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  1. Ok, I got the vid, not where do I upload it too that bzpower actually allows? I tried maj but apparently they dont take videos.
  2. Guess whats better than all of those? Windows 7. Windows. Seven. Yeah... http://www.majhost.com/gallery/DarthToa/Co...s/windows_7.png Boot time is literally 18 seconds compared to the 30 seconds with vista. And it uses half as much RAM. And all my apps work on it. I'll get a video of boot time if you want, necro.
  3. If your asking "what?" to my question in your profile, the link to your home page is my profile! :P

  4. *mumbles*

    I prefer 'EW' >.


    Anyways, what? o.O

  5. Why do you have a link to my profile? :o

  6. Hey, I like your new name, EmperoressWhenua

  7. lol sry ive been gone for a REALY long time.

    I just knew you guys would be jelous of my new name! :P

  8. That is indeed an awesome name you have.

  9. Hey, what's up? Was just looking through my friendlist, saw your name, wondered who it was, and found out it was you :)

  10. Ah, darn. I missed your birthday, sorry. But I can still say Happy Late Birthday!
  11. Good! Sorry, but I havn't really been posting lately because I'm working on building a new computer.

  12. Hah, Trust me, hurricanes aren't any better. I've been through several of them and lemme tell ya', its not any more fun. BTW, Right across the street from where I live, an entire house blew up one time because someone was making fireworks illegally. It made several houses windows break, and my entire house shook. - DT
  13. Mr. Dr. Professor.


    Wow, I though I was slow. - DT
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