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    Man, this is a lot harder than I thought. Normally people put things they like...but that's so overdone! I need something more creative...I'll get back to you when I think of it!

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  1. Jinkmeister


    I just ate my last one, sorry! D:
  2. It's so hard to live anymore without buying processed foods. Mad props to you if you can maintain that lifestyle, I know it takes a stronger man than I to do it.
  3. Vegans. I like meat and eggs and milk far too much to be a vegan. But man, do I admire vegans. I have no idea how they keep up that diet. It looks so difficult! From not being able to buy bulk, because organic stuff goes bad quickly, to only being able to eat select few foods. I couldn't even imagine doing that for a month, let alone my life. So if any of you are vegans, I salute you.
  4. It's what all the cool kids are doing! And y'know, I don't tend to find female celebrities attractive. At least, not major ones. Some like Jewel Staite are really attractive.
  5. Neil Patrick Harris is also quite attractive. Why are there so many more attractive male celebrities than female?
  6. Oh yes, how could I forget Morgan Freeman!? Pencil him in
  7. Ohhhhhh, good choice! For voice, I'd probably say James Earl Jones or Liam Neeson.
  8. I guess it helps already having the template Is it plates or bricks?
  9. Isn't there a handful of celebrities that make you question your sexuality? My list isn't exhaustive, either. Ryuujin's list contains other men I find very attractive
  10. Then there goes Ryuujin, reminding me that every single person in his post exists.
  11. Yes, I stole the idea from Xinlo. No, I'm not ashamed. In no particular order: 1. Bing Crosby 2. Nathan Fillion 3. David Draiman 4. Joakim Broden 5. Heather Graham 6. Ewan McGregor 7. Scarlett Johansson 8. Robert Downey Jr. (<3) 9. Adam Savage 10. My girlfriend (she may not like not being included...better safe than sorry ) I may be straight, but any of these men could definitely contend to change that!
  12. Four of these are Nathan Fillion, and the only thing that could make this list better is more Nathan Fillion. Mind if I totally steal your idea of celebrity crush lists?
  13. Hey "Wheeljack", your interests section is outdated :P

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    2. ~Shockwave~


      I am SHOCKWAVE! Any other name defies LOGIC! :P

    3. Jinkmeister


      Well then fix your interests, and there won't be a problem! :P

    4. ~Shockwave~


      I'm ahead of you. :P

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