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  1. Hey, what's with Tavakai.com? When did you make that?

    Do you regret it?

    Should I post there?

  2. Well, the only thing I have to say is that the HST is a complete Carp fish, the educational funding here is a bit low, but overall it's not bad.

    Well if you live near the coast like I do.

  3. To answer your question:

    Good old British Columbia.

    I figure you live in Ontario,Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador or something, because your clock is three hours ahead.

  4. I agree with your definition of nerd.

  5. I accidentally clicked the add as friend button...you can still add me though.

  6. You know the quantumphysicalythemetalogicalinterdimensionalcountinuancynoobalternatedimension effect!


    Nidman(bizzaro namdiN)

    Namdin(bizzaro nidmaN)

    Pshh easy,

  7. So er when you gonna stab yourself? :P

  8. Actually now that I think about it, if your Namdin now

    Nidman is your noob :blink:

  9. leik zomg ur a bizarro

  10. LIKE ZOMG ARE YOU REALLY ON IN REAL LIFE? I mean, I have no cable to watch season,but I saw season 1...but still-REALLY?

  11. ...so you rap now? :P

  12. ...who are you and what am I doing on your friend list?


    P.S. I kind of have to squint...

  14. it is so bright...

  15. your new font hurts my eyes...

  16. guess wat?Changed ma name

  17. he's just trying to be nice,by the way you can't pm 'till you get 10 posts

  18. this SUCKS!I get on BZP and find out I have two days of awesomeness...

  19. So who blew you up?

  20. um.....My bad....

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