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Poll: Does the 2015 Bionicle animation remind you of a story book/audi

2015 ANIMATION questions (We aren't talking about voices here!)  

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This poll asks how much the animation of 2015 Bionicle resembles a storybook. Please do not vote based on the voices primarily. The point of this is A) whether Bionicle 2015 actually has a storybook style and B) whether this fact would become obvious to the viewers upon watching and inform their opinions on said animation, the voices, etc. 


However, if you think that the voices are important to this, you can vote based on that anyway. I think the animation question is more important, though. 




I didn't immediately think "storybook animation" on watching these - there are no flipping pages, for example, or other obvious storybook hallmarks. However, the narration style "Listen, my son" could have clued in some IMO. :shrugs: I got a more action-y vibe like the CGI commercial from them - a storybook animation is not something I expect from Bionicle. Doesn't mean it's bad.

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1. I don't really see it in a 'story book/audio style' way. I see it kind of like a really cool cartoon with a voice over on it. 


2. No I did not. This topic is the first I've heard of this comparison.

Everyone is one choice away from being the bad guy in another person's story.



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I think it is what it is, cartoons, webisodes, whatever you want to call it. I don't think of it as being a storybook in any way shape or form. After all a book and a video are by nature utterly different things. A storybook with audio and moving pictures? Well maybe but that's just tv isn't it really... Audiobooks also have no imagery at all so it doesn't fit in to that category either. Not sure how anyone felt that was their first impression and it's stuck with them. I see literally zero comparison between the two. It's like asking if a tv show reminds you of reading a book if you ask me!

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