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The Ninjas Play MNOG

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On the Ta-Wahi beach:
Jay: Look, a girl who needs help...hmm, your village is attacked by savage beasts...okay...yes! I will help you!
Kai: Jaaay, get your eyes off that robot! The savage monster footprints are headed this way!
Zane: The telescope at the top of the hill is most intriging. Mind if I take a look?
Cole: Maybe we should split up. Zane, you get the telescope, Kai, the monster, Jay, you get the girl, and I'll...try to figure a way off this island. 
Nya: I'm going with Kai. 
Jay: No fair!
Nya: I'm a samurai. Investigating monsters is what I do. 
Kai: So we have a choice: the glowing red toadtools or the creepy evil fortress of doom. 
Nya: I'm thinking toadstools, the fortress thing is probably a boss. 
Kai: Okay. 
Kapura: I am practicing. 
Kai: Okay, that is just weird. What is the Makuta? 
Kapura: If you do not know what the Makuta is, than I guess you are not it. 
Kai (whispering): He's probably the evil bad guy we have to defeat on level 47. 
Nya: Where is Vakama? 
Kapura: Vakama is in Ta-Koro. 
Kai: Where is Ta-Koro? Eh...this place creeps me out. Wanna try the fortress? 
Nya: Yeah, sure, okay. 
Kai: Stay strong, Nya. This won't be easy. 
In Ga-Koro:
Jay: *groans* I wish I was Cole right now. *final rock clanks into the gate* *door opens* Man, I am wiped. Helping girls out is...so hard. *flops on sand*
Back on the beach:
Zane: Facinating. These symbols display the story that we will experience. Each one of these rocks tells the future. 
Cole: Really, that's great and all, but how are we going to get out of here if Jay took our boat? 
Zane: Patience. In the meantime, I would really like to examine that cluster of rocks. 
Cole: I wonder if I can throw one of those at Jay when he comes back...
Cole & Zane: Ooh...vision!
Zane: That is a rock.
Cole: Oh, look, that is me in Fist to Face 2! Ha!
Zane: I fail to see how this vision has any relation to your videogaming skills. Its location suggests that it is entirely symbolic. 
Cole: Of me! I am the ninja of rock! 
Zane: This is a completely different universe, which suggests that correlation is likely invalid. 
Kai: Wait a minute...these evil guys with pitchforks are actually friendly?
Nya: Well...the other guy was. 
Kai: I'll take that lava surfboard. Could have used it back at that volcano way back when.
Nya: Ooh, Kai, look at this guy. He's dancing!
Kai: Hi, orange dude who likes fire. Um, okay, your guys welcomed that big tall guy with pitchforks and it didn't work out so good. Okay, yeah, that's bad. Seriously, that orange dude just called us a moron. I'm out of here.
Jay: Okay, looks like this pump's broken. *zaps it with electricity* *girls scream below* 
Jay: No worries, ladies, I'll get you out of there soon!
Kai: *punches buttons furiously* How do I get this thing to work?
Nya: It's a puzzle, see? *punches the right buttons*
Kai: Wow.
Back at Ga-Koro:
Jay: I hate water. 
*dives in*
*bubbles, trying to talk*
*surfaces, coughing*
*dives down, gets part, places it on pump thing* 
Jay: Hey all! Wait, please don't run me over!
Somewhere else... 
Cole: Okay, where are the enemies in this game. I need something to fight. 
Zane: Fascinating. Apparently this village is inhabited by peaceful robots who perform the same tasks over and over again. Such a boring and mundane existance. 
Cole: Can we seriously get to the dark tunnel? I'm hoping that there will be something to fight in there. 
Zane: If there is anything we have learned, it is that evil lurks in the shadows. 
Kai: What is this place?
Nya: A village, underground. Come on, that looks like the leader's hut. 
Kai: Okay, sis, but if it turns out to be evil...
*they enter Whenua's hut*
Nya: Relax, Kai, it's just some miners talking about how they can't break through a rock layer or get to Le-Koro. 
Kai: What is a Le-Koro?
Nya: I think it's a place. 
Cole: Hey, arrow headed robot dude, what up?
*Taipu smashes through, getting to Le-Koro*
Taipu: We did it! We've broken though!
Cole: See. With the ninja of rock on your side...let's finish this. Ninja GO!
Taipu: This is so awesome! *is snatched by the Nui-Rama*
Zane: I believe our enemies have found us, Cole. 
Back at Ga-Koro:
Jay: You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome, aaaand you're welcome. *takes bow*
Gali: *glares at Jay, nursing wounds*
Jay: Hey, I was saving you from the giant Rahi monster. Show a little gratitude. 
Gali: *sends a gust of water to push Jay into off the lily pad*
Cole: *throws disks at Nui Rama* Now this is my kind of game.
Zane: Half of those enemies are innocent. They're not even attacking. 
Even Later...
Pohatu: Tell me where to kick the ball, and we can bring down the Nui Jaga's nest!
Jay: Excuse me, but I have a better way. Ninja GO!
*is wacked by the Nui Jaga* Ow. Okay, we'll do it your way. 
Much, Much Later...
Onua: Hold, there is an intruder among us!
Onua: But what is this?
*ninjas hide*
Gali: Stay your claws, Onua. It's just the Chronicler, and his company, not those freaking ninjas. 


*all the Toa nod in thankful agreement*




I leave up to the reader's interpretation whether the ninjas were in the MNOG or playing the MNOG or something else entirely. :P


Comments and suggestions are appreciated. I did throw this together in less than two hours, so feel free to complain about ...everything. 

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