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  1. IC: Zadred - Ga-Koro, East Fishery District Sitting down with Talli and Timak to enjoy more of their meal, Zadred was finishing the broth in her bowl when the matoran spoke up, prompting her to look up. "Oh, um, best not to talk with your mouth full I've found." She said in a very respectful and even apologetic tone. @Mel@Rahisaurus
  2. IC: Tirokk - Fowadi Gym "Erm... well, I only really just arrived on the ship so I'm not too familiar with it, but judging by the tour I was given earlier, the hold seems like it's pretty out of the way. People probably won't be heading down there unless they need to get something. Then again, it might be worth asking around." Tirokk slowly stood back up to his feet, stretching a bit again before offering Noka a hand up. @Wotz
  3. IC: Zadred - Ga-Koro, East Fishery District "That sounds like a good idea, yeah." Zadred stood up as well, sticking close while sipping the broth from her bowl and snacking on the chunks. @Mel@Rahisaurus
  4. IC: Tirokk - Fowadi Gym "Deceptively simple in concept, I know. But yes. That's pretty much all there is to it, focusing on your breathing. Trains mindfulness, calms the spirit. It's helped me a great deal in the past. Often the places your mind drifts are helpful to reflect upon after you're done meditating, to see what weighs upon you the most. At least, that's how I've come to view it." @Wotz
  5. IC: Zadred - Ga-Koro, East Fishery District Heading into the more Ga-Matoran populated part of town, Zadred recognized a few of the faces in the crowd, such as the greenhouse workers she'd interacted with on occasion, the fertilizer manufacturers she'd bought from. Others, not so much, as she hadn't really been to this part of Ga-Koro much in the past, both due to her travels keeping her away, and her interests mostly keeping her elsewhere in town aside from the occasional supply runs. Entering a seaweed shack that seemed identifiable only by a red glowfish lantern hanging outside, Zadred had a brief glance around to take in the familiar space, turning her attention to the conversation being held and the effect it seemed to have on Timak. She seemed surprised, unsure what to say as they looked to her, before another liner seemed to sink the Toa entirely into having to sit down. Accepting one of the bowls from Talli, Zadred sat down cross-legged with Timak, patting them on the shoulder reassuringly before taking a sip of her bowl of stew and broth, sighing appreciatively at the combination of aroma and taste that filled her senses as she picked out some chunks of fish to eat up with great appetite. "This is really good. My complements to the chef." She said with a radiant smile. @Mel@Rahisaurus
  6. IC: Okuo - Edge of Fau Swamp Itahi, in all their blue feathered glory, seemed unperturbed by the attention it was receiving, remaining at ease in accordance with its rider's calm. Okuo read Kanohi's words, nodding in understanding. "It certainly sounds like a harrowing experience to have encountered. I hope-" "Your bird is so pretty! Can I pet it?" Okuo turned to the Lesterin at her question, nodding to her while her companion wordlessly attended to it as she wished to. "Of course. I uh-" Turning back to Kanohi as he'd begun to work on some contraption strapped to his wrist, he looked back to Hakari with a simple nod and a smile while gesturing to his Kewa, before he then gently approached the Matoran vigilante, looking the grappling hook over curiously while refraining from Kanohi's personal space. "What are you working on there?" Itahi gently pecked at Lapu's wooden armor, picking out a seed lodged in there and devouring it happily. @Harvali@ARROW404@Snelly
  7. IC: Tirokk - Fowadi Gym The Toa did a few more reps, before finally putting away the dumbbell and stepping out onto the mat with the matoran. "Hmm... alright, start by sitting down, cross-legged." Tirokk explained, sitting down and crossing his legs in demonstration. "If you prefer to sit some other way, do so. Whatever position is most comfortable for you to stay in for a while." He explained. Then, he closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, his wide and chiseled chest expanding as he inhaled, before shrinking as he slowly exhaled. "Next, start breathing. Breathe deep, breathe out slowly. Now focus on your breathing. Breathe in deep. Breathe out slowly. Follow that sensation, keep your attention on it." He breathed deep again, and exhaled slowly, demonstrating to her with closed eyes before opening them again. "Inevitably, your mind will wander. When you notice this, return your attention to the breathing. Don't get caught up in where your mind went or that it wandered, just come back." Tirokk returned to his breathing, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, giving Noka good time to try it out for herself before finally he spoke up again. "Keep this up until you're ready to stop. When you are, lift or open your eyes slowly. Take note of the sounds in the environment. How your body feels. How you feel. What you're thinking." Tirokk opened his eyes once more, taking in Noka's form and her posture. "And that's it. That's the basics of meditation as I know them." @Wotz
  8. IC: Zadred - Ga-Koro "I'm an herbalist, I run a shop here whenever I'm in town, though I'm often away in either the greater Wahi, or in Le-Koro and its corresponding Wahi. Lots of different plants to be found on this island, so staying in one place all the time really isn't an option for me." Zadred explained, her staff gently pinging against the platforms as they made their way through the village. @Rahisaurus@Mel
  9. IC: Tirokk - Fowadi Gym "Ah. Well... perhaps. It's not very complicated, so I can certainly tell you the basics of it." Tirokk explained, shifting the dumbbell to his other hand to start doing reps with that arm.
  10. IC: Okuo - Fau Swamp Edge "Well hey, that's completely understandable. I honestly got lost all the time when I first transferred out here. Only reason I can navigate at all now is because of the bird's eye view my Kewa affords me. Oh, speaking of-" Okuo grabbed his horn, playing a short tune on it that carried up to the treetops, with rustling and the sound of wings flapping being prelude to a bright blue Kewa swooping down to land next to Okuo and the others. The Ta-Matoran reached out to pet it, reaching his other hand to grab some seeds from his satchel to feed the avian rahi. "This is Itahi, my trusted companion in the sky. I should be able to help you find the best route to Ta-Wahi if you need me to." @Harvali@Snelly@ARROW404
  11. IC: Tirokk - Fowadi Gym Tirokk raised an eyebrow at the question, looking up with an inquisitive expression as he continued his reps. "Share? How do you mean?" @Wotz
  12. IC: Tirokk - Fowadi Gym "Well... yes. But the discipline has spread over the island due to its applications. It's very helpful when you have... a lot on your mind." Tirokk responded, grabbing a dumbbell of considerable size off of one of the racks and sitting down on one of the benches to start doing some reps. After some consideration, the Toa spoke up again. "I'm Tirokk, by the way." @Wotz
  13. IC: Zadred - Ga-Koro "I certainly wouldn't mind it. Timak?" Zadred addressed, turning to the Toa with a curious smile. @Rahisaurus@Mel@ARROW404@Vezok's Friend
  14. IC: Okuo - Edge of Fau Swamp Mouthing out the words as Kanohi clicked them into being until he'd gotten the whole message, Okuo quickly nodded. "Of course, I'll help you in any way I can. Though I've got to wonder why you're this far West if you're headed to Ga-Wahi through Ta-Wahi? Are you going to be hugging closer to the Mangai on your trail?" @Harvali@Snelly@ARROW404
  15. IC: Tirokk - Fowadi Gym "Meditation. It helps to calm the mind and centre the spirit." With a quiet groan, Tirokk stood up to his full imposing height, before proceeding to performing various stretches with further groaning. "Of course, it's best not to remain in the same position for too long." @Wotz
  16. IC: Zadred - Ga-Koro "Well, I'm open to suggestions if you have any. Otherwise I do have some fruits and vegetables back at my shop. I also make smoothies. Or tea, if any of you would prefer." Zadred offered, her staff gently tapping the ground in rhythm with her steps as she walked with the small group. @Rahisaurus@ARROW404@Mel@Vezok's Friend
  17. IC: Okuo - Edge of Fau Swamp Okuo nodded along as Kanohi tapped his message away, closing his eyes and focusing on catching every letter to form the words and sentences, mouthing each word as it came to him until he had Kanohi's message figured out. "Alright, so, to summarise what I've understood; plant parasite caused trouble big trouble, green lesterin responsible is in Ga-Koro, and you three are headed there to stop him. That about the gist of it?" @Harvali@ARROW404@Snelly
  18. IC: Tirokk - Fowadi Gym The large Toa, sitting cross legged with his eyes closed, breathed deeply and slowly, remaining unresponsive and silent for a brief moment before he opened his eyes to regard the Matoran in the room with him. Working out, slowly doing her push-ups as if automatically while addressing him. His gaze, resting on her while he spoke, was neutral. "Not at all. Quite certain this gym is meant to be shared." He responded matter-of-factly. He didn't recognize her but then he probably hadn't met most of the crew yet, so he thought nothing of it. For a moment, he wondered how long he'd been meditating. There had been a lot on his mind, and his legs were getting tired in this position. @Wotz
  19. IC: Zadred - Ga-Koro Zadred smiled. Timak was already getting offered guidance not ten minutes after their arrival on Mata-Nui... well, she supposed her walking them to Ga-Koro counted, but this seemed far more substantial. A Toa teaching a Toa the ropes was much more fitting, wasn't it? In any case, she did have one last thing to offer if nothing else. "Well, the two of us were going to get something to eat, Timak here's had a long journey getting to this place and I'm a bit peckish myself. I was thinking the Great Takea might be good, any of you wanna come along?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend@ARROW404@Rahisaurus@Mel
  20. IC: Okuo - Edge of Fau Swamp "Well, yes, I am, for the most part. How can I be of help to you?" Okuo looked from Kanohi to his two companions and back again with an expression of curiosity. @Harvali@Snelly@ARROW404
  21. IC: Okuo - Edge of Fau Swamp Okuo watched as Kanohi carved away a message into the wooden plate he had with him, reading it and nodding in understanding, before glancing up to the Lesterin at hearing her question. "Uh, well... I'd like to be. My name is Okuo. I'm with the Ta-Koro guard, working as part of the guard exchange program between my village and Le-Koro. I was on a break up in the treetops when I saw you, I thought I'd pop down and say hello. Word of your deeds has begun to spread throughout the Wahi, and what I've heard is honestly a bit inspiring." He smiled warmly and appreciatively to Kanohi, before his eyes trailed down to the wooden board again. "You know... if you need alternative means of communication to speech, I might have something easier than carving letters into wood." Reaching into his satchel, Okuo retrieved his sketch book, tearing out a few blank pages and handing them to Kanohi. Then, unsheathing his knife and taking out his piece of graphite, he carefully carved a piece of it off before handing it to Kanohi. OOC: @Harvali@Snelly@ARROW404
  22. IC: Okuo - Edge of Fau Swamp There was a calm stillness in the air over this one spot in Le-Wahi. Sitting in the shadow of the Mangai, its smoking peak skewering the sky above the treeline, this patch of the jungle-come-swamp happened to be the place a young Ta-Matoran found himself, sitting on one of the highest tree branches and scribbling in his sketch book a rough drawing of his Kewa as it sat on a branch on the tree over tending to itself, waiting calmly for its rider's call. Carefully, Okuo drew his graphite over the page, lining out the different shapes making up the avian rahi, before gently rubbing some shadows in to give it definition. While in the middle of adding some finishing touches to the sketch, Okuo's attention was drawn with his Kewa's down to a trio of beings that had just shown up on the ground below, settling down apparently to take stock and tinker around. Okuo peered, taking note of the distinctive mask-like armour the matoran wore. A detail Okuo instantly recognized. Signalling for his bird mount to stay put, he closed and put away his sketchbook and graphite, standing up before he began his descent by leaping down branch after branch, all the way down the tree until he slid down the trunk to the jungle floor close to the three, an excited look on his Rau. "As I live and breathe. You're Kanohi, aren't you?" OOC: @Harvali, @ARROW404, @Snelly, hello!
  23. IC: Zadred - Naho Bay "Well, there's not just physical dangers to look out for. Those exceptions I mentioned earlier are called the Dasaka. First came here by some contraption called a submarine, set up a presence in Ga-Koro with the Akiri's permission. Then, suddenly, a whole lot more of them came in on these big boats of theirs." She said, pointing out the forest of masts lining out the distant settlement's docks, undoubtedly vast enough to be visible from half across the island. "Literally happened only hours ago too. I'm glad enough they're getting welcomed after the horrors I heard they've been through, though I don't think they like me very much..." Zadred seemed slightly dejected as she said the last bit, but returned to a more neutral expression as she continued. "But, yeah, lot more Dasaka just came in, and there seems to be a lot of politics and culture shock going on around the refugees, so you should probably be careful. I know I'm gonna be." As the two got closer to the settlement, the gates of Ga-Koro came into view. "Now, usually the Koro isn't this busy, but everything's gotten a bit crazy with the arrival of the refugees so it's probably gonna take some time to settle down. I know a place we could pay a visit to for some food to sate your hunger, it's just-" Focusing on Timak as she was, the diminutive Skakdi almost walked into the trio of people heading for the gates as well, stopping in her tracks as she recognized the Toa Maru of Water as well as the dead creature she was hauling on her shoulder. "... Ah, Toa Leah!" Her crimson eyes nervously eyed the rahkshi shell the Toa carried, before resuming eye contact with the Toa, lingering trepidation in her eyes. "R-Rahkshi attack?" She nervously asked. OOC: @Rahisaurus glad to oblige! Hello @Vezok's Friend, @Mel, and @ARROW404
  24. IC: Zadred - Naho Bay "Drowned? That's terrible! I'm glad you got out okay." Zadred said, happily taking the Toa's hand and shaking it firmly though by no means forcefully. "I'm Zadred. And... don't be alarmed by the lack of memories. It happens to everyone who winds up on these shores for the first time... well, almost everyone, but the ones it doesn't happen to are kind of the exception." Briefly, Zadred's expression turned thoughtful, as if something had crossed her mind that weighed heavily on her, before she snapped back to attention and gave a polite but genuine smile. "Well, in any case, I'd be happy to tell you anything you want to know, as far as I've come to know it. This island can be a dangerous place sometimes, and not just because of the Rahi. Come on, I'll show you the way to Ga-Koro, you can get your bearings much better over there, not to mention get something to eat. You're probably hungry after your seaward trip." She said as she beckoned, turning to start walking along the beach to the coastal settlement. @Rahisaurus
  25. IC: Zadred - Naho Bay Deep in the tropical foliage of Ga-Wahi was a diminutive Skakdi, green by several definitions, with her dainty fingers carefully feeling through the underbrush while her sharp crimson eyes scanned for anything she recognized as unique or useful to her craft. A spindly twig with green and orange leaves, gleaming red veins gently winding across their surface, caught Zadred's eye as she searched, and with delicately applied clippers, she obtained a few of its leaves, stowing them away before standing up to continue her search. It had become habitual for the small Bo-Skakdi to look for special herbs in the greener parts of the Island whenever she found herself in those regions, a habit that more often than not paid off well for her ongoing herbalist efforts. Just today she'd discovered three highly rare specimen, as well as one she'd never even seen before. The day had brought her many bounties. Stumbling carefully out of the tropical foliage and onto the coastal sands of Naho Bay, Zadred was otherwise occupied in securing her possessions and getting ready for the walk back to Ga-Koro when she realized she was not alone on the beach as the waves rolled in with a gentle hiss. A Toa, grey clad, looked around confused, as if searching for answers. "Uhh... hello?" She raised a hand in greeting, an expression of concern on her features. A large canister, half submerged in the surf behind the Toa, caught her attention as she looked the stranger over longer. A newcomer, then? An amnesiac almost certainly if so. "Are you alright? Did you... just arrive here?" OOC: Heya @Rahisaurus
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