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    Not gonna tell hahah,
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    Firstly, I am an atheist. I do not believe in God, and I do not like religion. <br /> (\__/)<br /> (='.'=)-(sup) <br /> (")_(") <br />^^^^^^^^^^<br />:") (dude its half a cat!)<br /><br />Likes include;<br />Star Wars <br />Bionicle :O (shocker) <br />Wii (sort of, well not really, to clichy) <br />Metrioid Prime 1, 2, 3 (AWSOME)<br />My friends!<br />The Hau<br />Dell (YAY)<br />Almost anything that includes art<br />The prototype Avak (Much better mask)<br />Bionicle sets <br />PAINTBALL!!! :) <br />BZP ^^<br />FOOD :Y<br />Drawing<br />Modest Mouse<br />AAR <br />Aselin Debison<br />Chris Bell<br />Devendra<br />Bishop Allen <br />Vampire Weekend<br />The Dead 60s<br />Takka Takka<br />The Submarines<br />We Are Scientists<br />Marching Band<br />Dave Matthews Band<br />Band of Horses<br />Army Navy<br />Richard Hawley<br />Shout Out Louds<br />Paul Tiernan<br />The Real Tuesday Weld<br />Mark Mothersbaugh<br />Rogue Rave<br />The Fray<br />Vanessa Carlton<br />Blue Man Group<br />Erin Corday (Pi)<br />Garrison Keillor<br />Jack Johnson<br />Jim Gaffigan<br />Linkin Park (rock on!)<br />The Postal Service<br />Richard Tryon<br />Talking Heads<br />NehhhrpaA (foreign)<br />Caught in a Dream<br />Hero<br />Gravity Hurts<br />Chika Cherry Cola<br />Music :)<br />Helping the newbies<br />Using these :) ^^ :D :P<br />SNL<br />Long Jump<br />Soccer<br />More later<br /><br />And as for those NASTY dislikes :P<br />Rap<br />EVERYTHING APPLE!!! Except IPods (and yes, that includes the fruit)<br />Touch screens!<br />When I make a misspelling :P<br /><br />(Sorry for any misspellings)

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    don't have one
  1. These are the best pis Ive seen in a long time! THESE ARE AWSOME!! Got to love the Thonatus concept! Fantastikal! Could I add you to my friends list?

  2. Thanks! :) Glad you like them.

  3. And I just saw the new pics of Onewa and Vakama! they look pretty good :)

  4. According to my sources, it says it's your birthday.

    Happy birthday! :D

  5. The first sentence of your interests is just about the best thing on your profile. Except for maybe the fact that you don't like rap and misspellings.

  6. Woh! Vest Man's mask id awesome! Really helps bring out his element. :D

  7. Not that great, but I'm doing okay now. ^^

  8. How was the holidays?

  9. How was your chirstmas?

  10. And the same to you as well! ^.^

  11. Why hullo thar. =)

  12. Hello, if you have any Q just leave a comment like I did here :). And once you get 10 post you could also PM me if you like

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