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Facts of the Universe

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Posted Jan 07 2015 - 10:27 AM

Not written anything in years, churned this out due to boredom. It's my rough headcanon that ties together the 2015 story with everything previous. Nobody's going to read this...



'The message tells you to go to Matoro Mountain, Vakama. That's it. No other details are given.' explained Ahkmou.
Vakama sighed.
'That sounds an awful lot like a trap. As it is you, Ahkmou, who is passing it along, you must surely have a compelling reason for me to listen? All this time, you haven't even told me who it was from.'
'Well, Turaga, I have no extra details, no reason for you to listen.' Ahkmou replied, as he began to leave the chamber.
'Just. Akimu needs you.' he mumbled.
'Who?' snapped Vakama.
'And, you know....you still owe him.' Ahkmou added with a smirk.
Immediately, Vakama ran at Ahkmou, grabbing him by the throat and pushing him up against the chamber's wall.
'Who told you?!' Vakama yelled, with fire in his eyes. A fire which instantly subsided, as it became clear to Vakama that Ahkmou was shocked by his response.
Vakama shakily removed his hands from around Ahkmou's throat, and onto the Matoran's shoulder.
'I'm....I'm sorry. I just...' Vakama whimpered.
Ahkmou casually removed Vakama's hand from his shoulder.
'You have the information. Now, let me leave.' Ahkmou said firmly.
Vakama waved at his chamber door, opening it with a gesture. Ahkmou approached.
'You know, Vakama... you have become truly pathetic. The lone Turaga in his stone tower. You're a war leader without a war.' Ahkmou said, this seemingly bringing him a sly joy.
'It's only a matter of time. I think we both know that, though, don't we?' he added, before striding out of the chamber.
Vakama now stood alone in his chamber, leaning against the wall. His face was motionless. Then from his body came a bellowing scream, and a tirade of beatings on the wall, followed by panicked sighs.
'Vakama?!' came Takanuva's voice, as the Toa of Light came running into the chamber.
'Is...is everything alright?!' he asked.
'No, no, it is not, no.' Vakama whimpered.
'Look, Takua...' said Vakama composing himself.
'I need you to come with me. Matoro Mountain, that's...that's the destination. And you must not speak a word of this to anyone. Difficult days lie ahead, my boy.' Vakama explained.
'And...days of sadness, if I understand you correctly?' Takanuva asked.
'Yes...yes. I fear the time has finally come for...goodbyes.' Vakama replied, with pain in his eyes.
Takanuva approached the Turaga, placing a hand on his shoulder.
'Nothing lasts forever.' he said.
'Oh...they do.' Vakama replied.


The growling engine of Takanuva's Ussanui was the only noise that could be heard across the valley that surrounded Matoro Mountain. The iced pillars on the mountain's peak reflected the sunlight of the twin suns, as both Toa and Turaga approached at speed.
'Pull over here.' Vakama firmly instructed.
Takanuva stopped the Ussanui between the pillars.
'Now, wait here.' Vakama said, as he hopped off the vehicle.
He walked slowly uphill, towards the peak. And there stood a silohette.
'Akimu....' Vakama mumbled.
'Vakama.' Akimu replied, with little affection in his voice.
'You never came.' said Akimu, before Vakama had any chance to respond.
'I...I meant to. It's difficult - it was always difficult, you knew that...' Vakama stuttered.
'You know - I don't care. It is done. But now...I am in need.' replied Akimu, his tone changing instantly from rage to despair.
Vakama seemed relieved at Akimu's calmness.
'Yes, yes....I had suspected as much. However -'
'No, Vakama! No "however"! No!' Akimu shouted, his rage returning.
'Akimu - I'm sorry!' Vakama pleaded.
'No, Turaga - you aren't sorry! You're selfish. You and your people. We are in need - desperate need! To the point that I'm asking you this. Asking you, of all people! Does that not mean anything to you?'
'But...you can just escape. Clearly, you can - your presence demonstrates that! Bring yourself and your people to our world.' Vakama said, attempting to comfort Akimu.
Vakama tried to place his hand on Akimu's shoulder, but his hand instantly passed through. Akimu sighed with disappointment.
'You really thought I'd made it through the breach?' Akimu asked.
'Oh, I...I...' Vakama stammered.
'Enough! You know precisely what it is that you need to do. I'm finished speaking to you. Do what is right, do what is expected of you. Not only by me, but by the universe itself. There are rules...' Akimu snapped.
'I know, I know there are...' replied Vakama.
Akimu leaned in towards Vakama.
'And, after all...you owe me.' Akimu said sternly.
At that instant, a purple vortex descended from the sky, stretching down to Akimu. The being began to float, before both the vortex and Akimu disappeard from sight.
Vakama turned to Takanuva.
'So....is it...?' shouted Takanuva from the path below.
Vakama nodded.

'This had better be worth our time...' Kopaka mumbled to Tahu, as they approached Vakama's chamber.
'The Turaga would not order council with us if it was not worth our time, brother.' Tahu replied.
'You...you think it's gonna be something bad?' asked Pohatu.
'At the very least, it gives us a change from all this sitting around, does it not?' chimed Lewa.
'I suppose so....' Pohatu replied, hardly seeming convinced by Lewa's positivity.
The six Toa approached the chamber's entrance. Vakama stood ready to greet them.
'Hello, dear friends...' said Vakama, with an air of sadness in his voice.
'Hello, Turaga.' said Gali.
'Should we go in, then?' asked Kopaka, losing patience with the atmosphere that had been summoned by Vakama's tone.
'Yes, yes, certainly.' replied Vakama.
The seven Toa entered the chamber with Vakama, and sat on the floor in a circle.
'All this and you still can't afford chairs?' asked Kopaka.
'I have no need for them.' Vakama explained.
'I suppose guests are a rarity nowadays...' mumbled Kopaka. This was greeted by six glares.
'Toa. There is a reason I have summoned you here today.' began Vakama.
'There are things which have not been made clear to you. Things about who - or what - you all are.' he explained.
Vakama picked up a stone, and threw it into the centre of the circle. From it, a light projection appeared.
'The legend goes of six heroes descending to the land to rid it of evil.' said Vakama, as an image of the Toa descending onto Mata-Nui appeared.
'This is the legend of Mata-Nui.' he said.
'We know this, though...' said Pohatu, confused.
'Indeed you do. However, there is more to it than that.' said Vakama, as the projection progressed.
'This legend, is not our legend. Or - more accurately - it is a shared legend.'
The projection then zoomed out from the image of the island, into an ever-expanding, infinite illustration of multiple worlds having the same six canisters rain down onto them.
'A shared legend through all of time, all universes, all places. Toa are the seeds of justice. The story belongs to all lands.' explained Vakama.
'You're not legends. You are simply...facts. Facts of reality and existance, as much as oxygen or the elements. You simply just...are.'
'So, what you're saying is that Toa will always exist? You want us to go and search for more Toa?' inquired Lewa.
'No, no...that isn't what he's saying....' Gali said with concern in her eyes, as the realisation of Vakama's meaning began to be clear to here.
Lewa seemed confused by her apparently fearful response.
'Gali is correct. When I speak of Toa being facts of all universes....there are particular ones I am referring to. A particular six.'
The Toa looked around at eachother.
'The truth, Toa, is this - you are not our Toa. Or - more accurately - you are not just our Toa. You six are facts of this universe, as well as the next, and those alongside our own. Facts of the past, present, and future. Every second. Should you perish, entire universes could die.'
'But...there are others. You have Nuparu and his team...' said Onua.
'Yes, yes, indeed. And once their true destiny is complete, they will become Turaga just like me. You, however, never will. You're the seed that creates the stem. The stem has been created - we have Toa of our own. At which point, you should be passed along to the next world in need.'
'But...the other Toa have been around for...for thousands of years now.' said Pohatu.
'Indeed. I...I fear to tell you that we have kept you longer than we had intended to....and longer than the universe may allow us to. This is an error that may cause...anger among higher powers.' Vakama explained.
'I fear this mistake - this selfishness - may cost this world greatly...' warned Vakama.
Silence fell across the chamber.
'Toa. I have recieved word from an old friend of mine. Someone who has guided me in the past, saved my life more times than I can count. You must help him.' Vakama pleaded.
'There is an intended window of time during which you may be sent on with ease - however, that time has passed.' Vakama explained, his voice breaking as he did so.
'We now have to force that window, through our own methods. And so, for this I am sorry. I am so sorry for what I have done.' he whimpered.
At that moment, in the centre of the circle, a chamber rose. In it, held a body in stasis. It seemed broken - armour missing, its skull almost entirely visible, and almost all the remaining muscle tissue was bruised.
'Oh...no.' Tahu whimpered.
'This, Toa...you know who this is. And you understand why this is necessary.' Vakama explained reluctantly.
'Vezon...' Kopaka mumbled.
'He has been between worlds, through universes and through time. We have found methods of harnessing this power.' said Vakama, as the stasis chamber continued to rise, reaching the ceiling.
The stasis chamber began to light up green, before glowing green veins appeared to spread through the walls of the room, accompanied by a deep buzzing.
'You have your tools, you have your gold masks. You are fully equipped for the challenges ahead. The device we have created should send you to the right place - and the right time. Find Akimu. Help him. This is goodbye.' winced Vakama.
The buzzing continued, getting louder and louder, turning into a floor-shaking grumble. The parts of the floor then fell away, and six canisters rose up around each Toa.
'Vakama....you can't do this!' Kopaka shouted.
'I am sorry, so sorry. I have to. This...this is nature.' Vakama cried.
'We'll come back!' Lewa shouted from inside his canister.
'It's one-way...it's one-way, I'm sorry.' Vakama whined.
The grumble got louder. In the stasis chamber above, Vezon's eyes lit. He awoke, letting out a piercing scream, followed by intense manic laughter. A bright flash of light filled the room, followed by thunder. The light subsided. The six canisters were gone, and Vezon's stasis chamber fell to the ground, smashing on impact. The body of Vezon lay motionless. Dead.

Vakama stood, panting. At that moment, a knock at the chamber door. The Turaga took a moment to compose himself.
'H...Hello?' came a voice from outside.
Vakama ran to the door, opening it.
'Is everything alright?' asked the tall figure standing before him.
'Yes, Jaller, yes everything is fine.' Vakama said, panicked but making attempts to seem calm.
'Okay...' replied Jaller, appearing unconvinced.
'Listen, do you know where Lewa is? We were supposed to be going to the forest today, for supplies.' he said.
'Ah, hrm...you know, I think he and the other Toa already left.' Vakama said.
'But, it was only me and Lewa going - the others were going to help construct housing to the south...' Jaller replied, confused.
'Ah - yes, yes of course - that's what I mean. They've left to the south, and Lewa has already left for the forest.' Vakama smiled.
'Oh. I just. He's never left without me, you know?' Jaller replied, seemingly upset.
He turned away from Vakama.
'It's not like him at all.' he whimpered.
'Jaller...I'm sure he'll be back soon. He wouldn't leave you, now, would he?' Vakama replied sympathetically.
'No, no, you're right. Thanks Vakama.' Jaller forced a smile, as he walked down the stairs back towards the main town.
'He'll be back...' Vakama mumbled to himself.
'I hope.'


Above the island of Okoto, six canisters appeared in the night's sky, in a blinding beam of light. Down below, one being looked on. A small, humanoid being, wearing red armour, sat beside a tall stone. He glanced up and smiled briefly, before frowning.
'Far, far too late...' he sighed, as he stood up and began to walk away. The grass around him was torched, and now mainly dirt. Hundreds of tall stones surrounded him.
He glanced back to the stone he sat by, and read the inscription one last time.

Here lies Akimu. A noble protector, a mask maker of the highest order, and a friend to all.

"They will save us, for I am owed."


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Posted Jan 22 2015 - 12:08 AM

This is a really interesting story that links Gen 1 Bionicle to Gen 2 Bionicle. I like the idea of the Toa being 'facts' that continue on to different universe when their time in one is done. Its neat and something I wouldn't have thought of. So great job on coming up with that concept. :)


I really like how you showed Vakama's guilt in not sending the Toa sooner to the next universe. You can tell that he is truly sorry for what he has done, but his grief doesn't soften the blow of his actions to get the Toa to Okoto. Using Vezon to achieve this, which then leads to his death, is a pretty dark path for Vakama to fall on. And even then its too late to save Akimu. I really like it when stories have their characters face the consequences of their actions and not get a free pass because they realized the error of their ways, so I'm happy you did that to Vakama in this one.


My one complaint about this is when Vakama angrily slamed Ahkmou into the wall of his hut. It kind of seemed out of character for him, and it came out of the blue too. Its just not something I see this Vakama doing, considering what we see of him in the rest of the story. But that is just my opinion.


Overall, this is a really great story that I enjoyed reading. 

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