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  1. I suggest that you remove your personal pic.

  2. Mainly submitting things for news, also helping out at brickfest last year.

  3. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y223/crys...er/100_2324.jpg Took forever to get! They kept trying to deliver it to the church next door XD
  4. Thank you for your kind comment. I know from a personal hand the dedication Omi had on this site. I agree with you 100% Maybe someday people will grow up and see that we all have our own imperfections.

  5. I'm going to have to add my agreement on McCains concession speech. It was like poetry and very humble.
  6. I made references to this movie and nobody got them >.> Its one of my favorites. I too love movies that make you think.
  7. Raaainbows!

    I forgot to thank you for the birthday topic! I wasn't around on my birthday so i kind of missed it but thank you anyways!

  8. Yay progressive!! Fun Fact: They call me Flo at work, from these commercials and my "tricked out nametag"
  9. see the funny thing alex, is that even before the name change, he would still sound like that :D

  10. Don't forget your ice cold heart!
  11. Miss Magpi

    Not Voting

    "Since 1928, Massachusetts has voted Democratic on all but four elections (which makes the ratio 3:4 Democrats). Whether you or I vote, odds are Obama will have the Mass citizens behind him." That was Lara's reply to me saying i probably wont vote this year. I'll still be there after work though. I'd rather vote and be able to complain later, then not vote and have no say.
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