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  1. Hey are you gonna get the next Force Unleashes? :D

  2. it's going fine! have you heard they're making a secquel to the force unleshed? I've seen the trailer and it looks awsome!

    1. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      LOL it sucked, everything did, but the graphics!

  3. Hows it going apprentice? ^^

  4. Never got to say happy birthday yeterday so,HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  5. Hey! You changed your name! :D

  6. i have a new screan name!

  7. New Ask... well, you know the rest!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving VA! ^_^

  9. pickle HI!!!

    (pass this on to all of your friends)

  10. apprentice

    Mata Nui Revealed

    AMZING! you hinted evey thing before, and we could never put all the pices togther! great job greg! now I need to get the rest of the 2008 bionicles and wait for 2009!
  11. i just played the force unleshed. it is AWSOME!

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