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  1. I found it odd that we never got a proper titan combiner in 07. So more than a decade later I had the urge to rebuild Hydraxon, Gadunka and Maxilos & Spinax and combine them together. I'm house sitting right now so I only have these 2 pictures from mobile. I'll try to remember to take more when I get back next week. This one with it on a stand made from some of the leftover parts Updated the build slightly and added in a chain and lock. Implying it broke free when Kongu summoned it And this one of it off the stand to show the stand.
  2. What pieces are used for the feet?
  3. Hey I'd be interested in one of those Black Skrall Shields and one of the Shadow Kraata. (Stage 6 if you have one)
  4. I need these parts to finish my Mech Moc but all sellers on bricklink that have them only have 1 of the parts on my list. I can only pay with PayPal Does anyone have all or at least 2 of these in the colors of the images. Orange X2 Transparent Black X2 Pearl Dark Gray X2 Black Phantom's Sword X1 And as long as I'm here. Anyone have these either? Shadow Kraata (Any Level works) X1 Nexo Mech Cockpit Red X1 Pearl Light Grey not Flat Silver X1 (But I'll take as many as you have)
  5. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Bootlego is only ok when it is not trying to rip off the original sets.
  6. I would say it hurts the value as someone who wants the old Tahu Mata set would want the original black sockets instead of the more brittle redesigned ones from 2009.
  7. Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I recall this large hero factory moc (About the size of Witch Doctor) What I mainly remember about it. Is that it had a custom head that looked somewhat like Core Hunters. And had these large technic helicopter blades on the back https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=99013pb01#T=C&C=85
  8. I'd like to see the fossils win. If only to get a Lego designers take on a Dino skeleton. If only for ideas how to improve my Skeleton Dragon design
  9. Hm there goes my theory of it being a recap episode. They wouldn't do a tv movie to recap. Perhaps the Oni are going to take the forms of the Ninjas past enemies? Or maybe even control the Skulkin, Serpentine and the Stone Warrior at kryptarium prison.
  10. While this is good. Knowing Knockoffs they will just not attach a company to them to avoid copyright infringement.
  11. If color doesn't matter to you. Tarix's weapons resemble War Glaives
  12. Bricklink has a listing for a Skrall Shield without the red markings. I'm wondering if it actually exists or is just a regular one with the red printing removed. And I'm wondering what is with the rusty mark on the right side of it. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=64271#T=S&C=11&O={%22color%22:11,%22rpp%22:%22500%22,%22iconly%22:0} One of the listings has it with a metallic silver pattern.
  13. Alright I'll have to come up with something with my normal pieces then.
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