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  1. OOC: If I could I'd like to make some amendments to my character before starting (I know I never really did but I got bogged down with work for a bit) it's mainly a name change and a costume change but I just wanted to check with you first. I've redone the profile below. How much have I missed out on since the timeskip? Anything important that I should know?
  2. I've racked up about 27 hours on it according to steam. And yet I'm still not very far through it (if there is such a thing in Terraria) mainly because I keep on getting really far down into the depths and then dying and not wanting to go and try and collect my stuff or try and remake it with new materials so I just make a new world. But in my current world I found a huge deposit of gold so I shouldn't be dying as much.
  3. OOC: I'm not quite sure where to start despite reading the posts so far, so I guess I'll just start out by myself and try and catch everyone up later. IC: George awoke with a groan. His head was pounding and his left arm felt twisted out of place. Shifting his weight onto his right arm he stood up to better inspect his wounds. The arm was fine if a little bruised. He was covered in various other scratches and bruises but mostly unharmed. He was surprised to have survived the fall."I fear how I would have fared there if not for my good luck," he said to himself. His crown lay a few feet from him. It wasn't particularly rare and had cost him little but it carried sentimental value for him now. He stooped to pick it up and then froze. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a solitary robot. It stood there motionless. He wondered how long it had been there and whether it was currently registering him as a threat. Moving slowly he picked up his crown and placed it on his head. He then reached for his cane which lay a few feet to the left. The robot was still motionless. There was silence for a moment. Then George made his move. Pressing a button concealed in the cane's head a metal spike extended from the end. George threw the cane hitting the robot in the torso and impaling it on the wall behind."Oh how I love my good luck," he said aloud. He had clearly spoken too soon however as several more robots rounded the corner behind him.
  4. Has my character been approved? My post seems to have been missed.
  5. IC: Bharadimir had fallen asleep again but had managed to remain in the tree. It wasn't yet night time but the sun was lower in the sky and it didn't seem as fierce as it had earlier. Descending from the tree, he made his way through the forest without any particular purpose. He had no clue where he was or how he had come to be here. He remembered little since the Makuta had slaughtered his team. The voices weren't as frequent any more but when they did visit him they deeply disturbed him. Maybe he had had a severe attack from the voices before he had awoken the first time in this forest. He continued on in thought like this. Almost unaware of his surroundings.
  6. Bharadimir


    I don't know how many of you will read this blog, but sometimes I like to just get some of my thoughts down somewhere. They shouldn't be weird thoughts or anything so they should be readable without anyone getting freaked out. If I do start to weird anyone out, just let me know and I'll try and tone down the craziness. That being said I don't plan on saying anything here that's out of the ordinary. Mainly just talking about university life and a few other things that happen to interest me at the time. Anyway that's all for now. Good day to you sir! (Yes I will now end every blog with the above line).
  7. Real Name: George MastersAlias: Lord of LuckAppearance: A 5'11 guy with a mess of light brown hair running to just below his ears. Fairly pale white skin and blue eyes. He has no particularly distinctive features bar the semi-circular scar on his right hand. When in hero mode he wears a business like black pinstripe-suit as well as a black duster coat. He also wears a black eye mask and wears a crown atop his head. He wears a pair of black silk gloves to cover up the scar on his right hand.Power: Probability Manipulation, he can cause unlikely things to happen.Allegiance: The League of SalvationArea: Originally from Oxford, England but now lives in Los Angeles, CaliforniaBio: Ever since he was a young boy, George has always found himself to be very lucky. He realised that he was able to manipulate the outcome of certain events when in a fight with a much larger boy in school, he was able to evade the attacks of the other boy and then topple his opponent in one punch. George managed to pass his A-Levels with next to no work and upon completing them he proceeded to win the lottery. Moving to LA, he won the lottery once more and survives on the money that he made. George is extremely cocky and this over-confidence leads him to not always being able to control his power. If angered his power becomes null and he is unable to use it. This is demonstrated in his scar that was caused during a fight he was having with a small-time villain who angered him by referencing that George was nothing more than a trickster. The villain managed to strike George's hand with his sword. George was saved by another hero who was in the neighbourhood, who descended on the villain. George became the Lord of Luck once he realised how his good luck could be used to fight others and his vast wealth made it easy for him to get around. He quickly joined the League after realising that by himself he could be defeated if angered or tricked again.
  8. You need to PM Takuma Nuva or one of the the admins of the group with your Screen Name or a link to your profile and they'll add you in.
  9. IC: Bharadimir groaned as he woke up. Sunlight was poking through the tree tops and his cloak was hanging on a nearby branch. Scrambling to his feet Bharadimir grabbed the cloak and swiftly wrapped himself in it. He felt a fraction of his power return. Moving into thick shadow his senses came back to him fully. What had happened before he had woken up though? He had no memory whatsoever of a battle, and why would someone remove his cloak and not finish the job? He scanned the area for a clue as to what might have happened but no luck on that front. Instead he hoisted himself up into a low branch and then proceeded to climb as high as he could without being exposed to sunlight. He then waited, observing the forest below him.
  10. Name: BharadimirSpecies: Toa of GravityMask: Kanohi MahikiGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic GoodPowers: Heightened senses and above average speed and agilityWeaknesses: Extremely stubborn, severely weakened when exposed to sunlight (his powers are removed and his mask loses most of it's power). Unable to kill himself or willingly let himself die (this is not to say he is in any way immortal but it is merely to prevent him from taking the easy route away from his pain).Appearance: A tall and slender Toa with a mainly Black body. He has a series of markings all over his body in a deep purple colour. The cloak that he often wears conceals his body almost entirely leaving only his mask in view over his dark red eyes.Equipment: Two long and slender, but sturdy daggers. Two belts of throwing knives (each containing 10 knives). A head to foot cloak which reduces the effects of the sun on Bharadimir but limits his movement.History: Several years ago Bharadimir led a fierce team of Toa known for their strength and bravery. Bharadimir was a reckless leader however and constantly put the team into dangerous situations. Whilst confronting a Makuta they were all, bar Bharadimir, slaughtered due to Bharadimir being unable to make a decision. Instead of killing him the Makuta decided to let Bharadimir suffer by cursing him. He gave Bharadimir his heightened senses and above average speed and agility but caused it so that during the day he would become severely weakened. The Makuta also left Bharadimir with the memories of his fallen comrades so that he would be eternally haunted by them and reminded of what he did. Also Bharadimir is unable to kill himself or allow himself to be killed so that he must live with his pain forever unless he is killed by another.
  11. Bharadimir


    So the forums are back. I'm glad too. I actually missed this place after not being here for a while and then returning to find the forums down. Hopefully I'll be able to be more active than I was before I left (which was why I left, I felt I wasn't really enjoying the place as much as I'd used to). So yeah. That's that. I'm me. You're you. Let's have some fun.
  12. They are indeed back. And already I'm stalking you
  13. My steam name is Bharadimir (or if that doesn't work use this: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bhara). I mainly play Civ V although occasionally TF2 and Terraria.
  14. I love both the games and I'm glad I managed to finish Portal 2 before I got to university. Sadly I don't have my PS3 with me here so I can't play Portal 2 or the new Peer Review DLC. How many new test chambers does the DLC add?
  15. ....I spy a 'The Killng Joke' sig.

    Clearly I've read too much Batman. >>

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