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    Hello, Namaste, An nyoung ha seh yo, Hola, Ni Hao, Sup :)<br /><br />I'm Rogwiz.... In case you haven't figured out from reading my name. :P<br /><br />Currently, I make my own comics... I'm not exactly sure how long they will last... im hoping 10 more years haha XD<br /><br />I've liked Bionicles form the VERY FIRST teaser with the Onua, and I was like WHOAAWESOMENESS. :D So in 2003 I decided to join BZP (rhyme!), and there i would usually look through bionicle topics, as well as read Bionicle Comics. My favorites were mainly Mike G.'s Comics, Materied's, and also The Eliminator's Mata Nui vs Makuta Series. :D<br /><br />TV:<br /> Avatar: The Last Airbender<br />George Lopez<br />Drake and Josh<br />Invader Zim<br />Mythbusters<br />Travel Channel lol<br /><br />Videogames:<br />Wii:<br />Mario Kart Wii<br />Super Smash Bros Brawl<br />Super Mario Bors Wii<br />Mario Party 8<br />Lego Star Wars <br />Lego Indiana Jones (both I and II)<br />Star Wars: The Force Unleashed<br />DS: <br />Pokemon (all GBA, Diamond, Platinum, Heart Gold)<br />Battlefront Elite Squadron<br />Mario Bros DS<br />PS2:<br />Battlefront II<br />A bunch of Lego games, and more :D <br />PC:<br />Empire at War (both)<br />A LOT MORE<br /><br />Music: <br />Green Day<br />BoA<br />BigBang<br />DaftPunk<br />Elvis Presley<br />U2

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    i use it through FB. lol

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  1. Hey you should come back to BZPower and make comics again just saying.

  2. Hey dude I'm back for awhile, how have you been?

  3. Not much, dude. I entered the Library Epic contest, but I forgot to post the last chapter before deadline. x(

  4. Yep yep.

    The next volume needs to hurry up and get released in the US already. :

  5. 400 something is almost up to date :D haha xD I'm hoping the next chapter comes out soon lol.

  6. Oh geeze, I don't even know anymore...

    I've only actually read up to 400-something, but I cheat and read spoilers too. =O So I'm more or less up to date.

  7. haha thanks, what bleach chapter are you on?

  8. Why thank you! ^^

    Same to you for your personal photo. Gin rules. :P

  9. Nice avatar and banner :)

  10. i was watching some avatar chibis wassup?

  11. ^___^


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