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  1. Doing pretty good

    1. Creep Of The Deep
    2. Klak


      Looking Forward To The Spring

  2. Niflheim

    Blurred Lines

    Bad b8 I r8 it 0.8/8.8
  3. Would play Serbian Polka with/10

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  5. Niflheim

    Back In Action

    More like "I bought in to not feel guilty," aye?
  6. We should've listened to him. The real last boss battle of Mass Effect 3.
  7. Niflheim

    Metal, Lego, Ponies

    What a nice chat that was.
  8. I'd like to state the "kids" at Columbine shooting used Doom to practice and even made a level modeled like their school to train.Obviously, games like CoD are insane action movie games, but can still help shooters "train" in their craziest sense of the word for any shootings and how to reload a gun.But a game can never, by itself, provoke a kid, an adult, or anyone, to go out and shoot people. It can make kids more aggressive(depending on the kid) or hyper, but never go out and shoot someone. If that happens, then the parents and living environment is terrible and it obviously wasn't the game. Another reason everybody thinks videogames are bad is because the media wants to blame something, have people believe them, then stop that product because they don't like it and so they can get money from their company. First it was books for bad behaviour, then comics, then music, then movies, and now videogames. Who knows what will be next on this list of blaming?
  9. Yes. It would. But only if LEGO would complain about it.
  10. Niflheim

    Mass Effect 3

    How? I'd really like to know.
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