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  1. I just finished Minecraft.Yes. You can see the ending after you get out of the end (duh).
  2. That's it. You're my new god.10/10If only the same parts would exist in violet...
  3. If you know me, leave a comment. If you don't, just say "HAAAAAI"

  4. Heeeey guys, it's mondaaayy....two weeks later...yeah...Sorry about that, but I barely had time to make the new comic, but from now I'll try to make at least a weekly comic.Comic 04: Lunch timeEnjoy and PLEEEEAASE post your thoughs and comments!
  5. You should totally do it, since now Minecraft has entered the code freeze, so pre 4 is going to be the last update until full realease.
  6. Morning for me doesn't exist. I do my comics only after school.
  7. LOL, I love breaking the forth wall. I hate it (?)
  8. Diggin straight down IS a rule stablished by MCplayers, so as diggin staight up, because of the possibility of finding lava or sand/gravel. But Roablin put a nice way to avoid being burned by lava. I might try that as well.
  9. Thank you guys for your comments. It came a little late, but here's the third! Comic 03: Wierd pals I'm just clearing out something before you ask: I AM lazy, but no that lazy, Gilgo will ALWAYS be optimist, no matter what. That's the fun of his personality I think. Please leave your comments about and I hope you like this one, 'cus I wont make one until monday!
  10. you have to die to get out. srsYep. You can't even make a portal to the nether. I wish there were some way to leave "the end" by killing a dragon. That would be awesome.
  11. I actually eat that. It was yummy.
  12. Ooops. I was too excited. I corrected now. And thanks for the comment, I'm pratically a noob on using GIMP. Hey guys! New comic for you! Comic 02: Social Problems Introducing a new character! What's his name? Find out on the next comic!
  13. Cool, I want to try it. But does anybody knows about that bionicraft project that came on the BZP news a few months ago? Yep. And I couldn't get out.
  14. Wow, that necros looks really neat, even though I'm not familiar with the WH40K, that presentation really got me...
  15. I use mostly 32x32, since better textures make my jar sooo laggy. And hey, let me try the "moderator" filter! moderator EDIT: Wow! Filter x2!
  16. I do want to think that... Vitamin C is bad for my circuit system. BTW, I already figured out by the fourth panel (I'm actually that lazy to re-do it), but thanks for the advice! Hopefully I'll master GIMP in a certain time, just to give some kick-###### effects in the comics. Thank you all your support, I'll get to work on comic 02...
  17. Hello, and welcome to.. The Awkward Journey of JM Basically it is how I got lost in a world of things that goes beyond human knowledge... (aka WEIRD) I've been away from BZP for 3 years now, and I wanted to start a new comic series, just to get myself back on trail. Soo, onto the comics now:Comic 01: Knowing my groundComic 02: Social ProblemsComic 03: Wierd Pals Comic 04: Lunch Time Hope you enjoy it!Please, leave comments and feedback!
  18. Don't worry dude, it's like, completely safe, you just backup your .jar file. If any thing goes wrong though, you can hit "force update". Sometimes they're refering to the modders too.
  19. I do, lately I was trying skyblock survival.
  20. My basic mods: -SPC-Timber-Zan's Minimap If I use TMI, I'm always cheating, so for now I'll not use it. The ones I left because of the horrible lag: -Premium Wood-More Creeps and Weirdos (if you read this go on and try it) The ones I'm waiting to update: -Aether (like, THE only one that I'm expecting and using in the future)
  21. I think Timber is a must have for the starters.
  22. I just got one message here: WHERE IS MY GOD ###### EPISODE THREEEEEEEEEE!
  23. TMI is like 24/7 updated, so you should check out the forums and see if there's one for pre 4.
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