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  1. Ooh, I have a long list...but I'll just go into a few now. The Garai opened up the possibility of masks for the various elements, so I'd quite like to have seen, say, a Toa of Water using a Mask of Air to control storms on their own. Could make characters a little OP, but maybe there could be a conceit that purely elemental masks are harder to make yadda yadda yadda.A Mask of Binding, like Nidhiki/Krekka seem to be able to do. Just creating an energy net would be a useful mask power.A Mask of Petrification, or something to that effect. It's just a trope I like in other media too.A Mask of Dreaming. So a being could enter a sleeping mind and perform the plot of Inception. Would be really useful for the Dark Hunters to be able to steal info or plant ideas this way, though I'd imagine a mask like this would take a lot of practice and skill to use effectively.
  2. Woah, I love the curves on that face! It's such a unique look.
  3. An M-Tron BIONICLE? Awesome! I love how you've integrated the G2 parts with some of the older neon-green parts, like the teeth.
  4. That looks awesome! Any chance of a Jerec on the horizon?
  5. I've always thought Bionicle (G1, that is) had a lot of potential to break away from the toys into a wider franchise, if it were free of Lego's needs (I don't mean that as a bad thing, I just mean that Lego has a specific set of uses for any of their themes and IPs, and ultimately Bionicle will only serve those aims while under Lego's ownership). I think it has the same potential as franchises like Transformers, though obviously that would also possibly mean taking a hit to its integrity...also like Transformers (looking at you, Bayverse). A while ago, I gave a bit of thought to what might have happened if Bionicle's comic rights had stayed with DC, and honestly came to the conclusion that a comic continuity is probably the best place for Bionicle outside of realm of toys. It's a very visually vibrant saga, and with a few alterations, a G1-retold comic series could actually be something pretty stunning. Just look at what BOOM! Studios is currently doing with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers; the source material is arguably clunkier than Bionicle, but the comic series has been growing deeper and becoming more thoughtful whilst remaining faithful to the spirit, tone, and characters established in the show. Off the back of this, I feel like in terms of story alone, it wouldn't be too hard to take the same approach to a Bionicle series. But, in my limited opinion (because I only have a limited understanding of what Lego's motivations might be, and what would be involved in selling the rights, etc) I think it's unlikely that we will see anything of Bionicle for a while. G2 was a failure (in my opinion, its marketing and story were so poorly thought out that it almost, almost deserved to fail) and I think it's unlikely that Lego would take a risk on the franchise for a while. After all, toy stores are going to remember not selling Bionicles, and won't want to stock them. In turn, I think comic publishers would be hesitant to buy something that's sort of tainted like Bionicle is now (financially). Just my two cents. I could be wrong, but as far as Bionicle's story/engagement potential goes, I think I'm right. I've probably said all this in a really hamfisted way, too, so sorry about that.
  6. Not often you see MOCs based on mythology - this is awesome!
  7. I like the centre one most; reminds me most of Gali's original colour scheme.
  8. Great start; I think you need to take more time to model/texture your locations though, especially with stuff like the Lehvak's introduction.
  9. Very threatening-looking, love the lighting in particular.
  10. Woah, that's beautiful! The spectral effect is excellent.
  11. This is awesome! looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. I'd love to offer some help but as far as game development goes, I think the only use I'd be is in the writing department, or editing cutscenes. If you're looking for voice actors though, I know a lot of really great amateur VAs who might be interested.
  12. Great start, here! Got a few bits of feedback for ya. Your animation is turning out well, but there are a couple of things you need to work on. The first is the fluidity of movement, i.e. making sure that the next frame you take is the natural step from the last. It's super-important with stuff like camera movement to make sure that the camera (or set) is moving in a straight line/curve, otherwise it comes out juddery, like yours has. The second is easing, which is something that's too complex for me to leave in a youtube comment, so lookup a guy called Fancy Pants. He's got a great tutorial on it, and it'll really help bring your animation up. Don't worry though, both the things I've mentioned are things i still really struggle with. you're off to a great start. The other thing is sound. You didn't have any, aside from the music, which started late and was quite jarring. Even if you only practice with the MNOG soundboard for now (which is all on Biomedia Project), it's important to learn how to use sound to enhance your visuals and really bring the viewer in. And as far as sets go, you did a great job with System pieces, but I'd advise trying to use non-Lego materials to make bigger sets, and then using Lego elements for details. Bionicles are big, and you want to make sure they're not then packed into tiny locations because of piece limitations. Even if it's just decorated cardboard, I'd suggest giving this a go. I've subscribed, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!
  13. Thank you so much for providing these!
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