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  1. OOC: Doseki & the Desert RAT (Rescue Party) Vs. Mother Nature's Evil Stepchild. IC: Doseki was taken back rom behind the windshield of his RAT as he watch the tree he tried to save turn into a monster that was not worth saving. "I apologize for my mistake guys. You have my permission to fire at will!" It was not like it really needed to be said as several of the units on the field of battle had already turned their attention towards the giant creature. Still he wanted to say it before the others turned on him with 'I told you so' s. Weapons fire exploded around his armor some of which was from Radicchio who was firing to free himself. "HEY! Watch the friendly fire!" Doseki had to disengage his anchors and drive backwards to avoid a blaster bot to his hood and the encroaching root and attached orifice that wanted to devour him. Doseki looked down at his HUD and seen the screen flashing signaling that his elemental cannon had been primed to fire for some time and was needing release. "Oh that cannot be good..." Dropping the anchors as quickly as he could Doseki took aim on the expanding kaiju and released Makuta on it!
  2. Oh Slag it all to the Pit!! Guess I better go see what kind of trouble we are in... EDIT: wow, Doseki feels stupid now... Where is his weed-whacker?
  3. Wow, exactly one month later and we finally get a new post for this seemingly dead topic and it is the very first post of a new member. Welcome to BZP The Night's King. Love the Avatar choice. A Hyena tribe would be cool to see. They are predators often seen vs Lions in many media(Lion King is the most popular one) so it is actually a bit of a surprise Chima did not follow the pattern. I think a prankster tribe could be fun, but I also think they would quickly loose their appeal. Like the Beaver tribe that showed up and didn't have much of a plot short of drone workers. Even though you'd see the occasional one in the chi day market and races. They didn't carry well into the other seasons. It was just the main tribes that went into the Outlands, and the main tribes who's members got fire chi harnesses and alike.
  4. No, I haven't thought about doing that (I'm the polar opposite of those people who stick every single MOC they make on Ideas and beg for votes), I'm not even a member of Ideas yet! Maybe I should. However I'm halfway through building it in real life (a white version) and I know it just wouldn't work as a real set - there's so many fiddly and fragile connections and the vertebra rotate freely if you turn the ribcage upside down. I am yet to see if the model will stand on it's own, since I don't have all the parts just yet. Yeah, building it in real life would be a bonus so you can see in real-time what effects the joints have and how gravity and play value effects the build and its stability. I hope you choose to check up on BZP more often and give us updates on the real build. Maybe a video if you have that capability.
  5. ooc: Not exactly sure where I was aiming at or who since the GM post said they were hidden. I read trees and forest so whether Doseki seen the direction of fire or just followed suit with everyone else is up for random interpretation. OOC: Doseki & the Desert RAT (Rescue Party) IC: Doseki Overheard the chatter over the radio and the enemy unit's loud speakers while his cannon was regarding another volley. He had no idea what was going on here since they were the ones who opened fire first. Looking out through his windshield he saw some more weapons discharging as he flipped the switch to his own exterior speakers. "With all due respect strangers and by that I mean none-at-all, Your crew fired on us first! We are merely defending ourselves from an unprovoked attack. So stay your weapon's fire and come out peacefully. As my cohort has stated we are on a rescue mission, not one of war!. Or we can continue this pointless fire fight where both sides will take losses!" The Desert Rat's Cannon hummed back to life signaling that it was ready to fire another volley of large stones. ooc: Anyone else find the following quote a bit disconcerting? Like maybe this Vortixx they are talking about or another nefarious individual has instigated this plot?
  6. This really needs to be a set. Maybe along with the other Dragons in the Ninjago line. Have you thought about submitting it to the Lego ideas site?
  7. I like Skull Scorpio's technic build and cheap price. He's the Pohatu of this wave - the set with horrible price/piece ratio that nobody likes. Except for those that do. thanks for the giggle Yeah that is a pretty cool picture. reminds me a bit of Riddic.
  8. OOC: Doseki & the Desert RAT (Rescue Party) IC: Doseki ducked his head when he heard weapons fire, "Hey! I thought I said don't fire!!" Doseki rushed over to his RAT and hopped into the river seat and turned it on. With a Roar of its engine Doseki activated the HUD on his dash and the Elemental Cannon hummed to life. Hitting the switch to his radio he called over the airwaves to the team. "I think we can rule out that this tree is the culprit. It is clear we are not as alone as we thought." Taking aim at the tree line Doseki dropped the RAT's anchors and opened fire.
  9. Well you are not wrong because it is not wrong to have an opinion or Theory. That being said I could see how maybe in past times they seen the elements as separate in that even though we know Ice and snow to be the same thing as water if only in a different state. Perhaps back in their time of old the Matoran inhabitants did not make this connection. The same with Earth and stone. While realistically they are very similar they have enough of a difference to be different.
  10. Wow did you give yourself whiplash from that fast turn around? I myself want to know as soon as they appear inside our coastline.
  11. We must go DEEPER STILL. Like a seven-shade variant?
  12. You know I had been to my closes Target many a time during this alleged clearance of Onua and Gali and yet it would appear that not all target's followed this pattern as none of the Bionicle sets were clearance from what I could see.
  13. Well My modifications are... Lewa: Lowering Lewa's Shoulders (I think everyone has been doing this) Gali: Storing Gali in her fan made Mermaid mode. (Not sure who actually came up with it first but that's how I store her since getting and first building her) Pohatu: Pohatu has symmetrical arms. I mean if you have the parts then why not. It is not like it is hurting his appearance any. That I believe are the only modifications I can think of.
  14. == Le-Wahi Jungle Floor - Near the Gukko Force Rookery == OOC: Po-Matoran Doseki & Nui-Jaga Scorpio IC: "That would be an interesting sight," Doseki said of Toa Admas' suggestion of a quite colorful Nui-Jaga species out there. "Though not sure one would ever develop since most Nui-Jaga only have one primary color and a single secondary. Usually that secondary color is black. Not to say that another color could not develop. Makuta knows stranger things have happened." Doseki started further up the trunk when the Toa of Crystal asked if she could come along. "You are more than welcome to though I am not in search of a medic but a Vo-Matoran by the name of Fulmen. Also it may be best if you don't get too close as Scorpio here seems quite agitated by your presence." Doseki had to pull back on the reigns to keep the Nui-Jaga from deviating from their course and going after the Cy-Toa. When the Le-Toa Lerada offered to fly Toa Adamas up to Le-Koro Doseki thought that would be a much better idea. It would allow her to both stay off her hurt ankle and avoid an unfortunate encounter with Scorpio. "I think that is a pleasant offer and one I am sure Toa Adamas would graciously accept." Doseki turned his attention back to the trip up to the Le-Koro canopy and he and Scorpio made their way into the village itself. ooc: Doseki and Scorpio open for interaction within Le-Koro!
  15. Very Cool that you two are working together on this. Collaborations can go a long way to improve a project as long as everyone is on the same page.
  16. Wow I wish I had seen this post earlier then maybe I would have remember to look for it. Now I missed it on both CN-E and CN-W. Guess I could YouTube it. Somebody has to have uploaded it by now right? Thanks for the info Aanchir. You are definitely worthy of that Reporter title....
  17. Even though it may be a bit off topic I would love to see Zane's origins and that of his artificial power over Ice explored in a side story somewhere down the line. I mean all the other elemental masters are flesh and bone. Yet Zane is not. Maybe at one point he was and over time his father pained by the loss of his real son created him artificially and somehow the original Zane's Spirit inhabits his mechanical form. Made even more so when he received his much more mechanical in appearance titanium form. I mean if the other Ninja could be digitalized and even the Evil Spirit guy somehow was digitalized so why couldn't Zane's original self and elemental affinity be digitized and downloaded into his former mechanical shell?
  18. Out of all the Toa masks of Power one could win this is the one I really wanted. So I am glad a member of BPZ got it. That way we can pester him for new pictures any time we want them... wait did I say that out loud? Anyway the sincerest Congrats to ksprice45 on his Victory over all the others.
  19. Wait a second, isn't that the theme for the one ring? Plagiarism!! Anyway This is hopefully good news for us American shoppers who can't pay the international shipping fees for an early taste of the magic. By that I mean poor old me.
  20. Quick question... Are you in a forced retirement? Just thought I'd ask based on your response. . Seems though that maybe saying a little more like, "Hi, I noticed you are new and are stumbling with the rules a bit. Try to work on it going forward and the staff is your friend, we are here to help." Yeah it it a bit long winded and not as to the point as "Your the new guy now slap the mod cuffs on 'em" lol.
  21. Now who says Gen2 isn't paralleling Gen1 in several of its aspects?
  22. This is a really cool Nui you have here. Though I'm a little more interested in the Moc you have in your signature. In the mean time let me see if I can name the elements by body part. Head & Upper Chest: Earth Lower body: Water Left Arm: Stone Right Arm: Fire Left Leg: Jungle Right Leg: Ice Am I right? I hope I'm right...
  23. == Le-Wahi Jungle Floor - Near the Gukko Force Rookery == OOC: Po-Matoran Doseki & Nui-Jaga Scorpio IC: "Nui-Jaga could come in many colors yet to be discovered Toa Adamas. I was fortunate to find one of this particular color years ago while he was bit a small Jaga. Some of his armor however comes from armor I made myself." Doseki looked over to where the Le-Toa Lerada was providing aid. "I really must be going. It is best not to keep a Predator around the injured as it is just asking for trouble. Plus I have a friend I came here with I must meet up with. Take care Toa, and may the Mata Nui guard your path." Doseki gave a final wave and then directed Scorpio up the trunk of the tree and towards Le-Koro. ooc: Doseki and Scorpio open for interaction while searching out Fulmen.
  24. playoffs when hub Wait.. Are we going to actually have a game? Does that mean Doseki should return to Po-Koro so he can play with the team?
  25. I was starting to ask about this. IN another topic(The how do element powers work) in a post a plot list mentioned season 5 and Morrow so I was wondering if somehow I missed the premier or something. So it hasn't started airing in US yet.
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