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  1. Yeah, I kinda figured that, I just counted the amount of studs on mine, it was 48x48, just forget that I said 50x50.
  2. I have finally gotten all the parts for my Kanohi wall display that I mentioned in an earlier entry, I have built it and it's looking pretty good at the moment. I should have pictures of it up soon.
  3. Personally, I prefer beef pie, which I can eat non-stop without getting sick at all
  4. Hi everyone, I recently bought a whole lot of parts online to build a Kanohi wall display for my full Kanohi Mata collection. I bought an extra large 48x48 baseplate to build the display on, then I got 72 of the 2x1 bricks with the axle hole in the middle, and 72 3-length axles, 72 heads and 72 eyes, 12 of each eye colour. I pretty much attach a mask to the head and eye piece, attach that to an axle, which then get's attached to the brick before finally being attached to the baseplate.
  5. I'm not sure, I might either use mounting tape, or I could drill a hole in the base plate and hook it on the wall. I think the former will be easier.
  6. I think it was still my favourite, some may have had better builds, but this had a nice design which I like. Good luck in the contest
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first blog entry. I don't really have anything else to say at the moment.
  8. Okay, I'll try to remain sane.
  9. OK, This is getting confusing with all this vahki changing to bohrok stuff so I'm sorry, but I quit, I'll be changing my name back in a couple of months.
  10. Unit #BLSD Vahki Enforcer Reporting Vahki Command Code: 9195 Forum Division Zone: 4
  11. S0m3W31rd0

    Join The Vahki!

    Requesting to Join as a Bordakh, Unit #BLSD -Vahki Enforcer- Vahki Command Code: 9195 Staff of Loyalty Forum Division Zone: 4 Is Request Granted?
  12. Entry #1: -Commando-. It is simple but really good and it fits Nuparu perfectly.
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