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  1. Definitely some of my old posts were very noobish. I remember looking back on them and feeling quite embarrassed about them. The number one noobish thing I've ever done however, and the one that is definitely the one I really wish I could forget about and completely wipe it from my history, is when I tried to write my first story on here. The entire premise was just plain dumb. I wrote a story about the Toa Mahri but then replaced their names with members names on here that I was friends with at the time, and just wrote whatever came to mind.It was absolutely dreadful.Sev
  2. Granted, but I eat it all before you can get any.I wish I was super rich.Sev
  3. Wrong, most can be pretty funny actually The person below me likes the number 7Sev
  4. I guess I was, wow. I didn't even notice. Thanks.On the plus side though, I just found a huge ( and I mean huge) cavern that is pretty loaded with Obsidian and Diamonds. Imagine my surprise stumbling upon that Sev
  5. So I just recently bought Minecraft and have been playing it, and I love it. Only problem is, I can't seem to find Monsters anywhere in Survival mode. I'm trying to unlock the achievement of killing my first monster, and just generally leveling up by fighting them, but as I said I can't find them. I've went out at night because I read some of them (like Creepers) are only in dark places. Nothing. I've gone underground plenty of times and never found any. I built my Nether Portal and there are no monsters their either. Is it because I'm a lower level? (Only a 3 right now), or what? Any help would be great.Sev
  6. At first I was excited about the movie, then I heard they won't be using the same actors, they don't have a script, cast, crew etc, and it won't follow the continuity, and now I hope it doesn't happen. It'll either be a great (like the rebooted Star Trek movie), or utterly fail, and I'm leaning towards the latter. BBC has yet to confirm or deny it, so until they confirm it I'll assume it's just rumors.Sev
  7. i love your name republic commando is the best

  8. So I've been going through Series 1, and I can't believe how much I dislike Rose. Her stupidity is amazing. (Spoilers ahead) I watched the episode "The Long Game" the other night, and I was furious at Rose. "Oh hey Adam, I've only known you for, like, an hour (if even that), but here, you can have the TARDIS key while you wait for us". What the heck? I wouldn't give anyone the TARDIS key, nevermind a dude I've only just met. That, and she gave Adam her cell-phone, and after the call he pockets it and she doesn't say anything, and he keeps it through-out the episode. Then I watched "Father's Day"... and the stupidity continues. I know it's her Dad and all, but come on. I don't care how much you love him you don't save him, then proceed to mess up history. And on top of that, she touches her baby-self after explicitly being told not to by the Doctor which allows the creatures to come in and eat the Doctor. One last one in the episode "Dalek", the Doctor was all yelling at the museum owner guy saying it was his fault that the Dalek was alive and got free. Um no, yeah it was partly his fault for keeping it, but it was entirely Rose's fault that the thing got out. She touched it, and because she was a time-traveler person it got her power or something?(I can't quite remember the actual words) and was able to get free. So if anything yell at Rose. I know most of it is the writers fault, but even so she is still really annoying, and IMO not that great of an actor. And I just really can't stand her.Sev
  9. Do you have a source for that? Because I can't find anywhere where anyone has said David Tennant is going to play Watson.Sev
  10. Yeah, Cumberbatch most definitely does not want the role of The Doctor (IDK where you heard he did).-CFSome friends of mine who are into Doctor Who told me, I didn't look it up or anything. Oh well. I just hope that Matt Smith will stay for a while, I am really enjoying him being The Doctor.Sev
  11. I also heard that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes in the TV Show Sherlock) said he'd be interested in playing the 12th Doctor. I could definitely see him as a Doctor, and I think I would like him.Sev
  12. I've heard that Minecraft is coming out with an update or something soon, and the price will rise by 25%. About how long until that happens? I will be buying the game soon, I just would like to know the date so I can buy it before the price rise.Sev
  13. From what I could find about it, it's just called "Doctor Who"Sev
  14. ^I want to join your youthgroup.The only nerf wars I've done have only been 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3, and we just do it in at a friends house. If you get hit you keep going, we don't really have any rules (The only one being you have to actually try not to get hit). I think it's more fun that way because the war lasts as long as you want to play, not only 10-30 minutes or whatever.Sev
  15. I've played the free version of Minecraft, but not very often. I'm thinking of getting the full game, it's a lot of fun and it's not very expensive. If I do get the full game I would also be interested in a BZP server.Sev
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