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Nui-Jaga: Lord of Skull Scorpions (2015 Nui-Jaga Revamp)

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So, what do you do when you have two protectors of earth lying around, and a great desire to MOC? That's right, you make a Nui-Jaga revamp, because purple is back baby!
You can recreate this MOC with 2 Protectors of Earth, and 2015 Onua. Still not sure what I think of the eyes, but with the parts I had, that's the best I could think of...






Old and New Comparison


My Classic Revamp and 2015 Revamp Comparison (Link to Classic Revamp in my sig!)


Nui-Jaga: Lord of Skull Scorpions!


Thoughts? Again, this was just a test to see what I could do with 2 Protectors of Earth and Onua.

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Haha, up voted you. Even though I never got the scorpions only the dragon-flies I still like them and think you did a really good job for just piddling around. Would be cool if they release some of the Rahi as sets for wildlife. After all, there can't just be Villagers and spiders on this island right?

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