the stampeding dinos, he fired at Cobra, who ducked and avoided being shot. The agents cornered Databoard, holding him to the ground. "Stay still!" Voltage yelled, as he tried to get his medpack. He drew out a syringe, filled with liquid. He stuck the needle in Databoard's neck, and he calmed down. "Where'd you get that?" Cobra asked. "King Kahuka gave it to me," Voltage answered. "It's some sort of serum. He said to only use it in emergencies." Databoard returned to normal within the hour. He was unconscious most of the time. He awoke and sat up. "Thank the First Builders he's alright..." came a weary voice from behind them. Voltage whirled around. A female Indigo Islander paced around the room. "Who are you?" Voltage questioned. "I am Queen Amaritza, and my husband King Kahuka said it would be best if I checked up on you," she said. "I'll be going now..." "Wait!!" Voltage yelled after her, but she was gone. ---- Kotua looked around. He was on a small room, somewhere in the world. There was a metal door leading to outside. It had a small window with bars on it. Kotua looked through it. Two guards in black gear stood there. They were hard to spot, as the walls were black. Kotua felt the heat, and knew the guards had it worse, as they were wearing black... Kotua sat on his cell. After a while, the cell door opened, and two guards entered. They grabbed Kotua by the arms, and dragged him to the other side of the place. Kotua kicked one of the guards, and grabbed his weapon as the soldier let him go. Kotua swung the rifle, hitting the other guard in the head. Kotua pulled his arm out of the unconscious soldier's grip. He swung the rifle again, hitting the other soldier. Rookies, thought Kotua as he took all the tools from the ShadowTech soldiers. Kotua continued running through the ShadowTech base. After a while, the cell doors ended, and he was facing doors in front labeled: LAB. Kotua pushed the doors open, and readied his weapons. It was an empty corridor, except for one scientist kicking a vending machine in anger. Kotua fired at the distracted scientist, taking him down. Kotua looked around LAB. Doors with small windows were around. Inside, ShadowTech scientists performed experiments. Kotua walked, looking through the window. Some had soldiers testing Power Armor. One fired at its target, destroying it, and charring the tripod that the target stood on. Some had liquids doing strange things. One of them turned guns into fire ants, others simply melted the guns. Soldiers seemed to be forced to be guinea pigs for these experiments. In the last room, Kotua noticed scientists around a pool of water. One was holding a stone tablet. Kotua silently opened the door, got in, and silently closed the door. The scientists were looking at the pool. The scientist holding the tablet put it back in a box designed to keep the artifact intact. Kotua watched purple-tinted ripples in the water increasing, swirling into a vortex... "Chaos…" he whispered, recognizing what they were doing. "You madmen…" ---- Databoard did not talk to anyone for quite a while after he woke up. He still felt a little weird from what had happened with that shadow-mask. While he had been infected, he had heard a voice, a dark, evil voice. He didn't know who it was, but he had a feeling it was whatever controlled those strange spear-wielding Mutant Lizards. He got up and decided to go for a walk. He walked for a while, noticing several badly injured alligators lying along the pathway. He soon discovered what had attacked the beasts, as he was soon surrounded by Mutant Lizards. To make it worse, he had left his laser with the others. Databoard hid behind a column. He pushed it over, and it landed on one of the raptors. Another leapt at Databoard, but he was able to lure it into a pit and trap it. This would be useful in studying the Mutant Lizards, but first he had to get out of here. He turned to the others which were about to attack him. He noticed several arrows and a longbow near a skeleton. He grabbed the arrows and fired at each of the Lizards, carefully taking them out one by one. Now, there was only one left, and Databoard fired another arrow at it. Unfortunately, he missed, which only succeeded in getting the dino's attention. As the Mutant Lizard turned towards him, he saw that it was a freakish experiment with three heads and natural body armor. Databoard fired another arrow, and it bounced harmlessly off the Mutant Lizard's body. Suddenly, it collapsed, apparently asleep. Databoard looked up to see a maroon Mutant Lizard walking up to him, and it was armored and carrying a spear just like the other unique Mutant Lizards they had encountered earlier. It pointed its staff at him, and Databoard fell asleep as well. ---- The Silver Scorpion had not received any more messages from Atukam. "Hopefully, that means he's gone," Rex guessed. "Un-hopefully, Atukam has cloaking technology like we do, and we won't see him coming." "Un-hopefully?" repeated Zero. "What the-" "Okay, I just couldn't think of another word," muttered Rex. "I'm a soldier, not a poet." Rex looked around. He had begun to hear the voices again, and he knew that Mutant Dinos were near. There were many Mutant Dinos, since the voices were talking over one another. "Onward, we must... what do... shut up, you... get ready to... nobody will... what shall we do... interfere with our... loyal to you, great Sharptooth..." "'Sharptooth' is probably their leader," muttered Rex, not noticing he was thinking aloud. "Sharptooth? Who's 'Sharptooth?'" asked Zero. "I was about to ask that first," Phantom grumbled. "Oh, nothing!" Rex said quickly. "You must've heard me wrong!" "Uh, Peasam?" said Zero. "Yes?" asked Rex. "Looks like there are Mutant Dinos around," remarked Zero. "Not these giant lizard things again! I wish I could repel them!" grumbled Phantom. Zero suddenly remembered the rotten eggs at Res-Q Headquarters. "I know a way to repel them! Let's go to Res-Q HQ!" "Res-Q HQ?" repeated Rex. "But we're nowhere near the coast!" "Don't worry," Zero said. "This thing can fly, can't it?" "Hold on," Rex said. "Why should we have to travel all the way to Res-Q HQ when we could just..." A Mutant T-Rex appeared, and roared at the Silver Scorpion and its passengers. "... yeah, we could just RUN!" He quickly piloted the Silver Scorpion away from the Mutant T-Rex, and fortunately he realized that the beast couldn't keep up with the Scorpion Orb Launcher. "Then again, what's your plan?" he asked Zero. ---- Databoard awoke, and looked around. The armored maroon Mutant Lizard was gone, and the other Mutant Lizard was still asleep. Databoard got up and began to walk away, wondering why he was not eaten while he was unconscious. Suddenly, the tunnel got even darker, and an Indigo Islander appeared in the shadows. He was dressed similarly to King Kahuka, but looked much more menacing and barbaric with armor fashioned from human bones. Two red eyes glowed through the demonic-looking mask he wore. "Who are you?" Databoard shouted. "I am shadow. I am darkness. I am Atukam," a voice said, which Databoard realized was the voice he heard when he was infected. Databoard stepped back a bit. "Y-you don't scare me!" he shouted. "Don't insult my intelligence," Atukam said. "You cannot hide your fear from me." "Well, what do you want?" Databoard shouted. "This island shall be mine," Atukam said. "For many years, I have waited in this temple in exile after Kahuka and Amaritza banished me. But now, the Mutant Dinos will herald a new age. I sensed the dark powers of chaos and destruction coursing through their veins. With my own dark magic, I have created my own loyal mutants, the Sons of Atukam. These Mutant Dinos will keep the Indigo Islanders occupied and unprepared for attack." "And let me guess, we're interfering with this plan?" Databoard said. "Yes, now go. Tell the others to leave by tomorrow morning, or else face my wrath," Atukam said. "And if you tell anyone of my plan, you will be destroyed." And with that, Atukam vanished into the shadows, and the tunnel returned to normal. Databoard stood there for a while, in a state of shock. "Hey, there you are, Data!" Voltage shouted as he and Cobra walked over. "Everyone's been looking for you!" "Yeah, you've been gone almost an hour!" Cobra added. "Where were you?" Databoard then told them what Atukam had said. "Well, no vengeful native with glowing eyes is gonna scare me away!" Cobra said. "Cobra, Atukam is the one who infected me, and he's in charge of those armored spear-wielding Mutant Lizards, the Sons of Atukam, and trust me, they're bad," Databoard said. "Well, we can't just give up on our mission!" Voltage said. "We should take extreme caution." Atukam watched as the three agents left, taking the unconscious Mutant Lizard with them. "So, the fools have chosen to stay..." he said. "They shall be forced to pay." He turned to a magical pool in his chamber. Atukam snapped his fingers, and something rose from the silver liquid. Out stepped what looked like a cross between a Mutant Lizard, a Mutant Raptor, and an Indigo Golem. It had the abilities of the Raptor and Lizard, but it was crafted from stone and animated by the same magical power that brought the Tiki Golems to life, combined with Atukam's own addition of dark chaotic energy. It would be perfect for destroying the Dino Attack agents... ---- Kotua noticed the water rising, taking shape. It had to be Chaos. He remembered the legendary Mayan beast from his days in Alpha Team. Kotua and Databoard had sealed Chaos in a crystal in its temple; he had no idea how it could have gotten out, but somehow it was now here in the ShadowTech LAB. Now, the water had formed a creature with vaguely reptilian features, not unlike the Mutant Dinos. It stared at the ShadowTech scientists with bright green eyes, but it did not move. The ShadowTech scientists cheered. "Finally! We've actually done something! Not like the other guys still in prototype phase!" said one. "Yeah! Finally, now that we have means to study the destructive energies of Chaos and understand the First Builders' true potential, we can proceed to step-" said another scientist, before suddenly getting punched in the face by the water creature. Kotua aimed at Chaos. The scientists scrambled as the creature grabbed another scientist. Kotua fired, and noticed the bullets hit Chaos. The bullets slowed down and fell off the creature. The water creature ignored the bullets, and continued beating the scientist. The other scientists pressed the alarm, and soon soldiers in Power Armor came in. They fired at the water creature with their blasters, but the blasts had no effect on the creature. Chaos dropped the scientist, and leapt towards the Power Armor Soldiers. The soldiers fired, but the water creature punched and kicked them until they were too weak to fight back. Soldiers ran to get to the creature, but it stretched its hands and closed the doors. Kotua fired at Chaos, but it was useless. The water creature seemed invincible. Chaos looked around. It noticed the water sprinklers on top. The creature stretched itself, and went into the water sprinklers.... Outside, ShadowTech soldiers used battering rams to force the doors open. Unfortunately, the doors were force-proof. The only way was through the main computer, or if the persons inside opened the door. And since the main computer was being repaired, they had to try to break the door open. Little did they notice the water creature above them, traveling into another section of LAB... ---- Databoard and the others were preparing to fight against the Sons of Atukam when suddenly there was a loud explosion that filled the room with smoke. When the smoke cleared, two Sons of Atukam were standing in front of them: one purple, and the other light-blue. The agents raised their weapons, but the light-blue Lizard aimed its staff and their weapons were ripped apart into atom-sized bits. Databoard charged at the purple Mutant Lizard, only to be blown back by a sonic blast that deafened him for several minutes. He got back up as more Sons of Atukam came out. One was tan, another was orange, and the last was grey. Then part of the ceiling gave way, and the Golem/Mutant Dino leapt through the debris at them. "The only thing we got is these arrows I found," said Databoard. "You mean these?" said Cobra. "I think my Ice Beam will be more effective." He fired upon the Sons of Atukam and froze them solid, but had no luck with the Dino Golem. The monstrous creature charged at them and slammed into Cobra. Everything went black. ---- Meanwhile, while Hooks traveled with Sam Sinister and Robo-Limb chatted with Brickster, Vladek was paired up with the black knight of FUTURE. Vladek was more at ease than his fellow villains, but still could not shake the same feeling of dread. "Who are y… err, thou?" asked Vladek. "Thou can call thee 'Dark Sword'," the black knight introduced himself, "until the time of which thou learneth thy true name." Ah, thy see that thou speaketh Olde English just like thee, thought Vladek. Thy kneweth that thy had not mixeth up the pronouns after all! "Thy doth not see any reason to trust thou," he said. "Thy knoweth better than to let a fellow dark knight standeth in thy way of conquering Morcia." "Believe thee," Dark Sword insisted. Vladek continued to refuse, until Dark Sword said, "There art greater rewards than just Morcia if thou believe thee!" "A reward greater than just taking over Morcia?" Vladek repeated. "Well, tell thee!" "Patience," Dark Sword said. "First thou must knoweth thy team's plan!" "Tell thee!" Vladek insisted again. "FUTURE's plan is to stop the Mutant Dinos... and the Dino Attack Team!" "Why the Dino Attack Team?" asked Vladek. "Thy mean, it's the Mutant Dinos that art the problem, and thus-" "Silence!" shouted Dark Sword. Vladek, eyeing the spiked flail that Dark Sword carried, quickly quieted down. "Of course, if thee destroyeth just the Mutant Dinos, then the world would be safe. But that Dino Attack Team wouldeth get all the credit! So, if thee attacketh the team and kill them, then thee wouldeth get credit instead!" "But why would thee want the credit?" asked Vladek. "Thy hath been lying low for good reason." "Imagine," Dark Sword said. "Why taketh over Morcia with those nasty pesky knights to foil thou... when all of Castle Cove could be so grateful for thou saving them… and they willingly giveth thou the entire Castle Cove to rule! How doth that soundeth?" ---- The next thing Cobra knew, they were further down the tunnel. "You got knocked unconscious. When you were asleep, we delayed the dino by bringing down the ceiling, but he should catch up with us," explained Kai. "Oh," said Cobra. "Guys I've got more bad news..." Databoard said. They looked down the tunnel to see the armored three-headed Mutant Lizard heading towards them. "What is that?" Cobra said. "I think Atukam has been experimenting with Mutant Dino genetics, and he turned it into that armored... thing," Databoard explained. "It's also invulnerable to arrows and other piercing weapons, so our only hope may be to capture it." "And how do you suggest we do that?" Voltage asked. "With that!" Databoard said, pointing to one of Atukam's stasis tubes. The three-headed Mutant Lizard crept towards the agents and they readied the stasis tube. Suddenly, part of the tunnel wall gave way, and the Mutant Dino Golem leapt out, followed by the now-unfrozen Sons of Atukam. The three-headed Lizard ran away, frightened by these Sons of Atukam. "What do we do?" Kai shouted. "We run!" Databoard shouted. They did just that, with the Sons of Atukam in close pursuit. The agents struggled to keep ahead of the Sons of Atukam, but they were too fast. Within moments, the lizard-like beasts were upon them. Databoard found himself facing the purple Lizard. Cobra fired his Ice Beam at the Lizard, and it was encased in ice. Suddenly, the ice shattered in a sonic blast, forcing Databoard to dodge the icy shards. He was then blown back into a wall by another scream from the Son of Atukam. Databoard fired his laser pistol at the purple Son of Atukam, and it recoiled in pain long enough for him to put distance between them. Meanwhile, he could see Voltage trying to fight the orange Son of Atukam, which was summoning swarms of insects. Databoard called to Cobra, who fired his Ice Beam again and froze the insects and the Lizard. Cobra fired another blast at the tan Lizard, which appeared to have an elastic power. It hit, and the Son of Atukam was frozen in place. Databoard fired at the grey Lizard, incapacitating it. The agents surrounded the Mutant Lizard, but suddenly the maroon Son of Atukam showed up. It waved its staff, and all the agents fell asleep... ---- Kotua looked around LAB. There was no way out. Vents were too small. Then Kotua noticed the emergency fire exit. Kotua ran, and opened it. Immediately the fire alarm sounded, and all doors on LAB opened. The ShadowTech solders carrying the battering ram went through and fell on the floor. Kotua ran, and soon reached a gate. The gates were open as a truck was delivering crates. Kotua hid behind one crate, and fired at the soldiers. Another soldier inside the truck looked up and was also hit. Kotua got up and ran through the gates as the Powered Armored soldiers came out from LAB. Kotua ran, and hid. One ShadowTech solider noticed him, and walked towards him. Kotua noticed the Power Armor, and the helmet. Kotua raised his gun, and took aim... A few moments later, Kotua put on the helmet of the fallen ShadowTech soldier. It was semi-protecting his head. Kotua tested the Power Armor. It worked fine. Only trade-off was that it was big, so he wouldn't be able to hide as easier... ---- The agents awoke. Voltage looked around. They seemed to be in a large chamber, with large pillars holding the ceiling up and strange markings all over the place. "Where are we...?" Voltage said, still drowsy. "This is the lair of shadows..." a voice hissed. The speaker was shrouded in darkness, but they could make out a faint outline of him. "Welcome to your doom..." Databoard looked around the lair. It was dark, and the only source of light was from a strange, silver pool. "I told you to leave," Atukam said. "You should have listened!" "Listen, you can threaten us, but we aren't about to leave!" Databoard shouted. Suddenly, Atukam stepped out from the shadows, revealing his menacing form. "Perish, foolish agent!" he shouted, and fired a shadow magic blast at Databoard. Voltage grabbed Databoard, and pulled him out of the way. The dark spell impacted where they just were and left a deep crater in the ground. Databoard and the other agents looked for any way to escape, but there was one gate that was blocked, and the other was shut. "There will be no escape for you..." Atukam said. "Now die!" He fired another shadow blast, causing the agents to run for cover. Voltage and Hyrode dove behind a pillar. Atukam blasted it with more dark magic, and it fell to the ground, exposing them. Another blast missed them by inches, and jumped behind the pillar Venom was hiding behind. Atukam started attacking the other agents, and Voltage peeked out from behind the pillar. "I wonder if he has a weakness," Voltage said. "What do you mean?" Venom said. "A way to defeat him...." "Ungh!" Cobra grunted. He saw Databoard and Voltage dodging shadow magic. "You shall perish!" said Atukam, who shot a shadow blast at Cobra. He just barely dodged it. They continued dodging. Cobra said, "Any plans? Wait! What if we brought down the pillars except one? We need to bring them down with his shadow blasts!" They put their plan into work. Atukam accidentally brought most of the pillars down. The agents dodged the blasts, and Voltage built off of his 'weakness' idea. Then he got it. "Does anyone have any weapons?" "Nope, I think the Sons of Atukam must have taken 'em," Databoard said. Then he looked at the closed gate. "I've got an idea..." he said, and ran forward. "Are you insane?" Voltage shouted, but Databoard did not listen. Atukam shot shadow magic at Databoard, and he leapt out of the way. He dodged the blasts, and headed closer to the gate. "Can't catch me!" Suddenly, a shadow blast hit him, propelling him through the gate. The other agents quickly rushed through the shattered gate to him. "Databoard, are you okay?" Cobra asked. "I've been better," Databoard muttered sarcastically, being hurt badly by the blast. "Now, to finish you!" Atukam shouted, preparing to destroy them. The agents turned and ran out of Atukam's temple, with Atukam close behind. They soon found themselves at the edge of a large cliff, overlooking a sea with Astor City in the distance. They were trapped. "Jump and grab each other's hand!" said Cobra. They did that, and Cobra broke their fall by digging his spike shoes into the cliff wall. His plan worked. They did not hit the water too hard. Atukam waited, and then he left once he decided they must have drowned. ---- Kotua walked across the street. He felt the suit tell him the coordinates of his "pals". Kotua charged the Power Armor blaster, and hid behind a chewed SWAT van. The helicopter flew over, and one soldier opened the cargo door and aimed his RPG launcher. Kotua fired, and the soldier was pushed into the copter by the blast. Kotua fired again, this time at the rotor, sending the helicopter down in flames. Kotua walked around, and noticed a tank moving towards him, escorted by two Power Armored Soldiers. Kotua fired at the soldiers first, taking them down momentarily. Then there was dealing with the tank... Kotua fired again at the stunned solders, trapping them in their Power Armor. He then ran towards the tank. However, the tank fired, and the blast sent him straight into a building. Kotua got up and fired back. The blasts bounced off the tank, however... ---- Databoard, Voltage, and their teammates treaded water until Louis and Turahk-Kal came by in their boat and picked them up. They proceeded onward to Astor City, dropping them off at the Coleport District. "We need to get weapons," said Voltage. "Let's hope we can," said Cobra. After Databoard had recovered from being blasted through a wall, they set off to find the Mutant Dinos. Since their lasers had been destroyed by Atukam, they recovered experimental projectile-launching weapons (called "stud launchers") from the abandoned Pointer Island laboratory to fight the Mutant Dinos. They soon encountered several civilians running from a group of Mutant Lizards. The agents rushed over and prepared to defeat the Lizards. Voltage had only enough ammo for five shots with his stud launcher, so he had to use them well. He told everybody to be careful and stay alert, because none of them knew what would happen when they used the weapons. Voltage fired his first shot at a Mutant Lizard. The projectile was knocked away easily, but it came back around like a boomerang and hit the Lizard squarely in the back. The creature collapsed, too weak to fight. Cobra hit one with a stud that caused it to shrink. They could just barely see it. Cobra started stomping around. "What are you doing?" asked Voltage. "Yeah, seriously, what are you doing?" Databoard said, and returned to fighting the Lizards. He loaded a stud into the launcher and blasted it at one of the Mutant Lizards. It tried to get out of the way but was hit by the projectile, which froze it solid just like Cobra's Ice Beam. He looked through his remaining ammo. He realized that the effects depended on which studs they used. He did not want to use anything that would teleport the Mutant Lizard away, as it would just mean they would have to fight it elsewhere. He got an idea; he took out one of the same "weakening" studs that Voltage used, and he blasted it at the ground beneath a Mutant Lizard's feet. He then fired a high-power "enlarging" studs at the Lizard, causing to grow to huge proportions. The ground under its feet was too weak, and it collapsed under its weight. Databoard then fired one of Cobra's "shrinking" studs, returning the creature to normal size. At its regular size, it could not get out of the pit it had created. Databoard loaded another shot and rushed off to deal with the other Lizards. A Lizard bit Snake's arm. "ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!" he cried. His stud launcher slipped from his hand. Databoard shot the lizard for him. Voltage ran over and said, "Data, radio in a T-1." Soon, a T-1 Typhoon flew in. "Set the course for Port Royal on Sabatina. There's a Med Station there," Voltage told the pilot. Unfortunately, Snake fell unconscious. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hit the T-1 Typhoon, causing it to crash. About ten Mutant Pteranodons swooped over them. Databoard aimed a "freeze" stud and fired at a Pteranodon. It dodged and fired a lightning bolt at Databoard, who leapt out of the way. The others fired studs as well, but the Pteranodons simply dodged them. Voltage was able to knock a few out of the sky with the rear guns, but they ran out of ammo after the third Pteranodon. Databoard kept firing studs, but noticed that the gunshells had stopped falling. "Out of ammo?" he inquired. "Unfortunately..." Voltage yelled, irritated by their quick loss of ammunition. The agents were down to about five studs each now. They hadn't gotten far; they were still above Astor City. We can make it! Voltage thought. At that moment the rotor in the back of the copter blew off. We're not gonna make it. One last zap from a Pteranodon and they went crashing down to the Astoria District. The Pteranodons attacked, as everyone recovered from the crash. They were out of weapons, and they had lost their stud launchers in the crash. Their only option was to hide. The T-1 Typhoon was on its side, so the agents hopped into the space in it. Voltage pulled the cockpit windshield over the space. It made a nice cover. The glass was tinted from the outside, so the Pteranodons could not see them. "What do we do now?" Kai asked Voltage. "We sit," Voltage replied. "And wait." ---- After an hour or so, the Silver Scorpion reached Res-Q HQ. "I'm too tired to leave, can you two go alone?" asked Zero. "Sure," said Rex. "Just hold your breaths..." Zero warned them. Rex and Phantom held their noses, but even then, it couldn't stop some of the awful scent from reaching into Rex's nostrils. It threw off his Mutant Dino side and his every instinct told him to get out of there, but he remained calm. Rex and Phantom came back with a box that smelled like rotten eggs. They were going to open it, but it was upside-down, and all the eggs fell inside the Silver Scorpion. "RUN!" shouted Phantom. Everyone got outside the vehicle, including Zero. Now, Rex and Phantom saw him wearing the high-tech prototype armor for the first time. Still reeling from the smell of rotten eggs, Rex was so lightheaded that he took a step back… and promptly fell off solid ground and landed into the water. Rising to the surface, he flailed his arms. "Help!" he yelled. "I can't swim!" The Silver Scorpion's computer immediately turned on an air conditioner to remove the rotten egg stench, but neither Phantom nor Zero noticed. Phantom ran to help Rex. Rex had to be saved by Zero, who used the opportunity to test out his new prototype armor. As Zero pulled Rex out of the water, they encountered a swarm of Mutant Vinscale Octomus: giant cephalopod monsters that had apparently undergone the same mutation as the Mutant Dinos. At that point, Zero declared, "Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, NOPE!" and they immediately fled inland, meeting up with Chompy. ---- Eventually, the Pteranodons went away, and the Dino Attack agents entered Astor-Com Inc. headquarters, hoping to find some communication. Snake of Spades woke up. He looked at his arm. It was covered in green gunk. Voltage spoke with agent Nordic, who was one of the T-1 Typhoon pilots who arrived. "Guys, we have to stay here until tomorrow. It's gonna take all night to set up communications. Snake, are you okay?" Voltage said. Snake just stared blankly at his arm. "Hello, Earth to Snake?" Voltage asked. Databoard grabbed a med kit. Cobra poured some ice on him. Snake muttered: "Kill. Kill. KILL!!!" "What is wrong with you?" Voltage yelled. Snake tackled him. Voltage tried to defend, and kicked Snake in the stomach. He fell backwards, giving Voltage time. The second Snake stood up, he fell right back to the ground. "Tranquilizer dart," Hyrode said. "He'll be out for a few hours. In that time, we need to know what's happened to him." "I think I know what happened..." Nordic stepped forward. "What happened was-" "This green stuff must have had some kind of effect on him," Databoard said, looking at the substance on Snake's arm. "It may cause some kind of mind control, but I'm not quite sure." He then looked up to see Nordic looking slightly annoyed over his stolen thunder. "Oh, sorry about that," Databoard said. "Well let's get it off," Voltage said. He grabbed a pair of gloves out of his pocket and began scraping the slime off Snake's arm. "Put it in here." Cobra showed Voltage a container. "Why? For studies. It's an interesting substance." Louis descended into the lower levels of Astor-Com Inc. headquarters, wondering if he would find anything interesting. Snake of Spades told Nordic that he needed a weapon. Two minutes later, in came Nordic carrying a Sonic Screamer. "Thanks," Snake said. Suddenly, a Mutant Raptor jumped into Astor-Com Inc. headquarters. Snake hissed and growled. The raptor roared. Snake's teeth got sharper. A tail shot out of his body. His eyes glowed blood red. Too late, Snake's teammates recognized the green substance as the same serum that had infected Axel and Hyrode. "Not this again!" said Cobra as he picked up a broken chair and swung it like a makeshift club, knocking out the raptor. He then looked at Snake of Spades. He was so startled he took a step back, tripped, and fell down through a smashed window. His life flashed before his eyes, then everything went blank. "COBRA!" Databoard shouted as the agent plummeted of the side of the tower. He rushed to help him, but the mutated Snake leapt at him. He ducked out of the way and grabbed the nearest thing that could function as a weapon: the med kit. As Snake charged at Databoard, he swung the med kit and rendered Snake unconscious. Cobra was as lucky as the man who fell out of an airplane without a parachute and landed in a mattress factory, almost. He got two sprained ankles, a broken arm, and aches all over, but he was alive. What surprised Cobra the most was that something had jostled his memory. Maybe it was the way he hit his head on the ground. Suddenly, he could recall the antidote to the Mutant Dino serum that had transformed Snake of Spades… but he did not remember how he knew it. Weakly, he picked up his radio. "Voltage," he said, "I can cure Snake… you're not going to believe this." ---- Rex, Zero, Phantom, and Chompy entered a nearby LEGOLAND military camp, and the soldiers were frightened by the sight of Chompy. Therefore, the soldiers attacked, pursuing Chompy in their jeeps. Rex, Zero, and Phantom fought the soldiers to defend Chompy. Kotua arrived, and then Chaos emerged from a manhole and flooded the military camp. Kotua, Rex, and Chaos were then locked in combat with one another, but Kotua was knocked out by Chaos during the fight, letting Chaos turn its full attention to the Silver Scorpion and its occupants. Rex screamed. Zero screamed. Phantom screamed. Everyone was screaming as Chaos approached the Silver Scorpion. "That's it!" declared Phantom. "I'm not taking any chances; I'm going to follow Norik's example!" He reached into the back of the cockpit and pulled out the other high-tech prototype armor suit retrieved from Astor City, which appeared similar to Zero's armor but had red highlights instead of green. He wasted no time in putting it on. That leaves me without any armor, Rex thought bitterly. "Now you're just like me!" said Zero. "But yours doesn't come with goggles like mine. Maybe it's got different features, like a stealth mode, or a jetpack, or maybe even a stud launcher!" "A what launcher?" asked Phantom. "A stud launcher, I got one at my Urban Avenger... My Urban Avenger!" Zero said with a start. He turned to Rex excitedly. "Peasam! I know how to make all the Mutant Dinos disappear! Let's go!" WHAM! "Now's not a good time, Norik…" muttered Rex. "Ah! What's that noise?" cried out Phantom. ---- Voltage tried again for Rex. No answer. "Dang it!" he mumbled. He decided to call again in a minute. Voltage was shocked that Cobra could not remember anything. Cobra had the antidote to that goo, and was the only one who knew how to make it. He had also said he knew how the dinos got mutated, but all of that knowledge was gone now. Bzzzzzzzp.... Bzzzzzzzp.... Bzzzzzzzp.... "What is that?" the newly-cured Snake said. It was the communicator. "I'll try to remember this," said Cobra. He started mumbling scientific phrases. "Are there any medical labs near here? I know how to retrieve lost memory with the right tools." Cobra picked up a Cosmotronic Ray, stud launcher ammo, and some tools. He started doing work on the studs and ray. Voltage answered the communicator. It was the general again, looking for a report. "Uh... Hi. You again. Well, Cobra's lost his memory..." Voltage peered over the top of the roof to see Databoard fighting off Mutant lizards. "... And Data's cornered by Mutant Lizards," he finished. "Listen here, Voltage..." "Sorry, gotta go!" he said, and hung up. It rang again. "Don't answer," he told Cobra, who was working on a cure for amnesia. He told everyone and they rushed down the hall to help, but were cornered by Raptors by the elevator. One swung its tail at Voltage. He leapt aside and drew out his two pistols. He dodged the Raptors' blows and snuck up on the other one, meleeing it in the spine, so it collapsed. The other one was more aggressive. After swinging several would-be-fatal blows at the agents, they took aggressive force. ---- The phantom rescued Chompy from a LEGOLAND military jeep. When the soldiers opened fire upon the phantom, the bullets were harmlessly deflected off his body, causing the soldiers to panic and think that he was really a ghost. "He's a demon!" a soldier cried. "A monster! A ghost! A phantom!" "That's the phantom to you!" snapped the mysterious cloaked figure. Three seconds later, all of the LEGOLAND soldiers were running away, screaming in terror. Chompy snorted, unimpressed by the phantom's display. Although his face could not be seen beneath the dark hood of his cloak, the phantom must have been smiling as he chuckled softly. "Does anything ever impress you, Chompy?" Chompy blinked in surprise. How did the phantom understand him? ***** Rex, Zero, and Phantom started screaming again as the nuclear blasts from Chaos hit the Silver Scorpion. The water creature flooded the streets below the falling Scorpion Orb Launcher, and grasped it... Rex had no idea how much more the Silver Scorpion could withstand. Chaos moved closer to the Silver Scorpion. Its liquid form morphed into a vaguely crocodilian head with razor sharp teeth. The water creature opened its mouth and started trying to bite the Scorpion Orb Launcher. Rex, Zero, and Phantom looked at each other. "It can't break through… can it?" whispered Rex. Chaos continued growing, and the street below cracked under the pressure of the water below the street and above it. And then, its water started to pulse with a purple glow… The water creature bit one of the Silver Scorpion's claws, and started ripping it off the vehicle. The purple glow grew even more intense as the impervious armor melted away, to the horror of Rex, Phantom, and Zero. "That d-doesn't make sense!" Rex frantically stammered, unable to believe what he just saw. "There's absolutely no way that water could destroy…" But at that moment, Rex saw their possible salvation. When Chaos arrived on the scene, it drowned most of the Mutant Dinos on site, but there was one single Mutant T-Rex that managed to survive. Nothing could survive the T-Rex's nuclear furnace mouth, which would surely evaporate water in an instant. It seemed that the Mutant T-Rex also realized this. With a final burst of energy, it threw itself onto Chaos and closed its jaws around the water creature's head. If it had been any other creature, this bite would have been lethal. Unfortunately, Chaos was no monster of solid matter, and its liquid form slipped easily out of the dino's mouth, unharmed. A moment later, the T-Rex was drowned. With its distraction eliminated, Chaos glowed purple once again as it tore the Silver Scorpion in half. Water rushed up and took the form of a hand. It grabbed Rex, and threw the wrecked Silver Scorpion to the side, where its pieces smashed into a building. Rex cursed. This was not going to end well. As the water engulfed him, he started to lose consciousness. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was the arrival of an airship looming overhead… ---- Databoard was walking outside Astor-Com Inc. when he was surrounded by Mutant Lizards. One charged at him, but he jumped over it. It walked into a wall and knocked itself unconscious. That took care of one, but now he had to take care of the rest... Two Lizards charged at Databoard, who jumped out of the way and ran into each other. Another leapt at him, but he ducked and it tripped. More attacked, and he continued to dodge the Lizard's attacks, but they kept charging at him. He leapt over another Lizard, and it ran directly into another Lizard. Databoard ducked, dodged, and evaded every Mutant Lizard that attacked him. Fortunately, they had not yet realized that he could take them on if they attacked him one-by-one. Unfortunately, that soon changed: they all attacked him at once. Databoard did the only thing he could; he leapt up and grabbed part of the Astor-Com Inc. wall. He was now trapped and dangling over several Mutant Lizards. Databoard looked up, only to see no way to climb to safety. He would have to find some other way out of this mess. Gathering all his strength, he leapt off the wall and over the Lizards. He rushed off, the Lizards close behind. He rushed into another building, slamming the door behind him. ---- When Rex awoke, he found himself in a room that seemed eerily sterilized. He was sitting in a chair, and from his position he could see two men standing at a nearby control panel. One of the men walked over to him. He was dressed with a large hooded cloak worn over a black militaristic suit. "So, you have awakened," he spoke in a baritone voice with a light Germanic accent. "You ought to thank us for rescuing you from Chaos. It would have been a shame if you drowned on dry land, after all." There was something about the man that made Rex feel very uneasy. "Right, and I think I should be getting out of-" Rex was about to get up when a bar was flung in front of him, securely locking him into the chair. "We seek the same end goal, you and I," the hooded man continued, "the extermination of the Mutant Dinos. So, why don't you stay and chat for a while?" "You know nothing of my end goals," Rex said through gritted teeth, hoping to hide his anxiety at being trapped. His Mutant Dino instincts made him feel like a caged animal. His captor chuckled in a sinister manner. "Oh, but I do. I know exactly where your future lies, my boy. The Foundation of Unstoppable Terror and Ultimate Ruthless Evil knows all about you. But, the things that won't be mentioned in the history books… now, that's what interests me. So, I need you to divulge the greatest secrets of Dino Attack Team. We will find your weakness, and you are going to tell me!" "You're not getting anything out of me!" declared Rex. For the first time, Rex noticed the person had red hooks for hands. "I knew you would say that," said the hook-handed villain. "Now, what was it I said before? That it would be a shame if you drowned on dry land? Well… I can arrange that." The hook-handed villain turned around. "Sam Sinister, bring it out!" Rex now recognized the other man at the controls as Lord Sam Sinister. "Right away, Hooks!" he said. He pushed several buttons, and then a giant machine lowered from the ceiling. It looked like a mass of wires and tubes, with one extended hose nozzle-like structure pointed towards Rex. Rex's eyes widened. Despite trying to stay calm, he could feel himself panicking like a cornered animal. "What is that thing?" he yelled. Hooks grinned menacingly. "It's my latest addition to Villains Headquarters. I call it the Truth Receiver. It's time for you to become well acquainted with it… I'm sure the two of you will be great friends." Hooks went to the controls and turned on the Truth Receiver. The machine started slowly moving closer to Rex as the nozzle sucked up air like a vacuum. "You will know what it is like to suffocate," declared Hooks. "All the air in your lungs sucked out. Over and over again, without the mercy of passing out, until you are ready to tell us the truth." "The Truth Receiver is a torture device?" gasped Rex. "What, you couldn't make something that just reads my mind, extracts the truth, and gets it over with quickly?" Hooks laughed. "Now, where is the fun in that?" The machine drew closer and closer to Rex… ***** Zero awoke inside a cell. He was alone, too. "How I can get outta here?" he wondered. Luckily, Zero was still wearing his high-tech armor; whoever had captured them had not thought to confiscate it. His goggles analyzed the material of the cell bars and calculated a 94.7% probability that it would not withstand a direct punch from his armored fist. "So, this armor enhances my physical strength?" Zero observed. "Neat!" He clenched his hand into a fist and punched the cell bars, and they collapsed easily. And suddenly, he heard someone screaming from an adjacent room. "Rex!" Zero whispered urgently. ---- Kotua thought about his predicament. At first, he was the prisoner of Chaos, until he remembered how he had controlled it last time during Mission Deep Freeze. Databoard had foiled his plan last time. But not this time. This time he would succeed, and he would find the special Chaos Emeralds the creature used to become its most powerful, purest form. Kotua felt even more confident as he knew that no agent could harm him now. Kotua landed on the broken streets, and walked into a jewelry store. Kotua walked to the safe and took out a scanner. He detected the Chaos Emerald inside. Kotua made a signal to Chaos, and stood back. The water creature slammed the safe until it opened. Kotua reached inside, and took the red Chaos Emerald. Chaos retracted his arm and waited. Kotua then faced Chaos. "Finally," muttered Kotua, as Chaos lowered his head and opened his mouth. Kotua put the emerald in Chaos's mouth and watched as the water monster absorbed the power of the emerald. Kotua flew over the wreckage of the city and landed in front of a house. Chaos followed through the sewers. Kotua entered the house and walked into a bedroom. Once again Chaos used his power, but this time to break a wall. Kotua grabbed the green Chaos Emerald. "Soon, you'll regain all that power!" said Kotua. ShadowTech T-1 Typhoons flew over Kotua and Chaos. Chaos simply sent water spikes towards the T-1 Typhoons, sending them down again... ---- Voltage flipped around and kicked the Raptor. He had an idea. If he could get in the elevator, he could go back up to the top and snipe out the Mutant Lizards. "Distract him! I'll be back!" Voltage yelled. He dove in the elevator. It took him to the top, and he got an electro-plasmic sniper rifle. Picking off the dinos was not easy, as they were constantly moving. Voltage could see Databoard in the building next to him through a window, with the dinos trying to break in. He had shot two or three of them before they realized what was happening. He fired at another Mutant Lizard, and it dodged. Then another Pteranodon fired lightning at him, forcing Voltage to duck. He thought it had missed him, when it came back around, hitting him square in the back. He tumbled off the railing, catching the edge with his fingertips. He was slipping. He could use his grappling hook, but the Lizard would strike again. Everyone else was fighting the Raptor, and Cobra was trying to get his memory back. And the fact that he was dangling from a tower 500 feet from the ground didn't help a bit. Suddenly, a rocket whizzed over his head, striking a Mutant Lizard. The rest tried to escape, but Voltage saw these were heatseeking rockets. After only a few minutes, they were all gone. Voltage looked up, to thank his rescuer, but he saw no one. He had to find out who their new heatseeking-rocket-firing ally was. Using his grappling hook, he lowered himself to safety, and entered the building Databoard was in. Voltage met up with Databoard. He told him about the mysterious heatseeking rocket-firing person that had helped him. ---- Suddenly, the Truth Receiver turned off, with the nozzle mere inches away from Rex's mouth. He let out a long sigh of relief. "Oh, what happened?!?" yelled Hooks, glaring at his companion. "I-I don't know!" stammered Sam Sinister. "It's your machine, I just-" "You pathetic excuse for a villain! If you want to be half as evil as I am, then you had better familiarize yourself with my inventions! Now, fix it!" Hooks demanded. "Yes, sir!" Sinister ran to the machine, holding a wrench. ***** Zero slammed against the door. Even with the enhanced strength of his powered armor, it was not enough to break through. ***** Hooks heard someone pounding on the door, and he walked off to investigate. However, he paused when he saw the Truth Receiver's power cable frayed. He groaned, frustrated that even FUTURE's advanced technology could have such fatal flaws. But who was responsible for severing the cable? ***** Rex did not know how long he had before Hooks came back, or before Sam Sinister repaired the Truth Receiver. Fortunately, it seemed the Lord von Barron still did not know how to fix the machine as he fumbled about with the wrench. "Hey, Lord Sinister," Rex said to the villain, who was trying to find the flaw in the machine. "Why are you letting this Hooks guy boss you around? Who does he think he is, anyway? I can tell you don't like following his orders. Let me out, and I can help you take him down." Sam Sinister glanced up at him, with an odd mixture of anger and fear in his features. "You know nothing about Hooks or FUTURE," he said. "I suggest you start complying with us before things get worse." He went back to work. Rex tried to bluff. "Look, you hear that banging noise? I've got, uh, a very powerful friend backing me up. Yeah, he's like... um... a cyborg... who can, uh... cause earthquakes and stuff! If you want to be saved, just get out of here." This time, Sinister did not even bother to look up. "As a proudly dishonest man," he scoffed, "I'll honestly tell you that you are a terrible liar-" But to both of their surprises, Sam Sinister got snatched by a pair of hands that came out of nowhere! ---- Meanwhile, in Astor-Com Inc. headquarters, Kai, Venom, Hyrode, Snake, and Joey were fighting off the Raptor. It was fast, but its speed had made him crash into the walls several times because there was such little room in the corridor. It got stuck several times, but managed to bash holes in the walls to make more room. It advanced, and Joey kicked it hard. It reared up and got payback by hitting him across the face. Their guns had no effect, but one gun, one of Databoard's inventions, could slow or stun the Raptor for a short period of time, but took five minutes to recharge. Suddenly, the Raptor was blown back. It seemed to be getting hurt, but the cause was not visible. The damage from the unknown source resulted in the inevitable defeat of the Raptor, which slumped to the ground. The other agents sprinted down the hall to the elevator. They got down to the floor and met up with Voltage and Databoard. They told them about the mysterious raptor-demolishing person that had helped them. "The same thing happened to Voltage!" Databoard said. "Weird...." ---- Hooks charged up his hooks and fired a precise beam of energy, fusing the frayed power cable back together. He could hear the Truth Receiver turn back on, so he returned to the control panel to monitor its progress. But when he got back, he discovered Sam Sinister was the one sitting in the chair, and the nozzle was already up to his mouth! "What happened?" Hooks yelled, turning off the machine. "Where's Rex?!?" Weakly, Sinister pointed left. As he fainted, Hooks ran in pursuit. ***** Rex ran for his life alongside his unexpected savior: a familiar mysterious figure dressed in long dark robes. "It's you… the phantom!" he realized. "What are you doing here?" "No time to explain!" the phantom answered. "What matters is that you get out of here, and now!" Rex and the phantom ran towards a staircase, only to be blocked by two figures who jumped down the stairwell. Rex recognized one as the Brickster, while the other was an unfamiliar man with robotic limbs. "Just dropping in!" laughed Robo-Limb. "Quick!" the phantom said. "Change directions!" Rex and the phantom ran down the opposite corridor. Brickster and Robo-Limb were about to pursue, but crashed right into Hooks. Hooks rubbed his head. "Watch where you're going, you incompetent idiots!" he said. "Well, excuuuse me!" muttered the Brickster. "Get them!" yelled Robo-Limb, pointed at their fleeing prisoners. ---- Kotua continued on. Some LEGOLAND soldiers who worked up the courage tried stopping Kotua, but Chaos easily slammed them into the street. After a while, the military just flew off, away from Kotua and Chaos. Kotua looked at the LEGOLAND government building. He had to get to Andrew Yellowstone's office. He had the yellow Chaos Emerald. Andrew obviously expected Kotua, as two LEGOLAND Robo-Blades flew from their hiding spot. Chaos slammed the Robo-Blades, but more landed and started firing back. Chaos absorbed the blasts and destroyed the Robo-Blades. Kotua went through the walls of the building, and flew to the top of the building. Andrew Yellowstone was boarding an armored T-1 Typhoon. "Finally..." said Kotua. Andrew did not notice Kotua or anything other than a safe he was carrying. "Great..." muttered Kotua, realizing where the yellow Chaos Emerald must be kept. Kotua watched Andrew Yellowstone take the safe into the T-1 Typhoon. There has to be a way to distract him from the safe... thought Kotua. Chaos was not having much luck below. Robo-Blade after Robo-Blade dropped down to fight Chaos. All were destroyed, but were replaced by even more Robo-Blades. Kotua successfully retrieved the yellow Chaos Emerald from Andrew. Battling their way through Dino Attack Team and ShadowTech, Kotua and Chaos found two more emeralds, including one in the Lens Pioneers research facility. Their search ultimately led them back to the ShadowTech LAB, where Kotua found the last two emeralds in the same room where ShadowTech was studying Chaos. Kotua looked at Chaos and smiled. "It's time," he said. ---- "Fire this at me," said Cobra handing Voltage his invention. "What will happen if it doesn't work?" asked Snake of Spades. "It could make me crazy, but if it works, I should fall asleep, then when I wake up, I should regain my memory," said Cobra. Voltage fired the gun. Cobra fell asleep. He woke up in about a minute. Cobra started running into walls like he was crazy. "Oh no!" all of the agents said at once. Cobra started laughing. "I can't believe you guys fell for that!" said Cobra. Then they were surrounded by Mutant Lizards. Cobra started hitting them in certain weakpoints that he now remembered. Soon, they were all on the ground. "Now guys, it's time to explain where the Dino Attack came from..." ---- Zero and Rex crashed into each other. "Rex!" said Zero, relieved. "I was looking for you!" "Good to see you too, Zero!" said Rex. "Now, let's find Phantom and get out of here!" Two more figures stood in their way: Vladek and a black knight. Dark Sword raised his flail in the air, and as he swung it around, the spikes began to glow red. "Get down!" the phantom shouted in time. He tackled Rex and Zero to the floor as lasers shot out of the flail in every direction. "Thou shalt not escapeth from thee!" Dark Sword declared. The phantom, Rex, and Zero fled from the Brickster, Vladek, Robo-Limb, and Dark Sword. Rex and Zero met up with Phantom as they made their escape, while the phantom stayed behind to fight the villains. Rex, Zero, and Phantom had nearly exited Villains Headquarters, only to discover that they were several miles above the ground. Rex realized, "Whoa! This headquarters is actually a giant airship!" Phantom replied, "So, going out the door before it lands would be just like hopping off a plane, without a parachute, and missing the mattress factory by a mile." Rex, Zero, and Phantom escaped Villains Headquarters on the backs of Mutant Pterosaurs, which were called by Rex. ---- "I used to work for the Experimental Scientific Group, or ESG," explained Cobra. "We were doing research on dinosaur DNA. It was a fairly small team, a research division of a larger organization that gave us most of our work. We took dinosaurs and mutated them, let them reproduce, and then we mutated them even further. We were breeding enhanced Mutant Dinos, making them bigger, faster, and stronger too." "And then there was an outbreak, I assume?" asked Kai. "The mutants accidentally got out?" "No," said Cobra. "How do I know it wasn't an outbreak? ESG's parent organization was planning the Mutant Dino invasion all along. These people weren't idiots. They could you in suspended animation where you stand, wake you up a thousand years later, and you wouldn't have aged a bit. Wait, oh no! They also designed disguise technology… it's so advanced, they could even disguise a dino as a human, and you wouldn't even know! They could have put one of the original mutants, ones that don't breathe acid or do anything like that, but are much harder to kill and even stronger-" "And you just went along with this?" asked Voltage. Cobra shook his head. "I was just an intern fresh out of high school; I didn't know much about the end goals of ESG or the people we worked for. I just decoded DNA. I didn't even know we were working with dinosaurs until I accidentally stumbled upon a classified file. I tried to stop them, only to get caught and memory-wiped as punishment. But I remembered just enough to make this invention, which can restore lost memories." "So, who was your boss?" asked Snake of Spades. "What was ESG's parent organization?" Cobra shrugged. "Again, I was pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole. I never met my boss, but I did meet the guy who was pretty much second in command. Well, that is until he quit after he was in a lab accident. Nobody ever saw him again. I didn't know anything about the parent company, either… since ESG is a pretty obscure group, I don't know if it's publicly available information which organization we worked for." "I need to tell Rex," said Cobra. "He should know about this, especially if we have a disguised mutant in our ranks." He was going to call Rex, when he heard a big roar. "T-Rex," muttered Databoard. Cobra altered his Cosmotronic Ray. "Let's go." When they reached the Mutant T-Rex, they all started firing. "Come on, you overgrown chicken!" he shouted at the dinosaur. "Well, a T-Rex is a close relative to chickens," said Voltage. Once the T-Rex was defeated, the team decided to leave Astor City and head back to LEGO City. "Do you think Kotua is still on the loose?" asked Hyrode. "I have an idea…" murmured Databoard. "It's time to bring out the big guns." ---- The Phantom emerged victorious from the fight against the villains. He cut the airship's power and escaped. By the time the villains recovered, the Villains Headquarters was rapidly losing altitude, forcing them to crash-land the airship in an enormous lake at the outskirts of LEGO City. "Bah!" Vladek muttered, shaking the water off him. He was not quite sure why Sam Sinister and Hooks were carefully wading through the water. Dark Sword joined them, reached into the water, and pulled out a pair of glasses. Hooks quickly took the glasses back, restoring his eyesight. Robo-Limb was not happy about being near water. He stayed on some debris, high above the water. "C'mon," Brickster teasingly called to Robo-Limb, "you can come down! Go for a swim, the water's fine!" "No way!" Robo-Limb yelled. "I hate water! Plus, it'll short-circuit my robotic limbs!" "Suit yourself," muttered Brickster. Suddenly, Mutant Pteranodons swooped above the villains. "Get out of the water!" yelled Hooks. They just barely made it before a lightning bolt hit the water, which would have electrocuted anyone still in the lake. "Say," Sam Sinister said, breaking the silence, "where's Ogel? Where's your boss?" "Still explaineth the plan to Ogel...?" guessed Dark Sword. ---- Rex, Zero, and Phantom had a moment of rest at last. Things were peaceful and quiet. Granted, it was "peaceful" and "quiet" by the standards of a ruined city infested with mutated dinosaurs, but it sure beat being trapped aboard Villains Headquarters. The tranquility was suddenly broken by the arrival of Kotua. Needless to say, Rex was not happy to see him again. Of course, Kotua was not alone, having brought along Chaos. That would have been bad enough, but then he gave Chaos the two remaining Chaos Emeralds. As the water entity absorbed their energies, Kotua announced, "These crystals will unlock Chaos's full potential, unleashing its true power!" It was a foolish and borderline suicidal act, even if Chaos was supposedly his minion, but Kotua was so determined to see Rex die that he simply did not care about the consequences. And now, he had sent the ancient water monster to do the deed. The last time Rex, Zero, and Phantom encountered Chaos, they nearly drowned. The revelation that Chaos was not at its full power during that battle did not bring any comfort to Rex, who only shuddered to imagine what it could be capable of at such power. Now that Chaos had attained its perfect form, Rex had no intention of sticking around and finding out what it could do. "I signed up for a war against dinosaurs. But shadowy organizations, a madman with robots and airships, and now an eldritch horror made of water? I didn't sign up for this!" "Right now, I'm rating this apocalypse a 7.8 out of 10." "Doesn't this remind anyone of that one videogame with the blue guy who runs fast and collects rings?" "Uh, guys? What's up with the tower?" "That Alpha Team agent is not our friend! He's mad and spreading chaos across the city!" "Floor it, floor it, floor it!" shouted Rex, yelling to make sure that his own voice was heard over the multitude of voices coming in through the comm chatter. He wondered how anyone could hear anything over the loud sounds of rushing water that seemed to come from every side around them. Zero sat behind the steering wheel of their shared Fire Hammer. "I'm already flooring it!" he retorted, gritting his teeth as he swerved the jeep left and right to avoid incoming rubble and streams of water. "Well, floor it harder!" snapped Phantom, who sat behind them. "Because we're still not going fast enough!" Despite his better judgment, Rex stole a glance at the rear-view mirror to look at their pursuer. Like a towering tidal wave bearing down upon them, Chaos grew closer and closer. With a multitude of tendrils, it lashed out at anything in its path, knocking aside cars, streetlights, and even buildings as though they were made of paper. Its gleaming green eyes were locked upon the Fire Hammer as it opened its gaping reptilian jaws and bellowed, a sound that shook the very earth. A torrent of rain and hail showered the Fire Hammer's windshield; an especially odd occurrence of precipitation, since the skies were clear. One of Chaos's lengthy tendrils slammed down, crushing a department store to their left. Seemingly solid one moment then fluid the next, the appendage dissolved into a wave of water that washed over the street, dragging out rubble and debris from the wrecked building. His quick reflexes saving them all, Zero turned the steering wheel left and right quickly to avoid the incoming obstacles. The Fire Hammer skidded over the wet pavement, swerving as though its driver was drunk. Rex heard Chaos roar again, and the sound was drawn out like a strong gust of wind. Glancing at the rear-view mirror again, his eyes widened at the sight of cyclones of wind and water, like miniature hurricanes, quickly closing the distance between Chaos and the Fire Hammer. "Incoming!" he shouted. As they approached an intersection with a malfunctioning traffic light, Zero made a sharp right turn onto the adjoining street. The water cyclones passed on by behind them, continuing down the road they were previously on, and Rex silently prayed that they would not cause much damage before they eventually dissipated. Undeterred, Chaos did not wait until it reached the intersection to continue its pursuit, instead clipping through the city block and smashing through buildings in its path with the force of a tsunami, and thereby quickly gaining upon the Fire Hammer with this shortcut. It opened its mouth, pooling together pure destructive energies to fire upon its prey. Rex cursed under his breath. Nothing, it seemed, could slow down Chaos's rampage. They were running out of time. "Hey, look over there!" called Zero, pointing at something in the sky. "It's an airship!" At first, Rex feared the worst: Kotua had rebuilt his personal airship, the Voltage. But then, he realized that this airship was decorated in Alpha Team colors, rather than Kotua's preferred palette of black and teal. Its loyalties were made clear when it opened fire upon Chaos with dozens of laser cannons, finally diverting the beast's attention away from the Fire Hammer. Rex squinted his eyes and made out a word printed on its hull: Saber. A voice boomed over loudspeakers, echoing as it resonated across the city. "Kotua! Your fight is with me! It's time that we even the playing field. Do you remember the Saber, Chaos? I've fought you before with it... and I'll do so again!" Rex recognized the voice as belonging to Databoard. It was clear to Rex that, if anyone had a chance of defeating Kotua, it was Databoard. There was no doubt an element of tragedy to the conflict of former friends, but if that was what it took to save the world, then it was something that any Alpha Team agent should be prepared to do, a sacrifice they must be willing to make. The Saber and Chaos engaged one another in combat. Such a showdown would have doubtlessly been an awesome sight to behold, but no sane individual with any sense of self-preservation wanted to stick around and watch. Zero took advantage of the monster's distraction and drove the Fire Hammer as quickly as he could. He did not slow down until the sounds of battle were distant. Only then did Rex, Zero, and Phantom unanimously breathe a heavy sigh of relief. "That was close, huh?" remarked Zero, laughing. "Too close for my comfort," Rex muttered, shuddering involuntarily. Although he thought it was foolishly naive, he silently admired Zero's ability to just laugh it off like it was nothing more than a fun little romp. "Thank Builder that Databoard showed up just in time. It's about time we have an airship on our side again... especially after PBB's airship was shot down by Blacktron." "Speaking of which," suggested Phantom, "I think we should resume our search for this PBB guy you two keep talking about." "He's right," agreed Rex. "Did you hear what Databoard said? He fought Chaos before, and with the Saber, too. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd think that means that Alpha Team knows how to defeat Chaos. If we can find PBB, then we might be able to learn that, too, and spread the word throughout Dino Attack Team. Of course, then again, we don't have to find PBB specifically, I'm sure any Alpha Team veteran could help us... well, except you, Phantom." "Of course," grumbled Phantom, "if I didn't have this stupid amnesia, then maybe I'd be able to remember..." Rex and Zero traded nervous glances. "Yeah," the latter said in a not-altogether-convincing tone, "too bad about that memory loss." "So," wondered Phantom, "where to begin? Then again, I suppose it's important to know our own location before we go looking for PBB's... and where are we, exactly?" Rex glanced around at the buildings they passed as they continued to drive down the road, realizing that they felt familiar, even if they were in even worse condition than he remembered. Catching a glimpse of a street sign, he realized why. "I know where we are," he murmured. "We're only a few blocks away from Dino Attack Headquarters... or, at least, where headquarters used to be before Kotua razed it to the ground a few weeks ago. I haven't been here since then." "Let's go check it out," suggested Zero. "I've been to ground zero a couple times, salvaging resources from the wreckage. I'm sure there's still plenty more we can find." Rex shrugged. "I suppose it can't hurt. I mean, I doubt we're going to find anything life-changing, but we've got nothing to lose at the moment." ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  9. Chapter 8: Blacktron Legacy ---- Kotua met with General B and formed an alliance with Blacktron, which agreed to allow Kotua to use their ships to eliminate the Dino Attack Team. Kotua flew a Blacktron Renegade ship into battle with the LEGOLAND military. The missiles struck the Renegade. Smoke surrounded the craft. The military personnel fired again, not willing to underestimate any opposing force. The smoke cleared, and the Renegade continued flying, unharmed. Kotua aimed at two jets, and fired. The jets spun to avid the blasts, but Kotua fired missiles. The missiles flew towards the jets. The jets fired at the missiles, but the blasts bounced off. The jets flew away, hoping to outrun the missiles, but no luck. Kotua flew towards the military helicopters and fired at them. The blasts struck the glass on the copters, killing its pilots. The Renegade rammed through another jet and fired at the HQ they were coming from. The people in the military base ran as their vehicles were being destroyed. Kotua fired non-stop, setting half the base on fire. After a while, Kotua flew back up again. "Maybe we shouldn't have given him the most powerful craft until he had finished his training..." said one of the Blacktron soldiers... ---- Ogel, Sam Sinister, Brickster, and Vladek landed Villains Headquarters in a safer zone of LEGO City. After meeting up with General Evil, they began discussing how to handle the Dino Attack Team. When General B arrived and offered Blacktron's assistance, Ogel turned down the offer; he had learned that Kotua was working with the Blacktron, and he did not want to trust any Alpha Team agent, even a former one. "I've brainwashed Kotua into a minion before," Ogel explained, "and believe me, he's more trouble than he's worth. I'm sure you'll find out for yourself soon enough." After General B left, they met four mysterious villains, who were representatives of the Foundation of Unstoppable Terror and Ultimate Ruthless Evil (abbreviated as FUTURE), offering its assistance to Ogel and his fellow villains. To better convince Ogel and the others of FUTURE's cause, the groups split up so that each FUTURE representative spoke individually with one of the villains. As they walked together, Sam Sinister could not help glancing at the FUTURE villain beside him. The figure was dressed entirely in black, with a large hooded cloak over a suit that was somewhere between aristocratic and militaristic, commanding a menacing air. Few of his facial features could be made out, largely concealed behind his glasses and thick grey facial hair resembling a combination of mutton chops and a goatee, but what could be seen was a malevolent sneer. His most visually defining feature was that he had no hands; emerging from the cuff of each sleeve was a hook fashioned from crystalline red material. "So, who are you?" asked Sam Sinister. "Until you learn my real name, you can call me 'Hooks'." "So, 'Hooks', what in the world is going on? I mean, you suddenly appear out of nowhere with your peculiar colleagues, saying you're going to help us. What's going on? Where did you come from?" "Patience," Hooks said calmly. "Do not go rushing headfirst into things like you usually do. Don't tell me you feel uncomfortable around me." "Yeah, I'm comfortable, all right!" Sam said sarcastically. "I feel very comfortable taking a walk alone while Mutant Dinos are on the loose, with my only company being some strange guy with hooks for hands who looks like, any minute now, he's going to kill me! Very comfortable!" "Maybe it will comfort you to know that we're very much alike," Hooks said. "For example, we're both enemies of Johnny Thunder." "You're an enemy of Thunder, too?" Sam Sinister said, surprised. "I thought I knew all of his rivals and adversaries, and yet I never heard of you before." "Yes, he always gets to that confounded treasure before me," Hooks said, grimacing. Sinister chuckled humorlessly. "Same here." Hooks glanced down at the hook in place of his right hand. "And, after the time he cut off my hand by 'accident', I never forgave him." "What about your other hand?" "Lost it while stealing treasure from India." If it had been Brickster or Vladek, they would've laughed at Hooks' misfortune. But, Sam Sinister was able to relate all too well. "Same here," he murmured. "India was where I lost my left hand as well, and I was also stealing a diamond. Good thing I haven't lost my other hand yet." He adjusted his monocle as he spoke. "Your eyesight isn't what it used to be, I suppose," observed Hooks. "You're one to talk, four-eyes," muttered Sam Sinister. "At least I still have one good eye." He chuckled again, but this time he was feeling a bit more comfortable around the stranger. ---- Rex looked at the Silver Scorpion's scanner. While it was searching, Rex noticed that it said that it detected a Mutant Dino inside the vehicle. He quickly covered that up with his hand before either Zero or Phantom could notice it. "I don't know if I'm right," said Phantom, "but I think I remember this PBB guy..." "Really?" said Zero, looking at Rex as though he was saying, "Rex, do something!" Suddenly, something jumped into the Silver Scorpion. They looked up, to see a... "Mutant Raptor!" yelled Zero, shaking the controls. "A what?" Phantom was confused. "A Raptor! A big nasty dinosaur with tons of teeth!" "Don't worry!" Rex yelled above all the noise. "As long as this thing is as indestructible as PBB said it is, we won't get harmed! Even the cockpit is almost unbreakable!" A Mutant Lizard swarm ran towards the Silver Scorpion and Mutant Raptor. The yellow Lizard hissed, reared its head back, and spat acid at the larger Mutant Dino. It fell back, roaring angrily as the corrosive liquid burned through its skin. Rex swallowed. "At least, I hope PBB was right…" "But was this ever tested against the powers of Mutant Dinos?" asked Zero. "The fire-breathing Mutant Lizard, the red one, can set anything on fire, indestructible or not!" "Well, then I hope this is fireproof!" Zero and Rex were talking, and Phantom fainted. The Silver Scorpion's stinger stuck the red Mutant Lizard. Then, pressing another button, Rex fired the vehicle's cryothermic stasis beam, freezing the dinosaur and effectively putting it into stasis. "One down, five to go..." ---- Snake of Spades heard something emitting from his radio: "Target found... trajectory aiming... fire in the hole!" Kai recognized the voice, and said, "I know what that means. Take cover!" An Ice Orb plummeted down at the swamp, freezing the monsters. Kai smiled and said, "Joey has arrived." Just when Databoard and his teammates thought they were saved, a Mutant Raptor leapt at them and prepared to rip them apart. Another Ice Orb flew through the air and hit the Raptor, but it was deflected by its force field. Seeing no other choice, the Dino Attack agents ran across the frozen swamp, pursued by the Mutant Raptor. Voltage hurled himself across the lake, just as the Mutant Raptor's tail flew over him. Drawing his two pistols, he flipped over and shot several bullets into its gut. It keeled over, apparently thinking Voltage was a good pillow. "Guys, can you help me?" he shouted. The other agents helped Voltage stop the massive carnivore from crushing him. The Mutant Raptor was defeated, and the Ogel Drones were smarter than they looked. In minutes, the orbs started flying again. Voltage ducked as one of them went whizzing by his head. There was a giant roar. Apparently, Axel-saur had managed to gnaw his way out of his binds. Axel gave another roar of triumph, stepping out of the cave, only to be struck by an Ice Orb and frozen. "How long do you think he'll be in there?" Voltage asked Databoard. "A few hours," Databoard replied. "Dang, I was hoping to put this in my house as a sculpture," Voltage said, his twin pistols firing at the drones. He pictured the scarabs on their torsos to be targets. As the last few on the ground were shot down, another wave of them stormed out of Ogel's fortress. Databoard looked down at the ice they were standing on. The weight of the Drones was causing it to break. "Guys, we have to get out of here, now!" he shouted. The other agents rushed away, bringing the frozen Axel with them and firing at the Drones behind them. Databoard fired at the ice beneath the Drones, which was already giving way. They all fell into the swamp. "Nice shooting!" Voltage complimented Databoard. At this point, the frozen Axel was beginning to thaw. Voltage looked at Axel and saw the reflection of a helicopter rising in the air. "Oh no, you don't," Voltage said, loading his Sonic Screamer. "This isn't over yet." He took careful aim and shot. The gas tank exploded, shooting bits of metal and spraying gas everywhere. The copter slowly fell to the ground, sinking into the snow. The five agents ran over to the crashed copter to find Ogel, buried underneath massive piles of rubble. "Hello, Ogel," Voltage said. "You're coming with us." Ogel gave a sort of combination between a grunt and a burp. "Nice try, agents." Ogel said, and threw a grenade into the air. As the agents ducked for cover, Ogel freed himself from the rubble and ran. Databoard fired his laser rifle, and Ogel went down. The agents rushed over to him, and discovered it was just a Skeleton Drone in disguise, not the real Ogel. "What a rip-off!!!" Voltage yelled. In the distance they could see another Ogel flying away, and he hoped it was the real one. "Into the T-1!" The agents hopped in the T-1 Typhoon. Voltage got in the pilot's seat, and Databoard was his copilot and front gunner. Kai and Venom were the rear gunners, and Snake of Spades worked the console. "He's headed towards LEGO City!" Snake shouted to the other agents. Only a few of them heard him over the wind. Voltage increased the speed to almost 140 MPH, and set coordinates for LEGO City. He put the vessel on auto-pilot and climbed out of the cockpit. "We've got company!" Venom called. The auto-pilot swayed the craft so violently to avoid the laser bolts that Voltage was knocked off his feet. The ship swayed to the right, and Voltage slid down the side. He just barely grabbed onto the railing on the hull, and avoided certain death. "Hang on!" Snake called. He inched his way across the floor as the ship leveled out. "Gotcha!" Snake said triumphantly as he grabbed Voltage's hand. Another jolt sent Snake sliding in the other direction. "Stupid auto-pilot!" Snake yelled, as he went sliding across the ground. He too grabbed hold of the railing and hung there. There was another failed attempt to rescue a fellow agent when Kai went skidding in Snake's direction. Now Kai, Snake, and Venom were clinging to the railing. Databoard, piloting, and Venom, gunning, were the only agents left. "Data! Shut off the auto-pilot!" Venom called. It was too late. ---- "You don't get to be as wealthy as I do," continued Hooks, "without learning a dirty trick or two. Why, there was even one time where I promoted a non-profit concert for my fellow esteemed members of the rich upper class, who were oblivious as I sent my henchmen through the audience to steal their priceless jewelry!" Sam Sinister chuckled. "Sounds like something I would do!" "Like taking candy from a baby," said Hooks. Sinister recognized this as one of his own favorite expressions. "A brilliant plan!" commented Sinister. "Assuming, of course, you did not get caught." Hooks grimaced. "Well…" he admitted, "once they found out it was me behind it all, I needed my sister to bail me out." "Doesn't that always happen?" said Sinister, rolling his eyes. "Quite so," said Hooks. "Well, you seem to be in better spirits. Are you feeling a little more comfortable now?" Sam Sinister nodded. "Alright, go ahead! Tell me FUTURE's plan!" "Well," Hooks explained, "your own plan was basically perfect, except for several major flaws that will cause it to all fall apart. One, as you are already aware, there aren't enough villains ready to organize and combat the Mutant Dinos. Two, Dino Attack Team and Alpha Team would surely interfere. Now, we're going to help you out with solutions. As representatives of FUTURE, we will provide the numbers and support you need to survive against the Mutant Dinos. And as for Dino Attack Team, Alpha Team, and anyone else who dares stand in our way… we'll kill them!" Sam Sinister shuddered. "K-kill?" he stammered. "That seems a little… excessive, doesn't it? Bad form, some might say. It's just not how things are done. Shouldn't we just leave the heroes in a booby-trapped room while we just walk away, like I always do?" "Oh, Sam, so innocent and naïve," said Hooks, who chuckled at the irony of calling a fellow villain 'innocent'. "If you wish to be recognized by FUTURE, then you will realize that the days of playing well are long gone. Besides, if we do not eliminate Dino Attack Team, then they will get all the credit, not you." "Credit?" "Think about it. Save the world from the Dino Attack, and they might give you an award. Like... all of the world's treasure!" That was all it took to convince Sam Sinister. "I'll be richer than ever! Brilliant! I like the way you think," Sam Sinister said. He was anxious to get all that treasure. "You were right. We're very much alike, after all." "Yes," Hooks said. "You probably know who I am by now, don't you?" "Obviously, you told me that you were Hooks," answered Sam Sinister. "No, I said you could call me that until you learned my true identity!" Hooks said. Sam Sinister thought. He knew the answer, but prayed it was wrong. So, he said, "No, I don't know." ---- Soon, half of the Mutant Lizards had been taken down by the Silver Scorpion. In addition to the red Mutant Lizard, they had frozen a green Mutant Lizard and a violet Mutant Lizard: "Huey, Dewey, and Louie," Zero had jokingly called them. But, it seemed that the Silver Scorpion was suddenly losing power. "It's a Mutant Pterosaur!" screamed Zero. "It's striking the Scorpion with its lightning bolts!" "Where is it?" asked Rex. "I don't see it!" "Right above us is a good place to check!" answered Zero. "Quickly!" shouted Zero. "Take down that Pterosaur before the power is completely drained!" Rex waited until the Mutant Pterosaur swooped down low, lightning crackling from its wings. Once it was in his sights, he fired the cryothermic beam again, and the winged reptile crashed down onto the ground. With that threat taken care of, the Silver Scorpion was starting to regenerate its power. "Good going, Rex!" said Zero. "But watch out for that Mutant Raptor! It can strike fear into your heart!" "Alright..." said Rex as he focused on the Mutant Raptor, who looked even more grotesque and vicious after being sprayed with acid. ---- On another street of LEGO City, the Brickster was walking with the FUTURE villain who called himself "Robo-Limb". He wore a black cloak like the other FUTURE representatives, with a hood so that most of his recognizable facial features were kept in the dark, though Brickster could make out a scruffy, grizzled face with piercing green eyes. True to his nickname, Robo-Limb's defining feature was that both his arms and his legs were replaced with cybernetic prosthetics. Brickster was not so sure that he could be happy alone with the stranger. "At least I don't have the hook-handed man or the boss," Brickster muttered to himself. So far, the Brickster did not learn much about Robo-Limb. The FUTURE rep refused to give his real name, and he could not recognize the face under that mysterious hood. Robo-Limb seemed happy to be with the Brickster. If only the Brickster felt the same about Robo-Limb... "At first, I didn't like having robotic arms and legs," Robo-Limb said, not paying attention to how nervous Brickster was. "They had to be oiled and all that jazz. But, they became quite useful. The legs help me run faster than any copper's motorcycle, and with my flamethrower, I never went into jail again! Not for a very long time, at least!" "Flamethrower?" repeated the Brickster. "Oh, yes. Watch!" Flames erupted from Robo-Limb's mechanical hands. Brickster jumped back in surprise, while Robo-Limb laughed. "Unlike you, I don't need to trick Pepper into giving me a hot pizza in order to break out of prison!" "Although tricking him is fun, since then I could make fun of him..." muttered the Brickster. ---- Ogel touched down on the nearest landing pad. "I lost them!" Ogel cackled, stepping out of the copter. "I lost them! Aaaaaaahahahaha!" At that moment, the T-1 Typhoon fell out of the sky, slamming into Ogel's copter. Agents, metal, and evil villains flew everywhere. "Bummer," Voltage muttered. Kai looked down. A familiar Scorpion Orb Launcher in Alpha Team colors was below them, but he had to get down nicely... "Kai? Kai, do you read me?" Kai grabbed his radio with his free hand. "I read you, Joey. I'm dangling in mid-air -- badly. Hurry and open the top hatch!" "Right away. You guys jump when I say it's open." Kai turned to the other agents and told them what to do. "Hatch open! Drop in! Drop in!" Kai, Venom, and Snake let go, falling down into the open Alpha Team Scorpion Orb Launcher... The crash had knocked Voltage under piles of rubble. "Kai? Venom? Snake? Data?....." "I'm over here!" Databoard called back. He was not covered in metal, so he ran over to Voltage and helped him up. They were both badly hurt. Voltage had a piece of metal stabbed into him. Databoard was piloting and was more protected, but he got a few cuts. "Data, Voltage, do you read?" "We read you loud and clear, Joey!" "My Scorpion Orb Launcher is down here somewhere. Climb in, we've got medical supplies, food... Oh yeah, and Kai, Snake, and Venom are here." "We see you," Voltage said, pointing at the Scorpion Orb Launcher. "We'll drop in." Voltage and Databoard grabbed Ogel and jumped off and into the Scorpion Orb Launcher. Voltage rummaged through the medical supplies. He found a bandage and wrapped it around the bleeding wound on his arm. They were driving around LEGO City, having just captured Ogel. "Let me go!" Ogel yelled, struggling against his bonds. "Why?" Joey shouted from the driver's seat. "So you can wreak havoc all over the city? I don't think so!" Voltage climbed into the cockpit and slumped into the passenger seat. "Where are we headed?" Voltage asked Joey. "We're headed over to a T-1. Alpha Team is there and they're gonna turn Ogel in," Joey replied. "He's not gonna be in there for long," muttered Voltage. "What do you mean?" asked Joey. "He's gonna break out." "I'll tell them to put in extra security." They arrived at the T-1 Typhoon. Voltage dragged Ogel out of the Scorpion Orb Launcher. As he did so, Ogel's helmet came off, revealing the skull of yet another disguised Skeleton Drone. "Really?" Voltage spat in disgust. "All that, just for another drone? Looks like we're the ones who were foiled yet again, Ogel." Regardless, he handcuffed the Skeleton Drone and flung him into the T-1 Typhoon. As the T-1 Typhoon flew off, Voltage received a call from HQ: Crisis call from Adventures' Island. Dinos everywhere. Need help fast. "Guys, we're going to Adventurers' Island!" Voltage announced. "Voltage, everyone got the call," Snake said. "Oh." "Look out!" Kai yelled, as the tail of a Mutant Raptor missed Databoard's head by inches. Databoard ducked to avoid being hit by the Raptor's tail again, and pulled out a laser. He fired at it, but its force field deflected the weapons. The other agents began firing at the Raptor, but it did no effect. Snake pulled out a grenade and threw it at the Raptor, but it bounced of the force field and landed next to a building near Databoard. He ran from the building as the wall was ripped apart, sending rubble everywhere. A small chunk of debris hit Databoard, knocking him out... ---- The last Mutant Dino standing was the Mutant Raptor. It roared ferociously and then slashed at the cockpit. Thankfully, the Silver Scorpion's armor was strong enough that it did not even leave a scratch. Then, with another shot of the cryothermic beam, the Mutant Raptor was disabled. "Nice going," Zero said. "Thanks," Rex answered. Zero laughed. "You know," he said, "I hope the people responsible for the Dino Attack are watching us winning this fight. And then they say some typical and over-the-top monologue like any other villain, like… 'Why... Why everyone I send to destroy my enemies always get destroyed! ...That's it! For the first time, I'll destroy them... BY MYSELF!!!' And then, just like that, we get to fight the final boss, and it's a big epic battle but we win, and that means we've won the war! Wouldn't that be something?" Rex chuckled, but his laugh was humorless. "Yeah…" he muttered, averting his eyes. "If the ones behind the Dino Attack were here, I can just imagine what they'd think…" ---- Databoard slowly regained consciousness. He looked up to see the Mutant Raptor standing over him, its jaws ready to rip hit apart. Voltage charged at the Raptor, firing his weapon. It had little effect, but it gave Databoard a chance to get away from the Raptor. He grabbed his laser, which was lying on the ground nearby, and charged at the Raptor again. Databoard ducked out of the way to avoid the Raptor's jaws. He fired his laser, but the blasts were once again deflected. He leapt into the air to avoid being hit by the Raptor's tail. He didn't jump high enough, and was sent flying through the window of a nearby building. Kai had one final resort. He turned and asked, "Joey, where are the manual Ice Orbs?" Joey opened a compartment in the damaged Scorpion Orb Launcher. He picked one up and threw it at Kai. Kai caught it and pressed a few buttons. "Fuse time... 3... sticky mode." "'Sticky mode'?" asked the puzzled Snake of Spades, dodging the Raptor again. Kai charged at the Raptor's force field and forced the ice orb at its skin. It penetrated the force field and stuck tightly to the Raptor. "Everyone down!" yelled Kai, as the Ice Orb fuse counted down. 3... 2... 1... Databoard looked just as the Ice Orb was about to detonate. Realizing what was about to happen, he ducked to the ground just as the countdown hit one. Voltage threw himself out of the way as the Ice Orb detonated. There was a brief flash of light, and Databoard then looked out the broken window to see the Raptor frozen under a sheet of ice. ---- "Did I mention I'm a bit of an inventor?" Hooks said to Sam Sinister. "I've been tinkering a lot with Robo-Limb." Sam Sinister smirked. "Funny that FUTURE would have the funds for complete prosthetic limbs, and yet cannot spare enough to build you a couple new hands." Hooks raised his red hooks into the air. Their crystalline appearance subconsciously reminded Lord Sinister of the Pharaoh Hotep's magical Re-Gou ruby that he had once coveted. The hooks began to glow bright red, and then fired a burst of energy that demolished a nearby fire hydrant. Sinister swallowed nervously. "Point taken." "In addition," continued Hooks, "my glasses are no mere ordinary spectacles. They are specifically wired to enhance my sight. Can your primitive monocle zoom in like a telescopic lens?" "No," grumbled Sinister, "but at least it looks much more fashionable for someone of my class." Hooks showed Sam Sinister several more of his inventions. One was a pistol, modified so that it could be used with hooks. Another was a radar, able to detect far away treasure. But, Hooks' favorite one was what looked like a cross between a tube, a handle, and two claws. He demonstrated it for Sam Sinister. One claw attached to his body, while he held the handle with his right hook. Hooks took a diamond out of his pocket and handed it to Lord Sinister. "Go stand fifteen feet away," he instructed. Once he was in position, Hooks pulled the handle, and the other claw sprung forward on the extending tube to snatch the gem from Sinister's hand. As Hooks pocketed the diamond, he said, "I use these inventions to help me steal treasures. They have far greater utility than your outdated tools from the early 1900s. You really should modernize." ---- The flight to Adventurers' Island was smooth; they had no delays or enemy ships. Voltage sat behind the driver's seat again, piloting through the fog. They touched down and were greeted by Dr. Kilroy, Pippin Reed, and a young man whom Voltage did not recognize. "And you must be…?" asked Voltage. "Josh," the young man replied. "Josh Thunder. Johnny's my old man. He's off on a mission in the Nimbus System with the Venture League; I stayed behind to help out here." "Nice to meet you," said Voltage, shaking Josh's hand. "Must be cool, having such a famous father?" Josh Thunder grinned. "Well, mate, I'll admit it ain't always easy livin' up to his legacy. But maybe, if I help you out with the dino-hunting, I can make a name for myself, eh?" Databoard muttered under his breath about being on Adventurers' Island again. The island looked about the same, and this wasn't a good thing. The island was still in ruins, and he could still hear the roar of Mutant Dinos and normal ones alike. The whole place just gave him the chills. "Roit, the police've put the campsite under lockdown, so it's your job to search there, allroit?" Josh Thunder said. "Right," Voltage replied. "There's been an invasion throughout the temples," added Pippin Reed. "We need you to exterminate the mutant dinos." "Okay, can we go now?" asked Voltage. ---- Kotua flew off, two Blacktron Allied Avengers chasing after him. Kotua spun his Renegade and fired. One of the Allied Avengers was hit by the blasts, while the other managed to dodge them. Kotua fired at the remaining Allied Avenger again, taking it down. Kotua then flew off to find Rex. Kotua was flying out of the city when ShadowTech T-1 Typhoons flew towards Kotua, firing. Kotua turned around, and fired back, taking down the copters. More T-1 Typhoons rose and began firing at the Renegade, but Kotua's craft was resistant against the blasts. Using the Blacktron satellites, Kotua was able to trace Rex's position. Kotua put the Renegade at its fastest speed. Kotua was over flying over the ocean, when more Allied Avengers flew towards him, ready to fire... ---- Snake of Spades, Joey, Databoard, Venom, Voltage, and Kai wandered through the halls of one of the last remaining temples. It was extremely dark; the lanterns were trampled to smithereens. "What was that?" Kai asked, looking around. "Echoes," Snake replied. "No, that!" Kai said, straining to hear the faint sound of moaning. "What is that?" Databoard asked. "Skeletons!" Joey called. "Are you crazy? There's no skeletons!" Venom said. At that moment, hundreds of skeletons slid out of cracks in the wall, illuminated by the lantern Databoard was carrying. "Would you like to take that last statement back?" Voltage asked Venom. Snake of Spades just stood there, eyes shut tight. Two moments later, Snake opened his eyes with a new look of fierce determination. He kicked a few skeletons in the ribs. He saw two skeletons, talking to each other. Snake grabbed their necks and cried, "TIME TO PUT OUR HEADS TOGETHER!!!" as he knocked their heads together. "He is just crazy...." mumbled Databoard as he punched a skeleton. Databoard swung the lantern into a skeleton, knocking it to the ground. He swung it at another skeleton, but it ducked and knocked the lantern from his hands. It hit the ground and smashed to bits, plunging the room into darkness. Databoard looked around, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the complete darkness, as well as trying to hear any skeletons nearby. Lucky for the agents, the skeletons were not the quietest around. Databoard kicked a skeleton that had been trying to sneak up on him, knocking it into another. Voltage spun around, kicking the approaching skeleton so hard that it shattered. He drew his Sonic Screamer and swung it at a skeleton like a melee weapon. The head fell off and rolled to the feet of another skeleton. The skeleton charged, and Voltage did likewise with his Sonic Screamer. When it had reached maximum power, he released a powerful burst that disintegrated the skeleton to dust. He kicked the other skeleton's head at the door. It opened on contact. "Everyone, through the door!" Voltage yelled, rushing through himself. The agents dove through the closing door, crushing a skeleton beneath it. ---- Zero said, "Hey, Rex. Can we go to PBB's ship? I want to show him this!" Zero showed Rex some of the tech he excavated from Astor City. "Wow," said Rex, "what's that?" "I don't know," Zero replied, "that's why I want him to check it out." Rex looked at the tech that Zero had found. "Looks like it could be worn like goggles," Rex thought aloud. Then, the Pallas Athena came into view. "There it is!" Zero yelled. Rex put the Silver Scorpion into flight mode, and they sped up to the airship. "Hey, PBB!" called Rex. "Chompy! Little Bot! It's me! Guys?" They were nowhere to be found. Apparently, they were not on the airship. Only the FMB-Bot crew was present, simply maintaining the current flight path of the airship and not responding to any questions. "Just great," Rex muttered. "Weird…" said Zero. "I wonder where they are?" "I don't know..." said Rex. "What if we wait for them here?" suggested Zero. "I'm going to study this tech in the meantime." "Uh-oh," Rex said. "They left the airship uncloaked! Kotua - or someone else - could attack us!" Immediately, he pushed the Cloaking Device. Zero was looking at the green and white brick piles. "Hey, I remember how to use these!" he said. He grabbed one green and three white bricks and threw them into the engine. Then, the Pallas Athena traveled to another location. "Don't worry, we will hopefully be safe," Rex said to Zero and Phantom. With the airship cloaked and no longer in the same location, there was no way that Kotua could find them! Or so they thought... Zero was checking one piece of the tech, and he noticed that Rex was right about them resembling goggles. "Weird..." he murmured. Zero put the goggles over his eyes. Then, he gasped. He saw… so much. Too much to all take in at once. They were like night vision goggles, but they displayed a lot more information in its user interface. Different settings for scanning, combat, heat signatures, X-rays, echolocation… Zero took off the goggles. "Woah..." he whispered. ---- Databoard, Voltage, and the others sprinted through the dimly lit room. They found a cavern at the end of the hall, filled with coffins, candles, and mutant dinos. "Woah, creepy," Databoard muttered. So far, the Dinos hadn't seen them, but all the agents knew that wouldn't last for long. Databoard looked back down the hallway to the door they had come through. Turning back wasn't an option, as they would have to face those skeletons again. The only other way was through this cave. "Does anyone else get the feeling that this was a bad idea?" Databoard muttered. The six agents crept through the cave, trying to make their footfalls as quiet as possible. The dinos were distracted, so it was their chance to sneak by. They went to the door, and it would not budge. "How do we get out of this?" Venom whispered. As if by magic, the dinos turned and noticed the intruder. "How do we get out of that?" Snake of Spades said. The other Mutant Dinos turned around and saw them as well, causing Databoard to mutter several nasty words. The agents then began attempting to blast the door down as the Mutant Dinos came even closer. There was no way they could get out in time before the Mutant Dinos got them. Right about now Databoard wished they were still fighting those weird skeletons... "Man, I wish we were still fighting the skeletons!" Databoard called to Voltage, both fighting Mutant Raptors. "Aahhh!!!" Voltage punched the dino, and it fell back. "How do we open the door?" "I don't... wait, that lever over there!" Databoard kicked away his Mutant Raptor and dashed towards the lever. He pulled the lever. Rrrrrruuuuummmmbble!!! The floor gave a giant lurch, as fragments of the temple came crashing down. Voltage dove out of the way as a stone knocked Databoard's raptor out. "Voltage! The door! It's opening!" Kai shouted, pointing at the door. Voltage looked to see the door wide-open. "Come on!" Voltage called as he ran through the door, closely followed by Databoard and Joey. "Venom, Kai, Snake! Hurry up!" Joey shouted. Venom turned to see the door closing. "Kai, Snake! Come on!" Venom yelled, rushing through. Snake and Kai dove through the door, as it closed. ---- James "Jimmy" Beatles was at the Arctic Base. He had heard of Creator Isle from some of the team. He had decided to journey to this place. As he drove around Creator Isle, he found the road blocked by boulders too big to move. "I never liked the road," he muttered. He drove on the burnt grass and fell into a ditch. He hit his head and was knocked out, lying unconscious on his Steel Sprinter. ---- The Mutant Dinos charged at the door, trying to open it, but it would not budge. Databoard kept his laser ready just in case. The other agents had begun heading down the tunnel, looking for a way out. Databoard followed, but continued to look back at the door. He thought about the skeletons and the Mutant Dinos, and started to wonder what nightmare was up ahead. "That was really close," Snake muttered. Voltage pulled out his GPS and looked around. The area was deserted, except for the dinos and the skeletons. He pulled out a gas grenade. Spotting a crack in the door, he pulled the ring and wedged the grenade in the crack, so the gas would go into the dino room. "Not another hall!" Kai yelled, turning around. His voice echoed as Voltage lit another lantern. Joey and Databoard drew their weapons. They had faced dinos, skeletons...what would be their next enemy? Venom leaned on the wall. The tile slid aside, sending Venom tumbling to the ground. "Secret passage secret passage!" Venom yelled. Kai shrugged and dove in, followed by Databoard, Snake, and Joey. As he saw Joey fall, Voltage muttered, "What the heck," and dove in. When he hit the ground, his fall was broken by a tall pile of bones. He fell over and rolled down the hill of corpses, to end up next to Databoard on the ground. "This does not look good." Voltage looked up to see Kai, Venom, and Joey. "Where's Snake?" Voltage questioned. "Mmmphhhpmmhhh!!!" came the muffled sound of "I'm over here!!!" Voltage rushed over to the pile of skeletons he just rolled down. He dug his hands into the bone, and began digging. After the first few handfuls, he uncovered Snake's hand. He slowly pulled Snake out of the bones. "Ow," Snake mumbled. "I fell on a sharp bone." "Are you hurt?" Joey asked. "Yeah... yeah, I'm fine. Just a little scratch that's all," Snake replied, pointing at the deep gouge on his arm. "Here's some medical supplies," Kai said, tossing them to Voltage, and he wrapped a bandage around Snake's arm. "Note to self: never go down a secret passage again," Databoard muttered as he looked at the area they were in. "It never, ever leads somewhere good." He looked around for any way out of this strange place, but guessing from the bones in the area, there weren't many. Suddenly, a hiss resonated from the corner of the secret passage. Every agent instantly looked toward the corner, and Mutant Lizard crawled out of a crack. The Lizard was instantly recognized as the one that had helped them fight the Mutant Deinonychus on Ogel's Island. It hissed again, then gestured toward Snake. The team realized it was telling them that it was wounded and needed medical attention. That Lizard seemed to have an uncanny likeness for them.... Voltage, still carrying the medical supplies, walked over to the Mutant Lizard and tended to it. "How do you know it won't bite you?" Kai said. "I don't," Voltage replied. When it was treated with medical supplies, the Mutant Lizard nodded towards the medical backpack. Voltage swung the pack over his shoulder and they set off. Databoard looked around to see if anything was moving around besides them. Fortunately, nothing was moving nearby. They kept moving around, making their way quickly across the bone covered room. Databoard glanced at the Mutant Lizard, which was looking from the medical backpack. It seemed oddly familiar, but he didn't know why... ---- "What do I do? Why am I here" Louis "Dryptosaurus" said, grasping his tranq rifle gun as he rode his vehicle across the desolated streets of Astor City. He constantly thought how to get out of here. He was packed with tons of equipment: a magnetic grappling gun, 2 Magnum guns, 20 shells, a tranq rifle, a couple of AKs, a laser sword, his Steel Sprinter, and a new weapon he had yet to test. He was left alone in Astor City after his friends took him on a vacation to an uncharted place his archaeologist friends found. He complained, thinking that he isn't an archaeologist and should be digging bones somewhere in South America or even in North America, but his dumb archaeological contacts begged him to come, as they had found metallic remains of some mechanical beast, and needed my opinion. They recognized Louis was young, but he was a child prodigy. He was already in college, and paleontology was his hobby, yet most of his friends were archaeologists. They bought him with the silly excuse of "ooh we found an unknown civilization blah blah". He got interested when he heard the word "buried underground". There he was, all alone, all his friends eaten by strange creatures Louis thought of as overgrown Coelophysis with strange unnatural abilities. Why did he have the idea of bringing his ATV and the untested gun? Because this was not his first encounter with the creatures. He was in a conference in Los Angeles when suddenly there were reports of strange creatures overrunning the city. He scrambled to safety and that's where he met the team, who could use his help... All of this was some months ago. After the encounter, he learned to handle guns and such objects. Weapons... He always had thought of them as barbaric instruments made in uncivilized eras. Then he started liking shooting a gun after he had killed one of those strange lizards. He took the lifeless body down to his lab, and the creature was dead, yet its impulses were alive. It was as if the creature was a zombie. He wanted to keep investigating the matter, but for his safety he shot the barely-living creature in the head, destroying any electrical brain impulse it had left. After his funds were violently cut off, since the people who used to endorse him died in "freak" accidents, he dropped the subject and continued his old-fashioned paleontology, discarding the dinosauroid creatures as "mere monsters"... Now, about two months later, he would reassert his beliefs about the creatures. They WERE monsters... and they were breeding... down in Astor City, he discovered a hive, full of the creatures... thriving in the darkness of the now-abandoned city... All he has to do now is get out of the city any way he can and contact some help... There was a command post with a radar, established on the nearby Enchanted Island by other Dino Attack agents. It was located near a volcano. The temperatures are hot there. Louis did not know if he will survive or not... "What am I doing here?" ---- Suddenly, blasts started hitting the Pallas Athena. Rex looked out. A black craft with yellow glass was firing at them. Kotua avoided the airship's blasts, and fired back. This time Rex, I'll really finish you off. "Quick!" Rex shouted to Phantom and Zero. "We'd better get into the Silver Scorpion!" "Why?" asked Zero. "This airship isn't nearly strong enough to defend against Kotua's... uh, spacecraft! And if this thing falls..." "...then we will get killed, unless we go into the Silver Scorpion!" completed Zero. "'Not even the Voltage can destroy it,' according to PB - err, you-know-who," Rex said. Saying "PBB" might have triggered Phantom's memories, and that was the last thing they needed while they were already under attack by another rogue Alpha Team agent. Kotua fired again at the Pallas Athena. The entire craft shook as a hole was blown open in the hull, sending burning debris everywhere. One piece of metal clipped Zero on the arm. "Gah!" cried out Zero. "What is it?" asked Rex. Zero grimaced. "My arm... It hurts..." Zero brought the rest of the Astor City tech with him as everyone scrambled into the Silver Scorpion. The airship's Auto-Pilot was steering it away from the Renegade, but for naught. "We end it now, Rex!" Kotua said as he blasted a final shot at PBB's airship. The Pallas Athena exploded in mid-air. The Silver Scorpion flew from the ship as it exploded. ---- Voltage could see the Mutant Lizard walking alongside them. It seemed oddly familiar, like he had known it once. He shook off the thought. Come on, you don't know any reptiles, Voltage thought. Well, except Snake, but he's not an actual snake. Snake of Spades walked over to him. "Can I see the GPS?" he asked politely. "Sure," Voltage said as he tossed the GPS to Snake. The Mutant Lizard looked over Voltage's shoulder, as the agents crowded around the GPS. "Okay so we're here," Snake said, pointing at the six glowing red dots on the GPS. "And we need to get here," he said, pointing at a blinking blue light. "Not that far away," Kai remarked. "Ten miles!" Joey replied. "That's a pretty long hike if you ask me!" Voltage looked around the cavern and the tunnel ahead. "That tunnel could fit six small vehicles," he said, pointing at the tunnel. "Steel Sprinters perhaps?" Venom suggested. "I'll radio some in." They walked a quarter of a mile until the Steel Sprinters arrived. The next five miles were smooth until the cave began to collapse. A rock knocked Databoard's Steel Sprinter over, and he rushed from the wreck on foot. More rocks began to fall, causing a portion of the cave to collapse. When the dust cleared, Databoard was cut off from the rest of the other agents. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find another way out... Databoard thought as he looked around the cave. Databoard looked around for any way out. He took out a flashlight and began searching the tunnel. He found a small opening near the side of the tunnel that, with any luck, should lead him to the other agents. He took out his flashlight and aimed it into the tunnel. After ducking to avoid the bats that swarmed out, he rushed inside. Databoard walked down the passageway, flashlight ahead. He continued to head down the tunnel when it opened up into a cave. Unfortunately, he soon discovered that it was a Mutant Lizard nest. This is bad... Databoard thought. He was about to turn around and find another way out, when he discovered the path was blocked by several Mutant Lizards. This is really bad... Databoard thought as more Lizards surrounded him... ---- "You only ever think about deconstructing LEGO Island," Robo-Limb continued. "You need to think a lot bigger." "Hey, I actually completely destroyed LEGO Island!" declared Brickster. "Then, of course Pepper just had to put it back together again…" "Bah!" spat Robo-Limb. "That kid can't even read!" "It's fun to tease him when he reads 'Pizza' as 'Pizaz!'" Brickster laughed. "Or how he writes his name as 'Paper!'" Robo-Limb nodded. "Yes, and so is teasing Papa about his singing, or Mama about her sight..." "How do you know all that?" asked Brickster. "I lived on that island for many years," replied Robo-Limb. "Funny," remarked Brickster, "and not the 'haha' kind of funny. I definitely would've remembered seeing someone like you on LEGO Island. Unless you're secretly Captain Click, hiding in that cave all those years?" "That dumb old pirate skeleton?" scoffed Robo-Limb. "C'mon, you know what he looks like; you played soccer with him that one time!" "Oh… right." After a few moments of silence, Brickster wondered, "Maybe you're a distant Italian cousin of Captain Click?" Robo-Limb and Brickster were now getting along, passing jokes, making fun of Pepper and Infomaniac, and others. Brickster was now at ease, finally, when Robo-Limb asked the question that Hooks asked Sam Sinister: "You probably know who I am, don't you?" Then, the Brickster silenced. He didn't know who Robo-Limb was, unless... no, that was impossible. So, Brickster answered, "No." ---- Databoard readied his laser. He looked around the Mutant Lizards, which were preparing to rip him to shreds. He could tell fighting was crazy, as he was hopelessly outnumbered. He also knew surrendering wasn't an option either, as he doubted the Dinos even knew what that was. He would have to get back into the tunnel, because the Dinos couldn't fight him all at once there. The tunnel was nearby, but it was blocked by about ten Lizards. Databoard began firing his laser wildly and charged at the Mutant Lizards blocking the door. He was about to reach the tunnel when a Lizard shot acid at the tunnel, causing it to collapse, leaving Databoard trapped. He looked over the cave. There would have to be another way out, otherwise there wouldn't be so many Lizards here. He saw a large opening higher up in the cave. He would just have to get up there somehow... Databoard leapt, dodged, and ducked through the Mutant Lizards towards the cave exit. The Lizards tried to tear him apart, but he continued to dodge their attacks. He soon got to end of the cave, which meant there was only a twenty-foot climb to the exit. Which was bad, considering the Lizards were closing in around him. Databoard flung a grappling hook up to the tunnel and began climbing at him. A Lizard leapt at him but he managed to knock it to the ground. He made it up to the tunnel and took out a grenade. He flung it into the air and ran. The grenade caused portion of the tunnel to collapse, trapping the Mutant Lizards for now. ---- While the Silver Scorpion flew away from the Renegade, Zero was feeling such an intense headache that he fainted. Kotua flew under the burning airship and fired at the Silver Scorpion, leaving a few dents. "Not so invincible now?" said Kotua. The Silver Scorpion flew down, and tried different maneuvers to lose Kotua, but Kotua and the A.I. of the Renegade kept going behind them, firing. Blacktron Aerial Intruders flew towards Kotua, ready to blast him to bits... or so they thought. Kotua's craft was too strong for the blasts. The Silver Scorpion managed to fly off, and Kotua turned and began firing at the Aerial Intruders... ---- Voltage realized Databoard was cut off from the rest of the team. They drove their Steel Sprinters carefully, avoiding the falling rocks. One hit Voltage's. "Aaahhh!!!" he yelled, as he was flung off, his car careening off course. He ducked, as the Steel Sprinter flew over him and crashed into the wall, shards of stone going everywhere. When one cut him on the shoulder, the friendly Mutant Lizard crawled out and slapped a bandage on him. "What the..." Voltage thought aloud. The boulders stopped falling, and the agents came to a halt. They dismounted their Steel Sprinters. "Come on! Let's get outta here!" Kai yelled, running to the hole Voltage's Steel Sprinter had made. "What about Data?" Snake asked. "You guys really don't get it, do you?" Kai said, slyly. "Get what?" "Check the GPS!" "Oh, right," Snake said, getting out the GPS. "He's not far from here, just a few floors down, to the right," he concluded. Kai ran through the hole. "Let's gooooOH MY GOSH!!!" Kai yelled. He was now hanging on the ledge of an endless abyss. Voltage, having quick reflexes, darted to the spot, grabbing Kai's hand before he plunged to his doom. He pulled Kai up. "That was even closer!" Kai said, remembering the dinos. They used their grappling hooks to get to the level Databoard was on (level 9, according to the GPS), and found a door to the right. They opened it in time to see Databoard, running from something. "Data!" Joey called, getting Databoard's attention. "You found me!" Databoard said running to the spot. "I just got rid of a bunch of dinos." "The last ones, I guess," Venom said, pointing to the GPS, which showed no dinos in the area. They found a staircase and climbed up it. "Mission accomplished!" Databoard said, triumphantly. When they reached the top, they got a nasty greeting: five Mutant Lizards, flanked by two Mutant Raptors and a T-Rex. "We need backup!" Voltage shouted into the radio. If no one came, they were extremely outmatched. The situation was grim. The Lizards they could handle, the Raptors would be a little harder, but the T-Rex was nearly unstoppable. They would need backup, but he doubted it would get here in time. Databoard readied his weapon, as the Mutant Dinos closed in on them. The Lizards were coming first, followed by the Raptors, with the T-Rex in the back. "Let's see, we can either fight and be killed, or run and be killed later," Databoard muttered sarcastically. "Don't you just love choices?" "How about fight, then run?" asked Kai, shooting a few tranquilizers at the T-Rexes. "At least we'll still live longer." ---- As Louis dragged on with his Steel Sprinter, he found the ocean and realized that he must have been in the Coleport District. With the sun reflecting off the water's surface, it was so shiny that it nearly blinded his eyes. He grasped his binoculars and saw what happened to be a bridge leading to a small island just off the coast. Louis scrambled among the ruins of what looked like transports and fallen tubes made out of green transparent "plastic". One of the inscriptions read "Pointer Island". His Steel Sprinter ran across tons and tons of old debris covered by inorganic webs made out of a material he'd never seen before. But he hardly had a mind to concentrate on such extraordinary remains, including technology he could have never imagined... Louis had been to most major parts of the city, and uncovered breeding grounds on what happened to be some sort of grand museum in times past. Louis was almost certain this was the point where they were emerging from. But, he discovered there was an abandoned laboratory on Pointer Island. Perhaps this was a place of experimentation? Louis had been recording everything he saw on his camera. If he could get that to the government of the world, he could show living proof of the behavioral patterns of such creatures, and how they weren't "official" dinosaurs per se. They were so much more than a normal dinosaur from ages past. These were actual monsters. The lizards only barely resembled Coelophysis; the so-called T-Rex looked more like a giant Ceratosaurus on steroids; and the raptors looked like… ah, he could imagine few things that actually had force fields such as the raptors. Louis knew that it would be harder on the tribal island. He had gotten pretty far. Now if he could find a boat, or find something to use as a boat, he would be able to get to Enchanted Island. Then he could call for emergency. But he looked back and he saw a horde of Mutant Lizards after him... "Oh crud, what am I gonna do? ...I think it's time to see what the cosmotronic weapon does..." He aimed at one Mutant Lizard and shot the ray, and it got paralyzed. He had 20 shells left... He aimed at another one, and it happened to be a camouflaged one. That one also got paralyzed. He kept going forward and had to put the weapon down, since it was so heavy. ---- The group seemed outmatched. Even with the friendly Mutant Lizard striking everything in reach, the Dinos seemed invulnerable. Or maybe... "Guys!" Databoard yelled. "The raptors are shielding them!" "Sonic Screamers, pull 'em out!" "Fire!" The nearest raptor fell down with a thud, but a new one soon landed next to its fallen comrade. The Mutant Lizard hissed at it, rearing back to strike. The Raptor decided it didn't like Lizards hissing at him, so he took a bite at it. The Lizard scampered away hurriedly. Voltage dove aside as the mutant dinos attacked. They were extremely outmatched. The agent on the radio said backup was on the way, but how far away was 'on the way'? They were in big trouble. The T-Rex reared up, flinging a Steel Sprinter at Voltage with its tail. He ducked, just in time, and it smashed down the stairs, blocking their only exit. "That was even closer than when I said it was closer than when I said it was close!" Kai yelled. "What?" Voltage wondered. Databoard fired at the Mutant Dinos, but there was little they could do to fend then off. The T-Rex fired his laser eyes at him, but he dodged the beam. Suddenly, he was knocked to the ground by a camouflaged Mutant Lizard. The other agents saw but could do nothing, as they were busy with the other Dinos. He readied his laser, but it was hard to fight something you couldn't see... ---- "That was a close one," Rex said. "If it weren't for the Silver Scorpion, we'd be dead!" "Or worse," Phantom added. "Now, this whole 'PBB' thing seems familiar to-" "Ooh, look at that shiny rock!" Rex said, trying to distract Phantom from getting his memories back. "Nice move," Zero whispered to Rex. Zero was still feeling intense pain in his arm. "Argh…" "Are you alright?" asked Phantom. "Yes... But my arm isn't... And I also have a headache, must've been from wearing those goggles…" "Do we have any medical supplies?" asked Rex. To his surprise, a voice answered, and it did not belong to either Phantom or Zero: "Yes, in the back." "Who are you?" asked Rex, afraid he was hearing Mutant Dino voices again. "Probably the Silver Scorpion's computer," Zero guessed. "Affirmative," the computer voice answered. Rex was already in the back of the Silver Scorpion cockpit, looking for medical supplies. His choices were: a bag labeled "Blah", a box filled with ice, or a white suitcase with a red cross on it. "Pretty obvious," Rex muttered, grabbing the suitcase. He walked over to Zero. "Are you a medic?" he asked. "Not quite," Zero answered. "Are you?" Rex asked Phantom. "No," Phantom replied. Rex sighed. "Neither am I." "Well, I'm going to rest in the back, then..." suggested Zero. "Alright," said Rex. Zero went to the back of the cockpit, where the icebox and the "Blah" bag were kept, and he fell asleep. Rex watched as Zero slept. He hoped that Zero was okay. If he was not, then there could be something very wrong going on. Phantom was still trying to look for the "shiny rock" that Rex "pointed out" earlier. ---- For the third time in the day, Voltage muttered "We are really outmatched." "Would you stop saying that?" Kai said, annoyed. Voltage's raptor charged, and he shot it with his Sonic Screamer. Nothing happened. "Okayyy... That didn't work," Voltage muttered. He ran back a few feet and threw a grenade. There was a giant roar, followed by an ear-shattering explosion. Voltage looked up. The dino still stood there, not only unharmed, but extremely aggravated. "How much does it take to rub out a couple of dinos?!" Voltage screamed. The raptor charged again, and Voltage dove out of the way, getting irritated. Venom had managed to tie one Mutant Lizard up using the remains of his grappling hook; Databoard lured one Raptor and one Mutant Lizard into a trap set by Snake of Spades; but Joey, Voltage, and Venom were having no luck defeating their dinos. But the ones who did had a bigger problem: a T-Rex. "Voltage, we are in close proximity to your area," a voice in the radio said. "How long will it be?" Voltage asked quickly. He could see Venom and Joey fighting off three Mutant Lizards. "Half an hour, sir," the voice replied. "You've got to be kidding me," Voltage said, shutting off the radio. Next thing he knew he was flung off his feet, the radio crushed into tiny fragments. "Uh-oh, not good," Voltage realized what the raptor had done. It had just destroyed their only communication. "Not good at all." The T-Rex tried to swipe at Snake with it arms, but Snake dodged the blow. A Mutant Lizard camouflaged itself in the temple wall. Snake saw the lump. He reloaded his gun. The Lizard jumped onto Databoard. Snake shot at it and the lizard collapsed on top of Databoard. Snake picked up the Lizard and threw it at the T-Rex. It hit the creature with a powerful blow. The raptor swiped at Voltage's head. He ducked and drew out his Sonic Screamer. Setting it to electricity mode, and blasted the dino. Thousands of volts of electricity electrocuted the dino, and it fell over, stunned. Now that it was stunned, it couldn't use its powers, so Voltage killed it with another blast. He set the gun to normal mode, and rushed over to help Venom and Joey with the three raptors. One leapt at him, and kicked it away, shooting it. It struck the dino in the chest, but did no damage. As the Mutant Lizard charged again, Voltage really wished they were still in LEGO City. Databoard rushed to help Voltage, but was hit by the Mutant Lizard's tail and knocked backwards. "These guys actually make Ogel's Drones seem fun," Databoard muttered, getting back up to his feet. He soon found himself facing another Mutant Lizard. Suddenly, a missile hit the Lizard, knocking Databoard backwards. He looked up to see a plane flying above them. That might help, but he did not know if it could take down the Mutant T-Rex. ---- Cobra sped through LEGO City. He had been informed about people on Adventurers' Island, and decided to use a borrowed jet to save them, if he could outrun the raptors chasing him. Cobra used a hologram to fool the raptors. It bought him a second. He turned his Cosmontronic Ray on the raptors that had their force fields down. He fired his ray and sped off. He reached his jet and flew off. He did not notice what was chasing him... ***** Kotua flew under the flying Silver Scorpion. A small robot arm surfaced from the Blacktron craft, and implanted a device on it. The Blacktron craft flew back, and Kotua pressed a button. The device glowed, and started shaking. ***** Rex was thinking about Zero, when he suddenly felt extreme pain. He sat down, but the pain was too much for him... ***** Kotua pressed a button, and the Blacktron craft fired a Mutant Dino-Seeking missile. To his surprise, it went towards the Silver Scorpion, having detected Mutant Dinos on it. Seems Rex is now giving Dinos luxury transport to kill others... thought Kotua as the missile neared its target. The Silver Scorpion flew away from the missile, which relentlessly pursued the craft. Kotua flew behind it, ready to blast the Scorpion Orb Launcher into pieces. ***** "Peasam, are you alright?" asked Phantom. "No," Rex stammered. "Extre-eme p--pain." "Oh no," Phantom muttered. "The pain is spreading from Norik to you? This is not good! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" "Don't!" Rex yelled, just as Phantom was about to jump out of the Silver Scorpion. "If y-you go out there, then you'll be v-v-vulnerable to Kotua's ship! And that would be even more painful! Besides, I think it's just a c-c-coincidence that Zero and I have-" BAM! A sudden bang rocked the Silver Scorpion. Phantom wisely stayed inside. "What was that?" asked Zero, suddenly waking up. "I don't know," Rex said. "But I hope it d-doesn't harm the Silver Scorpion! Is it p-p-possible that Kotua rebuilt the only weapon that could destroy the Silver Scorpion?" Zero did not answer. ***** Cobra flew in his jet high in the air. Then he spotted the Silver Scorpion. He sent a transmission saying he can help them sneak away. He noticed the attacking ship was not friendly. He launched a missile between the two ships which exploded making a cloud of smoke. He only hoped the Silver Scorpion escaped. Kotua flew through the smoke cloud, and fired at the Silver Scorpion. Kotua opened another panel of buttons. Since mutants are on the vehicle... he thought, pressing a button. Four missiles flew from the craft, and hit the Silver Scorpion. ***** Rex was still in pain, when he noticed smoke entering the Silver Scorpion. "This isn't good..." said Rex. Zero did not even pay attention to what Rex said: he was sleeping again. When he woke up a while later, his headache was gone. He put the goggles on again, and this time when he activated the goggles, he noticed that some of the other Astor City tech started to light up. It looked almost like a suit… ---- Turahk-Kal woke up from a long rest. He was in a makeshift bunker in an abandoned mall in LEGO City. He still had lost his Fire Hammer from his encounter with Kotua, and needed a vehicle to get to Adventurers' Island. Gathering his belongings, he began walking down the street in hopes of finding a vehicle. Soon, Turahk-Kal was flying in a jet across the ocean. He had "borrowed" it from a pilot and was speeding towards Adventurers' Island. He had carefully made sure that his tank was full so he didn't get into the situation he got into last time. The sky was mostly clear today, only a few Mutant Pteranodons here and there, and he was too fast for them to catch up to him anyway... ***** Cobra continued to Adventurers' Island, when his stalker attacked: a dozen Pteranodons. Cobra got all of them with his remaining Dino DNA Seeking Missiles. He never really liked killing dinos. He stopped and refueled, reloaded, and fixed his jet. Cobra soon reached Adventurers' Island. He learned Turahk-Kal was on the way. After a few times around island, he found them. He saw there was another plane there. He took down a Raptor and a few Mutant Lizards. He launched a missile at the T-Rex. It did not do anything. This is going to be hard, Cobra thought. Cobra had an idea. It was crazy, gross, and slightly barbaric, but it might work. Maybe he could get the T-Rex in his unarmored places, like his mouth, but anything that would reach his mouth would have to get past his laser eyes and furnace mouth. Cobra launched his best tranqs at the T-Rex's eyes and mouth. "Cobra! Finally, someone comes!" Voltage shouted in his headset. The headset only worked for close range communication, so he had been unable to contact base. "Turahk-Kal is coming, too!" Cobra said, via his headset. "Good. We need all the help we can get!" Databoard said, joining them. "And, before my radio was crushed..." said Voltage, glaring at the dead raptor that had crushed his radio, "base said they were sending over reinforcements!" Just as everyone began to lighten up, the situation got worse. There were now ten Mutant Lizards, in addition to the five that were already there, and five more Raptors bounded out of a nearby cave. But, to their delight, another T-Rex did not show up. "Bad really bad really bad really bad..." Kai muttered, seeing the approaching threat. "Why do they keep coming?" Voltage said, frustrated. "They probably called for help!" Cobra suggested. Kai grumbled, "Great! Now the new dinos are gonna cry for help, and then the new dinos are gonna cry for help, and then the new dinos are gonna cry for help, and then the new dinos are gonna cry for help, and we're all gonna die!" "Don't worry, the reinforcements are gonna get here soon, I hope," Voltage muttered. The new dinos hesitated, as if waiting for something. "Okay we could just back away..." Venom said, "Slowly and quietly," he continued, until he was tackled by one of the five original Mutant Lizards. "Not good!" Venom yelled. Voltage shot it. "Thanks!" said Venom. "Who could believe a mutant lizard was that easy to defeat, eh?" "It's not dead..." Voltage said. ".........Oh.........." "Turahk-Kal, come on..." whispered Voltage. Turahk-Kal swooped in in his jet. He locked on to the T-Rex and fired two missiles. He pulled up and watched as one missile slammed into the T-Rex's side, while the other hit the ground and created a large black cloud. He turned around and fired the remaining two into the T-Rex. They both hit it in the neck. It let out a roar of pain, and landed with a crashing boom on the sand. It did not get up. Turahk-Kal swooped around and prepared to do what he could with the remaining dinos... ---- "Oh," Louis sighed with relief, "I finally got rid of those things... now, on to Enchanted Island..." Louis docked his boat at the shore of Enchanted Island. Up ahead appeared to be some Indigo temple ruins. He stared for a moment and continued his way through. It looked like a long stairway, and he thought he would be at the volcano in at least two hours. One hour passed. He finally saw where the stairs led. They led into many dark chambers. They were full of Mutant Dino nests. He found eggs of the creatures inside, some of which were still not yet hatched. The problem was that he could not touch them to destroy them. If the mother dinosaurs were in the area, they would be alerted and they would come to attack him. He kept going up until he found no more stairs, but a dark, dark chamber. He thought of going left or right. To the right there were more stairs, and must have led to the surface, but he went left, to explore the place further. Then he found a giant chamber, with a strangely shaped pedestal, and the remains of several Mutant Dinos. In that chamber he also found the remains of two huge statues. He found a plaque that referred to "Golems". He found the place crawling with the eggs. And he saw one of the T-Rexes there... must be the female. He found about ten Raptors and thousands of the Lizards. He shuddered, and crawled his way back to the right, scared like he had never been scared before. These creatures were all over Astor City and Enchanted Island. He kept going right until he found the stairs again. He walked upstairs for five minutes until he found another great chamber. Another plaque read "Darkness". Louis stared at the sign "... Darkness?" he muttered. "Really, more darkness? Gosh... I'm so tired..." He kept walking until he entered chamber with another couple of remains of a strange crab-like beast. He crossed the chamber, entered a smaller chamber covered with webbing and metallic debris on the floor and he read "Atukam". "What's an Atukam?" he thought aloud. He entered the chamber, which was spotless. Completely spotless. But it was mildly scarred though, and he encountered a strange silvery fluid in a strange symbol. He kept moving and saw more stairs. The air was getting hotter and hotter. "I bet that leads to the volcano!" he said to himself. He saw a strange looking device. It reminded him of an elevator, and he wondered if it was installed by the Dino Attack agents who set up the command post, or else the Indigo Islanders were more advanced than they let on. He ran towards it, and suddenly six Mutant Lizards came out of nowhere! One was red, the other one was completely black, one was yellow with black spots, one was black with blue spots, and the two others were green. "Oh no... no, no, NO!" he screamed at them. He quickly grasped two small guns from the holsters on his hip, and then he shot one lizard to its death. He kept shooting, but the creatures moved very quickly. One of them shot acid at one of his guns, destroying it. Another one spat fire embers at him. Louis dodged them quickly...Then he took out the Cosmotronic Ray out, and shot two lizards with it, paralyzing them. Then he took out a special gun. It shot 5 bullets at a time, killing another beast. Two were left, the one with acid stealth and the red one that spat fire. They retreated. "Yeah you run away cowards!" Louis screamed. Then he reached for the elevator and left the horrible temple. "Command post, here we go!" he said excitedly, with a hint of fear within his voice.... ---- Cobra launched a missile that destroyed two Raptors and three Mutant Lizards. He took two more Mutant Lizards down with his Cosmontronic Ray. Cobra told Voltage to keep the dinos at bay. He told Turahk-Kal to launch missiles at a nearby wall, while Cobra took down a tree. The pileup buried the dinos, but luckily everyone got away safely. Voltage said, "Good job, but don't celebrate yet. More may come." The ground shook, then there was a big roar.... Voltage saw Turahk-Kal's ship hovering in the air. It disappeared behind the temple and landed. The situation would be under control in a few minutes. Turahk-Kal rushed over, and the number of dinosaurs decreased. There were only four left when Voltage noticed the T-1 Typhoon they arrived in. "Where's Axel?" he asked. Suddenly, Axel jumped onto Voltage, but Cobra shot Axel. "Did you kill him?" "No, that was just a tranq," replied Cobra. They soon got all of the dinos, but two T-Rexes appeared. Cobra ran into his jet. It only worked on one T-Rex, and he was out of tranqs. He remembered he had an Ice Orb. He dropped it out of the plane. It went into her mouth and worked. They were about to leave when it happened.... ---- Louis finally reached... ANOTHER CHAMBER! But this one was illuminated by glowing crystals! It was also "new"... it looked clean - the floor, everywhere. He walked through the chamber and saw a strange pedestal but he did not check it... Was this the one place the mutant dinosaurs hadn't gotten to? In every chamber he had been, he had seen nests. Looked like the creatures were born quickly in an insect-like fashion, not like reptiles or mammals. Like flies, born out of a fat disgusting cluster of eggs. Or even like bees... Louis kept walking, exploring the room, and he quickly figured why none had gotten to the room yet. There was a huge door blocking the exit. It had some strange symbols... why would this incredible civilization make traps? Perhaps they were driven away by the creatures? That couldn't be, as the creatures appeared recently, and the door was older than these things. Louis tried to solve the "riddle" the old inhabitants had left him. He quickly turned to the pedestal, and saw more hieroglyphs. "Place a light-stone here," it read. "Such civilized instructions? These people tried making everything as simple as we do today..." Louis thought aloud. He quickly shot one of the glowing crystals out of the ceiling, and he grabbed it before it reached the ground. "One less bullet... geez..." He placed the jewel on the pedestal and it shone very brightly. The door opened. Louis sighed at the fact that there was nothing else in that room; it was like the one he was in, except there was no pedestal, but an entrance to a tunnel that probably led to the volcano... he hoped it did. He kept going into the tunnel, and the light grew dimmer with each step. He turned on his high-power lamp to follow his way through. After a couple of minutes, he reached some stairs with a sign that read: "Tribal Island Trail... Beware of alligators!" Scribbled under the sign, it read: "Uhu was here!" He thought it was funny. "Woah, old-style graffiti... He must have gotten the lynching of his life... ha ha!" Louis said to himself. He followed the stairs until there was more light, and suddenly he was standing on a beautiful beach paradise, but littered with tons of debris. The alligators were gone; no inhabitants, either. He wondered how to get to the beach where he docked his boat. He looked in the distance and saw the volcano. "The command post must be close... at least 30 minutes from here," he thought... But he encountered problems. There were more mutant creatures on top of a strange formation with a bright object on it. "These are good binoculars," Louis joked to himself... He then had to swim his way through. There seemed to be no fish and tons of debris on the bottom of the lake. He swam to the beach that led to the volcano… it was nearby. He got out of the water, and tried to sneak his way through the creatures that were busy playing with the shiny thing. Everything was being recorded by Louis. He moved towards the molten lava, and he heard a loud thumping noise. It was a Raptor! "You... YOU!" he screamed at the monster, who roared back at him. Louis equipped his rifle and shot it at the monster, which shielded itself. He kept shooting the ray until the Raptor's eyes glowed red, and then it slashed with its claws, shredding the rifle to pieces! Louis was really mad now. He took out his special magnums, which shot 5 bullets every time he pressed the trigger, but the Raptor repelled every single one of them. Then, the Raptor moved in for the kill. Now he was on top of Louis... Louis did not know what to do... he was certain he would die... then he remembered he had the Cosmotronic Ray! He thought the rays could pierce their way through the shield. The dino task force told him that their research said that the shield was not perfect. While bullets would be ineffective, the experimental Cosmostronic Ray would be effective against the Raptor. He grabbed the gun and shot one single blast that efficiently refracted its way to the creature's eye blasting it off, and leaving the raptor in great pain, and it moved out of Louis's way. Louis ran to the volcano. It was so hot in there that he took his shirt off and wrapped it around his waist. Even then, he was burning up. After all, he was at a volcano. He heard rumors of a village in the volcano, but there was no such thing. Then where would Dino Attack leave the radio transmitters? The guard house! He ran towards it and saw the radio transmitter. ... ... TRANSMISSION 3344 Delta Chi... ... "I'm calling any nearby helicopters, I'm on an island... named… Enchanted Island... it's uncharted. I need rescue, this was an exploration mission, but we've encountered a great loss of life and the remaining one is in grave danger, please, send help immediately!" He sent the transmissions to all frequencies within the U.S. and LEGOLAND. He hoped that they would rescue him, that they would somehow follow the signal, and get him out of that infernal place. ---- Zero looked at the tech that had activated when he put on the goggles. Now, he was certain that it was some sort of powered cybernetic armor-suit. Why not put it on? he wondered. My arm still hurts, so it would be nice to have some extra protection. While Rex and Phantom were still focusing on evading Kotua, Zero put on the powered armor. It was black and metallic, highlighted with neon green lights to perfectly compliment the goggles' aesthetics, and the gloves went over his hands like a pair of large claws. Now this is more like it! Zero was trying to understand what was going on, when he heard explosions outside. He wanted to see what was happening, but he could not leave the vehicle... not during a battle like this... Rex was still in pain when he fell down, barely conscious. "This isn't good," Phantom said. ***** Kotua continued firing at the Silver Scorpion, which was now filled with anti-Mutant Dino chemicals. Kotua pressed another button. The Renegade sped up and rammed the Silver Scorpion. Kotua then flew back a bit, and rammed the Silver Scorpion again. He noticed more dent marks on the vehicle's armor. Soon, I'll destroy the Scorpion Orb Launcher, and Rex will have nowhere to hide! thought Kotua To Kotua's surprise, the Silver Scorpion's armor regenerated. "This isn't going to be easy," Kotua muttered. Suddenly, where there was just one Silver Scorpion before, there were inexplicably two. One immediately began scrambling away from Kotua's craft at top speed, while the other stayed behind. Kotua realized that one of them was an illusion. Guessing that Rex must have been in the fleeing one, he pursued it. ***** From the ruins of a nearby movie theater, PBB watched as the Blacktron spacecraft pursued the other Silver Scorpion. "It worked," he remarked with satisfaction. "It looks like we still can get some mileage out of this old Alpha Team holographic generator." "Indeed," said the shadowed figure who stood behind PBB. "Kotua has been tricked, and it may buy Rex and his friends the time they need to escape. We can't let them die." PBB nodded. However, he did not know what to think of his mysterious new companion, who had introduced himself as 'the phantom'. He wore a dark cloak that concealed his appearance, and while PBB possessed proficient voice recognition software, the phantom was deliberately speaking in a low, husky voice that rendered the software unable to detect a match. As the phantom turned to walk away, PBB asked: "Who are you, really? I know you're trying to hide your identity, but I do not understand your purposes in doing so. You can trust me." "Look what's going on out there, PBB," said the phantom. "Kotua is trying to kill his own teammates. Earlier, Phantom was attacking Rex in his search for Frozeen. It's not safe for anyone… least of all, someone such as myself." PBB glanced back at the Silver Scorpion. "Special agent Phantom was… searching for Frozeen, too?" he murmured. "But, why would he be looking for… unless… oh my Builder." He had already computed an answer to his own question, and he did not like it. He urgently turned around to face the phantom again, but the mysterious figure had already disappeared into the darkness, leaving PBB alone. ***** Zero continued to sit in the back of the cockpit as he talked to Rex. "Rex, what were all those sounds?" he asked. "Kotua was shooting missiles at us," said Rex. He grimaced from the pain he was feeling, but he focused on Zero's health: "How are you feeling?" "I'm... fine," replied Zero. He wondered if the powered armor was administering endorphins to ease the pain in his injured arm. ***** After a while the signal wasn't as strong, and Kotua realized he had been fooled. He turned around and flew back after the real Silver Scorpion. Once he tracked it down, he fired multiple shots. A Blacktron missile entered the atmosphere, shaking, and heating up... Kotua continued firing. Rex noticed on his radar that something else was headed for them! The Blacktron missile flew fast, and was now going straight towards the Silver Scorpion. Rex managed to pilot the Silver Scorpion away, with Kotua flying after it. The missile smashed into the Renegade, sending multiple of the Blacktron craft's pieces and ammo in all directions. The missile exploded, sending a powerful blast. The Silver Scorpion tried outrunning it, but the blast damaged the thrusters, disabling the vehicle's flying ability. The Silver Scorpion landed hard on the ground, and moved away fast. Rex recovered once the Silver Scorpion's air circulation systems removed the anti-Mutant Dino gas. The scanner detected PBB, Little Bot, and Chompy nearby, so they started to head in that direction. ---- Louis hoped that someone would "HURRY UP AND GET ME," but he had new concerns... He decided to explore his vicinity. Behind the Dino Attack command post was something that looked like... a racecar? It even had a full tank of gas. Why did the Indigo Islanders have racecars? Why was it untouched by the Mutant Dinos? Louis decided not to ask any more questions and got out to explore the island. Once he was out of the heat, he put his shirt back on, which was still wet from his swim and felt refreshed. He took out a bottle and drank some iced tea from it. He moved to where the landing strip was, close to the beach. Then he moved to where the bright object was. Mutant Lizards were nowhere to be seen, only leaving their footprints in the sand... He moved up the naturally formed stairs and reached the bright object... It looked like some sort of ancient telescope, with a priceless gem instead of glass lens. No wonder the pirates always wanted to plunder this place. He saw through it, and saw the stars. He noticed some strange forms on the base of the telescope. They all looked like prophecies of some kind. "If these Indigo Islanders were really able to see the future," Louis muttered, "then they should've seen the Dino Attack coming a long time ago. But where are they now? They've been here for thousands of years, and I heard many weren't evacuated to Antarctica. Most things are as if someone was still here... or left recently..." Louis sat down to chow down on some bread he kept sealed in his bag, and some energy cookies. He looked down at the landing strip. "Munch, maybe, gulp munch, the lizards will come back and eat munch me... wohoh! I hope munch they munch received my message, gulp." ---- Snake, Voltage, Databoard, Joey, Kai, Venom, Cobra, and Turahk-Kal defeated the dinos and hauled Axel into the T-1 Typhoon. They were taking a big risk; Axel was only tranquilized, and could wake up at any time. Voltage had not forgotten to bring the friendly Mutant Lizard along. He took out some food and the Lizard took it with delight. There was a small Dino Attack control center in a remote area of Pirates Forbidden Island. They all hated it there, but they had to go if they wanted to de-mutate Axel. The eight agents hopped off the T-1 Typhoon when they arrived, carrying Axel with them. When inside the control center, the scientists turned their heads from their projects and stared at the newcomers. They rarely saw agents around the lab, unless it was urgent. "We need him de-mutated and fast!" Voltage said, plopping Axel down on a nearby table. "This is Axel, he was our friend until he got mutated." The Mutant Lizard stepped forward and nodded. Finally putting the pieces together and realizing who it was, Voltage added: "And this is Hyrode. Same story, but he's still our friend." One of the scientists examined Axel and Hyrode. "We have no de-mutation venom here, but we will have some in tomorrow." "Good. We'll leave him here with you, you know, so you can test him and such," Voltage replied. "What about a test?" "I don't know, whatever you scientists do," Voltage said as the group headed out into Pirates Forbidden Island. While waiting for Axel and Hyrode to be cured, the rest of the team battled Mutant Raptors and Mutant Pterosaurs. They arrived at the island's coast and tried to take a pirate ship, but their progress was halted by ShadowTech. They hid from a ShadowTech T-1 Typhoon in an old pirate hideout, and fled when the helicopter destroyed the hideout. They escaped the island in a Dino Attack T-1 Typhoon piloted by John and traveled back to LEGO City. ---- Kotua awoke in the burning wreck of the Blacktron Renegade ship. Kotua felt as somebody removed the rubble on top of him. Kotua readied his blaster. As soon as he had a clear shot, he fired. The police officer fell to the ground as his foot was vaporized. Kotua pushed some of the rubble, and got out. The officer drew his gun and fired, but the bullet bounced harmlessly off the armor. Kotua lifted his gun, and aimed. "Any last words?" said Kotua, and then he fired. Kotua walked around. He was in a city. He found the officer's jeep, and looked at the steering wheel. Keys were missing. Kotua turned, and walked back to the officer. Kotua searched the officer, and took his tools and the key. He walked back to the jeep, turned it on, and drove off to find the Blacktron HQ. He was eager to get revenge for being shot down with a missile. Kotua turned on the radio, and was surprise to hear a person calling for helicopters at a target. Kotua heard the sounds of the helicopters, and looked up. One of the helicopters was there to stop Kotua, and the other to transport him to jail. "I don't have time for this. Rex could be gone off the Blacktron Radars..." muttered Kotua, driving into an underground parking lot. Kotua soon heard police sirens. He looked behind, and saw the sirens of the police cars, coming towards him. Kotua took out a small device, and put it on the radio. Now Kotua could listen to the police's orders without them using the radio to track him. Kotua drove up the ramp, and out of the parking lot. Kotua heard bullets fired, and looked around. Two police cars were driving towards him, cops firing at him. Kotua took his gun and shot the driver of one of the cars, and then he blasted the engine of the other car. Kotua's escape from the police soon escalated as the LEGOLAND military became involved. He abandoned the police jeep and instead hijacked a military Hummer. ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  10. Chapter 7: The Monsters Within ---- "Trouble?" Rex exclaimed. "How did you get out of your cage? And… are you... talking?" Trouble shook his head as the voice spoke again. "No, of course not! But, I have told Trouble to lead you to me. Will you follow him?" Rex couldn't see where the voice was coming from, but at least he could sense that it wasn't just in his head like those other voices he had been hearing. "Who are you?" Rex asked. "You'll know soon, for my identity isn't important now, Rex. Just follow Trouble." Called by a whistle, Trouble began walking away. Rex, trusting his Mutant Lizard, followed him. They went together, walking through the labyrinth of ruin. Finally, Trouble stopped in a dark alleyway. It was too narrow for the Silver Scorpion, so Rex had to climb out of the safety of his vehicle and investigate on foot. Rex looked up, trying to see who the voice belonged to. He could just barely see a figure drop down from a rooftop, landing in the darkness ahead of him. He appeared to be wearing a long black hooded cloak, which masked his appearance even further; Rex could not make out any of his features. "This is a safe place where we can talk," said the shadowed figure, speaking in a low voice. "You may call me… the phantom." Rex did not trust someone he could not see. "Show yourself!" he ordered. The phantom did not reveal himself. "It is important that I remain hidden. These are dangerous times. If I did show myself, then I would never be able to tell you what I want - no, NEED - to tell you." "What is it?" Rex asked. "One of your Dino Attack agents is actually a sleeper agent working for the ones responsible for the Dino Attack." "Kotua…" Rex immediately thought aloud. "Perhaps not. You see, this infiltrator is… a Mutant Dino." Rex blinked in surprise. "What? A Dino Attack agent is a Mutant Dino…? How is that possible?" "I'll tell you." ---- Vex looked around. Enchanted Island looked far more different than it used to be. He wished his old friends and everyone else had not forgotten him when they left. But then, he snapped out of it and remembered his mission: find three Mutant Raptors. That was going to be hard. Then he saw them and started up his Fire Hammer.... ---- Databoard was finished digging; they had scanned the area at least twice. He was now headed to base. When he arrived, he was informed of his mission to Dinosaur Island. Voltage greeted Databoard and they set off. Databoard groaned at the thought of going to Dinosaur Island. After seeing the condition of Adventurers' Island, in which the two types of dinosaurs were at war, he wasn't eager to go to an island where the Mutant Dinos had taken over. He would also rather be trying to find out what was wrong with that madman Kotua. They soon arrived at Dinosaur Island, which made Adventurers' Island look like a very nice place to be. The island was under Mutant Dino rule, which was never a good thing. "Not a pretty sight, huh?" said Voltage. It was true, none of them really wanted to come here. Voltage could see the dinos coming, fast. "Hey Axel," called Databoard. "What expert are you?" "I'm a weapons expert!" Axel responded cheerfully. "He'll come in handy," Databoard and Voltage muttered to each other. About 30 Mutant Lizards leapt from behind nearby bushes and rocks, and they quickly surrounded Axel, Voltage, and Databoard. Axle readied a laser, but Databoard motioned for him to lower it. "If we attack, they'll all attack at once," Databoard said. Axel looked at him with a puzzled look. "And what do you propose we do?" he asked. Databoard quickly studied his surroundings, trying to come up with a plan. The Mutant Lizards moved closer, Axel pulled out a laser rifle. Instead of aiming at the Lizards, he aimed at a large tree nearby. It collapsed, causing several Lizards to scatter. Axel rushed down the path he created, followed closely by Databoard and Voltage, with the Mutant Lizards close behind. Databoard looked behind him. The Mutant Lizards were still behind them, jaws ready to tear them to bits. He ran faster, not wanting to see those jaws up close. One leapt at him, but he ducked out of the way and pushed it into a nearby ditch. He then rushed away before it could get up. Several Mutant Raptors leapt out in front of Databoard. Axel, not the most experienced with Mutant Dinos, fired at it. The blast was simply deflected by its force field. "This can't get much worse," Axel muttered. More Lizards appeared, surrounding the agents. "Do you want to take back your statement?" Databoard muttered. ---- Kai and Joey went back to Antarctica, discussing on what they could use to solve the dinosaur problem. "Hmm... Many dinosaurs got killed by a meteor which hit the planet, but it's purely impossible to control a giant rock to smash the dinos. More importantly, our lives are at stake," said Kai. "Well, maybe a second Ice Age can do..." said Joey. At this point, Kai had a brainwave. "That's it! Freeze them! We still have our original Alpha Team Scorpion Orb Launcher, don't we?" "Okay, but how do we get it out of Antarctica?" asked Joey. "There's the problem," said Kai. ---- Nearly everyone had evacuated the city, making it the perfect place for Kotua to return. A few Mutant Pteranodons tried attacking the craft, but the Voltage's double Beam Shields blocked the attack. Kotua had learned of people trapped by rubble from the probe. He pressed a button on his Command Deck chair. Immediately, the ship began a scan of the city. The Voltage flew to the location with the most people. Construction Bots got rescue equipment, and hovered down, followed by Security Bots. Soon, the Construction Bots drilled holes and started getting people out of the rubble. Not everyone made it. The few that did were taken to the Voltage. The Voltage flew over the city after rescuing people, and the construction bots took any material that could be useful to the craft (and not near a T-Rex). Kotua noticed a train pass on the rails. That's odd, thought Kotua. The train continued on, passing into a tunnel... ---- "D'oh!" Snake of Spades thought aloud. Rex didn't get his message. Suddenly, a T-Rex, four Raptors, ten Mutant Lizards, and a Pteranodon appeared. Snake sent a message on his PDA: HELP, I'M SURROUNDED BY EVERY TYPE OF DINO! AGENT SNAKE ***** After Databoard left, Zero sped off to find someone else that's alive. Zero was driving around, when his PDA beeped. It was agent Snake of Spades. The PDA worked, so he couldn't be far. A bit later, he saw agent Snake, surrounded by LOTS of dinos. That's going to be hard... Zero thought. Zero shot nets at the Mutant Lizards and Raptors, but the T-Rex were too strong and the Pterosaurs were flying too high. He drove to near Snake of Spades and shouted, "GET IN!!" Snake hopped into the Urban Avenger and they sped away, Mutant Pterosaurs and T-Rex right behind. Zero and Snake of Spades arrived at HQ. They left the people Zero and Databoard found earlier there, and Snake got another Urban Avenger. After that, they left. Zero went to search the city again, hoping to find PBB or other agents. ---- Kotua came out of the Voltage, and landed the small craft on a gas station. An Octan truck was parked there. Blood was on the door handle. Kotua walked towards it, blaster ready. He looked inside. The truck was empty. He turned, and looked around the pumps. One of the hoses was on the floor. Obviously, the Octan worker tried drowning the dino, but didn't succeed, then he tried running to the truck. Kotua walked and looked around once more. Some damaged cars were on the street. Some parked, some on the road, crashed until their gas ran out. Kotua entered the convenience store. More blood splatter. Kotua looked at most products. Most food had spoiled, mainly the food on the shelves. The drinks had lasted somewhat longer, as the dinos didn't break the doors to the cold drinks. The cashier's body was on the floor, obviously bitten thousands of times. "Anybody alive here?" asked Kotua. Silence. Kotua walked back out, and walked towards the store on the front of the station. He entered the store and noticed products on the floor, scattered. There were bodies of people, too. Kotua walked around the store, looking for any survivors. It seemed nobody survived. He noticed that the pet section had the water tanks broken and dark water on the floor, along with small pebbles. Kotua walked out the store. "Dinos beat us to it," said Kotua into his commlink. "You sure about it?" asked the person on the other commlink. She had lived on near the station and store, and had wanted to rescue anybody left. She, along with a few of the other survivors Kotua rescued, had begged Kotua to check the place. Kotua noticed two Security Bots land. They started hovering towards Kotua, when the gas station exploded, engulfing the gas station and the two Security Bots. Kotua threw himself to the floor as pieces of the station, the Octan Truck, and the Security Bots went flying everywhere. Kotua stayed on the ground for a few minutes. He heard some of the pieces that flew up into the air land nearby. Kotua got up and looked around. What was left of the gas station was now in flames. Kotua ran out into the street. He looked around, and noticed a fire station. Kotua ran towards it, when he stopped. He heard a sound of a car. He looked around. Behind him, a car approached. Kotua noticed four people were in it, holding rifles. Kotua had the feeling they were going to be nothing but trouble. One stuck his head out of the car. "Loser!" he yelled, taking out his rifle, sitting on the door, and aiming at Kotua. The car picked up speed and the man fired at Kotua. Kotua quickly fired at the man, and jumped out of the car's way. The man dropped his rifle and fell out of the car. The other two looked at the dead man on the road, then at Kotua. Kotua ran as the car tried to ram him. Kotua looked back, and his eyes widened as the second man took out a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher and loaded it. Kotua ran, knowing better than get into a building. He heard the RPG launcher fire, and ran to the left as the rocket flew over the road and kept going until it hit a black Urban Avenger. Kotua fired at the two men trying to kill him, but the shot missed and hit a trash can nearby. Kotua ran again, but black vans appeared out of nowhere and stopped in front of Kotua. The other two men fired another RPG, blowing up one of the vans. Kotua used the distraction to run. "Help!" said Kotua into his commlink. Static. Kotua turned. One of the vans had radar dishes. Darn! thought Kotua. Soon, the ShadowTech agents knew where Kotua was hiding because of his call, and they walked towards him... just as the Voltage appeared. It began firing at the vans, destroying them. The other two men drove off, and Kotua ran towards the black van with dishes, and started firing at the dishes. Soon they fell, and Kotua called for Security Bots. Security Bots landed and began blasting the ShadowTech agents. Kotua helped the Security Bots by deflating the van's tires. Kotua looked inside the van with dishes. Some computer equipment. Kotua fired at it all, until it was too useless to use. Kotua turned to exit the van, when the door closed on him! Kotua turned. The computers were fake. It was a trap! These ShadowTech men get dumber by the day, thought Kotua. Immediately he raised his blaster and fired at the doors, making a hole where the lock should be. Kotua opened the doors, and kicked a man trying to shoot him. Kotua ran towards the security bots, firing at any ShadowTech agent that tried to get him. Kotua ran as more ShadowTech men arrived, with plenty of weapons to kill them. Kotua noticed the small craft flying towards him. Kotua quickly jumped on to it, and got the controls. Kotua pressed a button, and it flew full speed towards the Voltage. The Security Bots flew behind Kotua, making sure the craft wasn't hit... ---- Databoard looked around the Mutant Dinosaurs that had surrounded them. "Axel, got any grenades?" Databoard asked. Axel quietly handed him three grenades. Databoard flung them randomly, not hitting any Dinos but causing confusion as he did. Databoard, Voltage, and Axel rushed past several panicked Mutant Lizards. Just when they thought they were safe, they heard a crashing noise, and a Mutant T-Rex rushed at them! Databoard, Axel, and Voltage rushed off in separate directions to avoid the Mutant T-Rex's laser eye beams. Axel took out a laser and fired, but did no good. It charged at Axel, who leapt out of the way. It fired its eye beams again, hitting a cliff and sending rubble everywhere. Databoard ducked as debris rained down. Axel had hidden under a rocky outcropping in the cliff, and Voltage was too far away to be hit by rubble. The T-Rex charged at him, and fired its eye beams again. Databoard leapt out of the way, and the spot where he just was reduced to a smoking crater. Databoard dodged the T-Rex's eye beams by mere inches. Axel shot at the T-Rex again, distracting it from Databoard. As the T-Rex turned towards Axel, Databoard leapt at it. This turned out to be a mistake. With a swing of its tail, Databoard went flying in the other direction, crashing through a dead tree. Databoard slowly got up, but he had obviously been hurt, either from when the tail hit, when hit slammed through the tree, or most likely both. The T-Rex continued walking towards where Axel was, who was firing at it desperately. Databoard was about to help, when he was surrounded by ten Mutant Lizards. One leapt at Databoard, who barely avoided becoming its lunch. ---- "When the Mutant Dinos first appeared," the phantom explained, "the ones who mutated them… unfortunately, I still don't know who they are… they had created 'prototype' Mutant Dinos based upon an old formula created by Evil Ogel. They were the first Dinos to get mutated, but the mutation wasn't exactly the same. The 'prototype' Mutant Lizard was highly adaptive, but it could not spit acid or breathe fire. The Mutant Raptor had only the heightened senses of smell and hearing, no force fields. The Mutant Pteranodon was quick, but didn't shoot lightning bolts. The Mutant T-Rex was extra strong, but lacked the laser eyes and furnace mouth." Rex chuckled softly. "If only those were the Mutant Dinos we were fighting," he muttered. "This war would be much easier." "After the mutation was changed so they would have powers, they tried to put the 'prototypes' to sleep. But one resisted. So, they found another use for the 'prototype.' They found out that the Dino Attack Team was forming, so they disguised the 'prototype' Mutant Dino as a person." "I still don't get it," Rex wondered. "How on Earth could they do that? Even a Mutant Lizard can't fit into a disguise that looks - and is the same size - as other people!" Just thinking about that gave Rex cramps. "The people who created the Mutant Dinos are clever," the phantom replied. "Clearly insane, but also clever. They developed a serum that could shrink down a dinosaur, and an organic minifigure suit that looks indistinguishable from a real person. Their plan was that the 'prototype' would join the Dino Attack Team, and then… when they trusted it the most… it would rip out of the disguise and kill them before they would find out the secret of the Mutant Dinos." "That's horrible!" Rex exclaimed. "We better find this agent before he - or she - puts the plan into action!" "But something went wrong, Rex..." the phantom continued. "They planned to alter the 'prototype's' brain slightly so that it would act and talk like a normal person. However, they altered too much. The 'prototype' completely forgot that it was a Mutant Dino and what its mission was. It completely thought that it was human." Rex gasped. Could it be? His faintest memory of the scientists suddenly didn't seem funny anymore. "Oh, no! Now it completely thinks it's human!" they had said. Rex had often laughed at this memory, thinking that it was hilarious because of all the random possibilities it could have meant. Yet now, the pieces of the puzzle fit a little too well. Was he a villain? Was he helping them cause these mutations? Could he have been the one who came up with the plan? Rex prayed that "no" was the answer to all the questions... "How did you learn this?" Rex inquired. If there was any plausible deniability, any reason to doubt that he was implicated in this revelation, then he had to take it. The phantom sighed in a way that sounded nostalgic. "I… used to be friends with someone who could understand the language of dinosaurs. He taught me how to communicate with them. These mutants speak a different language from their natural brethren, something I can only describe as more… chaotic. But, the basic principles are the same, and I learned and adapted where my old friend could not." "So, you can talk to the Mutant Dinos, like Keys can?" asked Rex. "Could you teach me?" The phantom chuckled. "After all your work with taming them, surely you must know a thing or two about communicating with them yourself." Rex thought about that mysterious voice he kept hearing. "Is it like… hearing a voice in your head that no one else can hear?" "No… well, at least, it isn't for me. Perhaps a mind that's fluent in the language would have the ability to understand their roars and growls just as easily as understanding English, to the point where the two languages are nearly indistinguishable, but I'm getting ahead of myself. The point is that I communicated with the Mutant Dinos in an effort to learn where they came from, and while they never would give me a straight answer that I could understand, they would sometimes give me bits and pieces of information. There were rumors of their early forefathers, including the one they called 'the mutant wearing man's skin'. Not nearly enough to act upon… if it weren't for Landro." Rex remembered reading the recent reports by Rev and Sereve about the hybrid they encountered. He wondered if they had any success tracking him down. "You met Landro? What did he say?" "He was babbling a lot," the phantom continued, "and a lot of it didn't make sense. Ordinarily, I wouldn't take the ramblings of a madman at face value… but these aren't ordinary times, and there was just enough truth behind his madness. He spoke of the same 'mutant wearing man's skin', and said that this man would walk among the Dino Attack Team until it was time to destroy them, among other things. Piecing it all together with what I had learned from the mutants, it became clear to me what it all meant. Do you understand, Rex?" Rex felt a knot in his stomach. He did not know much about the reliability of Landro and the Mutant Dinos, but if they corroborated the phantom's story… then it would be even harder to deny its truth. Now, it was all too clear to Rex. I'm one of the scientists who put this plan into action. I worked alongside Landro. I… was one of the villains. ---- Kotua soon arrived at the Voltage. The Voltage flew away from the site, and stopped far from it. Kotua flew down again. He looked around. He noticed a gas station, and then he noticed a train station. Kotua walked towards the latter. Inside, Kotua noticed one of the trains was slowly picking up speed. Kotua ran towards it, hoping to help the people in it. The train took off, and Kotua stopped. He noticed two Security Bots behind, following him. "Hey, you!" said Kotua. Kotua held on to the Security Bot as it flew after the train. Kotua, the Security Bots, and the train mysteriously disappeared from the Voltage's radars, which seemed odd for a craft which had unscrambled radars. Kotua grabbed onto a handle of the train, and got on. Kotua kicked the door repeatedly, until he opened the door. Kotua looked inside. It was empty, just rows of chairs, and a restroom. Kotua walked towards the front of the train, wondering whether anyone was in front. Kotua ran to another rail car. It was empty. The train had several cars, and it was going to take a long time to get through them all... unless… Kotua ran on top of the cars. The Security Bots looked through the windows. After a while they were at the front. The engine was the only thing left. Kotua dropped to the engine, and walked to the door. He looked inside... THUD! ---- Databoard pulled out a laser and fired at the Mutant Lizard, which avoided it and tried to attack him again. Databoard got out of the way, but the laser was sent flying into the crowd of Mutant Lizards. He ducked to avoid the Mutant Dinos' jaws again, and leapt over it as it tried to bite at its legs. He tried to kick the dinosaur, but another Lizard leapt at him, forcing him to duck out of the way. Databoard leapt over another Mutant Lizard, and ducked to avoid another. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Voltage and Axel trying to fend off the Mutant T-Rex. More Mutant Lizards came towards Databoard, who tried to fight his way out of the attacking Lizards. He ducked as a Mutant Lizard leapt at him, which landed on another and knocking both to the ground. Databoard avoided more Mutant Lizards, and managed to get away from the Lizards. They followed him as he rushed towards Voltage, who was headed towards the Mutant T-Rex. It turned around and fired its eye beams at Databoard. He ducked out of the way and the eye beams sent the several Mutant Lizards went flying into the air. The Mutant Lizards now believed that the Mutant T-Rex had attacked them on purpose. They all began leaping at the T-Rex, who tried to ward them all off. More Lizards began coming and attacking the T-Rex. It was overwhelmed by sheer numbers, and it fled, pursued by the Lizards. Databoard snuck over to Voltage and Axel. They left the area before any Lizards came back. ---- Zero got his PDA and sent a message, hoping anyone was around. Nothing. "If I at least could fly around..." When Zero finished the phrase, he was surrounded by Mutant Lizards. "Oh great..." Zero shot nets at some of the Mutant Lizards, but not all. One was left, and it hopped into the Urban Avenger and spat fire in the net launcher. It was gone... "OH GREAT!" snapped Zero. Zero drove away, with the Mutant Lizard on his Urban Avenger. He suddenly stopped, and the Mutant Lizard fell off. Then, he sped again... driving over the Lizard. "I'm getting tired of these guys!" grumbled Zero. "I have to find a way of repelling them... Wait! That's it!" Zero drove back to Res-Q HQ. "If this building is still intact," he said to himself, "then something inside must be repelling the Mutant Dinos!" Inside, everything was deserted... but then Zero noticed some crates that were closed. "Let's see what's inside them... AAAAH! AAAAHHH!" screamed Zero. "WHAT... AN... AWFUL... SMELL!!! These are... rotten eggs? The smell should have scared the Mutant Dinos away... Well, no wonder! I'll just leave them here!" Zero got into his Urban Avenger again and drove away. "I'm glad I left that place. The smell was horrible!" Zero was still driving around the city thinking... Hmmmmm... I wonder from where these Mutant Dinos came from! They could be hybrids of some other creature, maybe even aliens. I will try to find the other agents, and tell them my theory. ---- With grim resolve, Rex clenched one hand into a fist. No, he decided. It doesn't matter who I was. Now, I'm a Dino Attack agent. If I was one of the scientists who created the Dino Attack and planted this infiltrator among us, then I will find redemption by preventing this disguised mutant from ever accomplishing his evil mission. "So," Rex asked, "who is this Dino Attack sleeper agent? This 'mutant wearing man's skin'?" The phantom paused before replying: "You should already know by now, Rex. Don't you remember? You were there." "Enough with the riddles and mind-games!" demanded Rex. "You're right; you've gotten me to realize that I'm involved in all of this, but I don't remember! And while we're wasting our time here, they may be getting closer to completing their mission! You clearly know more than I do, so tell me, now!" "He's here," the phantom replied ominously. "Right in front of me." Rex spun around. He instinctively balled his hands into fists, as though he was ready to punch the sleeper agent in the face. However, he did not see anyone else in the alleyway, except for Trouble waiting loyally. "Where?" he declared, quickly turning around to face the phantom once again. "There's nobody there. This isn't funny, phantom!" "You weren't listening, were you?" the phantom replied. Rex glanced over his shoulder, back at Trouble again. "You mean Trouble?" he asked. "Look, I've known Trouble for a while now; I'm pretty sure he's just an ordinary Mutant Lizard. I mean, he has darkness powers, so he can't be one of the 'prototypes' you mentioned." The phantom sighed. "I never said behind you," he explained, "I said in front of me." Although it was dark, Rex could tell that there was no one else standing by the phantom. "You must be confused," said Rex. "I know now that I must have been one of the scientists involved in the sleeper agent program, but-" "I had tried to ease you into this revelation," muttered the phantom, "but you're clearly not getting it, are you? Then I must show you." The phantom approached Rex with surprising speed. He reached out and grabbed Rex's right hand; either the phantom's own hand was robotic or it was armored with a gauntlet, but either way it was an iron grip. Trouble screeched a warning, and Rex saw light glinting off a metal blade… just before the phantom sliced open Rex's palm! Rex screamed in shock. The phantom let go of his bleeding hand, and Rex clutched it against his chest. Trouble bared his teeth and was poised to attack, but the phantom raised his own hand and commanded the Mutant Lizard to stay with a strong, firm voice. "GAH!" Rex yelled. "YOU MEGABLOKING 4+ FIGURE! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" "I'm sorry," said the phantom, "but it's the only way to make you see. How do you feel?" "HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL?" snapped Rex. "YOU SLICED MY HAND OPEN!" "But it doesn't hurt as much as it should, does it?" the phantom prodded. "The nerves, the blood vessels, they all seem real enough, but that wound would be a lot more painful if it was real." Rex breathed heavily as the phantom's words sunk in. Now that the phantom pointed it out, he realized that the pain he experienced was muted, like a sound he heard while covering his ears. It was more the shock and surprise of having his palm cut open than any real pain. "Are… are you saying…?" "Take a closer look at your hand." Slowly, Rex looked down upon his right hand. Yes, there was blood coming out of the wound, but not nearly as much as he expected to see. In fact, now that he looked closer, he could see… something… beneath his skin, exposed by the cut on his palm. It wasn't muscle, tendons, or even bone. His eyes widened, and he felt a shiver down his spine. Trouble watched with keen interest. He looked to Rex and whined softly. Rex couldn't help it… there was a morbid curiosity… an itch that needed to be scratched… now, he just had to know. With his left hand, he pressed two fingers into the open wound. He winced, but again the pain was not as strong as he expected. Peeling back his Minifig skin ever so slightly, he could now see what was masked beneath. A layer of tough, hard, black scales. The black scales of a Mutant Dino. ---- The Voltage flew over the train tunnel. Over the tunnel was water. "That's odd," said one of the survivors, looking at Kotua's last location. ***** Kotua awoke, and looked around. It was dark. He heard the train engine. What in the world, thought Kotua. Suddenly the lights went on. It was night, and in front of him was Cane. "Missed me?" asked Cane. Kotua looked at him. "What do you want from me?" asked Kotua. "You didn't kill agent Rex. I'm disappointed in you," said Cane. "You didn't, either," said Kotua. The ShadowTech guards aimed their guns at Kotua. Cane waved his hand, and they lowered their weapons. "Don't try to shame me, or else," said Cane. Kotua jumped and punched Cane. The guards raised their guns, but Kotua grabbed Cane and used him as a shield. None of the guards wanted to fire at their boss, so Kotua stepped out of the train. The guards followed, and Kotua punched Cane and threw him over the train, and he screamed as he fell on the river. Kotua then threw himself as the guards fired at him. Kotua landed in the water. He swam up to the surface, and was surprised to see the train turn. The water belonged to an underwater cave, with a base built into it. While he did not see a body, Kotua saw red rise from the location Cane landed. "If you killed our boss, you're going to pay!" shouted one of the ShadowTech guards. Kotua swam towards some rocks, and tried to climb to the base, but he heard something swim towards him... something... mutated. Kotua continued swimming, but the thing was catching up to him. Kotua finally grabbed the rock, and climbed up. The guards rushed to get guns, and the mutated thing jumped out of the water. Kotua watched as the squid-like monster moved towards him. The mutant creature grabbed Kotua with one of its tentacles and plunged back into the water. Kotua struggled until he finally broke free of its grip. He continued swimming, and reached the surface. He climbed up a ladder that was there probably for small craft, and activated his jetpack... but it didn't work! ---- Dromus looked up, seeing that the communication tower was destroyed. Well, whoopie! I am here, don't know how many agents besides me are alive, and plus, there are loads of dinos here! Which I can probably handle better than the Voltage though. She wondered idly if Kotua was dead. And what about any other agents? Where they near the Voltage and blown up as well? Dromus, still worried about the other agents, started to see if she could find any in the wreckage. ---- "Okay, here's the plan," Voltage muttered. "Our mission is to find the non-mutated dinos and move them to a safe location." Axel looked a little surprised. "Why do we want to do that?" Databoard and Voltage stared. "Why do we want to do that? So no other dinos get mutated!" Voltage replied. "A good place to put them would be Creator Isle, but first we have to get the Mutant Dinos out of there first," Databoard suggested. "I can get some agents over there," Axel said. "Great!" said Voltage. "Data, let's get a T-1 over here." "I'm on it," Databoard replied. Axel radioed some agents to secure the dinos on Creator Isle. Databoard called for transport: "Databoard to base. We need a T-1 over here to get to Creator Isle." "Roger that, Data. We'll send one over." In minutes, a T-1 Typhoon landed at the nearest heliport - piloted by Snake of Spades and Hyrode, the weapons manned by Kai and Venom. Voltage, Databoard, and Axel hopped in the T-1 Typhoon and they flew off to Creator Isle. The journey was short and calm. When they flew over Creator Isle, there was no sign of any mutant dinos. They landed and saw a group of Alpha Team members coming towards them. "We've secured all the dinos," one of them said. "Not all of them!" Voltage yelled. "Run!!!" ---- "Oh, Ole Kirk," whispered Rex. "No, no, no…!" His whole world was turned upside down. He felt as though he was about to faint. As the blood drained from his head, he grew dizzy and fell backwards. The phantom acted quickly, catching Rex before he hit the ground. "On your feet, soldier," he said. Rex stood back up. "This is impossible!" he tried to tell himself. "I'm dreaming. I'm not a Mutant Dino. I'm..." But he did not wake up, and the sliver of black scales visible through his open wound would not disappear. "Discovering your true identity… it's rather like a splash of cold water, isn't it?" the phantom remarked. "But I can see you're rather upset about it." "Rather upset?" repeated Rex, raising his voice and shouting again. "Why wouldn't I be upset? I just discovered I'm a Mutant Dino! One of the enemies in this war! I'm the villain!" Despite Rex's freakout, the phantom remained calm. "I know. When I learned who I really was… I was shocked, confused, scared. But, it was something that I needed to know… so that I could choose who I would become. I chose not to be the villain that I was destined to be… I chose to be the hero. "And now," the phantom continued, "you know who you are, and now you can decide for yourself who you will become. I would have told you sooner, but I needed to be absolutely sure it was you… I was not about to repeat the mistakes of agent Frozen." ---- Ammo climbed out of his Fire Hammer and examined the vehicle. What had caused it to stop? It seemed unharmed until... aha! He spotted some small holes in one of the front tires... wait, were those teeth marks? WHAM A small Mutant Dino slammed him to the ground. Dodging its attempt to take a bite out of his face, he managed to kick the creature off. He hoisted his Cosmotronic Ray off his back and sent a powerful blast at the dino, stunning it. After wrapping it carefully in a net, Ammo tossed the now-helpless creature into the trunk of his vehicle. LEGO City was miles away. He sighed and sat down, waiting for help to arrive... ---- The submarine captain watched from a security camera as the torpedo hit the wall Kotua was climbing. "Sir, Target has not been eliminated," said one of the soldiers. "WHAT!?" roared the captain. Then he noticed something fly out of the smoke. The captain reached for a radio. "Target has not been eliminated, begin aerial pursuit..." said the captain. ***** Kotua flew towards the ShadowTech base, when a missile flew past him. You'd think they would actually hit me instead of missing and warning me, thought Kotua. He flew lower, and turned at a building. The jet also turned, but there was no sight of Kotua, yet the radar indicated Kotua was nearby. Suddenly, Kotua shot out from under the jet. "Your pilot skills need work!" shouted Kotua. The pilot simply fired a missile. Kotua evaded it, and the missile struck a building. The jet followed Kotua, and readied the other missile. Suddenly two more jets joined the pursuit. Kotua flew into a glass building, and ran towards the other side of it. The two jets fired their two missiles, and the first pilot readied his missile. Kotua reactivated his jetpack, and flew off the building as flames consumed the floor. The first pilot flew around the building, and targeted Kotua. "You're doomed!" said the pilot, pressing the trigger. The missile launched, but it got stuck as its wires were glued to the jet. Kotua flew down again as the flaming pieces from the jet flew around him. A black T-1 Typhoon flew from its hiding spot and stated firing at Kotua, who flew down and into a tunnel. ---- Databoard, Voltage, Axel, Snake of Spades, Hyrode, Kai, and Venom traveled to Ogel's Island to search for Ogel, following a false lead pointing to the infamous villain as the Dino Attack's source. There, they were surrounded by Ogel Drones, pointing spears and firearms at them. "This is a trap! Now, hand over your weapons!" the commanding Elite Skeleton Drone demanded. "This isn't the end!" declared Voltage. "We will stop Ogel and his Mutant Dinos!" The Ogel Drones traded glances, and their empty eye sockets seemed to widen in fear. "The Mutant Dinos are enemies of the Evil OGEL Empire," the Skeleton Drone said, "and our own tech isn't enough to stop them. Why else do you think we want your weapons?" The Dino Attack agents escaped from the drones' trap. In the ensuing chaos, Hyrode was injured, Snake nearly fell off a cliff, and Databoard was separated from the rest of the team. Databoard rushed across the ruined forest, careful not to be seen by any Mutant Dinos. He wasn't careful enough, though. Five Mutant Lizards spotted him, and chased after Databoard. He ran faster, and the Lizards sped up as well. He turned around a corner and hid in a ditch. The Lizards rushed by, not realizing Databoard was hiding. Databoard then got up and turned around - to find himself face to face with a Mutant Raptor. Databoard turned and ran, but the Mutant Raptor could outrun him with ease. Databoard tried to lose the Raptor in a patch of dead trees, but it kept following him. Databoard looked for anything that could be used to distract the Raptor, he had nothing that would work. He jumped over a group of rocks, but that was not a roadblock for the Raptor. Databoard tried to outrun the Raptor, but it was gaining on him. Databoard ducked under several trees that had toppled over, slowing down the Raptor. As the Raptor ripped the trees apart, Databoard rushed away, and the Raptor saw him doing so. Databoard ducked around a corner, and found himself at the river again. Holding his breath, he jumped in the river and hid. The Raptor looked around for Databoard, but didn't see him. Databoard had been hoping it would leave, but it kept looking for him. He didn't know how much longer he could hold his breath... Databoard could hold his breath no longer, and the Raptor was still searching for him. He began to swim away, but then the Raptor noticed movement underwater. It leapt in after Databoard, who swam into deeper waters, where the Raptor could not reach him. Unable to hold his breath, Databoard surfaced. Then he realized he was headed for a waterfall. Databoard went off the edge of the waterfall and into the air. His fall was stopped when he landed on something. Unfortunately, he had landed on a Mutant Pteranodon. This just gets better and better, doesn't it? Databoard thought as he clung on to the Mutant Pteranodon as it tried to knock him off. The Mutant Pteranodon swooped low, doing all kinds of loops and dives trying to Databoard off it. He clung onto the Pteranodon as it swerved wildly. It began to speed up, trying to make it harder for Databoard to hang on. His grip slipped, and he went flying into the air. He then crashed into a dead tree and blacked out... ---- Kotua saw through his goggles (which he put on Night Vision), waiting for most of the ShadowTech agents to go to sleep. When he was sure, he sneaked towards the gate. Once in, Kotua walked through the base, until he reached the cafeteria. Kotua placed bombs on the vending machines (he also used the opportunity to steal some snacks and something to drink) and then walked to the quarters... Kotua ran out of the quarters, and fired at two approaching guards. Kotua ducked as a missile flew over him. Kotua shot at the soldier that fired at him, and then Kotua ran off. Kotua kicked a door open and ran to the gates, when a blast flew over him, knocking him to the ground. Kotua got up, to see tanks and other vehicles move towards him. He noticed guards walking past the cafeteria. A man in a grey suit looked at the destroyed building, and the dead soldiers around. Then he turned to face the person who did it: the chef. Kotua laughed as he saw the chef being dragged by soldiers, who thought it was his fault. Kotua walked back to the location where the Voltage was. Kotua swam into the craft, and flew out of there and back to Alpha Team HQ. The Voltage arrived near Alpha Team Antarctic HQ, but Kotua decided to fly the craft somewhere else and hide it deep in the snow. No one knew where it was, and no one could find it, except Kotua... ---- Voltage lifted Snake of Spades up from the cliff. "Are you... okay... what it that?!?!" Voltage asked, pointing to green goo on Snake's shirt. "What... Ew, sick!!" Snake shouted as he ripped off his shirt and threw it to the ground. "Earlier, I was investigating an abandoned lab, and I found a sample of this weird serum in a test tube… I guess the tube must've broken when I went over the cliff." Axel ran over to take a look at it. "That's disgusting!" "Don't worry; it's probably only radioactive sludge," Kai said. "Wait, what was that?" But it was too late. Axel had already spread the goo all over his fingers to look at it. The sludge started crawling up his arm, as if it knew where to go. Axel's arm started morphing, slowly, steadily, into a claw. In seconds, it had spread to his leg and neck, scales erupting in those places. "He's turning into a dino!!?!" Voltage yelled. Axel screamed. It started out as a scream, then turned into a roar. "We've got to get out of here!" Voltage yelled, starting up the Fire Hammer. Once again, the agents piled into the back. "Yeowww!" Someone had accidentally climbed onto Hyrode. Voltage had completely forgotten about Hyrode. That was a dino's favorite: wounded prey. They had to get out, and fast. ---- Zero decided to return to Enchanted Island for another mission. He met an Indigo Islander named Kothu, who told Zero to follow him. After reaching a village, Kothu showed Zero to King Kahuka. "Great King," explained Kothu, "I was walking around and found this person. He said he came here to fight the monsters! His name is Zero." "Ah, yes… We saw the monsters' arrival on the stars, days before they came," said the tribal chief. "Oh... but why have no Mutant Dinos reached this place?" asked Zero. "And why weren't you evacuated to Antarctica like the others?" "Well, this village is the Great Refuge, a land where no evil can enter," said Kothu. King Kahuka pointed to a large statue that overlooked the village. "The Tiki Golem watches over us and protects us," he added. "Well, I have some Mutant Dinos to catch, so I'll be going," said Zero. "If you ever need help," said King Kahuka, "ask the legendary golems. They are fighting the monsters. But, beware the Sons of Atukam… they are far more powerful than the other beasts." Then, Zero left the Great Refuge. Exploring Enchanted Island, Zero once again traveled along the sandy beaches, this time on his Urban Avenger. "Now, this is a lot faster!" he exclaimed. Then, he saw something ahead. And it was running toward him... ---- Kotua hid, and stole some materials at night. The next day, Kotua made a small boat. He pushed the boat out into the water, and he got on it. He took out the oar he made, and began paddling towards LEGOLAND. A storm passed over Kotua's boat. Kotua did his best to hold on to the boat and to the oar. He started to regret leaving the Voltage. Kotua continued holding, but now waves were splashing into him. His oar slipped. Now he was really stranded. The boat flew in the air and landed, making Kotua rise a few feet and then slam into the boat. Suddenly another wave hit the boat, and flung Kotua off the boat. Kotua landed on the water. He tried swimming, but the storm made it harder to swim back to the boat. ---- "So, Rex," said the phantom, "now that you know who you are, who will you choose to be?" Rex stared at the palm of his hand. He desperately wished that it was all just a dream, but in his heart he knew it to be true. It explained all the strange events he had encountered so far: easily breaking apart ShadowTech's handcuffs; poking out bars in the Voltage jail cell; the voices he was hearing around Mutant Dinos; even the Mutant Dino that showed up on the Voltage's scanner that no one was able to find. It was all him. Even his goal from the very beginning, his compulsion to join Dino Attack Team, was just a result of his mental programming as a sleeper agent. With grim resolve, Rex put on a pair of black gloves, masking the cut on his right hand. "They made me a Dino Attack agent," he declared. "Well, they should've been careful what they wished for. I will continue to be Rex, elite agent of Dino Attack Team, and I will help Dino Attack win this war. This is who I am, and I will no longer let my past determine my future. No one will ever know that I was anything other than a heroic Minifig." The phantom chuckled softly. "See, was that so hard? I've answered your questions about your past, and now you can answer your questions about your future, no matter where it takes you. With that being said…" "There's more, isn't it?" asked Rex. "It is still possible to reconcile your heroism with the monster within, just as I have. You can do a lot as a Minifig, but there are things that no man can do… but perhaps, a mutant can. Your disguise holds back your true strength, and you may need it someday. But, be warned: if that day comes, there is no going back." Rex nodded in understanding. "If I take off this disguise, I can't put it back on. The dino will be let out of the bag. But, if my brain really was modified… would I still be in control?" "I believe that you will," suggested the phantom. "You wouldn't suddenly go feral or become a monster. You will still be Rex, hero of the Dino Attack, even in the body of a Mutant Dino. Just imagine." Rex imagined himself with the full power of a Mutant Dino, the very creatures he admired and watched with awe. It did sound very tempting. He shook his head, clearing his mind of such thoughts. "No," he determined. "I will stay as a Minifig." "For now…" ---- Databoard awoke, hurting all over. He climbed out of the tree, trying to find the other agents. He had managed to get even farther from where the others. He walked away to try and find anybody in the area. Databoard walked around, looking for anyone in the area. Some Mutant Lizards noticed the injured agent and moved closer to Databoard. He picked up the pace, not wanting to become their lunch. They leapt at him, and he ran as fast as possible. He turned around a corner, trying to lose the Lizards, but he wound up at edge of a very steep cliff. Databoard turned towards the Mutant Lizards that had surrounded them. One leapt at him, causing him to lose his balance and they both plummeted off the cliff. Databoard and the Lizard both plummeted about 50 feet down the side of the cliff. Databoard managed to grab hold of the cliff, but the Mutant Lizard was not as lucky. It plummeted all the way down the side of the cliff to the ground. Databoard looked up to see the other Mutant Lizards. He then looked down to see the 30-foot drop to the ground. He was literally trapped between a rock and a hard place. Databoard then remembered he had an emergency transmitter in a waterproof pocket. He took it out. With his free hand, and turned it on. With any luck, any agents in the area would pick up the signal and find him... ***** Bleeeppp! Bleeeppp! "Oh, what now?" Voltage muttered. He answered his radio. "Voltage, is that you?" "Data? Where are you?" "I'm in quadrant four and I'm surrounded by mutant lizards." "I'm in quadrant two being chased by an agent-gone-bad." "Kotua?" "No, Axel! He's been mutated!" Voltage replied, looking back at the pursuing Axel. The sunglasses he usually wore were cracked and broken, since Axel now had the head of a Mutant Lizard. That's when he lost contact. Voltage increased the speed to practically 153 MPH, crashing through trees. Apparently, Axel's mutant power was speed, because he was gaining fast. They broke through the trees onto a cliff, where they saw Mutant Lizards everywhere. Voltage threw on the brakes and they skidded to a halt. Axel, unaware of the sudden stop, smashed into the rear of the truck. For a second, Databoard thought the agents in the back were flung off during the drive, until Kai, Snake, Venom, and Voltage hopped out, guns in hand. Voltage shot his Sonic Screamer at one of the dinos, who collapsed and rolled off the cliff. The others were shot down by the other agents. "Data?" Voltage yelled. "Down here!" He heard a faint voice reply. Voltage got a rope out of his jacket pocket and threw it down. Databoard climbed up to the top. Axel-saur came poking its head into the rear of the truck, smelling the wound. When he went for a bite, Hyrode gave him a hard kick with his uninjured leg. It knocked him cold, but it also got some sludge on his foot. He scraped it off into a test tube soon, but not fast enough to avoid a claw sticking out of the sole of his shoe. Just great, he thought, now I have a broken leg, and I'm part dino. Maybe I should have taken that gig with Ferrari, after all. ---- Now, Zero could see that the "something" was a Mutant Lizard. As it was about to attack Zero, a large boulder knocked it out of the way. Zero turned around to see the source of the boulder. To his surprise, he saw one of the Indigo tribal statues, much like the one he saw at the Great Refuge. And it was moving! With its big strong hands made of stone, it reached down and lifted an enormous rock over its head. An Indigo Islander emerged from the jungle, with a bow and arrow at the ready. "Are you alright?" asked the Islander. "Um, yeah..." said Zero. The Islander introduced himself: "I'm Thu. Me and the golems are fighting the monsters. You'll help?" "Sure!" said Zero, laughing. "I came here to rescue you guys, but it looks like you are the ones rescuing me!" He saw that the Mutant Lizard was getting up again. Zero hopped into the Urban Avenger and slowed the Mutant Lizard down using a net, while the Tiki Golem hurled another boulder at the mutant and Thu fired an arrow from his bow. Soon, the creature was defeated. "Wow, that was some fight!" said Zero. "Thanks," replied Thu. "But more will be coming. It's better you find some safe place." "Alright... Thanks for the help!" said Zero. "You're welcome!" said Thu. ---- "Where are Hyrode and Axel?" Databoard asked. "I'm over here..." came a groan from the back of the Fire Hammer. "Axel's over there..." Hyrode pointed to a heap of scales on the ground. "Axel? What happened?" Databoard asked Voltage, walking toward Axel. "He was looking at some sludge and it mutated him." Databoard turned around to see Hyrode's claw-foot in his face. "Woah! He got Hyrode too?" "What?" the other agents said in unison, rushing over. It was true, there was a claw sticking out of Hyrode's foot. This just gets better and better, doesn't it? Voltage thought. "We have to get back to HQ," Databoard said. "They might be able to help them once we get there." They got Hyrode and the unconscious Axel into the back of Voltage's Fire Hammer, and they began driving away. Several Mutant Lizards appeared and began trying to attack them. To make matters worse, Axel woke up. Snake of Spades saw Axel wake up. "TIME TO GO BACK TO SLEEP!" Snake cried as he gave Axel a perfect uppercut. "Whoa. Where'd ya learn that?" asked Databoard. "Karate. I'm a black belt," said Snake, proudly. "Oh," said Databoard. Snake may have kept Axel unconscious, but there were still the Mutant Lizards to deal with. They leapt at the vehicle, trying to rip it apart. One managed to get onto the back and tried to attack Databoard. Before it could, it was pushed off the vehicle by agent Snake. It got up moments later, and tried to get onto the vehicle again. Hyrode groped toward the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher. This broken leg thing would take some getting used to. Gripping the trigger, he fired multiple blasts into the group. Voltage drove as fast as he could. The Mutant Lizards were gaining fast. He swerved through the trees, trying to find a T-1 Typhoon. "Agent Kai?" Voltage called. "Yeah?" responded Kai. "Radio HQ. Tell them we need a Typhoon, and fast!" "I'm on it." They broke through the trees and nearly smashed into the remains of the T-1 Typhoon. Voltage slammed on the brakes, swerving wildly. The Fire Hammer toppled over, sending agents, dinos, and dino agents flying. The car would have crushed him, if he had not been pulled out of the way by Kai. The Mutant Lizards surrounded the agents. "Mutant Lizards..." Databoard muttered. "Why is it always Mutant Lizards?" At this point, several Mutant Raptors saw the agents and came closer to see what was going on. "Do want to take what you said back?" Snake muttered to Databoard. "It could be worse. At least it's not Mutant Pteranodons," Hyrode said with difficulty. Suddenly, several shapes came swooping overhead. "Wanna go for T-Rexes?" muttered Databoard. "Wait a minute, those aren't pteranodons!" said Kai gleefully. "They're T-1s!" "Black T-1s," groaned Hyrode. "Not what we had planned." But it was too late for bickering now, as the choppers were closing in. "And I thought when I got up this would be a bad day..." Databoard muttered. The Mutant Lizards and Raptors were coming closer, and there were no escape routes Databoard could see. He grabbed a laser rifle from the Fire Hammer and readied it. He doubted they'd be able to fight their way out, but it was worth trying. More Raptors and Lizards arrived, making fighting their way out more impossible. Databoard looked up to see the ShadowTech T-1 Typhoons approaching, as did the Mutant Dinos. The Lizards came even closer, with the Raptors directly behind them. It was only a matter of time before one leapt at them. The agents were quickly running out of options. Everybody readied their weapons as the Mutant Dinos came closer. Databoard aimed the laser rifle, ready to defend against any Lizards that attacked. But then, the Mutant Raptors leapt over the Lizards knowing the agents would not be able to fight them as well as they would fight the Lizards. ---- Kotua opened his eye, and looked around. He had made it to some sort of island. He noticed there was a black building with yellow windows. The building had radars. Kotua walked around it, and entered the small building. It had various computers, buttons, and levers. Kotua sat on the only chair, and waited for anybody to come. Kotua stayed inside the building, which was colder than outside. Kotua looked around the computers, looking for any manuals of the equipment. Then he noticed a symbol on one of the computers. Three yellow upside-down equilateral triangles arranged in the shape of one large triangle, overlaid with a lime-green stylized capital letter "B". Blacktron? realized Kotua. ---- "Have you learned enough?" the phantom asked. Rex nodded. "Yes," he replied. "Good. Then my mission here is done." Then, the phantom took a few steps back and vanished back into the shadows of the dark alleyway. Rex could hear him climb back up to the roofs above, but he could not see the mysterious stranger leave. Now, it was just Rex and Trouble alone together. After a moment of silence, Rex took a deep breath and turned to Trouble, who was staring at him quizzically. He wondered how much of the conversation Trouble was able to follow; did the Mutant Lizard know that Rex was a fellow mutant? "Why do I have the feeling that we haven't seen the last of that phantom?" he wondered aloud. ---- After his exposure to Mutant Dino Serum, Hyrode fully mutated into a Mutant Lizard and was separated from the rest of his squad after saving them from a Mutant Deinonychus attack. Unlike Axel, Hyrode still retained his consciousness and identity, fighting back against the feral destructive nature that threatened to consume his mind. Unfortunately, he was unable to communicate with his teammates in this new form. As they traveled in pursuit of Evil Ogel, Databoard and his teammates found themselves battling Ogel Drones and Mutant Dinos in the swamp. Meanwhile, the mutated Axel was bound in rope and left safely in a nearby cave. ---- Night had fallen when Zero boarded a boat and returned to the sea. "Wow," he thought aloud, "good thing I brought this flashlight. But I wonder if any Mutant Dinos are around here?" THREE HOURS LATER "I'm sailing in circles! Oh, wait... What's that?" On the horizon, Zero saw the mainland, and the outline of a city... Zero arrived at Astor City. There, he stumbled upon an abandoned LEGOLAND military facility. While exploring the facility, he found a broken Hypno Disk and salvaged several suits of prototype high-tech suits of armor. Not wanting the LEGOLAND government to know that he was snooping around their secret compound, Zero reported that it was an old Time Twisters hideout. ---- Rex was attacked twice by a rogue Alpha Team agent codenamed Phantom, who was piloting a modified Blizzard Blaster. Phantom was searching LEGO City for fellow Alpha Team agent Frozeen and demanded to know his location. Rex did not know where Frozeen was, but Phantom would not believe him. Piloting the Silver Scorpion, Rex managed to escape Phantom. Shortly afterward, Zero met Rex after freezing several Mutant Dinos. Phantom returned and once again demanded to know where Frozeen was. When Rex relied on the Silver Scorpion for protection, Phantom taunted him and said, "It's always like this, isn't it? Every time you see me, you run to the Silver Scorpion like a scared kid! Because you can't fight without it!" Then, Phantom noticed that they were being silently watched by a figure in a G.E. Body: a cybernetic exosuit of powered armor originally designed as a life-support system by the Evil OGEL Empire. Phantom recalled that Frozeen stole a G.E. Body from Ogel and had been using it for his own survival since Mission Deep Freeze. Therefore, Phantom abandoned Rex and chose to pursue the mysterious figure, believing that he had finally found Frozeen at last. Too late, Phantom realized that it was a trap. The person in this G.E. Body was actually General Evil: the brother of Evil Ogel, leader of the Evil OGEL Empire's drone armies, and arch-nemesis of Frozeen. "I know you're looking for him," said General Evil, "but I will not allow him to be found." With the four arms of the G.E. Body, General Evil easily overpowered Phantom in hand-to-hand combat. Defiant to the end, Phantom hissed, "Go ahead. Kill me. Put me out of my misery." General Evil responded with a sinister chuckle. "No," he whispered, "I think this will be much more fun. You may still be useful to me alive, but until then… you won't even know who you are." He took out a canister and sprayed Phantom with an airborne chemical that induced temporary amnesia. General Evil left to rendezvous with the other villains, leaving the confused Phantom to wander aimlessly. With no memory of his search for Frozeen or antagonistic behavior towards Rex, the now-amnesic Phantom decided to team up with Rex and Zero as searched for PBB in the Silver Scorpion. "Nice to meet you guys, what's your names?" asked Phantom. Rex and Zero traded nervous glances. To avoid potentially jogging Phantom's memory, they decided to introduce themselves under codenames: "I'm Peasam," said Rex. "And I'm Norik!" said Zero. ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  11. Chapter 6: Ground Zero ---- Now, with the Mutant T-Rexes - and the mysterious voice - out of his way, Rex continued driving through the deserted city. The Voltage flew over Rex, who didn't realize it... Kotua watched the robots work, when one approached. <Sir, should we fire upon the vehicle below?> asked the bot. "Yes... " said Kotua. Suddenly a blast impacted the road in front of Rex. Rex stopped the Iron Predator before it fell down the crater. "Great," Rex muttered, "the one time the Voltage appears, I don't want it to!" Rex drove around the crater, but every time he got past one, the Voltage blasted another. Rex just had very good reflexes. And his Iron Predator had good brakes. Kotua watched Rex avoid the blasts. "Use the other turrets too!" said Kotua. The other turrets aimed, and fired. Rex looked up, and stepped on the pedal as behind him dozens of blasts hit. "Doesn't he ever run out of energy?" said Rex. "Chased by the Voltage, Rex?" a voice said on Rex's radio. PBB! "Yes!" Rex answered. "Let's see how well it defends itself against two vehicles!" Suddenly, the Pallas Athena appeared. PBB's plan was obviously to distract Kotua. The Voltage ignored PBB's airship and continued firing at Rex. Fifty missiles flew out towards Rex, and the blasts were big enough to destroy the Iron Predator on one hit. While the Voltage and Robo-Blades were impervious to damage, the missiles weren't. Cannons came out of the Pallas Athena's sides and blasted at the missiles, shooting them out of the sky. Pretty soon, they were all destroyed. Kotua wasn't happy about this. The turrets switched to rapid fire blasts, destroying the back of Rex's Iron Predator. Rex got out and ran as the blasts consumed the vehicle. "I'm going to kill Kotua..." muttered Rex. The Pallas Athena sent down a grappling hook. Rex grabbed it, and was pulled up. Then, PBB's airship disappeared in a blue warping vortex. "I must say, I love that warp drive!" said PBB, laughing. Indeed, it had saved them from being blasted by the Voltage. ---- Databoard and Dromus arrived at Alpha Team HQ. Databoard quickly rushed off to plan a battle strategy. There was no way he could take on all of Kotua's forces. He would need a few more agents, which would increase the chances of someone coming to the rescue of any captured agents. He then realized Kotua still had Rex's PDA, and could be monitoring the system for messages. He would have to find some other way of informing other agents. Databoard began pondering how to inform anyone about the attack he was planning. Most of the agents weren't around, and those that were here were no doubt afraid of the one who did what the Mutant Dinosaurs hadn't: cause major damage to HQ. Besides, there was still the matter of getting aboard the Voltage... Databoard was now working on the equipment for his mission. At the moment he was making a bulletproof vest-like piece of armor, coated with rubber to prevent attacks form shock sticks. He also had a more portable gas mask for combating the riot bots. He also built a more portable version of a beam shield disruptor to fight beam shielded bots. The only way he could be protected more was with a beam shield, which he didn't need. ---- "There it is!" another voice yelled. "The Voltage! Kotua's vehicle! Let's destroy it before it destroys us!" Kotua didn't hear this, but he noticed the Voltage surrounded by the lightning-shooting Mutant Pterosaurs, force-fielded Mutant Raptors, and laser-firing Mutant T-Rexes. The T-Rexes and Pterosaurs would be somewhat easy to defeat, Kotua thought, but not the force-fielded Mutant Raptors. "Jump!" said Kotua. The Voltage quickly charged and flew off, to stop on an ocean, far from the dinos. "This is not good, not good at all..." said Kotua. The Voltage flew back towards the city, ready to take down the dinos. Along the way, some Pteranodons tried to take on the Voltage, but the turrets blasts sent them into the water. Unbeknownst to the Dino Attack agents, satellites began moving, targeting agents and dinos in the city... Kotua saw the outline of the city. "If they attack, this time we won't retreat into the ocean... we'll activate the nuclear engines to take them down too..." said Kotua. The Voltage flew over the city, and soon Mutant Dinos ran after it, Mutant T-Rexes fired their laser eyes, and Mutant Pteranodons tried to attack the craft. "Fire!" shouted Kotua. The turrets aimed, and fired at the Mutant Dinos. The Pteranodons soon fell, but the T-Rexes were going to take longer to defeat. Kotua looked at the display screen on his chair. The Beam Shield was now weaker from the blasts. "Phase!" shouted Kotua, and the Deck Bots got to it. The craft phased, and the blasts went through, without harming the craft. The turrets continued firing at the Mutant T-Rexes. The Voltage un-phased, and continued firing at the T-Rexes. By now most were down, hit by the blasts. More Dinos ran towards the Voltage, but the craft easily destroyed them. Kotua watched as even more Mutant Dinosaurs approached. T-Rexes fired their eye lasers, while Pteranodons fired lightning bolts. "Destroy them all!" shouted Kotua. The front compartment opened, and fired, destroying the Pteranodons on the front of the Voltage. ***** Zero could make a net launcher out of some things he found at the HQ. "Well, this will do... I hope!" Then, he jumped into his Urban Avenger and drove into the city. While Zero was driving around, he saw T-Rexes firing lasers at the craft he saw earlier. "What now? I don't know if I help or run..." he wondered. "Well," decided Zero, "if he's so easily destroying dinos, then he's probably in no need of any help. I'm running away!" Then Zero ran away, hoping to find someone. ---- "I'm no mechanic," Rex said, "but I know that my Iron Predator's beyond repair." "Affirmative," PBB said. "There's nothing left except ashes." "I see," Rex said with a sigh. Rex and PBB captured many Mutant Dinos at Castle Cove, along with a few dragons. "I would like to know where the dragons came from," Rex said. "In western culture, dragons originated from medieval mythology and folklore, so it makes sense that they would be found here," PBB answered. "Somewhat," Rex added. "So, you told me your oldest, faintest memory was of scientists crowded around something, saying 'it thinks it's completely human!'" PBB said. "What were they looking at?" Rex laughed. "That memory... I'm not really sure if it's real. I don't remember what they were talking about. Maybe we were doing experiments with lab mice, and they got too smart! It still cracks me up thinking of all the things it could be!" ---- Snake of Spades saw Voltage fly slowly over them. With Kotua's attention focused on the Mutant Dinos attacking the craft, he fortunately had not noticed the Dino Attack agents yet. Then he remembered: he had a grappling hook on his belt. "Kai, Joey, let's hitch a ride," said Snake. Kai shook his head. "I don't think that will work," he said. "The Voltage is flying too high; we'll never reach it from here." "Dang it," muttered Snake. "I would've liked to surprise Kotua with a barrage of Sonic Screamers. Of course, he'd probably retaliate by sending Security Bots after us… but hey, it's the thought that counts." ---- Rex found it hard to concentrate on his work. Too many questions filled his mind. Why was Kotua still evil? Who was the voice? Why did it think that he was Kotua? What was the prehistoric plants doing all over the city? The prehistoric plants! He had nearly forgotten about them. Rex pulled the container out of his pocket, and walked towards PBB. "PBB, can you examine this?" he asked. "I'll try," PBB answered. "These are prehistoric plants, you know. Even Adventurers Dino Island and Adventures' Island don't have prehistoric plants like this. How intriguing that you would find them growing in LEGO City." "Yes, that's why I'm asking you to analyze them," Rex answered, a little annoyed that PBB was explaining the obvious. "I was wondering if you could figure out where it came from." "I'll see," PBB said. He studied the plants while the airship returned to LEGO City. Later, PBB came back to Rex with the results. "I found nothing on these plants," he reported. "However, my databanks are lacking sufficient data on the flora of Dinosaur Island." ---- The Beam Shield was now at a low capacity. "I guess this is the end..." muttered Kotua. The craft continued firing, but most Dinos were moving too fast or were too strong to be defeated... The Voltage started shaking as the blasts hit it. "Ready the engines!" said Kotua. Immediately, maintenance bots put detonating devices on the engines, ready to cause the explosion at Kotua's command. The Voltage was now lower, as most thrusters had been destroyed. The turrets fired, but the dinos avoided the blasts, and some were resistant. Kotua walked to the engine room. He noticed bots moving about, preparing for impact… or an explosion... ***** Databoard saw the Voltage coming lower to the ground off in the distance. "What?" Databoard muttered. He grabbed his equipment and rushed down to his Fire Hammer, not even bothering with the fact the windshield was still broken. He drove off slowly, to avoid being noticed by the bots aboard. The craft stopped from falling down as it hit several buildings. Databoard noticed this, and knew that soon the buildings would collapse. Databoard kept a good distance away, not wanting to be around when those buildings went down. He was puzzled greatly by this move: why would Kotua go lower, when he was protected at the height? He continued to watch, deciding it would be best to figure out what Kotua was doing before he leapt into a fight. Databoard then noticed most of the side thrusters, which kept the Voltage airborne, were damaged. Databoard's eyes widened as the Voltage began to fall. The Fire Hammer shot into reverse, as Databoard would rather not get to close when it impacted. The Vehicle shot backwards down the deserted road, trying to get as far away from the Voltage. Databoard accelerated his vehicle, as Kotua's ship got farther and farther away... ***** Rex looked out the window. He caught sight of the form of the Voltage slowly lowering to the ground. "Kotua's up to something," he muttered, "or the Voltage has somehow been defeated. But if Dino Attack Team could not defeat the Voltage..." "Then it may have been Mutant Dinos," PBB suggested. "See what I mean?" Rex said, grinning. "The Mutant Dinos did turn out to be helpful in the end! Although these ones probably aren't my tamed dinos..." ***** Kotua arrived at the engine room, and noticed the bots had already set up everything. "If we don't impact soon, then we'll have to do this," muttered Kotua. The buildings fell as glass shattered, and the Voltage fell, slowed only by the few working thrusters... <Sir, an airship is flying closer. It meets specifications.> said one of the bots. "Good, PBB won't escape this time..." said Kotua, lifting a case... with a red button. <Looks suspenseful, no?> said one of the bots. "I SAID DON'T PAINT THE BUTTON!" shouted Kotua. The robot frowned, and flew off. ***** "We'll have to move closer - just a bit - to see what has happened with the Voltage," Rex said. "If it was defeated, then it would be damaged. And Mutant Dinos everywhere. Pleasant." "Try not to get too close to the Mutant Dinos," PBB warned. "Even though they helped defeat the Voltage, they're still not friendly." The Pallas Athena flew closer to the form of the falling Voltage. Sure enough, the closer they got, the more the Voltage appeared to be damaged, with scorch marks indicating lightning blasts from Mutant Pterosaurs and laser vision from Mutant T-Rexes. "Looks like Kotua got what he deserved!" declared Rex. The turrets on the Voltage aimed at PBB's airship and the retreating Databoard. The turrets glowed, and fired green blasts. PBB was surprised when the green blasts hit the Pallas Athena, slowly melting the impacted spots. Databoard sped up, trying to outrace the blasts. All around him there were explosions, destroying parts of nearby buildings. Databoard was pushing the vehicle to its limits to avoid the blasts. He kept racing backwards as blasts barely missed the Fire Hammer, sending smoke and rubble everywhere. ***** "Begin the operations!" shouted Kotua. The Voltage was flying few feet above the city, Beam Shield out. Kotua flipped a few switches. "It's time," he said. ---- Agent Radia was walking outside Alpha Team HQ, when various blasts hit the HQ, destroying its communications equipment. Radia was surprised, and unfortunately didn't notice the second batch of blasts.... More military satellites fired, taking down communications towers and equipment across the world. ---- Cane noticed the Voltage flying close to the ground from a black T-1 Typhoon. "I can't believe he's risking losing the craft," muttered Cane. ***** Databoard had been so busy avoiding blasts he hadn't noticed an unfinished on ramp directly behind him. His vehicle shot off the ramp, and into the air. The Fire Hammer crashed into a nearby building, leaving a hole in the wall. Moments later, blasts hit the building, bringing it to the ground... At the demolished building, all was silent for a long time. Then, a hand burst out of the rock, followed by the rest of Databoard. He dragged himself out of the rubble and hid in the shadows. He had been injured very badly when the building collapsed, and he was lucky to have survived. Databoard slowly got to his feet, but the unbearable pain forced him back down. Databoard glanced at the Voltage. They hadn't noticed he was still alive, giving him a chance to escape. He would have to get back to HQ, despite not having a vehicle and the fact he had been hurt in the crash. This could be hard... Databoard thought. ***** "This is not good," PBB muttered, "not good at all. Our communications are down, and parts of my airship have melted. It seems Kotua wasn't defeated after all." "We have to get away," Rex said. "Even if Kotua was defeated, the Voltage would make an explosion or something on impact to the ground. We have to get out of here!" As a former Evil OGEL Empire airship that was captured and rebranded by Alpha Team, the Pallas Athena was very easy to see flying through LEGO City. Which was why it attracted the eyes of many Mutant Dinos. Mutant Pterosaurs began blasting lightning at the engine, while Mutant T-Rexes shot at the sides with laser eyes. But, when Rex activated the Warp mechanism, the Mutant Dinos accidentally shot each other instead. Then got mad at each other. Then started violently fighting one another. Then... well, you get the picture. ---- While Zero was driving around, he started to think. Hmmm... maybe these Mutant Dinos have different breeds and variants found throughout the globe... But where I can find different mutants to study? Well, there is this island called Enchanted Island, and I've heard that there haven't been many missions there yet... I'll go there for research! On the boat to Enchanted Island, Zero moaned: "Ohhh... I'm getting seasick..." The moment he reached shore, Zero cried, "AHHHH! LAND!" He was REALLY seasick, and he was about to lose his lunch. "Alright... now where I can find some Mutant Dinos? I'll start in the jungle." After finding multiple species of Mutant Dinos, Zero finally got lost. "Well..." he said to himself, "I got Mutant Dino DNA. Now, I have to get back to HQ. I just need to find the boat... I'm sure I'll find it soon! I just need to walk along the beach." Three hours later, Zero was still walking along the Enchanted Island coastline and was no closer to finding his boat. He moaned, "Ohhhh... I'm thirsty... and hungry... I could really use a SANDwich..." Then, he saw something. A large statue, and rising smoke... Zero discovered that the statue was built by the Indigo Islanders, the natives of Enchanted Island. There appeared to be the remains of a camp, though it was abandoned. He was not sure if the Islander had simply moved on, or worse. Still, what was important was that there was still good food at the camp. After finding the camp and food, Zero also found the boat. "Ohhhh... I'm getting seasick again..." he moaned. ---- "This thing's going to need to be repaired," Rex said, "before we end up crashing." "I know," PBB answered. "What about your Iron Predator?" "I'm probably going to build a new, custom version of it," Rex said. "Instead of the Cryothermic Cannon, it shall have a huge cage attached to it, big enough to carry a Mutant T-Rex. It will suit my needs a lot more." Rex was throwing nets at a few Mutant Dinos that were on Ogel's Island. PBB kept grumbling, "Why did we have to come to Ogel's Island?" "It's got a large humid swampy jungle," Rex answered, "the perfect place to catch a few Mutant Dinos!" "What I mean is: of all the places we could have gone, why did you have to pick the island base of my mortal enemy?" clarified PBB. Rex grinned sheepishly. "Oh, right, you're from Alpha Team. Well, if there's one good thing about the Dino Attack, the Mutant Dinos most likely destroyed Ogel's base!" "I guess that is true," PBB conceded. "Once we defeat the Mutant Dinos," speculated Rex, "this place will be refined into a great vacation resort! And no more Ogel!" PBB raised an eyebrow skeptically. "This place, a vacation resort? Really?" ---- Kotua pressed the button. ***** Databoard was arriving at HQ, when an explosion rocked the whole city. Databoard looked back, and noticed mushroom cloud. "This is bad, very bad" said Databoard. Shadow also noticed it. "We have to evacuate quickly..." he said, running to call the rest of the agents on the city, before he remembered: the comm tower was destroyed. Databoard got into a nearby Fire Hammer and glanced at the cloud. "Kotua, you madman..." Databoard muttered to no one in particular. "This is your solution? Cause mass destruction and hope it takes care of your enemies? That's not the solution to anything." He then drove off in his Fire Hammer. Databoard drove along the city, and could see the smoke clearing. The whole area was demolished from the explosion. And there was rubble everywhere. Kotua would have destroyed any Mutant Dinosaurs in the area, but also anything else in that area as well. Great solution, Kotua... Databoard thought. Databoard didn't notice the probe, which silently followed him... ***** "Did you hear that?" Rex asked. "Hear what?" PBB said. "That noise?" "What noise?" "Didn't you hear a faint boom?" PBB shook his head. "No, I didn't." "Grr..." Chompy growled. PBB glanced at his saurian partner. "Chompy heard it too," he explained. With a smile, he added: "He usually is not this agreeable. I'm assuming you two get along very well together." Rex shrugged as Chompy grunted. "Well, most of the time he runs off on his own." Rex hoped that it was the Voltage that exploded, but that hope lasted only for a second. What if there were prisoners aboard? What if there were Dino Attack agents nearby? They would've died. "This isn't good, not good at all," Rex muttered. ***** Kotua watched the explosion from Ogel's abandoned space base. "Without towers, they can't inform the rest, but most probably saw the explosion..." muttered Kotua. He turned to look at the whole crew of the Voltage buzzing around, fixing the station, adding teal paint, adding weaponry... Kotua watched as every agent drove off. "Oh well, at least the dinos won't be around the city for a while," muttered Kotua, when he saw the remains of the dinos around the Voltage. "We should try it again someday," he said to the cookbot next to him... ***** Rex, by now, had caught five Mutant Pterosaurs and eleven Mutant Lizards during the return trip to LEGO City. But he could still not take his mind off worrying about the Dino Attack agents - and Mutant Dinos - that were near the explosion. Did most of them survive? Or did more die? "Well, with the communication down," Rex said, "we can't call every Dino Attack agent and find out if they're all right." "I know," PBB said. "One good thing led to a bad thing. The Voltage being defeated was the good thing, but the fact that we are ignorant on what happened and who survived is the bad thing. The whole LEGO City population of Mutant Dinos and Dino Attack agents could've been wiped out!" "And our evidence of prehistoric plants has been destroyed," Rex added. PBB activated the Pallas Athena's cloaking device, then Rex flew the airship very quietly and slowly towards LEGO City. It was the only way to receive news on what happened, and he wanted to rush in as quickly as possible. But he didn't want to attract Kotua, so he only went very slowly and quietly. At first, Rex and his friends did not notice much of a difference. Then, they began noticing smog. Then buildings that were getting shorter the further they went. Then, burnt Mutant Dino carcasses were everywhere. Finally, they found the ashes that were once the Voltage. But, no sign of dead Dino Attack agents. "Looks can be deceiving, you know," warned PBB. "We might not see any, but there might be a dead agent, or potentially injured agents who are still alive and in need of rescuing. We need to do a more thorough scan." Rex, PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot (who somehow made it aboard) scanned the city for any sign of alive, injured, or dead agents. So far, they only found Databoard to be alive, according to the scanners. But the scan wasn't complete when a laser was shot at the airship. Rex turned around to see Mutant T-Rexes. ***** Databoard turned on his PDA. He couldn't make long range communications, but he could find out if anyone was still alive in his area. He began typing out a message: IS ANYBODY ALIVE OUT THERE? AGENT DATABORD After transmitting the message, Databoard put the PDA away, doubting he'd get any response. Suddenly Databoard's PDA beeped. He got it. Someone had responded, but not what he expected. YOU MAY HAVE ESCAPED THIS TIME, DATA, BUT NEXT TIME I WON'T BE AS NICE TOWARDS YOU KOTUA Databoard frowned, and was going to put it away when it beeped again. There was no message, but a spot on a map, indicating somebody was nearby. Somebody probably buried under the rubble... ---- The new Voltage arrived at the International Space Station. Construction bots opened the airlock and entered, followed by Security Bots and Kotua. The bodies of the astronauts floated there. In all the chaos of the dino attack, earth had forgotten them. They obviously ran out of food, which explained one missing astronaut. "And Rex says the Dinos are good. They caused this. They deserve to be extinct again. I will make sure that happens," Kotua said. He floated to the dock, and noticed a shuttle. "That will greatly help us fight back against the dinos, and their allies," said Kotua, opening the airlock, and floating into the shuttle. Everything seemed intact, but that was the inside. He floated back out the shuttle. "Check the shuttle. If it is missing anything, fix it. Oh, and arm it with at least five blasters," said Kotua. ---- Then, as its crew scrambled to respond to the Mutant T-Rex attack, the Pallas Athena was filled with chaos and panic - and lots of noise. "Let's get out of here!" "GRR!" "Where did it come from?!?" CRASH! "Bep!" "OW!" "Someone get to the controls!" "Grr..." Chompy ran to the controls. Having claws instead of fingers, it wasn't easy for the T-Rex trying to steer the airship. Rex threw his remaining "cage spheres" at the Mutant T-Rexes to capture them. But, when there were three T-Rexes left, Rex ran out of cage spheres. Chompy, trying his best, flew the airship away from the Mutant T-Rexes, but they were close behind. The Mutant T-Rexes chasing the airship were roaring loudly. Somehow, over all that noise, Rex could hear that mysterious voice again: "You'll never escape us! Earth is ours, and forever shall be ours!" This was the first time Rex heard the voice in the presence of someone else he could talk to, so he whispered to PBB, "Do you hear him?" "Who?" PBB asked. "A voice," replied Rex. "Rex? What voice?" "Didn't you hear it? Someone was shouting rather loudly just now." PBB shook his head, and he seemed very worried. "Rex, I didn't hear any voice. But, I must warn you. Hearing voices is not a good sign." Rex threw everything he could at the Mutant T-Rexes. Including papers, chairs, a model elephant, spoons, forks, dishes, a clock, and a strange orb that was white, blue, and red in color. Nothing did anything except the strange orb, which froze one Mutant T-Rex in place within a block of ice. PBB stared at the frozen Mutant T-Rex. "Where did you get that Ice Orb?" he asked Rex, speaking in a low voice that sounded surprisingly intimidating coming from the robot. "I found it back here in the supplies," Rex answered. "That was an Ice Orb?" "They are very dangerous," PBB said. "If you had missed, then the results could have been catastrophic." "Well, we need to stop those two remaining Mutant T-Rexes," Rex said. "With or without any Ice Orbs." Cannons came out of the airship's sides. They blasted at the pavement directly in front of the Mutant T-Rexes; they could have easily shot the T-Rexes themselves, but PBB respected Rex's wishes to keep them alive. The mutants tripped and fell, giving the Pallas Athena enough time to escape. "That solves that problem," Rex said. ---- After the ride, Zero drove to the city just to find everything more destroyed than before. "Wow, looks like a huge explosion..." he murmured to himself. Zero stopped at a Dino Attack Outpost. "Alright," he said, "I'll leave the dino DNA samples here. If that really was an explosion, then someone might be injured." And he sped toward the city, once again. ***** Databoard drove up to where his scanners indicated someone was. He got out, but kept a laser ready, not wanting to fall into a trap. He looked around for the person, ready to grab his laser at a moment's notice. "Hello?" Databoard said. "Anybody out there?" He doubted he get any answer, given the person was most likely buried. Databoard began looking around for any place where anybody could be buried. He heard somebody moaning in pain, and walked slowly to where he heard it. A building, an apartment. Databoard began lifting the rubble he could, hoping he could rescue the person. Databoard glanced at the laser, just to make sure he still had it. He then continued moving rubble, but it was taking a long time. He tried to move a large chunk of rock but it would not budge. Reluctantly, as Databoard did not want to risk harm upon whoever was in there, he took out the laser and destroyed the rock. The building shook, and it might collapse soon. Databoard pushed away more debris, trying to work as fast as possible. All of a sudden, a Mutant Lizard leapt through the window at Databoard. He aimed the gun at it and fired, but the Lizard avoided it with ease. It leapt at Databoard knocking the weapon from his hand. He kicked the Mutant Lizard with all his strength, knocking it off him. He then grabbed the laser and aimed at the lizard, but missed again. Before Databoard could fire again, the Mutant Lizard knocked him to the ground. His laser landed just out of reach, but Databoard was more concerned about holding back the Lizard's jaws. He kicked the Lizard, tripping it and freeing himself. He grabbed the laser and aimed again. The Lizard leapt at him, but he managed to fire as it did. He hadn't been able to him the creature directly, only enough to stun it. After seeing that it hadn't sustained major injuries, he sealed the creature off with pieces of rubble. It would hopefully hold it off until he rescued the trapped person. Databoard returned to the pile of rubble, working fast to clear away the rubble. All of a sudden, what was left of the building began to collapse. He rushed out a door as more rubble came down, making it harder to get to the person. Databoard groaned, then began clearing through the debris. Databoard continued to move the rubble of the building. "Are you still alive down there?" he shouted. Databoard could hear someone moaning beneath the rubble, so he took that as a 'yes.' Databoard blasted a slab of rock that he could not move, and continued to search through the debris. Databoard continued to move the rubble away. He then looked around to see if anyone else was around to help him, but aside from the occasional injured dino, there was no one. He had doubted anyone would be in the area, though, as this whole section of the city was flattened, and most of the agents had left after the explosion. Databoard turned his attention back to the rubble, and continued moving it away. Databoard slowly lifted another chunk of rock and moved it aside. He had cleared about a foot or two of rubble, but he still had a while to go. He began to push another rock away. It would take forever to clear rocks like this, and he would have to find a faster way. Unfortunately, he could not do anything else without risking injury to the trapped person. ---- Zero was driving around the town, when he saw another craft: the Pallas Athena. "Wow, another ship..." murmured Zero. "Maybe the guys in there are good, because these T-Rexes over here just fainted..." Then he started to call the airship... ***** Rex looked for other Dino Attack agents. He hoped that he could find someone other than Kotua. If nothing else, he was so relieved that the Voltage was finally destroyed. "The scanner is still looking for more surviving agents," PBB said. "Well, if Data is the only agent still alive, I'd be concerned," Rex said. "Sure, Data's great, but how can just two people hope to defend themselves and the entire world against a whole army of Mutant Dinos? That's why we need a team." Then, Rex spotted movement on the ground. "Hey, look!" he said, pointing below. "Agent Zero!" "You said that just before the scanner picked him up!" PBB remarked, and then he laughed. "Does he need a ride?" wondered Rex. "We'll see!" promised PBB. The scanner kept going, and after a while, it picked up Kai, who was headed in PBB's direction. PBB assessed the damage caused by the Voltage and Mutant Dinos. "Unfortunately, my airship is too damaged to offer transport to other Dino Attack agents," he reported. "I cannot risk more deaths aboard this airship should it get destroyed. Therefore, Rex, I'm going to have to let you-" "You're kicking me out of the airship?!?" Rex said. "You're crazy!" PBB smiled. "Not too crazy, but I have a plan-" "Throw me out and get me killed by Kotua. Great plan," muttered Rex. PBB sighed, then he walked over to a button and pushed it. ***** Alpha Team agent Crunch shivered as he patrolled Antarctica. Thank goodness that Mutant Dinos didn't come here, he thought to himself. Then, I'd have to deal with both dinosaurs and freezing cold. Suddenly, the snow in front of him erupted. Crunch just barely dodged the flying rocks and snow. He gasped at what was in front of him: it was a giant silver mechanical scorpion. The giant scorpion shifted into flight mode and then flew out of Antarctica. Crunch was bewildered. Was this Ogel's doing? Or something else? Crunch walked back to Alpha Team HQ, when he heard a whirring sound. "Don't move," said a voice behind him. Crunch turned around, taking out his laser pistol. He saw a robot dressed in the likeness of agent Frozeen, which he recognized as one of the robotic duplicates of Alpha Team agents that were created by the villainous Dr. Voltage during Mission Deep Freeze. He thought they were all decommissioned, and yet… "Warned you," said Robo-Frozeen, raising his gun... ---- Databoard was exhausted, but he had no time to take a break. He slowly moved another rock, but it was rather tiring. He still had much rock to clear, and he didn't know how much oxygen whoever was down there had left. He gradually moved another rock away, stopped to catch his breath, and returned to shifting through the rubble. After clearing about five feet of rubble, Databoard was very exhausted. There were still about three-or-so feet left, and that could take more time. Databoard pulled out a laser cutter and made a small shaft into the rubble so that whoever was down there could breathe. After spending a few minutes catching his own breath, he returned to clearing rubble. Databoard pulled aside another chunk of rubble. He was almost to the person, as the moaning was getting louder. He managed to shove away another chunk of rock. He moved chunk after chunk of the debris, getting closer by the minute. He lifted the last chunk of rubble to find a cop. Databoard put down the piece of rubble, pulled off the rest of debris, and dragged the cop to the Fire Hammer. "More... inside..." muttered the cop, who was badly wounded. Databoard looked back at the building. He doubted anybody else survived.... ---- Kotua floated back to the new Voltage. Construction bots took the Space Station's solar panels, along with other tools and equipment. Other construction bots studied the shuttle so they could make another. Kotua floated on the Voltage, and noticed construction bots struggling with a door. Apparently, the door was marked with the emblem of the Evil OGEL Empire. Kotua walked to the door and punched it open. The door broke off its hinges. "You bots are getting rusty," he said, before entering the room. Kotua looked around the room. He noticed something. ---- The silver scorpion mech landed next to the Pallas Athena. Rex looked out the window. "What in the world?" he asked. "That, my friend, is the Silver Scorpion," PBB explained. "It once belonged to Ogel and General Evil, but Frozeen and I have stolen it from them. It is practically indestructible. There was only one weapon powerful enough to penetrate its armor, the Valesk Cannon, and that was destroyed by Kotua two years ago during Alpha Team's last mission. Now, without any weaknesses, the Silver Scorpion is indestructible. Even the Voltage can't destroy it. So, use it, and be safe." Rex hopped into the Silver Scorpion's cockpit. This vehicle would have to do, at least until he repaired his Iron Predator. But now, he needed to get used to the controls... A Mutant Raptor turned around. It caught a glimpse of the Silver Scorpion crawling down the street. Growling, the Mutant Raptor followed it. Suddenly, the tail of the scorpion mech swooped down, knocking over the Mutant Raptor. "That was cool!" said Rex, laughing. ***** Zero watched the Silver Scorpion with interest. "Wow," he remarked, "that silver scorpion thing is cool! But that airship looks too damaged... Hmmm, I got a pen and a cardboard here..." Then, Zero wrote on the cardboard in large letters: YOU CAN USE MY URBAN AVENGER'S PIECES TO FIX YOUR SHIP? AGENT ZERO Zero realized that, even writing in big letters, getting the cardboard visible to the Pallas Athena was going to be hard. He tried to think of another way to communicate with PBB. Zero tossed aside the cardboard and thought about what PBB could see. "I think I remember seeing a spare PDA at the ruined headquarters... I'll go get it!" ---- Flex ran out of Alpha Team HQ as an angry Charge chased him. "I won't do it again!" said Flex, before tripping over something. Flex quickly got up. Charge noticed what Flex had tripped over. He walked to it, and pulled it out of the snow. It was Crunch, tied up. Apparently, somebody had stolen his gear. Soon, Alpha Team agents – Dash Justice, Flex, the still-angry Charge, and Crunch – walked through what they guessed to be Robo-Frozeen's path, and found a Tundra Tracker missing tires, cockpit glass, drill, and the computer equipment. Plus, it seemed somebody re-painted it with a spray can. "Wonder who did this," said Dash. "Ogel?" said Charge. "Dr. Voltage?" said Flex. "Some sort of robot..." said Crunch. ---- Kotua watched the first Evil Orb go down towards the Earth. "Soon those Dinos will wish they hadn't messed with me..." muttered Kotua. Kotua watched Earth through a window. "I wonder if we can make part of the old Voltage fly again," said Kotua. Kotua floated into the new Command Deck. "How's it going?" asked Kotua. "Everything is going according to schedule, sir," said the bot. Kotua noticed some construction bots testing the beam shields and other equipment. ---- Robo-Frozeen ran back to Dr. Voltage's base. There, the other Robo-Agents lay. Kotua had awakened Robo-Frozeen, and he knew what Kotua wanted. Robo-Frozeen, of course, also had some fun doing his job. The Robo-Agents ran to Dr. Voltage's vehicle room, which had many different vehicles. The Robo-Agents dismantled most of Dr. Voltage's vehicles, and they sent the metal into space to Kotua. The last vehicle left on the hangar was a hovercraft big enough for the Robo-Agents to ride. The Robo-Agents climbed in and flew towards another part of Dr. Voltage's lair, which had spare metal. "Oops," said Robo-Frozeen. "We'll send it now," muttered Robo-Subzero. ---- Inside the remains of the old Voltage, Guardian finished re-assembling himself. He floated out the craft, and used a small antenna to search for anybody nearby. He received coordinates, and flew to the location, which was very close. ---- PBB looked at Chompy. He could tell that the T-Rex was worried. "It's okay," PBB assured Chompy. "Rex seems to be doing fine. And remember, nothing can destroy the Silver Scorpion, so he's safe. Okay?" Chompy nodded. ---- Databoard doubted anyone else was in there, but he couldn't just leave. He rushed over and began moving more rubble, dragging debris away. But it was taking too long, and he didn't know how far buried they were. He would need help, and he would need to get it fast. Databoard rushed back to the Fire Hammer and searched for anything he could use to request assistance. His PDA, without the communications tower, didn't have a wide enough range. He soon found something that might get someone's attention: a flare gun. He aimed the flare gun and fired into the air. Hopefully, an agent that in the area would see and come to investigate... ***** At the HQ, Zero quickly found the PDA. "Here! Now, I'll try to contact someone..." The first person Zero tried to contact was Rex. REX? ARE YOU THERE? -AGENT ZERO When he sent the message, he saw a flare. "Well, I'd better check it out!" ***** Databoard continued digging. As he progressed deeper into the rubble, he found another person. It was another man, but this one had no heartbeat. Databoard placed the body near the Fire Hammer, and continued digging. Guardian turned at a corner. Databoard heard a sound, like fans rotating. He quickly grabbed his laser and turned around. Guardian activated his Beam Shield when it noticed Databoard aiming at it. "Back off!" said Databoard. Guardian did not respond. Databoard aimed the laser. "I said BACK!" Databoard shouted. He knew such a weapon would have no effect on the Guardian, but it was better than nothing. The Guardian knew that fact as well, and looked unconcerned at the laser aimed at him. "Keep away, Guardian," Databoard said, began backing back towards the rubble, but with no change of expression. He had no way of fighting this metal monstrosity, but he wasn't about to back down. He considered explaining he was in the middle of a rescue mission, but he doubted the Guardian would care. He didn't know if Guardians could feel compassion, so explaining would be rather pointless. Guardian hovered there, and after a few minutes hovered away, seeking something. Databoard just stood surprised, and then continued searching for others. Normally, Databoard would wonder why the Guardian would just leave, but he had bigger problems at the moment. He moved more rubble, trying to find anyone else buried under the debris. Databoard continued to move rubble away. He had cleared away much of the debris, so any trapped people would have to be nearby. He pulled a chunk of rock away, getting closer to any trapped people with every rock he moved. He pushed another rock out of the way and returned to digging through the rubble... ---- The Robo-Agents flew over the ocean at high speeds. Since they were robots, they flew faster than any human could go.... ---- Viper looked around while driving the Iron Predator. Specs also looked around, gun ready. They had evacuated most agents and people, but they had no idea where some agents were. Suddenly a small craft flew over them, and hovered away.... ---- Databoard had slowly cleared away much of the rubble, with only little debris left. He moved chunk after chunk of rubble, slowly moving it outside the ruins of the building. He tried to drag a large chunk of rock, but it was too large. Rushing to the Fire Hammer, he grabbed a laser cutter and reduced the chunk into smaller debris, which would be easier to remove. Databoard was dragging the debris when he heard someone walking towards him. "Miss me?" said a voice. Databoard looked up to see Robo-Databoard standing there. "What do you want?" asked Databoard. "For you to be dead," said Robo-Databoard, aiming his blaster. "Why can't I get at least a day without somebody trying to kill me?" muttered Databoard, raising his blaster. Robo-Databoard looked at the debris. "What happened, you drove into the building?" asked Robo-Databoard. "As a matter of fact, this building collapsed when Kotua blew up everything in this entire area," Databoard replied coldly. "And if you don't mind, I'm in the middle of a rescue mission." "What, to rescue more Dino Attack agents?" Robo-Databoard replied. Databoard didn't answer, as he didn't know who was buried under there. Robo-Databoard was about to destroy the real one when a Mutant Raptor leapt at them. Robo-Databoard began firing at it, but the blasts were deflected by its force field. Databoard hid behind a rock so the Raptor wouldn't notice him. Robo-Databoard continued to try and shoot the Mutant Raptor, while Databoard quickly began digging through the rubble. ---- LEGO Island was a mess. The island had once been Voltage's home, before they were driven out by the Mutant Dinos. But now he stood in the remains of the Pizzeria, awaiting orders to attack the dinos running loose on the streets. "Lieutenant Volant, do you copy?" said the voice through his radio, the static growing louder. "I hear ya' loud and clear, Commander," Voltage muttered. "Commence attack on dinos." "Roger that" he replied, stuffing the radio back in his jacket pocket. Crouching behind the sign that read 'Pizzeria', he dodged through the rubble, occasionally checking his GPS unit. The dinos were close. Possibly too close. He was now somewhere near the Information Center. The dinos were by the wall adjacent from him. He drew out two pistols. Cautiously, he leapt out from the wall and shot the three Mutant Lizards. They slumped against the glass and slid down. These were tranquilizer darts, so they were only stunned. "AAAaaaaaahahahhhahh!!!" "What the heck was that?!" yelled Voltage, startled. In the distance he could make out a Mutant Lizard inching toward something on the ground. Voltage sprinted to the spot and shot the dino with a tranquillizer dart. "Dude, my pizzas were ineffective!" said the person on the ground. "Pepper?!" exclaimed Voltage. "Yeah, I sorta need to get to Antarctica, dude," said Pepper Roni. "We'll get you there. I'll call a chopper," He pulled his radio back out. "Commander, Pepper Roni is here on LEGO Island we need to get him back to Antarcticaaaa!" They were knocked backwards by the powerful foot of a giant Mutant T-Rex. Voltage dove for his laser rifle. Pepper scrambled out of the way as Voltage shot multiple blasts at the massive dino. One of them hit its eye. Blinded, it swayed for a moment and fell, heading right towards Voltage, Pepper, and the Fire Hammer. They both scrambled in the car. "Drive, dude, drive!!!" yelled Pepper as they sped away. There was a huge crash as the dino fell through two solid layers of concrete. "My work is finished here," Voltage said to Pepper. "You can either stay here or come with me to Antarctica. I have a job to do with the Alpha Team..." "Go to Antarctica, dude," said Pepper. "We're just a few miles from a heliport," said Voltage. ---- No answer from Rex. Zero decided, "I'm going to call him later... What's that?" From afar, he could see the communications tower was destroyed. "Well, that's why I didn't get any answer..." A while after, he reached the place where Databoard was and saw a robot firing at a Mutant Raptor. He also saw Databoard digging. Databoard saw agent Zero rushing over. "What's going on?" Zero said. Robo-Databoard managed to get away from the Raptor and started firing, forcing the two agents to duck out of the way. The Mutant Raptor leapt at Robo-Databoard, forcing him to stop firing. "No time to explain," Databoard said, tossing the laser rifle to Zero. "Just try and keep him from getting too close." Robo-Subzero arrived at the scene. Programmed with the ability to shoot blasts of ice and cold from his hands, he froze the raptor solid and then walked towards Databoard. "You can't hide forever..." he said. Databoard grabbed the laser rifle back from Zero. "There's an injured cop in my Fire Hammer," Databoard said. "Get him as far away from here as possible." Zero nodded and rushed off. Databoard then stepped into the open, laser in hand. The two robots moved in on Databoard, but he kept the laser rifle ready. The other Robo-Agents appeared behind Robo-Databoard and Robo-Subzero. "Give up!" shouted Robo-Subzero. Databoard fired, and Robo-Diamond fell to the ground, as his main components were hit. Databoard realized these did not have Beam shields "Go away or you'll suffer the same fate!" said Databoard. The Robo-Agents ran away. "That was too easy," muttered Zero, who was carrying the cop. "Yeah... too easy," muttered Databoard, returning to the rescue. Then he stopped. "There should be a Res-Q HQ nearby right?" "One of the few surviving buildings," said Zero. "Bring their equipment!" said Databoard, returning to digging... Zero was driving around, trying to find the Res-Q HQ. "Well, it should be around here... There!" For Zero's surprise, the building was almost intact! "...Weird. Ah! The equipment..." He loaded them into the Urban Avenger and rushed to meet Databoard. Zero soon returned with equipment from the Res-Q HQ. Databoard took a jackhammer and began drilling through rubble. He was very careful as he did, as he didn't want to risk drilling into anyone trapped in the rubble. He made fast work of the rocks in his path, and quickly moved the remaining debris out of the ruined building. Zero returned from a second trip to Res-Q HQ, with a portable generator, medicine, medical equipment, and some lights, as night was beginning. Databoard and Zero cleared away much of the rubble in the building. Lights had been set up around the area, and the cop was lying on a medical bed Zero had brought in. Databoard stopped looking through the debris to check their progress. Most of the rubble had been cleared away at one end, but there was more to clear on the other side. He then returned to digging. Two Mutant Lizards watched the two agents digging. More Food!.... ---- Kotua noticed more metal come in. "Great," said Kotua, turning to look for a construction bot. Kotua looked at the space station, floating in space, mostly now in pieces as Kotua had ordered to take it apart. The Voltage was now space-equipped. He looked back at Earth. "I wonder if I really used every part of the engine...." muttered Kotua. ---- Voltage and Pepper arrived at Antarctica shortly after. Pepper trudged off to find Luna Rom and Snap Lockitt. Alpha Team HQ was closer than he thought. The towering walls of the frozen base seemed to camouflage with the snow. Voltage drew out a badge from his jacket pocket. He held it up to the ID scanner. "Agent Voltage, 22, Dino Attack Squad," Voltage said. He used to be an Alpha Team agent during Mission Deep Freeze, so the computer would automatically remember him in. "Enter," it replied in its mechanical voice. A door slid open in the wall. Voltage ran inside. Dash Justice was waiting in the doorway. They almost collided. Dash got right to the point. "We're going to send you off to Dinosaur Island with one of our agents and one of your fellow agents." "Great! Uh, who?" asked Voltage. "Axel is a new agent. And you know Databoard?" Voltage nodded. "We've met before." "You three will go tomorrow at noon," reported Dash. "Well, bye then!" ---- Snake of Spades saw the Silver Scorpion. He turned on his walkie-talkie. "Rex, I've got a chaos call coming from Enchanted Island. I think a... T-REX!!!" screamed Snake. Rex continued his path. He heard the mysterious voice again. "What's that? It's an intruder! Destroy it!" "Let him try," muttered Rex. "If not even the Voltage can destroy this, then Mutant Dinos can't. I think now I'll be able to catch Mutant Dinos better than ever now!" Rex continued patrolling LEGO City, looking for Dino Attack agents and Mutant Dinos. In the meantime, he looked at all the controls in the Silver Scorpion: Homing Missiles, Scanner, Auto-Drive, Tail Controls, Claw Controls, Drilling Rockets, Ice Cannons, and others. Rex noticed some movement down on Cherry Road. The Silver Scorpion marched down the street. He came to a huge pile of rubble and debris. According to the vehicle's scanners, something was buried inside. Using the Silver Scorpion's claws, Rex removed the rubble to reveal... Lord Sam Sinister von Barron, Evil Ogel, Lord Vladek, and the Brickster! Four of the world's most notorious LEGO villains, all huddled up and cowering together. Rex had no idea what they were doing in LEGO City, but they must have been trapped in the debris resulting from the Voltage's explosion. Rex considered covering them with rubble again, but before he could do so, a Mutant T-Rex leapt over the Silver Scorpion and walked towards the scared villains. Part of Rex wanted to just leave and let the villains get eaten. But then, another part of him thought: You want the Mutant Dinos to live. You think this because you know that dinos, mutant or not, have lives too. So why are you just going to leave these villains behind? They have lives, too. Perhaps you can strike a deal with them... save their lives, they won't cause any more villainy... Rex didn't save the villains; their henchmen did. A giant airship flew above them. It was black and red in color and decorated with an enormous skull on the front, clearly the emblem of the Evil OGEL Empire. A grappling hook, operated by Ogel Drones and Shadow Knights, was sent down to grab their masters, while Brickster-Bots and Sam Sinister's henchmen manned the airship. Soon, the villains escaped. Rex muttered, "Well, at least that means I don't have to save them..." "Psst," a voice whispered. Rex turned around to find... Trouble? ---- One of the Mutant Lizards leapt at Databoard, who barely got out of the way. He flung the jackhammer at it, but its jaws made quick work of it. Databoard reached for his laser, only to have the Lizard leap at him, knocking the weapon from his hand. He got out from under the beast, and rushed over to the rubble. He grabbed one of the smaller chunks of rock hurled it at the Mutant Lizard, which simply avoided it. While Databoard and Zero dealt with that Lizard, the other sneaked up, and sniffed around where the agents were digging. Food... Databoard grabbed his laser and began firing at the Mutant Lizard, which dodged the blasts. Databoard then ducked out of the way as it leapt at him, and he fired at it again. It avoided them again, and then attacked Zero, who ducked out of the way and began throwing pieces of rubble at it, but ending up only making it mad. Both Mutant lizards jumped at the agents. Databoard fired as one was in the air, catching it by surprise. Zero tried to do the same thing, but only angered the other lizard. Databoard ran at it and fired at it. It looked up and jumped at Databoard, but Zero fired at it. "Whew, that was close. And something: never throw rocks at Mutant Lizards..." said Zero. "Well," said Databoard, "if the Mutant Lizard was looking for food, then there's really someone down there." "You're right. Let's keep digging." Both agents continued removing the rubble for a while until Databoard noticed another person, a woman, also trapped. Databoard moved closer. She was unconscious. Databoard dug out the unconscious woman and put her on a medical bed. He then returned to searching through the rubble for anyone else. He continued to clear away the debris and rocks, trying to see if there was anyone else still alive. "Hey Data," said Zero, while they were digging. "Maybe now you can tell me what's going on here? I thought only Mutant Dinos were attacking the city, but I saw two huge airships flying around." "Well, there's a certain agent Kotua," Databoard said, "who went a little a little nuts and is trying to kill us all. One of those ships is his, called the Voltage. The other is the Pallas Athena, which belongs to someone known as PBB, AKA Purple Brickster-Bot. I know both of them from when I was in Alpha Team." Databoard then returned to digging. ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
  12. Chapter 5: Search and Rescue ---- The Security Bots continued to pull Rex away, when Rex noticed a water bubbler. Apparently, even Kotua could get thirsty aboard this ship. He walked over to it, and one bot hit him hard in the chest. "What was that for?" he asked angrily. "All I wanted was a small drink of water." "Halt!" the bot commanded. "No drinks for you!" "All I wanted was a drink," repeated Rex. "None!" "Please?" asked Rex. "No!" "Why not?" asked Rex. "I'm no use to Kotua as a prisoner if I die from dehydration!" "Because, well... alright. Go ahead," the robot finally relented. Rex poured water into a cup. But, instead of drinking the water, he threw it at the Security Bots, causing them to short-circuit. Then, he ran. ***** In the Building Bots room, chaos was everywhere. An airborne chemical had suddenly filled the room, going into the Building Bots' innerworkings and causing them to rust. The malfunctioning robots were going crazy. Little Bot sat in one corner of the room, smiling to itself. "I beppit beep!" it beeped proudly, having warned the Building Bots not to mess with it, but of course they had not heeded his warning. Then, the small robot ran out into the hallway. ***** "Time for reinforcements..." said Kotua. Guardian IV phased, and walked towards Rex... ***** PBB sent the Multi-Pod speeding towards the ship. "Head towards the command deck," Databoard said. "Get their attention." Turahk-Kal looked at him like he had lost it. "You're insane, have I mentioned that?" Turahk-Kal said. The pod zoomed towards the ship, flying close enough to the command deck to wave 'Hi' to the bots inside. Databoard heard a sound. He turned to look, and gasped. "No, it can't be!" said Databoard. "What can't be?" asked PBB. "BladeBugs," said Databoard. Like rapidly-spinning saws, the BladeBugs flew towards the Multi-Pod, their blades ready to turn them into shreds. PBB piloted the Multi-Pod away from the BladeBugs. "This is bad," Databoard said. "I had no idea Kotua had sided with the BladeBugs..." He was cut off by a BladeBug, which tried to slice its way inside. "What do we do now?" Turahk-Kal shouted, as yet another BladeBug tried to get to them. As if it wasn't bad enough, the BladeBugs released the Child BladeBugs, which were armed with beam blasters. The Child BladeBugs flew towards the pod, firing. Databoard felt the Multi-Pod shaking as lasers pounded its hull. The pod wouldn't last very long, unless they did something. A blast tore a small hole in the craft, but did not hit its three occupants. The pod was pushing the limits of its engines as it flew along the side of the Voltage, trying to outrace the impending doom. The pod could take no more damage, and it was slowly losing power. "We can't take this anymore!" PBB shouted. The Multi-Pod was spinning out of control, careening towards the side of the ship. The craft pulled up at the last second, but the beam shield managed to take part of the bottom off as they did. Something glided through the sky and landed on Databoard's smashed Multi-Pod. He thought it was a pteranodon but he had a small hunch it could be... "GLIDE!" the hooded Dino Attack agent announced himself. "Reporting for duty! Need to rescue Rex? Take these smokescreen spheres!" With that he took out one of his own, threw it on the ground in front of him and was gone in a puff of smoke, but he left a handful in Databoard's lap. Databoard looked at the spheres Glide had given them. He knew how to use them, based on how Glide disappeared, but didn't know how much use they would be against the robotic enemies. Still, he had run out of options. He threw one to the floor, and he suddenly found himself inside the Voltage. Apparently, Glide's smokescreen spheres were equipped with teleportation technology, which explained how he so easily disappeared whenever he used one. Moments later, Turahk-Kal and PBB followed. Outside, BladeBugs tore up the Multi-Pod, unaware no one was inside it. ***** Rex and Little Bot collided. "Good to know that you're safe," Rex said. "Now, we need to find a way out of here." "Beepy!" cried Little Bot. "What?" Rex asked. He had no idea how PBB could understand this thing. "Beepy!" Little Bot repeated. "Beep beppit boo!" "You two escaped?" asked a voice behind them. Rex turned around to see Kotua glaring at him. "Uh-oh..." whispered Rex. Guardian IV walked towards Rex and Little Bot. "This isn't good," muttered Rex. "Beep bepity boop," said Little Bot. The wall opened, and Kotua took out a sword. "Your escape ends here, traitor!" said Kotua, charging at Rex. Rex moved out of the way as Kotua tried to stab him. Little Bot wasn't winning against Guardian IV, which was hanging the bot upside down and banging on it. Rex dodged another one of Kotua's attempts to stab him, and then Rex kicked him. Kotua stumbled back, but then he ran again at Rex. Rex backed up a bit and ran at Kotua, who raised his sword to bring it down in a slicing motion. Rex felt the sword make a small cut on his arm. Fortunately, it was not a deep cut, but now he was wounded and bleeding. Kotua immediately brought back his sword, and tried stabbing him again. Rex, weaponless, was forced to dodge Kotua. Little Bot tried shortening Guardian's circuits, but Guardian's fragile components were protected by thick non-rusting metal. Kotua ran at Rex and swung his sword, forcing Rex to run the opposite way. Kotua chased after him. Finally, Rex kicked a security bot, grabbed its shocker spear, and ran back towards Kotua. Rex activated the spear, and fired an electricity bolt, shocking Kotua. Kotua recovered quicker than Rex expected, and swung his sword. Rex dodged the sword, and shocked Kotua. Kotua ignored the electricity, and swung his sword again, cutting Rex again. Rex ran off, while Kotua stayed behind. Rex looked back, and was surprised to see Kotua not chasing him. Kotua, of course, put the weapon back and took out a blaster... ---- Rev looked at his small built-in calendar on the dashboard. His Fire Hammer was okay (enough so to run) and he couldn't believe he was alive after 12 days of being unconscious in a damp cave. He remembered saying, "At least Kotua wasn't captured again," just before a black T-1 Typhoon came up behind and blasted the rock he was on. He skidded down into a cave after debris hit him and he could barely see, and then they shot the overhang and trapped him as he fell into darkness. He felt the bump on his head. It was still throbbing, and when he touched it, he felt it start to bleed. He tried to turn on the car, only to hear a strangled sound and the battery fail. Headlights, he thought. I left on my MegaBloking headlights when I collapsed. He knew the calendar battery would be enough to get the same result with the car. I'm doomed, Rev thought only for a second when he realized he had GPR (Ground Penetrating Radio) that was on a separate electrical system than his car. "Mayday, Dino Attack Agent Rev Raptor buried in cave near a small city that roughly 12 days ago was bombed, barricaded with no car energy and substantial head wound which left me unconscious for 12 days, over." Rev wasn't sure his mayday was heard and he tried it again. He started to fall asleep so he tried to get his Sleep-Free Pills but the glove compartment was electronically locked. Rev finally knew why he had a machete and a hammer in his car. He placed the blade in the groove and tapped it until it could stand on its own, and then smashed it hard as he could, and the compartment fell open. Still no sign of anyone coming. "Mayday, severe head wound, dysfunctional car, barricaded in a mountain cave blocked by rocks, bleeding head wound, likely infection. Mayday, freaking mayday, over." Finally, a familiar face arrived to rescue him. "Having a little trouble?" Sereve asked. "Usually, I'd call you a showoff 4+ figure, but my engine doesn't work, I've got a bleeding head wound, and I need to see a medic within 3 hours or..." Rev then collapsed. ---- Databoard, PBB, and Turahk-Kal snuck down the corridors of the Voltage. "Do either of you know where you're going?" Turahk-Kal asked. "I mean, we've been going around for a while now." "Simple, we find Kotua," Databoard said. "Find Kotua, we find Rex." "I was worried you'd say that," Turahk-Kal muttered. Databoard looked around the corner to see if any security bots were coming. Seeing none, he signaled to the others. They had been searching for almost ten minutes, and still they hadn't found him. "How do we know he's even on this ship?" Turahk-Kal said. "He could have gotten Rex's PDA-" "Shhhh!" PBB shouted. "Do you hear that?" Databoard and Turahk-Kal, not having advanced hearing like the FMB-Bot, shook their heads. "That way!" PBB said, rushing off, followed closely by the two Dino Attack agents. The agents and PBB ran, when suddenly Guardian appeared, holding Little Bot in one hand. <Surrender, fools.> said Guardian. "Uh oh," said Turahk-Kal. "What if we don't?" Databoard shouted. Guardian motioned to Little Bot. <I'll crush your friend like the tin can he is.> Guardian said. <So surrender!> "Very well then," Databoard said. Turahk-Kal was confused, but PBB knew Databoard well enough to know he was daring, but knew when the odds were against him. And PBB also knew Databoard always had a backup plan. Guardian looked right at Databoard, apparently recognizing him for the first time. <Traitor Located: Destroy!> said Guardian, activating its Beam Rifles and firing at Databoard. Databoard ducked as the Guardian fired. Security Bots appeared with shock staffs, and they fired at PBB and Turahk-Kal. "Hey, what part of surrendering don't you understand?" Databoard said. "Specifically the part about not blasting us to bits!" Databoard pulled out a laser rifle and began firing at it. The blasts did little damage against the Guardian, who moved towards Databoard, beam rifles ready. Guardian activated its Beam shield and continued firing at Databoard, ignoring PBB and Turahk-Kal. The Security Bots activated their beam shields, and began firing at PBB and the two agents. <Surrender, fools.> said Guardian, firing missiles at them. "I told you, we surrender!" Databoard said, avoiding a missile. "Is your circuitry fried or something?" Another missile rushed towards him; only by ducking at the last second did he avoid it. More missiles flew at him, blowing holes in the wall. If this kept up, the corridor might collapse. Guardian stopped firing, and walked towards Databoard as the Security Bots floated towards PBB and Turahk-Kal. Databoard aimed his laser rifle at the Guardian's head. Before he could fire, the robot hit him with its free hand, knocking him into the wall. Then Guardian picked up his laser and crushed it in its hand. Throwing the useless weapon aside, it moved towards Databoard. While Turahk-Kal and PBB were taken away by Security Bots, Guardian brought Databoard to the command deck. There, he was confronted by Kotua, who mocked him for his futility. Then, Kotua left Databoard in the custody of Guardian. ***** Turahk-Kal was locked in a cell and about to be gassed to death. Rex found the security bot overseeing the poisonous gases, so Rex stunned the robot with the shocker spear long enough for PBB to disable the gas and free Turahk-Kal. After arming himself with a shocker spear, Turahk-Kal joined PBB and Rex in confronting Guardian and rescuing Databoard. Rex, Turahk-Kal, and PBB distracted Guardian long enough for Databoard to break free of the robot's grip. The team started to battle the Guardian and Security Bots, while Databoard attempted to work out a plan on how to use the microphone to stop Kotua. Kotua was by now back on his chair, effects of the microphone far away to harm him... ---- The BladeBugs flew down to the HQ, where they began shredding everything in sight. Scratch that, this REALY stinks, Dromus thought. Now, shortly after surviving the encounter with that Mutant Raptor pack, she found herself attacked by BladeBugs. She desperately wished she had her chain. As if in answer to her thoughts, her long silver chain came flying through the air. She caught it, bewildered, and saw the Raptors she had tied up, now freely on the rampage. They stampeded through the saw-like robots, not giving them time to react, stepping on them, squishing them flat. They let out almost simultaneous howls of pain from the spikes and collapsed, one by one. Dromus let out a whoop of joy. "THANK YOU, LADY LUCK!" she screamed. Then she saw the moaning Raptors, and her heart gave a pang of pity. She knew that the scavengers would be here, in the heat of battle soon, to eat them alive. No creature deserves that she thought. Pulling out her gun, she put them out of their pain. Dromus started driving around again, talking aloud to help her think: "What stops these things? I may not be so good with a gun, but how can I stop them with what I have? Clearly, they aren't living beings, I tried talking to them, they must be robots. The only thing I can think of offhand is homing missiles, and I don't exactly have those handy... They're robots, that must be their weakness, how can I use it against them? Robots..." She continued musing: "Gotta disable their circuitry... water! Of course! Water will short-circuit it! And I always bring a big thermos with me. Cool!" And feeling substantially cheerier about all this, she continued driving fairly aimlessly. Dromus was still driving around when more BladeBugs flew in. She threw water at them, but it only splashed them, as their circuitry was hidden deep underneath the armor plating of the BladeBug. They tried shredding her, but Dromus drove out of the way, firing at them... Why won't they leave me alone!? Dromus thought. She also thought some explicit words that would not be allowed to be mentioned on a family-friendly website. Nothing seems to work against these, other than dinos squashing them. What can render them useless? Finally, she pulled out a large knife out of the glove compartment, and threw it, hoping to cut off the spikes, or at least their tips. The knife hit the BladeBugs, but it bounced off harmlessly. Dromus drove off, but the BladeBugs followed, trying to shred her. After a while of chasing her, the BladeBugs flew off, to hunt something more defenseless... ---- Guardian brought back its hand, and fired missiles at Databoard. PBB took down two Security Bots, and three flew towards him, spears ready. Turahk-Kal fired at the bots, but these poured in to fight the agents. Databoard brought the shock spear down onto a security bot, then kicked several into a wall. He ducked to avoid a missile, which destroyed several bots behind him. <Surrender!> the Guardian shouted. Databoard avoided another missile and then charged at it, destroying all the security bots in his way. Turahk-Kal glanced upward. Did a Minifig with wings just fly overhead? Weird. Rex noticed the wings were connected to a backpack and realized that it was just a jetpack. The jetpack was worn by Glide, who was gliding over the bots toward Databoard. But, one bot held its shock spear high enough to zap Glide, who fell out of the air and landed in front of the Guardian. More bots closed in and shocked him with their spears. Guardian simply reached down, picked up Glide, and flung him across the room. In the air, Glide yelled to Databoard: "Get Kotua, and then get out of here!" Then, Databoard saw him slam into a wall and fall to the floor, unconscious. The Guardian slammed Databoard into a wall, and he tried to drive his shock spear into its shoulder. He did very little besides create a large scratch on the robot. Databoard was flung across the room again, crashing through several security bots as he did. The Guardian leapt at Databoard again, and he rushed out of the way. Databoard readied his shock spear as Guardian charged again. He leapt onto its back, attempting to drive the shock spear into its main systems and short the robot out. Unfortunately, the Guardian knocked him off, causing Databoard to crash to the floor. The Guardian fired another missile, but Databoard dodged it. The missile destroyed a nearby security bot. Guardian phased and flew towards Databoard. Databoard ran the other way. PBB fired more bolts, but the Security Bots activated Beam Shields and fired back with Beam weapons. "This isn't good," muttered Turahk-Kal. Guardian continued firing at Databoard, and prepared to fire electricity bolts... Rex dodged one of the Security Bots' blasts. He spat at the robot, in a last-ditch effort to try short-circuiting it with his own saliva. Unfortunately, the bot effortlessly deflected the hopeless attack with its beam shield. More Security Bots pulled in and continued firing at the agents. By now, fifty Security Bots were there, firing at the agents, which were forced to drop the spears and dodge the blasts as fast as they could. Databoard dodged the blasts coming at him. "This is fun," Databoard muttered to PBB. "I was staring to miss everybody wanting to kill me." The Guardian flew at him again, and he dodged it. It fired an electricity bolt at him, which he quickly dodged. He then dodged an attacking security bot, which wound up being hit by another bolt. Four Security Bots jumped on top of Rex and tried to crush him, but PBB managed to trick other Security Bots to fire blasts at them. Databoard looked around. The odds were turning against them fast. "What do we do?" Turahk-Kal said. Databoard dodged another security bot. "We run!" he shouted. The four rushed away from the security bots, PBB shooting energy-fire behind them to slow any attackers. A Security Bot tried to attack Databoard, but he grabbed its shock stick and flung it into the wall, taking its shock stick. He began using it to fight whatever bots attacked him. They were headed towards the hangar to try and escape using Robo-Blades. More bots attacked, and they continued to retreat. Rex was lagging behind, not being such a good runner. He always got cramps on his feet and sides when he ran. One security bot pushed Rex right through a metal railing, and he hit his head hard. "Why is it always me and metal?" Rex muttered before he blacked out. ---- When he woke up, Rev found himself in the most sanitized bed he'd ever seen, inside a Dino Attack outpost. "You're gonna be fine, Rev. They've given you a patch to heal up the scratch and reduce swelling," Sereve said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. "Well… usually, I'd call you a showoff 4+ figure, but you saved my life and waited here till I woke up, so I'll pardon that," Rev said. After a minute, he groggily added, "Something hit me like a 50-pound rock." "I found a blood-covered rock that was exactly 50 pounds," Sereve said. "I owe ya me life," Rev said, reverting to his Scottish accent with the pain. "Forget about it," Sereve said. Since his Fire Hammer had been wrecked in the cave, Rev had decided to remodel it. First, he replaced the battery and found out how lucky he was; the gas tank was so damaged, it's amazing it didn't blow up, so that was the next to go. He ended up replacing some systems so that he'd use gas up slower and reach higher speeds. Then he updated the Xenon Multi-Mode Launcher with some new modes, increased radio distance and got an attachment for a smoother sounding GPR. Rev painted it so it looked like its old self and then installed the cockpit glass from a T-1 Typhoon on there. Rev's hands were now black from grease. Now, he was Revvin' to go. Rev groaned. His Fire Hammer was still not working, despite the extensive remodeling. "I'll be able to fix your damaged engine easily," said Tex "Engineer" Holdem, a fellow Dino Attack agent stationed at the outpost. Rev sighed. "I wish I could believe you, Engie, but it's too busted up. It's beyond repair." "Nah, nothin' is beyond repair. You just have to set your mind to it." Engineer then walked over to the engine section, holding a monkey wrench in his hand. He got right to work, with the rhythmic percussion of clanging metal ringing through the garage. In a few minutes, the engine was better than new. "Or you could hit it a few times with a wrench and have several university degrees in fixin' things," said Engineer. Rev nodded, impressed. "Usually, I'd call you a showoff 4+ figure, but you fixed my vehicle. I guess I owe you both one." "No need," said Engineer. "Helpin' you out is enough. Right, pardner?" "Well, I'll still have him owe me," said Sereve. "Come on. Let's get out of here," said Rev. And so, the two friends left the garage. ---- "Don't look now -- look behind you," said Kai. Snake of Spades turned and saw the T-Rex towering over him. "Focus on the big guy. The little ones can be taken care of later," said Snake. He turned and saw the Mutant Lizards already lying in a pile on the ground. "Spoken too soon?" said Joey, de-cloaking his Ice Glider for a moment. "Ready your weapons!" yelled Kai as the T-Rex took a step towards them. Kai and Snake blasted repeatedly at the T-Rex, using a few tranquilizer darts and other whatnot. Joey used his cloaking to sneak around the T-Rex and shoot it in the back. Soon, the T-Rex was out cold, leaving the Pterodactyls, which were being taken care of by Joey's Blue Eagle. Snake of Spades had an idea. He hopped into the Urban Avenger. "What are you doing?" asked Kai. "Helping Joey," Snake whispered. Snake saw something that resembled a ramp. He hit the gas, flew up the ramp, and fired his Sonic Screamer a few times. POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! Down went the Pteranodons. "Thanks!" yelled Joey. After Snake and Joey landed, they heard a SLAMMMMMMM! They looked up and saw the Voltage flying above them. "Uh-oh," they said in unison. "Anyone else think that 'The Imperial March' should be playing right about now?" asked Snake. "Because it totally should be." "Let's get out of here," suggested Kai. "After all, I think Sereve might be just about ready for our help." ---- Dromus continued driving around, passing by a steakhouse. Abandoned, by the looks of it. Recently though, she thought. She looked at a puddle of water. It vibrated. And again. She could hear: Whomp! Whomp! Over and over. She looked up. And peed in her pants. "Eep." There was a big Mutant T-Rex. This is not my day. Mustering up all the confidence she could, she told it to go away. It responded with a simple grunted "No." There is NO WAY I can fight this. A sonic screamer isn't going to do anything. Mind racing, she tried to think of a way to make it go away. It lunged at her, mouth gaping... And she dodged. This continued for a while, until she started to tire. Then she figured it out. She could practically the click in her head. "Don't you smell that?" she asked. "Do you smell that meat?" she asked again, indicating the old steakhouse. "There's way more there than on me." The T-Rex stood, apparently considering. "It's probably still warm," she added. The T-Rex left for the steakhouse and Dromus drove away as fast as she could, hoping she met no BladeBugs. ---- Kotua glanced around the command deck. Why was the Voltage turning around in a U-turn? He walked towards the helm and saw Glide steering the Voltage. "Get out of my way or I will feed you to mutant dinos, like I will to Rex!!!" Kotua roared. Glide had a trick up his sleeve. "OOOOOhhhhh, so that's what you'll do to us," he said, grinning. "I know just the right dinos!" Then, he threw his last teleporting sphere onto the ground as the Guardian and a dozen security bots charged at him. Its coordinates were predetermined, set when he had stumbled upon a particular building. When the smoke cleared, Glide found himself in an abandoned prison. Now, its inmates were a bunch of Mutant Dinos. Glide glanced around at all the dinos staring warily at him, and he knew he had found Rex's tamed dinos... ***** Databoard, Turahk-Kal, and PBB rushed to the hangar, where they got into Robo-Blades. The beam shield was off at the current moment, allowing the three to escape. "What do we do?" Turahk-Kal said. "I mean, Rex is still in there!" "You and PBB got back to HQ and tell them Rex has been captured," Databoard said. "There's something in need to get." As the other two headed for what remained of HQ, Databoard punched in the coordinates for Antarctica and flew away. Turahk-Kal received a holo-message from Glide. "Ah, good to hear from you. Are you captured?" asked Turahk-Kal. "Um," Glide replied, "I'm not really captured, like, in a cell. I'm surrounded by hungry Mutant Lizards!" "Don't worr-" Turahk-Kal started to say. Glide's voice was a whisper: "They're Rex's. They won't hurt me. I've got a plan to rescue Rex. We'll meet you at the temporary backup hangar. Copy to PBB. END OF TRANSMISSON......" The Robo-Blade arrived in Antarctica. Ah, Antarctica. Bleak, inhospitable, cold, and cruel, Databoard thought. It's good to be home. He flew over the icy plains, searching for the wreckage of a certain device. There was one way to shut down a beam shield, short of sneaking aboard and turning it off. The device was around here somewhere, he just had to find it first. A blizzard was raging across the area, so the Robo-Blade was forced to land and search on the ground. He kept looking around, knowing it would be around here somewhere. He had been searching for what seemed like hours, and just when he thought it was hopeless, he found what he was looking for. Databoard took out a laser cutter and rushed over to the wreckage of a black-colored fighter jet. The blizzard was getting worse, so he had to work fast. After a few moments of salvaging the wreck, he pulled out a device known as a beam shield disruptor. He loaded it into the Robo-Blade and flew away. ***** As Glide headed to the hangar, riding on the back of one of Rex's Mutant Lizards, what he did not see the Voltage slowly following. If he had seen it, he would have surely imagined "The Imperial March" playing as the airship approached… Glide and his Mutant Lizard steed only noticed the Voltage once it was directly above them. Kotua, looking out the bottom periscope, had noticed them notice him, so he activated beam shields and prepared to fire. Glide took out some old battle amour and oversized grapple gear. The body armor went on the lizard's head and the grappler went on either side. "Hang on, Rex, I'm coming for you," Glide whispered. Once he was ready, Glide shot grapplers and they grabbed the main steering fin. Glide thought Kotua was in checkmate. Either the Voltage could be smashed into the ground, or it could lose its steering fin. Instead, Kotua chose option C. BladeBugs came out, cutting the cord and flying at Glide. He sent a message to all agents: BLADEBUGS. 2x. LOCATION: 439568473950-9087 The Voltage jumped again, leaving the city behind, headed back to the ocean. Glide saw none of the agents responded to his call. "How complimentary," he joked darkly. BladeBugs dodged all the attacks from the hangar. They smashed it, leaving Glide half-buried. The bugs hovered above, awaiting Kotua's commands. ***** Kotua noticed Guardian enter the Command Deck. "You failed me," said Kotua. <Sorry.> said Guardian. "I'll give you only one chance to prove yourself, or I'll replace you with a new Guardian," said Kotua. <Yes Sir... And what of agent Rex?> asked Guardian. "Dispose of him... without making a mess..." said Kotua. <Gladly.> said Guardian, walking towards Rex's holding cell. Guardian was surprised to see a missing bar in Rex's cell. "How weak can this metal get?" Rex asked. "I just lightly poked it and this fell right out!" <Defective bars...> Guardian thought as he grabbed Rex. "Hey, let go of me!" Rex said. <Why?> Rex tried to think of something – anything – that he could say to slow down the Guardian. "Because, well, uh..." <No reason?> said the Guardian, who surely would have been smirking if it had facial expressions. <You are a threat to Kotua and the world! Prepare to die!> "Hey... isn't that, uh, a Mutant Raptor in the hallway behind you?" <Negative. Your futile attempt at bluffing is futile.> "Drat..." muttered Rex. <Since, clearly, you are lying about the Mutant Raptor, I should just kill you right now without being delayed by any further distraction.> declared the Guardian. Rex squirmed within the Guardian's tight grip. He felt his stomach knotting at the prospect of impending doom. "Oh, sure just what I need: to be killed!" Rex muttered. "Don't you have something else to do right now?" <No.> If it was possible for a robot to sound annoyed, the Guardian certainly sounded like it. "Well, isn't there a huge water spill in the hall? You could help clean that." <That is being cleaned by the Cleaner Bots.> "Uh... doesn't Kotua need help with his big evil plan?" <Yes. Killing you!> Beads of sweat dripped down Rex's forehead as he felt feverish. He then came to the realization that the knotting in his stomach was not actually from fear or anxiety. "Don't you have puke all over yourself?" he asked. <Negative! Now shut up while I kill you!> "Are you sure there's no puke on you?" <YES!> "Then what's that?" <What?> Then, Rex began to vomit on the Guardian, which let go of him as it reeled in surprise. Rex spat in disgust and wiped his mouth, but at least his stomach felt better now. "Better let Kotua know that the canned noodles he serves his prisoners are way past their expiration date..." he muttered as he ran away from the puke-covered Guardian. ---- Keys looked up and saw a dozen Mutant Pteranodons. He was called over by his commanding elite agent, who readied his T-1 Typhoon. Despite only being a rookie agent, Keys became part of the crew since they needed him as they went up to communicate with the flying mutants. ---- Zero went to LEGO City to join the Dino Attack Team. "Mutant dinos, eh? I hope I can help!" he said to himself. He jumped into his Urban Avenger and drove into the city, knowing little about Kotua or the Voltage. Zero was still driving around the city, trying to find the HQ, when he found a... "Mutant Raptor? Eat Sonic Screamer!" As Zero shot inside the raptor's mouth, it had no effect. "What? No one told me it could really eat it!" Zero was left with no choice but to run away, but the raptor followed him closely. "Strange... That raptor looked stronger than the one I saw on my TV, before it was destroyed. Maybe they get stronger with time?" ---- Databoard landed the Robo-Blade outside what remained of HQ. Brick League United had arrived at the scene, presumably to help rebuild HQ as fast as possible to stop the dinosaur threat. Databoard began gathering parts from wrecked vehicles and started assembling more beam shield disruptors. He then set to work setting them up at various points around the base. After a about a half-hour of working, a web of green disruptor beams around the base had formed, making it impossible for the Voltage or a Robo-Blade to get close to base without its beam shield being disabled. Databoard then walked back to HQ to get a new Fire Hammer. Databoard rushed into an unused Fire Hammer and drove out away. He took out his PDA and opened up a GPS program. Assuming Kotua still had Rex's PDA, he could use that to locate the Voltage. He soon picked up the signal, which was coming from nearby. He turned the Fire Hammer towards its location and zoomed off at full speed. ***** Kotua, realizing that agents could come to the Voltage by locking on Rex's PDA's location, was glad he had the PDA in his hands. "I'll just be able to catch them quicker! Like luring fish to the bait!" ***** The Guardian, furious about being vomited on, took off after Rex. Suddenly, a Cleaner Bot got in Guardian's way. It began cleaning up the puke, refusing to get out of the way. Although the Guardian had been delayed by the Cleaner Bot, Security Bots were after Rex. But this time, Rex was able to guess where they'd strike. He dodged each attack and laser shot. The Security Bots turned a corner to find that Rex had disappeared. "Where'd he go?" asked one. "I don't know!" answered another. Rex had hidden behind a cardboard box that was in the hall. He managed to creep past the Security Bots undetected. But, not for long. They noticed the moving box and promptly disintegrated it. Rex then took off, once again chased by the Security Bots. Rex prayed that help would come soon, because now he was once again getting cramps in his sides and feet from running. He was about to take out his PDA when he remembered that Kotua stole his PDA. Rex cursed under his breath. Rex knew that the Security Bots were catching up. When he came to a corner, he dove behind a large machine. The Security Bots did not see him, and continued. Rex was reputed for his skill of improvising with rope, but he had no rope. However, he remembered the words of fellow agent Baudelaire: "There's always something." He began to rip cables and wires off of the machine. They were long, thin, and strong, just like rope. Rex began to feel at home as he readied to defend himself against any Security Bots that dared cross paths with him. Rex found that there was a huge gap in the floor, with the engines directly below him. If he fell, he would've been burned alive. Thankfully, there was a hook above the huge gap. Rex swung his makeshift rope to it, and it caught the hook securely. Then, he swung across the huge gap and landed on the other side. ***** Databoard drove towards the Voltage at full speed. It soon spotted him zooming towards the ship, and began firing. Databoard swerved to avoid getting hit, leaving steaming tire tracks behind him as he did. He rushed down the street, explosions occurring several feet away from him. He drove across a bridge as blasts tore large holes in the structure, threatening to collapse it. The Fire Hammer slammed clear through a brick wall, leaving a large hole in the building it hit. It then smashed through the other wall, as the building was soon destroyed by more lasers. The Fire Hammer had sustained minor damage, such as its headlights were now broken but it didn't affect its driving. Databoard gunned the engines, shooting ahead of the Voltage's blasts. Databoard drove up a destroyed bridge and off the edge, landing on the roof of a nearby building. He continued to speed up, rushing off the roof and flying over the street before landing on another building. Databoard continued to accelerate, zooming off buildings before the Voltage could even target him. The Fire Hammer hurtled high over a street, and landed safely on the others side. Databoard didn't even stop or slow down, as that would mean his Fire Hammer would plummet to the street below. Databoard looked at one of the beam shield disruptors, which he had brought with him. The Fire Hammer screeched to a halt on one of the rooftops. He fired the disruptor, which shut down the beam shield. He fired the Multi-Mode Launcher repeatedly, blowing a hole in the side of the Voltage. He fired a grappling hook at the hole, and got aboard the ship. Databoard walked down the corridors of the Voltage. He soon found the place where the wires had been. He wired a detonator into the weapons, to stop Kotua if he tried to fire on HQ again. He then disabled the beam shield again, and returned to the hole he made. He found a rope had been attached to it. Good, that means Rex escaped, Databoard thought. He grabbed the rope and swung down to his Fire Hammer. ---- Rex was back in his Iron Predator, since the Voltage hadn't destroyed the Pallas Athena and Rex's Iron Predator. There, he gathered new tools - rope, nets, rope, Sonic Screamers, and more rope. He loved rope. Then, he drove off to find a place where he could at least try and figure out what in the world had happened to the loyal and good Kotua he knew back when Kotua first joined the team. Suddenly, a figure fell out of the air and landed in his Iron Predator. Rex looked down to see Little Bot. "Well, there you are," he said, relieved to see the small robot made it out okay. ---- When Zero reached HQ, he looked back. The raptor was nowhere to be seen. "Good! This is the first time today I get good news... Oh no!" Zero was surprised to find the HQ destroyed! "Me and my big mouth!" But that wasn't all. When he was returning to his Urban Avenger, the raptor was here. "Don't you ever give up?" Zero said, as he hopped inside his vehicle and ran away... again! ---- Kotua walked back to the engine room. "Sir, Rex has escaped," said one of the bots. "Did he disable anything?" asked Kotua. "Not that we know of," said the bot. "I think he did. It's time to use our last resort to end Rex's reign of evil," said Kotua, looking at the nuclear engines. "Yes sir," said the Bot. <Sir, he escaped.> said Guardian. "Really?" asked Kotua. Guardian heard the Voltage's floor rumble. "I think you're broken. We need to get rid of you," said Kotua. <No!> said Guardian backing off, scared. "The craft could use some of your wires," said Kotua. <N-> managed to say Guardian, before the other robot sliced his head off. "Take the rest of Guardian apart. Whatever can be re-used, re-use it, whatever is junk, put it in the trash..." said Kotua. He then turned to face the robot and muttered, "You better not fail me, or else..." Kotua walked back to the Command Deck, and pressed a button. Immediately, missiles flew out, seeking Dinos... ***** Dromus was driving across the city, when more BladeBugs appeared. She fired at them, and soon one fell to the ground in a violent explosion. Little did she notice a Robo-Blade with teal markings... Dromus' gun was blown off by a beam weapon. She looked back, and gasped. A Robo-Blade with teal markings was aiming its weapon at her. The Robo-Blade fired again, taking down the wheels of the vehicle. Dromus began running, but the Robo-Blade shot its hand, and caught Dromus. Then the Robo-Blade flew back to the Voltage. The Robo-Blade landed on the Voltage, and security bots made sure Dromus did not have any tools to aid in her escape, and put her on a cell... ***** Databoard got into the Fire Hammer. He revved the engines and shot of the roof. He landed on a smaller building, and then on the street. He then drove away from the Voltage, having infiltrated the ship without being noticed. He then headed back to HQ to repair the vehicle. Databoard drove his battered Fire Hammer down the roads. He had been able to make sure at least two of the Voltage's devices would not work if Kotua attacked HQ. He stopped and glanced at the Voltage, which was still floating over the city. Why are you doing this, Kotua? thought Databoard. As Databoard worked on repairing his Fire Hammer, he made a slight modification. He added a hidden compartment with an energy net launcher. This way he could capture Mutant Dinosaurs and study them, as Kotua destroyed all his previous work in his attack. At this point he received word that an agent named Dromus had been captured by Kotua. Time for another daring rescue mission... Databoard thought as he drove off to help Dromus. ***** Sometime later, Zero even forgot about the raptor that was chasing him. While he was driving, trying to find the others, he saw a giant craft (the Voltage) launching missiles! "Whoa!" he exclaimed. "What's that? I thought only mutant dinos were attacking the city!" But Zero didn't realize that one of the missiles was trying to hit him... BOOM! A missile blew up right behind Zero! "Wow, that was close!" he remarked. "And that raptor still was following me? He really doesn't give up... Now let's see... I must find a way of getting inside the craft... Wait! I can see a hole! I could get in from there, but how I would ever get up there?" Zero drove underneath the Voltage, trying to find a way to get in... The Voltage slowly flew higher, making it impossible to reach, unless by another aircraft. "Alright, now I can't get in. Maybe I should try to find the others..." Zero said, as he drove away from the Voltage. ***** One of the maintenance bots noticed a detonator on the wires for the main guns. The robot flew towards Kotua to tell him of the detonators. Kotua walked to the construction bots. The robots were building more robots. "Next time they enter my craft, they won't get away as easy..." said Kotua. Kotua watched the city below through the air probe he had released. If these mutant dinos had spread, chances were they might be near Dino Attack HQ. If he could persuade the dinos, he might get rid of Rex... The probe flew over the city, tracking down a Mutant T-Rex. The probe was cloaked, and thus could not be seen by anybody. Kotua stopped watching the probe's camera view, and switched to that of a Robo-Blade getting what was left of Dromus's Urban Avenger. Kotua pressed a few buttons... ---- Rex drove to his hideout in the abandoned prison. Much to his relief, it was still intact, untouched by the lasers and missiles of the Voltage. Rex entered it and made his way to the cage where he kept Trouble, Sapphire, and their hatchlings. To his surprise, he found one of the infant Mutant Lizards was covered with scorch marks, while another was half invisible. "Fascinating," he remarked. "It seems that they are maturing and developing their powers now." With a spare PDA, he started taking notes. Trouble was black-scaled and had darkness powers, while Sapphire had blue scales and… well, Rex still was not quite sure what her abilities were. Since their offspring could have other scale colors and abilities, this data showed that powers were apparently not passed down through genetics. But if it was not hereditary, was there any order that dictated the different strains of mutation? Or was it all random chaos? "Rex…" Rex started. He thought he was alone as usual, but he just heard someone else's voice. He turned around and was prepared to meet anyone, friend or foe. But nobody was there. Just his cage of captured Mutant T-Rex hatchlings, who were growing quickly over the past couple weeks but were certainly not capable of speaking. "W-Who's there?" Rex called. There was no reply. He felt stupid talking to nothing. Rex turned to look at the Mutant Lizards again. Trouble was staring at him in a very curious manner. "Great," Rex muttered, "now I'm hearing voices. And I'm confiding in a Mutant Lizard since no one else is around. Well, at least I can trust that you won't judge me for it. I don't need any more reasons for Kotua to think I'm crazy." Rex spent some time studying his other captured Mutant Dinos. He watched with intrigue as Fang the Mutant Raptor demonstrated her force field ability, and he was fascinated by the lightning crackling around the wings of Terry the Mutant Pterosaur. He started to transmit this new info to other agents and scientists on the team, knowing that they would also find it interesting. As Rex did his rounds, he noticed that one of his cages was missing a Mutant Lizard. Remembering when Trouble escaped and nearly got killed by Kotua, he started to worry. "Where did it go?" he wondered aloud. "Friend… your friend was here…" "What?" stammered Rex. He heard that voice again, or at least another voice similar to the one he had heard before. He turned around, but still there was no one there. He just saw Fang watching him from her cage, and she was growling softly. Rex groaned, knowing he was still not going to get any answers from the voice. He investigated the cage to see how the lizard could have escaped. To his surprise, he found the defunct remains of Glide's teleporting sphere. "My friend was here…" he repeated, putting the pieces together. This voice knew things that Rex did not, which at least confirmed that it was not just in his head. But, as he left the abandoned prison, Rex was troubled. Who did that voice belong to? ---- While Zero was driving, trying to find the others... "Now, the city is REALLY deserted. I wish I could find someone - or something - here..." Then, the earth started to shake... "Whoa! Earthquake?!?!?" No, it was a Mutant T-Rex! "Alright, forget what I said!" As the Mutant T-Rex roared, the ground melted from the nuclear radiation in its breath! "Wow!" exclaimed Zero. "He really could use some mint!" The T-Rex started to run, and every time he touched the ground, it shook! "He should start to eat less, too!" Then, the mutant followed Zero as he drove away. The T-Rex managed to destroy Zero's Urban Avenger's Sonic Screamer with laser beams. "Alright, plan B... Get back to HQ!" decided Zero. After some time, Zero could finally lose the T-Rex from sight. "Wow, I thought he was never going to get away! Now, I just have to find the HQ... There, I can fix the Sonic Screamer! The hard part is getting there..." ---- Databoard glanced at the Voltage, which was impossible to reach now. He would have to find some other way to get aboard. He looked around for any buildings that were close enough, but the ship was up too high. Databoard looked around for any form of transport. Seeing none, Databoard would have to find another way up there. Databoard grabbed a grappling gun and rushed into the building nearest the Voltage. He waited until the Voltage was at its closest, and fired the gun. Unfortunately, it was too far away and the rope caught empty air, failing to reach the ship. At this point, one of the Voltage's turrets aimed at Databoard. He ran towards the stairs, but blasts destroyed the roof of the building. Databoard jumped off the side and plummeted towards the streets below. He fired a grappling cable and swung into nearby building. Databoard got into his Fire Hammer and drove away from the Voltage. He needed a plan, and it would not be long before the ships turrets targeted him again, so he would have to move fast. He headed back towards HQ, luckily without being noticed by anyone on the Voltage. ***** A robot on the Voltage scanned the building for Databoard, to make sure he had not survived. Seeing no sign of him, but not knowing that was because he was not in the building, contacted Kotua and told him Databoard had been destroyed. Kotua of course, didn't believe the robot. The Robo-Blade brought back Dromus's Urban Avenger, and Kotua waked to it. "Repair it as soon as possible!" said Kotua, and robots rushed to repair it.... The robots were soon done with the car's repair. Several things had been added as many people were targeting Kotua. "Nice... protect the craft until I come back!" said Kotua. ---- Rex transmitted the latest intel on Mutant Dinos to the rest of the Dino Attack Team. However, he decided to specifically exclude Kotua from the recipients list. He sighed and shook his head, still unable to believe that Kotua had betrayed the rest of his team. He wondered if Kotua was ever good in the first place, or if it had all just been one big deception from the start. Rex hopped into his Iron Predator and drove off. He knew that the Voltage was still on the loose. Kotua still remained evil. The other Dino Attack agents were still in danger. And Rex needed to stop all of that before LEGO City would become a massive graveyard. Rex drove as fast as he could. He prayed Kotua would be outside of the Voltage, which would make the rogue agent a little more vulnerable. Suddenly, he heard a voice again. It was similar to the last voice he heard, but lower in pitch, and very aggressive in tone, as though its speaker was growling. "Kill... kill... we must kill these hunters... kill... which one first?... Kill... whichever finds us! Kill... the one they call Kotua... no, Rex..." Rex drove towards where the voice was coming from. Its source was moving quickly, but he was determined not to let it get away. Rex turned a corner… … only to find himself face-to-face with a Mutant T-Rex. The great beast leered down upon him and his Iron Predator, and it pulled back its lips to reveal its sharp teeth as it snarled menacingly. The voice spoke again: "One of the hunters... Kotua... we will kill him!" Rex didn't have much time to react. The Mutant T-Rex ran forward. Lasers shot from its eyes, damaging the sides of the Iron Predator. "As fascinating as they are," Rex muttered, "I wish that these Mutant Dinos didn't have these mutant powers." He shot with the Cryothermic Cannon, knowing better than to launch nets at the strongest of Mutant Dinos. The blast hit a building, bringing it down on the Mutant T-Rex. He only intended to scare off the dinosaur, but instead a stray chunk of debris hit the T-Rex on the head, knocking it unconscious. It was about to be buried alive. Rex gasped. He hopped out of the Iron Predator and ran towards the collapsing T-Rex, hoping he could save it. But, there was too much falling debris. He tripped, and then one block of cement fell on his leg, trapping him in place. The rubble continued falling on the Mutant T-Rex… and Rex along with it. Rex coughed. He could not see a thing. Only darkness. He tried to move, but he was held firm. Everything around here was hard. Hard as rock. Rex realized he had survived. He pushed on a block of cement. It moved. He pushed harder. It moved out of the way all together. However, three more pieces of cement fell in its place. Rex groaned. It was going to take a long time getting out of the debris. ---- An Urban Avenger sped down the streets of LEGO City. Databoard, who was hiding on a building, noticed Kotua riding the Urban Avenger. Kotua also noticed Databoard, and fired at him... Databoard pressed a button in his Fire Hammer, and the energy net launcher came out of its compartment. He fired at Kotua, who swerved out of its path. Databoard fired several more, and they missed. Kotua fired back, breaking the Fire Hammer's windshield. Databoard fired the energy launcher again, but Kotua avoided it. Kotua pressed the pedal, and drove off, with Databoard driving after him. Kotua pressed a few buttons, and the Sonic Screamer aimed back. Databoard was ready, and fired at the gun, taking it off, but Kotua still had more weaponry, and even turned on his Beam Shield. Kotua sped ahead, firing various weaponry behind him. Databoard swerved out of the way of the attacks, forcing him to slow down and break off the chase. Just as Kotua though he was gone, the Fire Hammer swerved out from behind a corner. Databoard fired the launcher again, and Kotua swerved wildly to avoid being hit. Kotua once again drove off, this time into an underground parking lot. Databoard drove after him, before realizing something. Databoard stopped, and began firing at a pillar. The whole building came down on the Urban Avenger, trapping Kotua… or so Databoard thought... Databoard got out of his vehicle, and readied a laser rifle. He had a good feeling that Kotua was still alive under there, and he had intended to keep Kotua alive. He began looking through the rubble for any sign of the agent, laser still in hand. Databoard felt a blaster's tip on the back of his head. "Be a nice agent, or agent Dromus will remain buried under that building," said the person behind him. "What?!" said Databoard. "You really thought I would drive around the city in a car like that? I put the unconscious Dromus on the Urban Avenger, and put a hologram of me to distract you," said Kotua. Robo-Blades landed around, and one grabbed Databoard. "Kotua, what is wrong with you?" Databoard shouted. "You've gone too far, Kotua!" Kotua put the blaster away, as there was no way Databoard could free himself from the Robo-Blade's grip. Databoard managed to free one hand, and threw a short out device into the Robo-Blade's cockpit. He jumped into the Fire Hammer and turned on an "Auto Pilot" button he had also installed. The vehicle shot off as Databoard slipped out the other side. The Robo-Blades pursued, believing Databoard to be inside the vehicle. Kotua took out a device. "You have three seconds to come out, Data, or Dromus dies," said Kotua, getting ready to press the button... Databoard stepped out from the shadows. Kotua raised his laser and prepared to fire. Before he could, a laser beam knocked it from his hand. "Backup, eh?" Kotua said. Databoard shook his head. "Huh?" Kotua said. A Mutant T-Rex charged at Kotua, lasers shooting from its eyes. Kotua ducked out of the way as lasers destroyed where he just was. Kotua ran away from the T-Rex, which seemed to want to kill him. "This must have been agent Rex's doing!" said Kotua, ducking from another blast... While Kotua was distracted by the Mutant T-Rex, Databoard rushed over to collapsed building and began clearing away rubble. The T-Rex had not yet noticed him, and Kotua was distracted with the dinosaur which gave Databoard some time. The Robo-Blades returned and fired at the T-Rex. Kotua ran towards them, when he noticed Databoard had dug out a small hole. Kotua ran towards him, and kicked him into the hole. Kotua then grabbed a piece of rubble as Databoard tried getting out, and dropped it down, knocking out Databoard. Kotua turned to see the T-Rex run off with pieces of a Robo-Blade. "Pity Data fell for the same trick twice," said Kotua. Kotua was picked up by another Robo-Blade and taken to the Voltage, where Dromus was still locked in a cell... Kotua watched the rubble where Databoard laid, unconscious. Kotua took out the device, and pressed a button. The Urban Avenger's engines beeped, and exploded, sending most of the rubble everywhere, and soon dust surrounded the place. Databoard luckily survived, as he was deep under rubble and far from the explosion. Unfortunately, now it would be harder for Databoard to get out of the hole. Kotua watched as a Robo-Blade flew down to check whether Databoard was unconscious. The Robo-Blade landed, and began searching for Databoard. Soon the Robo-Blade found Databoard's body and dug him out. Then the Robo-Blade took him back into the Voltage, and took out all of Databoard's tools and equipment. Then Databoard was put on a jail cell far from Dromus, since Databoard still thought Dromus was buried... ***** Kotua walked back to the construction bots, which had made new security bots which were water, fire, and rust-proof. The Security Bots flew out to protect the cells and other rooms... Kotua walked to the hangar, where more construction bots were fixing the Robo-Blades and putting on Double Beam Shields... Kotua walked to the jail cells, and poked Databoard with a shock spear five times, before closing the cell and walking off. Dromus just watched Kotua leave, and tried opening the door, but it was useless. Kotua walked to where chef bots were making food. He reflected that it was odd that the craft could carry enough materials to make different meals, yet the prisoners were only ever fed canned noodles... ---- A curious Mutant Lizard stalked over to the huge pile of debris that now littered the street. It hoped that it could find some fresh meat buried underneath. It poked at the rubble. Almost unmovable, but not to a Mutant Dino. The Mutant Lizard spat some acid onto the debris, and then it was gone. It kept spitting acid until it made a large opening through the rubble. Indeed, there was something in there. The Mutant Lizard peered closer, only to see two eyes glaring at it from the shadows. It was still alive, but what was it? The lizard sniffed the air, and then let out a terrified shriek before running off. Rex crawled out of the rubble, through the opening that the Mutant Lizard had made. Why was the Mutant Lizard scared of him? Then, he guessed that it must have picked up the scent of the Mutant T-Rex, and it probably mistook him for a much larger Mutant Dino. He looked back at the debris. The Mutant T-Rex was probably dead. And that mysterious voice… whoever it belonged to… was gone. Rex felt awful. He didn't actually mean to kill the Mutant T-Rex, just scare it off. But, he ended up killing it. He had taken a life, and he should have known better. Did that make him any better than Kotua? "When I stop Kotua's madness," he promised himself, "I'll make sure no one else has to die. I cannot let anyone else die on my watch... Minifig or Mutant Dino." Rex hopped into his Iron Predator. It wasn't damaged much, though it certainly needed a new paint job! That would have to wait. First, he had to find Kotua. And stop him. Rex kept driving. He had to find Kotua and stop all this nonsensical nonsense. He didn't bother attacking the Mutant Lizards that were on Legohn Road, even though they were burning and acid-spraying everything on that street; he had his mind set on finding - and stopping - Kotua. Rex noticed the craft flying higher than any building nearby. He had to get on PBB's airship in order to reach the Voltage. ---- A Security Bot opened the cell to check on Dromus, when she leaped over it and ran off. Dromus ran, until two metal doors sealed off the hall in front of her. She looked back, and saw the Security Bots flying towards her... Dromus pulled out her diamond and cut a hole just large enough for her in the metal door. She hopped through and ran as fast as she could, away from the cells... And as she ran, she thought that this was not a very lucky day for her. Dromus ducked as one of the Security Bots swung its Shock Staff. The other Security Bots activated their Beam Shields, protecting them from the blasts... MegaBloks! Dromus silently cursed. I HATE BOTS! As she continued dodging the Security Bots, she quickly thought of a plan. Acting lessons, I took acting lessons, maybe... Suddenly she collapsed, wheezing convincingly. "Asthmatic," she wheezed, "I need my inhaler... I need a medic..." One of the Security Bots dragged Dromus to a Medic Bot, with her gasping and wheezing all the time. Maybe that musical theatre training when I was 11 was a good idea after all... she thought. The medic gave her an inhaler, which she pretended to use, though she did not technically need it. While the medic was telling the other bots that she would survive, she made a break for it, yelling over her shoulder, "Haha! Stupid bots!" ---- Rev finally stood up from the computer desk and slammed his fist down. "Why, father?" he asked, struggling to hold back tears. "Why?" His father, Jecht Raptor, had always been so good at everything. Jecht was a renowned scientist. Jecht was Rev's role model, his personal mentor, and all his life Rev had been told that he would follow Jecht's footsteps. But now, for the first time, Rev wished that would not be any further from the truth. Now, he recognized something in the Mutant Lizard DNA he had been studying. It reminded him of the genetic engineering that Jecht had performed. Jecht had disappeared a few years ago, after saying he was going on an offworld assignment. And as soon as he thought about that, Rev realized why Landro seemed hauntingly familiar to him. The truth was horrifyingly disturbing, but he could no longer deny it. Landro was Jecht Raptor. ---- "KOTUA, YOU NO-GOOD LYING MONSTER!" Databoard shouted. He was through trying to help him, as he just wound up back in a cell on the Voltage. He banged on the door with his fists, shouting angrily. A few Security Bots looked up, thinking Databoard had lost it completely. He kicked the wall in anger, trying to make as much of a scene as possible. A medic bot came in to check Databoard - only to be flung out moment later with its robotic head bashed to bits. Databoard rushed out of the cell, grabbing a shock stick and destroying all the robots in his path. Security Bots would try to restrain him, and they all met the same fate, discarded in a pile of scrap. Security Bots activated their Beam shields, and flew at Databoard, who slid under them, and ran towards Kotua. Databoard would stop Kotua, whatever it took. More Security Bots with Beam shields arrived, and these formed a barrier around Databoard. Dromus used the distraction to escape, if it hadn't been for Riot Bots. These arrived, and they scanned the room. They noticed Dromus, who began to run, but the Riot Bots threw a gas canister at Dromus, and she fell back to the floor, too weak to continue. Databoard was also forced to breathe the gas, and was accidentally smashed into the wall by the Security Bots. Then they were dragged back to the cells, and robots tied up both of them. Kotua soon arrived. Databoard was still weak. Kotua took out a blaster. "Data, you never learned to back off... pity," said Kotua. He aimed at Databoard, who was too weak to move. ---- LEGO City. 7:13 A.M. Rev and Sereve's hideout was under siege. Countless Mutant Raptors swiped and bit chunks out of the entrance. The abandoned skyscraper had been converted into a Dino Attack outpost but was in no shape to withstand an attack of this caliber. Sereve, Engineer, and the other surviving Dino Attack agents cowered in the underground garage section of the base as the raptors started to swarm and destroy the hideout. Things were not going according to plan. Sereve had tried to assemble a strong team in preparation for this day, but Kai and Joey still had not shown up; Connors had suddenly gone silent and stopped responding to her messages; nobody knew what Len, Gwen, and Tren were up to; and Rev had buried himself in his research, leaving the hideout barely defended against the Mutant Dino attack. "I fear this is the end," said Sereve. "Though I don't give up normally, I have to agree with you," said Engineer. The sounds of the angry dinosaurs came closer and closer. Soon, there were loud footsteps coming closer and closer. With every footstep the roof started to come down bit by bit. All hope was lost. Sereve's Urban Avenger was totaled by the raptors, leaving them with no escape. The footsteps were coming closer and closer until they were right outside the wall that separated the safety of their last sanctuary, with the horror of horrible demonic creatures. The footsteps stopped for a second, before the wall exploded and the raptors arrived. Sereve was useless without a weapon, and his fellow Dino Attack agents were too scared to do anything. The future might as well be over for them as nothing could save them now. Little did they know that they were about to be saved by the last possible person or thing they could think of. Suddenly, the Mutant Raptors ceased their attack. They obediently parted as a figure stepped through the crowd. Sereve recognized his twisted mutant features and tattered labcoat. The horrifying hybrid of man and lizard raised a clawed finger and pointed it directly at Sereve. "This one..." Landro hissed. "I want him alive!" ---- Suddenly the Voltage shook. A robot flew up to him. "Sir, we're under attack by a pteranodon fleet," said the bot. "Fire at them!" said Kotua. The craft shook again. "They're too fast," said the bot. "Then take them down with missiles," muttered Kotua, losing some patience. "They use lightning bolts to take them down..." said the bot. "Send Robo-Blades after them!" said Kotua. "Yes sir..." Kotua walked back to the Command Deck, and was surprised to see security bots rushing in from the other entrance of the Command Deck, firing at Mutant Pteranodons. The windows had been broken, and the Beam Shield seemed to be failing. "Phase!" shouted Kotua at the remaining deck bots. The bots managed to phase the Voltage, and the Pteranodons were left with little to harm...for ten seconds... "Defend the Voltage," said Kotua, running to the hangar. Once in the hangar, Kotua climbed into a Robo-Blade. ---- After three hours, Zero finally managed to reach the ruins of Dino Attack HQ. "Finally..." said Zero. "Now I can fix the Sonic Screamer! Hmmm, I hope there is something here that I can use to contact the others..." Then, he started to work on the Urban Avenger, using materials salvaged from the wreckage. Zero did not find any Sonic Screamer to replace the old one. "Well," he said, "I have two options: Stay here and wait for the others, or go look for them... Well, I'm staying here!" "Argh," groaned Zero, "this is so BORING! That's it! I'll go look for the others and try to find out what's with these mutant dinos!" Zero hopped into his weaponless Urban Avenger, but before driving off, he realized: "Oh, wait... Without something to protect me, I'll be dino food! I think I can build a net launcher or something like that." ---- Four ShadowTech jets flew towards the Beam Shield-less craft, and activated their missiles... Kotua flew out, and spotted four jets flying towards the Voltage. Immediately Kotua activated his Beam Shield, his Beam Rifle, and flew towards the jets, firing. The jets avoided the blasts, and fired at the Voltage. Kotua easily took down the fourth and third crafts before they could fire, simply by blasting the fourth craft. Kotua started firing at the rest, but then stopped. Fifty black T-1 Typhoons flew in, and started firing at the Voltage. Two more jets flew towards Kotua, and started firing at him. "This is their plan?" muttered Kotua, firing at them. ---- Rex noticed something strange. Green. He drove over to a building. Green moss and plants were growing on it. But the strange thing was that these species of moss and plants were not present-day flora. They were prehistoric plants. Rex felt there was something else going on other than the destructive Mutant Dinos... Rex found these prehistoric plants growing on other buildings as well. "Strange... strange indeed," he said. Carefully, he took a sample of each plant and put them into jars. "Dino Attack Team would like to know about this," he muttered, "but first I must deal with Kotua." Rex determined that the Voltage was under attack by ShadowTech and no longer had its Beam Shield active, which could provide the distraction he needed. Therefore, Rex began driving around the city in search of the Pallas Athena, but he could not find it. Rex glanced at one building that was half covered in prehistoric plants. It was, like the other buildings with the plants, no longer on fire. It almost looked like a natural rock cliff with plants growing on its side. "Something's definitely not right..." ---- Databoard studied the room, no longer as enraged as he was a few minutes ago. "What do we do now?" Dromus whispered. A security bot flew by, and the two pretended not to be planning another escape. "Once the stun gas wears off, we make as silent an escape as possible," Databoard said once the bot was gone. "I managed to grab a laser cutter before they dragged me into the cell." He managed to get the laser cutter out of his pocket. After they were untied, Databoard began making a hole in the wall. It took a while to make a hole, but they soon escaped. Once in the open hangar, Databoard fired a grappling hook to a nearby building. The two agents then snuck off the ship while everyone was distracted. ---- Rex drove quicker. The faster he could stop Kotua, the faster he could learn what in the world was going on and causing these prehistoric plants. Probably had some connection to the Mutant Dinos. Suddenly, two lasers fired at him. Rex turned around to see a pack of Mutant T-Rexes. And he heard the voice again. "There he is! The killer! Kill him! He'll pay for killing that other T-Rex!" "I have no idea who you are," Rex muttered, "but you're not going to kill me with your Mutant T-Rexes!" "You will die, Kotua!" the voice said. The Mutant T-Rexes walked closer to his Iron Predator. "Kotua?" repeated Rex. "I'm not Kotua!" "Nice try, but I know you're Kotua!" Rex drove as fast as he could away from the Mutant T-Rex Pack. "He's escaping!" the voice yelled. "After him!" They chased him, shooting lasers at him from their eyes. Rex, on the other hand, was feeling as if he was in a dense jungle, not a wrecked city. Rex fired the Cryothermic Cannon behind him, hitting a building. The structure collapsed, blocking the road. It delayed the Mutant T-Rex Pack... for three seconds! They jumped over the debris and continued chasing Rex. Then, Rex began throwing his latest invention. These were tiny spheres that stuck to the hide of each Mutant T-Rex. Then, they split open and enlarged into a cage, trapping the Mutant Dinos. ---- If Sereve was scared, he was determined not to show it. He boldly stepped forward, standing between his fellow Dino Attack agents and the pack of Mutant Raptors. "Landro!" he called. "So, you've come to bargain?" "I've come to take... take back what is rightfully mine!" shouted Landro. "Right," said Sereve, "the jewel. Which, as you know, I totally have. But I'm not going to just hand it over to you." "And why not?" asked Landro, grinning savagely. The Mutant Raptors surrounding him took a step forward, eager to tear apart the Dino Attack agents. "See, that's not a fair deal," explained Sereve. "I give you the crystal, you get what you want, and then you kill us all. It's pretty one-sided... doesn't exactly sound appealing to me. So, how about this? You send away your raptors, let my friends go safely, and we can settle this one on one. Man to man... err, mutant monster thing." Landro was silent for a moment, weighing his options. Then, he raised his head and, like a wolf howling at the moon, let out a bestial roar. The Mutant Raptors departed from the base, leaving their master behind. "Now, you… you do the same," growled Landro. "You heard him," Sereve told the other Dino Attack agents. "Go." "Are you mad, son?" said Engineer. "You can't take on that big mean mother-Znapper by yourself!" "Don't worry," whispered Sereve. "I've got this. I'm ready." With that, the Dino Attack agents safely exited the hideout. Now, it was just Sereve and Landro, staring each other down. "The crystal of Crux..." hissed Landro. "Give it... give it to me!" Sereve smiled as he took several steps back. With open arms, he beckoned to the mutant hybrid and said: "Come and get it!" Landro sneered and started moving towards the lone Dino Attack agent. As Sereve expected, Landro's eyes were on him, not where he was walking. He stepped right into the trap: when Sereve pushed a button on a handheld remote, four tall posts positioned around Landro activated, generating an electric fence keeping him in. "What... h-how...?" the mutant stammered. "Just a little something that Engineer cooked up," replied Sereve. "I knew you couldn't resist the bait if you thought I had the jewel, and you won't get away so easily this time. Now that I've got you where I want you, it's time that you start answering some questions. Who are you really, who do you work for, where did the Mutant Dinos come from, and what's so important about this crystal?" Landro's face twisted into a hideous scowl. He charged forward, straight through the electric fence. He was shocked with high voltage and let out an agonizing scream, but it did not stop the angry mutant as he broke through the barrier. The blood drained from Sereve's head as he saw his trap fail, leaving him with nothing to stop Landro. Landro grabbed Sereve by the neck and lifted him high into the air. "You never… never even had the crystal, did you?" he said furiously as his eye twitched maniacally. "Then you... are useless to me!" Sereve gritted his teeth. "Go to MegaBlokland, you 4+ Figure!" he hissed, preferring to die with dignity. Sereve's final thoughts were for Bailey. He hoped that his dog would be kept safe in Antarctica. Then, Landro snapped his neck and dropped his lifeless body to the floor. "Sereve, no!" Landro turned around just in time to see a pair of blinding headlights. A Fire Hammer drove into the outpost and slammed into him, sending the mutant flying across the garage. The jeep came to a stop, and Rev Raptor jumped out of the driver's seat. He ran to Sereve's side, only to see that he was too late to save him. "What did you do?" he screamed at Landro, who was already back on his feet. "Without the crystal," proclaimed Landro, "you have no hope... no hope of stopping the Mutant Dinos! The architect of darkness is coming! Chaos and destruction will reign across the planet... like a storm of malevolence! You all... will die!" Landro ran at Rev with murderous intent in his maddened eyes. With the unnatural speed of a Mutant Raptor, he was too quick for the Dino Attack agent to react. He slashed with his claws, tearing through Rev's flesh like a knife. Rev lay incapacitated on the floor, clutching his chest in pain. He was rapidly losing a lot of blood, and he knew that the end was near. He looked up at Landro, who had just killed Sereve and sealed Rev's fate, and knew there was no hope of redeeming Jecht Raptor. "You've gone too far... Father..." Landro froze at that last word. Whatever was left of Jecht, deep beneath the mutant monster, had heard him. He stared at Rev as though seeing him for the first time. "Rev..." he murmured. Rev's breathing grew ragged. "And that's why... I have to stop you." He pulled out a pistol and fired. Even lying on the ground while bleeding out, his aim was true. Landro collapsed to the floor beside him. He locked eyes with Rev and, with his final breaths, whispered: "My son... You were... destined... to follow my footsteps. It is... in your blood..." Then, he lay still and said no more. As Rev's consciousness started to slip away, he watched as the pool of blood from Landro's body mixed with his own. In my blood… he thought. He remembered his nightmare, where he was mutated like Landro and was gleefully killing Dino Attack agents, and he wondered if there was more to it than just a dream. He remembered Landro's earlier suggestion that he might already be a mutant. If my father was the king of the Mutant Dinos, was I meant to be the prince? Was that my destiny? No! I can't... Rev was only dimly aware when another Fire Hammer arrived at the hideout. Kai, Joey, and Snake of Spades rushed to his side. "Rev!" cried out Kai. "No, we're too late!" "He's still alive," reported Joey. "Somebody call a medic; we might still have enough time to save him!" Weakly, Rev shook his head. "No, it's okay..." he whispered, lacking the strength to speak any louder. He was sure that this was the only way to end Landro's legacy. "It's over now... You have... to let me... go..." Kai, Joey, and Snake traded glances. "Are... are you sure?" Snake asked, and Rev nodded in response. "We'll stay with you," promised Kai, "until the end." A solemn silence fell over the group as they respected Rev's final wish. ---- Rookie agent Anubis was drafted into Dino Attack Team by the conscription due to the team suffering heavy losses against Mutant Dinos, as well as other threats such as ShadowTech. While traveling to his first mission via boat, Anubis was caught in a fierce storm and fell overboard, with a flock of Mutant Pterosaurs flying in for the kill. Miraculously, Anubis survived through unknown means. Anubis insisted that he was rescued by the spirit of Rev Raptor; although there was little evidence to support this claim, reports have confirmed that this event took place immediately after Rev's death. ---- One ShadowTech jet locked on and fired, but before the missile could leave the jet, it was struck by Kotua. The second jet continued firing at Kotua, avoiding blasts. This one was not going to risk his life like the other one. Kotua continued firing at the jet, but it evaded Kotua easily. Kotua finally fired, and the blast took the left wing of the craft. "Take that!" said Kotua, firing at the right wing. Kotua flew away from the flaming jet, and noticed two T-1 Typhoons. I bet this is Data's 'friendly help', thought Kotua. He fired at one, hitting the pilot of one of the vehicles... As the first T-1 Typhoon flew down, the second one fired at Kotua. The Robo-Blade's Beam Shield blocked the attacks. Kotua fired back, taking down one of the side guns. Kotua flew under the copter, and shot down the gunner, and the tail of the copter. The Voltage suddenly regained its Beam Shield, frying the Pteranodons pecking the craft. Kotua flew back into the Voltage. There, Kotua walked back to the cells. To his surprise, both agents were gone! "They'll pay!" said Kotua, walking back to the command deck... ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
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    The End

    To all the great friends that I've met here, you've made my time on BZPower unforgettable and I will always cherish that. But, most of you have long since left this website and will likely never read this message... and I feel it might be time for me to finally move on as well. I had always trusted BZPower to be a safe haven of my childhood. No matter what, even if I didn't post in years, I could always come back here and remember the good old days. But now, I fear that might no longer be the case. If the appalling recent allegations are true, then I don't think I can rightfully think of BZPower as a haven anymore. I may be a cisgendered heterosexual man, but if women and LGBTQ+ people cannot feel safe here, then no one can. Currently, I am posting the Dino Attack RPG: Director's Cut on BZPower, and I had started doing so "for old time's sake", since this website is where the RPG began fifteen years ago, it has been my most cherished memory of BZPower, and I wanted to bring it full circle. Despite it all, I still want to leave BZPower on a positive note, so I shall continue to post the Director's Cut until it is complete. I've made my commitment, and I won't stop until my mission is accomplished. But aside from that, I doubt that I will be posting much else or continuing to engage with this community. There is a very real chance that the Director's Cut shall be my BZPower swan song. There is other unfinished business that I had wished to attend to, such as posting The Story of Rosamu (a rewrite of an old BIONICLE fanfic from my early days on BZPower, which I had previously been hyping up on the Blaaahhhg whenever I remembered that I had a Blaaahhhg) whenever it was finished. When the time comes, I will decide whether I shall do so on BZPower, again "for old time's sake"... but what I had once treated as a certainty is now merely a possibility. To be honest, with the once-thriving library forums now silent as a graveyard, there may be no one left to share my stories with. I have my notification settings set so that I am emailed when I receive a personal message, so I can still check and read any PMs sent to me in the future if needed. That way, you can still reach me through BZPower even after I am gone. I can only hope that one day, BZPower can prove that it can change for the better. Maybe there's a chance that we'll see a thriving, healthy, welcoming community whenever BIONICLE Gen 3 comes around. But until then... "It's all right, children. Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it."
  14. Chapter 4: The Great Escape ---- "Kotua, don't you see what you're doing?!" Databoard said. "The only reason I came here was to help you, not to hurt you! I never even thought about inflicting harm upon you, even when you attacked my Fire Hammer. Killing me will merely once again prove to DINO Attack that you're a threat. It won't accomplish anything, Kotua." Kotua fired, but Databoard gained enough strength to roll out of the way. "Kotua, don't!" he shouted, before having to roll out of the way again. Kotua continued shooting, and Databoard kept evading the blasts with all his strength. Databoard slowly gained enough strength to get to his feet. He ducked to avoid getting hit by Kotua's blasts. Databoard had no weapons to fight Kotua, so he had to avoid being shot. "Kotua, I'm not here to harm you!" he shouted. "Even if everyone else wants to take a laser rifle to your head, I don't!" Kotua shot again, and Databoard ducked out of the way. "Kotua, get it through your head!" Security Bots flew towards Databoard and shocked him. "You stop me from neutralizing evil forces. How is that helpful?!" said Kotua. "You're the one who's having a fantasy about Rex and the rest being evil!" said Databoard. "Well, I'm sure you can tell Rex when he joins you," said Kotua. He raised his gun, and aimed at Databoard's head. "See ya..." "Kotua, I'm not evil!" Databoard said. Kotua was about to fire when the Voltage shook, knocking the weapon from his hand. All the DINO Attack vehicles and the ShadowTech vehicles were firing at them. "I told you they were against me!" Kotua said. Databoard replied: "Well, when you try to destroy their base, they aren't very nice about it." "Reminds me of Ogel..." muttered Kotua. Kotua walked towards the control panel, and pressed a button. "Time to retreat!" said Kotua, sitting on a chair, and strapping on. The Voltage shook. "Now we'll see whether Rex really cares for anything else other than those dumb creatures..." muttered Kotua. ***** Everybody on the ground was shooting at the craft, when its thrusters glowed and it flew off at the speed of light. A Fire Hammer waited in neutral gear with its cannons ready. A dark figure exited the jeep, walked up to the LEGO City waterfront, and removed his hood. "Boo," he grumbled under his breath. Glide had been trailing after the Voltage, hoping to rescue Databoard. He even brought his patented 'Disappearing Gear' (only to be used in emergencies) and grappling hooks just for the occasion. But, he had arrived just in time to see the Voltage flying away at impossible speeds, zooming out over the ocean. Of course, his Fire Hammer was not equipped for water travel. Now, all Glide could do was wait for the Voltage to return to the mainland… ---- Rex noticed that agent "Turahk-Kal" had joined the team. PBB thought for a moment. "I believe I may have heard that name before," he said. "My databanks suggest that the codename may have been derived from the names of several mythology deities worshipped by the native tribes of Enchanted Island." Rex shrugged. "I just hope he's safe from Kotua." He looked at PBB. "Is there any weapon on this thing that is strong enough to destroy the Voltage? Or at least hard enough to whack some senses into Kotua?" PBB began to say something, then thought about it. He immediately checked the large panel filled with buttons. Then, he looked at Rex. "I believe there is something..." he said. "The Voltage may be cloaked, but we know where Dino Attack Headquarters formerly stood. So, let's quickly get there!" "Okay!" Rex said. He was about to go to the controls when a Mutant Raptor pack appeared on the ground below. "This isn't good," Rex muttered. "Why did it have to be when we were trying to stop Kotua?" ---- During the trip to Antarctica, a warning light flashed on the console. "A pteranodon must have punctured the fuel tank," Turahk-Kal thought aloud. The fuel meter reached zero and the craft slowly descended to the ocean. With a thud it landed on the surface. To Turahk-Kal's surprise, the helicopter didn't sink. It just floated there. "Well, looks like I'm dead in the water," Turahk-Kal said to himself. Rummaging through the back of the copter, Turahk-Kal found a survival kit. Included was a radio. Turning it on, he sent a S.O.S. to whoever might be listening. Eating a granola bar, Turahk-Kal continued to send out a S.O.S. to anyone. It was getting dark and becoming very cold. He rummaged through the survival pack and found an emergency sleeping bag. Putting it on, he sat in the chair and fell asleep... ***** The Voltage stopped over the ocean. It was now dark, and the craft activated lights. Agent Turahk-Kal was sleeping, when a blue light appeared from above. The sleeping agent didn't feel anything as the Voltage picked him up. "Wake up!" said Kotua. Turahk-Kal woke, to find he had been thrown in a jail cell, along with agent Databoard. "So, Rex thought you'd be a good scout for when I retreated?" said Kotua. "No, I was stranded, and decided to sleep since I couldn't do anything," said Turahk-Kal. Kotua left Turahk-Kal and Databoard alone, locked in the cell. He walked back to the command deck, and pressed a button. Four robots flew towards the wires Databoard had cut, and began repairing them... ***** The Pallas Athena arrived too late at Dino Attack HQ. But, a report on Turahk-Kal's disappearance near the Voltage gave Rex a clue where the Voltage was. "Now we have to help both Data and Turahk-Kal!" he said. "PBB?" He turned around to see PBB holding one Green Brick and three White Bricks. He threw them into the engine. Suddenly, they were warped into a blue vortex, and then reappeared in pursuit of the Voltage. "What was that?" Rex asked, shocked. "That," PBB explained, "was the turbo boost. Upgraded enough to send us through a vortex." The Voltage was firing at the vehicle that Turahk-Kal had been on. The craft slowly moved away from the now-burning vehicle, unaware of PBB's arrival. "Hopefully," Rex said, "the Voltage won't turn around. It won't detect us by scanner or anything like that due to the fact we're still cloaked. Now, what are we going to do?" PBB thought. "That's a problem right there alone. The only ones who know that much about Kotua's technology and its weaknesses are either captured... or disappeared. As far as I know, shooting at the Voltage won't work; even if would could pierce its Beam Shields, it's too armored for our weapons to deal significant damage. We can't sneak onboard either; it's crawling with security bots, and we'd be quickly captured. Kotua would probably kill you and Chompy, or disable Little Bot and me." "Well, we need a plan," Rex said. Chompy grunted. PBB shot a glare at Chompy, and Rex raised an eyebrow in bemusement. "Chompy says 'No duh!'," translated PBB. "And that's a rather… tactful translation." ***** "You don't have any equipment, do you?" Databoard muttered. Turahk-Kal shook his head. "Nope, they took everything." Databoard looked around the cell. He knew the only way out of a Voltage cell was with a phasing device, or a clever trick. "We have to get out of here," Databoard continued. "They're no doubt repairing that wire I cut, and then he'll return to DINO HQ." Databoard got up, looking at the door. "Fortunately, I have a backup plan." He opened a hidden pocket, nearly invisible to the human - or robot - eyes, and took out a small tube. He pressed a button, and an orange spray shot at the door. Within seconds, it was covered in rust. "Instant corrosion spay," Databoard said. "Homemade weapon." With that, he charged at the door, and it fell over, weakened by the spray. "Let's go!" Databoard said, putting the tube back in the pocket and rushing off, grabbing a nearby laser rifle as he did. Kotua made sure all places were locked down, forcing Databoard and Turahk-Kal to go to the top of the craft. There were more cannons, and walkways to them. They could see clouds passing through them. Databoard sprayed one of the turrets, but the metal on them was rust-proof. The staircase they had come through closed, and all turrets turned towards them. "This is not good," Databoard muttered. The turrets began firing at the two, Databoard grabbed Turahk-Kal, and dove out of the way. They kept evading the lasers as there were fired at them. "We can't keep this up forever!" Turahk-Kal said, dodging another blast. Databoard leapt over a blast. "We only have to keep it long enough to come up with a plan," he said. The Voltage continued firing at the two agents, forcing them to run. Then the turrets went into their hatches. "Something bad is about to happen," said Databoard. ***** "Sir, we're 70% ready to activate the turbo thrusters again," said the robot. "Good," said Kotua. He walked to a control panel, and set the coordinates... ***** Databoard began wondering what was going on. He was half expecting a larger laser to come up and blow them away. He rushed over to the door and began melting a hole in the side with the laser rifle, but it was taking much too long. Databoard heard the engines roar. ***** "80% sir," said the robot. "Good," said Kotua. ***** A turret popped out and began firing at both agents. Turahk-Kal leapt out of the way, and Databoard ducked. Turahk-Kal ran off as the turret fired. "Turahk, come back!" said Databoard. Turahk-Kal ran across the walkway, until he reached the back of the craft. Turahk-Kal looked down. He could hear the water splashing. Databoard took out the laser rifle and began firing at the turret. Most of the lasers did very little damage, and it shot at him again. He got out of the way, and the lasers left a scorch mark on the Voltage. Databoard shot again, leaving very little damage yet again. Turahk-Kal ran back, holding a piece of the rail. "Kotua sure made the rails cheap," said Turahk-Kal. He leapt at the turret, and hit it with the rail. While the turret was busy with Turahk-Kal, Databoard returned to making a hole in the door. He hadn't expected the door to be so thick, and he didn't know how long until the turret was no longer distracted. He continued to shoot at the door, slowing boring through the door... ***** "90% sir," said the bot. "I wonder whether we'll be able to fire the blast at the HQ again," said Kotua. ***** Another turret surfaced and began firing electricity bolts at Turahk-Kal. Databoard slowly made a hole in the door. He already made a small hole in the door, and working on enlarging it so a person would fit. The turrets were still firing at Turahk-Kal, giving Databoard more time to make the hole larger. It was almost large enough, just a minute or two... After a few minutes, Databoard dragged the unconscious Turahk-Kal and pushed him into the hole, and then jumped in. ***** "100%." ***** Databoard was about to move, when he slammed against the wall. The turrets that had popped out were ripped out by the wind. Databoard tried to haul himself along the deck, dragging the knocked-out Turahk-Kal with him. He slowly headed towards an elevator, but he was unable to hold on. He was sent flying backwards into a wall. He would just have to wait until the Voltage slowed down... The craft soon was back in the city. Databoard got up, but before he could do anything, security bots surrounded him. "So you escaped," said Kotua. "We're trying to help you!" said Databoard. "Then you should have let me destroy the HQ. Rex won't use it to hide the dinos..." said Kotua. Databoard aimed his laser at the security bots. They tried to shock him, but he jumped over them and blasted them to bits. "Kotua, Rex doesn't even have dinos there!" Databoard said. "I don't even know where he keeps the dinos he tames!" Kotua pulled out a laser, but Databoard took out his corrosion spray, and the weapon was useless within seconds. "You're lying!" said Kotua, and the security bots flew at Databoard. Kotua ran towards Databoard, and kicked his spray away. "Give up!" said Kotua, trying to punch Databoard. "Rex is just trying to keep everybody alive!" said Databoard. "You must be quite dumb to believe him..." said Kotua, kicking him into a wall. Databoard ducked to avoid a security bot, then blasted it with his laser rifle. He jumped over another security bot. He was then nearly punched by Kotua, but he got out of the way. Kotua then kicked the laser out of Databoard's hand. Kotua kicked Databoard, and then he jumped at Databoard, and began punching him. Databoard pushed Kotua off, and kicked him. Two security Bots dragged Turahk-Kal away... Out of nowhere, Glide appeared. "Who are you?!" demanded Kotua. "Isn't it obvious, you mad dog?" Glide said. "Your worst nightmare!" He threw a black sphere onto the floor, which released a smokescreen and allowed him to sneak behind Kotua. "Shall we dance?" said Glide, sneering. "How did you get past the beam shields without the proper technology?" asked Databoard, teaming up with Glide and using his instant corrosion spray to add to the mayhem as they were swarmed by robots. "I just used the old-fashioned way," boasted Glide. "Ram into anything hard enough, and you'll get through." "Wait, what?" said Databoard. "The beam shields produce extreme heat! How are you still standing?" "I'm okay!" insisted Glide. "Just feeling a little parched, that's all." Glide was about to kill Kotua, when Kotua suddenly jumped up and punched him in the face, knocking him to the floor. "The things I get myself into…" muttered Glide as he got himself up. ***** Slowly, light returned to Turahk-Kal's eyes. He glanced around and realized he was being dragged away by security bots. Wriggling a little, he worked one hand loose. Before the bot could react, he reached in his hidden pocket and pulled out two magnetized cherry bombs. Quickly, he threw them at one bot. They attached and exploded, creating a hole in the bot. The other bot came after him. He ducked as it swiped at him and kicked it on the underside. It flipped over and fell with a crack. Quickly getting up, Turahk-Kal ran in the opposite direction of where they had been taking him. The Security Bots went into battle mode. Turahk-Kal was running when two appeared, and one had swords. Turahk-Kal jumped as one swiped. The other fired electricity bolts, taking down Turahk-Kal and the other bot. The Security Bot then fired an immobilizer blast, immobilizing Turahk-Kal. The bot then locked him in a cell... ***** Glide fell to the floor, the effects of passing through a beam shield now becoming apparent. "Need... water..." muttered Glide. "Too bad..." said Kotua, and four Security Bots dragged Glide to another cell. Databoard fired, but Kotua dodged the blast. Four more security bots flew at Databoard and immobilized him. "You'll pay..." said Kotua. The Security Bots dragged Databoard to another cell. Soon, the three agents were in three different cells. ***** Dromus climbed into her brand-spanking-shining-new Urban Avenger, smiling to herself as she sped off to the HQ to introduce herself. Dromus arrived at the HQ, to see the agents evacuating. Most were looking up, with scared faces. Then she looked at the sky. A giant craft, the Voltage, was flying above the HQ, firing at the people below. Kotua pressed a button. The craft's front hatch opened, revealing the giant cannon. It aimed at the HQ, and began charging. Dromus heard someone mutter, "Not again..." "What's going on?" Dromus asked one of the Dino Attack agents, who looked like he had pooped in his pants. "That thing wants to destroy us!" said the agent. "Why?" asked Dromus. "I don't know. It just began firing at the HQ..." said the agent. ***** Databoard banged on the cell door. He now had no weapons whatsoever, as he had dropped the corrosion spray when he fought Kotua. There was no way out other than a ventilation shaft near the ceiling, but that was bolted shut. Of course, Databoard didn't care, as he disliked being stuck in a prison cell. He pulled on it with all his strength, but only succeeded in loosening it a little. He kept pulling, until the bolts could take no more. They snapped in half and the vent burst off. Databoard hauled himself into the vent and snuck off. Turahk-Kal didn't have as much luck as Databoard. He pulled on the bars, spat on them, but nothing happened. His vent was out of the cell. He lay down and once again fell asleep... ***** Kotua watched as the machine achieved 30%. The black ShadowTech vehicles tried to take down the craft, but Voltage wiped out the remaining vehicles. There were no more jets left, and only the remaining Dino Attack Team vehicles were available... ***** A cleaning robot was walking down a corridor when a vent landed on its head. Just as it was about to go complain about the faulty construction, something else landed on it: agent Databoard. He got up off the disabled robot and rushed off to try and stop Kotua... ***** Kotua watched the ray reach 40%. I need to speed up the energy... thought Kotua. He looked over the different tools. Gah! thought Kotua. Immediately, solar powered satellites beamed their energy at Kotua's craft, raising the energy level to 60%... ***** Databoard rushed down the corridors of the Voltage towards the place where he knew Kotua was: the command deck. He had found his laser rifle, along with most of his equipment. He was soon near the door, and burst inside. Kotua turned around. "What?! How could you escape?!" said Kotua. "That's not what matters. What matters is that I stop you from destroying Dino Attack Team," said Databoard. "I trusted in you, Data..." said Kotua, pushing a button. "But, I now trust in someone else... You might remember him..." Databoard heard metal footsteps. He turned around to see a robot at least three times his size, armored in green and yellow metal. With a sense of dread, he instantly recognized the robot, having fought it (or rather, its previous iterations) during Mission Deep Freeze. "Meet Guardian Mk. IV," said Kotua proudly. The robot swung its fist, sending Databoard through the window in the Command Deck. Databoard fell outside the craft's command deck, and landed on a Jet Runway of the Voltage. "Great," muttered Databoard. Guardian Mk. IV leapt down after Databoard, who barely got out of the way. The robot's impact was so hard, it sent Databoard flying. Guardian tried to step on the agent, but he rolled out of the way. The Guardian punched Databoard, hurling him into a wall. "I hope the paint job doesn't get ruined," said Kotua. Databoard fired at Guardian IV, but the robot phased and the blast went through. Guardian un-phased and its eyes charged up. Databoard leapt out of the way as Guardian fired, hitting a turret. Databoard avoided being hit by more blasts, until the Guardian kicked him across the runway. He fired a grappling hook up to the command deck, but the robot grabbed him as he went up. The Guardian flung him across the entire runway. He hit the ground and skidded until he was a few feet from the edge. Databoard tried to get up, but he was in too much pain. Guardian Mk. IV flew towards Databoard, and picked him up. <Foolish agent. Nobody can defeat me!> said the robot, flying back towards the Command Deck. "So, Data, you just tried to kill me!" said Kotua. "So did you..." muttered Databoard. "You could have safely stayed in the cell..." said Kotua. "Kotua, you know me, I hate being stuck in a cell," Databoard said weakly. "And I also don't like it when agent I thought I trusted tries to blow up everybody." "I TRUSTED YOU!" Kotua roared. "You betrayed me!" "Kotua, for the billionth time, I'm not evil," Databoard replied. "Why don't you believe me?" "I don't trust you because you tried to kill me! And I don't want to blow them up, or I would have used the military nuclear bombs... hmm, not a bad idea, Data! If I use nuclear bombs..." "There are no bombs left to use," said Databoard. "Tell me one reason I should trust you and Rex, and the rest…" said Kotua. "Because I can't think of a time where I betrayed you!" Databoard shouted. "I'm not against you, Kotua! No offense, but get that through your thick skull!" The Guardian squeezed Databoard tighter, signifying Kotua's response to that statement. "Thick-headed! We'll see who's thick-headed!" said Kotua. "I can think of a time you did betray me. When I chased that dumb dino Rev protected..." "Because the dino was tamed!" said Databoard. "Sure..." said Kotua sarcastically. "Will you figure out that I'm not against you?!" Databoard said. "No one is against you! Well, until you tried to blow up HQ..." "So you're admitting that DINO Attack HQ is against me!" Kotua said triumphantly. Databoard rolled his eyes. "Yeah, thanks to your own sheer stupidity!" Databoard shouted. "You tried to destroy DINO Attack HQ! Did you think they're going to say: 'Thank you Kotua'?" "Hey, rebuilding might cost less," said Kotua. "Just stop firing and we can work something out..." said Databoard. Kotua looked at a security camera, seeing the remains of the vehicles that were attacking the Voltage. He grimaced as he saw both ShadowTech and Dino Attack vehicles among the wreckage. "They're working with ShadowTech... that's why they sent you... because they want me alive for their sick experiments..." said Kotua. "You forced them to cooperate when you wildly fired everywhere!" said Databoard. "You did betray me!" said Kotua. "I didn't even know we were working with ShadowTech until just now!" Databoard shouted. "I don't even know who these ShadowTech people are, Kotua!" "LIAR!" Kotua shouted. "You did betray me! I see right through you!" "Kotua, why won't you believe me when I tell you I haven't betrayed you?" "You're a traitor..." said Kotua. Databoard looked at Kotua, worrying about what might happen, when he remembered the microphone, which was probably lying in the ruins of the Fire Hammer... Databoard rolled his eyes. "I'm not a traitor," Databoard replied. "Why is that so hard to believe?" Kotua still didn't believe him. "I know you're a traitor," he said, ignoring Databoard's question. "You can try to fool me, but I'm smart enough to not believe you." "Are you sure the word you're searching for is smart?" Databoard snapped back. "Snapping back? I'm not even questioning you, and you're already nervous," said Kotua. "What are you talking about? You can't even realize what's going on!" said Databoard. "Oh, but I can. I can also decide to kill the other agents. I'm haven't killed them, because I wanted to see what you would do. You didn't even care what would happen to them!" said Kotua. ***** All the while, the Pallas Athena was quietly following the Voltage. "The Guardian is on board," muttered PBB. "This isn't good." "The what?" asked Rex. "Guardian," answered PBB. "It was a robot that Alpha Team faced six years ago. However, now it seems to have joined Kotua. Which isn't good at all." He looked at Little Bot. "You think you can hack into the Guardian?" "Beep bepit bo," beeped the small robot. Rex guessed what its response meant. "I didn't think so either," PBB said. He sighed, which was clearly programmed as an emotional response since the robot did not need to breathe air. ***** The sky had gotten darker, and lightning struck around the city. The craft had reached 80% in the blast energy. Guardian IV put Databoard in another cell, which had a small vent. Two maintenance bots replaced the broken window, while Kotua searched again for Rex. "Where could he be...? He's probably with ShadowTech..." said Kotua ***** At that moment, Rex was certainly NOT with ShadowTech. After all, his only experience with them as their prisoner would not make him very open to working with them. He still did not know that they formed a temporary alliance with Dino Attack Team. But, Rex somehow had a feeling that Kotua was looking for him. The only thing keeping him and his comrades from getting captured was the fact that PBB's airship was both swift and cloaked. But, they still needed a plan... ***** Kotua pressed a button. The energy blast fired, and hit Dino Attack HQ, destroying the communications tower, and the energy tower. "That should be good enough," said Kotua. ***** "What is with him and destroying HQ?" whispered Rex. "That's what crazy people do," PBB answered. "Yeah, he's mad, alright," Rex whispered back. Chompy began to growl, but in response to something else. They looked out the window to find the Pallas Athena surrounded by Mutant Pteranodons! Rex and PBB did their best, rapidly shooting nets at every pteranodon they saw. Once the whole flock was captured, Rex got ready to collect them, but PBB said, "Come on, let's catch up with the Voltage!" "But the Dinos-" "Forget about them! Don't you want to save Turahk-Kal, Data, and Glide? Or do you care more about taming the Mutant Pteranodons?" For a moment, it seemed as if a fire was burning inside Rex. He glared angrily at PBB. How dare this robot question him? It could never understand the importance of ensuring the dinosaurs' safety, especially now that Kotua was on the loose. Then, shaking his head, Rex came back to his senses. "Yes, you're right. Data, Turahk, and Glide must be rescued first." ***** Databoard heard the explosion, meaning Kotua had fired on DINO Attack HQ. "Kotua, you madman..." Databoard muttered. "I just hope he didn't cause too much damage..." Databoard placed a short-out device, as Guardian had neglected to take his equipment, on the door. The locking mechanism was disabled, and Databoard walked out of the now-open door. He soon found Glide and Turahk-Kal, and got them from out of the cells. He gave each of them a laser rifle, and the three left the cell area. Databoard, Glide, and Turahk-Kal stormed the command deck. The Guardian turned to fire at them. "Catch, Guardy!" Databoard shouted, flinging a short-out disk at the robot. Electricity shot across the Guardian, but it was unharmed. "Uh-oh...!" Turahk exclaimed before the Guardian began firing at them. The three began firing at the Guardian, as well as whatever security bots that attacked. ***** Hyrode drove wildly out of the HQ, shaking remains off his arm. Pulling into a wheelie, he jumped through the skylight. Blasting the engine to full throttle, he jumped off the bike, landing with a thump on top of the Voltage airship. Hyrode watched his bike plummet below... ***** Databoard rushed towards Kotua, jumping over several security bots. "You don't call this trying to kill me?!" Kotua said. Databoard turned around to blast an attacking security bot, then faced Kotua again. "I'm not here to kill you, just to stop you from destroying more of DINO Attack HQ," he said. The Guardian moved towards Databoard, but Turahk leapt onto the robots, clinging onto its back. As the robot tried to shake him off, Databoard destroyed several more security bots, then turned around to find a laser aimed at his head. ---- It was a Mutant Pteranodon! Snake of Spades raised his gun, but didn't fire. It seemed to be... hurt. Snake heard a snarl. Soon, five Mutant Lizards surrounded him. "Gulp," thought Snake. He sent a message: HELP, I'M SURROUNDED. S.O.S AGENT SNAKE ---- Databoard received Snake's SOS, but at the moment he had bigger things to worry about, specifically the laser pointed at him. "See ya, Data..." Kotua said, and prepared to pull the trigger. Before he could, Databoard pulled out his laser rifle. In one swift motion, he fired, hitting the laser and knocking it from Kotua's hand. Meanwhile, Turahk-Kal had been flung off the Guardian. "Databoard, look out!" he shouted. Databoard jumped out of the way of one of the Guardian's blasts, which barely missed Kotua. "Don't worry, Snake, I'll be right there," said Glide. "Just as soon as I'm done here." It all happened at once. Bots noticed and fired upon him. Glide threw a black sphere down on the floor, releasing another smokescreen. Vanishing from view, Glide fired at Kotua, knocking the gun out of his hand. And then, just like that, Glide was gone. ---- At the smoking crater at which he left the base, Kai looked around. He drove across the tundra and found a set of footprints. Following them, the footprints came to the shape of a person lying in the snow. Around were a few other footprints and the trail stopped abruptly. Either I've been following it the wrong way, or something lifted it. People don't just disappear... he thought. Kai tried sending messages to anyone at the Dino Attack Team base. Nothing but static. Rushing off to the base, Kai brought Joey along just in case that there would be serious trouble. Joey was an Alpha Team mechanic and a close friend of Kai. The HQ was pretty much unscathed, but the communications tower and energy conduits have been destroyed. "Just my luck," grumbled Kai. He received the SOS and got there as soon as possible, but got blocked by another a T-Rex and two Mutant Pterosaurs. Kai sent a message to Snake of Spades: "Found more trouble here. Lure the Mutant Lizards to coordinates 501-744 and we can take care of all of them at once." ---- Databoard landed next to Turahk-Kal. "How do we stop that robot?" Turahk-Kal shouted. Databoard shook his head. "We can't," he replied. "I've seen Guardians in action before, and this one is much more advanced. Can you distract it long enough?" Turahk-Kal looked at him like he was insane, but nodded. Turahk-Kal leapt at the Guardian, dodging its blasts. Databoard ducked behind a control panel and sent out a distress signal: SOS: ME AND AGENT TURAHK ARE ON VOLTAGE, FIGHTING GUARDIAN. CANNOT WIN. HELP. AGENT DATABOARD. He doubted anyone would receive the SOS, and if they did, would not be able to get through the beam shield. Looking to his right, Tuahk-Kal found a box of grenades in a corner. Quickly grabbing two, he flung them at the Guardian. "Data, catch!" he said as he tossed one to Databoard. The Guardian jumped out of the way of Turahk-Kal's grenades, which blew a hole in the floor where it just was. Databoard prepared to throw the grenade, and aimed at the Guardian. A security bot leapt at him, knocking the grenade from his hand. The robot picked up the weapon, and was about to throw it at Databoard when exploded, leaving a burning hunk of medal in its place. Standing next to the box, Turahk-Kal began expertly throwing more grenades at the Guardian. It dodged many of them easily, though a few nicked its legs. Kotua reached for a pocket, and took out his device. "I hoped I wouldn't have to resort to this," said Kotua. Immediately, the satellites in space aimed at Dino Attack HQ... The Voltage flew over Dino Attack HQ as it started raining. Hard. Guardian IV phased, and fired at Databoard and Turahk-Kal. Databoard ran at it, but Guardian un-phased and flew at him, beam guns readying. Databoard jumped out of the way of the blasts from the Guardians beam guns, then charged at it again, firing like crazy. The Guardian phased again, letting the blasts pass through it, before unphasing and attacking. Databoard got out of the way before where he had been standing was a smoking crater. Kotua ran off, sealing the room. Turahk-Kal and Databoard were trapped with Guardian IV... Kotua checked the portable Voltage control, and pressed a button. The satellites moved again, this time targeting something else... ***** "This is hopeless, Data!" Turahk-Kal yelled, pocketing four grenades and tossing two at the door. They exploded, leaving a gaping hole. Turahk-Kal swiftly moved through this to stop Kotua. The Guardian moved towards Turahk-Kal and Databoard. "What do we do?" Turahk-Kal shouted. Databoard grabbed Turahk-Kal and ran in the other direction, turning off the beam shield as he did. "Time to abandon ship!" Databoard shouted, leaving out the command deck window, and sending the two agents speeding towards the street below. "Have you gone mad?" Turahk-Kal shouted as they plummeted. Databoard fired a grappling hook, which attached to the Voltage, stopping their fall and allowing them to swing to the safety of a nearby building, away from the Guardian. ***** Kotua re-activated the beam shield. "Next time, they won't get off easily," said Kotua. The Voltage began firing at the remains of Dino Attack HQ, destroying equipment and other tools... ***** Databoard and Turahk-Kal watched from the rooftop as Kotua blasted DINO Attack HQ. "We can't just stand here and watch HQ get destroyed!" Turahk-Kal shouted. "There's got to be something that we can do!" "Well, I could get into the command systems on the Voltage and order it to stop firing," Databoard said. "But that would require a computer console, which I don't have, and no doubt Kotua will prevent anybody from secretly accessing the Voltage." Databoard then rushed off down the streets of LEGO City, followed by a very confused Turahk-Kal. "Where are we going?" Turahk-Kal asked, but Databoard kept running. He soon found what he was looking for: what was left of his Fire Hammer. He opened the door, or rather, it snapped off when he opened it. He got inside the wreck and began looking around inside. Databoard searched through his wrecked Fire Hammer. The inside hadn't been very damaged, but it was bashed around a bit, making it hard to find anything. Thanks a lot, Kotua... Databoard thought sarcastically. He soon found what he was looking for: the microphone the Ogel Drones had used on Kotua several years ago. It seemed largely undamaged in the crash. Databoard wasn't sure it would work, but it was better than Kotua going on a killing spree. ***** The Voltage continued firing. Four jets flew out to try to stop the craft, but were easily destroyed. Kotua watched as the craft fired, taking down Dino Attack HQ. The blasts were now destroying what was left of the garage. Kotua walked to a room. Guardian IV was there, turned off. "Time for another upgrade," said Kotua. He walked towards a small cabinet, and took out some tools. ***** A Robo-Blade flew out of the Voltage, and began hunting down Dino Attack agents. The Robo-Blade activated its Beam Shield. A Mutant Raptor, not knowing what it was, ran at the Robo-Blade, and tried to bite it. The Robo-Blade fired, and the Raptor fell to the ground. However, more Raptors arrived. The Robo-Blade flew upwards, and fired, taking down a few Raptors. The rest ran after the Robo-Blade, which sent missiles. The Robo-Blade flew to another area, where it spotted an agent in an Urban Avenger trying to take down a Mutant Lizard. The Robo-Blade aimed, and fired. The Urban Avenger's engine exploded, taking the driver and the Lizard along with it. Before Databoard could find out if the microphone still worked, the Robo-Blade that had been attacking DINO Attack agents in the area saw them. "Databoard, look out!" Turahk-Kal said, pushing Databoard out of the way of a blast, knocking the microphone from his hand as well. The microphone slid out of view, and the blast destroyed what was left of the ruined Fire Hammer. The Robo-Blade flew towards them. "Act dead," Databoard whispered to Turahk-Kal. The Robo-Blade bought the act, and flew away. The Robo-Blade flew over the city, when it spotted Digger in a Steel Sprinter. Digger noticed the Robo-Blade, and fired his Cosmotronic Ray, but the blast bounced harmlessly off of the Robo-Blade's Beam Shield. The Robo-Blade then fired a shot. Digger quickly got off the vehicle and ran as the blast hit the ATV, and destroyed it. The Robo-Blade fired again, but Digger ran into a warehouse. Inside, Digger hid behind some crates. The Robo-Blade noticed what Digger had not: the crates had fireworks. The Robo-Blade activated its head Vulcan guns and fired at the crates. Digger reloaded his Cosmotronic Ray, when a blast behind him sent him into the wall. Digger had dropped his ray during the explosion, and the Robo-Blade flew towards him. Digger ran as the Robo-Blade took out its Beam Saber and flew full speed. Digger ran into an airport, and exited on the other side, Robo-Blade in close pursuit. Digger ran, but he knew he couldn't outrun the Robo-Blade forever. The Robo-Blade flew nearer to Digger... when a blast hit it, sending it flying back. Digger looked for the source of the blast. It was Specs and Shadow in a Fire Hammer! Both drove, firing at the Robo-Blade that, realizing what hit it, began firing back. Digger ran towards the Fire Hammer, and joined Specs and Shadow. Shadow aimed at the Robo-Blade and fired. The Robo-Blade blocked the blast and activated its Beam Rifle. It fired, deflating the front tires. Specs continued driving towards the Robo-Blade, with Shadow firing. The Robo-Blade fired missiles, which struck the Fire Hammer, sending the three agents flying. The Robo-Blade aimed its Beam Saber at Shadow and fired. Shadow moved out of the way and ran off, with the other two agents following him. The Robo-Blade flew after them. The Robo-Blade fired at a car next to the agents, causing it to explode. The agents hit the ground, and the Robo-Blade, thinking it had killed them, flew back to the Voltage, where it would get ready to find the other agents... ***** Kotua was halfway through upgrading Guardian... ***** Databoard found the microphone, only to discover it had been damaged when it was knocked from his hand. He could repair it once they got to relative safety. "Come on!" Databoard whispered. "And try not to be seen." "Why?" Turahk-Kal asked. Databoard didn't even turn around as he answered, sneaking through the shadows. "Because Kotua will think we're dead," Databoard replied. "And that will give us an advantage." Turahk-Kal and Databoard slipped silently along the shadows of a ruined building. To anyone around them, they were nearly invisible. They snuck inside a nearby building, locking it as they did. Databoard began working on fixing the microphone, while Turahk-Kal stood guard in case anyone came in. Databoard worked fast to repair the microphone. That Robo-Blade was most likely attacking other agents, and they wouldn't stand a chance; no one could fight a beam shielded Robo-Blade. He continued fixing the device, praying it would stop Kotua's path of destruction, for now at least. Before Turahk-Kal could react, a Mutant Raptor burst through the door! It was about to eat Turahk-Kal when Databoard grabbed a weapon he had designed. A ball of green energy shot out, stunning the creature and containing it safely it a net of energy. Suddenly, more Raptors burst in, jaws snapping. Databoard grabbed the microphone as he and Turahk-Kal fled out the back door. Databoard and Turahk-Kal rushed down an alley, pursued by the Mutant Raptors. Databoard had subdued a few with his energy net device, but they kept attacking. Databoard fired a grappling hook up at a nearby rooftop. "Going up!" he said, grabbing Turahk-Kal as the grappling hook retracted, pulling them to safety. ***** Kotua watched as Guardian IV turned back on. "I want you to bring some friends..." said Kotua. Guardian IV understood Kotua. <BladeBugs?> asked Guardian IV. "Yes..." muttered Kotua, remembering the saw-like robots from Mission Deep Freeze. Kotua watched as Guardian fixed a small radio-like device. <Ready.> said Guardian. "Good," said Kotua. He walked back to the Command Deck. The weather seemed to worsen, as low streets flooded with rain, and lightning struck the higher buildings. Once Kotua was on the Command Deck, he ordered some things on the craft be changed, obviously because of Databoard's constant escapes. The robots scurried around, making smaller vents on the cells, and putting other things on the doors so they wouldn't rust. The part where Databoard and Turahk-Kal faced Guardian was fixed. The glass on the Command Deck was replaced for an impact resistant one. Then Kotua ordered crazy things, like an oxygen-making machine. The robots were building spacecraft capable of atmospheric reentry. The engines were given upgrades for space. And the front cannon was being upgraded for an even faster one. The robots finished building a space probe, and launched it into space, despite the weather. "Soon, those Dino Attack agents will have nowhere to hide!" said Kotua. The robots moved to the next project, and Kotua walked to the Command Deck and sat in his chair. The Voltage remained over Dino Attack HQ, even though the bad weather continued. ***** Rex and PBB were having a hard time catching up with the Voltage, Robo-Blades, Kotua, Turahk-Kal, and Databoard. They all seemed to be going in different directions. "To the Multi-Pods!" PBB shouted. "We'll be able to split up to catch up with them!" "Okay!" Rex answered as he ran into a Multi-Po