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  2. WHAT THE FRICKIN' BONESIII! READ MY FLIPPIN PM RESPONSE TO YOU. IF YOU CONTINUE LIKE THIS, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM BZPOWER. FOREVER. USE. YOUR. HEAD. (sorry guys, this is just a roller coaster for him. He really needs to love someone else, and he's projecting it onto me.) (also, he is misinterpreting something that is very obvious. AGAIN!!!) IT, B6. GET IN HERE AND TAKE CARE OF THIS IDIOT FOR ME, WILL YA?
  3. Wow, I feel sorry for all the other people who are now clearly worthless, despite reading this But seriously, are you actually staying? Is this just a burst of energy from you? because I noticed that a lot of it is in caps... And huge font size... Heck yeah, I'm staying. Geez, what is with all the skepticism? Do I make a habit of lying to people on BZPower? Well, I mean, not purposefully anyway. :uh-huh: THANK YOU. For the compliment.
  4. I knew that you were evil. *ahem* No, YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS literally means that YOU, Ghidora131, are not worthless.
  5. You don't understand "YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS". That's okay. It took me a few years and a whole lot of to understand how that was true. And trust me, you're not the only one. It NEEDS TO DO MORE OF THE SAME. BZPower...I thought it was something that it was not, and the illusion died. But BZPower will rapidly become what I thought it was. It's simple: you are not worthless. BZPower needs to embrace this truth.
  6. SHAME ON YOU! Yeah, I could have called that one. But you will learn, friend, in time.
  7. GM IC LARE (TALKING TO MORPHOS) "If you have a valid reason, take it to the government. I'm sure they will inform me to let you in."
  8. Also you were a flippin' liar. Rule #1, kids, Rule #1.
  9. GM IC LARE (TALKING TO MORPHOS) "Because there are a bunch of Heroes in there killing people," snapped Lare. "And a broken amusement park ride that is unsafe. No one is going in or out of here without the government's explicit authorization until this is over." The government said to keep people out...
  10. OOC: The portal machinery is in the room where Thumper is. The key component to make it work is the way Quark is headed; one of the Phanlax (the original boss boy, not a copy) is hurrying to go put it in a vault. Her going down there is a good idea.
  11. I never should have put Pulse in charge. Sigh. The RNG has let me down...
  12. GM IC PHANLAX The copy that was tripped by Cobra Shard fell on his face. It then got up and continued heading toward the object. The rest ignored Bliss' attempts to negotiate. He had not given them a command. They also ignored Quark.
  13. OOC: And the scene will be posted in the morning...*rubs forehead* I constructed the strategy that will get this game unstuck awhile ago, I just didn't use it for some reason. It is time... But first, a GM post IC. OOC: Ah, well, forget the morning. There shall be a GM post...NOOOOWWWW! OOC: Thanks. I'm assuming Fishers controls them? IC: Morphos Morphos reaches the gate. GM IC LARE (LOOKING AT MORPHOS) "You shall not pass." GM IC GREF Gref opened the gate for the Deconstructor and his drones, letting them through, but kept his weapon trained on Morphos and any other villains that wished to follow them inside. GM NPC SURGE "Uh, okay. I guess that's...terrific," Surge said. "Got any ideas to make their lives miserable?" OOC: I don't know if this was missed or not. Either way, it was back on page 155 so I thought I'd better repost it just to be safe. GM NPC ZIB "Hmm, tricky," Zib said. "I'm not sure what you can do here just yet." Not approved, because of what Nato said about welding. Otherwise, it would be fine. GM IC ??? (W/ QUARK'S GROUP & SARACEN) Unfortunately, a voice came over the loudspeaker in the room with the Phanlax. "Ignore all commands from the Heroes. Take the portal down. Finish the job." GM IC PHANLAX The Phanlax resumed their work, trying to swat the heroic technology examiners away. One of them tried to leave to go get the pieces of the portal that Cobra Shard and some one else had thrown out the window.
  14. Night Six: 3:07 PM...Topic 1: Captain Obvious Returns From The Dead, posted by Secret Role: And with that, the Morbuzakh awoke from the dead and dragged ToaTimeLord to his demise. ToaTimeLord, Chaos Complainer, killed by Secret Role. 3:20 PM...Response, posted by Supreme Complainer Overlord: I will be seeing no more of this, Nato. While you are not really a threat to us, you cause trouble and could end us all. Thus, you will have to go, for the good of the forum. 3:27 PM...Response, posted by Nato: I fail to see any logic in your reasoning- But that was when the Supreme Complainer Overlord smashed Nato's head into his apartment window and tossed him to his death. Nato, SECRET ROLE (Greg Quote Master), killed by Mafia. Pulse, from his vantage point high above, slunk away back to the forum to re-assume his duties. After all, there were pyros to ban and canonizations to destroy. And obviously, when things were better, he would appoint his friend Lynn, his ally, to an Assistant position to make sure that no one ever thought of trying to canonize trivial details again. THE PROBLEMATIC COMPLAINERS ARE VICTORIOUS. GAME OVER. -------------------------------------- Topic 2: Gamemaster's notes, posted by Evil Mafia Overlord: Thank goodness I'm not banned! But here is the roles: Here's that role, which I actually used: Even if this role weren't in place, the village is even with the Mafia now, (I think) so it would be hard to lynch one of them. But alas, the reveal you were all waiting for: Of course, he did an excellent job of bandwagoning xccj by killing Ghidora, the only other person who could have been the forum leader. But for some reason, the mandate to kill the Mafia never seemed to sink in. I should know better than to delegate Barshai to someone else. But speaking of the Forum Leader: For some reason, this person kept trying to block the killing powers of villagers. He did an excellent job of that, I must say. And we all know what a despicable character the Theorist turned out to be. Mental Note: never make Voltex the detective. That does not end well. He did save the Forum Leader's life at one point, although if he left Shadowhawk alive, Shadowhawk could have saved him anyway. Not a single vote was cast for a single Mafia member until Day 5. And the lynching where the Detective and the Medic nearly got double-hanged saddens me. As for rest of it, all of you should stick to G&T. It's not safer here, but it's the land you know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ What, you thought I would write a Mafia game about Storyline and Theories without including myself? That's why I said I had permission to poke fun at the person - making fun of myself is kind of fair game. And yes, this is actually a mirror of what happened back then in S&T, sadly. The string of canonizations have stopped. Real life...is less violent than this useful fiction. Cheers and stuff.
  15. VOTES: Makuta Luroka - 2 ToaTimeLord - 2 ToaD - 3 The Old Master - 1 Lynn - 2 VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. ------------------------------------------------------------ 12:00 PM...Topic 1: Let's lynch everyone!, posted by Terminally Insane Sheep: I want a 5-point double-starred multi-hang! Who's with me? 12:20 PM...Response, posted by Baa I'm a Sheep: You know, that is actually a very smart idea. Let's lynch the whole Mafia! Why not? 12:22 PM...Response, posted by Supreme Complainer Overlord: Because I don't want my associates to die, that's why. Let's just lynch ToaD instead. ToaD, Member/Villager, lynched. NIGHT ROLES PM. 24 HOURS.
  16. VOTES: Makuta Luroka - 2 ToaTimeLord - 2ToaD - 2The Old Master - 1Lynn - 1
  17. VOTES: Makuta Luroka - 2 ToaTimeLord - 1 ToaD - 1 I guess. Rider's language seemed to indicate that he wanted others to vote for ToaD, not that he himself was voting for ToaD, but whatevs.
  18. I honestly don't remember one way or the other. Wasn't your first time, villain. You should play more mafia games. AND NOW... Night Five: 3:00 PM...Topic 1: So here we are at the end, posted by Theorist: On this night... The night is dark and full of terrors. I have identified one for you all, and the rest I leave up to you, though you all may find yourselves less alone than expected after my demise. A mission of chaos is never finished. I will stir it up even from beyond the grave. But for now, I'd like to share a poem with you all. --in the words of Henry Scott-Holland... Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have only slipped away into the next room. Nothing has happened. Everything remains exactly as it was. I am I, and you are you, and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. Call me by the old familiar name. Speak of me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without an effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is absolute and unbroken continuity. What is this death but a negligible accident? Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just round the corner. All is well. Nothing is hurt; nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before. How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again! 3:01 PM...Response, posted by Secret Role: So, do you have any information for me? *pulls out pen and paper* 3:03 PM...Response, posted by Theorist: Taka Nuvia is Mafia, for a start. 3:04 PM...Response, posted by Secret Role: *scribbles notes* Taka Nuvia is Mafia. Got it. 3:05 PM...Response, posted by Theorist: Yes, and I think ToaTimeLord is a complainer too. 3:06 PM...Response, post by Secret Role: Mhm hmm. *scribbles more notes* 3:07 PM...Response, posted by Supreme Complainer Overlord: You traitor! I will banish both you and your reanimated corpse friend back to its untimely grave! 3:09 PM...Response, posted by Theorist: I betrayed nobody. Check out the role description, fools: See, it says I am village aligned. The only problem is yours for listening to me. I must say, fooling you was most glorious. 3:12 PM...Response, posted by Supreme Complainer Overlord: KILL HIM!! Thus said, the Plain Complainer shot the Theorist in the back, right in front of the Secret Role. Lucina, Theorist, killed by Mafia. The Secret Role, however, turned and shot past the Supreme Complainer Overlord to a hidden female assassin standing behind him. The Overlord recieved no injury save for a torn assassin's cloak, but he howled in fury. Taka Nuvia, Problematic Complainer (Mafian) killed by Secret Role. 3:20 PM...Response, posted by Evil Mafia Overlord: After all, who writes "all hail the rightful king" except for Lucina anyway? Who lies except for Lucina? Who causes chaos and uses wily tricks except for Lucina? 3:25 PM...Response, posted by Supreme Complainer Overlord: SHUT UP! ---------------------- AND YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO VOTE!
  19. Nato voted? Ah, well, it doesn't matter anyway. VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. AND NOW... Day Four: 2:00 AM...Topic 1: Let's lynch an innocent, posted by Terminally Insane Sheep: Let's lynch xccj, a confirmed innocent, because that's totally a good idea. Plus also he might be the forum leader. That makes it an even better idea. 2:05 AM...Response, posted by the Plain Complainer: Ah, glad to see that someone agrees with me. Lynch the Forum Leader. 2:10 AM...Response, posted by Baa I'm a Sheep: I think we should lynch the Theorist instead. 2:13 AM...Response, posted by Theorist: No, I'm more valuable than the stupid medic. He hasn't done anything valuable all game...except undermine my evillly insane plans. MUHAHAHAAAAAA!!! 2:30 AM...Response, posted by Evil Mafia Overlord: YOU IDIOTS! YOU ARE LITERALLY THE STUPIDEST VILLAGE I HAVE EVER SEEN! YOU LITERALLY VOTED FOR SOMEONE I SAID WAS INNOCENT! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!! DO YOU NOT TRUST MY GREAT WISDOM?? DO I MAKE IT A PRACTICE OF LYING TO YOU? 2:34 AM...Response, posted by Chaos Complainer: I vote for xccj. 2:40 AM...Response, posted by Forum Leader: Evil Mafia Overlord, that was uncalled for. -2 Proto and posted privileges suspended for a wee- And that was when the Evil Mafia Overlord's hammer smashed into the Forum Leader's poor skull. It was then that his anger finally evaporated. The Forum Leader was a fine and upstanding individual, and it was sad to see him go. Only fools would kill him. xccj, Forum Leader, lynched. NIGHT ROLES PM, 24 HOURS.
  20. Alright, enough vote counting disputes. No, at that point he has three. I counted twice now. Therefore, this is the final vote count as of right now: VOTES: Lucina - 4xccj - 4 1 hour left.
  21. Personally I'm at a loss as how anyone could read my scene and vote for either of you.
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