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  1. I never was one to use online forums much but I always come back to see whats new with Bionicle and Lego, also this is the site where I first starting using my go to user name on other sites like Youtube
  2. I wish there were some filler (feels odd to say that) just so we can get a better feel for our brave Toa, I feel like we only got to know two out of the six of them. Aside from that I really like what I saw, just wish there was more
  3. I really wish Ekimu had more gold armor on him and less of the trans blue because the gold plastic is some of my favorite gold coloring on a toy. the tree beast are hard to get an opinion on because they seem very busy, but Umarak new form may seem a bit generic compared to his winter form but it is a really cool and scary, also hes a big set which is some thing the 2015 set where missing (outside the combination models) and makes a nice boss for the 2016 sets
  4. It looks like Basher is not using gears but some sort of system that uses your thumb to make his arms go back and fourth instead of rotating like most of the others
  5. I'm glad we are getting some new bad guys, but I wish we got a team of six to even out with the Masters (not really counting Skull Spider)
  6. I just noticed that you added me as a friend. Errr.. thank you. I guess that I should add you.

  7. thanks for pointing that out. Ihave trouble with spelling

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