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  1. IC: Kal - Temple Assault Before anything or anyone had a chance to intervene, Kal grasped Thom by the throat... or rather, by the thing around his throat. In one swift motion, Kal grabbed the collar, and with all of his might, ripped it apart and away from Thom. Kal had encountered these collars before. They were used to coerce prisoners into fighting for a cause they didn't believe in, monitoring their heartbeat to ensure they couldn't just be removed. But they didn't count on Kal's speed and strength. Before the collar could even detect the lack of heartbeat, the collar was already split in twain and thrust away from Thom. Not even a second later the two halves of the collar were flying in two separate directions, away from Thom and Kal. A resounding explosion burnt and battered Kal's back, but his giant body shielded Thom from harm. "Now begone, craven. And when you're ready, find me on Zakaz." With that, Kal turned around and took out his sword again, grimacing and grunting as his gravity increased once again, his eyes spotting two toa charging directly at him. A flex of his bicep spurted out sickly blood and a couple of the thorns the plantlife toa had shot at him. In particular, Kal's eye was on the toa of plasma. IC: Ardoku - Temple Assault Ardoku paused for a moment as a resounding explosion went off in front of him, before the smoke cleared to reveal the skakdi unharmed, and the towering being turning to face him and his fellow toa. Ardoku grimaced, and resumed his charge, taking out his dagger. With a focused twitch of his eyes, Ardoku suddenly vanished into thin air... Only for Kal to disappear at that same moment. As the two of them seemed to swap places, Ardoku gasped in shock and confusion, turning around to see Kal standing next to the other toa. It was in the moment following that in which he could feel his sword arm fall off, a clean cut through the bicep having completely severed the limb from his body, with a complete through cut a third into his chest. Ardoku spit up blood and collapsed to his knees, clutching the bleeding stub and his chest wound. He could feel his lung collapsing. Meanwhile, Kal was now standing before Tekmo, a familiar scene playing out as he swung his sword down at the battered toa, smoke trailing off the titan's scorched back. As Oreius followed the action, he could now see the Titan's front side, and there on his chest he could see a glowing mark. A singular true weakness. The titan's heart. Strange that he could not see it from the back... @Dane @Toru Nui @Eyru
  2. IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru Okuo stroked his chin, silent for a good moment before he finally spoke up. "You know, that's actually not such a bad idea. But what about your mask? Someone might recognise you. Do you want me to get a new one for you?" IC: Arkius - Po-Metru "Alright, Stannis and... you?" Arkius pointed to Tallea. "Talia, was it? What do your senses or vision detect? I can feel an inverted pyramid resting upon fine grain sand down there."
  3. IC: Okuo - Inter-Metru Okuo groaned as the disk was outright dodged, watching as it flew away into a wall pipe further away and... ricocheted exactly the way it came, albeit higher. As the disk flew back overhead through the alleyway, Okuo found a gasp escape his lips upon Vhisola grabbing his hand and running, pulling him with her. Seeing the kanoka disk clatter to the ground up ahead, Okuo quickly grabbed it off the ground as the two of them passed it by and stowed it away. It seemed it was time to follow Vhisola, wherever she was headed. Okuo gave one last glance over his shoulder to make sure the Dark Hunter wasn't following them. IC: Kal - Temple Assault The bullet struck true, flying into Kal's cranium and out the other side. Nothing. There was a hole through Kal's head and his gaze did not waver. In fact, it was almost as if he'd expected this exact thing. And even as the poison darts and the gravity increase and pain overload hit him, he did little more than grimace as with very deliberate movements, Kal reached out for Thom's neck. IC: Ardoku - Temple Assault Ardoku saw his fellow toa attack the dark green titan, and following his example, Ardoku leveled his weapon at the enemy and charged straight in.
  4. IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru The toa from before? The toa from before! They were saved! They were not saved. A toa in the mix was no guarantee of victory. Okuo's aim remained unfaltering, and under his breath he whispered. "One." With his back turned on the matoran, Idlyx had no way to see the levitation kanoka coming for him.
  5. IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru "No I..." Okuo cut himself off when Vhisola started to wail. For a moment he awkwardly stood there, trying to think of something to say, before averting his gaze as requested. Finally, she spoke up again, asking him what was next. "Well... if you're genuinely asking me for advice... get off the grid. Go dark. Or if those terms don't mean anything to you, I'm saying go into hiding. Leave behind the name Vhisola. And get a new mask, I might even be sble to help you with that." Okuo sighed, putting away the healing and repair kanoka and placing his levitation disk back into his launcher. "The hit on you should be aborted by now, but whoever wants you dead is probably still out there, and speaking from recent experience, there may be Dark Hunters out there who simply don't care about the abort orde-" Okuo immediately turned, launcher aimed and ready to fire at whoever this new arrival was. Not a Toa. Definitely not a matoran. And he looked decked out with some mean weaponry. All signs pointed to him being the exact thing he didn't want to encounter: A Dark Hunter. "I'll give you to the count of five to turn around and leave this alleyway the way you came!" Okuo's vital vessels were pumping hard and rapid. He knew there was pretty much zero chance a Dark Hunter would take a threat from a matoran seriously. But he was serious. Okuo could feel in every fiber of his being the fight or flight response blaring. And he chose fight. "Five!"
  6. IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru "I never left you. I just made the mistake of trusting the Vahki with protecting you. And, well... that didn't turn out so well." Okuo looked Vhisola's scars over with a regretful expression, before his eyes returned to hers. "How do you feel?"
  7. IC: Kal - Temple Assault The sheer power of Kal's strike on Rose's shield was enough to tumble any average toa. WIth her heavy mechanised armour, she could withstand the brunt of it, but even she couldn't fully stand against the sheer strength of the titan, and as her flamethrower went off, it missed its mark by a margin. How ever, it was in that moment that a bullet from Thom's gun pierced through Kal's center of mass, sending him a step back, his red eyes, now glowing like crimson beacons under the dark eclipsed sky, locked onto the skakdi marksman, and with a single step forward, Kal moved as if through Rose and up to only a couple steps away from Thom. "You don't belong on this battlefield, craven." Yet as he took another step toward the skakdi, Kal did not ready himself to attack. The crimson gaze of Kal looked upon Thom with a mixture of disappointment and pity, but beyond that, there was something else. Almost imperceptible. Hard to place. IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru With a panic to his step, Okuo hurried over to grab the mask from its pod compartment and placed it upon Vhisola's face. He then took a step back, and waited for her to regain consciousness, an expression of trepidation on his features. IC: Ardoku - Temple Assault Seeing a great big dark green giant ragdoll Tekmo before disappearing from an incoming fireball to a different location, Ardoku hurried over to the bruised toa of plantlife to offer him a hand, warding off weapons fire with well placed plasma bursts as he approached an ally in need. "Come, brother, on your feet! This battle isn't over yet!"
  8. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius had scratched his head as a cavalcade of new faces arrived at the scene. He'd then raised an eyebrow as Knichou fabricated false identities for himself and Stannis. A playful nudge from Nale caught his attention, and he'd decided against saying anything about the situation. Upon seeing a mechanical scorpion disembark from the vahki transport, Arkius had officially been at a loss for words. From there things went from bad to worse, the scorpion solved the cipher, and a Toa of Psionics made her presence known, calling out Knichou on his lie. After that, Arkius wasn't surprised when Knichou laid out the truth of their situation. In fact, he was rather relieved. IC: Kal - Temple Assault The first thing Rose would notice was a flicker in the air where Kal had stood only a moment earlier, grappling Tekmo with his whip. The fireball roared overhead, only just missing Tekmo and barrelling into some other unfortunate soul. The second thing she would notice was the large dark green figure standing next to her, his sword raised and ready to swing down on her with extreme prejudice.
  9. IC: Kal - Temple Assault Tekmo's thorned fist met with Kal's jaw. It was a shame that most of his momentum was lost upon his shield meeting the titan's sword, or that hit might have meant something. As it was, Kal simply let out a low rumble of a chuckle, before moving to wrap his whip around Tekmo's free arm in addition to the torso, and shooting a hefty knee the way of the toa's gut to knock the wind out of him.
  10. IC: Kal - Temple Assault The push of Tekmo's brambles was contested by the whip itself forcefully constricting around him, a contest that was given no time to play out as with his target secured, Kal yanked Tekmo toward him, once more aiming his sword to maim the ensnared toa.
  11. IC: Kal - Temple Assault Kal threw the vines from his free hand and simultaneously deflected the thorns with his sword, a move pulled with practised ease as if he'd done this exact thing multiple times. The very next moment, Kal's free hand was holding his whip, and with a speed and ferocity that put Tekmo's vines to shame, the whip shot forth at the toa to wrap around him, be it a limb, his torso, or even his neck.
  12. IC: Kal - Temple Assault Kal's free hand shot up, grabbing the vines, wrapping them deftly around his wrist before pulling on them full force, aiming to pull Tekmo with them toward himself and skewer the toa's side with his sword.
  13. IC: Kal - Temple Assault The impact of the sword with the shield was strong enough that any toa would be thrown off balance, but rather than allow Tekmo to stumble away, Kal hooked the tip of his sword on the shield's edge, aiming to pull it away to then deliver a hefty downwards punch to Tekmo's head.
  14. IC: Kal - Temple Assault " I F Y O U I N S I S T ! ! " Before Tekmo could properly register the words that boomed out across the battlefield, a colossal dark green being exploded into existence directly in front of him, grasping a giant sword in mid-swing directly for his center of mass.
  15. Name: Kal Species: Kal Faction: League of Six Kingdoms (Allied), Himself Brief Description: Kal stands taller than most other beings in the Matoran Universe. His ancient face gazes upon the world with three red glowing eyes, his head crowned with two pairs of horns, one pair short and curving up over his face, the other pair long and curving up behind his head. His armour is a dark green primary colour with the occasional black and white throughout. His large muscular frame is offset by two wings that protrude from his back. A red glowing miasma trails ever out from the perpetually open jaws of his visage. His two large wings can fold into two bladed appendages. Background/Occupation: An ally of the Legion of Six Kingdoms, Kal holds a strange and ill comprehended position in the world, a being as old as Artakha and Karzahni yet an enigma even to them. What reason he has for aligning himself with the Legion is not entirely understood, but he represents their interests and aids them with his unique abilities. Flaws: Although immortal in most regards, Kal is vulnerable in one notable regard: A weapon piercing his heart through the front will kill him. Due to this, Kal is prone to neurotically protecting his chest during combat, leaving him open to less lethal but equally debilitating injury. Powers: Kal has the unique property where his blood is the eponymous Kal mutagen, which through a specific ritual known only by Kal and a handful others he taught, can transform a being into their Kal variant. Aside from this quirk of his biology, Kal also possesses immense strength, dexterity, and speed, being much faster than his immense bulk and stature would indicate. He also possesses the innate ability to teleport as if by a kualsi. However, although all of these abilities would make for a formidable being on their own, there is one innate property of Kal which turns him from formidable to nigh-unstoppable: His immortality, that is his inability to die. Unless pierced through the heart from the front, no injury can kill Kal. Gear: A long whip Kal can use to lash at or immobilise opponents, the whip possessing the ability to wrap around objects or people as well as constrict around them. His primary weapon is a massive sword, the blade of which widens at the tip into two points like that of a pickaxe, with a bladed curve at the tip of the sword connecting the two points. It is a weapon excellent for breaking through armour and cleaving opponents apart.
  16. IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru Immediately upon both parties' attention being diverted elsewhere, the three disks on the roof disappeared, and with a soft click, the pod started to float off, before rapidly disappearing around the corner and out of all sight. A couple of blocks away in an isolated alleyway that had clearly gone unused and unvisited for years, Okuo opened the pod, holding the regeneration kanoka in his hand. Swiftly placing it in his launcher, replacing the levitation disk, he started lightly knocking the disk into the unconscious matoran, gradually and surely fixing the inorganic components of her body. How ever, Okuo knew she was running out of time. He took out the component disks for a kanoka of healing, and with the trained deftness of a maskmaker that never truly forgot his origins, fused them into the remedy Vhisola needed. No time for love taps this time. To make sure Vhisola didn't run out of time, Okuo hurriedly put the healing disk in his launcher and fired.
  17. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius stroked his chin. "If the three of us search this area with our elemental senses together, we might be able to locate what we're looking for. In quite a short order too."
  18. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius mumbled to himself, looking the cipher over. "Aye, I suppose today hasn't exactly been routine. Wasn't really expecting I'd have to fight a Dark Hunter or solve a Great Disk puzzle today, yet here I am." A moment more looking the cipher over when suddenly it clicked. "Power... the first word says power. This one is reach... and this one is grave. We're looking at a three shift here, which means the whole thing says-" Arkius was cut off by the low rumbling and the shadow of The Taku passing overhead, landing nearby. As Stannsis strode out and approached them, Arkius nodded and smiled. "Several things. It seems this may be a puzzle to find the Great Disk of Po-Metru. Unfortunately, it looks like the current state of the sky has rendered it unusable. We may need to brute force this puzzle, which ironically is why I asked you here, seeing as how we're in your element." Arkius then turned and pointed toward a garbled mess of letters. "How ever, this cipher here was relatively easy to solve. It says 'Power can only reach so far. Dig its grave where it ends'. What do you make of it?" This question wasn't aimed at just Stannis, but everyone present, evident by his eyes shifting from Stannis to Nale, and to anyone else that had approached the statue.
  19. IC: Raz - Ta-Metru A lanky red armoured individual walked the streets of Ta-Metru with an overly casual gait and an expression so utterly relaxed, as if there wasn't a worry in the world for them. As they passed a ta-matoran they turned to him and addressed him. "Salutations. You wouldn't happen to have seen a big red guy, bigger than me, accused of acts of terrorism and subterfuge, may have stolen an-" Interrupting Raz's words was shadow of an airship creaking and groaning overhead, a large red being falling out from its bottom little more than a block away, before the airship crashed into the buildings below. "-Airship." The matoran gasped and yelled and ran toward the catastrophy, leaving Raz to sigh to themselves and look to where the terrorist had fallen. "Never mind, looks like I've found him." With their ever casual gait, Raz began to make their way to Othorak's landing.
  20. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru "Roger that. Over and out." Arkius put away the radio, turning to the cypher they'd discovered. "Right then. Ciphers. I have experience with this. Just need to find out what type this one is. Lets start with a simple Caesrak cipher." Until the Taku arrived with Stannis, Arkius would keep his mind occupied with solving the code.
  21. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru "Give him a ride, I'd prefer not to leave you and Kanohi on your own." Arkius responded. "Don't forget, there may still be Dark Hunters coming for you. Over."
  22. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius nodded. "We may need to call for Stannis. If this puzzle is broken due to the state of the sky, then our only option going forward may be brute force, or outside-the-box thinking." Arkius took out the radio they'd been given and called in. "Knichou? Arkius to airship, do you copy? We may require the aid of Stannis over here."
  23. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius turned to look, before turning to Nale with an incredulous expression. "Graffiti?" Arkius turned back to the graffiti, peering at it. "What's so significant about-" In the midst of those words was when Arkius' face contorted out of incredulousness into surprise. "Lhii? As in... Lhikan? Still, this is just a single tag, it might not mean anyth-" Arkius went silent as his eyes noticed more tags on statues further away. "... sister, I think we may have found what we're looking for." After exploring the area, Arkius and Nale discovered that there were a multitude of tagged statues in a circle with about a five minute walk as its circumference. Upon closer inspection, they discovered the tags colours also had a pattern, with red tags forming the outermost ring of the area, then orange tags forming an inner circle, then yellow... As Arkius neared the center of the circle, he turned to Nale with a hopeful look. "Perhaps we will find our answer in the middle." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Tarn IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru Okuo froze up as the shapeshifter, now in the shape of a bird, flew up to perch on the roof he and Vhisola's pod hid on. His mind was racing. A cursory glance at his hand confirmed that he was still invisible, so he couldn't have been seen... but the pod. The kanoka disks. For the moment the bird seemed more concerned with the Phase Dragon down on the street, but one look over here and there could be trouble. Okuo didn't quite know what to do, but slowly and quietly he took out his launcher and kept it at the ready in case things got ugly. OOC: @Click
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