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  1. Hello! Your MOCs are interesting.

  2. bngi

    Ave Tufi!

    I still think this is art. The MOC is an esthetic whole. It has been made with thought, by inspiration, using talent, and with the desire to create something new.
  3. So here it comes. You're not the only one who has been waiting. I've been following your post count getting closer and closer to 10K too. Congrats for reaching the major milestone of your BZP journey !
  4. bngi

    Cute Bunny

    Use it. It's not over-feminine or anything (like those Princess Peach avatars Kex had to use ). So why not, if you feel like it.
  5. bngi

    Bbc Contests

    Maybe we should have a special BBC contest which would give you at least four, five months to build your MOC. The theme would be announced and polls put up five months later. There could be normal BBC contests held between that time. Though I doubt it would be that simple... Don't take my random ideas too seriously.
  6. ~U is the silent, never-seen theory killer of S&T... everyone him! Make your theory topics look behind their sholders, people...
  7. This is not ridiculous (), this is an idea which should simplify things a lot. Less typing, less misunderstandings. Great.
  8. bngi

    2 K 7

    BCii's back ! I made no New Year's resolutions... I've learnt that I'm unable to keep them.
  9. bngi

    The Invisible U...

    I've noticed it. But not wondered. There seems to be a specific reason for everything you do .
  10. Yay, finally ! *goes to read* EDIT: *takes banner* I had to, after reading the chapter!
  11. bngi

    Bbc Contests

    I can find the hidden hint in this entry, because I read your reply in a certain topic . Obviously it can be annoying that people have been making a MOC for months and then just enter it to a BBC contest and win the show. The idea of building according to the theme is dumped. On the other hand, these people have worked very hard and BBC contests are the best way to make people aware of MOCs on BZP. So why not let the builder enjoy that, after all that work? At the moment, I don't have a clear opinion on the subject. I'm not staff, so I don't have to . But I can't understand why the enjoyment has gone. Or is the only enjoyment in the chance of winning? Isn't entering fun at all? Obviously everyone wants to win and should aim to victory, as BR said after BBC 39, but I don't really like the idea that winning is all. BBC contests are also about showing your skills, seeing what others have done, voting, getting reviews, reviewing other's MOCs... I still have no idea what to enter. That's far more sadder than anything else now . A hidden hint? What hint? But about the skills part - they're about showing your skills, yes, but there's a time limit for a reason. Oh, and you might want to check my epic, btw. -S
  12. Not only you made him post a smilie, you made him post the ! I think this is the biggest proof so far that you're one of the main guys who affect S&T. Who knows, this could be the start of munkey's cure...
  13. bngi

    Editsies: Revealed

    Totally unexpected . You are full of surprises and odd ideas . I agree with you, the movies were better than the books... so far nobody I've met has agreed with me. It seems like according to many people, movies are always automatically worse than the books they've based on... it's like an unwritten rule or something. And don't even try to ask from any hardcore LotR fan .
  14. bngi


    I still have no idea what to build. But the theme is great, no doubt. Not easy, but in a different way than BBC #39.
  15. bngi

    Building The Hype

    Three new MOCs from Seran coming up, and in such neat colors. Should be interesting to review . Don't worry, I managed to get another load of gunmetal as well. -Seran
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