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  1. Not good... I just changed my name to noble six on accident(don't ask how I did it) and now I've got to wait 90 terrible, torturous days..

  2. yeah i've had tons of homework and stuff after school. but hey, it's good to be back.

  3. Wow, RS! :D hi, I haven't talked to you in ages!

    and I got my name change a while back... I plan to go back to Spirah though.

  4. When did yo change your display name?

  5. Whoa, I haven't been on for months!

  6. Hey man, what's up?

  7. Welcome to good ol' BZP. I hope you you can deal with LOTS of set critsism. :o ;)

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    Save me some cake! (Just kidding)

  9. You joined on my 10th Bday! =D

  10. Welcome to BZPower! I'm pretty sure you'll find this place the best site to talk about BIONICLE. If you're curious about things please visit the New Member Q&A, drop me a comment or PM me once you're able to use the PM system.

  11. Yes, I have started reading twilight.

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