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    You would die .02 seconds before you found out.
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    Do I look like a moron to you? No, seriously, do I? I really need to know.

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  1. LT, it's me, BBQ. Please respond to my PMs ASAP.

  2. hey, i know you just checked out my new post. i wanted to know if you wanted me to unleash Chirox, Hewkii Marhri, or Nuparu Mahri first. The tectonic rahkshi is built fully, (to tell you the truth the only uncompleted one is the red one).

    i will get pictures of the black one soon. send me a PM of which one you want me to unleash! deadline will be Apr. 7

  3. (continuing from last comment) -al effects such as light-swords, particles (laser-beams, fires), framing, etc

  4. about your movie project, can i do anything to help? i've got an animation machine here (MacBook Pro). problem is, i just switched from a pc, and (1) I don't have any advanced software and (2) it would take me a long time to learn how to use it. I can still help with creation stuff (on my computer) and story, music (with GarageBand), and (maybe, just maybe, if i get some SE software) speci

  5. I got my personal photo and avatar from Wookieepedia.

  6. I addedd u too =) to mai friend list

  7. You need at least 10 posts before you can PM.

  8. how do you pm?

  9. Hello! Welcome to BZP! If you need anything, just PM me! ^_^

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