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  1. I LOL'ed, can't believe I didn't think of this. Especially when the page wasn't done loading (and I thought it was) and I only saw Jeremy hitting the key. I knew what it was immediately, and laughed.
  2. Goodbye Bionicle Rex, and Good luck!

  3. Aren't you a little late with that reply? lol. :P Well, I'm really good. I have a little project I'm working on currently. :)

  4. Hey man. How you been doing? :)

  5. What an odd coincidence,I like the Black Mage too! Look here: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Oracle23/Pixelbot/oracle.game.png

    I've had that for a while,you can use it if you like

  6. I don't even know you.

  7. Welcome to BZP!Hope you have a good time !

  8. The Oracle


    Funniest thing is,I have a keyboard like the one with the ban button.EXACTLY like it.Weird.
  9. I would say about 8/10.I would recommend it to anyone who can see it if they have the spare time.
  10. Thanks for the comment. :D

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