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  1. Tilius

    Some news

    Lovely. Congrats!
  2. Hello, Trying my luck again with this one - does anyone know where I can find the Free the Band 'press conference' video that was released in 2006, featuring The All-American Rejects awkwardly talking about the Piraka?
  3. Fox is pretty low. That's probably my favourite from Wave 1 - great detail, and it's the first Fox figure we've had which makes it extra good.
  4. Tilius


    Hey there sport!
  5. Dat Genesect tho. What brand figure is that?
  6. Tilius

    Workout motivation?

    The best motivation is just wanting it. Get obsessive - work out your macros so you know what to eat, record what you eat in spreadsheets, decide targets, get a killer free weights workout going (minimum of 3 times a week) and you'll be sorted. Focus on it continually in every area of your life. That way you'll HAVE to go to the gym, because you've made so much effort to eat right/track it etc.
  7. To be fair, you can't really start criticising and saying stuff doesn't make sense when you've only seen half the story so far. And the trailer was for both episodes - the finale as a whole.
  8. Them masks. They're alright, they are.
  9. I feel like the size and shape of these reflect the characters themselves pretty well. Like, I look and I know they're Tahu and Pohatu. Unlike their 2008 versions.
  10. Tilius

    Doctor Who

    Core concept of 'the moon is an egg' was ace, though. As was Clara's rant at the Doctor at the end - one of the best moments this series. Overall, I was pretty happy with the episode.
  11. In terms of awareness of social issues and the political aspects of forum management (e.g listening to members, no unjustified insta-bans, no 'SHUT UP I'M NOT LISTENING' approach to forum management), BZP is way ahead of any Lego forum out there. Which is really awkward for me to say.
  12. I got the regular version on order. I'd have quite liked Crumb, but not enough to pay so much more for him. Looking forward to it - enjoying gradually getting all the main characters in my standard scale. Thanks for the pics!
  13. Just search completed eBay listings for them, and there's your price. No other 'research' necessary.
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